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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 2, 2017 12:03pm-12:19pm EDT

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start with. at the end of the first sentence, which frankly i had not really out was the sentence because it seemed a fairly undisputed and and i'm kind of sentence, at the end of the sentence, justice scalia leaned over the french and this way -- the bench in this way, i hadn't made a short declarative statement sentence. he said, wait, wait wait, wait. [laughter] justice kagan: except he said it even more strongly than that. he proceeded to tell me why this single sentence was wrong. it was the absolute best thing that anybody could have done it because it just forced me to be in the game right away and my own view is that he knew that, that he knew from the sound of
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my voice saying the single sentence that i was a little bit shaky and he was going to put him into the game right away and as somebody challenges you, you have to stand right back. and that is what happened and it turned out fine. >> watch more with supreme court justice kagan tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. mode we take a look at anthony clark's book "the last campaign," how presidents rewrite history and run for prosperity. >> every single comment i have received has been one of two topics. how angry people are learned of what is happening or flabbergasted to learn what is happening. i have not received any kind of mild, i read it and it was ok. >> why are they angry? >> because we have these presidential libraries to house records and records will not be open for 100 years and we're
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paying for celebration and legacy building. >> sunday night on c-span's a& -- q&a. >> ted poe for business in the second district of texas and he tweeted this morning -- congressman poe we tweeted this abc news video that shows authorities were moving a nine foot alligator from a flooded home and humble, texas in the aftermath of harvey.
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>> a great job, guys. good jobs. chris thanks for the help. -- >> thanks for the help. >> thank you. the new york times reporting the white house is asking congress for more than $15 billion as a down payment on hurricane harvey recovery efforts, sending republican leaders to request $7 billion in immediate aid that will be quickly followed by request for another $6.7 billion. the stores as initial funding represent only a fraction of the long-term relief for flood ravaged parts of texas and louisiana that will likely far exceed the $50 billion given to
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northeastern states for hurricane sandy and -- 2012. >> congress returns from august recess on september 5. the rules committee will meet for 2018 from abundant in the request for hurricane harvey recovery aid. live coverage begins tuesday at 4:00 p.m. on c-span three, online at or on the free c-span radio app. >> for more insight, we have done a minute, and what correspondent for q2 rollcall. good morning. good morning. guest: thanks for having me. , the the white house initial request will be in the neighborhood of $6 billion. members of congress are expected to approve that weekly. do you have -- quickly.
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do you have a sense of what they expect the total price tag to be? guest: last night the white house office of management and budget sent out a letter, and what they are asking for is $7.85 billion immediately. most of that is for fema to replenish the disaster relief fund. some good reporting from my colleagues, fema is burning through their disaster might have a stunning rate. --money added stunning- disaster money at a stunning rate. the white house is expecting a longer resolution on spending. they also want to $.7 billion in cr. their official and
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unofficial ask in the neighborhood of $14.5 billion coming in the next week or so. these things are always tricky. i think the initial $7.8, i think the white house will get that. we have not heard much so far. the key thing to look for is to go back and look at the hurricane sandy relief bill that became really political. it took a long time to get through. conservativesse will want this emergency spending to be as clean, meaning nothing in the bill that they think is not directly related to responding and recovering from hurricane harvey. these things can get really tricky. i think the initial $7.85 billion will go through fairly
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quickly, in the next week or two. from there we have seen spending fights for the last six or seven years old times a year -- a co uple of times a year. if conservatives insist on offset, the only thing harder to negotiate in washington than offset is an authorization for military force. we have not had one of those since 9/11. there is always a group that likes the thing you want to cut to pay for disaster relief. i think we will see a fight. i don't think we will see a fight over this on the hill in the white house getting involved in the next few weeks, but we are talking as much as $150 billion. $120atrina total came to billion. that was the federal total. we are talking about a lot of money.
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you have house conservatives, and they certainly stand on principle. they know how to hold things up. you have some senate conservatives who also feel the same way as the freedom caucus in the house. i think we will see a fight on this down the road. we will be looking at probably a billionntually of $125 or $135 billion. conservatives, and they have good reasons, are going to want that to be as lean as possible to not have things they will object to. host: before this president trump threatened to shut down the government if he does not get money for his boardwalk. he has backed away from that. what happened there? guest: i think we are seeing his new chief of staff, general john kelly, increasingly playing a
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role behind the scenes. we are seeing the present himself -- present himself and his own party saying there is plenty of time to provide money for the order wall. -- order wall -- border wall. this would be the president himself backed by immigration hardliners, but that is not as big a group on capitol hill as you may think. there is no evidence that speaker ryan and leader mcconnell will not just shut down the government over a chunk of money to start the border wa ll. this would kick things off. they say the proper way to do that is in the regular appropriations process next year. message if you
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read between the lines is it would hurt the party if you shut down the government over this border wall program. this is another sign of ryan and mcconnell and other prominent republicans sending a message to the president that he has got to pull back, and he cannot just demand things, he has to work with congress and listen to members of his own party. the fight over the border wall, interestingly, and this is something to watch, this will be an intraparty fight. host: john bennett is the w >> the trump administration sent a request for a hurricane harvey
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aid. president trump is spending the day in louisiana and texas assessing the damage and meeting with the texas congressional delegation. we will have president trump on his visit there which we expect to bring you over the next hour or so here on c-span. president trump sending this tweet as he was leaving for texas and louisiana, it reads --
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>> here's more as congress returns next week from its recess. >> congress returns from august recess on september 5. over the next hour, we will discuss four key issues that the house and senate plan to take up this fall, including federal spending, raising the debt ceiling, and rewriting the tax code, as well as continuing work on health care legislation. we will take a look back at some of the past hearings and talk with a reporter to get an update on the fall congressional agenda. funding for the federal government expires on september 30, so congress must pass a federal spending bill to keep the government open and avoid a shutdown. the house passed four of its 12 appropriations bills in a spending package. here are the opening remarks of
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the floor debate from the committee chair and ranking member. >> mr. chairman, i rise today to present an amendment to hr 3219, the make america secure appropriations act. this legislative package revise critical appropriation for nafta security, including the department of defense, the department of veterans affairs, and the department of energy possible clear programs, and the legislative branch bill. my colleagues, this is the primary constitutional duty of the congress, to ensure the safety of the homeland and the american people. this legislation is carefully crafted to fund our critical military priorities, supporting veterans, and making our board --borders more secure. the core of the package is funding. i thank chairwoman granger for her leadership. the bill provides $658.1 billion for these functions, an increase
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of $61 billion. there is no doubt that this is a significant increase from the current spending levels and certainly from the last eight years. but this increase is vitally important to continue the process we started this spring to rebuild, repair, reequip our armed forces that we started in 2017 appropriations package. mr. chairman, the secretary of defense mattis has made readiness and modernization of our forces his top priorities. it is a fact today that we have too many aircraft that cannot fly, too many ships that cannot sail, too many troops who cannot deploy, either because they are not properly trained, or there are not enough of them. how do we get there? in recent years, we have been just getting by, reducing investments in our military as
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the world becomes more dangerous, and avoiding tough choices. the package before us today will sustain a much-needed rebuilding of our military after a half decade of cuts, while our troops remained in constant combat, and they do so today. we provided prioritized funding to necessary but unfunded equipment and weapons platforms. we boosted missile-defense, a program that has taken on critical importance as north korea unabatedly tries to marry its nuclear warheads with new ballistic missiles. we increased funding for the vital training that prepares our war fighter for any contingency. this legislation also supports our military families. after all, they serve, too. we include a 2.4% pay increase for our servicemen and women, the largest raise in eight years, and they deserve it.


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