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tv   White House Briefs Reporters Ahead of U.N. General Assembly Meeting  CSPAN  September 15, 2017 1:22pm-2:02pm EDT

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i am being honest. there was almost $1 billion to get her elected and it did not happen. those folks that put that money out, such as international companies, people are really aggravated. their economic methods were not able to be pushed or that mechanism. the state department has historically selected winners and users around the world and supported foreign projects. unless you had the blessing of the state department, they select to they want to give money to. >> good afternoon. i'd like to reduce statement about the recent attacks in the , we condemn the target in london today, targeting civilians on their commute in a
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subway. we are right -- we are glad no one was killed in the horrific incident. we wish him a speedy and full recovery. we are aware of an arrest that took place in paris, following the attack on a counterterrorism soldier. we are told they are not seriously injured. are also aware of the attack in france is our oldest and one of our closest allies. looking ahead to the next week, the president and key members of be foreign policy team will in new york city for the general assembly. and today is h.r. mcmaster nikki haley. we will walk you through the meetings and other events of the week and take you -- take your questions. i will be here afterwards to take questions, unless you want to give me a free pass this friday. >> good afternoon.
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i will also want to begin by acknowledging the horrific attacks in europe. the u.s. stands with solidarity with the people of the united kingdom and france. we will work with our partners to prevent attacks. united states remains committed to defeating terrorist organizations and their evil ideologies. energizing our defeats -- they're muslim majority nations that are combating extremism. we will defend our people and , and we will always stand with countries around the world that do the same. i will turn to president ---president trump's week. goals,asized three common to all missions that will
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gather. first to promote speech, second, to promote prosperity, and third, to uphold sovereignty and accountability. a peaceful world depends on the contributions of all nations. we must share responsibilities, while each country protects the security of its own people. prosperity is also a shared responsibility. the president looks forward to furthering investment otherunities and opportunities around the world. he wants free, fair, and reciprocal trade, and access to markets, the bedrock of our economic cause. is an essential foundation of peace and prosperity. the market respects the sovereignty of other countries. we respect of the nation's -- we
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expect other nations to do the same, and urge all governments to be accountable. that accountability is broken in the middle east, and in east asia, and southern europe. i will run through the president's schedule. on monday, he will join you in leadership and 120 of -- he will join un leadership and 120 other nation leaders. they will discuss reform efforts. the united nations has potential to realize its founding ideals. only, if it is run more efficient -- efficiently. the president will also meet with leaders of france and israel. their conversations will be wide-ranging, the we expect that
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destabilizing behavior from iran , including a stylish and of sovereignty across middle east nations, can be a major focus. he is looking forward to discussing the crisis in venezuela with latin american leaders, also increasingly strong economic ties, and sharing goals for elevating the prosperity of our peoples, and extraordinary success of like-minded latin american nations in recent decades. the president's tuesday morning speech to the general assembly will emphasize the need for states to promote peace and prosperity, while also holding sovereignty into accountability. these are foundations of international order. we urge all states to come together to address grave that threaten us if we beat these challenges -- opportunity lies before us. the president will have lunch
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makethe one secretary -- with this year's general assembly president. in the evening, a traditional romantic recession will be hosted. president will meet with leaders of jordan, palestine, the united kingdom, and egypt. he will post a discussion with -- host a discussion with african leaders to see how the ,.s. can help african economies and strengthen security relationships and economic relationships between our nations. president wille meet with the leaders of turkey, afghanistan, and the ukraine. directter three suffered and persistent attacks on their sovereignty in recent years. it's also -- leaders from south korea and japan, as kim jong-un
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owns recent launch demonstrates that north korea remains one of the most urgent and dangerous security problems. it is vital that all nations solve thater to problem. i will turn it over to ambassador haley. >> thank you very much. i will tell you, next week is not going to be short on topics. it's a new day at the u.n.. they've shifted, it's not just about talking, it's about action. members are getting used to act, whether it is security council reform,ons, u.n. peacekeeping. we are starting to see a lot of changes. they are all interest to see what the u.s. delegation looks like next week, and i think they will be heavily compressed with the fact that we have a president -- heavily impressed that we have the president, vice president, and many others, to show u.s. strength in the world. this will be the first time the
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president has addressed the general assembly during their all anxious to hear what he has to say -- the general assembly. they are all anxious to hear what he has to say. we have three important events. president will host the u.n. reform of it. we have a massive reform package looked at by the secretary-general, that streamlines not just the processes, but the budget. moremakes the u.n. much effective. we basically have the president headlining a u.n. reform effort, which would support the secretary general. the impressive part, we asked other countries to sign on for reform, and 120 have signed on and will be in attendance. the vice president will be doing two very important briefings, one on human rights council. now more than ever, human rights matters.
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we say all the time, and government doesn't take care of its people. that will change. we have seen that in multiple places, which is why the human rights council needs to be affected. we have offered reform. think the vice president will support it, and discuss why it is needed. will do is on he peacekeeping. in the last several months, we have taken every peacekeeping mandates and changed it. basically, we have saved half $1 million in peacekeeping. before anyone thinks that is a travesty, basically the way they handle peacekeeping in the past more here.ld throw they weren't sure if they would get the equipment to do their job. they're making sure troops are trained and armed. so be smarter and cut half a billion.
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president vice discussing peacekeeping will be very important. north korea is front and center, though iran will also be an issue that will be talked about. we counterts on how that, there's a huge topic on what we are dealing with. obviously, the humanitarian issues are important as well. .ssues will be active next week we look forward to a very good week. my question is about north korea, a biggest foreign-policy shell in his presidency right now. one month ago, the president issued a threat to north korea, earning them of, fire and. . council, youurity have imposed tougher sanctions on north korea. both efforts don't seem to be
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behavior.heir is it time for the u.s. to change its approach to north korea? is it something your discussing? i appreciate it. with north korea, where as manyush through diplomatic options as we had. if you look at the resolutions we passed, they cut 30% of oil, and all labor, 90% of exports, joint editors. -- joint ventures. we have strangled their economic situation. that could take time, but it has already started to take effect. they will continue to be provocative and reckless. at that point, there's not a whole lot the security council will be able to do, when you cut 90% of trade and 30% of oil. noing said that, i have problem taking it to general mattis.
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these sanctions are just now taking effect. what's important is rigorous enforcement, so we can let economic actions and diplomacy progress as best we can. we should be clear. what's different about -- about this approach -- this investor said before, we have kicked the can down the road, but we are out of road. those who said -- commenting about these three options, there is another option. we have to do is call on all nations, call on everyone to do everything we can to address these problems. we have a significant sanctions that are just now gone into place, and we are convincing everyone to do everything they can. what's different about this approach to north korea, --
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first of all there is consensus among all key nations that denuclearization of the peninsula is important. the second thing is, this is not an issue of just the united dates. it's an issue between the world. -- united states. there's a lot we can do about it together. we need time for any strategy to work. it is a sound approach for fiscal problems. call, onenference person said that next week's meeting will be the world taking measure of the united states as the other way around. he went on to say that the u.n. g8 is like speed dating from as exhibit neither secretary of state tillerson or
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the president have strong points on. what would you say to people who are wondering how the u.s. will do in next week's u.n. gn? is a lot of interest. to find out. if you look at all of the meetings had, these are important. just wasting time. this will talk about terrorism, the issues in north korea. this will talk about issues in birmingham, what we are dealing with there. i think the international community will see this. >> questions, in addition to what we do militarily, we have been criticized for not being involved in humanitarian efforts
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to much. -- inou go to new york addition to addressing security measures, how are you going to address security measures? >> we have led humanitarian efforts. you have to protect human rights. the fact that we are trying to deal with these, and find out if we could get humanitarian access in there -- yemen has been working closely to try and make sure we get humanitarian access. if we had been as active and vocal in all of these areas -- we are making a difference. billion here, $3 in terms of helping that situation.
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right now and irma, we are taking that very seriously. that is of utmost importance. >> you mentioned the terror incident overseas in london. his the president -- sharing information he is not -- is the president sharing information he is not supposed to? >> obviously, all of our law enforcement efforts are focused -- the countryg for years. i think if there was a terrorist attack here, we would say they were in the place of the fbi. he didn't mean anything beyond that. >> you were saying generally, terrorists -- or you're saying this specific incident, there
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new potential risks? generally, means this is what we are trying to prevent. organizations responsible, whatever comes out of this investigation remains to be seen -- it's likely that law-enforcement is worked about problem for a while. worked -- has worked on the problem for a wife. while. does secretary tillerson agree with trump --at what point does the administration take a big step on china? all, talk about the sanctions resolution. the first one was $1 billion. the second was $1.3 billion not
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counting the 30% decrease in oil. just imagine if this happened to the u.s. reduction -- 55% reduction in oil, overall band of natural gas company substitute, stopping the labor program, which we call modern-day slavery, stopping foreign investment. tradee cut off 90% of going into north korea. a strain for i think what the president is saying, this is just the beginning of what we can do. by the time we get going on this , this is going to look small compared to what we do. had ak the fact that we good record, we have a china and russia on board, that's very important. we cut 30% of oil. is there more we can do?
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there's always more we can do. but from the humanitarian aspect, at what point are you hurting people in north korea? we will all is explore more options. yes, in the red. iran are, russia, and involved in the same debate. behind,"u.s. be left will the focus be when you discuss syria next week -- and will that be a focus when you discussed syria next week? thomas discussion of palestine will be in the meeting? both syria and iraq, -- syria and iraq, working to fight isis, shows how the u.s. partnership has been. i can tell you, iran will not be will not havey
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leadership in that situation. syria's always going to be a topic. we continue to be strong and make sure there are no chemical weapons, and look at the humanitarian situation. be a stronginue to partner until we know everything is stable. not going to be satisfied until we see a solid and stable syria. we are going to continue to be very effective and be a part of that process so we get resolution? >> thank you. >> the president will talk about lasting peace, among a broad range of regional issues, which holds the with -- with all of the leaders he is meeting. >> the first question i have, president putin and xi jinping will not be there. on theis have an impact outcome of what you will discuss on syria and north korea?\
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also, you have existed a lot on the respect of sovereignty. wouldn't an investment in this week part of getting involved, -- wouldn't an investment in this help? -- there will be several ministers there. i think it will be serious discussions that we will have. the fact that president putin and xi jinping could not be there was not change what we are discussing. that was their choice to not show up. >> www.c-span.or the you in un general assembly is not a substitute for bilateral relationships between any nations. the president has discussed things with xi jinping many problems. those discussions will continue.
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bilateral continue in relationships, also in the context of other relationships. >> general, question regarding etiquette. in the past, president have copiously avoided certain world leaders. a decade ago, president bush avoided president ahmadinejad. will the president speak to president maduro? >> unlikely that he will speak with president maduro. know, the united states designated president maduro, after he victimized his own people -- to not give them the rights under his own constitution. clear, they could talk in the future, but it would have to be after he restores rights to his own people.
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>> what is the future of india in this context? >> i think security council reform is still being talked about. we will have to wait and see. >> will sanctions work towards north korea?> >> you have to work at how much has been cut off. they are already starting to feel it but they are going to feel 90% of their exports going away. oil, i what- there that would do to the united states. toimagine what that would do united states. they are suffocating their people. this is dramatic. you are looking at many people
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dropping ties. the of seen so many people get rid of investors or their trade. there's no way north korea doesn't feel this. how they treat the response is totally in their hand. one more question. >> i was wondering, we talked a little bit about the president -- delivering on tuesday. i wondered if you could talk anymore -- i'm sure we will get more details, but will have direct messages about iran and north korea? -- nikki haley, i wanted to ask you about u.n. funding no reform is another question, but as a candidate, skepticaltrump was about the import of this
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long-term. will be you and fill its vital obligations, and where do they stand in terms of funding? >> to start off with the president's speech, you can see for yourself. it comes up with the u.s. very strong in the end. i have seen it, yes. u.n., whenpart, the i originally spoke with the president, i said we will see what we can make of it. , we arehe thing creating an opportunity, making the most of it, we are moving foreign policy, changing the way this is getting done, bringing up human rights. actuallyate, we are acting. we are actually seeing strong things happening. the president has always believed there is potential in
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the united nations, but now the world is seeing it. it's becoming more effective. there be a traditional u.s. funding -- >> will have to wait and see. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, ambassador haley, general mcmaster. you guys would rather take questions from them, because you see me every day, but i try to let that go on for a little bit longer. we will be tight on time. before i take your questions, i wanted to make one quick comment .bout our news -- about frank we welcomed frank to the white house this morning, he is 11 years old from virginia and started a lawnmowing business. he wrote the president a letter earlier this year i read from the podium about his admiration from the production of the president's background in business.
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he got to motor white house lawn . the president always loved go-getters like him and invited him to spend the morning here. frank did a good job of cutting the grass of the rose garden and later spent time in the oval office with the president. it's our duty -- to keep the american dream alive for kids like frank, and it was an honor to host him. with that, i will take your questions. that ambassador haley mentioned. concernedricans be about the possibility of war? how much time are you willing to give china to implement resolutions for the u.s. security council? >> we are going to broadcast a timetable on what that would look like. we will just keep all options on the table, sit forward, have a plan right now. permit -- general
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mcmaster and ambassador haley are both working to reach our ultimate goal. we are focused on the korean peninsula, we will push forward. we will keep all options on the table. leaders next week, who are will the talk -- how president address things with your pms and our neighbors? >> i won't get ahead of any neighbors -- i won't get ahead of any discussions that will happen in the future involving the president. putting pressure on north korea is very important. that hedent tweeted out wants to see espn apologized for what he called, un-truth. by him saying that, does that mean he is going to apologize for his claims that he has called on for years? >> and the president has made
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country of comments on that front. the point is, espn has been hypocritical. they should have fair and consistent standards. they suspended a longtime anchor for expressing a political viewpoint. the network's public editor hasn't said there is a perception that espn has become political, which has harmed the network. this is a political statement. they should be consistent in whatever guidelines they have set themselves in that front. i'm sorry, i need to keep moving. >> do you still stand by your statement from the other day, that there's a -- >> yes, that was a viable defense. on the president's response to the london terror attack. is he aware that the british prime minister said the regulation was not helpful?
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>> the president and prime minister spoke. we will focus on that call later today. >> president this morning we did, migration cannot be part of any -- chain migration cannot be part of any immigration bill. what does that mean? >> president is focused on, in the efforts of these ongoing conversations, we deliver on responsible immigration reform. he wants to help american workers and families. no deal has been reached. are making an agreement on daca -- that would have to include massive former -- border security. the president continues to push for those things and is 100% .ommitted to the wall we will lay out what our specific priorities are in the next 7-10 days. we will make sure you are part of that. >> when you lay a chain migration -- this was idea that we will have status of a bill,
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that could sponsor other things later for immigration. has he drawn a redline on that? >> he doesn't use the term redline, but we will play out specifically what that looks like over the next 7-10 days. >> said several times yesterday about the president on air force one, that the white house does not support an immigration bill -- how would you define the path to citizenship for people? >> the president supports the daca program, and supporting making a deal on that. but again, that has to include border security. >> no -- daca is something else. >> hold definition says deferred, so i think that takes away the idea of a permanent thing -- when the idea of daca, literally the definition is deferred action, meaning it's not permanent. >> so you don't support that? >> again, we will lay out
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exactly what those principles look like over the next 7-10 days. focus is making sure that program gets taken care of, also coupling that with massive border security, interior enforcement -- some things we would like to see ending sanctuary cities. judges,re immigration supporting several different acts, these are things you will see. >> when the president said today he wanted to travel them -- arguments are set to start next .onth on a travel ban >> this is a step in the right direction. the president's travel executive order is motivated by national security. every step we can take to protect people in this country is a step we are going to take. we will continue to push forward.
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>> when a deal is ultimately daca, will it be reached between the president and house republicans -- the speaker of the house, majority leader in the senate, and democrats, or will it be the president alone? >> we hope it's a bipartisan bill that has democrats and others coming together, focusing on responsible immigration reform. there are a lot of people on both sides who wants to see this happen. we have had a lot of conversations with republicans and democrats. we will push forward. here,uick clarification you said this was a fireball funds. are you or the president saying
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that she should be fired? >> that not a decision i'm going to make. that's for espn to decide. again, i think it is a fireball based on the standard espn has set themselves. by saying people that go too far and make political comments -- have been suspended from their own network, that's a consistency that they should probably focus on. margaret. >> i want to clarify that. he said as an individual -- >> and just asking if you can be respectful to your colleagues. i have about two minutes left. go ahead margaret. go ahead. we are tight on time. >> i just had a question. >> go ahead. espnu are giving advice to -- >> it's not my decision to make for private company. i was asked about that
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individual, and made a comment, i stand by it. espn the to have a standard that they have set. i don't have much to add on that front. purposes, theing can yourts monday, but walk us through a schedule -- can you talk about whether he is doing anything policy related? thatere anything else didn't go over on the schedule for next week, involving the first lady or others? >> the first lady has a couple months, we will get the details of those out for next week. she will be participating in the activities, and some of the meetings of the united nations, general assembly next week.
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as you can hear, the president is getting ready to depart. i hope you does have a good weekend, we will see you on monday. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the president getting set to head out to joint base andrews. there will be many military officials. speaking to a group there, the air force celebrates their 70th anniversary. they will discuss technology and air force research. we will have our life here on c-span. putin not attending the un's general assembly next week. it bipartisan pair of senators 9/11 styleo create a commission to examine's tiber -- cyber attacks that took place during the 2016 presidential campaign. several senators announced legislation to establish a
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commission. they write that the commission would be required to report on its findings to federal, state, and local governments. more at the coming up tonight, or serious looking at trump administration officials, continues with ben carson. the secretary of housing urban and development -- here's a look at tonight's program. >> the mission is to provide affordable, housing. it has to the quality housing for people. communities, complete communities, instead of just stopping people into a house. you need to have educational facilities there. you need to have a mechanism that allows people to become employable. you know, you need to have food.
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you cannot have these food deficits. you have to incentivize the grocery stores to come in there. it has to be a safe environment. in other words, you have to have a complete and nurturing community. that is why we are restructuring things here because otherwise, we continue down the same road that we have been on for decades and decades, and what we wind up with is people who are just quite complacent to be in the same public housing that their mother or grandmother was in. you know, not saying an anything bad about their mother or grandmother, i understand you have to say that now, but what i am saying is that we want to create ladders opportunity so and oncele can move up again recapture the american dream and start thinking about what they can do, not what they
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can't do and not what somebody else needs to do for them. >> all our conversation with ben carson coming up tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. sunday on book tv, live coverage of the brooklyn book festival starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. chris hayes discussing his book "a colony in the nation." "loving," author in new yorker staff writer talks about free speech, national book award nominated author kathy 'neill on her book weapons of mas "weapons of mass destruction." watch our coverage on sunday starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on season into's book tv -- on c-span


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