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tv   Washington Journal Representative Brad Sherman Discusses President Trumps...  CSPAN  May 18, 2017 10:55am-11:36am EDT

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you just have to feel a bit of doubt either way. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: mursuent to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until noon today. >> beginning consideration ever legislation allowing federal probation officers to arrest someone if there is a probable cause that person has interfered with the probation officer's official duties. and later today they'll debate and vote on a bill requiring judges to consider the murder or attempted murder of police officers and first responders when determining whether to apply the death penalty. we'll have live coverage of the house at noon eastern here on c-span. we're also expecting to take you live to the briefing with house speaker paul ryan at about
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11:30. in the meantime part of this morning's "washington journal." continues. representative brad sherman from california, member of the foreign affairs 30th tee and he serves district of california. good morning. guest: good to be with you. topics, your ther thoughts on robert mueller to justice department? guest: we obviously need this. special ssing for a counsel even before trump took formally madeetta the request to loretta lynch. she went on television and said, no, i'm not going to do it. better late than ever, we need counsel to tell us whether there is evidence of collusion between the kremlin i'm hoping that -- interpret had the writ to include obstruction of that e on either
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investigation or the related general flynn f and russia and failure to his ately disclose findings. host: and obstruction of justice concerns from the memo that came couple of day?st guest: there are at least two one, efforts to press comey to stop the investigation, investigation be into possible collusion with the flynn's mpaign or failure to disclose, etcetera. he second would be firing comey. he can't persuade him, get rid another way to obstruct justice. we have to look at collusion campaign and obstruction of justice that may have occurred during the presidency. mueller has a lot of work. host: you have a law degree from is standard of proofing obstruction of justice or collusion, what do you have looking at theas
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evidence. guest: frankly, this will be -- his is not going to be determined in a court of law, it will be determined in the united states capitol. there is no , serious effort to impeach the constitution t the says high crimes and misdemeanors and we'll be standarda criminal law or at least a definition of has a crime occurred. collude with russia to cyber-burglarize the dnc, that's crime. if obstruction of justice is a complicated crime to define, have you to be aware there is an investigation and that investigation. solid facts of either of those crimes, i think talking about high crimes and misdemeanors. right now i'm just chagrin by jaw-dropping incompetence
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thf administration, which may be less profound. is not an impeachable offense, but my god, when it conduct of foreign policy, it's scary. when, as this investigation goes forward at the justice department, do you diminishes or changes the scope of what goes on in the house and senate when it comes to investigations? are those still necessary? guest: diminishes or we need to perspective, icy rather than a prosecute torial perspective. have may see a need to -- er systems for not only even if there is no, you know, there is clearly smoke in this. if there is fire, there is smoke. where there is smoke, there is damage. we need to protect by having that prevent presidents
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from firing the head of the .b.i.'s investigation of an administration, we need a counsel system whereby compel a special counsel. e need a number of things to predict democracy in the future. his is not the last time that it is going to be a challenge. representative brad sherman, democrats.0 for 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002. c-span your thoughts at wj. we brought up the idea of impeachment, al green on the talking or yesterday about it and calling for it. is that something you align far as what green is calling for? uest: i don't think the facts are there to support mpeachment, nor do i think the
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votes are there, i don't know a single republican that would vote for it. investigate is to and i'm glad to see we get a pecial counsel to do that from a prosecutorial standpoint. host: first call from robert, in our line for republicans. you are on with representative brad sherman, go ahead. i voted republican, 40-year democrat. switched to the republican party. i do believe putin was trying to election, but it was more like against hillary, for trump because i don't even think donald trump win ved he was going to that election. i think all the collusion, all back to iracy goes obama didn't do nothing for months ars and eight before he took action against russia. thank you. well, i think putin was very surprised that trump was elected president. objective, i think,
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is -- i i'm sure he was very when trump became modern nt, but is more objective just to call into question american democracy, close as lection as as ible and as contentious possible. i think the kremlin plan tofs impaired president clinton and candidate donald trump out in the country saying is rigged. in fact, many of us, until election night, thought that was we were headed and that would have been a for putin as compared to not getting involved. the issue is not whether russia hillary, we know that happened. what we need to know, whether campaign was just a silent beneficiary of that trump or whether the campaign colluded and planned a was in effect
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co-conspirretor in the cyber burglary effort. host: independent line, brenda in boston, hi. renda from boston, massachusetts? let's go to glen from lancaster, california, republican line. glen, hi there. caller: good morning, mr. pedro. and i'd like to talk to you about -- russian lking about collusion. just a minute ago. about hillary clinton and bill clinton and impeached meeting with loretta lynch on the tarmac in silicone in ey, they helped build russia? is that colluding? and what -- not aware of a russia, let y in president uilt by clinton or hillary clinton, meeting on the
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tarmac was ill-advised and against the efforts of campaign and on's had that meeting not taken it would have, you know who, knows what the election result would have been. this election was so close that thing of modest importance could be decisive. michigan f a point in and -- host: viewer says robert asking if you trust him to investigate thoroughly and not sweep it under the rug, will follow where it may lead? guest: i trust him. certainly look for possible collusion. a matter of trust, but i hope that he interprets mandate to include possible obstruction of justice that may trump became after
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president, not just the initial effort. cover it is always the up. as he interprets his mandate appropriately, i trust him. look, we'll see whether, we have defend his independence, make sure he is adequately staffed, time.t enough incompetent y collusion is detectable. so i have no idea whether there collusion. i hope very much there wasn't. do is we can investigation that may not be dispositive, you can't prove what didn't happen, you can't didn't at contacts occur. nd see, competent collusion would never be detected. host: from california, hi lican line, roberta, there. sherman.hi, mr.
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i have called your office often. 'm 80 years old and i've been in california since i'm seven. i will have to say that the ornia has gotten nastiest, crookedest democrat party i've ever lived under and think our democrat people from california should be very it.amed of since they have came out and aid if we don't agree with the politics of the immigration, we're white supremacist, i don't to do with that, not one democrat peep nel washington or california have said anything about it and i think the american public should know california democratic party is nasty and this disagreeable. you g said that, i see wrinkling your forehead, young man, just go listen to the from california, the democrat state senator from los angeles. would like that, i to know why we shouldn't have mr. comey gone because they hillary clinton under
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oath when they talked to her, they did things that were unmore than when it came to her investigation and my goodness sakes, people actually, since you didn't take care of he country for seven or eight years, you are shocked that we got donald trump, i don't know you are shocked. to me it makes total sense we have him. people, about gay we've talked about policemen, we talked about military, we've bathrooms, we didn't do anything for 90% of the american public for eight except lie to us about healthcare. et's see, they did -- host: okay. we'll let our guest take something from that. guest: i was not shocked to see win, i think many others were. i was a bit surprised, at least, one in three ad a shot. transpacific partnership and other trade deals as being absolutely that.ive in
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if you want to ask why we lost, look where we lost. states that cared most about stopping tpp. the -- as to immigration and saying anyone who disagrees with this or that immigration policy i don't supremacist, know -- i certainly don't think that reflects the democratic party. is president obama eported many, many people, called by some deporter-in-chief, no one obama as o president white supremacist, there is a range of opinion on immigration. hope we get comprehensive immigration reform. think it's simply morally wrong to deport 11 or 12 million people who have become part of same ciety and at the be able we're going to to legalize those people and it is so important and i represent who live in fear,
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we're going to also get border enforcement, immigration enforcement, that was the deal and o go over a decade ago unfortunately is not law yet. host: you serve on foreign committee, a story in the "wall street journal" about nformation shared with the russian foreign minister and ambassador, they are saying it basis of source, the it. what do you think about the information that was shared and what might have resulted from it and the fact the president indeed share today? guest: he clearly made a mistake and what bothers me is just how jaw-droppingly incompetent this is.nistration a wasn't they thought through process, he is shooting off his how we haveng about good information, he shares some with the russians. -- i eing said, i'm not
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don't think that -- well, inteleagencies will be reluctant to share information and there's the initial blame has to go to the president also vealing that, but there are those who leaked the fact that the president made a that fact hadn't been leaked, then the israelis would obligated to be tell them, we shared information with russia and they might be information share with us, although the ambassador said they won't be. the whole world reads about it. if you are an operative with the services of jordan have an or britain, you every reason to take a deep breath before you share with the united states and had the leakers not that, the harm to our
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exchange of information would be was, but obviously that harm starts with trump shooting off his mouth for no reason. is the harm irrepairable? -- you know, there unring the u can't bell. it was one t -- ring. i think intel services around world have a lot of respect for our intelligence agencys and hey'll put this in context and ay this was one big unforced, stupid mistake and act accordingly. if you're rom now, right on the line, do you share it with the united states or remember this. host: as far as israelis, when far as to harm as information sharing, what do you continuing does in long-term iven the relationship of our
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two country? guest: the relationship is very trong, intel sharing will continue. israel gets a lot of help from the united states and always show it is a two-way street and one of the most from le things we get israel is intelligence and if or the general public this illustrates how important that intelligence is. powerful e two most militarys, two of the three most the world aders in meeting, when they think in terms of good intelligence, they israel has t provided. oneyou know, we spend about half of 1% of national security helping israel and its defense and i think that turns out to be a very good investment. israel is on the front line fighting the same people trying us.ill host: new york, independent chris.i,
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caller: hi, how are you? hello. ahead, ou're on, go chris. caller: the point i want to back to the ng debate, mr. trump talked about politics everything is pay to play. point out the clintons made money off certain deals they were make withing foreign policy. through his bankruptcy couldn't get money to the banks here, went russia, that has a play in it. that is where the money comes into play with mr. with russia there. is he accountable still owing i think that is one thing that they need to ontinue investigating and we
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had the one lawyer here in new that was he fired investigating that. that ope they focus on aspect of it. i'll take your comments off the air. you.k guest: i'd say we need to look at donald trump's tax returns, not just the form 1040, the personal return, but also the each of the hundreds of businesses entities that the controls.nization not just look for investments in moscow or russia, but whether oladarks were close investors in major trump enterprises, that being aid, there is nothing illegal about doing business with you're president of the united states. applies volume, that
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once you become president and that theinly concerned trump organization has so many so many not with only foreign business people, business people tied close to the governments. morning.m, good caller: yeah, hello, pedro. host: go ahead, you're on. yes, i'm online? host: yes, sir, go ahead. look, i'm 70 years old and for the life of me, i've presidential candidate stand up on national a foreign k government to attack its own government and i mean, all you is play that thing over and over. trump asking russia to cyber-attack america and that is when all this stuff went on and and going ning up south. and another thing, this senate on may 3, i got up that
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morning and turned secretary of listened to it. getting ready to turn the t.v. franken came up and started questioning comey and he trump's trump's business dealings and tax returns and he asked comey, was he investigating trump's business dealings and tax returns and comey said he couldn't answer that. right after that, comey admitted hearing and he fired comey. hose two things should be played over and over again on c-span and let the american people get the idea what is on so they will stop coming up with all this dumb they are talking. host: let our guest respond. guest: i don't know if there is a response, except to ay that i don't think the firing of comey is going to derail this investigation. counsel independent
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and we get the men and women of their .i. continuing investigation. so it would trouble me if the trying to halt the investigation and it would trouble me if the president was sloppy, so unknowledgeable he could.ought host: president set to make a trip overseas, several countries clinsai abia, vatican, brse fhe g7eeng tnk about not oy the ipse, e statnsnd whathe accplh?so guest: y kw, it'a well-pnn tri itnghe rig etgs at the rhttime lo over his he people who meet with him have twoer wheer he can ncons president for t yes and ether he's
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lily to. 's it's -- it wl be ieresting s, gsss wl try notak news because too muchews this nth ready. hostisel scicay. up this. all,hadoou think abt the interactio especially in light of th nrmation sri with the rai leadership? gut:lli ink th isrli tru a bit h done of a favor by e stement by aassador saying w are goi tcoinue to ar we ha tal coidce in the inteigence .eic of the us the biggt argument against at tmpevle to ruia haitould impair sring of informationndere you have noitsador sayi, won won' thin f that d number of
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reasons, tru may te a step israeli pitn on a number o issue b trumpas wld like toe the one to negotiateea israelis an paleinnis d the whole peace.ongfor that ife'able tdot, ion't ifr ts ildo trip host: this tr, no planned ov t embsy jerusemwh do you in topics and the sion the administrio should tak on those? st: well, the embassy, t siteor thembsyaseen .he since the 1950s audihet jerusalem the arabia proposalaishld be israel, so i rli bton syolic
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sue to eryone,ut since agrees thatheortion asnsrael lem that in 19 will wa be part that is thesai position, you wldhink o eas w somethinwe shodavdo i the 195 and sething we theu.s. position is that ia na jerusal ss, ra aexed ulem i think jerusalem is eternacapital osxralt it kes sense for the united ates to rogzeth. xa contou oe jerusam where the cy stops subbsarticularly arab surbs begin is mething for notiating table.
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hollds li, puic cosvle, teessee. cal, gahead. caller: good mni. veigion, his l d sffou put o aut tgo ints, it is a hoax 18. dot know what isoi to happen -- sciouel gs, othyear, nd -- e wasotng there vinceoster, mmtesuicide, he di't do it. offered him to be asssinated. -- rich,astear part o [indcernible] -- you
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gu had him murdered. from ne investigator washinond. ttified- okay. leave it there. guest:he investigation o dold truith a special counls not emrac ecionhat is dision that wasadbyhe trump adniraon epn mind, it is the trp control thet f.b.i. f.b.i., obviously ey wil be somebyew, if there sething to investigate,t woul iol lions and one think a republican admintrion would that. gentlem spun byhe so etr it is
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investigating trp or wth ts smissing thebsd thries of the gentleman who ju spoke, both ofhose cions have bn made by the trump admistti, it not mueller. who appointed st: carol in north carolina, dependt ne. caller: y. did y ever nder why people ndennt it is because right now all we republican and democrat fht. daltrump eed because ey wantesothg done in whingto just go in to work nd do work fo t people d stop all this bullhais mi from the repuic and democrats. nody was a hlary cnton ather clint in thwhe house, nobody wants another bh in thehi house. caller.
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gues i go to work everyday to rk for theeople of the nd people omy strict evyone ithe country wants in washington that isatr vagustatement there is tuly there is actulyor disagrme among peoe of t cotraso what should ne and it is easy y, go to whiton ando somethi heasmehe something at will beone is t you agree i look forwa toi to work i fr this show and ree with the caller, though, level of discord between democrats and epublan -- host: prenti "washington journal" live every day at 7:00 a.m.astern 're li now on capitohill waiting f house speaker paul ryan. hibrfing s t srtn about five mines or so
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weill have that veorou here on c-span al waiting for t hseo comen noonasrn. newshimointhat the chairman of the oversight committee, jason chaffetz, i expected to announce tod that he's resigning befor thend ofhiongresonal term. olico" says that's accoin to thresoces faliar with his plans. he had toldpolitico" lt monthe had bun exploring employntutside congrs. sevelouesn the capitol sa chaffetz has told colleagues he will appeaon fox news. th's the reporting of olic ts mni. wwa to hear from use speaker pa rn, we eoi to show u brfi from sterday he held yesterday, a sht iefing with rorters after the reblanonree meeting. fo the news th t juste pame had apind robert muller at ecl counsel to look into the algaonofusan inrference ith 2016 elections. here the briefing om yestery.
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spear ryan: let meelyo at i td my members just this morning. we nd e facts. it is obviouthe e se peopleuthe who want to harm the presint but we have an oigatioto carry out our ovsight regardless of which party is in the white house. and that meansefe rushing toudgmenwe getllhe peint information. the housoversight and gornnt reform committee is appropriately qutethis memo and i'm surwere going to go the fro mr. com this ppeneds he alledly describes why he didn't take acont at time so the a a l o unanswered questio. wh i told my membersnois the time to gath a t pertinent information. ourob is to beesnsible, sober d cunlon gathering the facts that is what coress does in conducting oversight of the ecutive branch. reporter: doou wano e comey testify? eaker an: just remeer ers investigation occuing athe f.i the'an iesgaon in the
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usand there a inveigioin the senate. so we have thr iestigations ing on. i n going to micromanage arm chair quarterbaing investigations, t e point is this. we can't deawith sculation anindnesdayo and there's early a lot of poll- inen ahe's clearly a t ofolitic report: mr. speakerwhat about e political impact? ur members are on t ballot again in twoea. do you worrybout some of the drip, drip, drip,r some of these controverss having an impact? spear ani don't worry abouthings outside of m control. i worrybo thingsnside our control dhat is wheer or nowe areoing what we are ecd to do wch is solve probm -people's pblems. i thin pplin america turn t tanthk tt'all that's hpeningthat's a 're doing and all we're discusng. that's notheas i want the american peopleo know that we' by hard at wo fixing their problem you just heard fm e chrman of the ways and means committee talking aboutoving down the path of gettin mprehensive tax rorm done
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cause wkn it's really important to unlocngcomic growth and competitine fm american companies. thpoint i want to make he is, are goingo wk d chew gum at the same time. we a gngo ep doing our jobs. we are going t keep paing our jobs. we are going to ke advancing our reforms that we were elteto advance while we do althe he things that are with our rpoibility and th's wt will beudd in 2018. did we keeoe's lives better d sve problems? diweix the problems that peoplereononting in their day liv? that to me iwhat mattersos anthat is how we will be judg. reportereven your ambitious agda, have you considered or even identified at the pnt ulbe, where the current ajectory of the white house is simply unsteapable in trying to get things do -- unsustaible inryg to get things done? speaker ryan: i don't want to prejudge thing. that's our job, to be sober, to be disssionate and to geth factsnd do our jobs and follow the fac whereveth may lead. >> last queson. ear an: crg, do you have qstn? i want to get one for the
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wisconsin g. reporter: [inaudible] spker ryan: we have two investigations icore going on rightowitall thingseiussia. we have another commite, the ersight and government refm committee, just now questi these documents so there's plenty of oversight th'seing done. what we n'o is tryo et the facts witn me 24-hour news cycle. ate do is dispassionately do our jobs and make sure the investigations flow thfacts wherever they may ld d at obviously takesom time. llust say one more thing. the's an f.b.i. investigation going on right now with all things related to russido t career professiona a the f.b.i. who will continueo be career professialanth actingirtoju said the otr y one hasried to impede thainstigatn. so aotf rks being done. that's the proper role of the legislative branch in coucng oversht of the executive branch and we're not going to be tryi t play the crowd or try to mee tilis. we are goingo do it the right way and flow the facts
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whereverhema lead. thank you. [captions copyrighnaon cable satelle corp20] apong performed by the national captioning instite, which is responsible for its ptn ntent and accuracy. visit] >> that's the house speaker om yesterd. again, that was before t justice department annouing that rermuer will be the spial counsel on th rusa investigatio. thiss both the house intelligence and t sene intelligenceomttees looking into that issue as wel reports sayi michael fnn lawyers y he will t honor bpoenas. so we e likely to hear questions about that iue in the ieng fm ul ryan coming up menri. also news todayhis morning from "politico," ty're sing the chairman of the oversight committee, jas chaffetz, is expected to announce tayhat he's resigng before the end of thi congreson term, cording to threeources famili with thelans. "ploit could he" wteshat. yesterday the chairman of the ovsight committee, jason chfetz, mentioned a meeting or a hearing next weekalng
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on jamesomby t fmer director of the f.b.i.o stify next wednesday at:3 not eaifr.omeyill testify. we'll certainly keep you post. ve here on c-sp wting for the speaker's briefintoet under y. we'll also cover today the demoatic leader, nancy pelosi. and her briefing as well. thhoe is coming in at noon eaer a ty willork on serabills related to police week wch is this week. the senate is also in over span2. ey'll vote shortly for rachel brd b aociate attorney general. ase wait for speaker ryan to come oute'll show you some more of thisorng's "washingn urnal."
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dge hawkins: my decision is not -- host: my decisio inothat any prosecution iwaanted. i me such deternation. what i have dermed is bad upon the uque ccumstances. the public interest ruires me la ts investigation unr the authorityf pern o exercises a degreof independence from the normal chain of command. of course, that person being the rmer f.i. dector robert mll who n takes hold of the investigation that s currently going on athe justice department wh icomes eaion from ehite hse,redent trump puout a stent on thepealounsel and itoe as such sayg, he stated nyimes a thorough investigation will conrmhat we alreadynow. there s no clusionetween my cpan and a forei eer tth. i look fwa to this - stmore about the pointment of this counsel but your thoughts welcomed as we forhis firstalho before ou fir gst.
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207480 foremocrats. 202-748-8001or rubca d 202-748-82 r dendts. ta a look at the mecni what's going to go d take ple t jtice department. this is "the wainon post" this morning posing some questions andnswers. fituestion, where did the specialounsel's money and people come fr? according to "the shgt post," resources come from the justice department witn 60 da -r. muellerilhave to cen th a proposed budgethich renstein will have to approve. muellewi assign people to rkor him orskutders to broug i it likely giv the sensiti naturehat mueller will work with t curre f.b.i. ants on the case ou hilbe the ultimate did. the post as,s ishe same an independent counsel? the post answering sayingt's not t close.
11:34 am
an indepennt counsel was -- st: to your calls, william, you are up first in sout carolina, democrats line. what do you think abouthis annocement caer: i agree with it. beev if you reallyanto get t btoof everythi, 'swo people theyeed to talk to. michl fnnndaul man afort. this wholehing is about money, folw the money. host: why those two in particar? caer: beuse they have all the insi dai wt s goinonnside the cpaign. they know about money trsactions, wire fra. they he all the informaon
11:35 am
you need tknow about whas , ng on between rsia tuey everneorts about tke flynn got money from turkey while trump was on e campgn trump is all about mey. if it ain't iolng a dla trump d'tave nonterest in it he gting filthy rich being president. he don't careothing about the dd class. speaker anwell, this is another sy week as we continue to kerogress on ouagdaor the ameca pele. toy,heouse continueso act onegislaon to makeure th oaw enforcement agencies have the suprtnd the tools that they ne t ke us safe. th wk, of urse,oiid thational police week wh honor theacrifices me by our police and their famie


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