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tv   Florida Senators Rubio Nelson Tour Key West  CSPAN  September 12, 2017 3:58am-4:14am EDT

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ar." in stalking about the future of the daca immigration program. vulnerableing how coastal areas need to prepare for storms like hurricane harvey and irma. join the discussion. >> the un security council voted 15-02 impose additional sanctions on north korea monday. this morning, the house foreign affairs committee holds a hearing on the use of tensions and diplomacy for dealing with north korea. watch live starting at 10:00 c-span, wheren history unfolds daily. in 1929, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and
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is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> senators toward key west following hurricane irma. they were escorted by members of the u.s. navy and because card station that key west. -- of the u.s. navy and coast guard stationed at key west. [indiscernible]
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>> wind was sustained --
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>> high category -- >> 130-150, so -- the captain at the marriott, we shared a room that night. we were watching was going on and we watched trees come down -- >> this was completely evacuated -- >> ok. damage -- only --u just , marriott and key west? >> right. >> category 5 -- >> we're going to go to the -- >> marriott.
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see -- you be able to >> putting together information? we all got ago. >> that is something we have to look at. our heroes are going to go to the prison and wait out the storm. laughter] >> every storm that comes through here, this place gets bigger. >> they were thinking of going to the -- >> yeah. >> commanding officer -- >> thank you, sir. thank you. >> you can see the tower right there. you see above the window -- >> significant damage. >> you are going to have a mobile tower? line of sight? yeah.
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--right now we are >> what did you end up with personnel-wise. >> 35. >> for category eight personnel we would normally keep to 70. we made a decision. we had that number here. i think 65. further downgrade the number for fear of -- predicted to be a category 5 so we had minimum numbers to rebuild and be safe. they flew out. hunkered down for the storm. >> what is your normal number of employees there? >> total people for everybody that is here to include his aboutnant commander is
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500. >> goodness. you really did evacuate. >> most of them. we gathered a few at the announcement that we would gather folks together and when we realized the storm is going to be as powerful as it was. some of them it did not. >> the good news is i have no reported injuries from this hurricane of personnel. >> captain robbie baker. captain u.s. navy. commanding officer. >> i have been here a couple weeks by myself. >> you are the only one. >> i am the only coast guard in key west for the last week. i am trying to do a port assessment right now.
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>> principles only. congressman, senator. i am aain jeff janssen, commander coast guard key west. >> it looks like our drivers captain bobby baker. >> the navy has been doing a phenomenal job of support. i am the only coast guard's men husband have the last week. i was in orlando and we got out of there before the storm had. i was up there talking to some of the family members and really appreciate. trying to get the anxiety down. >> i've never driven a van. >> i used to be a coast guard rescued swimmer so i will save you. >> know, he has been great. >> we were there the other day, where we? or we? wally just here? wasn't i just in this building -- wasn't i just in this building?
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>> the days of all blurred together. today is monday. >> today is monday, so it has been a week. i think it was friday. >> yeah, now is important. the preparation of getting everybody out of harms way. mandatory evacuation. i saw the governor earlier and thanked him personally. i thought you did a good job to encourage people to leave. although i did hear from key west police department there were approximately 400 residents taking shelter i key west high school. can you imagine 400 people, only for police officers? they had their hands full. repaired where we -- how
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prepared were we? some of the aircraft flying the missions now flew and harvey. some others were ones that we repositioned after hurricane harvey for the gulf coast to be ready to respond today to hurricane irma and also the , applied onharvey the fly to hurricane irma. so many of the coronation pieces that were involved, for example to the navy or air force aircraft. it is often separated. >> that is a good point. i think the recent news with houston has really people up. i think that helped. a lot of people just say they are concerned about running out of the gas.
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>> last night we were reconstituting the command center out in west virginia. board.ple were on there were 50 out there. [indiscernible]
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>> the un security council voted 15-02 impose additional sanctions on north korea monday. 10:00live starting at a.m. on c-span3. >> the un security council unanimously adopted a new round of sanctions against north korea in retaliation for its latest ordinance test which sent a
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missile. members of the council on day representative is software called on the north korean government to halt its efforts to develop a long-range nuclear missile. the sanctions imposed will be in all natural gas imports and textile imports and cap north korea's annual oil and petroleum imports. this is 90 minutes. [indiscernible conversation] >> the 8,042 meeting of the security council is called to order.


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