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tv   Sarah Palin and Sebastian Gorka Campaign for Roy Moore in Alabama  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 5:03am-5:28am EDT

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video library is your free resource for politics, congress, and public affairs, whether it happened 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago. find it at c-span video library at c-span, where history unfolds daily. >> senator strange's challenger in the primary runoff next week is former alabama supreme court justice, roy moore. the primary runoff is tuesday. former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin spoke at a political rally for judge moore. this is 20 minutes.
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andrea: the next man about to step off this bus is a rockstar. you guys, i don't know if you know the name sebastian gorka -- anybody? -- but the first time i saw him, it was on fox news. i was getting ready for bed. i heard his voice, and i was like, who in the world is that? he was talking about defeating jihad. he knows where democracy freedom is all about. his parents escaped communism during the hungarian revolution in the 1950's. he was born in great britain. now he is an american citizen. he has served our government in the department of defense. when luther strange says he is a friend of the president, this man knows the president. rumor has it that he may have helped write that speech that the president delivered to the u.n. that's a strong speech. sebastian gorka turned in his resignation, though, because he felt, to really make america great again, he needed to be in , he needed to bealienate among us, and support the president's agenda. he is now the chief strategist with the maga corporation. coalition.
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gorka [applause] sebastian gorka! [applause] andrea: it is a pleasure to meet you. sebastian: good evening, montgomery! now that is a turnout. i just got a call from washington. they watched the debate like you watched the debate, and they are worried. and they should be worried. we are here to drain the swamp with judge roy moore. can i explain something to you, please? tuesday isn't just some old election. tuesday must be a sign to washington. tuesday, you must send a signal to the swamp dwellers in d.c. because on november 8, we did
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exactly the same. let's just go back in time for a moment. let's remember what we all did in november. we elected a man, who i worked for, who had never, ever held political office or senior military rank. why? because the political establishment on the left and the right have betrayed us for too long. we put a man into office who believes in three things. very simple. god, family, country. that is the same as judge roy moore. god, family, country.
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now, i live in the swamp. i am right in the thick of the swamp, and i can tell you -- the gators are everywhere. the gators are everywhere. but we are not going to give up. we need to send a message loud and clear that you are not going to pick somebody who is a lobbyist appointed by a corrupt governor. [applause] sebastian: no more business as usual. send judge roy moore to d.c. to drain it, to fight the rhinos, to take america back.
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remember, these three things matter the most. can i treat you all as my personal friends? just 600 of my closest buddies? can i ask you to do me a favor? for the next four days, will you go out, will talk to people? don't get preachy. don't get on a soapbox. but tell people what the stakes are. tell them it is november 8 again. it is november 8 again. they can choose corruption or they can choose america! and do one thing. make sure it is not just you and your loved ones or your family that goes to the polls. take -- for every one of your family that goes to the polls -- take three more people. people that aren't well, that don't have a car. the car broke down, it's too far away, that can't be bothered, get them to the polls, because you know the other side will. i will leave you with one
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thought. the choice is a very simple one. on the one hand, you have a man who has proven through his life, his dedication to this nation, and to the values upon which this republic was founded, you have a man in judge moore who has been endorsed by not just myself -- steve bannon, sean hannity, governor palin. that should be enough. but just think who you have on the other side. a man endorsed by mitch mcconnell. enough said. that is the end of my argument. god bless you. tuesday, let's win. >> thank you, buddy.
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>> all right, i am going to be brief because you don't need to hear me talk. you need to hear this next speaker talk. i would be willing to bet you, because i follow politics for a living, that most of you did not take notice in december 2006 when this next speaker took the stage as governor of the state of alaska. i would be willing to bet you didn't notice that, but by god -- and i use that phrase intentionally -- by god, you noticed a year and a half later when she took the stage as a vice presidential nominee with running with john mccain. and you noticed when she took on the mainstream leftist media, and you took notice when she that shely proclaimed was a proud conservative, a proud female conservative, and the original mama grizzly. ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the one and only governor sarah palin.
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ms. palin: hello, alabama. roll tide. it is so nice to get to be here, really, and to pretty much find out. it was already getting chilly at home when we left last night, snow on the mountains. i was so happy to land here and not a snowflake in sight. it's good to be here, though, home of some great, certainly great football champions. and great patriots. and your former senator jeff sessions and the next senator of the great united states will be
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represented by judge roy moore, coming from alabama, thanks to you. [applause] know, i followed the judge's career for many years. and, you know, he was deplorable before deplorable was cool. he has always been an inspiration through these years. so are you ready to send the loudest message that you can send to d.c. at this time? the loudest message to the swamp? are you ready to tell them "here comes the judge?" [cheers and applause] ms. palin: we need you, alabama. alabama, remember, it was here in 2015 that senator sessions defied the political establishment when he put his support behind a longshot candidate who promised to make america great again. it was here that sessions, remember, he put on that white cap, "make america great again,"
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and he declared this is not a campaign. this is a movement. and that movement grew from 10,000 alabama folk to tens of millions of americans who have said enough is enough. the status quote has got to go. -- the status quo has got to go. and grew and it grew and it roared and rumbled, and it shocked the world in november. the forgotten men and women in this country, they stood up. and we beat the swamp. but alas, 10 months later, the swamp is trying to hijack this presidency. the swamp is trying to hijack steal the victory that we fought so hard for, that we put our reputations on the line for. we voted to put america first,
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not to the political elite that has ignored us for decades. we voted for a big, beautiful wall, not more amnesty deals. [cheers and applause] paul ms. palin: we voted for local control of education, not for candidates who are loving on common core and want big government to produce more common core. that is just strange. we voted to get rid of obamacare. we didn't vote for mitch mcconnell to fumble the football yet again and to shrug and say, "well, sorry, i guess it is here to stay." right now though, the d.c. swamp, knowing that we have been promised some very specific things in 2015-2016, promised of these things, knowing that we are coming to collect, well,
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they are not taking it well. the uni-party, the swamp, they are trying to convince the president that, well, he doesn't have to deliver on his promises, trying to make him a think, if he just runs some more weird gadget plays, maybe he will be popular in the grandstands and , and then he will win the big game. no, they are saying, re-think the climate accord. they are saying, pal around with chuck and nancy. because schumer and pelosi, yeah, they have got your six. that is what they are saying. they are whispering, "don't build the wall." but you all in alabama know that trick plays, they may razzle-dazzle, but it is the time-tested fundamentals, like a
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unhittable defense and a sound running game, that is what wins championships. [applause] ms. palin: judge moore, he knows the fundamentals. he's got the fundamentals. rule of law. no illegal immigration. no bad trade deals. and the importance of god. and our shared american culture and our heritage. judge moore will defend our interests with the same steal spine that he defended those 10 commandments. [applause] ms. palin: and by the way -- i don't think there's any cooler nick name you can have than the 10 commandments judge. that's a badge of honor. judge moore is a man of principle. and what he says, when he says it, he is going to do it. take it to the bank. that's why we need him in d.c. right now. a vote for judge moore is not a vote against the president. it is a vote for the people's agenda that elected the president.
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[cheers and applause] ms. palin: it's for this big, beautiful moment that we are all a part of. the president needs support to keep the promises that elected him. so we are sending trump one who has our back, not mitch mcconnell's. that's the take away. someone who has the people's back. make no mistake, big luther is mitch mcconnell's guy. big luther is -- and this is strange to me -- big luther getting the job of the temporary senate seat, being handed the job by the politician who is now -- who is now gone because of
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corruption or whatever -- being handed the job by the politician he was to be investigating -- i don't know. i don't know what you guys call it. in alaska, we call it quid pro quo, which i think is an old eskimo term for that which fertilizes the swamp. no more swamp creatures. the swamp doesn't want to be drained. and they are snarling and biting back, and they are using every dirty trick in the book to smear the judge. and they are dumping millions and millions of dollars in the state to spread lies. and they are afraid. they should be afraid. why? the judge is a threat to their power, because he is on our side. he is on our side. [applause] ms. palin: and they know it. and they know he is not one of them. to them, it's dog gone it. to us, it is oh you betcha. he answers to you. just as sessions had answered to alabama.
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thankfully, you all get to send the loud, clear message to washington, to the swamp, on tuesday. you get to tell them, "hey, our movement isn't over and it's not slowing down. our movement is still roaring and rumbling across this country. and we will not be the forgotten man and woman." and we will not be satisfied with more broken promises from republicans who campaign one way and they govern another. here is the beauty of this, alabama. when you send judge moore to d.c., he will be an inspiration for the rest of the country, for other candidates across the country to rise up and take on their own swamp creatures in their own state.
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this movement gains steam here with trump and sessions. it will continue here tuesday when you vote for the judge. the swamp can't win here. this is our redline! [applause] ms. palin: just you watch. [cheers and applause] >> drain the swamp! ms. palin: drain that swamp. this is the line in the sand. alabama, our line in the sand. the eyes of the entire nation are on you. you can show washington how to win. show them how to keep their promises. and together, we can show them how to make america great again. alabama, your next united states senator, judge roy moore. [cheers and applause] ♪
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judge moore: thank you. thank you. you all are a good-looking crowd. i am going to tell you that. thank you very much. this is a wonderful evening. i am glad to get this passed us. we got four more days. then tuesday, i hope everybody is going to vote. tuesday -- we haven't won. but thank you very much for coming out tonight. i'm humbled by the following -- -- i amuch, sarah palin not the speaker that they are. i'm not near as pretty as she is. but thank you all for coming.
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remember, you know, this is a very important election. i don't know if other people realize that, but everybody in washington, as i said tonight, is watching this election. i don't have their vision of how it is going to affect america, but they are watching for the 2018 senatorial elections coming up. and they see that this could bring a change in our direction of the country. so this is a very important election, and i appreciate you all being here tonight very much. you know, when we started this, we never imagined what we would have to go through. but god has brought us through. without god, you know -- i was given an opportunity the other day, and i was talking about the division in our society. black and white, red and yellow. and i probably got some reporters here that will repeat that. and i was thinking a song. "red and yellow, black and white
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, they are precious in his sight. jesus loves the little children of the world." they don't know that in some parts of this country. they are so politically correct, they have become politically stupid. [applause] judge moore: we need to bring back the understanding of god, morality, and the constitution of the united states. and that is what we are going to do. [cheers and applause] judge moore: as i said tonight, i know that you all watched it already, but we can be great again. but the one thing politicians don't talk about is how we are going to be good again. we can't be good until the heart changes, and god is the author of that. so we will stand for one nation under god, and we will bring it back to washington, d.c. they don't want to hear the truth up there. not everybody. someone to hear the truth, but there is a lot that don't. and we are going to bring it back. i thank you all for your support.
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go to if you have any questions about my campaign. i know you all came to see sarah palin. that's why i came. [cheers and applause] judge moore: god bless you and y'all have a good evening. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ alabama" by lynrd skynard playing]
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♪ >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day, with and coming up, a look at college politics with ron meyer. enjoy note conversation about the contract deed mortgages and the risk to buyers. chuck collins will be our guest. plus, what are your rights after fax data breach? will joinike burg us. this weekend on the tv on c-span2, then i come at seven :00 eastern, hillary clinton gives her personal account of at 7:00 eastern,
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hillary clinton gives her personal account of the 2016 presidential election. ms. clinton: it really hit me that they were personal issues that needed to be discussed, debated even, that democracy relied on that kind of self-examination, and i thought, well, i need to know what happened, and i need to be as as it, candid, open possibly can in order to figure it out for myself, and maybe doing it in a book would provide the discipline, the deadline to try to think it through. >> then on sunday, at 7:30 p.m. hollander,l sociology professor at the university of massachusetts, and "from benito mussolini to hugo chavez." paul: they are actually quite good at projecting the personality which intellectuals found attractive.
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as i said, this philosopher king alage and this revolution idealism to use political power .isely and benevolently this was most important for intellectuals -- they bridged the gap between theory and practice. org.or more, go to booktv. alabama senates race, income that luther strange faces roy moore. president trump has endorsed luther strange. he spoke at a campaign rally in huntsville, alabama.


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