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tv   Smithsonian Inaugural Gown Presentation  CSPAN  October 22, 2017 1:48pm-2:05pm EDT

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anonymous accounts and they were politically divisive ads, not necessarily aimed at one candidate or another but aimed at sewing divisiveness on charged topics. communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. next, melania trump donates her inaugural gown to the smithsonian natural museum of american history where it will be on display in the first ladies exhibit. this presentation is about 15 minutes. >> please welcome mr. john gray, director of the smithsonian natural museum of american history -- smithsonian national museum of american history. [applause]
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the first lady of the united states, mrs. melania trump. [applause] >> good morning and welcome. i am john gray and i have the privilege of being your director of your national museum of american history. we are honored to extend a
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welcome to first lady trump. privileged to have this donation ceremony in our hall. the secretary of the smithsonian and the designer of the dress, to our board chair, many members of our board who are with us and to all of our distinguished guests, we welcome you and thank you for your support. and sos of americans many other visitors from every corner of the world walk-through our first lady's galleries each year and experience not only the important grandeur and elegance theye first ladies but reflect on how and our american democracy, transitions of power are celebrated peacefully. exhibitions and collections like the one that will house mrs. skills down require the
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and passion of our extraordinary staff at the national museum of american history. they create what the public sees and loves, creating a transformative experience that only they can offer. us lies the star-spangled banner, preserved for future generations. as the iconic statue of george washington offering his sword and the power it represents back to the people. these two national treasures remind us of our responsibility to foster the strongest and most vibrant democracy. later this morning, mrs. trump's inaugural gown will be installed exhibition, ladies another beautiful symbol of the enduring power of our democracy.
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mrs. trump, it is a tremendous honor to have you and your guests joined with the smithsonian in a tradition that goes back more than 100 years. the presentation of the first lady's inaugural gown to the smithsonian's national collection. we thank you. [applause] >> we preserve and share a collection of national treasures on behalf of the american people to demonstrate the power of american strength and help us make sense of the past and shape a more humane future. there working to bring nation together around those fundamental american ideals like freedom, opportunity, and democracy that join us as a people. to. trump, we are grateful you for entrusting us with this magnificent down and we assure
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you it will be cared for in the same spirit and with the same attention as all of our national treasures. when the gallery reopens to the public in just a few hours, the nation and the world will share this moment forever. tois now my pleasure introduce the 13th secretary of who embodies so many fundamental american ideas. , first-generation american cardiologist, jazz flutist, university leader and champion of the arts and humanities and an advocate for the most important issues of our time. [applause] thank you, john. thanks everyone for joining us. very much, thank you for donating this and being a partner to the smithsonian. welcome toed guests,
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the smithsonian's national museum of american history on the national mall of the united states. this museum has been collecting downs for the first lady's collection for more than a century and remains one of the most popular exhibitions in the smithsonian. on behalf of the smithsonian, i want to thank you again mrs. trump, for your generosity and allowing us to add to this collection. in my admiration to you for collaborating on the design of this down. in 1964, thising museum has embodied the dedication to telling america's story to millions of national and international visitors every year. we tell that story through the words and actions of people, both famous and obscure. we inspire students through educational programs that reach
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them in our museums and in their homes in classrooms across the nation. artifacts help with that history in focus and context. this down as the height of fashion, something that pleases us aesthetically with its beauty and craftsmanship and elegance. the aesthetics that drive artistic endeavor also captivate us. it is a uniquely human response. a designers said fashion is instant language. tellingwns speak to us, us much about the women who wore them. each first lady left an indelible mark on the white house and on this nation. now mrs. trump's inaugural gown will take its place among the collection that includes martha washington's paint -- pink,
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hand-painted silk down and many others from our nations history. because this is an inaugural it helpsnaugural gown, underscore our values as a nation. this gown is emblematic of the peaceful transition of power that is the hallmark of our democracy. it reminds us that our ideals , thatte 200 years later for all our flaws this nation was founded on a government by the people and for the people and will endure. thanks to the administration and congress and everyone here for helping us in our mission to educate and inspire, and now it is my honor to join me in welcoming the first lady of the united states, melania trump.
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melania trump: thank you so much. thank you for your warm welcome. i want to start by thanking the director and the secretary for the wonderful introduction. smithsonian the have been a true pleasure to work with. donk you for everything you to house the parts of our nations history. curators you and have such an important role on behalf of our country. while i may be the one on stage, i want to introduce you to the
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designer. thank you. [applause] melania trump: thank you for all you did to create such a wonderful piece. you are a true artist and professional. you know, before being elected president my husband was never in politics. you can imagine that after he busy with allery that goes into preparing for a new administration and all the changes that we, as a family, would be facing. what i would wear to the inaugural ball was last thing on my mind. by the time i got around to thinking about my wardrobe , the poor designer was
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only given two weeks to design and produce this piece. we had never worked together before but i knew of his stellar reputation and wanted to work with someone who would do more than just design address. -- just design a dress. i wanted someone who would be willing to collaborate with me and he exceeded my expectations. i have had a passion for design from a very young age and had a very precise idea of what i wanted for such a historic event. vision, iussing my expressed a desire for modern, sleek lines, a unique and unexpected look. task to be a daunting choose an outfit that will be memorable and become part of our nation's story and our history.
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i was so pleased with the end result and it is now my hope that this piece is one of the many great beginnings to our to our family history here in washington, d.c. the president, baron, and i love living here. we are so honored to represent this country. has the ability to tell future generations the story of our nation's history. i'm so honored and grateful to become part of this history. and thank you all for being here with me today. and got bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
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women.agge >> gretchen carlson talks about sexual harassment in her new book "the fears, stop harassment, and take your power back." close voterwords tonight on book tv. attorney general jeff sessions was on capitol hill this week to testify before the dude just -- the senate judicial committee. this was the attorney general's first time testifying before the committee since being can render back in. and this portion of that hearing is just under three hours.


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