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  President Trump Condemns Manchester Attack Calls Terrorists Evil Losers  CSPAN  May 23, 2017 10:34am-10:50am EDT

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authorities, the emergency and security services as they go about their work. and we all, every single one of us, stand with the people of manchester at this terrible time . and today let us remember those who died and let us celebrate those who helped, safe in the knowledge that the terrorist also never win. and our values, our country, and our way of life will always prevail. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> president trump also made comments today on the manchester bombing during a meeting he was having with palestinian leader abbas. here's what the president had to say.
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>> in the name of god the most gracious, the most merciful, your excellencecy, mr. prerks and dear friend donald trump, it's my pleasure to welcome you here and receive you as the great guests of our people here in bethlehem. the birthplace of jesus. from which the message of love, peace, and has spread out all across the globe.
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llow me at the beginning condemn the horrible terrorist attacks that occurred in manchester city. city of manchester. leaving tens of casualties and innocent people. i do offer my warm condolences to the prime minister of britain . and the british people. your excellency, meeting you in the white house early this month and iven us and our people also giving all the nations across the region so much hope and optimism of the possibility to make a dream, long awaitsed dream and ambition, and that is lasting peace.
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our palestinian people, their freedom and independence as the key to peace and stability we have in the world so that the children of palestine and israel enjoy safe, stable, and prosperous futures. i would like to reiterate your excellency, mr. president, our commitment to cooperate with you in order to forge an historic eal with the israelis. [inaudible] our willingness to continue to work with you as partners in fighting terrorism in our region and in the world. and respect i commend the importance of the holding of these arab-islamic-american summit and fidings and outcomes and conclusions. your excellency, once again, we
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reassert to you our condition of accepting the two-state solution along the boarders of 1967, the state of palestine and jerusalem living alongside the state of israel in peace and security. as well as resolving the all the on e final issues based and national resolutions respecting signed agreements which set the tone for the implementation of the initiative in accordance what have been reaffirmed in the most recent air raabe in jordan. your excellency, as you have witnessed during your -- saw yesterday during your historic sit in the occupied today in
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bethlehem, the conflict is not between religions. .r respecting religions we're keen to keep the door opened with our israeli neighbors from all walks of life. look forward -- in order to gain confidence -- [inaudible] our fundamental problem is with the occupation and settlement and failure of israel to recognize the state of palestine in the same way we recognize it which undermines the real station of the solution. the problem is not between us and the judaism. it's between us and occupation. i would like to draw the attention to the issue of our palestinian president who have been on hunger strike for more
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than 100 meters away from here in the vicinity -- everywhere all across palestine. some of these mothers suffer from being denied visits with their children. and their demands are human and just. i demand the israeli government to meet these -- [inaudible] of peace, your excellency, the president, given prospects to recover our way of economy and continue building our national institution based on rule of law and which in the spirit of power , coexistence, and the culture of peace, nonviolence, and building bridges instead of
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walls. inside our lands. once again, i greet you with the warmest regards to your excellency, the president, and your accompanying occasion. i welcome you in palestine, the holy land, wishing you success n your important tour. which including meeting the pope francis, and whose efforts, whose dedicated devoted efforts for peace we appreciate. wishing you and the american people a lifetime of health and happiness. mr. abbas: i extend my hand.
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when this noble -- [inaudible] [applause] president trump: thank you very much. as president of the united states, on behalf of the people of the united states, i would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people of manchester in the united kingdom. i extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack as of the many killed and the families, so many families of the victims. we stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the united kingdom. so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and
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enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on, losers, because that's what they are. they are losers. we'll have more of them, but they are losers. just remember that. this is what i have spent these last few days talking about during my trip overseas, our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of blood shed. we cannot stand a moment longer or the slaughter of insent people -- of innocent people,
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and in today's attack it was mostly innocent children. the terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out from our society forever. this wicked ideology must be obliterated, and i mean completely obliterated. nd the innocent life must be protected. all innocent lives. life must be protected. all civil sized nations -- civilized nations must join together for the sacred right of our citizens in safety and in peace. i want to offer my deep appreciation to the palestinians and president abbas for hosting me today. it's an honor to join you in bethlehem, a city that is
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precious to people from all over the world, precious city. as i discussed with president abbas in washington earlier this month, i am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the israelis and the palestinians, and i intend to do everything i can to help them achieve that goal. president abbas assures me he's ready to work toward that goal in good faith. and prime minister netanyahu has promised the same. i look forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace. i also look forward to working with president abbas on other important matters such as unlocking the potential of the palestinian economy, which is having a very rough time. building on a very positive
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counterterrorism efforts. several days ago in saudi arabia , i met with the leaders of the uslim world and arab nations from all across the region. t was an epic gathering. it was a historic event. ng solomon of saudi arabia could not have been kinder, and will i tell you he is a very ise, wise man, i called on these leaders and asked them to join in a partnership to drive terrorism from their midst once and for all. it was a deeply productive meeting. the people have said there has
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really never been anything even close in history. i believe that. being there and seeing who was there and hearing the spirit and a lot of love, there has never been anything like that in history. it was an honor to be involved but great things can come from that meeting. i was gratified that president abbas joined the summit and sure but o taking necessary steps to fight terrorism and confront its hateful ideology. and it's so interesting that our meeting took place on this very horrible morning of death. to innocent young people. peace can never take root in an environment where violence is
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tolerated. funded, and even rewarded. we must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single unified voice. peace is a choice we must make each day and the united states is here to help make that dream possible for young jewish, christians, and muslims children all across the region. in so doing, we will all enjoy a safer and brighter future, and a safer and brighter world. in this spirit of hope we come to bethlehem asking god for more peaceful, safe, and far more tolerant world for all of us. i am truly hopeful that america can help israel and the palestinians forge peace and
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bring new hope to the region and its people. i also firmly believe that if israel and the palestinians can make peace, it will begin a process of peace all throughout the middle east. that would be an amazing accomplishment. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit] >> the times of israel reporting on the president's next stop. as u.s. president donald trump wrapped up his visit to israel with a speech at the israel museum, a few dozen trump supporters gathered at the entrance to see if they could catch a gli