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tv   President Trump Condemns Hate Groups and Says Racism is Evil  CSPAN  August 14, 2017 3:40pm-3:50pm EDT

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>> house democratic with steny hoyer and -- steny hoyer and his plan.on the daca earlier today, president trump returned from his 17 day stay at his golf resource -- golf resort in new jersey. he's at the white house before leaving for his home at trump tower in new york city where he will speak with the japanese prime mr. tonight. at about 12: 30 today, he made this statement in the diplomatic reception room about this weekends violence in charlottesville, virginia.
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mr. trump: thank you. i'm in washington today to meet with my economic team about trade policy and major tax cuts and reform. we are renegotiating trade deals and making them good for the american worker and it's about time. our economy is now strong. the stock market continues to hit record highs. unemployment is at a 16 year low, and businesses are more optimistic than ever before.
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companies are moving back to the united states and bringing many thousands of jobs with them. over onelready created million jobs since i took office. we will be discussing economic issues in greater detail this afternoon. based on the events that took place in charlottesville, virginia, i would like to provide the nation with an up date on the ongoing federal response to the horrific attack and violence that was witnessed by everyone. with the fbi director, christopher wray, and attorney general jeff sessions. the department of justice has opened a civil rights the deadlyon into car attack that killed one innocent american and wounded 20 others.
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to anyone who acted criminally at this weekends racist violence, you will be held fully accountable. justice will be delivered. as i said on saturday, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. it has no place in america and before,e said any times no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws. we all salute the same great made by the are all same almighty god. we must love each other, show affection for each other and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry, and violence . we must rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us
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together as americans. racism is evil and those who cause violence in its names -- in its name are criminals at our -- grills and thugs including the kkk, the nazis and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. we are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. we are equal in the eyes of our creator. we are in will under the law, and we are equal under our constitution. those spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of america. two days ago, a young american woman was tragically killed. her death fills us with grief and we send her family our thoughts, our prayers, and our love. the two virginia
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state troopers who died in service to their community, their commonwealth, and their country. they exemplify the very best of torica and our hearts go out their families, their friends, and every member of american law enforcement. these three fallen americans embody the goodness and decency of our nation. america such as these, has always shown its true character, responding to hate with love, division with unity, and violence with an unwavering resolve for justice. promised tote, i restore law and order to our country and to our federal law enforcement agencies are following through on that ledge. resource ine no fighting so that every american child can grow up free from
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violence and fear. we will defend and protect the sacred rights of americans and we will work together so that blessedtizen in this land is free to follow their dreams in their hearts and express the love and joy in their souls. thank you. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. >> the president meeting with his economic council. the new york times reporting on his first visit to trump tower since his january inauguration, saying he's expected to arrive this evening at 8:45 and is expected to have a phone
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conversation with the japanese prime minister. the times writes mr. trump plans to remain in manhattan until wednesday when he travels to his country club in bedminster, new jersey. even before he arrives, antitrust groups have announced plans for at least three protest that will converge on trump tower. there is no finer police department when it comes to protecting the right to protest and ensuring the safety of all says a spokesman for new york mayor, buildable as io. mayor, buildable as he oh. for national security advisers u.s.discuss foreign-policy, russia, china and other foreign-policy challenges. here is susan rice talking about leadership. >> all of our allies and partners need to play a commensurate role, but there's a reason why they call the united states and the state department on 911 is because there isn't a
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country that matches our military, economic, and moral might. isther the challenge gathering a coalition to impose sanctions on russia after they invade crimea and ukraine, whether it is rallying the world to deal with the ebola epidemic come a whether it's building a coalition to go after isis, a requires the united states to be front and center. it doesn't mean others don't contribute or shouldn't pull their weight. obviously they can and they must and they don't always do so, but when we step back, nothing seems to work and that has clearly been our collective experience. rice and other former national security advisers joining the conversation at the aspen institute. watch that conversation on c-span and also available on the free c-span radio app.
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>> tonight on "the communicators" -- >> hackers don't attack computers, hackers hack humans. >> we are at the black cat conference talking about cyber security and security threats. is not easy to patch a large organization and keep patching it month after month. today, we have to really think of proactive defense. we cannot keep reacting to attacks anymore. set to for threats, to be traps, -- set booby-traps. we have to engage in threat hunting. watch "the communicators" tonight on c-span2.


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