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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 20, 2017 6:59am-8:03am EDT

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daily. the 19th 79, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. ♪ >> live today on c-span, washington journal is next. but to an a.m. the senate judiciary committee considers the judge ton of replace judge gorsuch on the 10th circuit court. and at 4:00 p.m., justice ruth eight or coming up in one hour, mary allen mcintyre on the senate's to repeal and deb replace the affordable care act. and jim mcgreevey working with the prisoner reentry corporation , helping inmates transfer to life outside prison. at age: 55, we talked to steve
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sweeney -- 8:55, we talked to steve sweeney, and then at 9:00 -- 9:30, we talked to senator steve daines about wildfire management. ♪ >> it is day six of c-span's 14 months tour of all 50 state capital. this week, we are in the capital jersey capitalew of trenton. steve sweeney will join us a later -- aboard the bus in the program. september 20, this is washington journal. president trump addressed the members of the united nations yesterday, stressing the need for sovereign nations across world to act in the best interests of their people. in the first hour, we want to get your impressions of
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president trump's speech of the u.n. and what you thought about the message it sent the world. , democrats.00 (202) 748-8001, republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. if you want to post on our twitter page, you can do that at @cspanwj. the editors of the washington times talked about the speech, and they say "no more baloney. that was the message president trump have for the united nation's. the united nations is mostly about annoying -- ignoring hot mostnd nonsense, and american presidents usually say nice, harmless things they don't actually believe to be ,iplomatic, gracious and polite
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rarely rebuking with plain speech the lies and hypocrisy that find such a comfortable home at the united nations. mr. trump group that yes indeed, he is, but he said the necessarily harsh things with the cool demeanor he usually keeps to himself. that is the washington times editors. the wall street journal takes a look at some of the aspects and parts of the president's speech, especially when it came to the topic of sovereignty, which he talked about yesterday. saying "mr. trump on tuesday tried to make the case for national sovereignty as the basis for the u.n. purpose, and here he was less successful. he was right that international interest could be based in global action, but he defines that too narrowly. how about the rights of another countries on people? sovereignty and interest to not include room -- do not include room for how governor -- nations and thisemselves,
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youth sovereignty also leaves authoritarians to much room to claim dominant smears of influence. china's president and russia's president by -- might both say that they are exercising frumpy ian --vereignty -- rump trumpian. if you want to give us your thoughts on the speech, the message sent to the world, and the themes of the speech as well. here is how you can do that. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. that theme of sovereignty was the prevailing theme of the speech yesterday. it froma bit of yesterday from president trump. pres. trump: as president of the united states of the united states, i will always put america first. i just like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always
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and should always put your countries first. [applause] trump: all responsible leaders have an obligation to and theeir own citizens nationstate remains the best vehicle for elevating the human condition. but making a better life for our requires us to work together in close harmony and a more safe and peaceful future for all people. the united states will forever be a great friends to the world, and especially to its allies. that we can no longer be taken advantage of or enter into a were the united states get nothing in return. att: that is president trump
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the united nations speech yesterday, which you can find on our c-span video library. by the way, is the 30th anniversary of the video library, and you can go access it by going to to thent trump's speech u.n. -- what did you think of it? you can let us know on the line. we will start off with jack, rhode island, republican line. your impressions of yesterday's speech? >> i thought pretty much it was spot on. when he is talking about sovereignty, you are also talking about a nation's identity or a person's identity. you, pedro, you have a latin identity. we are all distinct. my identity is german. my ancestors came to this country back in the late 1800s as toolmakers. i may retire or that i am a
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retired manufacturing engineer. we all have an identity, and we all bring certain strengths to the table. now, we have a lot of germans that came into the united states in the 1800s forward, and primarily they located to wisconsin, some here in rhode island, they are down on the south, southwest in texas, and i feel our identity is bringing our ability to build and work in a discipline. so why do you think the president emphasizes idea of sovereignty and identity? what do you think the impact that he was trying to make on these other nations represented at the u.n.? caller: that is a very, very good point. the reason his bringing that up, i think, is because of you know, bilateral trade, like steve bannon's idea.
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when you have your on sovereignty -- that is a very good question. you think of your own interest first, and he said you think of your nation's interest firsts, and everybody, ultimately, pedro, is enhanced. fairfax, virginia, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what did you think of the president's speech yesterday? caller: i think it is pretty funny how he speaks of sovereignty, but never once mentioned russia or even critiques them at all, because they annexed crimea, they invaded ukraine, they messed with democracy all over the world, including our own. and he goes on all of these tangents about how random countries are going to hell -- and just do not understand what this man is about.
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he would rather just complain and -- yeah. host: sandra, alabama, republican line. go ahead, you're next. caller: yes, i thought it was wonderful. to me, this is going to be a president like president reagan, but on steroids. i'm so thankful to god that we thatsomeone in there shows love to our country and a moral compass. host: so what about the speech did you find wonderful? caller: how he spoke up for america. america should have come first. the other countries think they are going to put other citizen's needs in that way, and this man is not afraid to say it. and that man in north korea, he something needs to be done about him because i have a grandson in south korea. i'm behind this president and i think he issued wisdom from god. host: sandra, alabama.
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the state owned newspaper of china, china daily, posted something on their website after the speech was made. time ofthat "in this immense promise and great peril, trump would have been better reflecting on how the u.s. can constructively engage with other countries, not just ones that want to follow its lead. exacerbated the confusion and uncertainty -- with hishich has steady stream of unpredictable orets and his withdrawal plans to pull out of multilateral deal his country has signed before. to the globalo times newspaper of china on its website, they offer a political cartoon from the president's speech, saying -- is a character -- it is a caricature of the president with a megaphone, and from the words, you see america first. that is some of the world
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reaction to the speech yesterday. georgia, democrat line, go ahead. caller: yes, i think the president's speech was baseless and useless to the point that he creates so much division between us and our allies in the case of the war, they would actually be reluctant to help us. i think his ultimate goal is to turn our country over to vladimir putin of russia. we are at war with russia right now in syria. he has not mentioned that. he has not mentioned the fact that they have meddled in our election. so he has aligned ourselves with actually the kgb and ultimately adolf hitler. host: you gained all of that from the speech yesterday? no, -- well, yes. the way he is pounding north
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puppet ofasically the vladimir putin. so vladimir putin is controlling north korea, ok? he has tried to go and control france, which she was unsuccessful because france was won by a democratic president, when marine le pen lost that election. he has turned his focus now on north korea, and now our own president is aligning himself with vladimir putin. so we are actually flooding ourselves. host: that is david in georgia, -- georgia. the president sending out a tweet after his speech, saying that there are "big meetings" occurring today at the u.n..
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taking a look post speech, you can see more of that speech in our video library. florida, republican line. five. caller: hi. host: go ahead, you are on. think is did not relevant to pose the opinions of a reporter or two from the new york times, and the washington post as we are trying to make our decisions. we are being oppressed by reading somebody else's answers to our all thought processes of trying to decide how we feel as voters. host: what was relevant about the speech yesterday? caller: a lot was relevant. it was bringing a reality to what is going on in the world and the war. it has not been reflected as a serious thing, and is posing a
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threat to all nations. which it is. i think it brought out a lot of reality to what is going on instead of potty humor to the table. vero beach, florida. that was kayla. the washington times -- it was quoted as one diplomat saying there was visible shot in the room. the european union's ,oreign-policy chief agreed openly critical of trump's remarks. saying "we never talk about destroying another country, we and the iranian foreign minister posted that inump's hate speech belongs the medieval times, not the 21st century u.n. -- unworthy of a reply." focus ofea was another
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the speech, particularly the president talking about the recent missile launches and the intent of north korea, as the event. pres. trump: no nation on earth has an interest on seeing this band of criminals arm itself and nuclear weapons missiles. the united states has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. not -- rocket man is on a suicide mission for and his regime. the united states is ready, willing, and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary. united nationse is all about. that is what the united nations is for. let's see how they do. getting your thoughts on president trump at
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the world stage, the u.n., making it each yesterday for the first time. he talked about north korea, as you heard about, talked about in thereother topics as well. you can let us know what you think of it --(202) 748-8000 four democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. here is russell, boston, massachusetts. go ahead. >> the morning. i love c-span. i heard parts of the speech that -- played pilloried on the radio in a public radio station in boston, and i was wondering who is writing these speeches for trump? i googled it, and it is david miller or someone who has been a confidant of trump for some time and wrote some earlier speeches way back in the campaign. i just thought, hearing him read them, there is such a disconnect between any sort of real, deeper
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understanding of the narrative of the world that he is -- host: what leads you to that conclusion? caller: the last part you just played there -- that is what the united nations is for. is critics have said he speaking at a fourth grade level -- it sounds like a date and jane rieger -- dick and reader. he is treating them like he is in a reading circle in grammar school. kind of unfathomable. all of these people that are sitting there -- they understand the importance of negotiation. it is the united nations. it is coming together to try and solve world problems together. understanding, communication, creative thinking, and goodwill -- shed faith, and he is
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does not get it. it is clear that the people in the room seemed to be holding their heads and saying good god, help us. we have a -- host: let's go to walter in maryland, democrat line. --ler: thank you, speed span c-span. to listen to this president is actually -- it is really unbelievable. i agree with the caller from massachusetts. i am just stunned by the fact that people really believe in this man. i do not know. i cannot think right now. host: so what portion of the speech yesterday stuck out in your mind the most? caller: i did not so much listen because i have a hard time listening to anything this man says. likepeeches are terrible, the other guy said. he reads like a fourth grader, and it is unbelievable.
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my own point is it is hard for that fathom or understand his supporters actually believe in the things that this man is saying, and after having it president like obama and then electing this guy, history will look -- it is awful. host: the latest headlines from the l.a. times talks about the occurrences in mexico city with that earthquake that took place there. we will just show you the headline as we go throughout the give you more information. 48 people killed, striking central mexico -- 248 killed, 7.1 striking central mexico. rescue vehicles raced toward damage buildings and more of that being assessed as the morning goes on, showing us pictures -- video from the l.a. times as well. carolina, independent
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line. you're next. caller: yes, it is kind of crazy how some american people think the democrats and republicans. i'm an independent. some of that speech was similar to what obama said, but they did .ot have no problem by that and in syria, we should not even be in syria host:. -- syria. host: what portions of the speech were similar to president obama's? caller: i cannot recall right now, but you have the sound clip of it. you can find it and play it for the people. speech on some of the other newscasts. but getting back to what he said about americans first, another countries -- other countries do not give a crack about america, him towe are comparing obama -- i do not see what obama did. going back to trump about north gets -- before anything
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too serious, china will take care of north korea because they are indebted to them. we know they depend on us and they depend on them. in his speech, it was kind of harsh, but everyone is talking about america first. the american people, i do not know why we are so divided. host: we will go on to connecticut, republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. you know, i am listening to some of these comments, and it saddens me because people really are not paying attention. we have to be a country of prosperity in order to help others. , because we have to grow our economy. we have to become a power again. states going bankrupt and things like this, and we cannot have this in america. we have to have -- every president thinks of their country first, like mr. trump
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said in his speech. all of the other presidents are thinking of their country first. in order for us to leave, we have to have the power to lead and have the strength. north korea is going to become an issue. they will fire one of those missiles over japan that is not going to make it, and crash in japan and kill people. something has to be done. i'm glad he the u.n. on the spot yesterday. the peacekeepers, they are not doing it. they are not keeping the peace. this is the worst it has ever been over there. and they are not over there to the piece, they are here to protect those who cannot protect themselves, which they have not been doing. host: thank you. the washington post taking a look at the speech yesterday. vocationine "a welcome with -- flirtation with the u.n.." hims stunned to see functioning without reading from a teleprompter.
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after a miserable mine months, trump is sick of losing. he wants to win, and evidently has realized he cannot do so with the collection of right-wing outliers as his only allies. especially its, repeated emphasis on the u.n. itself, struck me as the international version of his rebranding. so what worries me about trump's speech? oddly, it is because it was so conventional. from was going to deal successfully with north korea, thinkl truly have to outside the box. if he wants a better, longer lasting deal with iran, he will need in some way to engage that nation and its people." hello, you are on with us. caller: you are talking about the speech? it was one of the most un-american speeches i have ever heard it president give. it sounded like a script that stephen miller handed him. host: what specifically about it
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was un-american? caller: to talk about obliterating north korea. it is un-american -- i do not think americans have ever talked about killing millions of innocent civilians preemptively. any military action with korea is going to result in a escalation, to put millions of south koreans and japanese at risk. thewhat is missing is overarching, strategic, diplomatic plans to de-escalate the conflict. i really wish that had come up in the speech. max is next, washington, dc, independent line. caller: good morning. host: you are on, go ahead. caller: i liked the president's speech very much. corrupt and ary very useless organization. --y failed in you both
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yugoslavia, they failed in rwanda, and we pay so much money to them for nothing. i think we should leave the united nations. host: cbs news this morning updating on concerning hurricane maria, especially the tip stored puerto rico, saying it weakened slightly to a category for overnight before making landfall in puerto rico. the hurricane was some 45 miles southeast of san juan with sustained winds of hundred 55 miles per hour according to the -- 155 miles per hour, and at one point, maria had top sustained winds of 175 miles per hour, and that is when it was a category five storm. pennsylvania, republican line. caller: i'm thrilled with donald trump. his speech was pushing back
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against the bully in north korea. we have all been waiting for this and he finally stood up and say it. he had the you know what to say it, and i felt such a relief yesterday. host: do think that was the proper stage to make the statements he did about north korea? everybodydo, because was there, and everybody had their tv on hopefully to see it. it was so invigorating. host: gloria, maryland, democrat line. caller: good morning, and thank you for c-span. it is wonderful to have a venue where ordinary people get to speak. i and that lady preacher that called up from time to time. we must be prepared for the most vastly ignorant, uniquely unqualified occupant of the white house that we have ever had. trump could not have been more
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of an embarrassment if he had disrobed in the middle of fifth avenue or wherever it was he thought he could get away with putting a bullet in someone's head. host: the speech, specifically -- what it to gain from it? caller: i did not listen to the entire speech because i cannot thatlistening to anyone dishonest and duplicitous. host: but the portion that you listened to -- what did you gain from it? the fact thated our most clear and present danger is a white house occupants that is an international embarrassment. he is not bothering to learn how to govern, and we need to be in prayer for him because i did not vote for him. i would never vote for him. but he is our countries leader right now, it is for that reason only that we want him to
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succeed. in order to succeed, he has to learn how to govern, and is not making the slightest effort. host: let's go to our republican line. chandler, arizona. you're next. recounting his speech about north korea, and overall about the united nations, if we remember after world war i, a similar coalition was made. that coalition failed to react to mobilize started again military wife -- military-wise. that led to world war ii. what he is saying, being firm in his speech, is preventing what happened after world war i and how that coalition failed. he is spot on. he isd to be firm, and threatening, and we need to take action. as far as what everyone is saying about his speech, it is coming out of the motion. all the democrats, they said
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they did not listen to it. they are focused not to he, and not to listen. they want to provide objectives -- they do not want to provide objective criticism. host: before you go, particularly to what he said to north korea, asking folks if it was a proper venue to do that -- do you think that is the case, and why? are you still there? me? he yes, can you hear needs to mobilize the united nations. they have been slacking all of these years through the policy of appeasing. to catastrophic measures at the end. if you do not react and stop danger at the beginning, it will grow and grow, and then it will become a problem for all of us. so he is trying to mobilize them, get them on their feet. we need to take action. are policies, and you can see the united nations has been doing negotiations and
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everything, whether it was with russia, china, trying to get north korea to stop their missile advancement, the nuclear research. look where we are today. the guy is flying missiles left and right. what do you do? do you sit and keep negotiating from the sky? we need to show him that we are serious, .omething needs to be done host: robert, you are next. i was remarkably surprised how clear and strong he sounded. i did not vote for the man, and i thought he was spot on and directly responsive to the threat in north korea. north koreathe
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part that impressed you the most. was there anything beyond that, as far as the content or delivery of the speech? caller: i liked the fact that he stated america's position very honest, i thought he was about america first, and the every other of the 193 members of the united they --.- and then he rolled in the fact ,hat this is a dramatic threat and what we need to do about it. willing towas he was not done, and we have anything for over two decades to take care of this problem, and is very serious manner.
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host: robert and california. for about a half-hour, we have been getting calls about your president's speech from the upted nations, he brought the wrong, the idea of sovereignty, other ideas thereto. if you want to give us your thought on the speech and the message, impact, (202) 748-8000 four democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. independent02 four independents. we'll show you some other stories going on in the domestic space and also in the senate, as senators go and forth on this obamacare replacement bill by senator's and lindsey graham -- bill cassidy and lindsey graham. latestson to take the repeal seriously, and three reasons it could fail. saying "one of the reasons it
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could fail is because rand paul whichard know, -- no, makes this difficult. he does not like the bill and will not vote for it, as he said in a tweet on monday. the senators can afford to lose only one more vote, with senator john mccain offering mixed messages, as of monday he was not endorsing the bill that might eventually. risk, there is a huge distribution of money between the states with the bills formula. a third point is about the timing, particularly as they face up against the deadline of the budget on september 30. margaret thayer cap is saying the bill has a long way to go, leaving little room for error. one reason it could be put is because obama for that obamacare promise-profit -- a
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that has been begging to be repealed since 2010. one of the points about the bill yesterday was said by senate minority leader chuck schumer, who talked about the legislation on capital, in the senate. here are some of his concerns with that belt. >> we heard a lot of talk about the state and governors just released a letter, 10 governors -- five grabs -- democrats, five republicans opposed to trumpcare -- this so-called graham-cassidy bill. second, i just heard our republican colleagues speak. there was a word missing -- people. patients. care. all of this stuff -- democrat, republican, governors,
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washington -- how does this affect people? millions of people will lose coverage. no guarantee of pre-existing condition. to and and -- and an end medicaid as we know it. tens of millions of people could well lose coverage, people who desperately need essential services would lose it. our republican colleagues do not seem to care about how this affects the average american. that is why trumpcare, the previous trumpcare bills were so unpopular, that is why this bill is so unpopular. and despite all their efforts, they are struggling because their own senators now -- know that the public dislikes this bill. host: you can see more about these discussions on this attempt to repeal obama care on our video library, the 30th anniversary of that library. it gives you access to everything we have taken in
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video wise on this network. you can find it on we will continue to talk about that legislation at the top of the hour, at 8:00. the latestok at what going on is in those negotiations. we returned president trump on the world stage yesterday at the united nations, and giving a speech in which he highlights several topics. giving us the impression it made on you. james, independent line. thank you for holding. caller: thank you so much for your time. i appreciate it. for anyone who finds his refreshing,tbursts they, to have a lack of havecontrol -- they too a lack of self-control. when he is communicating on a using the terms that he is using, and having these emotional outbursts. when you have these in regards to anger or fear, you have a lack of self control. this is no different than a child standing in front of your
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house and throwing a rock through your window. doeit you would prefer to something about a child, you would contact his parents. we are speaking against an adversary who has commenced on -- unconventional weapons, and this is nothing to be afraid of. for anyone else to take what trump is saying and equate to fear when we reached our 500 over the chicago weekend, i find it hypocritical that this is busby a nation of aving -- supposed to be nation of giving. we do not want to obliterate a country or kill all these people, even just the threat of it. he does not have it in him either. it is all pontificate in. that is all he does. independent line, marcia. caller: thank you for taking my call. while i was waiting, we just got a flash flood warning.
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anyway, one thing i wanted to say -- i was a little taken aback by the reverend woman who was speaking so judgmentally and a little bit mean-spirited. i think sometimes people should take a minute. i watched the entire speech, and i just felt that he came across very competent. sometimes you have to stand your ground and tell people that i mean business, i am not kidding around, i am not beating around the bush. it is time to get it together. host: so you thought it was an wasopriate tone that delivered to the other members of the u.n.? caller: it has to be. you cannot cater to what people want to hear or the way they want to hear it. all of us -- we get told things that we cannot tell people how
7:38 am
to tell us something -- we just have to take it. i guess they will have to learn how to deal with it, because trump is dropped. person for the same the last 40 years. i think you have to accept people the way they are. if not, that is your problem. host: elizabeth, delaware, democrat line. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. you know, i am sitting here listening to these collars, and i am getting more sickened by the moment. first of all, we have no diplomacy in this country. the state department is void and empty. the go before yesterday and, once again, the united states. we have a man who is so poorly historically, has no
7:39 am
clue how to fix it, so what does he do? he bullies. he is willing to throw out the idea that it is ok to kill millions and millions of people who are totally innocent. that would be the people of north korea. north korea is a called c -- cult. it has been for decades. the only one who has had any success with bill clinton. when he did have negotiations, delivered food and fuel to them, and they stopped going after nuclear weapons. george bush comes into office and got rid of that deal. here we are, 16 years later, dealing with a maniac in north korea and an idiot more on president, unqualified to deal with this issue. host: the portion of this speech you found embarrassing -- was that particularly the north korean portion of it, or all of it? caller: it was all of it.
7:40 am
iran -- they just noted that iran was compliant with the deal. that, he isaying pushing for another iran deal. the problem is here, russia wants the u.s. out of the united nations, out of nato. russia is running this country through donald trump and is poorly educated followers. to victoria,o republican line, ohio. good morning. excuse me. first of all, i agree with the guys from arizona and california -- first of all, he was not speaking in georgia, he was not speaking in d.c. or chicago, he was speaking at the united nations. he was standing up for this country. the united nations has been an appeasement and a joke for a long, long time. speech -- the
7:41 am
israeli guide, netanyahu, he said it was courageous. he is defending our country and talking to the united nations, and talking to them to get them -- north korean -- first of all, if you had planes flying over you, those missiles, like japan does, those people that have called today would have a very different tone. thank you very much. host: the website politico highlights a story they have posted, taking a look at that travel habits of health and human services director tom price. a stark departure from his predecessors, the health and human services secretary took private jets on five separate flights for official business, to the cost of tens of thousands of dollars more than commercial travel. five flights were scheduled andeen september 14
7:42 am
september 15. this five flights took into a resort in maine where he participated in a q&a discussion . when contacted, spokespeople declined to respond to details about the flights or who paid said that price sometimes charters plainsman commercial flights are not feasible. all three organizations that toldd price last week politico they did not pay for his flights or other travel costs. there is more that available on politico's website this morning if you want to read it for yourself. john is next from new hampshire, democrat line. caller: good morning, pedro. prettyctually disappointed with that speech yesterday. i have to say it is probably one bush and thesince axis of evil.
7:43 am
but this was like a campaign rally speech. it was more tact towards his base then toured the world -- towards the world, where america has to show leadership. host: what from that speech do that, as farnects as you thinking it is a campaign speech talking to the base? caller: just based on the facts -- he started the speech with what he has done in america. in the united nations, that is not really relevant. second, he went on to speak immigration policies, procedures, what have you, about borders. he went on and on and on from there. i went back to the c-span library and looked up bush, i looked up obama, clinton, and i compared the speeches of our very eloquent -- for the most
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part -- and shows that america is being a leader in the world. that speech had nothing to do with leadership of the world. it was about america standing alone, making american decisions, and people forget ed forato and the u.n. act us when we were attacked on september 11. theysent their armies, send their assistance and what have you to help america through the crisis. it -- iry, i just find came out so embarrassed. host: before you leave, you said you had compared this president's speeches to other speeches, and you did that through the video library? you just typed in u.n. and that is how you got to their? caller: exactly. how much did you find?
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were they more to your liking, did you find what you needed? what you think? caller: it was everything. it is just like yesterday, i was watching a rerun. and as came up with an american president speaking from start to finish, and you can see the difference. yesterday, when i watched the clinton speech for example, the pause -- there was applause after applause after applause. and bush had some applause, when he spoke about what happened on september 11, there was a big applause. talking about the speech from yesterday, as well as other speeches on our deal library, -- video library, which is also available to you on our website. anniversary ofh this service. if you type in the box, it will tell you how much video we have, hominy people have looked at it.
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michael, new york, democrat line. caller: good morning. speech wast trump's quite hateful. i do not think that anybody requested something like that ever. does she accused a lot of countries, including iran -- which everybody admits that iran has stopped isis. everybody says that iran is complying with the nuclear deal, and trump says something else. it is the united states that is not complying with the deal. i wonder why he does not mention the criminal behavior of the united states government? why does he not mention his support of white supremacy? -- i thinks speech this was said well by the around
7:47 am
40 and minister -- iran foreign minister -- this speech belongs in medieval times, not the 21st century. that iran and european powers are seeking to convince the president to keep the deal with the middle east regional power intact after the u.s. president described to world leaders it was "an embarrassment." the future of the deal, where its agreed to scale back nuclear program and open up to regular international inspections and exchange for partial easing of sanctions is also seen as an indicator of u.s. commitment to international agreements as it pursues a complex solution for north rapid development. president emmanuel macron called on tuesday for new talks to assess what will follow in some of the deals key provisions start expiring in 2025.
7:48 am
iran, one of the major talking that speech from yesterday. here is a part of what the president said. >> the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the united states, and i do not think you have heard the last of it, believe me. worldtime for the entire to join us in demanding that iran's government and its pursuit of death and destruction -- end its pursuit of death and destruction's. to and the pursuit of these nations that they have unjustly detained. above all, iran's government must stop supporting terrorism and began serving its own people , and respect the sovereign rights of its neighbors. entire world understands
7:49 am
that the good people of iran want change, and other than the vast military power of the united states, that iran's people are what their leaders fear the most. susan, virginia, republican line. thoughts on the president of the beat of the united nations yesterday. what a jew take away from it -- president's speech in the united nations yesterday. what did you take away from it? noter: it is hard to comment on every buddy else's comments just -- that far -- comments thus's far. if you travel the world coming will recognize that however flawed people are and our presidents have been, this country is still the most free and open country and the most helpful country to people around the world, sending millions and billions of dollars. yes, working with the europeans, our old allies, and other allies
7:50 am
like australia. but these people remember that when you speak about anything of the wordsme used to describe a presidents -- whether it be obama, bush, or president trump, are outrageous. on the topic of europe and world that and world war ii previous caller talked about, i agree that being a little bit stronger may be a little bit undiplomatic, but it is not a bad thing. when you see what is going on in the world -- yes, president clinton got many, many ovations and many people clapping and applauding because there is nothing he said in any of his speeches that would have challenged any of those members of the u.n.. i think we are at a time when yes, we do need a bit of a challenge in the world because when you look back at history -- we just traveled europe and saw the cemeteries of the germans and french and the americans in europe. this summer, if you see all those crosses in the cemeteries,
7:51 am
you will recognize it is those leaders at the highest level that did not act when they oruld have acted on hitler any of the things going on in their country. they all wanted to play nice for a long time without calling of the leaders in their country. i think this is another gnome and -- and i agree with that caller many calls ago -- that is what trump is trying to do. host: kentucky, lisa, democrat line. caller: hi, thank you for c-span. i watched donald trump through ,ll of his campaign speeches and how he was going to be a non-interventionist. it seems to me like he has totally changed and wants to start wars with countries that really, there is no winning solution to it. whatlks about north korea, they have done, and china warned us that if we shoot the first missile toward them, they will
7:52 am
intervene. the people have to remember this -- china is a huge power that is not to be reckoned with at this time. if you want to reckon with them, go after the trade policies. i think that will put more pressure on them to actually get north korea slow down a little bit. as far as syria goes -- does he not remember who is backing syria? that would be vladimir putin, and it is a shame of what he is doing. i do not want to go to war, and our boys do not want to go to war in another unwinnable war. we have been in afghanistan for 17 years, and you see what is happened. thank you. .ost: one of the callers there the next couple of minutes, we are taking your thoughts on the president of the speech at the --ted nations yesterday president's speech at the united nations yesterday. this website is taking a look at
7:53 am
the southern border, particularly the types of fencing and walling at the southern border, and have highlighted the various types. you can find the paper version today. some of these show pedestrian fences, vehicle fences are highlighted, natural barriers, like rivers. and they include some facts in their analysis, which they call an unprecedented look at the u.s.-mexico border, saying 650 miles of the 2000 miles are fenced, and about half is designed to only stopped vehicle, not people. a look at some of the types of walling and fencing and adds this -- the 300 plus miles of vehicle barriers are effective at stopping cars, but anybody on foot can easily crossover over, under, or through. these fences often sit in harsh
7:54 am
deserts that make crossing deadly. asmany cases, fences labeled "other" on the map may not be security fences maintained by federal officials. it may be other barriers such as ranch fencing,'s designed to stop vehicles and livestock. -- that isthe look in usa today, the look at the southern border. katy, texas. republican line. hello. caller: you had a call from virginia a while ago, a lady -- i totally agree with what she said. i am thinking if any venue with appropriate -- was appropriate for this particular speech, it was the u.n.. what he did was laid out the values of the u.s. as they were written in our constitution. showed ourlearly andreignty that we revere
7:55 am
how it is a clear draw to all of the people who are represented nations.n. nations, the in the u.n.. they all want to come here. that is why they want that. made out how we sacrifice not only our money, but our people in that body. laid it out -- and he laid out the evil nations of the worlds's to these folks, saying out asmake these nations to what ideals they support. are they trying to make the , or are they trying to disrupt and basically rule the world.
7:56 am
massachusetts, independent line. time,: yes, for the first i'm hearing something from the government that is honest and something that we can understand. not politically correct. trumpism working for -- trump is working for the people of the united states. julie wait until they blow us up and say we should have done something different? to see whatg happens, and he is not jumping in to start a war. he's trying to avoid something. wethe second world war, when waited until they bombed our ships in pearl harbor and said oh, maybe we should do something . we hitter it was over, them with the bomb, the japanese said it was good for the war to be over as well. but we elected him because of his forthright honesty and
7:57 am
devotion. that is what it is. he is understand him and working for the people of the united states -- not the whole world. we cannot do everything for the whole world. we cannot do everything -- host: ok. caller: first thing, trump, the gop, and the nra. they oppose gun control. but why can everybody have nukes ? -- why cannot everybody have nukes? india, they all have nukes. i would defend any country's right to have nuclear weapons. why not? takebody in this country, away their guns and they go ballistic on you. host: let's go to wendy, new jersey, independent line. good morning. caller: i'm doing well.
7:58 am
i actually watched and listened to the speech. what did you get from it? caller: i was impressed from it. what stood out to me is that he called out the world leaders that have a seat on the u.n. that support terrorism, and called them out on that. also, how bureaucrats and comescs have been what first? that took a big hit for me. host: go ahead, i am sorry. caller: i was listening to you. host: before we let you go, do you follow politics in the state in new jersey? caller: i do. host: i only mention that because we are want -- launching state bus tour and our
7:59 am
bus is outside the state capital in trenton. we will have members of the new jersey state senate, and particularly when it comes to new jersey politics, what should we be talking to our guest about? host: about our union -- caller: about our union, about moneyey got most of our in the state fixing our roadways, having our tax dollars go somewhere that should be. things in new jersey, basically. i have more problem with our roadways. host: the highways, the turnpike, those things? caller: they need to be done, and it is ridiculous how high our taxes are here. i would like to know where the money is going. host: how long have you lived in
8:00 am
new jersey? caller: all my life. host: i would invite you to stay with us as we talk to these of your state. we want to take a look at issues first, mary ellen mcintire joins us to talk about that senate effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. more discussions going on, possibly a vote going on. ,hen it comes to our bus tour it is day six of our 50 state tour. the former governor, jim mcgreevey joining us. also the new jersey state senator steve sweeney will join us later in the program. i want to show you a portion from utah governor jon huntsman's confirmation hearing. he is set to become the next ambassador for russia. here he talks to chris murphy.
8:01 am
uses twitter to do so, here is a bit of that exchange yesterday. how do you represent to the russians your belief that -- and all of our belief, that they interfered in the u.s. election when your boss, the president, is engaged in a fairly intentional campaign to at the very least, cloud the issue? how do you manage that? >> is a fair question. i think it is important to note and i have spoken. it's a powerful symbol when you get the director of national intelligence, the director of the cia, the head of the nsa, the head of the fbi, to come together in unison behind their findings.
8:02 am
see them come together in such a coordinated and onein one mind conclusion. i think that expresses where the facts are. with respect to russia's involvement in our election. i have to say for me as a former e was,or, as governor kain you're tasked with the integrity of your election system. sometimes as a lieutenant governor, you have nothing more important than the integrity of your election process. at the local levels. to work to undercut or subvert or so seeds of doubt or distrust is the highestem level of injury that i think can be laid on any local election system. i will speak to it not just as a u.s.


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