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tv   British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Unveils Election Manifesto  CSPAN  May 22, 2017 12:01am-12:46am EDT

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whether and how you will participate in the process of creating change. pastst of a few commencement speeches from the c-span video library. watch more commencement speeches on saturday, monday, memorial day, and june 3 on c-span and the british parliament is in recess until after the june 8 elections. prime minister's questions will not be seen tonight. on tuesday, jeremy corbyn officially launched at his party's election campaign. this is 45 minutes. a campaign event. this is 45 minutes. [applause] can i say first of all, they accuse so much to everyone
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coming here today they'd you for giving as this space to the vice chancellor of university and it is a great place thank you very much for giving us this space. [applause] and they queued to do everyone who has been campaigning over the last few days what fantastic support we have received from so many people could go so much about the hopes that they have from our manifesto from all of us we intend to deliver on the hopes and on the plans. [applause]
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and also brining christine for what you just said in the bravery of which he spoke of your own problems indians because i am determined we will confront the issues of the health crisis in this country so people don't suffer alone. thanks for what you said this morning. [cheers and applause] i also want to save eight you to those who contributed to our manifesto those that put forward such an amazing amount of work as a very good manifesto in the short amount of time. well done to all of them into all the different society groups that sent in
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very good ideas to frame the idea is and of course, the members of the affiliated trade union of the party also to the national executive for the huge work that they put in on this and the appreciation for my colleagues who were here today they put in the enormous amount of work into getting the message across to look at the shadow cabinet you see people whose life experience think he very much to all of my colleagues and of course, is
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day pleasure to be here to launch this manifesto to have a chancellor for a long time and a great chancellor he was the former labor prime minister and foreign the strength of the values of this fantastic city and our prime minister did so much to expand the university education for all and all his greatest legacy with the access that gives to every betty leading to higher education if that is what they wished to do it any stage in their life so
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today we step out to transform the 21st century in the same way the sixties sought to transform this century is say absolute pleasure this manifesto is for a better future for our country is a blueprint of what britain could be and a pledge of the labor government in the difference it can make like thousands of other labor party members have made the case across the country over the last few weeks this is a manifesto for all generations to provide hope and genuine opportunity for everyone. i say whatever the post code you are born we will make sure you have this same chance as every other child. [cheers and applause]
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and i have to stay as the days turn into week says the campaign continues as we move towards labor. [applause] and actually there is no secret because people want a country run for the benefit of the many, not the view. [applause] because the last seven years our people have lived through the opposite a britain for the rich and the elite and the vested interest from tax cuts while millions have struggled at
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the same time. people are under pressure struggling to make ends meet our manifesto is for you. parents worrying about the prospect of their children and inches about the needs of their elderly parents. young people struggling of never getting a hold of their own students leaving college burdened with debt those who have gone years to a better real pay raise is stretching the family budget just to survive. over the next five years we can change all of that. our manifesto sets out with a program that is radical and responsible that shows our national priorities we
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will change our country by managing from within and will put in the preservation of jobs first. let me highlight just a few believe the not you may have read them already. [laughter] we are ruling on national insurance and income-tax for all the highest earners with 5.7 million people taking minimum wage 10 pounds and hour. [applause]
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labor with the national health service in to reduce those waiting list. [cheers and applause] babel lift the debt club labor will move toward universal child care later guarantees that projects the
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pension income and we will build over 1 million new homes with special rent labor makes no apology for people at work including ending then zero contract and make no apology to higher a police officers and firefighters in then the
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smaller things like hospital car parking charges or four extra public college days every year. [applause] or to recognize and then to rise to the challenge with the investments that the conservatives have been holding back low wages and low growth to move forward with the ambitious plan to
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unlock the country potential of in those regional development banks that are all part of the united kingdom. [applause] to the funding of major capital projects. to a national education service on child care and schools to make the contribution to the economy. [applause] labor will take the railways back. [cheers and applause]
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we will take back control to bring then into regional chairmanship. [applause] in the energy sector to ensure a balance for the future and those to excepting more of the same. all the labor has a plan ambitious enough to turners
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this country's potential in those that put jobs first vetted is geared toward risk making britain a low wage tax haven. [applause] as we leave the e.u. because that is a they voted for those that preserve jobs and do not plan to our country into a race to the bottom. all love this has been
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spelled out in the manifesto to make it very clear the plan is to ensure we can embark on this program without jeopardize senior national finances. with the big corporations to pay a bit more end of course to stop dodging their tax obligations. [cheers and applause] and in the longer term to be driven by increased public and private investment to keep our accounts in shape this is a program of pope the campaign by contrast is built on fear.
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[applause] what would another five years of conservative government need for britain? just look back at the last seven more children living in poverty less more people able to buy there first home fewer police on the street. more people at the banks in fewer firefighters. more people are working but they're not getting the pay or the hours to make ends meet. more people in debt will they change their spots don't count on it the record says they won't the prime minister would disagree so i
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say to her today in the most friendly way possible, out of hiding and let's have a debate. [cheers and applause] let's have a polite and respectful debate on television so these people can make up their own mind which party is a better hope for britain let's debate the two manifestoes and have a discussion so once they look
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at the promises that they have been held back by the conservative government they have prevailed over the many for far too long. they will decide it is time for change. [applause] our country will only work for the many and not the view if opportunity is in the hands of the many. is a plan for everyone because our country will only succeed when everyone succeeds. this message is for everyone in this country young or middle-aged old and as a set
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at the start of my speech we're determined that a child's future is not decided by the place of birth or the underfunding of the primary school it is not decided of the committee but a government with a vision to the imagination of every child to be filled during the lifetime our proposal is government for the many, not the view our hope for the many all over this country by a very proud to present our manifesto for the nanny and not the view. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
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we now have them an opportunity for questions because jury was answering questions. [laughter] i will take them the in groups of three so i have the lady in the pink and over there. >> i have been waiting 30 years for those ideas that i begin and fight for so the question is will we would be delighted to see in the manifesto. >> i know you don't want to
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set the target number for emigration but the think it is good for other country if the immigration and level was reduced?. >> let's have respect for everyone and their questions. >> mr. corbyn to be crystal clear for the viewers day think it is time to pay for your ideas to tax more and spend more?. >> to be absolutely clear we
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do believe it is threaded fracking it is damaging to the environment so thank you for the work that he has done on this on the issue of immigration there is more immigration from all parts of the world that has made a fantastic contribution to our society. [cheers and applause] those doctors a cave from indiana for the specialists that come from germany they were given all aspects of patient service of the industry with summer jobs to
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help to bring up the living standard that we all have in our country owes them a great deal of gratitude for all they have done. [cheers and applause] they have also made it clear that people should not be brought into this country to work for low wages to replace those that are already here working for those conditions. [applause] and that the freeze movement that currently exist but that the free movement does not continue we will negotiate with the european union but to ensure with a future migration the fairness towards the economy
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with an end to the undercutting and i do believe the whole office will be fair and decent and reasonable but bear in mind if the people are coming here to work and all of us would be in far wires position now. remember that. [applause] takes for your question in the way the implicit so rebalancing of the economy with the proper levels of investment of infrastructure fairly across all of the u.k. but from every region of the country and that is
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important. in the national investment banker insurers that is taken all the way through. so yes increasing wages of 10 pounds and i were by 2020 with higher spending in the economy with work benefits and higher wages but also help to rebalance our society in from the government that has failed more than every labor government in history over the past seven years. [applause] we have not neglected the stories on this but it to invest for the future and for the good of all to
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ensure fairness across the community and across the region and every other country in the world say why it is britain best so little while as such grotesque levels of inequality? so we will turn around to do it the other way. [applause] >> cry there any provisions for schools? . .
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.... .... [applause] [applause] >> i think it would be a good idea if there was a network for fans on high-speed as opposed to providing a bank for the people? >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much for your question. we don't want to close schools indeed we want to see there is proper investment in schools all across the country. and labor n wouldn't be asked to take the gate in order to pay
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for teacher salaries. we will ensure there is decent and fair funding across britain for schools not what is happening now. the school are paying the prize for oversized and supersized classes and overstretched teachers and insufficient teaching assistance. we will ensure our schools are properly funded. secondly -- where there are schools that are failing, than i believe, and i am sure angela would agree with me, there has to be an effective and strong local education organization step in and make sure schools are properly funded. we are not sure about the idea every school should be accountable to the department of education.
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we want a stronger community and family of schools in education and would like to bring free schools within the family of education in a mutually supportive environment. [applause] >> because at its best, one school recognizes and has a problem of achievement in say english or math, then a school down the road might be doing well in those areas. you learn from each other. if you create competition between schools, you reduce the ability to learn from each other. our children need to grow up knowing the whole community is working for them. to quote the proverb it takes a village to bring up a child. not just the parents. tom watson and i have been
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discussing on our wonderful campaign bus coming here how exciting it is going to be when we introduce the people's arts premium so every child gets had chance to learn a musical instrument in school. [applause] >> peter, thanks for the question. you noticed some of the media are bias against the labour party. this is sometimes said to be the case. we are very serious about ensuring there is freedom of information and right to know in society. that is why the freedom of information act was introduced. we recognize many cites around the world, very brave journalists lose their lives or are assassinated because they
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tell the truth. a free press is fundamental to a free society. i fully understand that. [applause] >> it is also important to ensure there is responsible juniorism and multiplicity of ownership and the right to reply. so we develop it and tom watson is very clear on this that we will protect the diversity of our free press and ensure there is diversity of all of our media out lets in this country so that everyone can take an informed opinion.
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a high street bank is something important and part of the community. if you think it there are too many small towns, even medium size towns where the town center has been hollowed out. where various shops go, the banks go and get to a whole process of decline and you end up at the town center that is payday loan shops and fastfood outlets and very little else. it is complicated but with intelligence planning and good support you can end up with a more vibrant and effective town centers all across the kouptry. [applause] >> joh johns proposal is banks shouldn't be allowed to close all branch and leave some towns
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with no banks what so ever. credit unions have grown and they are great way of helping people financially manage and get credit and loans if they need it. i think those things are very important. there is also the role of the post office in this as an alternative. it was the labor governments, carl wilson, that introduced the system in those days. we would be looking alongside the question of public ownership of the role that the post office would play. that means you have to keep post offices on the high streets of all cities and towns in britain. >> the next question is
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[inaudible question] >> hello. a couple things. most spoke up to say that the main reason why because of the parties own benefit. i am shocked promised to end the interviews. why? secondly, you set out to spend about 50 billion pounds a year more and tax companies and the rich by around 50 billion pounds a year or more. you wanted investment and public ownership. how much do you intend to barrow
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additionally every year? so, in describing the independence studies said this is a big involvement of the government space in 1917. the last election was two years ago. why outside of this between the votes will you determine the election and why did they trust you? >> the vast majority of people really, really like the questions but what they didn't like is you as leader. why do you think that is?
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>> because of the personality, don't worry about it. >> robert, thanks very much for the question. yes, increasing benefits is important and clearly we will not speak in a fact-based way. people and their housing accommodation particularly in london need to be addressed in the near future. secondly, on the borrowing and investment, i made it clear this government has borrowed because it hasn't invested. i borrowed more and more and end up with a process of almost managed economic decline
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relative to what we could achieve as a result of that. we will make it very, very clear that this is a government that invests for the future in all parts of the country. we have an imbalanced process where transportation investment goes to london and the southeast. one key commitment is a cross rail for the north from manchester to new castle. [applause] >> your questions are actually the mirror images of each other. did you get together to decide who is going to ask? >> let's talk about the 1970s and during that. i simply say that the other major party contesting this election is really, really forward looking. they are going to bring it back
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and that sounds 21st century, doesn't it? all of our commitments are out there in the open of what we would do. and you say the manifesto was leaked and many people want an advanced copy of it. they read it anyway. and the opinion polls contested the policy individually found them all to be very, very poplar indeed. i just say this. i am very, very proud to lead this party. i was elected by a very large number of members and supporters. ordinary people all over this country.
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labor support and party members. and i am very proud we have a policy that is diverse, inclusive, pluristic. and this manifesto is a product of that process. i see leadership being about listening, listening to what people say. understanding the stress, the pressures and tension in their lives and ensuring our policy and government's approach to things reflect the reality of people's lives. i am proud to represent a community in london. and i yufb all community and listen very kafrly to what they all say -- carefully --. the function of leadership is to understand the stresses that
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people face in their daily lives. the frustration, the thwarted ambition and anger they face and try to produce policies that make that different. think strong and standing up doesn't necessarily mean shouting, dictating and instructing. it is how you put your taste. [applause] >> so, as you well know, i do not indulge in personal abuse. i think it is appalling the abuse shown in the trade unions and on social media and the very dark places it drives people into who that abuse takes place.
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i want to come to solutions we can all accept and be excited about. this is something that brought more than half a million people into members of our party because they are excited about what we can do together were the good of everybody else. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, on that note, thank you for all the colleagues that made this amazing documentary we are proud to stand by and ladies and gentlemen, with your support, hard work and dedication for the next three and a half weeks,
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please say thank you to your next prime minister. [applause]
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