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tv   Iranian President Rouhani Swearing- In Ceremony  CSPAN  August 6, 2017 9:59pm-10:34pm EDT

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the economic policy institute discussed that the u.s. economy. and the government accountability office directing the manager talks about the cost of combating isis. be sure to watch "washington several clockas on monday morning. join the discussion. hassanady to president rouhani has been sworn in for a second term this weekend in tehran before a gathering of dignitaries from 100 countries. in his remarks, he accuses the u.s. of not complying with the nuclear agreement reached in july 2015 and accused the u.s. of not adhering to its obligations. this is courtesy of iran's press tv, this is half an hour.
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>> heavenly god, the compassionate and merciful, i, as the president of the republic of iran, and before the iranian nation -- i would swear by the omnipotent god to protect and safeguard the religious faith and the islamic establishment as well as the constitution of the country.
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i will use the best of my power in playing my role in the responsibilities that i have shouldered. i will also devote myself to serving the people and the development of perfection within the country, the promotions of faith and morals, supporting righteousness and the spread of the word of truth and justice. i will stay away from any egoism, and i would respect freedom, respect for individuals and the rights that the iranian constitution recognizes for the people. i will support those principles
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in protecting the borders and the political and economic independence as well as the cultural independence of the country. i will spare no efforts, and by seeking assistance from god and by following the footsteps of the prophet of islam and the imam, the power the people have bestowed to me and have trusted me, i will honestly safeguard and protect what i am trusted with, and i will then submit that to the person who will be picked by the people after me. [applause]
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>> thank you. now, dr. rouhani will address the floor. >> heavenly god, compassionate and merciful, praise be to the creator of the universe and salute to our master and prophet of islam, peace be upon him and his pure household. distinguished and noble iranian people, respected guests, distinguished presidents, prime
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ministers, vice president, parliamentary speakers, ministers of foreign affairs, and special envoys from friendly countries and heads of international organizations, respected representatives of the assembly and respected members of the guardian council, distinguished heads of the legislature and judiciary, commanders of the armed forces, and entire other officials,
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ladies and gentlemen. at the outset, let's remember the great architect of the islamic republic as well as the martyrs of the islamic revolution. i would like to bow in the face of their dignity as today's dignity of ours is indebted to the bravery and chivalry of those individuals. today also coincides with the auspicious birth and anniversary
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of one of our members, peace be upon him. i would like to ask god on the occasion to bestow his blessings to our government and people. 111 years ago today, a new iran was born out of a tumultuous situation, and a new epic was created. the constitution movement of iran as the first national movement of the middle east emerged victorious, and there were two fundamental principles of the rule of law and the
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national governments. that's what brought for our people in government. as a matter of fact, the first national uprising of the people of asia seeking freedom in this age old continent, 111 years, within this period, the constitutional movement agenda in order to restrict the powers of the iranian kings witnessed numerous ups and downs, and ultimately, unfortunately, it went awry. in order to safeguard the principles of freedom, the rule of law, national sovereignty,
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and holding elections, the people of iran made great sacrifices, and at the end of the day, the islamic revolution of iran emerged victorious. close to 40 years past since the establishment of the islamic establishment in our country, and today, the 12th presidential term of the islamic republic is starting. since then, the highest executive position post of the people have been determined and decided by the vote of each and every one of the citizens. the iranian people who are aware and wise to create an epic and
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participated en masse, and one more time, they spoke to us clearly and conveyed a message expressly. they announced what they had on their mind. they spoke by language of their vote. they told us what they demand and what they do not want, and by giving the vote of confidence again, which was meaningful, they decided a path and approach that was being tested for four years. it was commented and criticized by everyone for four years. so from now on, it's us who need to be responsible to address the demands of the people, the people who once again put their
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trust in the islamic establishment and the government. the people's vote was not an incident. it was the fruit of a social maturity that could be seen as the series of demands of the iranian people that would call the executive branch to meet those demands. the people should rightly know from what demands and votes he has been picked and what commitment he has for the people, and he needs to stick to that commitment to the end, and he needs to keep his promise to the end of his tenure.
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although my responsibilities from the people, i, as the president of the islamic republic of iran, feel duty bound to restore the rights of all the people, and to do so, it would not be possible without the cooperation of all the bodies within the islamic establishment and the participation of masses of people. how this government intends to be a government of moderation, so it will not be scared off by any kind of small move, and it will not get excited when situations stir.
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we seek peace in both in our domestic policy and foreign policy. we seek peace over war, and we prefer correction and ratification over stalemate. defense is not only possible by means of weapons. we back our armed forces, but the biggest weapon of ours is the people's vote. the people who cast more than 41 million votes at the ballot box will never face a dead-end. this book also supports our army and irgc. in our country, we will have dichotomy in our governance. our peace depends on our weapons, and our weapons rely on
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our peace. jcpoa is an example of national consensus in iran, undoubtedly without the support and vote of the people and the support of the league of islamic revolution as well as coordination in parliament and armed forces with the government as picked by the people, jcpoa would not get anywhere and could not be perpetuated, but the world should also know that any kind of violation of commitments within this international agreement will see a unanimous reaction of the iranian government and people. we should accept that we need to have mutual understanding and practical agreement on national
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interests and opportunities, and we need to resort to national conciliation and cooperation. that is an historical requisite. we should also realize that all of this, this stormy sea, there is only one ship for us all, and there is only one person sailing it. the people should probably work together to sail through these waters. democracy has not been the only achievement of the islamic establishment. it has also achieved things like independence for the country. president of security, power of the military, and enhancement of military prowess.
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also, penetration into the hearts and minds of the people in supporting the oppressed and paying the price for the same cause as well as the promotion for the country's status in the international arena that was the result of following the principles of guidance, the principles of sagacious followership. we should also know that safeguarding these achievements require an economy that is strong, that is dynamic, and that is influential in the global arena and is contingent upon technological and scientific developments in the country.
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in the past four decades, there have been eye-catching achievements made. there have been huge investments made in infrastructure. many less privileged remote areas, substantial improvements have been made in the standard of living of the people. the gap between the rich and the poor is meaningfully mitigated. today, the level of education helps the country enjoy proper standards. the 11th government, too, cost big developments in economic, social, cultural, domestic, and
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foreign policy fields, including the restoration of economic stability, foreign exchange market, reduction of the inflation rate. it was reduced to a one-digit figure. the negative economic growth rate reached two-digit economic growth last year and job creation of more than 600,000 annually. another great achievement has been boosting production of more than one million tons of crude, and restoration of arendt's -- iran's share of the world market.
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there is also a leap in production of gas and completion of the chain of oil in the country. in social welfare and social security, strides have been taken, aimed at supporting the less privileged and low income parts of society by implementing the general insurance scheme. not all iranians are covered by health insurance. on the other hand, after the implementation of the health project, the share that the people pay for their health has seen substantial reduction. also in terms of telecommunications, there have been big developments in such a way that people's access to high-speed internet and timely information by means of -- it has increased more than 10 times as much.
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it has contributed to various businesses. in terms of domestic policy, the 11th government embarked on devising the citizens' rights charter. it was announced, and the 12 government will continue the same power. it has the same vision. despite all these accomplishments in the past four decades, our country still faces some big challenges, like you youth unemployment, the water crisis, air pollution, and some other issues. that is what we're still
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entangled with. the plan of the federal government is based on the electoral slogan, freedom, security, tranquility, and progress. of course, making economic reforms requires certain prohibitions to be made. we have envisioned an eight-year path. we have planned for the economic reforms in attaining economic stability in the country and creating lasting interaction with other countries as prerequisites for making economic reforms as a target we have set. the government also stretches its hand for taking cooperation of the people and organizations, institutions -- we asked them all to come to our assistance so
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our people expect all of us today to show that we can, despite all the diversity -- diverse opinions, when it comes to the major issues of the country and finding solutions for them, we can think together and act based on mechanisms existing based on the establishment on the back of the instructions and guidelines of the islamic revolution. we can come to consensus when it comes to policy meeting and taking action, and we can show that sideline issues and political ballyhoo do not keep us away from dealing with major issues of the nation. in the past decades, we have helped each other, and we have left behind a wave of terror, war, sanctions, and continued sanctions of the foreign enemy
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we have left behind us. unity has been the key to our success. this is the second time the inauguration ceremony is being held in the presence of foreign dignitaries. i would like to seize the opportunity and appreciate the presence of foreign dignitaries at this event, and once again, i should highlight that the policy of this government is still to have balance and extensive interaction with the world, as the leader of the islamic revolution mentioned. constructive interaction with countries deepening their bonds with the neighboring states as well as the promotion of level of cooperation with friendly countries -- this is not only a
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wise option or choice, but it is a requisite. global peace and security and surviving the transitional period would not be possible except for furthering the interaction and cooperation between governments and people, so accordingly in the past four years, noteworthy measures have been taken. also cancellation of the security council resolutions, the nuclear sanctions, they have been one of the greatest
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accomplishments of the 11th government. so far, there have been many problems that have been tackled, but the u.s., not sticking to its commitments because the establishment there is used to be leveraging policy and using sanctions. america is not a trustworthy partner for the world and even for america's old allies. it has been proven to them all. on behalf of the people, on behalf of government officials, i shall expressly state the islamic republic of iran will never start violation of the
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jcpoa, but we will not sit idle in response to the non-commitment of the u.s. with respect to sanctions and destruction, we have responded by proportionate measure and reciprocation. with those who have recently joined the world politics, we welcome them, but we are telling the old-timers that it is possible to set an example in the international relations, we can make a rule out of this exception. those who want to tear the jcpoa
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should know that by doing so, it is the political life of themselves that they are tearing apart. and the world, also, will not forget this lack of commitment on their part. those who consider themselves as the losers of the jcpoa, they can stand in the line of this win-win opportunity and realize their mistakes and put an end to them. today is not a day of unveiling the mother of bombs. let's unveil the mother of negotiations and dialogue. it is not a day to unveil them, but for sanctions, to unveil the
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mother of cooperation -- it is not a day to unveil the mother of sanctions but to unveil the mother of cooperation. it is a new day in which a country like iran is the high tower of democracy, the tower that has at least 111 steps, since 111 years ago to date, the islamic republic of iran, whose progress is achieved not by the help of great powers or international coalition, but on the back of its wise and faithful and great people. iran is ready for cooperation on the base of mutual respect and shared interest in the presence of 105 delegations representing the world, including heads of the state, parliament speakers, ministers, special envoys, and major international
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organizations, who we are proudly hosting. i announced that the government of the islamic republic of iran is prepared for cooperation with any of your countries. we had no limitations whatsoever. the islamic republic of iran wants the best of relations with its neighbors. we have religious bonds, historical and cultural commonalities with our neighbors that pave the ground for regional synergy and convergence, so we stretch the hand of friendship to our neighbors, and we believe that only by means of dialogue and regional cooperation is it possible to move in line with
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restoration and progress and development of the region. foreign powers only think of their shortsighted designs -- foreign powers that are only thinking of their shortsighted goals create further instability and chaos in the region. they are sowing dichotomy so situation. we are seeking a region that is coherent. we want the voices of moderation. we want this voice to be heard all over the region. , voices ofion
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hatred, violence, and extremism could never be heard. years hopeful that after of trial and error, we have come to this shared understanding that the only way to eradicate terrorism, this global phenomenon, is trusting the people and attaining a legitimacy. extensive regional cooperation on the other hand. as in the past four years, we have always reiterated and tried resolution of regional crises no option.and yemen, share the fight against extremism. dialogue amd of many negotiations. excepting the will let and vote of people in those countries. all the regional players.
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main invitation for all regional countries and other hearts of the world to join the political initiative in order to put an end to the slaughter in that sector and and homelessness. to get these two countries with huge andn colossal manpower, natural resources and a special geographical location is prepared for cooperation with your countries in advance with shared interests. country is not against any will only helpnd peace and security in and across the region. i hope this event and your meaningful presence therein, the
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leaders and high-ranking officials from all over the world, o it will be a new beginning for further promotion and enhancement aligned with interest of our people and peace region andy in the across the region. at the end, i wish you a pleasurable and memorable stay in our endeared country. blessings be upon you. [applause] announcer: a forum i'm countering violent extremism. the day-long event features experts on radicalization and islamic theology. that is monday at 2:00 a.m. eastern on c-span.
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>> monday on the communicators, the black hat conference. we're at louisiana state university. >> the hospital is being attacked almost daily. the banks are being lacked almost daily now. we have to learn to live with this threat, we are not going to eliminate it. we have lived with millenniums virus.e flu we never eradicated it, we learned how to live with it. we do things to decrease exposure, isolate yourself from others. the measures you take in the physical world we must down do in the cyber world. announcer: watch monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. >>


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