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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 16, 2017 9:36am-10:04am EDT

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daily. was created as public service by america's cable television companies and to you today by your cable or satlite provir. > "washington journal" continues. host: open phones here on "washington journal" until 10:00 program ing, when the ends. we want to hear from you on any habitual policy issue you want morning.bout this democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. big story one yesterday, a story leading most major newspapers today, first "washington post," trump reveals secret intelligence to russians is the headline. highly classified information on isis disclosure came at white russian ting with officials according to current talked er sources that to the "washington post."
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e want to hear your reaction, if that is what you want to talk about. president trump giving his reaction in series of tweets his morning saying as president, i wanted to share open meeting, i had the right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and safety, light humanitarian reasons and i want fight to step up the against isis and terrorism. urther tweets have come out already today. alex mowe , one reporter at nbc majority es, senate blo r mitch mcconnell on bloomberg. i think we can deal with less drama from the white house. one other tweet from the press, julie pace, european official tells ap their sharing ight stop intelligence with the u.s. if trump gave classified russian on to diplomats. jesse up first, reston, virginia, republican, good morning. caller: good morning, sir.
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on your comment last -- the -- what mr. trump trying to share something. i don't think that is anything ou should try to keep from fellow americans. he wouldn't let them in the room. talk about fake news. you were talking about the guy that created fake news, the king trump.e news, donald barack obama was born in kenya, ent somebody to check out -- everybody knows -- fake news was donald trump. all y'all want to talk about fake news now. onald trump is creator of fake news. host: jesse, you are on the line for republicans, i assume you didn't vote for donald trump? lost jesse. fran is on the line for democrats. jacksonville, florida, good morning. caller: good morning. yes. was calling concerning the callers that are always calling news media is
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against the president and they him a chance and all of the stuff they are saying untrue, fake news and this uncorroborated, the president himself corroborates most of the articles that are out there up to the one about what he said to the russians and house.ite i just wonder what it is that defend him people and go against their best interests or the interests of country, including congress because theme thing president gives us all the need.ce that we he's, you know, i want to say about what he has done that i don't know whether of or what they expect him to do for them. but i recall that as soon as he the white house and seemed like the first executive
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turn back that quarter of percentage interest rates that age president obama had given to the people. he reduced the interest rate for a e mortgages for fha, by quarter of percent, donald trump ame into the white house, signed executive order to put it back. -- : why does that concern why does that concern you, fran? because that had to affect his base. un aid that he loved the uneducat uneducated. will havecated people a difficult time getting a mortgage. host: pat, republican, good morning. good morning. what upsets me most is what is trying to bloody beats up percentage of
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states.ted -- [indiscernible] change how think and everything whatever -- call, host: all right. carolina,ington, north independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. on last commentator you had that wrote the book "black and is stressing from what i understand, understanding nd cooperation between communities and identifying issues and are president obama had said, you especially with three drugs, you violent now, to go easy, you know, to give people a second chance and
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jeff sessions. it was just a couple of days ago said, you know, with all due speed, you know, lock them up. just find it so ironic there could be such a divide and most importantly, the people strings areling the don't know a nice word to say, just mean, just mean spirited. host: do you think that divide, was police community divide getting better and now getting worse? here do you think that stands right now? years when back 40 i was in boston working side by force.e police
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domestic violence cases, stabings, we were there together, sometimes we arrived first. asking somebody that is jaded because i've watched it. also an african american youle and i've experienced, know, ugliness from mroes for no reason at all, just because they get away with it. it is not just -- it is indemmic, not just police on the street, it is who supervises department, s the it goes on and on up the chain sessions.jeff so you said, you know, a mindset follow and then it's like the hazing that just happens. there is aks up when ugliness. nobody speaks up, everybody is culture of -- i'm not going to go against the establishment, i need my job.
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i have kids to feed. wilmington, carolina. pat on the line for republicans, keyport, new jersey. good morning. caller: hello, john. what ke to talk about "washington journal" has been doing for probably the last month or so. that is i think you are spending way too much time on issues like for instance, this morning, the hour, an hour n unattributed story in the "washington post," when you00ue are giving us a lot less time you have on hat that could actually answer questions. segments, the host, not necessarily you, but the hosts dominate conversation and we never get a hance to get our questions answer answered. people who aren't online the starts can't really join in. i wish you would spend more time issues and less on what looked like gossip this
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morning in the first hour. ost: you think the story that came out is gossip, i ask, here is front pages of the newspapers around the country today and all of them leading with this story. here is providence journal this morning, the times this morning orlando sentinel this morning. the houston chronicle this headlines on keying off this "washington post" story yesterday. caller.we lost the david is in far rockaway, new york, democrat. good morning. caller: hi, good morning. so i just wanted to comment on guest.t just want to say, give an opinion. i'm not black, i'm not white. i want to tell you, everything down to personal responsibility and also family values. i happen to live in a black think rhood and i everything comes down to
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personal responsibility and values. thank you. host: david, before you go, does hat mean there is more responsibility on the community better and to reach out to the police? is that where responsibility lies? there responsibility on police to see communities of color and meet them where they are? caller: oh, well, what i think when it comes to personal behavior.lity is mean, personal responsibility on the part of the community. host: okay. dante is in florida, line for independents, good morning, dante. caller: good morning. -- i want to talk about comey. comey was -- comey is going to clinton, but he met
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clinton ynch met bill on the plane and the discussion was does comey want to be the director to charge first time, i , think 100 years ago, tried to charge defense secretary and failed. he did not want to be the one to hillary clinton for the e-mail scandals because in the obama's name is inside of there. e would have been put to prosecute hillary clinton and then he would have had to e-mails, which there and he s in to prosecute because he would have looked like with the press, they would have ripped him to pieces and he would have been a racist for the rest of history. what to prosecute because he would have looked whatwith they are trying to do, they are going to do, prosecute hillary clinton. charged, butto get right before she goes in, donald
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pardon her. you got my word, got it, inside information. on the nte's prediction future. peaking of the comey firing, the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein will brief senators on thursday, giving lawmakers a the e to prod the man at forefront of the firing of the f.b.i. director and the probe figures trump campaign dealing with russia. mitch mcconnell agreed to issue invitation and did so on monday, said monday mr. accepted the invitation. reporting from the "wall street topic." on one candidate for f.b.i. trey goudy took himself out of the running, says needs director with impeccable credentials and one country.unite the he headed the u.s. compound in
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hillary cnton and democrats viewed as partisan opposed his ercely nomination n. terms of those in he running to lead the f.b.i., according to the reporting of ," mike all street journal" rogers, f.b.i. agent, senator confidant of the attorney general and michael garcia, in new york, former u.s. attorney. beth is in north carolina, line is open licans, it phones, beth, what do you want talk about? caller: just want to comment on both the "black and blue" and a wilmington, i just find it fascinating, there is a murder every night in wilmington, becoming the murder country.of the host: from wilmington. calabash is 40-minute
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drive to wilmington, an area with retirees, people have moved the north with big equity and can live very inexpensively down here. here,t retiree population everyone knows, you don't go to wilmington when it is dark. if you have anything you need to you go during n, daylight hours because it is the murder and mayhem in city at night. host: what could help? the r: just pull out, police should pull out and let other, which they do anyway, and it would be taken of. anyone who has courage to be a hats off to them. because they're shooting cops like they are fish in a barrel now. being assassinated right and left. man with his wife was
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expecting their sixth child, the weeks, three weeks on job as a police officer, was head.inated, shot in the there is no sympathy out there for this crap about getting in there and working communities. it's disgusting what is going on. host: beth, the president speech at the s law enforcement officer memorial ambush attacks on police officers and talked about his support for police officers. there is the president there, the west ny held on front of the capitol yesterday, event want to watch the go to rian, line for democrats, what is on your mind? caller: good morning, john, thank you for secretary of state. this morning is premise ine is false
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the republicans' argument that healthcare cost can be controlled by market forces. umber one, there is 100% failure rate, we're not getting off this planet alive. two, generally these healthcare issues are time market e and so this doesn't operate like other markets, there is immediate number three, the greed principle. single payer say way.he we could have some control on greed. thank you. host: james is up next in sa sand -- san bernardino, california. good morning. go ahead. caller: fantastic. i'm greed. thank you. calling because i'm t in sand listening to some of these, i will be frank, very racist comments concerning policing in setting. historical e is
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truth that policing came from capturers, for people to e so ignorant to facts and history and culture of policing, which is why we're abuse 95 setting, like colonial expansion of territory into the is n setting which perpetuated economic social disenfranchisement to be of american history. host: how do we move forward with our history? will help? caller: first and foremost, presence e the police in black community system not necessarily a good thing. e need to understand that if there is abuse of police, they are being exonerated, i mean, texas, 15-year-old black male was shot while driving home rom a party, straight a student, shot in the head without giving any orders, that there is no excuse for that. i want to make this fact clear. killer of police
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is car accidents, not black setting urban ambushing armed soldiers, so is categoot gorrically false. nonsense, again, it's upholding racist and derogga tory perspective of the black urban existence and we povertyacknowledge that n the black urban existence isn't perpetuated by disenfranchisement, including im crow, slavery, and the united nations set this in 2016, ton they set reparation need be made for black people because of this disenfranchisement. host: ken in libby, montana, line for republicans, ken, open phones, what is on your mind? caller: hello. ahead, ken. caller: i want to talk about the reporting.your ou draw up the story without
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exposing your source. going on and on. maybe don't quite get it, you don't quite get it, the internet has a lot of information for us. we are smart enough to figure out what is going on out there. making look like, yourself look bad. i want you to know that. little bit lk a about "black and blue" educate people what happens when you get pulled over, we submit, we sit 10 and 2 ering wheel until they get to the window and start getting information out, simple as that. of the car.t you don't want to get out of the car. thing that worst could happen, you are going to jail. host: all right. eduardonbronx, line for republicans, good morning. caller: good morning. how you doing? doing well. caller: i spoke to you about two you this and i told
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was -- country of money. hello? host: i'm listening. caller: hello? you listen? yes, sir. caller: i spoke to you about two you this i tell comment about money and you tell me why. now, we have -- the one [indiscernible] -- testify about the russian nvolvement, why congress not giving him -- get down to -- you understand? congress trying to cover everything up. campaign. through the asking -- e-mails. donald trump telling [indiscernible] -- georgia, line , democrats, good morning. caller: hey, yes. it appears that trump and i trump, he's gone into
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office, all he's tried to do is divide this country and it country is headed for civil war. if not, probably going to have war in two years, why don't we let the senate, both parties, democrats and republicans face off in rose garden with six shooters because that is what it appears he's government itarian and also guiding the country and he's in bed with putin to begin with. host: why did you vote for trump? what did you like about him when for him? caller: his immigration policy, he best thing, i haven't voted for hillary clinton, the only thing i did not vote her for. swamped with s illegals out of central america country is nd this going to go to third world stage within 10 years and everybody knows that and the syrian conflict, refugees coming in, we it, we anything about have to protect people in our
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country. ost: do you think that agenda, immigration agenda is getting now?racked right caller: you feel for people in syria. you know, heart renching what the people are going through, but the american people have to take care of police the we cannot world, we just cannot. we have 300 million people here take care of. this healthcare bill, trying to street, ough for wall banks and billionaires, that is like.t appears so just a shame this country is in this condition. a few more calls this morning, we wait for one of the senate hearings to begin, be taking our viewers over to the senate finance committee there, the hearing today on ways to improve quality of care for chronic healthth conditions going to be happening live at 10:00. get about ready to
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underway. jonathan, green belt maryland. go ahead.ndependents, caller: yes, hello. wanted to say i'm a millennial, i'm african american, i have no prior run never been police, arrested or anything of that ast, that being said, i feel if in typical traffic stop i still have some reasonable, i a reasonable sense of fear, i feel just because of what you media, he news and the you are asking what you can do tension, i really feel like it comes down to highlight ing highlighting, resolve disputes manner, more l diplomatically talking things out with whatever they are dealing with. news, you see the majority of cases where, you now, the individual ends up dead for whatever reason, no explanation. goes i feel like when it to court and they are being
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tried for it, you can say when are being tried for it, i had a reasonable sense of fear because i have seen other cases it is like we are to expect because police are police, they buttee at us fairly, have records that say we are not fairly. be treated host: jonathan, the author of talked , jeff pegues, about an experience he had as oung black man, the talk his parents had with him about how he should act in a situation with the volved police. is that something you experienced? yeah.r: i heard a piece in the segment earlier. my parents raised me the same way. if you have a run in, talk it out, make it to the precinct. cordial, polite, never lose your cool and try to get through you will be here recorded on camera, something of that matter. i definitely think, you
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know, it allows them to respect allows you to feel more safe when you know you are there is more than one supervising officer witnessing what is going on with your case. still doesn't take away that sense of fear while going through the process know what typeer of attitude or individual the fficer that you are dealing with is. host: thanks for sharing your story. appreciate it. called it on the "washington journal." we'll be back tomorrow morning eastern, 4 a.m. pacific, we'll take you live to senate finance committee on ways to improve quality of care for those living with chronic conditions, live coverage beginning now.
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sen. hatch: meeting will come to order. i would like to welcome everyone to this morning's meeting on bipartisan policies to care for patients with chronic conditions. years almost exactly 2 ago today we reformed a bipartisan working group cochaired by senators isakson and warner to work on legislation to address these issues. that working group spent many months listening to stakeholders in the health care community, both in person and through


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