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tv   North Korean Foreign Minister Says President Trump is on a Suicide Mission  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 8:00pm-8:25pm EDT

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is prevent you from being able to see the country on its own terms. >>. afterwards -- watch >> next, the north korean foreign minister speaks to the united nations general assembly. then, some of the speeches for today's march for civility on the national mall. that, a discussion of u.s.-a counterterrorism efforts in the obama and trump administrations. >> in his speech to the united nations general assembly, north korea's foreign minister responded to president trump's -- and reiterated the threat of a possible missile attack. his remarks are just over 20 minutes. toi now give the floor --
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the minister from the democratic republic of korea. >> mr. president, first of all, allow me to congratulate your excellency, on your election, as the president of the 72nd session of the united nations. i look forward to successful outcomes under your able guidance. before going into the main point of my debate, i feel forced to make comments on the speech uttered four days ago, by someone called, the u.s. president, that rendered this sacred u.n. arena, tainted. since trump gave this speech, it
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is fair for me to make a response, in the corresponding tone. during his eight months in power, he has turned the white house into a noisy, marketing place. now, he has tried to turn the u.n. arena into a trickster's 's nest, a gangster where money is respected. this comes from a mentally deranged person, full of egomania and complacence, a person who is chastised even by
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american people as, commander in a grief, lion king, president evil, his holy deceit, and, the dangerous reality of the emperor -- of the gambler who grew old, using all schemes to acquire a patch of land, holding the nuclear button. this is the gravest threat to the international peace today. due to his lacking of basic common knowledge, and sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country. he referred to it by a rocket. by doing so, however, he committed in a reversible ireversibleible --
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mistake, of making our rockets visiting the entire u.s. mainland, inevitable all the more. none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. in case innocent lives of the u.s. are harmed because of this suicide attack, trump will be held totally responsible. with respect to the supreme leader of the dprk, kim jong-un, stated, as a man representing the dprk, and on behalf of the dignity and honor of my state, and people, and on my own, i will make the man holding the supreme command in the u.s. pay dearly for his speech, calling for totally destroying the dprk. trump might not have been aware,
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what is uttered from his mouth, but, we will make sure, he bears consequences, far beyond his words, far beyond the scope of what he can handle, even if he is not ready to do so. mr. president, focusing on a planet, this is the same. for all countries and people, to enjoy peace. to realizeative international justice before anything else. realizing international justice is one of the main missions of the united states. president, article one of this u.n. charter stipulates, coming about by peaceful means, with the principles of disputes for law,
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situations. high-handedness, as presidents, the purpose of the u.n. charter -- the principles of international relations, ignored in the u.n. arena. justifying, and -- justifying high handedness and arbitrariness, violating truth and justice. violation cannt be seen on the korean peninsula. injustice, such as imposing harsh sanctions on a victim, for the reason that the victim chooses to stand up to the offender, openly committed, in the name of the u.n.. the koreanon on peninsula is a confrontation between the dprk and u.s., where they will defend their dignity
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and sovereignty. is the countryes that first had nuclear weapons, and the only country that actually used it. that strengthened the newest nuclear weapons against the d key -- dprk, during their -- during the korean war in the 1950's. they first introduced korean weapons -- nuclear weapons into the korean peninsula after the war. the u.s. cert of a large-scale military joint against the dprk, which further increased -- and further increased their power, staging exercises several times a year, by mobilizing many assets. what else could be a bigger ,hreat than the violent remarks
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such as fire and theory, total destruction, coming from the authority of the world's biggest nuclear power? dprkery reason the possesses nuclear weapons, is u.s..e of the it had to strengthen and develop its nuclear arsenal, to the current level, to cope with the u.s.. the u.s. hostile policy and nuclear threats have continued over 70 years. in the united nations, sd areifiable resolution randomly -- resolutions are randomly adopted for the u.s.. of the state affairs commission of the dprk says, international justice is
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never achieved by itself. thean only be achieved when imperialist, independent countries are strong enough. international justice is realized, the only valid philosophical principle is that force must be dealt with force, and nuclear weapons must be dealt with a nuclear hammer of justice. the position of nuclear deterrence by the dprk is a righteous, self-defensive measure, taken as an alternate option, pursuant to this. has successfully conducted icbm mountable h-bomb tests, as a part of an effort to achieve the goal of completing the state nuclear force. with this, the dprk has entered a phase of inflicting the states developmente, with
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of the economy, and the nuclear force. is aational nuclear force war-deterrent, for putting an of thethe nuclear threat u.s., or preventing its military invasion. our ultimate goal is to establish the balance of power with the u.s.. distinguished delegates of all countries attending the session are aware of the fact that the dprk, unlike other nuclear weapons states, made public every time to the world, the test process, and the results in all stages of development of its nuclear force. since the war deterrent for safeguarding peace and security of the korean peninsula in the region's strength enough, the united states and its followers must now think twice before launching a military provocation against the dprk.
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talk about fire and fear he, total destruction, they have to add conditions, such as, hopefully -- hopefully it is not necessary. we are convinced peace and security of the region as a has been facilitated. we don't need anyone's status as aof our nuclear weapons state, and our capability of a nuclear strike. flew over the blue sky. the warhead of our rockets left a stain on the blue waves of the pacific ocean. the tremendous explosion of the hydrogen bomb was recorded by
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the planet. this inevitable option forced by the united states, resulted in our country achieving the status of nuclear weapons state, and a rocket power. this has become the destiny of the dprk. mr. president, the failure of the united nations fulfilling its role in realizing international justice is primarily related to the undemocratic oath, practices of the security council. it is none other than the security council, with regards to the u.n. charter, the very first article -- only acts in pursuit of the will and interests of its prominent member states. reformot incidental that of the security council has been decided -- had been decided in 1992 by resolution. session of the
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--nga -- unga. this is been discussed for the past 25 years, without progress. this shows how deeply the current, prominent members are obsessed in their vested interests. one prominent member of alone can veto over 190 u.n. member states. such an undemocratic security council. at this four-run, i would like to once again remind all of the distinguished delegates involved , the unjust and unfair nature of these resolutions. had doubley council standard resolutions, which only prohibit the dprk, in violation
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of international law, describing peaceful use of our space, as a sovereign right of every state. and, without taking any issue with all other satellite launching countries. councilthe security cooked up a legal and double standard resolutions, which prohibit only the nuclear tests of the dprk, although nuclear test strictly belong to the sovereignty of every state, since the international -- international law for prohibition on nuclear test has not entered into force. there are countries that conducted any more nuclear test. the security council condemns the development of nuclear weapons by the dprk, as a threat to international security. on that basis, fabricated illegal and double standard
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solutions, in article 51 of the u.n. charter, which recognizes the right of self-defense of every state, without calling into question other countries that kept on developing nuclear weapons. on reason for these unjust -- the reason these unjust and unfair resolutions continue to be adopted, is that the permanent members of the un security council have common interests -- is that the prominent members of the human security council have common interests. they have talked about nonproliferation of nuclear positionbut the dprk's is a righteous, self-defensive measure. the international agreement on nuclear nonproliferation was possible because the nuclear weapons states have made the
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promise not to threaten non-nuclear weapons states with nuclear weapons. each party shall have the right to withdraw from the treaty, if decides sites -- if it it's certain interests are recognized. u.s. itselfhe indicated the international efforts for nuclear nonproliferation, by not giving up the nuclear threat against the dprk, but rather, compelling the letter to produce nuclear -- the latter to produce nuclear weapons. this eloquently shows, the dprk resolutions are not based on any established principles, and, they are nothing less than the product of undemocratic processes of the security council, and the conspiracy and collusion of other forces, only
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in their vested interests. the u.s. claims the dprk's positions for icbms and the h-bomb constitutes a global threat. such a claim is a big lie, paramount to the notorious big lie cooked up by the u.s. in 2003, about the existence in iraq of weapons of mass destruction, in order to invade that country. the democratic people's republic of korea is a responsible nuclear weapons state. we will take preventative andures, in case the u.s. special forces show any sign of conducting a decapitating against our country. we do not have any intention at all to use, or threaten to use nuclear weapons against other
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countries. to u.s. is resulting increase the condemning of the dprk's nuclear possession, as a global threat, to find the pretext for coercing other u.n. member states implement the anti-dprk sanctions. this is a selfish attempt to the u.s. to avoid its responsibility , and to pursue its own interests, by sacrificing other countries that have nothing to do with this issue. the dprk government made the request that a form of international law be organized -- a four-run of international -- forum of international -- international law be organized, but we have not heard anything. the same is true of the fact that the dprk made requests to
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the united nations circuit test security council, to discuss the serious threat posed by the ,rovocative u.s., south korea their military exercises. these requests were never put on the human agenda, rather, tossed out every -- the u.n. agenda, rather, tossed out every time. the members of the united nations carry out the decisions of the security council. if the resolutions on the dprk looked at -- on the dprk are , all u.s. ambassadors abroad and the president, and state secretary, to coerce other countries into passing the resolution. the u.s. wants to bring stooges like south korea and japan into this. the u.n. member states are not yielding to pressure, and
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dealing with the u.n. resolutions. they make an independent judgment on awfulness. they want to further raise their voices. , for the very thet day of its foundation, over 70 year long history of the dprk has been in a sense, the struggle, along the road of self-development, under the harshest sanctions in the world. it was such a prolonged and arduous struggle, now we are finally only a few steps away from the final stage of completion of the state nuclear force. it's only a formal hope to consider any chance that the dprk would change its stance, , that harsher sanctions
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they will certainly come in the near future, when we sense that all damages, economic development, and improvement of the people's livelihood and suffering imposed on our people, by heinous and other sections against our republic. this committee to make copperheads -- a conference of study of total damages inflicted on our republic by sanctions. will thoroughly investigate and compile all physical damages byosed upon the dprk - those countries that submitted to the u.s. coercion. when this pressure reaches a critical point, driving the korean peninsula into an situation, an
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investigation of this committee will have a huge impact in holding those accountable. mr. president, my delegation takes this opportunity to extend its strong sysop -- support and solidarity with the cuban government and people, fighting to expand national sovereignty, and realize international justice. express strong support and solidarity with the government and people of venezuela, fighting to defend the national sovereignty of socialism. -- the unjust act, turning and i -- eye to the dprk protecting its security should not go on any longer. the dprk government will defend peace and security of the country, with its powerful tolear deterrence, and also,
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safeguarding world peace. thank you, mr. president. [applause] fed -- i think the foreign minister. >> and c-span's washington journal, live every day, with news and policy issues that impact you. sunday morning, sure michael our guest will examine president trump's ideology. then, more about the president, and his outreach to minorities. nationalof the university coalition for trump will join us. ,lso, with diplomatic talks rank willh -- david be on to discuss this with us.
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join the discussion. ♪ that was early on, when, i believe, trump was, had just announced, and they were worried that he was going to be bad for them, in terms of women voters. i thought, really? you're worried now? considering how far back they have had an anti--woman platform. >> sunday night on "q&a", ann tellness. >> this is vice president pence. he was interviewed and said something like, he never goes to washington dinners without his wife. i thought, ok. this was a gift. so really, you don't have any problem voting about a woman's personal


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