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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 8:36am-9:00am EDT

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i -- opinion. >> you hammer the washington post, who you feel is not properly covered this incident. as opposed to saint donald trump, why you smearing john --ain question mark guest: john mccain? guest: no offense to you. two, when i criticize media behavior for how it treats donald trump, it does not mean ice or him or i am cheering him on. i see those as separate things but it is read often as he must be supporting him or must not like x or y because he said this. it has nothing to do it that.
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it is looking at what i think is fair coverage. >> watch sunday night. >> washington journal continues. host: the headline on the front of many papers this morning. john mccain battling brain cancer. it was announced last night. he is recovering in arizona after a routine examination found a blood clot and he had that surgically removed and he was recovering in arizona and now this move -- this news this morning. twitter,ion on represented steve scully's recovering in the hospital from gunshot wounds saying praying for my friend senator john , one of the toughest people i know. gabrielle giffords, a
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congresswoman who was shot, "-- and the president tweeting out -- -- and senator from missouri -- and meghan mccain, the daughter of the senator, releasing this statement last night on twitter saying --
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host: we want to get your thoughts on the news. independent caller, you are up first. caller: i think he was sick for a while and keeping it under wraps. i was talking to my partner at the other day at the workroom wet he was sick we -- thought he was sick last year, something do with his appearance . i think he was keeping it under wraps. away fromt get hyphenated americanism, i do not know what we will do. thank you. good morning, what is your reaction? caller: can morning. thank goodness you work for c-span and have not been seduced by other networks. listen to you
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unencumbered by advertisements at all. mccain, it is, can do but some years ago, i was wasrcerated and john mccain running against present 44, obama. i read his biography and he is a fascinating man. ofis a hero irrespective what 45 has to say about him. by his own visit -- admission, he said i made a mistake and i got captured. it is a fascinating biography. the same time i was in jail, i had an ultrasound because of some infection or when they announced it was a five send me
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your blood clot, that is a tumor. i do not know why they did not immediately release that information. there is no such thing as a five send me a blood clot. cancer.r had brain what -- god bless the man, at his age, i do not see him recovering. i wish you would simply retire and safe though my seat with a special election in that way republicans can stop the democrats. thank you. host: senator mccain tweeting office, back the recovering from the surgery removing what is then described as a blood clot. -- many of you probably know senator mccain has been a part
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of the effort to expose fraud and abuse in spending in washington dc he has been part of many gangs, gang of eight, on immigration reform, etc. what are your thoughts on the diagnosis of brain cancer? democrat, good morning. go ahead. >> he is a fighter and a true american hero. republicans and democrats alike can learn a lot from the man because he understands what it is like being in a bad place and coming out on the good side. host: joseph, independent. caller: good morning. have a newy carter experiment on cancer he has? don't they have an experiment they could do on mccain?
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host: i do not know. the drugstalked about he received when he got his cancer diagnosis. if you go to, we have covered a discussion with him about that but i'm not exactly sure about the medication he took. are you hoping the same for senator mccain? >> yes, i hope they have something out there because they have the best health plan, congress does, and i do not wish that on anyone, that cancer. about thettle bit cancer, the type of brain tumor is extremely aggressive, glioblastoma. almost like tiny tentacles, beyond what we can see in an mri or surgery. standard treatment includes
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surgery and a commendation of radiation, chemotherapy. surgically -- surgery alone is not enough because of the way they grow. the tumor was discovered while searching for a blood clot. it is customary for clinicians to test and remove tissue. these are the most common form of primary cancers meaning the tumors originate and can grow anywhere in the blank -- in the rain or spinal cord but are most commonly found in the cerebral hemisphere according to the american brain tumor association. on jimmy carter's diagnosis, the achievement that helped jimmy carter come that a brain tumor months after he had this cancer, former president jimmy carter announced the his doctor said they'd -- that he does not need it because of the new medication to fight these tumors.
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the story was back in march of 2016. he announced he had not -- melanoma that spread to his liver and brain. let's go to germantown, tennessee, republican. good morning. you're on the air. >> i have worked with saint jude children. if there were a cure for cancer, they will not ever come out with it. mccain needs to get on the ozone treatments and get on high doses it.roducts that will shrink i washed it shrink tumors in saint jude children.
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i wish him a speedy recovery and alike and said, cancer could be cured in the hospital, they will never do it because there's too much money in it. if you do not believe it, walk around the saint jude campus. host: paul in arlington, virginia. an independent. caller: i am not a doctor but i wish him a speedy recovery. the sad thing regardless of your political affiliation, anytime he shows up to a hearing or an event, you get the feeling everything will be ok. when they have the comey hearings, he seemed off. he mentioned it was because he was up watching the diamondbacks. hopefully he recovers quickly. bute it is time to retire
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he has access to some of the best doctors. if there is a good prognosis, they hopefully shared with the public. senate republicans without him would have a slimmer majority in the chamber. the gop currently holds 52 seats . about thatup learned diagnosis while meeting wednesday night. set a republican of north dakota, sen. lankford: led the group in prayer at that moment. paul in ohio, a democrat. good morning. one john mccain was running for president before obama's first
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it was a rally and the lady spoke up that obama was a muslim and so forth and senator mccain was gracious and stood up and said no, he was a good man. i really appreciated that. now ande for republican i did not vote for mccain. had he run against someone else, i probably would have voted for him. host: ok. kimberly in washington. caller: the way they are finding out the benefits of marijuana, i watched a documentary and it says when you have brain cancer, marijuana kills cancer and leaves all the good tissue, unlike radiation and chemotherapy. i am wondering if they are exploring that avenue. ok.:
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here's the arizona star with the headline -- -- n arizona daily sun, -- massachusetts, democrat, you're on the air. on john mccain, i made that myself and i want to say hurrah to john mccain and all good wishes.
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i am a democrat and i basically respected the man. he served our country with honor and one trump dissed him, it was a slap in the face to every soldier who served this country with pride. he should take it back and mccainze unless tv to and all the wounded warriors who did their job with no second thought of their own safety. love to protect our country. that is all i have to say. colorado, kelly, independent. share your thoughts. john mccain is a vietnam that. he was an honorable man and he
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served. thereople who were continually got stomped and spit on. uniform, even wear his my father, when he came back from vietnam. country have this ignored the military from day one. dependence from the military you take a weapon no one and every thing about, i don't know, this has seemingly gone down the toilet. wise medical so high? half -- hospitals are in a profit business. you cannot go anywhere.
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where does it stop? host: ok. diagnosis, here is information about glioblastoma. it is the most common form of brain cancer. it is rare. more men than women. more white than any other race. mccain is not known to have such therapy. it is also very aggressive. spread toost always multiple region -- regions of .he brain mccain has had multiple cases of melanoma, skin cancer, removed
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surgically. in a note issued by his office, and arose independently of previous bouts of cancer. it is not clear yet what the timetable is for the treatment. or alifornia, a democrat good morning. what was your reaction when you heard the news? caller: i feel that. no one deserves that. i wish him all the positive .nergy trying to beat it he is a fair man. it is ironic. he has cancer and is getting ready to go to major medical
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procedures. i am not being mean or anything but the taxpayers pay for the senators and the congressman's health care. it is ironic, if we could get some of the tax money to get our own health care. host: in other news, a plan to keep many refugees in the united states. -- also yesterday, we covered the president's commission on
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election integrity. a voter fraud panel meets. commissionrump's amid questions about whether it .s looking for facts mr. trump based his claim that he would've won the popular vote if not for millions of illegal voters. he was told stories, he said, about voting irregularities in some cases having to do with people in certain states. you can see the president and the cochair. covered the democratic national committee's reaction. go to our website,
8:56 am ohio, good you are on the air. what is your reaction to the brain cancer diagnosis? >> i am a democrat but i have admired senator murray -- senator mccain for several decades if not longer. i admire his ability to question issues and maintain independence because he looks beyond the service of an issue. he has logical questions about these issues. i would have never spit on a veteran, ever. cannot romanticize worse. mccain did not enlist in
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vietnam, innocent people do die. in syria, military interventions have been disastrous. i do not think we should romanticize the results of unnecessary wars. if anybody can beat this, he can. and i admire his independence in the senate. early this morning for a legislative session. lastacaft pounds of and produced since the 1950's. humans have produced 18 trillion ,ounds of it -- of elastic equivalent to 25,000 empire staplers.
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sign to say initials with a chilean pounds will be produced worldwide. another says there may be as much as 79 tons of plastic waste on the seafloor alone. coming up next week, senate panel to hear from close trump aids. three top aides, jared kushner, senior adviser paul manafort and are expected to speak next week as part of congressional inquiry to meddling. mr. kushner is set to hold a private interview monday with the senate intelligence committee. in south carolina, independent, good morning, go ahead with your thoughts. >> i'm independent and i hope john mccain, thank you for your years of service and
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independence. i hope he gets well soon from his surgery. i guess doctors are lucky to find out he had those problems. i'll be gets better. that is all i have got to say. host: did you vote for him when he ran for president? caller: i did not vote this time -- [indiscernible] when he ran. -- host: when he ran. caller: i always admired him as a patriot. is a wonder he survived. but i do hope he gets well from the surgery and i hope you have a long life ahead of him. we will leave it there.


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