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tv   French President Macron Remarks at United Nations General Assembly  CSPAN  September 20, 2017 12:34am-1:11am EDT

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shanah tovah from israel. thank you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i think the prime minister for the statement just made. happy new year. shanah tovah. i request protocol to escort his excellency. in his remarks, american -- emmanuel macron called on the you when to step up actions in response to the refugee crisis border ofeastern bangladesh. he also called on north korea to demilitarize and promised his country will continue to support global efforts to reduce carbon
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in missions. his remarks are 35 minutes. >> i welcome his excellency, president macron. president macron: secretary-general of the united nations, it is my privilege here today to take the floor for you, i know to whom i own that privilege.
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i owe that privilege to all of those who rose up against the barbaric regime that seized my country, france. i owe it to those nations that heard our cry of resistance, and from america and asia sent their sons and daughters to our aid. they did not all know about france but they knew that were france defeated this would be a defeat for the ideals they shared with us, of which they were proud and ready to give their lives. they knew their freedom and their values depended upon the freedom of other women and men who lived thousands of kilometers away from them. i owe that privilege to those who once the war had ended dared to take the path of reconciliation and to build a
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new international order. those who understood human rights lay at the heart of international legitimacy. they made amends for the wrongs. those who believe the values of this war had to restore values of tolerance and freedom, that lay at the heart of the united nations. they were just values and held the worst at bay. it is not just to talk to about history, but today when i hear our colleagues talking about the world that exists today, they forget about the history behind us. they talk about our current interests, and they talk about what will be determined for our
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lives. my country holds a unique position. we also oh a debt to those who have no voice. i myself know it is the duty of france to speak up for those who have no voice. speaking for those who have no voice means speaking for all of us. today and in the future. it is those who have no voice i would wish to convey to you. i spoke to a citizen of aleppo. she lived under the terror of bombing, militias. she lived in refugee camps. the syrian community has suffered enough. it must ask itself about its
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method to build a durable and just peace. it is urgent for us to move toward political settlement of the security council. france lay at the heart of that initiative. we are putting together a roadmap for syria. i would like for all of the p5 to work with us. it is not enough. recent days have thrown light on the charges we face. the solution will be political, not a military solution. it is in the interest of all of us to move in that direction. and i have already stated what our lines are.
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france will be unwavering against the use of chemical weapons in the attack on the fourth of april the this must never happen again. then we have also to ensure health care to all, to enable medical facilities, to provide care to people. france will make this one of the priorities. you must act for peace. we also act against islamic terrorism. we must fight against terrorism in syria. we must act for the benefit of all those who have perished. jihadists and terrorism has hit
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our countries. we must protect ourselves by joining forces. security must become our first priority. this lies at the heart of the initiative against the use of internet for terrorist purposes and the financing of terrorism. i'll be organizing a conference on this specific topic. i call for all of you to become involved. and the military action that we are undertaking as part of the coalition in syria and iraq. our fight against terrorism is a military fight but also a cultural fight and a moral fight. it takes the form of action in the middle east and africa, and asia. it must bring all of us
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together. i heard the voice of a school child, i would like to bring to you the voice of that child today. he grew up in mali, is only dream was to go to school without risking his life. we are all committed. the united nations, the g5 joint force. the european union member states. i would like to pay tribute to all stakeholders there and acknowledge it is an extremely difficult challenge that we face. our challenge is to eliminate terrorism. to build a national capacities so states will take care of security themselves. if the countries most affected
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failed to shoulder their own responsibility in this matter. it is for this reason, since taking office i have supported the deployment of the joint force for mobilization. i would like to invest in a strengthening support to african peacekeeping missions because that is our future. we must give new thoughts to the peacekeeping and host countries. our capacity to respond to aspirations of peace will depend on that. military response cannot be the only response. i would like to highlight the importance of a political response. i refer to the algiers agreement, and the need for development policy.
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i wish to bring to you the voice of another today. left on the roadside, he crossed africa before placing his fate in the hand of smugglers. he crossed the mediterranean. he reached the other sure where so many others perished. the refugee, the displaced person, the migrant is today the symbol of our era, of a world where there are no barriers to the onward march of despair. we must change the road of need into the road of freedom. the reasons are climate, ethnic conflict.
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the need to flee persecution. more than 400,000 refugees, the majority children, military operations there must sees. and the rule of law must be reestablished because as we know we are dealing with ethnic cleansing. france will be making an initiative within the security council to that effect. and there are concerns the need to save your country when war is raging. international law is no longer respected. exile, the need for exile when they uphold at the freedom becomes the first target. protection of refugees is a moral duty. france has decided to uphold
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that duty. by opening up escape routes for refugees wherever they are required. by defending and upholding the geneva convention. we brought together african countries and european countries that were most affected by migration along the central mediterranean roots. the priority is there to combat trafficking. their stock in trade is despair. we must put it into unbearable violations by putting infrastructure with hrc, helping countries to better control migration flow. faced with terrorism, migration, short-term responses are not
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enough. we must address the profound causes of instability. migration and terrorism are political challenges first and foremost for all of us. the causes are of a civilizational order. of a moral order. if we overcome these challenges only through development. france will devote .55% of our national income for public development aid over the next five years. i thank you for the applause.
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but i think that applause these -- needs to be tempered. it is not enough. france is not stepping up to the table enough. it is not because it is a matter of money. it is the efficiency of the use of that money. it is how we spend the money. it is how we take responsibility for the expenditure of that money we are contributing. of course i wish for france to step up to the table when it comes to development aid must be more innovative. we must be more intelligent. we must step up to our responsibilities and the challenge, to ensure it arrives in the countries where it is needed, that it is useful to the purposes defined. with the european union and the world bank we will be doing that.
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we are setting clear priorities. the first priority is education. it is here where we could win the fight against this. we can fight against this phenomenon bringing down entire regions and countries. i call upon the international community to step up to the table, where we set off the world partnership for education. this is a key struggle for all of us. we must give the opportunity to young girls and boys to obtain education, to choose their own future. not the future invoked on them by need but the future that they should choose for themselves. our second priority is how to
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combat pandemics. you can have no hope when you are unable to educate yourself or have access to health care. we are advocates for freedom of expression, wherever the role of women is undermined. it is the ability of a country to take its proper place in the world if undermined. this is our combat, this is our fight. this is a universal fight and struggle that concerns all continental people wherever culture is undermined, it is our ability to rise to challenges. that is why unesco is such an
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important organization. it has a key role to play to preserve the human face for the world. we must preserve progress. and freedom of expression is a most urgent and pressing topic. we must protect the liberty of those who think and those who express themselves, we must preserve the freedom of the press. for this reason i call for the designation of a special representative for the protection of journalists of the world. if we don't protect the freedom of expression, then we will all suffer. i would like to speak on behalf of my fellow frenchman.
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i am thinking of his house in ruins, the fear that this may happen again because climate change is leading to an increasing number of disasters. the future of our world is the future of our planet. the planet is getting revenge for the folly of mankind. we must shoulder our responsibility. the climate will not negotiate with us. humankind must defend itself by protecting itself. extreme weather events will explode. we are all affected by the failings of the climate before this assembly. my country promised we would
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achieve that. that agreement is not up for negotiation. it rallies us together. taking it apart would mean taking apart an agreement not just between countries -- we will not backtrack. i respect the decision of the united states. [applause] i fully respect the decision of the united states but the door will always be open. we will continue with all governments alongside local government cities, and citizens. we will continue to implement the paris agreement.
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we have the strength of pioneers. we have the certainty and energy of those who wish to build a better world. that better world will lead to innovation, job creation. that may not be pleasing to those who think that the future is about looking to the past. we will build it now by making our contributions as nations. which places us on the road to carbon neutrality. on the 12th of december of this year we will be meeting with those who wish to drive forward with a real solution. i would like to confirm that france will be playing a role here.
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we are redoubling our additions. this afternoon, we will be introducing a global pact. our edition will be to forage international law for the coming century with the support from u.n. agencies at a time when some want us to stop. we must move forward. we must continue advancing. climate change is not stopping. extreme weather events are not stopping. our duty of solidarity is not stopping either. behind all of our decisions there are the voices that i brought you and the lives that i brought you. the invisible masses for whom we must stand because back in the day people stood up for us and defended us. those voices are brought to us. why did we not heed them to a greater extent?
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why do we not do that which inspires mankind with the strength to believe in itself? the desire for mutual assistance and progress. i talked to you about them. they are our compatriots. their security is our security and vice versa. we are inextricably linked in a community of destiny, today and in the future. the global balances have changed. the world has become a multipolar world. we must learn a new the complexity of dialogue and the riches it can bring to us. our action is coming up from instability.
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in libya, i knowledge before this assembly the responsibility of those to make sure libya regains its stability. the meeting enabled us to make progress to ensure the success of the political process. in we must succeed with 2018, organizing elections, and i will do my utmost to achieve that. the same goes for venezuela. collective action must enable us to uphold democracy. we must give no grounds to dictatorial trends that we see underway today. in the ukraine, we must ensure
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the opposing of the commitments that have been made. we must ensure a cease-fire and we must work together with our partners in germany to get the parties to that conflict, to uphold and respect international law. and put an end to this conflict. multilateralism is facing a challenge in meeting the challenges of nuclear proliferation. pyongyang has crossed a major threshold in military escalation. this is existential threat, a collective one. north korea has not made, not given any sign of wishing to negotiate. the north korean government is determined to raise the takes.
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together with all of our partners including russia and china, it is through a result to bring north korea to the negotiating table, for a political assess meant to this conflict. france rejects escalation, and it will not close any door to dialogue, provided that these conditions are brought together for a dialogue. that ihe same objective would like to speak in favor of that nuclear agreement with iran. -- we put together a robust and verifiable agreement with iran, that would ensure that iran did not obtain nuclear weapons, renouncing it would be a great error. uswould be irresponsible for to fail to uphold the agreement, because it is a good agreement,
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an agreement that is essential to peace at a time when a downward viral cannot be discounted. this is what i said yesterday to my u.s. and iranian partners. us to work on suspending the stability of a lawn -- of iran. we must work on the post 2020 solution, increase our demand. not cast aside the achievement that we have made with previous agreement. dialogue, we have managed to resolve the iranian situation. multilateralism, is the only way forward, and that applies to north korea as well. [applause]
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that is and gentlemen, i cannot a weather must access are in the far future, in 70 years time, will have the privilege of speaking before you. will multilateralism survive this time of doubt and change? all -- we should recall the state of our world 70 years ago, a world that was broken by war, standby genocide -- stunned by genocide. we ought to regain the optimism that we held up in the face of so many reasons to doubt back then. we must regain faith in what brings us together, signed trust these sounding values of the united nations, universal values of protect all individuals across the planet and guarantee their dignity.
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how did we get to the current situation? we have allowed the idea to proliferate that multilateralism is a game for diplomat sitting around a table. that is what has happened over the past few years. we allowed the idea to gain currency we were stronger if we took unilateral action. that multilateralism was not addressing all challenges. we have allowed the situation to drive on. we have failed to address climate change. we have failed to address the challenges that have been brought about unregulated capitalism. if we continue along that road, it is survival of the fittest that will prevail. we have forgotten the history that has made us, and we have
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the,ed the idea to gain that it is the survival of the fittest, that the challenge that we face as a generation, is to regain our valleys. there isize that nothing more effective than multilateralism in our current world, because all of our challenges are multilateral direct -- multilateral. war, terrorism, climate change. we can only address those challenges through multilateralism. not through the law of survival of the fittest. our vision of the world, if we are to achieve our vision of the world, we will only do that, because our vision is universal, not regional. anytime that we have conceded certain ideas on the inequality
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example, -- in quality of women, it is a matter of one civilization, but not for another, -- we abandon our valleys. we have allowed several of the fittest approach, to prevail is turn countries, because anytime the great powers are sitting around the table of the security written outy have multilateralism, failed to live up to agreement that they signed. they have undermined we must uphold, multilateralism for sustainable peace in the future. so today, more than ever before we need multilateralism, not refuge it somehow is a
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becausellectual, it is multilateralism is about the rule of law. exchanges between people, it is at the core of our interest. it is through multilateralism that we will build. that, we haveeve the united nations, which has the full legitimate to face the challenges in the world. it is for that reason that i wish the united nations to be more effective and was audible, and more agile. project of the secretary-general, and his ambition to make this into an organization that is able to face up to the challenges we face. we must seek resources for that. addressingk ways of
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the received notions that some of us may have. -- we need is security council which is in a position ,o make effective decisions that doesn't use its veto when atrocities are carried out. we need better representation of we need better coordination and crisis management with the european union, the african union, and he subregional organizations that we work with. it is for that reason that france will be ending shoulder to shoulder with the united nations in carrying out the reforms in the pipeline. you, allike to say to of these voices you've heard today have their rightful place in these halls, where all of us have our rightful ways.
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we must listen to those voices that are left us right. if we were to fail to listen to the up rest, then we would enable the challenges that they face to grow until they engulf all of. the safety of all of us, is also their safety. their lives are our lives. failure to hear the voices of those calling for our help is to believe that it was laws that -- that it is walls that protect us, but it is not walls that protect us. their refusal to accept that history is written without our input, what protects us is our and our sovereign
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use of force for victims in our world. failing to listen to those voices would be that their -- would be to believe that history is not ours. what we need to protect is peace, freedom and justice. it is not something we can just enjoy in our own corner. if we do not stand up for those valleys, then all of us will be affected. and today, more than ever before, our common goal -- our common good is our security. our security is there security. have on the one hand,
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one unilateral approach and another multilateral ripped together with all of you, i wish to leave a strong and responsible multilateralism. it is the responsibility of our generation as a whole. mustnguished delegates, we display courage, the courage to hear those voices. we must acknowledge their stories, and at all times, we must balance our interests and values, our safety and our security. it is the common good of our planet. our generation faces no other choice, because we must speak up today, and streak of for our common future. thank you. [applause] thank you.
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>> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to thank the president of the french republic for the statement just made. may i request the representatives to remain seated where we greet a head of state. [no audio]


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