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tv   President and Vice President Visit Florida After Hurricane Irma  CSPAN  September 14, 2017 2:08pm-2:21pm EDT

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president trump on the kinds of things i just said, getting security and enforcement along with the solution here, that i believe will get a majority of our members. because our members support president trump. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2017] >> and the fort myers florida news press covering president trump's visit to florida. his third trip to a hurricane-affected region in three weeks. air force one, they write, touching down at southwest florida international airport about 10:40. to get a firsthand look at the devastation suffered by the region following hurricane irma. first lady melania trump and vice president mike pence are accompanying the president. they've been happeneding out food and supplies today. meeting with first responders. and hurricane irma victims. governor rick scott met the president when he areeved this morning. and they spoke -- arrived this morning and they spoke with reporters.
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president trump: i just want to thank everybody. i came down to see fema, the coast guard, the army, the marines, everybody. the navy. the job that everybody has done is incredible. and i know you're all still in the process. but to think of the incredible power of that storm and while people unfortunately passed, it was such a small number that nobody -- people thought thousands and thousands of people may have their lives ended. and the number is a very small number, which is a great tribute to to you. also the fact that i know in the case of fema and the case of coast guard, the job you've done of saving people and saving lives, as an example in harvey and texas, we talked over 16,000 lives. and nobody would even understand that. even imagine. down here, the same thing. so i want to thank everybody.
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you guys -- i don't want to see you neck week at another place, ok? we've seen you enough. but i just want to thank everybody. the first responders, on behalf of myself, our vice president, melania really wanted to be with us. it's really touched her heart what's begun on. we've seen the devastation. we're going to see some more of it now unfortunately. i have to say that your governor, where is our governor here? rick scott. [applause] the job he's done is incredible. and i guess i've been very lucky. because you have a great governor in texas. you have a great governor in florida. the job that rick has done is being talked about all over. and to think that -- i must say, florida power and light, where is eric? come here, eric.
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great job. [applause] i will say, they're way ahead of schedule. there are more electrical people in this state i think than ever accumulated anywhere in the world is what i read before. from the all over the country they came. i've never seen -- you've never seen anything like this. mobilized all over. i see pam who has done such an incredible job stopping certain little problems before they start. and actually getting some of the companies to put up a lot of money. so the attorney general, i want to thank you, pam. fantastic job. [applause] and elaine, where's elaine? elaine duke. where's -- [inaudible] -- don't lose him. i have to say that brock working with your governor, working with pam, working with elaine, working by the way with marco
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rubio, who is around here someplace. [applause] it's a team like very few people have seen. and i want to thank everybody. marco, i want to thank you a lot. you were really helpful. i just, again, i have to say that what do i know? but i hope this man right here, rick scott, runs for the senate. i don't know what he's going to do. but i know that at a certain point it ends for you. we can't let it end. so i hope he runs for senate. who knows what he's going to do. [applause] again, i came down to say hello to you folks, as i say hello to you folks. and the first lady and myself, this is an honor for us to be here. we're now going to tour some of the areas and, as rick said, we have been very, very fast. we had to be. we were signing papers as the storm was coming in. that's never happened before. rick, thank you very much, for the great job. brock and everybody. thank you very much.
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the great rick perry here. [applause] we have energy. we have linda. linda mcmahon. we have so many of the people. so many of the cabinet members. they're going to help. i want to thank mike pence. he's in fact -- vice president pence: thank you, mr. president, first lady, honor to be with you today just to pay a deft gratitude for the great leadership here in the state and local level. i know the president directed the full resources of the federal government to support florida's efforts, to prepare for and confront and now recover and rebuild from hurricane irma. the president's directive over the weekend was clear, wherever hurricane irma goes, we're going to be there first. and thanks to the great leadership of your governor and your emergency management team and all of the great first responders on the ground. that's exactly what florida did.
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the president has said, we're with you today, we're going to be with you tomorrow, and we're going to be with you until florida rebuilds bigger and better than ever before. [applause] president trump: just one word on a very important subject. so your power is, i mean, literally, rick, the going on as we speak. it's going way ahead of schedule. weeks ahead of schedule. much of it, most of it, i guess, outside of the keys where we have the very special problem, but we're working hard on that. that's a very, very special problem. that was just dead center. but we're working very hard on that. we have a lot of goods out there, a lot of water, a lot of food, a lot of everything. but i'd like to ask your governor to say a few words. he's been absolutely outstanding. thank you, rick. >> i want to thank everybody for your prayers. we've had prayers from all over the world. i want to thank everybody for
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doing everything they can to get us back. i want to thank the president and the vice president. what i can tell you is, they were always accessible. mr. scott: they made quick decisions. they surrounded themselves with outstanding people. they were constantly calling meetings to say, what resources do we need? i want to thank the entire military. i want to thank the coast guard, nate i have. [applause] -- the navy. [applause] i want to thank brock. they were always calling to say, what resources can we bring to the table? as you know, our state's been devastated. i've been in the keys, you go to the keys, there were nine-foot storm surges. there are homes just toppled. we don't want to lose a life. down here in this part of the state, we have a lot of flooding, a lot of winds, a lot of rain. we have flooding up in the
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northeast. we're working hard to get our power back on. our utilitieses have restored over four million homes already. we're down to about 25% of our homes and every person wants their power back. we all want our power back. i want to thank them for what they're doing so far. we have high expectations -- expectations. we want our power back as fast as possible. i want to thank the federal government for all that you are support. so we get our ports reopened and fuel pack in our state. we're short of fuel. we have lines at the gas station. the federal government has been a partner to make sure our ports get open so we get fuel back in the state. we've done law enforcement he is courts of our tanker trux -- escorts of our tanker trucks to get back to the gas stations. everybody has worked hard. national guard. we've called up over 8,000 national guard members. national guard members from other states down here, making sure our sheltsers were open, people were comfortable. we opened almost 600 shelters in record time. for the red cross, the salvation army, the national guard, there's also national guard from other states.
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we have a lot of work to do. we're not done today. we're going to work hard. i know the federal government will continue to be a partner. our locals will. our state will. we're going to make sure we'll continue to be a strong, resilient state. i want to thank from the bottom of my heart everybody's prayers to help us get through this. [applause] president trump: we are now going to be making a tour of the area. so we're going to see some of the folks and make sure they're happy. because we're trying to keep them as happy as we can under the circumstances. in many cases they lost their homes. and it's a tough situation. we're going to go see a lot of folks. i will tell you again, i want to thank you. i want to thank the military. just incredible. thank everybody and we'll see you later. media, we appreciate your being so understanding. it's been a very tough period of time even for you folks. we really do appreciate your understanding. this has been a difficult situation.
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as rick knows, almost all of the roads are now open. and the ports are just about open. what we had to do to get some of some of those ports open, people wouldn't even believe we did it so quickly. we're very proud of the job that everybody around has done. thank you all. thank you very much. we'll see you later. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> the president, first lady and vice president then moved on to naples, florida, one of the hardest-hit areas by hurricane irma. the president now en route, should be shortly anyway, back to washington where tonight he and the first lady will host a dinner for the white house historical society. over the past few months we've been profiling administration officials and coming up tomorrow night, it's housing and urban development secretary ben carson. in our conversation he talked about how he overcame his short temper as a child. >> pretty violent temper as child. >> i did. >> can you explain? >> well, yeah. i think it was because i was thinking about me.
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it was always about me. someone took my thing, they were in my space, i. one day when i was 14 and another teenager angered me and i tried to stab him with a camping knife. fortunately he had a large metal belt buckle on and the knife blade struck with such force that it broke. he of course was terrified but i was more terrified because i was trying to take somebody's life over nothing. that had a profound effect on me. i locked myself in the bathroom. i started thinking about my life. i had turned things around academically. i'd gone from a terrible student to top of the class. and i realized i would never become a doctor with a temper like that. i said, my options will be jail, reform school or the grave. and none of those appealed to me. and i just prayed, i said, lord, help me. and there was a bible and i picked it up and all these verses in there about anger. like proverbs 19:19.
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no point getting an angry man out of trouble because he's just going to get right back into it. but also another one, mighty is the man who can control his temper than that who can conquer a city. for three hours i stayed in there praying and contemplating and reading and just came to the understanding that to react violently was not a sign of strength. it was a sign of weakness. it meant you could easily be manipulated by your environment and by people in your environment. i decided i wasn't going to be manipulated. >> hear more about ben carson's childhood and how he met his wife, his career as a doctor, and his run for president. it's tomorrow night at 8:00 here on c-span. also on or on the free spee span -- c-span radio app. the house is done for the day and for the week. before recessing for next week, the district work period, the house today passed a bill that's designed to make it easier to deport criminal gang


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