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tv   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Reacts to President Trumps Speech  CSPAN  October 13, 2017 5:37pm-6:02pm EDT

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and the decision will isolate the united states. in his closing remarks, he will stay in the nuclear deal only if it berne fits his country. his is 25 minutes. >> in the name of god, the compassionate. ood evening.
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great nationwide nation it is important for me after the from the was heard current president of the united a number of points to our nation. , and his speech and y, only bad-mouthing baseless accusations were made against the iranian nation. he has nothing else to say.
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i invite the president of the better read to history books and the gee oggra f i and as well as the international commitments as -- as respect and ethics international ethics. a pattern that he has nothing to --w that the u.s. government that more than 50 years ago have accrued to bring back to power the leadership in iran. it's the same power that used urn and pressure and agents to
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topple an elected illegal government in iran. parently, he has forgotten at the resistance of the iranian nation for democracy and that did the country throw most of its support was the united states. president trump has forgotten the fact that after the victory of the islamic revolution and at the end of the day the revolution the plot by the nited states was another coup. osk, one more time, they tried
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they tried to repeat it. they have forgotten the fact since the 1980's and it was the united states that backed the invaders. they forgot the fact that when iran was being bombarded by chemically attacked the statement that what the u.s. was supposed to make in order to condemn the invaders and support the oppressed being invaded, they did the opposite. we need to go through the
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history much more carefully. over the past six decades or so, what they have done to the iranian people. ver the past 0 years after the islamic revolution how they treated the iranian nation. they should also go through geographic outcome as the how does a president doesn't know how to affect internationally recognized wish persian gulf? the same persian gulf that unform u.s. war ships keep coming and going for no apparent reason. they should attack their own military men to look at their
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own military maps, given their own -- how they have written the name of this important waterway. also go he should through his geography also and should also study. he hasn't studied it well. multi lateral deal that has been ratified by the u.n. security council. it is a u.n. document. is it possible for a president to unilaterally dessert file this important international deal? this is a document -- this is
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not a document between iran and the united states but the treaty that he doesn't like. with respect to on ethics and also important, incorrect tatements unjustified, false accusations, based accusations against iran against the iranian that , the great nation claimed to the southern part of the persian gulf, truth part in a unique .residential race nation that has democracy and
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civilization and culture and is committed to all international accords and agreements that i respect them. s it right to this nation or he country that keeps invading with the region? a country that has killed hundreds of thousands of people in different parts of the world from vietnam to latin america to other countries. a country that has used bombs, ombs to kill these people. someone should claim he wants to stand against nuclear weapons.
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this is someone that tries to stand gets a nuclear weapons in a country that has used it twice against another country. now they are trying to threaten -- they are threatening to nuke another country in that specific part of the world and a country that is nuke larized and nuclear weapons that has aused nuclear weapons and has relations with has ar arms states and the held nuclear weapons in this regime. is this the same person? that wants to stop and take ternational measures against
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proliferation. once again, it became clear that the government of the united people of gain the the region against the people of iran and the oppressed nation that wants to continue to settle the score and inform policies. the iranian nation is not a -- n that could easily be in the face of a dictator. the iranian nation will never kneel down, will never give up or surround them. many countries supported the former dictatorship but they
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couldn't defeat the iranian nation. many countries that join the sanctions regime against iran, in the end it was proven to them that they cannot defeat iran bringing it to the our country to our knees. it is much more clear tonight that more than before, they should remain united and stand together, more than before. they should remain united. the jcech tonight showed pmp oa is much more stronger than what the gentleman thought about it in the presidential campaign. few months have past since the
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presidency of donald trump, but he keeps talking back about this deal. he wants to have close you are the j crmppmpomp a and he doesn't know that the j -- that nothing can be added, that no clauses, no bills could be added to the jcpoa. the great mission is once again was hostile position against an international deal. once again, the e.u. affirms its position against the united states. america is now more than ever isolated. when it comes to the jcpoa.
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it is isolated much more than ever when it comes to hatching new plots. we are making it absolutely clear. we are going to stand against terrorism in the region and will continue to fight terrorism, the same terrorist groups that this same gentleman last year during his presidential campaign said, america -- the american government was behind the creation of isis. e people of iran, the people and yemen and syria and the -- we continue to resist terrorist groups that have been created by the united states and do not stand until these terrorist groups have been
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terminated. that werful force unpopular young people and vrl always been standing behind their people before the war on ran fought against anti--aaron agents. fought them. against the jac has fled the ri o the call of support from the oppressed people. ?s this a corrupt force or the government and armed done but have always
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everything to interfear in being dependent -- different countries in the region. this government of iran, all the government is the government dictator that is only elected by the people. the government is being supported by the u.s. and on behalf of tribal assistance that manages the country, that has never seen, never had an election in their country. a regime that continues to oppress the people of palestine,
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lebanon and others. you support that regime. t the force that despite the terrorism in the region and has , er invaded any country disrespectful world against this force. you forgot. you forgot that you shut down a passenger iranian airplane over the par shan world waters and gave pported and then them medals of honor to these criminals. the t that the wars in region have been created by you. you forgot how you treated the
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people of afghanistan and syria nd others. missile program is concerned. how come the arm that leads to the invaders in the region and you, your war planes and bombs col target the oppressed people of yemen with regard to those weapons and invasion, you are not protesting. the target of iran only in the petitioner gulf. u invaded the region con tinously. and our missiles are for defense. you have been determined to defend also. now today we are going to be
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much more determined to defend ourselves and will continue to produce the arms that we need. and we will double that effort today to rid those weapons. our weapons are for deterrence and defense and will continue to strengthen our defense capabilities. and my last words. with regard to the jcpoa, we see this as an international deal and multi lateral deal as a interests rve, our are secure. if we continue to benefit from given the framework
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-- the framework of national interests will continue to speak to the deal and will tourm speak within this framework of international law and the u.n. nuclear agency. however, if one day, our terests are not met or other sites refuse to abide by the commitments they should know. iran will not hesitate to give them a fitting response. what we heard from the american what are the ght, baseless ncorrect allegations and bad mouthing that we have heard over the past 40 years or so.
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nothing new we have heard tonight. we are not surprised. it is been 40 years that we have been used to hearing these words from you. we are not surprised. we didn't expect anything else from you. and we will not expect anything else from you from now on. keep in mind that with your incorrect words, you just made us more united than ever. you cannot create the government and the people. and the people and the popular leadership of this country, you annot sow discord. notrevolution was based and against politics. and it is the leadership or
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supreme leader who is overseeing this connection, this link. , ed on the constitution whatever orders our leaders give us, the people are -- the people of iran are united. and sanctions and all political parties and all ethnic groups, they are united when it comes tom standing against the enemies of iran and you. you much happy with the slogan made by the iranian nation than to stop your hostile attitude towards iran. we respect the people of america even today. however, your incorrect policies are not accepted here and will never be accepted here.
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the slogan of the iranian nation is not against the people of america. it is against the wrong policies of the united states. reform your u to foreign policy. it is up to you to learn how to treat other nations. if you do that, the people of iran also know very well how to treat you well. our nation will continue to expand against the conspirators. heir main goal is to stop -- [indiscernible] distance . wants to their world from.
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and want to stop iran. espite despite what trump said tonight and the unholy goals of u.s. fol politicians, the people of iran will continue to make efforts to develop this country economically. god bless you all. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> those comments from the iranian president took place a short time after president trump announced he would not recertify the multilateral iran nuclear deal. you can watch the president's comments in their entirety tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. and other primetime programs include book tv on c-span2, with a visit to several recent book festivals. and on c-span3, american history tv. with programs on photo journalists who have documented ajor events in u.s. history.
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>> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, washington examiner steven nelson discusses the values voter summit we features speeches by president trump, steve bannon and g.o.p. senate hopeful, judge roy moore. recent contributor and bay journal staff writer talks about the return of the hemp industry in kentucky. then psychologist and author dr. suessen lipkens discusses state and federal anti-hazing laws. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. >> the family research council and other conservative groups have been meeting for more than a decade in washington, d.c., to hear from conservative leaders about a wide range of issues. tomorrow their values voter summit conti w


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