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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 10042017  CSPAN  October 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:20pm EDT

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occupy one of the strongest economic positions in a country with the greatest disparity of wealth in the world. so as we conclude this debate, i urge my colleagues to carefully consider the alternatives that will be proposed by the democratic caucus, by the congressional black caucus and by the congressional progressive caucus and compare the values and the priorities of those budget to those that the republican budget represents. and i think on balance anybody in good faith will say that those budgets, not the republican budgets, are the budgets that will create a stronger, fairer society in this country, and those are the ones that we should proceed to adopt, and with that, mr. chairman, i yield back the balance of my time. . the chair: the gentleman from kentucky has closed for the minority and yielded back.
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the gentlelady from tennessee is recognized to close for the majority. mrs. black: thank you, mr. chairman. i likewise would like to just say that the ranking member, mr. yarmuth, has just been wonderful to work with and we may have differences of opinion but we can do it in a very southern hospitality way. i just so much appreciate his demeanor, his leadership on the committee, the way he honors the members of the committee, both democrats and republicans, and it has just been a joy to work with him. i'm going to miss working with him and being able to have lively debate which is good this body and good for america. -- is good for this body and good for america. i want to also thank all the member who was participated in the debate today, both democrats an republicans. this is what our democracy is about. being able to voice our opinions and at the end of the day, being able to come to a conclusion
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after that debate. i look forward to continuing discussion and voting on the final passage tomorrow and as we finish up, i also want to thank our staff for their hard work and there are many of them, i'm not going to read all of them to you, but i would like unanimous consent to submit these for the record. i do want to mention some of those that are the leaders of the house budget committee staff and have just been great to work with. rick may who is the staff director, jenna stillman, andy morton, tim flynn, mary who has been here with me at my side the entire time, what would i do thout having somebody like her? mary has been great. jim bates. i'm going to leave it at that i'm going to get in trouble if i don't announce all of them. the staff has been tremendous to work with, many hours, weekends,
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and indeed, even some hol dis that they have been here helping to gather the information both for the budget committee hearings and then also for this today. so -- the chair: the gentlelady's request is covered under general leave and the names will be included. mrs. black: and i look forward to more lively debate tomorrow. with that, i yield back. the chair: the gentlelady yields back the remaining time for the majority. all time for general debate has expired. pursuant to the rule, the concurrent resolution shall be considered for amendment thunder the five-minute rule and is considered read. no amendment shall be in order except those printed in house report 115-309. each amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a member designated in the report, shall be considered as read and shall be debatable for the time specified in the report, equackly divided and controlled
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by the proponent and opponent. after conclusion of consideration of the concurrent resolution for amendment, there shall be a final period of general debate which shall not exceed 10 minutes equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the committee on the udget. for what purpose does the gentleman -- it is now in order to consider amendment number 1 printed in house report 115-339. for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? >> thank you, mr. chairman, i rise as the designee to offer the congressional progressive caucus budget amendment. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 1, in the nature of a substitute, printed in house report 115-339, offered by mr. grijalva of arizona. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 553, the gentleman grijalva, and r.
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a member grijalva, and a member opposed each will control 15 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona. mr. grijalva: thank you. i rise to offer this amendment to replace the reckless republican budget that's being considered before this house. instead of a doomsday budget that presents a future where everything is bleak and opportunity is nonexistent, the progress i caucus is offering a budget that can prove that the future can be bright and prosperous. the republican budget sacrifices everything from public education to social security to medicare and to medicaid. it does this for one reason and one reason only. it gives the wealthiest few and the corporations more tax breaks and increases their standing and concentration of power and wealth in this country more than it is already. i -- it's been said over and over that the budget that we're
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presenting, we feel, does deal with the values of this country. it deals very directly with something that is important to this nation, and that's the american people. the greatest resource that we have as a nation. and we see it day in, day out. this budget invests in the american people. it invests in jobs. it invests in solid education. and it invests in the greater good. this budget is not narrow. tilted to a few, the wealthiest and corporations in this country. it deals with the totality of who the american people are, those that are struggling and need opportunity, those that are elderly and need the continued support of this nation through medicare and social security. those that are poor that need medicaid and a good education system so their opportunity would be better in the future. our budget speaks to the values of the american people. our budget speaks to the needs
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of the american people. and our budget speaks to a future that returns the values to the american people of opportunity, of hope, and a chance. and with that, i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. who seeks recognition? for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? >> mr. chairman, i claim time in opposition. the chair: is the gentleman opposed to the amendment? >> i am. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. >> thank you, i yield myself three minutes. mr. chairman, even though i disagree heartly with the budgets advanced by the progress i caucus, they do us an invaluable service in the budget debate by bringing into sharp relief the two different visions of governance advanced by the two parties. mr. mcclintock: the progressive intudget a sincere and bold document. unfortunately, it's also wrong.
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it would hike taxes by $10.1 trillion over the next 10 years relative to the republican budget. now think of every trillion dollars that we throw around here as $8,000 from an average family because that's what it comes. to $10.1 trillion in new taxes ultimately translates as $ 1,000 from an average family over the next decade. taken either as direct taxes or as tax-driven price increases or as lower wages or as lower earnings as businesses pass on their burdens to consumers or employers or investors. remember, investors are largely your 401k or pension plan. it also runs up $2.6 trillion more in debt than the republican budget over the next 10 years that means another $21,000 of debt added to that family's obligations that they'll have to pay as future taxes just as surely as if it appeared on their credit card statement this
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month and they have to pay that back before they pay their credit card statement, the i.r.s. will insist they do. don't believe only the rich will pay these taxes. it turns out the so-called rich people aren't rich and aren't people. many are struggling small businesses filing under subchapter s, small businesses that create 2/3 of the jobs in our economy. we're told don't worry, we're using that money to create wealth and jobs. the problem is the government doesn't create jobs because it cannot create wealth. the government cannot inject a dollar into the economy until it has first take than dollar out of the same economy. we see the job that government creates when it puts the dollar back in the economy, what we don't see as clearly is the job lost when government first takes that dollar out of the economy. we see those lost jobs as and workers es
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getting up and leaving the job market. or as it's also known, the obama economy. here's what government can do and what the profwrezzive and democratic budgets propose. it can transfer jobs from the private sector and workers getting to the public sector by taxing one and expanding the other. it can transfer jobs from one sector of the private market to another by taxing one and subsidizing the other. that's precisely the difference between apple computer and solyndra. it's the difference between fedex and the post office, it's the difference between the reagan recovery and the obama recovery. reagan like coolidge and kennedy before him, reduced the tax and regulatory burdens on the economy and produced one they have longest economic expansions in our economy. it truly felt like morning again in america. that's the republican approach and it works. i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from arizona is recognized. mr. grijalva: i would like to yield to the gentleman from wisconsin, the co-chair of the congressional progressive pocan, for three
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minutes. and let me take this time to thank mr. pocan and his office staff for the fine work and time they pocan, for put into workin budget that we're proposing today. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. pocan: thank you, mr. speaker. i'd like to thank the gentleman from arizona also for his leadership within the caucus. i'm proud to rise in support of the congressional progressive caucus budget alternative. this is a practical prork agressive vision for our country that provides solutions to counter the republican cuts to vital programs and tax breaks for the wealthy. let me contrast the house g.o.p. budget with the progressive caucus budget. first in health care. the republican budget embraces trumpcare by incorporating the house-passed american health care act which cuts at least 20 million people from their care this includes up to $1 trillion in cuts to medicaid, threatening care for seniors in nursing homes, children, and struggling families. and it makes $500 billion in
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cuts to medicare, ending the medicare guarantee and shifting cost risks onto senior. the congressional progressive caucus budget defends and strengthens the affordable care act. it lowers prescription drug costs and expands access to mental health care and addiction treatment. we invest in workers, the g.o.p. plan slashes investments in workers and programs to help more americans get back to work. programs like apprenticeships and job training. yet the people's budget would create 2.4 million jobs over its first three years and raise wages for american workers. e republican budget, their $5.4 trillion in spending cuts means less funding for roads, bridges and schools. we paw $2 trillion into strengthening the nation's infrastructure. this would undermine our ability to respond to disasters and the people's budget provides $200 billion in emergency disaster funds to rebuild communities
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devastated by hurricanes. the republican budget guts our public education system with cuts that could devastate schools and further disinvest in public university. the progressive caucus budget makes debt-free college a reality and provides for the refinancing of student loans and it expands access to pre-x education and provides childcare for all families. and let's get real. the reason we're debating the budget this week, republicans can't wait to get started on their tax breaks for the wealthy. the republican tax plan should be called the trump family tax plan because it enriches the wealthy on the backs of the middle class. the progressive caucus gets it right. not one more penny in tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest americans. the progress i caucus budget ensures the top 1% pay their fair share in taxes, we close corporate tax loopholes and we expand the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit for working families. we must reject the trump family
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tax cut and invest in our roads and bridges and our schools, our health care, and our workers. progressives are proposing bold policy solutions as clear alternatives to the cruel budget cuts republicans are proposing. the people's budget is an investment in the american people and i urge you to support the progress i caucus people's budget. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. mcclintock: my friend reminds me of a story, when ronald reagan was pushing his tax reductions a generation ago that produced the biggest expansion in our nation's history, he was approached one day by a working class fellow on a stop that the president was making. the man looks at him and says trk mr. president, the democrats say you republicans want to cut taxes on the rich, is that right? and reagan says, well that's what they say. and the man says, well you go ahead and do that, the poor person never gave me a job.
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mr. chairman, i'm now pleased to recognize the gentleman from georgia for four minutes. the chair: the gentleman from georgia is recognized for four minutes. mr. woodall: i appreciate my friend from california for yielding me the time. as you know, he's not just down here as ranking member on the budget committee, he's the leader of the republican study committee's budget and spending task force and the leadership he's provided in all those areas means a lot to the entire institution, i'm grateful to him for it. i want to say i'm grateful to my friends in the progressive caucus, i disagree with their budget, plan to vote against it but how often do we come down here and folks want to complain about what's not going right but don't want to do anything about it? to my frevends' credit in the progressive caucus they laid out a vision. that's what i came here to congress to be part of. absolutely any group could offer a budget today and yet we only
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have four alternatives being considered. that tells you something about how hard it is to put your ideas forward. i thank my friends for doing it. i want to run through a couple of things that their budget includes. 4% pay increase tore federal workers across the board. it includes $500 billion in green energy incentives and imposes a carbon tax to deal with greenhouse gases, it cuts $70 billion from the defense department and eliminates all together the spending on the global war on terror. these are all legitimate policy disagreements. these are legitimate policy disagreements. the budget increases receive trillion. , by $10 but spends so much more on
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american priorities that we continue to end up with almost $1 trillion annual deficit in year 10. mr. chairman, this is the kind of debate that we have to have. i want to understand the priorities of my friends. i want to understand where they want to see more investment. and then i want to understand how it is we are going to balance this budget together, because what is lacking in this plan and what frustrates me the most of the progressive caucus plan, it is not the investment in the health care, it's the fact that they don't we can do these things while raising taxes by $10 trillion on the american people and balance the budget at all. mr. chairman, if folks want to raise taxes in this institution, i think our problem is a spending problem and not a taxing problem. but i'm willing to have that discussion to understand their point of view.
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i ask my colleagues to vote no on this budget is not because it raises taxes $10 trillion but it continues to borrow from our children and grandchildren in the form of annual debt and deficit. i think we can do better, but we cannot do better without an honest discussion of the issues. these alternatives that we are going to discuss, there are a lot of talking heads on tv who want to talk about it and don't do anything about it. look at the progressive caucus hich i disagree with almost on everything. but they put their vision forward tonight and they said if we can work together, there is absolutely nothing we cannot do on behalf of the american people. vote no on this budget but applaud the effort that has gone
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into it but to find common ground. if we have one i thing to agree, we should pay for those things that are important, whether it is wars or green energy or troops or federal employees. let us agree we should pay those things with our dollars. with that, mr. chairman, i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from georgia's time has expired. mr. grijalva: what the progressive caucus budget does and does very clearly is that we end the special treatment for wall street buddies of the majority of this congress. meanwhile, their budget is hitting low and middle-income families with their tax plan. under their plan, corporations get a $2.4 trillion cut.
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and tax cut will get a tax cut next year and many middle-class families will have to pay more. let me yield a minute and a half to the gentlelady from washington and a valued member of the progressive caucus. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. jayapal: i thank the ranking member and mr. pocan. i rise in strong support of the congressional progressive caucus budget, the people's budget and i agree with the the gentleman from georgia there are two budgets being presented here. let me be clear. the republican budget says we should invest millions of dollars for millionaires, billionaires and largest corporation. our budget, says we want to invest in people. we believe in working families across this country who are
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working hard and want to have a decent life and build a better future. i choose in investing in the people. this budget invests in education, jobs, research and science and diplomacy. let me focus on education as the gateway for opportunity. the people's budget commits $1 trillion to help families provide child care and universal to pre--k. and through adequate funding and supporting educators with resources they need to reach every student. makes debt-free college a public good and apprenticeship opportunity, red and blew, urban and rural. our success lies in that of our children and young people not in the republican plan to give tax cuts to the wealthiest.
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that is unacceptable. i urge my colleagues to support this vision, this budget and invest in the people. i yield back. the chair: the time of the gentlelady has expired. mr. mcclintock: i yield 2 1/2 minutes to the gentleman from palmer. mr. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for 2 1/2 minutes. mr. palmer: i rise in opposition to the progressive caucus budget. in his fair well address, president eisenhower said we cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren. we want democracy to survive for all generations to come not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow. instead of trying to put america on a sustainable financial path the progressive budget seeks to mortgage even more of our
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grandchildren's future by spending $57 trillion. the national debt surpassing $20 trillion just last month, we need to reign in government spending and not spend it. the progressive caucus is proposing tax increases over the next decade. these enormous tax increases do not come close to covering costs. enormous tax increases that don't come close to covering the cost that they proposed. as a result, the progressive caucus' debt raises it to over $20 trillion. by 2027, they would -- our deficits would be near a trillion dollars. higher taxes would stifle the american economy and put our debt on an expedited upward
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trajectory. we have to make tough zigs. the decision to oppose this budget is not one of those tough decisions and makes no effort to curb waste, fraud and abuse and expand programs without any oversight measures. it would spend $41 billion on free college promises. mr. speaker, it reminds me of the shovel-ready programs that were part of the obama package just a few years ago. we all had this expectation that this money would go to rebuild our infrastructure. 3% of that money made it to infrastructure projects, somewhere in the range of $330 billion. that's what i see in the progressive budget. it continues the failed obamacare budget and states can
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experiment with experimental medicine and providing a government paycheck. it increases the pressure on americans' pocket books -- mr. mcclintock: i yield to the gentleman 30 seconds. mr. palmer: by increasing the pump. it proposes solutions that the states are better equipped to determine the whole college issue and $500 billion on green energy and imposes a carbon tax. we have a moral responsibility to spend taxpayers' dollars wisely. i urge my colleagues to vote no and i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from arizona is recognized. mr. grijalva: the progressive caucus budget invests in the american people and still reduces the deficit by $4
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trillion over 10 years. let me yield to my friend and member of the the gentleman from lifornia, mr. lieu for 1 1/2 minutes. mr. lieu: thank you for your leadership. our nation's infrastructure is crumbling. the american society of the civil engineers estimates we have a deficit. the people's budget invests to fix our infrastructure. not only will this budget help repair roads, highways and budgets and put broadband in all of america and create millions of good paying jobs, over 2.5 million in its first year. we are asking for support. donald trump talks a good game on infrastructure but he has yet to put out a plan. we urge the president support our plan and if he doesn't, put
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out his plan and have a discussion on how to move forward to create high-paying jobs for americans. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from california yields back. the gentleman from california, mr. mcclintock is recognized. mr. mcclintock: i yield 2 1/2 minutes to my friend and colleague from wisconsin. the chair: the gentleman from wisconsin is recognized. mr. grothman: thank you for the opportunity to address the progressive caucus, their budget. the american people ought to pay attention to this. because a budget passes this floor. the first thing to look at, we are increasing by an average a trillion er around $1 in taxes over the next 10 years. taking a lot more money away
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from americans and despite this huge increase in taxes, looking about $70 billion cut in defense. i suggest that the public and the people who are supporting the progressive caucus take some time talking to their people and in the military and the planes that can't fly, talk about the shortage of parts and say how is it possible you could take this much more money from the american people and still feel we have to have significant cuts in our military budget. but you look what we have to spend more money on. 4% raise for federal workers. ut when we are approaching $20 trillion is it a priority to give federal workers a raise? we put more and more people dependent on government. a large expansion of providing free college and at a time when people have college degrees can't get jobs. and by making it free, people
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will respect it less and not only will they respect it less but making it free, people will go to college. they won't make adjustments to the food stamp program which is a problem. we extend the time that you are on unemployment. this is bizarre when the time of our unemployment is at historic lows. until now we have unemployment for a prolonged period of time, we want to encourage people toll stay on unemployment? i thank my friends from the progressive caucus for allowing students to refinance student loans. i wish i could get my own conference to put that in. in any event, i urge rejection of the progressive budget. the chair: the gentleman from wisconsin yields back. the gentleman from arizona is recognized.
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mr. grijalva: americans and this congress do have a choice. a budget is a contrast to what the republicans are proposing. either cut medicare to pay for more tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or close loopholes and invest in jobs. let me yield to a minute and a half to the the gentleman from new york. the chair: the gentleman from is recognized. s. esty: a budget is a -- mr. espaillat: i'm proud to rise in support of the budget presented by the people's progressive caucus this serves as a progressive alternative to the g.o.p.'s cruel budget plan that prioritizes tax breaks for millionaires over the need to fund care for seniors in nursing homes, children and struggling
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families in places like puerto rico and the virgin islands. i was proud to help draft the people's budget which invests $200 billion to ensure that families in texas, louisiana, puerto rico, florida, and the u.s. territories have the immediate assistance they need right now. the people's budget would also reduce the deficit by $700 billion over the next 20 years. by investing in the human capital. we would do this while enacting comprehensive immigration reform prork tecting dreamers and ending funding for family detention centers. i encourage my colleagues to support the people's budget and request congressional resolution 31. let's stand with the working class, middle class, and immigrants in our country. s the right thing to do for our -- this is the right thing to do for our people and our economy. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. mcclintock: i'm prepared to close when the gentleman from new mexico is fin herbed.
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the chair: does the gentleman ave additional speakers? mr. grijalva: may i inquire how much time each side has? the chair: the gentleman has 4 3/4 minutes. the gentleman from california has two minutes. mr. grijalva: i want to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from california, a leader in our caucus a leader here in congress, ms. barbara lee. the chair: the gentlelady from california is recognize for two minutes. ms. lee: thank you very much. let me thank the gentleman for yielding. i also want to thank yourself and congressman pocan for your really great leader -- leadership of the po agressive caucus and for crafting, you know, a budget which creates economic growth, a decent standard of living for everyone, and the strong, yet rational national security budget.
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mr. chairman, rise in strong support of the congressional progressive caucus' people's budget. today, millions of americans are struggling to make ends meet and millions more are working hard, trying to find a job. paychecks for everyday americans are shrinking while corporations are reaping record profits. yet instead of developing a budget that creates jobs and helps american family the house republicans balanced their budget once again on the backs of struggling families and for what? to protect tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires and corporations. again, this is totally disgraceful. the c.p.c.'s people's budget stands in stark contrast to the house republican budget. it creates two million good-paying jobs and invests $2 trillion in infrastructure. it includes a plan to lift more americans out of poverty and it invests in communities of color
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like expanding computer science education. it ends the pentagon slush funds known as the overseas contingency account that for too long has padded the pockets and wallets of defense contractors at taxpayer expense. it also tackles waste, fraud, and abuse at the pentagon by demanding raw did readiness. it's hashed to believe this -- the republican budget goes $10 billion over what the pentagon even requested. make no mistake, the people's budget does what the house republican budget does not. it works for the american people, not special interests nor defense contractors or the 1%. i urge my colleagues to do what's best for all american families and that is support the progress i caucus people's budget. thank you and i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the time of the gentlelady has expired. does the gentleman from arizona ave additional speakers?
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mr. grijalva: thank you, mr. chairman. i yield one minute to the gentlelady from texas, sheila jackson lee. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for one minute. ms. jackson lee: let me thank the gentleman for his leadership and it has been more than a pleasure to serve as the vice chair of the congressional progressive caucus for the number of years that we have had to put forward the people's budget. so i just simply want to say what a budget is, mr. speaker, mr. chairman. a intudget a road map for the american people. it is a question of whether america cares about the most vulnerable and whether or not in our caring, we are prepared to o deeds to insist upon their success. the republican budget takes $2 trillion and provides a big, wealthy tax cut for the rich. it creates in essence a deep hole in affordable care for
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health care. it does not provide justice and fair elections. it takes away educational opportunities from students and of course it does not bring the most vulnerable out of poverty and enhance the lives of the middle class. but the people's budget provides for supporting the affordable care act. it provides for giving fair working tax cuts for others. and it provides fairness and justice. i rise to support the people's budget. it invests in the american people. i ask my colleagues to vote for the congressional progressive caucus budget. the chair: the time of the gentlelady has expired. does the gentleman from california continue to reserve? the gentleman from california continues to reserve. the gentleman from arizona is recognized. mr. gri shall -- mr. grijalva: thank you, mr. chairman. i'm prepared to close. in the debate on the budget, on the republican budget and how it contrasts with the progressive caucus budget, we've heard a lot about needing to control
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mandatory spending. but that was -- that that was the real issue here. runaway mandatory spending. make no mistake my republican colleagues talk about cutting mandatory spend they mean they want to cut medicare, and sos to pay for the trillion dollar tax scam and creative numbers that are part of their budget. for the wealthy and for the corporations in america. the other issue that we hear over is by making these major cuts to the wealthiest and the rich that somehow their net gain and their profit and their break on taxes is going to trickle down to the rest of us. well, we've seen that movie before in this country. that trickle down theory doesn't work. the money doesn't trickle down and the american people will not -- won't be fooled about that again. our budget invests $2 trillion in infrastructure and jobs immediately. our budget takes bold action to fight climate change.
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and our budget delivers on the promise for our children and our inheritance in this country, our inheritance of the children that are there that everybody is that everybody is worried about a deficit. we are worry about their future as well and our budget delivers on the promise of childcare for all pre-x for all a robust education system to provide all kids with an opportunity to succeed in this nation. our budget is about the future. our intudget about emphasizes the values that make this country special and great. and our budget is a contrast. it offers a contrast about what this country can be if it invests in its people and the road that we've been on for far too long in which we've disinvested in people, shifted wealth and burden onto a set of middle class and working crass in this country. that time has ended. our budget represents that end. i urge a yes vote on the people's budget and yield back.
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the chair: the time of the gentleman has expired. all time for the minority has expired on this amendment. the gentleman from california is recognized to close debate for the majority. mr. mcclintock: thank you, mr. chairman have my friends on the left learned absolutely nothing over the past eight years? if massive government spending, higher and higher taxes, and deeper and deeper debt produced economic growth, the obama years should have been the golden age of our economy. instead, we suffered prolonged an ation, averaged 1.5% cruel growth. only half the average economic growth that our nation has enjoyed in the post-war era. the progressive and democratic budgets promise an cruel more of the same. we choose a different path. the reagan path. the that produced an average of 3.5% growth year after year, higher wages, better jobs, not just republican plcy, john f. kennedy did the same thing.
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he reminded us that a rising tide lifts all boats. these are the policies that create prosperity. government cannot create jobs because it cannot create wealth. but what it can do is create the conditions where jobs multiply and prosper, or where they stagnate and december appear. that it can do very well. we have very consistent experience with the policies that create these seasons -- these conditions. if you increase the burdens on the economy as the democrats again propose, the economy contracts. lighten the burdens on the economy, it grows and prospers. no nation has ever taxed and spent its way into prosperity. but many nations have taxed and spent their way to economic ruin and bankruptcy. we know what works. and we know what doesn't work. because we have tried both paths many times before. the house budget committee's budget follows principles that
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time and again consistently and rapidly produced economic expansion and prosperity. the house democrat's budge and the progressive budget before us now double down on policies that have impoverished and bankrupted nations wherever they've been employed down through history. that's the choice before us today. let us choose wisely our future wisely. our future depends on it. the chair: the time of the gentleman from california has expired. all time having expired on this amendment, the question is on the amendment offered by the entleman from arizona. wisely. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the noes have it. in the opinion of the chair the amendment is not adopted. mr. grijalva: on that, i would like a recorded vet. -- recorded vote. the chair: pursuant to clause 6 of rule 18, further proceedings on the amendment offered by those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the gentleman from arizona will be postponed.
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it is now in order to consider amendment number printed in 14-39, for what purpose does the gentleman rise? >> i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 2 in the nature of a substitute printed in house report 114-339 offered by mr. scott of virginia. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 553, the gentleman from virginia, mr. scott, and a member opposed each will control 15 minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from virginia. mr. scott: thank you, mr. chairman. i rise in support of the congressional black caucus budget a more credible and responsible alternative than the underlying republican budget. the nation's budget reflecks its priorities but the republican budget continues to highlight
6:43 pm
wrong priorities. it fast tracks tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and clips that unrealistic economic growth will pay for these cuts when in reality, those tax cuts will ultimately be paid for by children, seniors and those in need. it cuts $1.5 trillion from medicaid and medicare and cuts programs that support basic living standards, including nutritional assistance and undermines national security by cutting diplomatic programs and foreign aid. the republican budget also cuts education, job train, research and development and infrastructure. the budget leaves hardworking american families out in the cold and would devastate our economic recovery after years of consistent job growth. cob gregsal black caucus budget is in stark contrast to the republican budget. it is compassionate, the numbers add up, it addresses the needs of the most vulnerable and improve ours economy. unlike the republican budget, the c.b.c. budget uses real
6:44 pm
number, not overly optimistic growth projections and assumptions of things that won't happen. c.b.c. budget proposes $3.9 trillion in revenue enhancements and unlike the republican budget we show how congress can realistically reach this revenue target by outlining lsm $11 trillion in revenue options from which congress could pick and choose $3.9 trillion. with the additional re-re-knew, the c.b.c. budget protects and strengthens the social safety net and commits the federal government to eradicating poverty in america. our budget includes a comprehensive infrastructure an jobs program, totaling $1 trillion over five years and according to the economic policy institute, it will create two million jobs next year. in addition, the c.b.c. budget eliminates any further threat of sequestration, eliminating the arbitrary budget caps and across the brd budget cuts scheduled for next year. it allocates $200 billion for
6:45 pm
hurricane relief and $100 billion to address the looming pension cries aseasoned -- crisis and additional funding for our veterans. even with the elimination of sequestration and strong investments in programs we know will create jobs and economic opportunity, the c.b.c. budget is still estimated to reduce the deficit when compared to the baseline by approximately $2.5 trillion over the next 10 years. mr. chairman, i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from virginia reserves the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from georgia seek recognition? >> mr. chairman, i rise in opposition to the bill. the chair: the gentleman is now recognized. >> i yield myself as much time as i shall consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. >> i appreciate the opportunity to have this discussion today because it's an important one. i know that the gentleman from we want to address the challenges.
6:46 pm
we agree that the status quo is insufficient to meet the needs of the issue and we would like to lift americans up. mr. ferguson: i must oppose this budget. this budget raises taxes by $4 trillion and increases spending and never balances and proposes washington-mandated problems. it makes no effort to control federal deficits and debt and will leave our country bankrupt and i want to be clear what this means. this budget will double down on generational thefts, spending more and more money we don't have today and leaving our children and grand children to foot the bill. in contrast, the republican budget con fronts our nation's fiscal challenges by requiring mandatory spending reductions and balancing within 10 years. while this budget measures success on how much the federal
6:47 pm
government spends, the republican-house budget proposes to measure success based on outcomes. if we have learned nothing from decades of spending on federal welfare programs is that more money cannot help poverty. we must change our approach and how we measure results. this budget fails to address the upward mobility agenda. reforming our tax code and calls for tax increases that would stifle economic growth. america should be the most competitive place in the world to do business but everything in our tax code tells companies to take their jobs and investments overseas. higher taxes on job creators and small businesses is the exact opposite of what we need to bring labor back into the work force. now is the time for comprehensive tax reform that
6:48 pm
unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit. increasing personal investment and it promotes job creation. this will budget leaves the american workers and families behind. lastly, mr. chairman, i want to know what this proposal does make cuts and that is in our national defense. at a time when we face complex and involving international threats from places like north korea, russia and iran, this budget would cut defense spending and compromise the safety and security of our service members. we need to provide for our national security and re-invest in our military and protect our homeland. that is why the republican budget fulfills congress' commitment to prepare for our national defense. we will have a lot of conversations today about priorities because that's what budgets are.
6:49 pm
clear illustrations of our priorities and we want to leave our nation better for our children and grandchildren. we all want every person regardless of their socio economic status toll realize the american dream. i oppose this budget proposal because it will not help us achieve these goals and avoids does nothing to promote growth and doubles down on the spirit of entrepreneurism that we need. we have a responsibility to secure our nation's fiscal future and improve the lives of our citizen but this budget is not the way forward. i yield. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from virginia is recognized. mr. scott: i yield two minutes to the chairman of the congressional black caucus, mr. richmond. the chair: the gentleman from
6:50 pm
louisiana is recognized. mr. richmond: let me thank the ranking member on education, bobby scott, for his hard work and the rest of the c.b.c. on putting this budget together. mr. speaker, i think that what i'm having a hard time is wrapping my mind around the same failed arguments that we hear that we are going to cut trillions of dollars in taxes so we can help the upper middle class and the top 1% and that is going to benefit the poorest people in the country and exacerbate the deficit saying we are going to create jobs and then we find ourselves with increasing debt and deficit and go to the poorest people in the country and ask them to pay for it. we cut the programs that are vital to lifting them out of poverty. i agree with my colleague on the other side.
6:51 pm
my mother said a great education will lift you out of poverty. go to a historically black college to prepare you for your future. we don't talk about the republican budget cuts education. how can we say with a straight face that we propose to lift give out of poverty and them the power so they can go achieve it while we are cutting their education and cutting all the programs that will help them to achieve it. and look, we always hide behind protecting our country and the national defense. e biggest problem is at 1600 pennsylvania. my colleagues wake up in the morning saying are we going to war with north korea. that is not good for the
6:52 pm
country. but i think the secretary of state has a great disposition and strategy when it comes to the national defense and diplomacy. but i think the key of what we have to do with budgets is understand they are moral documents and express our values and cutting the disabled and others is not a true statement of american values. and i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from georgia is recognized. >> i would like to yield two minutes to my colleague, mr. lewis. mr. lewis: i rise in opposition to the congressional black caucus substitute budget. if for no other reason there is a price for work savings and investment. and when you raise that price too high, guess what you get? less work, savings and
6:53 pm
investment and let economic growth. look at the growth rates we have had over the last 10 years. if spending could create an economic juggernaut we would have one now. we have 1.9% deproth. no where know where. but if you look at the 1920's in 1960's and 1980's, j.f.k. that famous economic club, the surest way to raise receive news is to cut rates now. it worked. and the reason is very simple. once you lower the price of work saving and investment, you not only get more of that and leave more capital in the private sector, when you have capital put to use, workers become productive. i have always said the truck drivers are much more productive
6:54 pm
with the truck. and the people with the capital can buy the truck. we don't have a revenue problem. last record we had record tax revenues and yet a deficit of $870 billion. we have a spending problem and the c.b.c. budget increases spending over 10 years while our budget is underneath the c.b.o. baseline. our budget cuts taxes including eliminating the bottom rate that we suggest in our tax reform plan. this is a question of american vision and the american dream. our vision is for more capital, more incentives and more people with rising incomes. their vision is to go protect the government budget. i stand in opposition to this particular substitute budget. and i yield back. the chair: the time of the gentleman has expired. the gentleman from virginia is
6:55 pm
recognized. mr. scott: i yield two minutes to the gentlelady from california, a member of the appropriations committee, ms. lee. the chair: the the gentlewoman from california is recognized. ms. lee: i thank the gentleman for yielding and thank you for your tremendous leadership to raft the congressional black caucus' budget. i rise in strong support of this budget. as a member of the budget and appropriations committee and as chair of our task force on poverty, income inequality, i'm proud that the budget includes $300 billion investments into initiatives that have proven to lift millions out of poverty. for example, it restores cuts to the nutritional program and expands access to affordable housing and increases founding
6:56 pm
for trade assistance program. tax .b.c. creates a fair code. billions g.d.p. by $329 and helps create 2 million jobs. they invest in $120 billion in creating jobs, $25 billion to restore public housing and also 102030 et employs the formula by directing at least federal spending into areas of poverty rates by more than 20%. we will make progress toward ending to tend poverty that hurts families and communities. with regard to the pentagon, we require that we audit the pentagon and encourage that they implement g.a.o. recommendations that will lied to cost savings. this is a budget that stands
6:57 pm
with the american people. it's a message to the american people that you stand with those who are working hard to find a job. we stand with those working hard at a job with low wages. balancing the budget on the backs of struggling families to provide giveaways to billionaires is unacceptable. the c.b.c. budget provides for the national security and the economic security of our nation. thank you, mr. speaker. the chair: the time of the gentlewoman has expired. the gentleman from georgia is recognized. >> i yield three minutes to the gentleman from florida. the chair: the gentleman from florida is recognized for three minutes. >> as one of the youngest members of congress, i feel an obligation not only to my district but to my generation. right now we are midway through the greatest wave of generational theft. the budget offered by the
6:58 pm
congressional black caucus takes the problems of washington and makes all of them worse by doubling down on deficit spending and irresponsible financial decisions. mr. gaetz: i'm on two of the more scariest committees in the congress, armed services and budget. our adversaries are closing the capability gap and doing more while after eight years of the obama administration, our military has been left in shambles. this budget does nothing to rebuild the military. this is without the tools they need to win and absolutely shameful. mr. speaker, when we look at the budget today, we absolutely have to get on the path of fiscal discipline. this budget doesn't do that. and purnnishes workers with new xes and more taxes and pours
6:59 pm
more money into the failed obamacare and promote a health care system that is a single-payer system. it will bankrupt hard-working americans. how much would premiums go up? $1,000, $2,000 and taxes would increase, too. the same families would see enormous challenges meeting their needs because they would be irresponsible funding in washington. beyond making our citizens sick san poor, this would weaken our military and put more americans in danger. everyone knows that the threats are serious we face. hezbollah, isis, volatility across the middle east, this cuts funding for the global war on terror. readiness has fallen. g.d.p. growth has sputtered and
7:00 pm
our debt has skyrocketed. these are not policies we should repeat and not policies we should expand. let's vote for the republican budget that has the greatest reduction in entitlement spending since newt gingrich was speaker of the house and can restore the great promise of the american dream. . the chair: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from virginia is recognized. mr. scott: i recognize the gentleman from illinois, mr. davis. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. davis: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in strong support of the c.b.c. alternative budget and i commend representative scott and his staff for the tremendous work they've done. the c.b.c. budget provides for all of the essentials, including defense. including infrastructure. but what i like most about it is
7:01 pm
its focus on job creation. rebuilding our veterans hospitals, rebuild infrastructure in our communities. putting people to work. mr. speaker, my constituents need jobs and opportunities to work. the c.b.c. budget focuses on jobs. jobs. jobs. i strongly support it and urge all of my colleagues to do the same. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from illinois yields back. the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. ferguson: at this time i would like to yield two minutes to the gentleman from south carolina. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman, i rise in opposition to this proposed amendment to the budget resolution. i think it's very important when discussing spending often ss suggested before us to remember that we do not live in a fantasy world. we live in a world where
7:02 pm
resources are limited. and we have to make difficult choices. these are the same choices every their budget th every day of the year. currently our national debt rests at over $20 trillion. the entire u.s. g.d.p. in 2016 every day was only 18.5. should we continue to spend money without restraint that we don't have? this proposal never balances. it does raise taxes though. with the tax increases in this proposed $3.9 trillion, one would expect the fwouget balance. what this does do is add over $1 trillion in new spending. what's another $1 trillion then you're only $20 trillion in debt? i challenge the supporters of this proposed budget to research the potentially catastrophic impacts of defaulting on our national debt. we're saddling future generations with ain insurmountable burden. when our grandchildren and children look back on what we've
7:03 pm
done here, to we want this work to be that we left our country broke? i don't think so. i would urge my colleagues to not kick the can down the road and not pass this proposed amendment. i yield. the chair: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from viverage is recognized. mr. scott: can you advise how much time is available on both sides. the chair: the gentleman from virginia has 7 1/2 minutes. the gentleman from georgia has five minutes. mr. scott: mr. chairman, i yield myself 15 seconds just to point out that the health care plan in the budget is the public option which c.b.o. scores as savings of over $100 billion, and we have $1 trillion spending for infrastructure, things the president promised. mr. chairman, i yield one minute to the gentlelady from texas, ms. jackson lee. the chair: the gentlelady from texas is recognized for one inute.
7:04 pm
ms. jackson lee: mr. chairman, as a member of the budget committee i find the c.b.c. budget to be a principled and thoughtful budget. it ends the threat of sequestration. it will accelerate our economic recovery. it will help eradicate poverty in america. and it will reduce the deficit by approximately $.7 trillion over 10 years. on the other hand, the tax cut that our republican friends are proposing will cause a deficit by giving a whopping $2.4 trillion in tax cuts, most to the top 1% of the american people. it will not help the young child as he grows to seek opportunity and jobs. this will be a bill that is a price that is not right and if
7:05 pm
you work hard you get less. our budget on the other hand gives $665 billion in immediate investment to rebuild our nation's crumbling infrom structure and it is doing that, it is crumbling even more so after the devastating hurricane. $120 billion to find a national direct job creation program and full employment trust fund. $ 0 billion for modernization. mr. scott: i yield the gentlelady for an additional minute. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. jackson lee: $ 0 billion to fund the modernization of schools. i thank the gentleman. $20 billion to expand access to broadband services, $25 billion for public house regular capitalization, $15 billion for improving and rebuilding the v.a. hospitals. $25 billion for h.u.d. choice neighborhoods and $5 billion for summer jobs for young persons. en can attest to the fact that
7:06 pm
in discussions with the federal communications commission that connectivity at lower income neighborhoods is at an all-time low. it's a vital need to expand bloodband services, to expand educational services for this young man for him to be able to take a job in the 21st century. there are hundreds of jobs that are unapplied for because the skill set of our young people is inadequate education. this is a people investor, it nsts in people. for that reason i believe it's the right way to go, it balance ours need for the military and provides for the american people. the chair: the time of the gentlelady has expired. mr. scott: i yield the gentlelady 30 seconds. ms. jackson lee: i thank the gentleman. it provides that road map to ensure that the american people are taken care of. i want to make mention that it $300 billion for
7:07 pm
programs that have proven instrumental in lifting millions of americans out of poverty. shouldn't that be what we're doing? in my district, thousands are online for the $300 billion it' stamp program that program needs to be extended. this is what we do. we do not make people dependent. we give them a hand up, not a handout. that's what the budget is supposed to be a road map for opportunity. i support the congressional black caucus budget for that is what it is a road map for opportunity i yield back. the chair: the time of the gentlelady has expired. the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. ferguson: i understand our colleague's desire to fight poverty. i'd like to share my experience and what we've done to fight poverty at the local level. for generations we have thrown more and more money to eliminating poverty with fewer and fewer results. we have succeeded in alleviating the effects of poverty but made lit plolfwress in lifting people out of poverty. instead of giving people a handup we're giving them a handout and telling them life can't get any better than where they are and that is morally
7:08 pm
wrong. i think we can do better. the key to solving poverty isn't simply throwing more money at the problem, it's to try something different and find innovative ways to fix our welfare entitlement system, improve our education system and return the dignity of work to our fellow citizens them proposed amendment does none of these things. it perpetuates the cycle of generational poverty that's been passed down from parent to child. i saw the same situation in my hometown of west point, georgia. it's what motivated me to enter public service and run for mayor. we had a community that was dying. folks were frapped in generational poverty and stripped of the dignity of work. instead of continuing the current system we made changes. we worked to get the government out of the way and allow the job creators to innovate and grow their businesses, to hire more and more workers. we invested in infraschuck -- were able to and create other 50,000 advanced
7:09 pm
manufacturing jobs and for the first generation saw more people moving into the middle class than into poverty. we made were able to changes in educational system to prepare today's students to work in a 21st century work force. with all these changes we saw our community come back to life. people had jobs and opportunity. they took advantage of it. they -- the advanced manufacturing sector sprang back to life and we saw a rescythelyization of not only our community but our people. these lessons from folks in the third district they sent me here to push those same type of ideas here in congress. the republican budget puts us on the path to this type of reforl and i believe my colleagues and i share the desire to fight poverty in this country. however i do not believe the c.b.c. budget proposal does us that justice. i look forward to passing the house budget. i reserve. the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from virginia is recognized. mr. scott: thank you, mr. chairman. i yield two minutes and 15 seconds to the gentleman from
7:10 pm
maryland, mr. brown. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes and 15 seconds. mr. brown: thank you, mr. speaker. i'd like to thank my friend from virginia. i rise in strong support of the congressional black caucus budget which is a more responsible alternative than the g.o.p. budget. the nation's -- a nation's budget reflects its priority bus the g.o.p. budget continues to push the wrong ones, catering to the wealthy and the special interests. the g.o.p. likes to say a rising tide lifts every boat but only if every vessel is sea worthy. the g.o.p. budget leaves too many americans in dinghies, rubber rafts and row boats that will be capsized. it includes $5.4 trillion slashed from education programs, $2 trillion cut from medicaid and medicare. billion eliminated from investments to education, research and infrastructure that will prevent us from competing globally.
7:11 pm
the g.o.p. budget would devastate our economy. by balancing the budget on the backs of students, workers, seniors, the disabled and vulnerable communities in maryland and across our country. and for what? to provide tax cuts to the top 1%? people who make at least $900,000 every year? in stark contrast, the c.b.c. would create a fairer tax code and provide investments in our community. it would boost the g.d.p. by $321 billion. i too serve on the house armed services committee and i stand here to say that the c.b.c.'s budget would end sequestration for our military to improve military readiness and at the same time restore critical domestic programs that support work and families and revitalize our neighborhoods. rather than giving the top 1% a $6 trillion tax cut, our budget would call for major investments here at home. $665 billion.
7:12 pm
to modernize highways and infrastructure. $120 billion in job creating programs. 0 billion so every child learns in a modern classroom and $15 billion to rebuild our v.a. and perhaps most importantly, mr. speaker, we invest $300 learns in billion over the next decade to eradicate poverty and provide basic standard of living to all americans. mr. speaker, our budget responsibly pays for all of our investments. our budget is a credible alternative and a real plan for america and i urge my colleagues to support the c.b.c. budget. i yield back. the chair: the time of the gentleman has expired. the gentleman from georgia has the right to close after the minority closes. does the gentleman from georgia have additional speakers or continue to reserve? mr. ferguson: i continue to reserve. the chair: the gentleman continues to reserve. the gentleman from virginia is recognized. mr. scott: mr. speaker, mr. chairman, i yield one and a half minutes to the gentlelady from
7:13 pm
texas, ms. ed debernice johnson. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for one and a half minutes. ms. johnson: thank you very much, mr. speaker. i stand here to talk a little bit about the republican budget first. it's a poor reflection of the values and priorities we hold dear in america. americans insist on dooming the american people to the failed trickle down economics of the reagan era. republican budget shifts the tax burden americans insist on away americans and larger corporations and places it squarely on the backs of hardworking middle and lower income americans. this has never helped. and it won't help now. not only would the republican budget increase the national deficit by $2.4 trillion over 10 years but it also foots the bill over the most vulnerable segments of our community.
7:14 pm
while cutting other important social safety network programs. for example, the budget pr poses to slash medicaid by $1.1 trillion and medicare for seniors by $487 billion. nondefense discretionary spending across the government would also be cut by $1.3 trillion at the expense of education, infrastructure, clean energy programs, medical research and job training. these are only some of the reasons why i stand tonight with my colleagues to support the congressional black caucus budget to propose an alternative to this budget we're facing. the c.b.c.'s alternative budget, we have done well in our country to finally pay a fair share. our budget seeks to invest $665 billion -- the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for 15 more seconds. ms. johnson: thank you very much.
7:15 pm
i will simply ask if the rest of my statement could be placed in the record, by simply saying our budget looks to invest $80 million in our children by modernizing schools and better preparing future generations to compete in a global economy. i thank you and yield back. the chair: the gentlelady's request is covered by general leave. the gentleman from georgia -- the gentleman continues to reserve. the gentleman from virginia. mr. scott: i'm prepared to close if the gentleman has no further speakers. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized to close debate for the minority. mr. scott: thank you. mr. chairman, the congressional black caucus is a more compassionate, fiscally responsible alternative to the republican budget and does not rely on unrealistic growth projections or bizarre suggestions that massive tax cuts could pay for themselves. it strengthens the affordable care act, makes college more affordable and ensures more americans are lifted out of poverty. it improves retirement security
7:16 pm
for our seniors. with these targeted investments, our budget create two million johns next year and reduces our nation's deficit by $2.5 trillion over the next decade and puts us on a more sustainable path compared to the c.b.o. projections of our budget. . i urge my colleagues to support the c.b.c. budget and i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from virginia yields back the balance of his time and all time for the my -- for the minority. and the gentleman from georgia is recognized to close debate for the majority. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i'd like to urge my colleagues to join me in opposing the budget presented by the gentleman from virginia. this budget does nothing to address our mandatory spending challenges, it never balances, it raises taxes, it increases spending, it cuts funding to our military. we can do better. we must do better. and the house budget is the way forward. mr. ferguson: the american people sent us here to get our fiscal house in order. this budget does not accomplish that goal. i urge my colleagues to vote
7:17 pm
against it. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from georgia yields back. all time having now expired, for debate on this amendment, the question is on the amendment offered by the gentleman from virginia. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the noes have it. the amendment is not agreed to. mr. scott: on that i ask for a recorded vote. the chair: pursuant to clause 6 of rule 18, further proceedings on the amendment offered by the gentleman from virginia will be postponed. >> i move the committee do now rise. the chair: the question is on the motion that the committee now rise. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly the committee rises.
7:18 pm
mr. speaker, the committee of the whole house on the state of the union, having had under consideration h.r. concurrent resolution 71 directs me to report that it has come to no resolution thereon. the speaker pro tempore: the chair of the committee of the whole house on the state of the union reports that the committee has had under consideration house concurrent resolution 71 and has come to nos remainlusion thereon -- -- has come to no resolution thereon. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair.
7:19 pm
so this house republican budget which is expected to pass on the floor on thursday, tomorrow, is really about unlocking tax reform. >>


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