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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 28, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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coming up in one hour, mary agnes carey and julie rovner talk about the postponed senate health care law replacement bill and the overall state of health care in the u.s.. >> we will continue the discussions within our contents on the differences that we have, that we will continue to try to litigate. consequently, we will not be on the bill this week. ♪ host: that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday, announcing a vote on the senate health care overhaul bill would be postponed until sometime after the july 4 recess . mcconnell announced the delay after the announcement it had not garnered enough support from public and senators to begin debate on legislation. we want to hear your reaction ahead toing as we look
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what comes next on the debate of health care in this country. (202)icans can call in at 748-8001, democrats, (202) (202)00, independents, 748-8002. you can also find us on facebook. a very good wednesday morning to you. some of the newspaper headlines that americans are waking up to the front page of the star tribune out of minneapolis, minnesota, "gop delays vote: health bill in peril. " the new york times and their news analysis piece goes with this headline. to the front page of the washington post this morning, the headline their "unafraid of
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senators feel free to go their own way." intraparty, " disputes stall gop's agenda." we would love to hear your opinions, republicans, (202) here's1 democrats, -- another one, "gop pulls plug on health care about this week." good morning to you after a very busy day. take us through what happened here yesterday. there was no vote -- or was it a combination here? good morning. i think it was a combination because there were concerns about the proposal from both the moderate side of the republican
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conference and the more conservative side. we also have factoring in a very slim majority. republicans were going to pass this without any help from democrats come as they need at least 50 senators. they control -- democrats, as they need at least 50 senators. they control 52 votes. there were far more than two senators who were not even willing to take a procedural vote to get onto the bill. they were really pretty far behind in terms of having enough support to be comfortable moving happened ishen what they would have voted on a procedural move to begin debate on wednesday -- that is not a lot of time after they start debate. it would have been 20 hours and then voting on amendments and final passage. it was not the time to get together a deal that they felt would secure 50 votes in final
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passage. what they are going to do instead is try to rework the bill in a way that can attract enough support to get to that crucial "50." they are going to do that this week, but they're planning to at theor the july 4 -- end of the week. host: and there is the august recess as well. is there any comment for mitch mcconnell about the schedule here on out for health care? what he said is that they are hoping to hit something together this week -- get something together this week and have the congressional budget provided new analysis of whatever israel works, and when they return on july 10, that is the week they get back from the recess, there would be an opportunity to reconsider it at some point after that. beyond that, it's not -- mitch mcconnell, the majority leader,
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does not really show his hand much in terms of what the real plan is. i think they are hoping to find a better solution here, because we were getting opposition from all sides yesterday as soon as the decision was announced that they were not going to hold a vote this week, more senators came out announcing they were opposed to it, including rob , the west virginian senator, jerry moran of kansas, surprising way. all the opposition was coming to this. up up all boarding a bus and heading up to the white house for a meeting with president trump around 4:00 yesterday, where they aired their remixes -- grievances about the bill, and also heard from the president, who told failing to pass something, because this was a big campaign promise by the republicans, failing to pass something could majority -- loss of
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majority in both chambers and we do democrats doing something with a health-care bill, which would be far a steel from what any of them wanted to do. there is a strong desire amongst republicans do majority -- lossf majority in something for that reason. justroblem is it -- getting there when you have people from divergent parts of the party all wanting different things. how do you find that middle fornd that is good enough everybody? these lawmakers say they are willing to do something like that, but they know they will not get everything they want. i do not think they have found the legislation that will get them there yet. it is not clear that they will. host: i want to get a sense of the take away from that meeting with the president. ,n that meeting, the president in the public portion of his comment, said "this will be great if we get it done, if we do not get it done, it will be we do not that is ok and i understand that very well." in your understanding, what it senators take away from this meeting with the president? there was also
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conversation there where a senator from nevada, dean heller, brought up attack ads being launched against him for his lack of support for the bill. my sense from that comment is you might see trump back off of attacking senators for not supporting a bill. he did warn them, as i said, in private, that it is important that they do something or they will not have fulfilled this very important campaign promise that could cost them the election in 2018 and the majorities, but my sense was he said that is ok, maybe he will as he did with the house after they first failed to pass the health care the house after they first failed to pass the health care bill. he was pretty active on twitter to try and cajole some of the members and, in some cases, take a pre-oppositional stance to some conservatives who were not supporting it on twitter.
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they did not like that very much. i'm wondering if you may back down -- if he may back down on that with senators based on that one comment. that might be suggesting he is going lighter on them if they cannot cut a deal this time. it is possible they might not be able to do anything on health care and they move on to tax reform, their second day -- big agenda item they hope took on bush in 2017 -- two accomplish in 2017. continue,these issues susan for each euro continuing to cover this. thank you for your time this ichio continuing to cover this. thank you for your time this morning. guest: thank you. host: here are two of trump's tweets from yesterday.
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and he also tweets "i just finished a great meeting with republican senators concerning health care, they really want to get it right, unlike obamacare." we want to hear from you. republicans, (202) 748-8001, democrats, (202) 748-8000 and .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 matt from arizona, good morning. caller: my opinion is i think these guys are mostly either bribed or blackmailed by the ,nsurance companies or whatever and i think the justice department can get in there and out. take them that's it. joe, and sarasota, florida. independent line.
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caller: i want to say that is the good news about -- 809 senators do not want trumpcare, but what would they do if it were not trumpcare? tens of thousands to 100 thousands, they are going to die , including myself. there are studies. what i'm trying to say -- the 1% do not need a break. they are doing fine compared with the middle-class, especially the people who make 25imum wage, seven dollars -- seven dollars point five cents an hour, eight dollars an hour, nine dollars and hour, $10 an hour, it is not enough. we have the water bill, tools, feeding her children. it is not enough. host: the line for democrats, go ahead. caller: good morning and thank you for allowing me to be on your show. i want to let you know that this
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is one of those moments where republicans have been going up against obama. after all, they're the ones that amended obamacare, the nickname for the real name. now that trump is in there, he was criticizing obama, but he was not president yet. now he's president, he is beingng to find out president is not as easy as he thought it was going to be, and all of his obstruction is starting to show his real name. they do not have a plan. host: we mentioned the president's tweets after that meeting with members of the united states -- republican members of the united states senate. here is one tweet from about 13 minutes ago this morning. "some of the fake news media likes to say i'm not totally engaged in health care. wrong. and i the subject well
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want victory from the united states -- for the united states." the president tweeting this morning. we also want to show you his comments at the start that means the public and senators yesterday. pres. trump: we have no choice but to solve the situation. obamacare is a total disaster. it is melting down as we speak. rates are going up. his interesting. interesting, in alaska, it was 206%, a 200 6% increased in alaska, and i used to use arizona as the standard, that was 116%. we're going to try and solve the problem. i invited all of you, and i ornk we have 52 out of 52, 50 out of 52, and either one is pretty good as a percentage. we will talk and see what we can do. we are getting very close, but for the country we have to have health care. it cannot be obamacare which is
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melting down. the other side is saying all sorts of things before they even knew what the bill was. this will be great if we get it done, and if we do not get it done, it will be something that we are not going to like, and that is ok, and i understand that very well. i think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public, very, very important for the people of our country that we love. host: the president mentioning lisa there, and that is lisa murkowski, in the red next to the president. she was sitting next to the president along with susan collins, the republican from thee who came out against legislation as it was written. here are some comments yesterday after the postponement announcement from other republican senators that we will be watching in the coming days and weeks. dan sullivan is also from alaska, republican, saying he supported the senate leadership's decision to withhold the vote to better address the concerns of members.
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as we work, i will try to draft the senate bill to make it better for alaskans, we will replace it with a bill that will better serve our state. susanan for riccio -- said a few minutes ago, one of the surprising numbers that that hadconcerns -- expressed concerns, public and senator jerry moran. "the health-care bill missed the mark for kansans, and does not have my support." that is what he tweeted yesterday after that announcement from mitch mcconnell. we will be getting a reaction this morning and talking about health care for most of the program today. you can keep calling in. want to hear from you as well be her twitter -- via twitter video. send us a tweet and the video, less than a minute long come with your name, where you are from, and a short comment about health care or a question you may have on health care. we will be joined by two
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reporters well known in the health care field, mary agnes carey and julie wagner will be here. they can answer those questions. going to twitter, feel free to film a short video, and send it to us online. arkansas, -- in arkansas, our line for republicans. the cbo says it would take off 22 million of them, and i think about that -- they are saying obamacare is collapsing, so when it collapses, if they do not have a bill, everybody will be out of insurance. it does not make any sense. they need to get something done either way. that is mike comment -- my comment. thank you. host: this is the cbo score that has played such a big role in the debate this week. we will break that down and go through for you with julie rovner and mary agnes carey.
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we will go through all the numbers in that report. robert, maryland, independent. good morning. sham beings is a big run by the republican congress. the republican congress, when obama was in office, voted at least 10 times to repeal obamacare in the house and senate, knowing that the bill would go to obama and he would veto the bill, and they put on a big show to make the american people believe that they really .anted to repeal the bill now they have the opportunity to actually repeal the bill, they kept slipping things in these bills so it cannot get past. there is no way they're going to pass it because they do not want to repeal obamacare. they do not want to do that. tois absolutely ridiculous watch her republicans sit here in front of the american people and lie straight through their teeth to make them believe that they want to repeal this bill.
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putby the tax bill -- they it back tax which will kill that right there. they're doing everything they can to stop president trump's agenda. at this point, the agenda needs to be to have these liberal republican congressman and senators primary. ,ntil they are taken out president trump will not get his agenda done. that needs to be agenda number one, primary the senate republicans, the senate congressman -- that is the only way anything is going to get done in this bill. they have literally gotten to the point -- they have rush limbaugh as the sales man trying to pitch this to the american people. he is not for the private sector, rush limbaugh is for government health care. they have literally done that. you mentioned the votes to
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repeal, trying to get an exact number for you, i think it was well more than 10 times that you mentioned that the republican congress voted to repeal the affordable care act when president trump was in office. we'll get that number for you. cecelia is in mississippi, democrats. good morning. republicans are magic,to post this black and what it is they are saying, ok, we are going to take 22 million of you off the medical role, but it is going to be ok. so yes, by the way, we will double a person who makes $26,000 a year, we will double their premium. but that will be ok. --will still be your savor savior. that is plain ludicrous and crazy. we have people in nursing homes, people who may be born with a
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we have people who are between 40 and 50 who have worked all their life to pay premiums who get sick and cannot afford them anymore, head at that point is when their premium is going to go up or they get thrown off. most jobs, they do not want you after your 50. so what are you going to do you know -- do? cecilia and mississippi. from pennsylvania, independent. good morning. caller: how are you? host: good. caller: this whole issue is very sad because no matter what you apply, whether this passes or something else passes, this is so corrupt that the health care insurance industry should be charged under legal statutes. if you see what your doctor gets
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paid, if you have an insurance company and go to your doctor and you get your service, you see that the doctor's fee is -- save his $1000 -- say it is $1000, the insurance company $200. you can afford to pay that dr. the money yourself. you have all kinds of nonsense going on. i went to an emergency room last year, cutting down some trees and got hit in the chin with a went to the er and a long story short, they build the insurance company almost $1000 for putting a bandage on my chin and telling me i was ok, and then they try to send me another bill but i noticed in the bill to the insurance company, they said i saw a doctor. i never saw a doctor, i saw a physician's assistant. i brought that up to them and said listen, insurance fraud
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works both ways. not only can a person be charged with it, but the insurance company can be charged with it as well. guess what? aboutr got another bill that. didn't go to collection or anything. we have to be honest about what is going on in this country here. there is so much corruption, so many no-show jobs in the government because people are getting jobs as of who they know. we need to pray to the lord for our country. host: fred in pennsylvania, the independent line. we have this number from the time article back in march. voted tolican congress repeal obamacare 50 times at one point. roseville,aller from michigan, line for republicans. caller: i am so disgusted with this congress in general. they do not know who to serve
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anymore. we elect these people to be our representatives and they are not helping us at all. the lady in mississippi -- i agree 100% with what she said, that they are going to knock people off the list, the , and what are they going to do? .e have nobody to serve us every senator in congress seems playing to their own interests, and this health care -- i am more about my mom, i worry about mine, i worry about nursing homes who cannot afford to do anything or get any kind of health care. what will happen to them? our congress does not seem to care. verity to take off for their fourth of july vacation, and we are going to be the ones who
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will be left wondering what is going on. host: we'll be bringing you the reaction from various members of the senate in the wake of this decision yesterday. one interesting story is focusing on senator mazie hirono, a democrat from why he she spent who said major hours on monday before surgery fighting against that bill. she gave a speech on monday and stood on the senate or to discuss the legislation and discuss her opposition, and she was diagnosed with kidney cancer in may and was to undergo surgery to remove a lesion on her rib yesterday on tuesday afternoon. late last night, an update from rate -- her staff the atwitter. they shared this tweet talking about -- via twitter. they sent this tweet talking about her recovery, and also talk about her response from
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wishing her ars happy recovery. there is a tweet from the staff saying that she was in the recovery room after a successful surgery, that first tweet there on your screen. nicholas in columbia, maryland, democrats. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you this morning, sir? guest: doing well -- host: doing well. caller: i look at this straight on the center and realize you can maybe take the best out of both sides of it, and as far as i stand on it, my mom is, like the gentleman spoke about earlier, a low wage earner. because of obama care, that is the only reason she was able to get treatment. however, when i go out to any sort of walmart or store like that, you see people getting their medication for a dollar, which means there is less profit going to the drug companies, which -- how can they sustain
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their operations they are not making some sort of sustainable income? that will keep driving health care costs up later run when i am 60 or 65. sometimes you need to have some balance in this benoni seems to look at that. we look at this as democratic or , instead of arguing straight down the center and trying to work out a commonsense solution to benefit everybody. host: what is the solution you would offer up here? this is a tough subject that has been argued over four years. what is one common since way -- common sense way we can come together? caller: as far as looking at certain career fields, some are more predisposed to certain injuries, so maybe that should not be considered a pre-existing condition for those people. if you go to any emergency room around the area, go in there and get some of the fluff out of there. see people who sit in the lobby because they have a headache
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when the doctors going to tell them to take a tylenol. you can start trying to not place he ate all of these people who go to the emergency room for placate all of the people who go to the emergency room for everything. your calls this morning, republicans, (202) 748-8001, democrats, (202) 748-8000, independents, (202) 748-8002. nicholas talking about members working together, some governors have come together to: members of congress to work together on the senate health care or the congressional health care overhaul. ohio republican governor john as the colorado governor john hickenlooper as well are reading this charge. here is part of their press conference yesterday. >> i think the bill is inadequate. i have had a number of conversations in the past 24
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hours with people calling in, and here is what i would suggest. today, i would call on democrat senators to hold a press conference and to state that they are willing to sit and work and constructively engage with republicans in coming up with a sustainable solution, something that can be sustained over a number of years. a sustainable solution that can ht this situation, improve this bill. even if they have to start over, that is fine. there are elements that can be cap, but democrat senators should stand and challenge the republicans to negotiate with them. if republicans do not want to participate that way, shame on them. they're playing party politics over what is good for our nation. i think both parties can get together, i have little doubt in my mind that they can come up with a workable solution. we have seen it with very contentious issues, whether it is civil rights, the
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negotiations between tip o'neill and ronald reagan on social it wasy, whether negotiations i was involved with about balancing the federal budget in the clinton administration after a shutdown. good people good intent can fashion a solution on insurance were people while at the same time beginning the discussion about what we can do about the rising cost of health care. this can be done and should be done, not in a partisan way, but in a bipartisan way. that is how you can do this. it is not good enough to shove this in a closet somewhere because there are big challenges with this bill. finally, nobody should think that i have any joy in being able to work against the leadership of my own party on this legislation. maybe jfk said it best. sometimes michael -- sometimes my party asks too much. on the headline
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kasich-hickenlooper led effort. this headline from the new york times is taken up by the editorial board of the wall street journal. here is what they had to say about the kasich-hickenlooper led effort, saying there bipartisan reform outline was laughable and it's lazy generalizations -- in its lazy generalizations. how? reaching these goals are choirs -- requires hard policy choices in which the parties are philosophically divided. republicans can either set aside their narrow self interest and fixed obamacare on their terms, or they can collapse in disarray and get bailed out by mr. schumer. they can defend in a awaytent or try to explain
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a failure. americans will know the difference. away a failure. americans will know the difference. away a failure. americans will know the difference. cleveland, ohio. go ahead. caller: the delay on this senate health care bill does not surprise me all that much because, for one, it was completely written in secret with nobody knowing what the details were, but number two, the big touts from president trump while he was on the campaign trail was repeal/replace, but in reading the 142 pages of this bill, it repeals or replaces nothing, it just keeps adding on to obamacare, and as one of the first people, who, for the first time in their dull life, was insured under obamacare, i will not be -- their adult life, was in short under obamacare, i will but ifthe biggest fan, they are trying to rewrite it or it,ded, admit it -- amend it made it. i wish her public and voters would get -- republican voters would get more you're dated over the past seven years, when they legislation, --
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host: what is the democratic health plan as you see it? is it the affordable care act, obamacare? caller: there are parts i would like to see dropped. the individual mandate is questionably constitutional, and kind of criticizing the affordable care act a little bit more, it does not do much to address accessibility to health care. insurance, sure, but legitimate care for health, i do not see that in our current health care system in this country, and i do not think legislation will be the way to fix any of it. host: name by, line for republicans. good morning. i got a little mathematical equation i would
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like to bring to light. under the former democratic president who mandated we would participate in his health care i was paying $500 a month. multiply that by 12, that is $6,000 a year. so here's pandora's box. i would like you to respond to it. credit foresident -- that $18,000 that i paid into or are the insurance companies getting a big fix? host: you are breaking up a little there, but i think we got your question and your point. fairfax, virginia, democrats. go ahead. caller: good morning. [indiscernible] are breaking up as well. give us a call back on a better line. lloyd, louisiana, go ahead. caller: good morning, good morning america.
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i have been listening to this enjoya long time, and i your show. but i need to emphasize that the republicans are in command now. but they cannot do anything. they cannot govern. they never could govern. every time they get in the office, all they want to do is take stuff. people in their publican party, listen. party, you are great people but your leadership is bad. where the family values their? there?the family values you are all huddled around this president and patting him on the back, listening to everything and anything he wants to do without consequence. he lies over and over and over. host: bring it back to health care.
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bring it back to the health care opposed to the presidents semantics. caller: this is part of it. and tellinger now everyone to repeal and replace obamacare. year after year after year. you have been hounding obama about the situation, and now he is in charge and cannot get anything done. yesterday also speaking out after, of course, the announcement that the health care bill would be delayed. charles schumer asked the senate -- came to the microphone, here is what he had to say. the republican bill is rotten at the core. the american people are not big tax breaks for the wealthiest of americans, nor are they for dramatically cutting their health care. abouts why the bill has 17% popularity in america, and
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even trump voters do not like it. that is not going to change with any tweak that wins over this senator or that. last-minuteat amendments are offered, the bill will force americans to spend more of their paychecks on to receive fewer benefits so that the wealthiest americans pay less in taxes. until republicans abandon that core, that rotten core, they will not succeed in winning the american people over, and it makes it much less likely that they will succeed in getting a bill done a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. the ultimate reason this bill failed is because the american people just did not like it. it is not what america stands for. host: and before that, the announcement that the health care -- the debate on health care vote would be delayed, then crept holding a press conference on the east front of the united states capitol -- democrats
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holding a press conference on the east front of the united its capital, holding pictures -- states capital, holding pictures of their constituents. warren, chucketh .chumer to her right several senators tweeting afterward about the individual constituents that they had pictures of in that press conference, including the senator from massachusetts. ellie, my constituent, she relies on medicaid. trumpcare cuts threaten her health care and future. the family of ellie thanked the senator for sharing their daughter story also on twitter. there is the tweet and response there in the picture of ellie when she was born, and the years afterwards. back to your calls. barbara in florida, republicans. good morning. caller: i have a couple of
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questions that maybe you are some of your callers can answer -- or some of your callers can answer. is if members of congress are on obamacare or if they have their own private coverage? also, why aren't premiums going down? , i would assume our premiums would go down but they still have not gone down. the third question, i am not for huge profits for the drug companies, but if they do not make big profits, what is the incentive for them to work on creating new drugs? thatquestion, do you think getting free contraceptives should be a condition to being on the health care bill? it seems like more young people
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are having children, and there is no particular incentive for them to get a job or stop having children. those are my questions, if you have any answers. host: give me your answer to that last question that you were answer -- asking. question --rge that give me that answer to a question on the end about contraceptives? caller: i'm a republican but i am for free birth control, but it seems like the young people expect to get health care benefits, so why don't they use birth control? young people pushing their children around in their strollers, and they look like they can go to work, but they are not. i wish they would use birth control and have less children and not expects to have everything for free. it seems unfair. working hard to pay
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my premiums, and i see these young people doing their thing but not working. first threer questions, i can attempt to answer them for you, but you will get a lot that are answers -- better answers from our guests, who will be on an answer all of the questions that you might have. they were kind of to join us during this busy week for an extended discussion. down your questions and we will come back to that in our next says in -- session. shane, florida, democrats. good morning. i don't really know where to start after being around for 60 years now and seeing all thearound for 60 yead seeing all the things that have happened in my lifetime.
7:40 am
it is hard to believe. i remember that years ago, they were talking about privatizing everything and how it would change our military, it would save this money and everything, and they keep privatizing everything. we do not look around the world andaround for 60 years now and seeing all the things that have happened in my lifetime. it is hard to believe. i learn anything from anyone. we do not look back on our history and learn anything from our history. they championed tobacco for years and years -- i wonder how much tobacco is costing us now? it causing a lot of pain in our family. forthrowing kids in jail smoking cannabis, which is proven that it cannot even hurt you. i've taken a lot of scientific courses and met a lot of smart people, and i have seen how people should sit down and analyze any problem, and i do not see any of that in our congress. i do not see anybody sitting down and able to analyze an issue. the first place to start is look around the world and see how other people are doing it. how are countries like to pan spending -- japan spending $3000 or less per person, a country that has no resources, but they spend hardly anything on health care and of her body pretty happy with what they have? --
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everybody is pretty happy with what they have? switzerland is pretty happy with their quality control measures in their hospitals. they have done well, but we tens of billions of dollars every year arguing about who gets what. you want to privatize everything and let market forces determine the well-being of the american people. it is disgusting. so democrats say they want to work with republicans on this, but do you think they are willing to actually have discussions to make those debates, those negotiations happen? do think democrats should hold the line on certain items like medicaid cuts, or do you think there should be more willingness to negotiate? caller: we have let this thing go so far down the road, how could you talk about what might have been fixed 30 years ago.
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they are about to privatize our hospitals -- and in almost any other country you have these small community centers where people can go to get health care . we spend enough in our country right now -- if you look at the dollars our federal government is spending, we spend enough to give everybody health care for free. we lose so much money to people working in the industry that do not do anything to provide anything to the patients. everything is corporatized. they are even doing that to our prisons. it is just greed run amok. we have callers calling and saying that they are staring debt in thislion country, and that concerns them, the spending on whether the health care or something is
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unsustainable. does that concern you? that $20 trillion number? caller: yes. we are losing hundreds of billions of dollars to tobacco now, which republicans are championing for decades. at the same time, we are throwing is in jail for smoking cannabis, and paying tens and that.ns of dollars on host: jennifer, independent, go ahead. caller: thank you. i've been watching forever and this is the first time i have called because i think it is an important subject. i think we need a two-tier system. in florida, we have a lot of people who came here and have no health care and have been sapping the system because they do not have health care. they are here illegally and need to go to the emergency room just to get care, and it has made my the doctor will skyrocket -- my
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deductible skyrocket. but if we had a system like we had with publix will systems -- with public school systems, where we had hospitals and basic ,are where everybody could go and it could be more affordable because it would be run like the military with doctors and nurses -- 42-5 years, they could be in -5 years they could be in the system and their meta-school -- metal school -- medical school could be paid for. of sistersd orders who were working for almost nothing. if we modeled after the military , it would decrease the cost. also, i would like to say not everybody deserves [indiscernible] we have hospitals here are like serve prime rib
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and all of this business, and i do not think everybody needs or deserves that if they are not paying or it -- for it. and regarding the comment on contraceptives, i work with a lot of women who are single mothers and things like that, and they are on contraceptives and it a prerequisite for a lot of these programs that they are on, which i do not think a lot of these people realize. there is a very high failure rate with that because it is a low dose, and they are carcinogens, and they have them on them for years. a lot of side effects. it is a high failure rate, not to mention the fact that -- and not to name a party, but the democratic party does indeed reward a lot of this behavior because they want future votes. unfortunately, i do not think that we should be making being on contraceptives a prerequisite for health care, but i think we should stop paying for basically
7:46 am
these tax kickbacks and things like that. this is the time of year they get their big kick back and it is basically a big boondoggle for all of these women who are not just having children, but now claiming disability on top of that and it is not fair. host: you come in contact with a lot of these people. are you in social services, are you a nurse? help aactually i nonprofit that gives basic needs, clothes, diapers, things like that to these mothers because a lot of them -- some of them are illegal, they have no help here, and i am working with a doctor to do this. i see there is a lot of contradictions in the system. basically a system like with planned parenthood, where they are pushing contraceptives and abortion on the women, but
7:47 am
in fact, a lot of them are having these children because there are financial incentives, and i believe that has to do with wanting votes because they are giving a goodie bag to these people. it is very damaging. we have, like, 46% of children inng born to single mothers this country, and the impact will be huge on the legal system , everything, because these people have the children and it is a crisis for them. they land in poverty and even though the contraceptives and everything are being pushed on them, they are not necessarily working -- host: let me ask, we have a lot colors when. if we want to look up your nonprofit what is the name of it? caller: it is called the backdoor. we are here in north palm beach. it is very low key, people
7:48 am
coming together, and distributing something with a prophet called food for families. called food for family street at the people should be waiting on the church more than the government. moreaning on the church than the government. if every denomination would connect close -- collect clothes and redistribute them, food, and even provide emotional support for families falling through the cracks. host: we appreciate the call, and colin again sometime down the road. -- call in again sometime down the road. we want all callers, we of our calls on the washington journal. i would like to point out this column by tom price, the health and human services secretary. he and his column saying "if congress acts this summer, the trumpet menstruation will have
7:49 am
significantly bedded its ability to offer relief and the country will take a huge step towards truly patient centered health care. under obama care, people are running to the exit doors or their premiums are increasing. this is what congress has the chance to make possible, -- it cannot -- accommodate you soon. soon -- come a day too soon. caller: you could take off the mandates so that insurance would drop and people could buy what they wanted. if you do not need maternity care, why should you pay for it? if you do not want a sex change, why should you pay for it? as far as pre-existing conditions, put a limit on it.
7:50 am
2020, anyone with a pre-existing condition has to have it before they are 21. if you do not have a pre-existing condition, you have insurance, or should have. for twoave insurance years, predicting conditions do not count. host: do you think there might be a lot of 21-year-olds who slipped through the cracks in recent years? they are wondering about their health care at that point? that is their problem. they do not have insurance before they are 21, after they are 21, they can buy insurance. if the pre-existing condition was not performed they were 21 -- before they were 21, why should anyone worry about it? until you are 50 and they say you have a pre-existing condition and you want insurance to pay for it, why should that help? it should be pre-existing conditions only when you are a
7:51 am
teenager -- if you are born with it, yes, if you get it before you are 21, yes, you have a pre-existing condition. havefter that, you should insurance and no pre-existing condition to buy insurance. host: beverly, north carolina, democrats. go ahead. morning.ood i listen to people and look at the tv, and i would like for what does just answer health insurance really mean? who should health insurance cover? .his is not a health care bill it is a moneymaker for 1% of our citizens, who are already billionaires. obamacare did at least try to deal with giving health care to and to the masses of we the people. that can be fixed -- it can be
7:52 am
fixed, but cuts of money given to the top could be may be used to help fix obamacare. but greed and politics has taken over washington dc, and they are not really caring about the people. i have never seen a health care bill that begins with let's give all this money to these rich people because they will supply jobs or supply this -- when have they ever done anything for their own people? host: on the second question that you asked, who should have health care, how would you answer that? should that be considered a right? caller: i do not know about a right, i do not know about a privilege, i do not know about that. or sellou want to buy the idea of health care, it has to protect the people, all of the people in the united states, not giving money to the big guys who have corporations and stuff like that over in other
7:53 am
countries, and we are sending money over there to those other countries to have the health care that we should have -- i never understood what is going on in this country. it has turned so political. they are not caring about the middleman. and another thing, they are always talking about the masses have,ricans are going to according to polls, i guess, are going to have longer lives. what are they going to do? if the old people are going to get older and older, what are they do?g to do? i think single-payer, if it will help, because health care has the word in it. it is to help the people that need health health care, not thh people who need money care. they are ready have money. take -- already have money. take the money out of this bill
7:54 am
and put it where it belongs to help these hospitals or health insurance people survive. to do that and the republicans cut it down. host: beverly, we got your point from north carolina. one column i would like to point you to this morning, the former acting administrator for senators for medicare and medicaid services during the , 2015-2017.stration ll breaks gop promises" is the headline of his column. he will actually be on this program tomorrow, and we will be talking to him a little bit more about that column. make sure to tune in then. cornelia, idaho, republicans. go ahead. caller: i would just like to mention that there has been a lot of good comments, but i am
7:55 am
dismayed at the partisanship that i am hearing from some people, the republicans this or the democrats that. i think that unfortunately, politics involved with health care is not the way to go. i think that privatizing our insurance should be to help savings accounts, like dr. ben and anytimeates, you get the government involved in anything, it grows and grows and grows like this huge, die gigantic, top-down thing and it is costing more and more for the taxpayers. for instance, on birth control, artificial or contraception through drugs, i am totally opposed to that on religious all, butfirst of
7:56 am
second because it is actually harmful. these drugs are harmful to the mother, to the woman who takes them over time. host: where did you learn that? what study is that from? caller: you mean the pharmaceutical drugs? there are studies out there that show that there is increasing risk of blood clots, cancer, and so on with birth control medications. it is justtually -- an example of the pharmaceutical companies getting together with hasfta -- fda, and the fda people that are basically in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. they are advocating all of these different high-priced, for instance, my son has diabetes -- his insulin has gone up 500% in the past few years. nothing is making sense with the
7:57 am
government involvement. host: got your point cornelia. we showed you the front page and the kentucky inquirer, the senate majority leader's home state there. it is a picture of mitch mcconnell with the headline "gop cannot muster votes." here are some of mcconnell's comments yesterday. with ainished a meeting full republican conference with the president and vice president discussing, obviously, health care. as you already know, we are continuing to work on agreement that will involve continued discussions until the end of the week, and will not be turning to the bill on the floor of the senate until a couple of weeks after this week. but we made good progress, and we have an opportunity to hear from the various members who have concerns about market
7:58 am
and medicaid, the future of medicaid, medicaid expansion. to me, that was very helpful. but one thing i will tell you is that i think everybody around is [indiscernible] and not interested -- interested in getting an outcome because the out -- status quo is unsustainable, and no option is not an option. host: several newspapers around the country using mitch mcconnell as the face of, the image to go with this story on the delay of the health care vote. this is from the front page of the philadelphia inquirer today, mitch mcconnell leaving that press conference after the senate lunches, where he made the announcement, and this from the akron beacon journal. there is mitch mcconnell there, headline, "senate proposes --
7:59 am
postpones vote on troubled health bill." springfield, massachusetts, line for democrats. thanks for waiting. caller: thank you for taking my call. i live in massachusetts, i serve in the massachusetts house of representatives. for 23 years, i was there when we passed a law here in massachusetts. sometimes it is called romney care. at the national level, the portable fair got -- affordable care act was based on romney care in massachusetts. i would like to clear up some misnomers that some seminars -- i would like to clear the undocumented care that people are getting or receiving. it is more the liberal states in the united states. no one who is argued imminent -- no one who is undocumented can
8:00 am
receive public funded health care in massachusetts. there is a way for them to have care, but is not paid for by taxpayers. the other thing we should be thinking about, only talk about health care -- not just health insurance, but health care. we talk about health care, the policies we paid insurance companies for administrating health care, they should be no more than 15% of the administrative cost. it should be used for administrative purposes. 85% should go to health care. putother thing i want to into the mind of individuals is health care is a national security issue. the nation with


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