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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2017 1:31pm-2:20pm EDT

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people should not place all in any politician. go back and read the federalist papers. over and overand again that you should have a healthy distrust of any political leader, particularly the ones that claim to be speaking for you. >> this in a bird professor diane winston. of the americans -- the resolution has transformed economy. sety newspapers no longer our national agenda. these reinforce our opinion. the polarization has split up into two nations. >> listen on this free c-span radio app.
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>> here's an article political posted a short while ago. kimh korean dictator jong-il and begging for war. u.s. ambassador to the limit nikki haley said earlier today at an emergency meeting. ajit pai you and you and north korea claims over the weekend stuxnetdesignated -- and a hydrogen bomb attached to an intercontinental missile capable of reaching the continental u.s.. president trump is scheduled to speak with the south korean president today. we will show you now that event from the united nations. .
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the meeting of the security council is called to order. as this is the first public meeting of the council for the month of september, i should like to take this opportunity to pay tribute on behalf of the council to his accident sleep -- excellency, the ambassador. for his service as president of the council for the month of august. speak for all members of the council in expressing appreciation to the ambassador and his dedication and skill with which he conducted the council business last month. the provisional agenda for this nonproliferation democratic public of north korea. the agenda is adopted.
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in accordance with rule 77 of theprocedure, i invite representative -- representative of the republic of korea to participate in the meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 from the council's procedure, i invite mr. jeffrey feldman, undersecretary general of political affairs to participate in the meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. i now give the floor to mr. jeffrey feldman.
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mr. president, members of the security council. in a statement by the official news agency on three december -- the democratic people republic of korea announced it had successfully conducted a sixth nuclear explosive test. characterize the event ." "perfect test they further said it also "marked a very significant occasion in attaining the final goals of completing the state nuclear force." the executive secretary -- secretary of the preparatory commission indiana said in a -- vienna said it
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-- its data indicated the event measured approximately 6.0 magnitude. measured al sources yield is high 6.3. in any case, there is evidence, the yield of the device was 'srger than any of the dprk previous nuclear tests. experts estimate between 50 and 100 kilotons or on average more than five times more powerful than the weapon detonated over here a shema. -- over her oshima. .- over hiroshima a smaller event was registered after the event. they have not yet completed the analysis of the second event. experts speculate it could have been caused by the collapse of
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the tunnel used in nuclear tests. mr. president, in an earlier statement the same day, the dprk official media had claimed their leader had inspected what they claim to be a hydrogen bomb which was conspicuously displayed in front of an intercontinental missile. the article stated the hydrogen bomb was "a multi functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated at high altitudes for superpowerful emp attacks." this was a rare reference by the dprk to the use of emp. an electromagnetic pulse. it is triggered by a nuclear weapon with aim of widespread damage to sensitive electronics. this is the second emergency security council meeting on nonproliferation in the dprk in less than a week.
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and the 10th time the security council has met to discuss the dprk this year. on 31 august, the foreign ministry issued a statement to reject the security council's recent presidential statement and said that the ballistic missile launch of 29 august was "the first step taken by the korean people's army in a specific operation and a meaningful prelude to restraining guam." their report today indicated the dprk may be preparing new ballistic missile tests. alarmed atnt, we are this dangerous provocation. secretary-general condemns the underground nuclear test announced by the dprk. this act is yet another serious breach of the dprk's international obligations and undermines international nonproliferation and efforts.
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is also profoundly destabilizing in the regional and international security. country is the only that continues to break the norm against nuclear test explosions. secretary-general reiterates this call on the dprk leadership to cease such acts and comply fully with international obligations under the resolutions. mr. president, the secretary-general counts on the security council to remain united and take appropriate action. as was said in the security council meeting last week, as tensions rise, so does the risk of misunderstanding and escalation. the latest series of developments require a copperheads of response in order to break the cycle of the dprk. such a response must include wise in bold diplomacy.
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as the council considers its action, the secretary-general reiterates the importance of humanitarian efforts regardless of the situation. to people of the dprk rely provide things in need. we will rank" nation with the concerned international organizations. members of the council and other governments concerned. thank you. >> i thank you for your briefing. to councilthe floor members who wish to make statements. floor to the representative of the united states. fore want to thank you allowing us to have this prompt meeting as it is very urgent and we want to thank the ambassador of egypt and his team for the way inhand and calm which he led this month.
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for more than 20 years, the security council has taken actions against north korea's nuclear program and for more than 20 years, north korea has defied our collective voice. it is worth taking a few moments to recount some of the history. in 1993, the council approved , calling on north korea to remain in the nonproliferation treaty. that did not work. north korea withdrew and continued its nuclear pursuit. in 2006, the six party talks faltered and north korea conducted several ballistic missile launchers. 5,at led to resolution 169 condemning them. the same year, north korea conducted its first nuclear test usch led to resolution 1718 out in a you and sanctions regime aiming to stop all nuclear ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass instruction programs.
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after six party talks fell apart again in 2009, north korea conducted additional missile launches and its second nuclear test. ,hat led to resolution 1874 which expanded sanctions including an arms embargo and cargo inspection obligation. in 2012, the leap day deal failed and north korea conducted two new space launches. the security council responded with the adoption of resolution .087 following north korea's third nuclear test in 2013, the ,ouncil adopted resolution 2094 expanding sanctions to restrict financial, maritime, aviation and diplomatic activities. by 2016, north korea had conducted its fourth nuclear test and another space launch. they follow that with more missile launches.
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in response, the council adopted multiple resolutions expanding sanctions even further, targeting whole sectors of north korea's at economy. this year, the council got even more serious. first we adopted resolution 2356 , designating high-ranking north korean government officials as military strategic rocket forces command for individual sanctions. last month after the regime's first two icbm launches, we , theed resolution 2371 strongest sanctions we have ever imposed on north korea. that resolution band north andan exports of coal, iron seafood and impose several measures that will significantly cut off the revenues needed to fund their nuclear program. why did i take the time to go through this? to make this point. the united nations security council has spoken with unusual
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unity and consistency on north korea. that is a good thing. along the way there have been problems with ample mentation and the council has at times -- with implementation and at times the council has been too slow or week. this is not a time when we have allowed division to stop any action. despite our efforts over the past 24 years, the north korea nuclear program is more advanced and more dangerous than ever. they now fire missiles over japanese airspace. they now have icbm capabilities. they now claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb. and just this morning, there are reports the regime is preparing for yet another icbm launch. to the members of the security council, i must say enough is enough. we have taken an incremental approach and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked.
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members of this council will no doubt urge negotiations and a return to talks, but as i've -- but as i have just outlined, we directgaged in numerous and multilateral talks and time after time they have not worked. the time for half measures and the security council -- from the security council is over. the time is to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it is too late. we must now adopt the strongest possible measures. kim jong-un's actions cannot be seen as defensive. he wants to be acknowledged as a being apower, but nuclear power is not about using those terrible weapons to threaten others. nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. kim jong-un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war.
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war is never something the united states wants, we don't want it now. what our country's patients is not unlimited. we will defend our allies and territories. the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for freeze is insulting. aen a rogue regime has nuclear weapon and an icbm pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. no one would do that. we certainly won't. the time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means to end this crisis and that means quickly enacting the strongest possible measures here in the un security council. only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we have kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. this crisis goes well beyond the u.n. the u.s. will look at every
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country that does business with theh korea as a country and united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to the reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions. what we do on north korea will have a real impact on how other outlaw nations who seek nuclear weapons choose to conduct themselves in the future. the stakes could not be higher. the urgency is now. 24 years of half measures and failed talk -- failed talks is enough. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united states for her statement. i give the floor to the representative of japan. appreciate the president for convening this urgent briefing. requested by the u.s., republic of korea, france, u.k. and japan.
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ago, the a week security council gathered to condemn the lunch of the ballistic missile -- launch of the ballistic missile which flew over japan. announced north korea it had succeeded in miniaturizing a nuclear warhead to be attached to an icbm. only hours later, north korea conducted the sixth nuclear test. een together, it is clear how belligerent and dangerous north korean actions are and how it is not a problem just for north korea, but for the entire international community. the security council must not waste any time in putting an end to such an egregious and unacceptable challenge to the security and safety of the world.
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,egarding the nuclear testing north korea is the only one to have conducted nuclear tests in the 21st century. exactly one year ago, north korea conducted the first nuclear test and the council members were united in expressing condemnation in the strongest terms. the international community urge north korea to stop, but north korea port precious resources to enhance -- poured precious resources to enhance nuclear capabilities. the sixth nuclear test exhibited the magnitude of the explosion far greater than the previous one and has raised the threat to an unprecedented level. launches, theile security council has adopted stern presidential statements
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less than a week ago. i will not repeat the discussion, but let me just remind you that missile launches and nuclear tests are part and parcel of north korea's nuclear development. taken together, the threat it poses has entered truly a new level more grave. test by north korea is a clear violation of the council resolutions and is a brazen challenge to the international disarmament and nonproliferation regime centered on the treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. japan, dprkates the declaration. japan strongly condemns north korea and has directly launched their protest against north
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korea. fact that manyhe number of members of the world as well as the secretary-general -- they have already issued statements strongly condemning north korea. , theeyond condemnation tourity council must act stop north korea from continuing down this road. we should make it clear to the north koreans that continuation will bring about serious consequences. we must put maximum pressure on north korea to change its policies. it continues to be critically important for all the member states to faithfully implement the existing resolutions that have been unanimously adopted, 2321 and 2371.
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but that is not sufficient. japan stresses the need for the council to adopt swiftly a new resolution which further robust sanction measures. in paragraph 29 of resolution 2371, the security council toressed its "determination take further significant measures in the event of a further dprk launch or nuclear test." the council must act on this determination accordingly. japan is looking forward to continuing to work closely with all the members of the council on this urgent and grave threat to the peas and security of the world. i thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of japan for his statement.
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i give the floor to the representative of france. mr. president, at the outset i would like to thank egypt for its excellent president council and i congratulate eiji of ethiopia. ethiopia on its succession to the council president this month. you can count on france possible support this coming month. which is said to be particularly busy. i thank you for convening the emergency meeting. urge that the joint request of the u.s., republic of korea, japan, france and the u.k.. i thank jeff feldman for his highly elucidating presentation. traversed north korea
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a major threshold in escalation following two intercontinental ballistic missile launches and the open endangerment of countries in the region. last night it undertook a sixth nuclear test. this was immediately detected by the international monitoring system of the contra -- top brands of test ban treaty organization. seniormost officials most vehemently condemned this incident. beyond the expression of solidarity, which on behalf of france, i especially address to countries in the region. to thearticularly international community as a whole that i call for there to be a clearheaded resolute approach with a full grasp of the gravity of the situation. clearly, each of us today is concerned by this.
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for each of us is threatened. in the course of a few months, the threat has changed both in die mention and nature. the threat is no longer merely regional. it is a global threat. is no longer virtual, it is imminent. it is no longer merely a serious threat, it is an existential threat. this grave global threat undermines our security, it undermines stability and undermines international peace. through this test, the pyongyang regime persists in violating its obligations and in defying us. each north korean action reflects a reckless ongoing methodical effort on a part of the regime to as soon as possible deliver on its
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dangerous obsession. i'm referring to the possession ofi am referring to the possessn of a nuclear arsenal, which is designed to shift not only bounces, theglobal capacity of nuclear capacity and icbm's now constitute a ubiquitous danger. mr. president, in this context, weakness or vacillating is not an option. for this reason, france calls for an expeditious, resolute, united response by the council underpinned by three elements. the prompt adoption of new sanctions against the north korean regime. the stringent and limitation of existing sanctions by all stakeholders, and lastly the adoption of additional measures
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by the european union. time is ticking. let us be aware of this. we know pyongyang has not hesitated, will not hesitate even at the cost of the lives of its people to breach the most basic rules we have set forth in terms of nonproliferation and beyond. this is a major and avowed undermining of all foundations of our systems of law and security. we cannot countenance this. we share ay, responsibility to uphold this and reinforce this. our credibility is at stake. to those who believe that the willingness of dialogue in the international community is lacking. the present conditions -- it is evident north korea has not
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given the slightest signal, not the slightest pledge of a possible willingness to negotiate on its nuclear ballistic missiles. given the contempt for international law, we must not compromise. decisionsn of our own cannot be subject to bargaining. we cannot allow our reactions to be dictated. north korea must really push its -- must relinquish its nuclear program. it must comply. join the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty. eturnting north korea to r to the negotiating table, we continueinue to existing sanctions.
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they are effective. let's recall major economic sanctions were only adopted by the council in 2016, so they continue to be stepped up. we must further step up, we must maximize pressure on the pyongyang regime. france supports the prompt adoption of new sanctions by this council, particularly in the economic realm and other sect we are firmlyor committed to a similar initiatives of the mentioned. spiral ofarming brinkmanship and provocations which north korea has undertaken, it must be the consequences for its obstinacy. sole response that we can put forward is policiesnd ambiguous
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based upon the goal of a complete dismantling of the north korean program. we need utmost resoluteness and pressure to be brought to bear on the regime, only this way can we change its calculations to prompt the north korean regime to return to negotiation without preconditions the red that is the only way we can pave the crisis. president, in light of this heightened, extremely grave threat, the council must rise to the responsibility it has assumed. assured that france is committed to this, as a private -- permanent member of the security council, thank you. >> i think the representative of france for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you mr. president.
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this is the fourth -- the fifth time the security council has come together to condemn a nuclear test by north korea. the sixth time, that the world has held its breath. north korea is the only country in the 21st century, to have conducted such tests against all international standards of behavior. , we have met many times in recent months following other north korean proper less provocations. most recently, just last week in risk once to its reckless missile test over japan. yesterday's nuclear test explosion was my further largest yet. combined with the increasing range of its missiles, north not simply a threat to its region, but truly to global peace and security. this latest test has been
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rightly condemned already by most of a government representatives here today, and we have passed eight section resolutions on a north korea. the country is subject to the most stringent sections apply for this counsel, and yet still, north korea continues to put its illegal missile and nuclear programs ahead of international law, security, and the will of this council. this is a disturbing and unprecedented situation. rarely have the states remained so defiant in the face of overwhelming international condemnation and repeated powerful rounds of sanctions. that existing sanctions applied by the security council on north korea, are having an effect. in particular, the measures against commodity exports and the financial sector applied in 2016, are making it harder and
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acquireor pyongyang to the hard currency necessary to fund its program. each day, that gets harder still. thanks to the efforts of many states around this table. impact,o doubt this need only read the statements coming from the north korean regime. they rail against the sanctions that we have placed upon them. clear, that the prk is uniquely willing to put their illicit programs ahead of the well-being of its people. those people suffer appalling repression, and struggle even to feed themselves. the leadership of north korea has chosen this path of defiance at great cost. faced with this unique threat to international peace and security, the security council must condemn the test and the entire north korean nuclear and missile program.
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we continue to wish for a peaceful way forward. dialogue will always be our end dialogue returning to without a serious intent from pyongyang would be a set up to failure. north korea must change course to allow a return to dialogue. were they to do so, the opportunity exists to end this crisis. until that moment, we must stay the course on sanctions, and continue as the secretary-general has called for, to present a united front. week, when we met last that the united kingdom believes that the new un security council solution was required in response to that dangerous missile test over japan. in light of yesterday's nuclear test, our resolve has increased even further. we must increase the pace of
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implementation of existing sanctions and work rapidly towards the adoption of a new and effective resolution. enforce theuing to measures that the council has already agreed on, we should go further and taking steps to sever the funds from which the regime relies in order to pursue this even legal and destabilizing program. should also further restricted the unethical exploitation of north korean workers overseas. mr. president, north korea has created a deeply dangerous and unstable situation. the united kingdom will work with our partners on this counsel and beyond to tackle the challenge. i urge all states to join us. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom for his statement. i give the fall -- the floor to the representative of china. chairman -- mr.
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president. prk,hird of september, the despite the general opposition of the international community, ofregarding the resolutions the security council conducted once again a nuclear test. which -- thet government of china which opposes the tests in violation of security council resolution, achieving the declarant that dust date clean -- denuclearization of the north korean peninsula. a firm stance of the chinese government and also of the general the international community. dprk togly urge the give into the firm will of the international community of the issue on denuclearization of the
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korean peninsula and abide by the resolutions of the council. to start taking actions that are wrong, deteriorating the situation and not in line with its own interests either. and truly return to the track of solving issues through dialogue. the situation on the peninsula is deteriorating constantly as we speak, falling into a vicious circle. the peninsula issue must be resolved peacefully. china will never allow a us and war -- allow chaos and war on the peninsula. the parties concerned must strengthen their sense of urgency, take due responsibility, play their dual due roles,lay their take tactical measures and work together to ease the situation. restart the dialogue and
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talks, and prevent further deterioration of the situation on the peninsula. two trackosal of a approach which are most the declarant -- denuclearization of the peninsula, the suspension of initiatives which call for the dprk to suspend its nuclear and missile activities for the united states and the republic republic ofea -- korea to suspend the large-scale military exercises. these are the basis on which both countries propose a roadmap to resolve the peninsula issue. this joint initiative by china and russia is tactical and feasible, aimed at addressing the most urgent security concerns of the parties concerned. easing the tensions as soon as possible, preventing the escalation of the situation, round after another round. dialogue, theh duty of gore's edition of the peninsula and maintaining the
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pieces stability of the peninsula. we hope the parties concerned will seriously consider this and actively respond to it. china calls upon the international community to jointly and comprehensively and fully implement the resolutions of the security council on the dprk, firmly pushing forward the goal of unique learner's vision of the peninsula, and firmly maintaining the peace and stability of the peninsula. thank you, mr. president. . >> mr. president, with -- we stand -- the briefing on the latest north korean nuclear tests. the provocative nuclear missile activity by pyongyang has recently gained dangerous momentum. troubled by the testing of as was announced by pyongyang officials, the testing of a terminal nuclear -- a
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thermonuclear device. there is no doubt that presently, we are experiencing and moste greatest dramatic stages of development in the peninsula. it is no exaggeration to state that peace in the region is in serious jeopardy, and a threat of this conflict morphing into a hot stage, will larger than ever before. display ofblatant disregard by north korea of the relevant security council resolutions and international law warrants the most vehement condemnation. the fact but regret that the dprk leadership am a through its action to undermine the global nontariff relation -- nonproliferation regime is
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posing a threat to peace and stability on that korean peninsula and of the global level -- at the global level. pursuit of such a policy is fraught with serious repercussions for the dprk itself. at the same time, it is evident to us that military solutions cannot settle the issues plaguing the north korean -- plaguing the korean peninsula. situation,nfolding there is an urgent need to maintain a cool head, to refrain from any action that can further escalate tensions. we reaffirmed the need for comprehensive and full withiance by all states the relevant security council statements and resolutions, including the recent resolution 2371 adopted by a consensus. many today, delve into the
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history when it comes to the dprk nuclear and ballistic program. -- this excursion into history only serves as evidence of the fact that we failed to resolve this issue through security council resolutions. which were only geared toward privileging -- leveraging session mechanisms. off all stakeholders to immediately returned to dialogue and negotiations as that is the only way to comprehensively settle the issues we setting korean peninsula, including nuclear issues. we reaffirm our willingness to engage in concerted efforts along these lines, including the context of implementation of the russo-chinese roadmap. the russiant,
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federation calls for international unity, not to yield to emotions, but to act in a calm and balanced way. that aain, we stress comprehensive settlement to the nuclear issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at solely through political diplomatic channels. including by leveraging the mediation efforts of the united nations secretary-general. thank you. the floor to the representatives of the republican -- republic of south korea. >> thank you mr. president. at the outset, i thank you for convening this emergency meeting of the security council on north korea's sixth nuclear test conducted this past saturday. i am also thankful to be invited to take part in this important discussion. with a deept, it is sense of disappointment frustration, and even anger that i address this council today.
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one year ago, when north korea conducted its fifth nuclear test, the security council issued a stern warning that north korea's continued nuclear and missile provocations would not be tolerated. despite this warning however, north korea has since fired 20 ballistic missiles over 15 times, in flagrant violation of multiple security council resolutions. spending considerable amounts of time and energy, responding to such reckless ballistic missile provocations by north korea, we held onto one last ray of hope that north korea may at least refrain from additional nuclear tests. again, the, yet country is chosen a dangerous path in a defiance of the international community. the nuclear tests conducted by north korea two days ago, have proven to be their most powerful. thus far following the two
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ballistic missile launches, in july, which led to the adoption of security council 2371, on the fifth of august, north korea has been maximizing the level of threat and now claims that the purpose of the most recent test is to develop nuclear warheads to install on top of their icbms. behaviorea's do or die has invited a very harsh and scathing reaction from the international community. past two days,e numerous states from around the world have spoken in one unified voice by issuing statements, strongly condemning the nuclear tests. even those countries that have been trying to be as sympathetic as possible, viz. of the -- -vis security concerns have
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added their condemnations and this shows that its most recent test has been an immense challenge of that threatens the peace and security, not only on the korean peninsula or in southeast asia, but in the entire world. therefore, the security council must respond to this serious provocation with the adoption of a new resolution containing much tougher measures corresponding to the magnitude and gravity of the test. now is the time to take measures that are strong and robust enough to compel north korea to engage in dialogue. with any resolution must include not only additional measures to block funds that could possibly flow into north korea's illegal program, but also truly biting and robust measures that pyongyang finds very painful. mr. president, just five days ago, we celebrated international day against nuclear tests in an informal meeting of the general assembly. the number of member states gathered to commemorate this
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special day together and engaged in a very serious discussion. virtually all of the parties participating took the floor at the meeting, strongly condemning north korea, the only country that has conducted nuclear tests in the 21st century and called on the country to immediately halt further nuclear tests. but it was just a couple of days later, that north korea conducted yet another nuclear test. volunteer moratorium on nuclear tests has become a defect out in international law. however, the world is yet to be free on nuclear tests do to one single country that continues to stubbornly pursued a destabilizing per -- pass. path.tabilizing this is the sole reason for the existence of the international day of the best international day against nuclear tests to read a call upon all member
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states including members of the security council to take a formal and decisive action to this end. i call so call upon north korea to stop pursuing the path of self-destruction and make a strategic decision without further delay to choose the path of the nuclear reservation, the only option and right way to ensure its survival. currentto stick to its path of self-destruction or redirect itself on the path of survival, is entirely the choice of north korea. thank you very much. day on c-span, at 645 p.m. eastern, former president obama accepts the annual jfk profile in courage award. at 8:00, the national review senior editor -- they should not place all of their hope in any politician. founders,d read the the federalist papers, they say this over and over again, that
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you should have a healthy distrust of any political leader. particularly the ones who claim to be speaking for you. >> at 9 p.m. eastern, the university of southern california annenberg assessor diane winston to read >> six corporations own much of the american news media. the digital revolution has meanwhile transformed the economy. networks, and daily newspapers our nationald agenda, instead many of us find information itches that reinforce our opinion. the polarization has seemed to split us into two nations. >> watch today on c-span and and listen on the free c-span radio app. form -- now, a firm on the conservative urban development policy. including zoning r


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