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tv   Scottish National Party Campaign Launch  CSPAN  June 4, 2017 10:42pm-11:01pm EDT

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announcer: former fbi director james comey testifies thursday before the central intelligence -- senate intelligence agency. c-span has live coverage of the open part of the hearing at 10:00 a.m. eastern and you can also watch online that or listen live using the free c-span radio app for apple and android devices. >> on tuesday, nicola sturgeon the scottishhed national party agenda. she said there's too much at stake with brexit for scotland to not be part of the process. we began this 15 minute portion with a question from our reporter. >> the conservatives are running this general election campaign in scotland on what message which is they do not want another independence referendum.
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-- jin: really question >> really? [applause] >> there is some evidence it is working and some of your colleagues could lose their seats because of it. do you worry about that and that the decision to collate referendum may cost some of your colleagues their seats? and mask if the smp would rate increases and of not, why? >> we will support 50 pounds actually for those -- we oppose a tax cut for those at the high rate and we have not delivered that cut in scottish parliament and we support -- inflation is rising. we should not be patting the
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buttocks of austerity. [applause] >> in terms of your next question i am confident and all of my colleagues here watching, each and every want of them, a strong voice for scotland. to out and vote on june 8 make sure. [cheers and applause] >> angus robertson has been the voice of opposition. standing up to the tories. and week out, putting jeremy corbyn to shame as he does it. [applause] that thorn insure the side of these tories is
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still there. last point, on the tory -- with, last week davidson is going to run. ] -- the thing is, she talks about it so much that i do not get a chance to talk about it. [applause] >> what i am talking about in this election is how we get rid of policies like the rate clause . support really does show her true colors. tories want only to talk about independence is if you look at any of them, there is no mention of health, education, welfare, or and him
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the other policies that really matter. they don't want to talk about the record and they do not want to check about their policies because they know the tory record and tory policies harm public services, harm people in this country. i will let miss davidson continue to talk about whatever she wants in this campaign. i will continue to talk about how we put an end to the tory policies that are doing so much damage. [applause] [indiscernible] -- >> thank you. [laughter]
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>> we may have gone from one extreme to another with the media. a happy medium is what we should try for. say you minister, you want to balance the budget by the end of parliament but there is a lot of extra spending here. . not much in the way of tax rises. do you have a detailed plans? can you give me an idea of exactly how you plan to balance the budget? >> what we have said in terms of fiscal plan, by balancing day today spending by the end of the parliament to its long-term average and getting gdp on a -- ward trajectory, that is in addition to that, 45, 50 pounds on income tax, the removal of the marriage allowance which discriminates
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between couples were married and the cuts at bank those tax increases will rage an additional 10 billion pounds over the life of the parliament. around 80 billion pounds over the life of the parliament. so they are affordable within that. they leave headroom. for example, if there needs to be investment in some of the parts of brexit. and is an affordable plan how we balance the budget is the same steps to balancing that budget but not doing it through aggressive cuts on the backs of those who can least afford them. moderate and allows us to invest more. it allows us to halt the welfare
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fund arriving more people into poverty. thingsthe really stupid about tory economic policy over the past number of years has been austerity has made it hard to follow a fiscal target. so by -- it also means we have investment for the future and i am proud to put it or word today. [applause] tom? , thomas in then i will go behind i think that is kathleen.
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>> thanks first minister. the manifesto covers 2015 and 2016 were essentially single pictures of you. you are nowhere to be seen on this manifesto cover on the outside. you accept that you personally -- i know you are on page do but you're not on the outside. [laughter] >> to accept that you personally have become a more divisive person on the doorstep of voters? >> i might like you for that one. example.s is a great i do not mean this disrespectfully to tom. it is a great example of how you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. if you remember our manifesto last year which had a picture of me, it was slightly uncomfortable. they also said it was a cult of
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personality. this year, they said that baby is much cuter than me. come on. [applause] that is why. the baby. but in case you have not noticed, i don't think any pictures of me are particularly lovely but there is one on page two of me holding up a scotland love heart which i think is a great image. ok, kathleen? >> hello. kathleen from the national. cheers] and -- heresa may has said >> i don't know if that was the national or four me. totheresa may has said no
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the independence referendum risk davidsonand has said she does not want independence referendum for 35 years. so, whoever is in downing street, what can you do to make sure that scotland has a referendum before exit? brexit?e >> i often think there's not much difference between what i see and what recent macy's and that regard. in the end of the process, we means -- what the exit we can judge what brexit means. brexit no accept matter how damaging it might be. we heard theresa may herself
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spell out the dangers of our economy and public service if brexit goes wrong. i believe our future should be decided for us. not now but when the time is right. the immediate opportunity in this election is to make sure we brexitincluded in negotiations. strengthen my hand to make sure scotland's voice is heard in the negotiations over the next few months. [applause] >> i have a choice. don't know which journalist to pick. [applause] eenie, meenie, miney mo.
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go on, simon. >> thank you very much first minister. openy corbyn said he would negotiations with you. i wanted your idea on that. and where you so quick to write him off, even the polls suggest he is winning the campaign in england. >> i did i watch all of it but i watched some of the debate but knows not a debate but you i'm not sure would've been hard to come up there with theresa may on that program last night. applause] cried she, and this is a serious point, you know that our older port -- people all over the country. as they getre older. at least to the children, there are older people wondering whether the pensions are going to be sent to the future and i
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think it is outrageous that the tories are not answering any of in the election and i think anybody watching the prime minister last night when suddenly have seen very, very clearly why she is dodged any direct leaders debate in this election. [applause] >> the polls, even though the now doing, i think everything suggests we are facing another tory government. but it is a tory government that has been exposed over this campaign and that resents us with an opportunity. -- presents us with an opportunity to make sure we keep the tory government and check. that we don't have a tory government without a strong scottish voice standing up. this is a fundamentally important point in this election abour iswe know that lo
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no longer strong enough in scotland to stand up to the tories. bour only at the risk of letting a tory in the back door. a sense ofp has scotland to stand up to the tories. i think we face another tory government but the tory government has had its vulnerabilities exposed so let's make sure we grasp that opportunity to send strong scottish voices to keep the government in check. tory mps, we know beyond the shot of a doubt, we only had to descent.s davidson we know tory mps will only be a rubber stamp for anything theresa may wants to do. whether that is a sturdy cuts, welfare cuts, putting scottish jobs out.
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if we want scottish voice is standing up for scotland, that can only come from the smp. make sure on june 8 you vote snp to get those strong voices. [applause] ok? thank you. end today we will do i am sure some more talking up here and can i think all of you for coming here today? more importantly, can i ask each and one of you now to leave this all and get out there and campaign for your local smp candidate. before you leave, get out and campaigns. campaign as hard as you can. there are big challenges ahead for all of us. the decisions taken by westminster governments over the next few years will shape our
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country. let's make sure smp is standing up for scotland. let's get out and let's win this election. ♪ applause] washingtonc-span's
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journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. discussing the week ahead in washington. also, anthony clark talks about the taxpayer role in the operation of presidential libraries. c-span'so watch washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern monday morning. during the discussion. announcer: former fbi director james comey testifies. c-span3 has live coverage of the open part of the hearing at 10:00 a.m. eastern and you can livewatch online or listen . with former chief economist of the fcc, thomas
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hazlett. then, british prime minister theresa may followed by bbc question time with theresa may and jeremy corbyn talking about election issues. ♪ announcer: this week on q&a, clemson university professor and former chief economist of the fcc, thomas hazlett. he talks about his book "the political spectrum: the tumultuous liberation of wireless technology from herbert hoover to the smartphone." ♪ brian: tom haslett, why did you write the book "the political spectrum?" tom: there is a great set of stories, unknown to most people about how we got into the age of wireless. wireless seems like a bit of magic.


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