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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 22, 2017 9:34am-10:01am EDT

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of multi-part biography of lyndon johnson. he can compassion from the beginning, i wrote in the book, overriding s the consideration with him. t was only when compassion and ambition coincided in the senate, he realizes if he wants he has to pass civil rights bill, he turns to this. say, so was he fielding forth? not at all. he had wanted to help poor people and particularly poor people of color. >> sunday night 8 eastern on q&a.n's >> "washington journal" continues. back focusing e on the healthcare legislation that senate republicans are a look at right now, they are meeting -- the republicans doors.closed get a first look at the details in this draft legislation that been written up by the
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majority leader in a working it was ome complaining done so in secret. one part of this legislation focusing on medicaid and he senate republicans, many would like to see the expansion done under the affordable care act phased down. want to hear from medicaid recipients this morning and all are your thoughts on republicans wanting to phase expansion?edicaid here is a piece in the new york times to set up the conversation sanger, how g.o.p. health plan is really a drawback of medicaid. this, inside the to replace ill obamacare, plan to impose diet on 52-year-old program that ensures one in five americans. bill, of course, would modify changes to the health system brought by the affordable act, but would also permanently restructure edicaid, covering tens of
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millions of pooroir disabled americans, including those in or the after effects of a stroke, since founding, medicaid operated the federal etween government and the state, each ays a share of patient's medical bills with no overall limit on spending. american healthcare act would slim down the federal share of by limiting how much the federal government would pay for each person enrolled in the program. version of the legislation expected this week is likely to make the payments leaner in later years, the results, according to independent analysis would be in federal ion spending on medicaid over time. deciding ld be left whether to raise more money to make up the difference or cut back on medical coverage for the the congressional budget office estimates the changes would lead spending on in medicaid of more than $800 billion over a decade. medicaid is country's largest government healthcare program covering more americans
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better known sibling medicare. its reach is broad. half of all births in the are covered by medicaid, 40% of children covered through the program. covers the long-term cost of two-thirds of americans living in nursing homes, many of them middle-class americans who spent their savings on care becoming eligible. what are your thoughts on this? llen in knightstown, pennsylvania, you were on medicaid, ellen, tell us how you and do medicaid and why you continuing is a good program? caller: well, i have this comment about it. enough money, so i until my for medicare x-husband died and then my enemy went up and i no longer was on medicaid, just medicare i realized that during all those years i was on medicaid, in the officed me
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at least once a month, sometimes put me through every kind of test and colon colonscopy, everything you could imagine. had no idea what it was costing and once i had to start paying for it myself at least of it because now i still realized that i should be taking supplements and money on staying healthy and so i think if people medicaid, if it was reduced to where they at least had to little bit of it, maybe the doctors wouldn't put them through everything that they that, is my -- host: yeah, ellen, the new york times this morning in the piece reading, points that advocates for the structural to inefficiency in the current program, there is some evidence medicaid programs
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enroll people not eligible and sometimes cover services that necessary.ically james caprietta, at the the current id system where the federal government matches all state efficiency.courages he and co-authors suggested a genus approach than the one in the republican legislation. most researchers who study the it is closely say that already quite lean, major savings will be hard to achieve medical educing benefits or cutting higher-cost program. from the let's hear from troy in huntsville, alabama. troy, what do you think? good morning, greta. host: morning. aller: i want to say, i think absolutely beautiful and somebody out there is a happy camper. this is my comment on this,ongress' decision in everybody tries to do the best they can, but however, i think
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this is going in to be catastrophic because here in general out here are hurting and here is the why, because the economy into the guy you just had on here, shai akabas. host: yeah. caller: severing connected together, this is an attempt get more money and trying to keep the economy a tough call, you're reducing these benefits, going to hurtally people because even with edicare, again, these are benefits being paid by the overnment, etcetera, but medicaid is essentially for people who are poor and can't do it. the people on medicaid, they're not necessarily having problems right now, more so people on medicare. and medicare is getting hit aere again, it is going to be
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situation where the government is trying to say, wait a minute, this is an expense we have to pay out, we're dealing with the economy and serious, serious affect this is the entire e about nation is about to go through and i hope i'm making sense and on point, but people, get ready, this is this is don't think going to fare well. host: that is a point of healthcare or this legislation, the one being draft, the one drafted in the narrowly and sed the one that was just dropped this morning. does, that is this medicaid expansion that happened the affordable care act. where it happens, in states that expanded medicaid, you see those back on the ing idea of phasing it down. this is from the "washington morning.s senate measure transform medicaid from open-ended entitle
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one in which federal funding distributed on per capita basis, the senate measure seek to phase out the program's expansion. although at more gradual rate the senate bill is expected to go further than the house to cutting pproach medicaid in the future. in 2025, the measure would tie spending on the program to even slower growth index than the one used in the house bill, prompt states to reduce the medicaid program. that provision, nod to by ervative lawmakers led patrick tumey, of pennsylvania, moderates, ting including senators who also expanded state that medicaid under the aca. some republicans worry such a move states to cut services or coverage, potentially leaving low-income people without sufficient healthcare. let's go on to kevin in daytona florida. kevin on medicaid, good morning to you. go ahead.
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good morning, how are you? host: morning. caller: doing well, yeah. grass, another good day. so-called m on entitlement program. i really, i think i got the idea the last guest spoke correctly that entitlement means you are entitled to it because you paid for it. i paid 13% of my income between and my employer since 1975. disabled at 55, which i'm 60, so five years ago. host: uh-huh. caller: i was disabled due to and anyway -- host: kevin, you're 60, so five getting medicaid because that is the -- ram caller: i have disability, which $20,000 per year, which is made, he least i've ever but the other thing is i have
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years of after two disability you're on medicare, imedicare, i have medicaid share of cost, which is if i ever do need that lung transplant because right now i'm walking around with an oxygen tank trying to take care of my best i can, trying to get back in shape where i can don't ke that, i really want that implant, the lung transplant. that is one point. hopefully that doesn't go away, to live a i did want ew more years beyond, you know it would be good to know it is in place. a lot of there is fraud, it does help a lot of peep will. host: okay. was on my second point healthcare and i'll let you go, took healthcare, if you all of congress and all of them and put them down to $20,000 per took away their insurance, believe me, we'd have a healthcare program.
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they would get something done quickly? aller: oh, they'd get it done themy damn quick if one of was sick. host: kevin, you may know the senate has been -- the house version of the legislation, the senate is orking on it and according to reports it's been working on it behind closed doors for weeks, washington trump plans to help the senate pass their healthcare bill, for weeks mr. trump given mitch mcconnell of kentucky breathing cheering ite a bill, on the effort from the sideline, but with the floor shutdown looming, the president plans to up his involvement with phone calls and tweets to get he bill through the house last month. the senators, as we said, meeting blind closed doors this to learn more about the legislation. bird ran into a republican she alaska and asked her if
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had seen a bill text this morning or quote, i am not a reporter and i'm not a lobbyist, seen nothing. some republicans complaining about access to the legislation. new senator from maryland, democrat, republican carmen, s are giving san diego a run for her money, show us the bill. then, so that is couple of he reactions, democrat in michigan, this is not about if and how the g.o.p. can count to people's this is about lives and americans deserve answers. draft blicans showing legislation today to their colleagues, a vote could happen next week. expecting the congressional budget office to by monday.ation front page of "wall street journal" says senate republicans pass legislation next week to overhaul the healthcare ystem hanging in balance wednesday, half a dozen g.o.p. lawmakers waivered for a quick
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vote. the opposition coming from conservative republican senators proposal doesn't repeal enough of the affordable care act, as well as g.o.p. cent rifts balking at medicaid to leave more people uninsured. say, at least 50 f the chamber's 52 republicans must back the legislation for it to pass because no democrats are it.ected to vote for if the chamber splits 50/50, would cast ent pence the tie-breaking vote. so the "wall street journal" is morning saying there opposition within the g.o.p. toks to this legislation and holding a quick vote on it next week. to of that opposition due the plan for reducing medicaid and that is our question here this morning. from anita, richmond, virginia. anita, good morning. the do you think of medicaid program? should the expansion be discontinued?
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caller: no. i think something that we very rarely hear about, which is important, is how premature babies get medicare -- medicaid, excuse me, regardless of the preemies parents, born, i i forget how many weeks, regardless of how much insurance the families have and how much income the families because the costs are outrageous and today with all fertility programs, thank goodness, that are happening, multiple ng lots of births and young parents desperately are going to need from medicaid and i am sure that when medicaid is cut, is, young families are going to be impacted. glendale, , anita, arizona, medicaid participant, you are on the air. my wife passed away a couple years ago, she was on
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access, a state federal program, with medicaid expansion. e had to go on it, i mean, $6000 a month for a nursing home ridiculous, it was you know, the affordable care was self-employed and charge $40,000 a year for and there was nowhere to go. you had to pay for it. all of our income was going there. retire, she kept going sick, and got everything else. edgar, $6000 a month, how much did medicare cover of that? the whole thing. host: the whole thing for her stay? state program, healthcare containment, it cost get her on that. first time you apply, they rejected her, i didn't apply, it was hospice group here that applied for it. they rejected her and i
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couldn't take care of her, i was would hours a day, she be up all night and all day, it was ridiculous. ithout that program, i don't know what i would do, i would be -- i'm in a terrible but just right now, ridiculous, without expansion and help. edgar, are you still in your home? would you of had to sell your in order to pay the bill? caller: to retire, i had to take a second mortgage, reverse mortgage, i'm under water right now, i would have to pay people the house. i am living here rent free, but 've got a lot of medical problems myself and it just, you know, next step is to live out of the car. is how crazy it is. they only allow tou have so much and i s survivor benefit get this -- whole thing you have through, it's really a problem. edgar, you don't -- can
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you get on medicaid? are you on medicare? on medicare, thank god. that was the only thing that had to put ause we lot on plastic. i was self-employed, you know, benefits outside had to keep working to pay the $40,000 a year insurance. say, you know, condemn the affordable care act. they are crazy. really is. i'm been through bankruptcy when my kids were younger with medical. ridiculous. host: hold are you? old.r: 78 years host: 78? caller: yeah, i'm looking at a haky future, i don't know what is going to happen, so, i don't know. that is my opinion. edgan, in fwlglendale, arizona. peggy, you are on the air. caller: hi. morning. yeah. they amacare, the what
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have been talking about, everybody. host: uh-huh. they shouldn't give -- with it because like he other callers have said, if you don't have the kind of for health y insurance, you'd have to rely some kind of health and when you do go apply for medicaid, they check everything out. your income, what your assets have more than unless -- if you own home, they can put you on to where you ment it.e to pay some of but if i didn't have medicaid, i medications, ient have diabetes, another problem,
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co-pays on medications and vito make doctor i see every time. but my income is less than their 1000 a month and there is no way that i would be able to afford full price for prescriptions, i think they need a ceiling on what charge.macy can host: the pharmaceutical companies? yeah, the medical pharmaceutical companies need to -- a cap on how much host: how much a month do your prescriptions cost you? with all my now, i have, i pay in because health and they took override with the doctor, they had to go get approval, to do any verride because in illinois, you can only get four state.iptions through the
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host: okay. caller: you have to pay for the your doctor sends aper to springfield to get you approved to get more prescriptions covered. illinoisy, medicaid in will only pay up to four rescriptions and so if your doctor -- caller: a month. host: your doctor has to you ide that if he feels need more. you need more. how much are they and how much do you pay? caller: i don't know the exact they all are ch together, i got a couple new i haven't been paying more than $36 a month. more than $36 for my co-pay, because the prescriptions costing between $2 i go to iece, so walmart pharmacy because they ave a $4 discount on
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prescriptions. host: okay. all right. caller: prescription costs $60, it is on their list, you can get it for $4. host: okay. caller: walgreens would be different, walgreens does not ave any incentives for discounts, unless you're a senior citizen, i'm not 62 yet. host: okay. that is peggy in illinois. john in newark, new jersey. thoughts on re your medicaid and trying to scale ack what the obama administration did under the affordable care act? -- greta.y, greet you, any day with above ground is a good day. korean war veteran. years old. i'm on dialysis. diabetes. dialysis -pay for
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treatment is about $1500 a i'm on medicare. what thist understand congress and what this senate to do.s they have taken everything away us.m this seems to be history itself all over they've taken everything from us and now they want to take our take our hair and and take our skin and make lamp shades out of it. we have seen this before and this is just so they can get people can he rich get richer. country, dues to this from 1953 e military four 1958 and then i did active service.
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don't understand how our country is going in, what these republicans, even some of the i don't understand what they want us to do, they us. got everything from they have taken everything from us and now the only thing that i have left is the skin on my body teeth in my head and i guess they want them to get richer, too. new: okay, john, in newark, jersey. oregon making his thoughts known about the legislation draft the this icans are looking at morning. he said in a tweet that senate are playing with numbers forgetting numbers are people's lives. that on cnn. hill adline in the newspaper is, it will result in millions.ain for
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ean in pipe creek, texas, good morning, jean. what do you think about this capitol hill over medicaid? there has been a lot of attention paid to the house senate an bill and republican bill over subsidies and what to do about them, but medicaid? caller: well, there is no texas, d expansion in the r one, so i understand situation and i certainly understand the impact on senior nursing home facilities and funding premature etcetera. my deep concern is this group of or hat have been anointed appointed to make decisions for our entire nation, first of all, it is not erstand, really 13, it is nine, two wyoming, tives from two from utah and two from my home state of texas, so what other states?
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we have two senators from each state for a reason, we have a for a reason. i mean, our house is that andered, we know how situation goes. i take pretty seriously -- host: how do you respond to mitch mcconnell who says this is just a draft and when it omes to the floor, senators will have a chance to amend it . passed by the senate, the differences between the senate and the house bill still have to be reconciled, so the working put together this legislation and he also made the proposals, hese are provisions that republicans have years.lking about for caller: candidly, both parties have been talking about this for years. i believe mr. mitch mcconnell represents his primary the ituent, which is corporation humana, louisville, in
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kentucky. i hate to end the conversation there with you, the ouse looks like they are about to gavel in for the morning session, that is our mission to gavel ou like gavel to coverage of the proceedings, we will go there now and continue our healthcare conversation day.her thanks for watching. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., june 22, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable earl l. carter to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties


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