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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 22, 2017 12:32pm-1:04pm EDT

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nuclear related sanctions. isn't it better to have nonnuclear-related sanctions, or can congress do nothing in the next 60 days? and how do we secure that congress does nothing? i have heard that we should try to push mccarthy and mcconnell that nothing goes to the floor. could you be specific about 60 days? nahal: this is really fascinating -- someone urging congress to do nothing. [laughter] go ahead. dr. parsi: i think it is important to keep in mind -- it is not just so if you have nuclear based sanctions, nothing bad being imposed, that that would be a violation. if you have sanctions, even if they are on the basis of any other issue -- terrorism, human rights -- but it is actually targeting iran's trade, rather than being targeted, that is violation of the deal. essentially we have broad-based sanctions and -- and immediately after they are done, we reimpose those sanctions in a different form with a different basis --
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obviously, that will not work. that is a violation. that is where i think there might be difficulty, because everything u.s. congress is looking at is going to really be difficult to find new areas of sanctions that haven't already been sanctioned, aren't already sanctioned. we have probably more sanctions on iran still today than any other country. even sanctions we said have been lifted have not been lifted. they have been waived. they have to continue to be waived every 100 to 180 days. so the no action approach, in the sense of no action in the sense of adopting new sanctions, but there are plenty of other things that can be done. a, making sure we live up to the deal. respect video. honor it in good faith. then reengage in diplomacy to , address those very same issues that people say in many ways legitimately are concerns. nahal: we are actually almost out of time. i just want to end this on a somewhat light note. if i remember correctly, trump referred to it as of the arabian gulf, right?
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and i can just say one thing -- like there is no way to make iranians more united against you than to refer to the persian gulf as the arabian gulf. and i think -- is it fair to say he might have lost iranians with that? dr. parsi: he lost iranians overwhelmingly with the muslim band in january already, because the vast majority of people who were affected by this were iranians, and there were really no security basis for that whatsoever. there is no cases of any iranians coming here and engaging in any acts of lethal terror. on the contrary, it's been productive thing for the united states. so already there. and now, we are in the third iteration of the muslim ban. he has no credibility, claiming he wants the best for the iranian people and that he is reaching out to him, they are laughing at him. nahal: you could argue he has nothing to lose. thank you also much for that. really appreciate that. [applause] remember to give me your business cards. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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caption content and accuracy. visit] leadersenate majority mitch mcconnell was on sunday talk shows this morning, appearing on "state of the union " and "fox news sunday." he was asked about challenges the gop might face in upcoming elections from people within their own party. >> i think the president ought to give himself a little more credit for the changes he is bringing about that are turning the country in a different direction. we want to get america growing again. there was not a single year of 3% growth during president obama's tenure. not one. we ought to be growing about 3% per year on average to realize the hopes and dreams of the next generation. a combination of tax reform and regulatory changes the president is already bringing about will get that job done. >> you are clearly trying to
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bring up some of the things that are not being done. day, thereend of the is very open tension between you and your fellow republicans on capitol hill and the president. the president himself was asked this weekend about his own attacks on fellow republicans. he says he thinks those attacks are helpful because it gets people to do what they are supposed to be doing. you have been on the receiving end of those attacks. do they help you get legislation through the senate? particularly not concerned about all of this. what we are interested in is achieving an agenda for the american people. agenda and our agenda is one and the same. we are thrilled to have somebody in the white house who supports what this house and senate republican majority have been wanting to do for a long time. i refuse to get diverted off on the various comments that may have been made at one time or the other.
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let's try to a kabul shall these things for the american people. -- let's try to accomplish. these things for the mecca people. possible worry your unpopularity is weighing down your ability to keep the senate next year? >> i will not be on the ballot in any of these states. i do not think the candidates who are running need to take up a position on me. the people in those states are interested in what the candidates can do for them and for the country. trying to cook up an issue like this is irrelevant, will only pick up divisions, make it more difficult for us to win in november. i do not expect a candidate in america to sign up on how they may vote for the majority leader of the senate a year and a half from now. at what congress is up to this week. the house back in session tomorrow after a weeklong district work period. members leading for legislative business at 2:00 eastern.
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later, they are expected to take up the senate budget resolution. the final vote possible as soon as thursday. if they approve that, it will allow commerce to proceed to tax form. the senate tacked tomorrow at 3:00 eastern. they will consider the $36.5 billion emergency supplemental bill for hurricane and wildfire relief. 5:30e for that is set for eastern. you can watch the house live here on c-span and the senate live on c-span 2. ,"nday on "the communicators russia's involvement in the 2016 election with propublica reporter julia angwin. >> facebook has said that they learned that ads on facebook by anonymous at sewing aimed
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divisiveness. communicators" monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. all five former living presidents were together last night for a benefit concert to help those impacted by recent hurricanes. the event took place at texas a&m university and college station. it included several celebrities, including lady gaga. there was also a video message from trump. this portion is about 25 minutes. americans byfellow 50555. oneamerica to or visit we will take any amount. now, a few words from the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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donald trump: my fellow americans, the heartbreaking devastation caused by hurricanes harvey and irma and maria and nate along with the terrible >> my fellow americans. as a nation we mourn for those who died, and we pray for those who lost their homes or their livelihoods. in the aftermath of these terrible storms, the american people have done what we do best. we came together. we held one another -- helped one another, and through it all we remained resilient. we came together as one as we rest to the aid of texas, louisiana florida, puerto rico, and the u.s. virgin islands. as we begin to rebuild, some of the finest public servants are spearheading the one america appeal. through this effort all five living former presidents are playing a tremendous role in helping our fellow citizens
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recover. two presidents jimmy carter, george h.w. bush, bill clinton, george w. bush, and barack obama, melania and i want to express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance. this wonderful effort reminds us we truly are one nation, under god, all unified by our values and devotion to one another. i also want to thank every person including everyone here tonight who has contributed to this vital effort. there is a lot of work ahead of us, and i want to thank groups like the points of light for making such a big difference in the desert -- the disaster response efforts. we will rebuild, and we will come back stronger and better than ever before. thank you, god bless you, and may god bless the united states of america. [applause and cheers] lee greenwood: president trump.
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as texas, florida, and puerto rico ace the aftermath of purvey, irma, and maria -- harvey, irma, and maria, points of light has stepped up to the long road to recovery. here to talk more about the foundation and to present awards is president and ceo of points of light nalley kaplan and chairman neil bush. much, mr. leeo greenwood, for your outstanding patriotism and for being such a great mc tonight. thank you to all the artists here tonight for volunteering your time and talent. i am proud to cheer points of light and to support my father's legacy of service and volunteerism. it is my privilege to share the moving stories of everyday americans who acted on an
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impulse to help others. in my hometown of houston, a half-mile from our home, entire neighborhoods and entire neighborhoods like so many communities in the bayou were flooded. my wife and i went down the street to help. we were inspired by what we saw, a neighborhood darkened and flooded. it was shining with the bright light of neighbors helping neighbors. community rising up. we worked side-by-side with groups from the first baptist first and young and 400 -- churches, service clubs all across the city. the mayor's office have been. proactively helping their members, parishioners, and employees. getting rid of contaminated flooring and property. volunteers all united in service. when it came to pulling people out of homes and pulling up
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damaged floors, no one cared whether you were rich or poor. black, white, brown, christian am a jew, atheist, gay or straight. the truth is service unites. [applause and cheers] and people committed to serving others unite around our common humanity. strength, resiliency, and generosity close of those simple act of service -- flows from those simple acts of service. creating kinder and gentler communities, and it defined us as a nation. the recent natural disasters have shown us neighbors help neighbors, and fellow americans help each other regardless of where they are. there was ans,
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group of volunteers led to used and where they had efforts to track -- get animals trapped in homes. rafael from his home in chantilly, virginia organize a group that shipped 120,000 pounds of relief aid with the support of the 113th air national guard way. -- wing. howe stories have shown there is a common cause, making a difference in the lives of others. [applause and cheers] ♪ light are the souls of america. they are ordinary people. .> who reach beyond themselves care and friendship. >> given generously of themselves. his remark of his death remark
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you let -- remarkable individuals. >> what all of us can become. >> we were seeking refuge. we heard it was a shelter. when i walked to the doors, it started powers outcome of the dropped ceilings had fallen. sewage running in and out of the bathrooms. >> we have 150 people here. help to 19, they wanted to . they were not sure. i asked, who is ready to work, and all of them raise their hands. when you are in a position to help others, when they cannot help themselves, it is your duty. it is a we situation. ♪ >> seeing the storm as it was coming and hurricane andrew, i remember what it was like. i did not want someone else to go through that. media, puttingl outposts, a group of veterans
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are looking to help. who needs help? i was nervous i did not have the means to put up shutters, clear debris, do any of the dirty stuff people shied away from. you just put it out there and ask others around you, how can we do this? that gets you started. methe story begins with being a wedding planner and having a couple that was getting married on september 3. and a text that i sent to them with a photo of downtown, which was where our location was submerged. from there i asked them if they would like to spend the weekend doing of recovery initiative. they loved that idea, and they thought they would have 100 people at their wedding party that would join them. this was a selfless act that ignited an incredible idea.
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so there is a plunge to find you and there you up with an initiative. >> that went viral. >> we found cleared 250 homes and thousands of volunteers to recover. night, i middle of the thought about, how do we do more ? how do we engage more individuals quickly, help those hundreds of thousands of families? we were able to mobilize 700 at the center we were able to do truckloads of milk and water. we were able to organize more people to get the carpets, the sheets. whatever we can do to show we can help human beings, to show we can improve their quality of life, that is the best thing god has on all of us. >> this kind of volunteer work
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is different than traditional volunteer work. we built resources that are really helping people with recovery, with rescue. if it was not for the rescue act , people would have been stranded. it was flooding, rising water. so it was really impactful. ♪ volunteers, being there for somebody in their time of need matters. in the spirit of point of light, you are that for someone else. >> we just did what we needed to do, because that is what humanity does. to help a follow brother and sister -- hello brother and sister be one -- >> a lot of what we did, i like to believe helped people make it through this time when they were just looking, praying for there to be held.
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-- help. >> people get overwhelmed thinking they have to do something huge to have an impact. it is really something like going to your neighbor and asking if they need help. >> i am able to help one person, one fellow being, but it is great to see tomorrow, when i need help, i can count on my neighbor, my community, my country. ♪ [applause and cheers] jimmy carter: it is a great pleasure for me to be here with the other presidents to carry
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out this project. i have just enjoyed seeing what the points of light does for the country. i have seen it for many years. i like to remind people that it is located in georgia. with habitat for 36 years, one week each year. and it is known for volunteer work. we are ahead of any other nation . last year there were 67 million americans who volunteered to help other people in america. that came to 8 billion hours of work, worth $184 billion, so that is what volunteers did last year. this year they will do more. five ofabout one out of a total population. we want to see what the other four people do. build 6000 agreed to
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houses in a devastated area, and -- [applause] jimmy carter: and to do this, all of us habitat volunteers will raise $100 million. and we have already raised $20 million, so we have got a long way to go. this is a wonderful project, and thatu want to contribute, is fine. if you want to contribute to so let's all work together. and make work together america still a greater volunteer nation. thank you very much. [applause and cheers]
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bill clinton: when president george h.w. bush was trying to persuade the congress to pass the americans with disabilities act, he said, our problems are great, but the heart of america is greater. that is what we are here to celebrate. us,ere all citizens, even before we were politicians. and after our time was over, we became citizens again. we have been volunteering since before our constitution, when benjamin franklin organized the first volunteer fire department in philadelphia. our neighbors, our friends have gotten an enormous amount of equity from these volunteers, and a lot of money, but make no
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mistake about it. these were grievous storms back to back. there is still work to be done , and ourand in florida friends in puerto rico and the american virgin islands have only begun to dig their way out of what could be still a calamitous disaster. but it can be a new beginning if we just do what we ought to do and prove that the heart of america, without regard for race or religion or political party, is greater than our problem. [applause and cheers] >> howdy, texas. [applause and cheers] barack obama: so all of us on
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this stage could not be prouder of the response of americans when they see their neighbors, and they see their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. [applause and cheers] barack obama: and as heartbreaking as the tragedy that took place during texas, in florida, in puerto rico, in the u.s. virgin islands, have been, what we have also seen is the ,pirit of america at its best when ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things. is a part of that process. i want to thank presidents george w. bush and most of all in outstanding american, somebody who has always shown
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grace and character and courage, and served america nobly throughout the years, president george h.w. bush. we are so proud to be with you tonight. [applause and cheers] barack obama: he sets an example for all of us, as does first lady barbara bush. [applause and cheers] barack obama: and that spirit of volunteerism, that spirit that says we are all in this together , that in dire times and ignores all the differences we had before, that spirit is five pointsby the of light recipients whose stories you just saw on the screen and who are here tonight.
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so it is my great pleasure to bring these outstanding americans to the stage so that you can acknowledge the extraordinary work they have done, i hope everybody who is watching is inspired by the work they have done. [applause and cheers] >> in 1989, in 1989, president george h.w. bush created the daily point of light award to celebrate the power of an individual to make a difference in the lives of others.
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he was the first president in american history to institute a daily presidential recognition program from the white house. the work he began has taken root in america's fabric and has been built upon by every succeeding president. points of light proudly stewards his legacy by continuing to individuals with daily point of light awards, over 6000 to date. we are grateful to have president carter, president bush 41, president clinton, president bush 43, and president us.a stand with recognize andwe honor the following individual points of light.
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zachary bering, for his volunteer leadership at an evacuation shelter. [applause and cheers] natalye paquin: leah albina for using her technology skills to be a virtual volunteer for storm survivors in texas and her home state of florida. shani for mobilizing 2500 members of the islamic imam fleet and volunteers. for using her professional skills as a wedding planner to organize volunteers to begin rebuilding more than 250 homes, and derrick o'keefe for organizing volunteers to prepare for and respond to hurricane irma and for coordinating the supply ships to puerto rico and after hurricane maria.
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congratulations, and thank you for all that you do. [applause and cheers] [applause and cheers] george w. bush: thank you. it is first of all i am thrilled 42,e able to introduce 39, and 44 to one of the finest universities in the united states. [applause and cheers]
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george w. bush: i too am here to urge you to give to this fine find, and i want to thank -- all ofnd i want to thank the volunteers. i speak for the folks when i say we admire and love george h.w. bush. [applause and cheers] >> in 1979, c-span was created
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as a public service by america's cable companies and is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> i was barely able to get back to the surface but then a bunch of them jumped in, there is a picture of them pulling me out of the lake. you can see my arm is broken. once they pulled me out, they were not happy to see me because i had just finished bombing the place. rough.pretty broke my shoulder and hurt my knee again. i do not blame them. we were in a war. i do not like it, but at the war time, when you are in a
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and you are captured by the to haveou cannot expect tea. 50 years after his capture, john mccain talks about the impact of the vietnam war on his life and the country, today at 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. we welcome back newt gingrich, out with a new book. and your wife's book and her new posting. george w. bush is in new york this week and said politics seems to be more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. your reaction? >> i think there are real differences


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