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tv   Secretary of State Tillerson in Afghanistan  CSPAN  October 24, 2017 6:49am-6:59am EDT

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>> list any of this conversation, find it on our website -- secretary of state rex tillerson is on an overseas trip this week. meeting with world leaders and discussing u.s. relations with each country. earlier monday, he made an unannounced visit to bagram airfield in afghanistan. here is a look at his brief remarks.
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tillerson: i want to start by thanking the president and the chief executive and the afghanistan leadership for meeting with me this morning. i thought it was very important to stop here in afghanistan, coming to the south ager region region as part of the recently announced south asia policy and strategy president trump has put forth. i want to thank ambassador lawrence and general nicholson for their leadership and the incredible military effort of the men and women in uniform here, as well, and all of the effort they put forth to work towards a peace, which is really our objective. i think the u.s. has made it clear in terms of our support for afghanistan, the support for a sovereign, unified, and democratic afghanistan, starting
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it has to peace, prosperity, and self-reliant. -- we are not haveng -- providing safe to any terrorist or extremist in this part of the world. it's ok. that's all right. we also want to work with regional partners to ensure that there are no threats in the region. this is very much a regional effort. you saw what was rolled out in the strategy itself. we are denying safe haven to terrorists in the region. we are working closely with pakistan in that regard. president has assured me of his commitment to continue to reform here in afghanistan, as well as his new anticorruption strategy and policies that are going to underpin much of the effort here. we also discussed reparations for parliamentary elections in
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2018. it is very important that those elections go forward. finally, we discussed on regional developments. we agreed on the vital importance of all regional stakeholders to work with us and the other nato partners to fight ,gainst terrorism, insurgents and support peace and stability for afghanistan. we have a lot of hard work and challenges ahead for us. the united states and our partners in afghanistan are committed to seeing this through. with that, i'm happy to take it? two -- and happy to take a question or two. >> you have said in the past that if the pakistanis do not take action in denying safe haven to the taliban and other extremists, they could suffer a further cut from u.s. assistance. the united states has given pakistan a menu of other actions
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that it could take unless it takes those actions within a certain timeframe. are you able to give us details as to what that menu is and what the timeframe is? secretary tillerson: i will be traveling to islamabad tomorrow to meet with pakistani leadership. we have made some very specific requests of pakistan in order for them to take action to undermine the support of the taliban and other terrorist organizations in pakistan. as we have said in this whole strategy, this is a conditions-based approach. i relationship with pakistan will be conditions-based. based on actions that are necessary to move this process forward to create reconciliation and peace in afghanistan, but also ensuring a stable future pakistan. in our conversation with
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pakistani leadership, we are as concerned about pakistani stability in the future as we are in afghanistan. pakistan needs to take a clear to their with regard situation of terrorist organizations finding safe haven within pakistan. >> you said the strategy is conditions-based. [indiscernible] tillerson: the president has made it clear we are here to stay until we can secure the process of reconciliation and peace. he has made it clear it is not a blank check commitment. it is conditions-based.
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if you consider the current situation in afghanistan and we were talking about this a few ago,es ago -- years afghanistan has become quite a distance in terms of creating a much more vibrant population, and much more vibrant government , educational systems, a larger economy. there are opportunities to strengthen the foundations of a prosperous afghanistan society. clearly, we have to continue the fight against the taliban and others in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory. there are, we believe, modern voices among the taliban, voices that do not want to continue to fight forever, they don't want their children to fight forever. we are looking to engage with those voices and have them engaged in a reconciliation process leading to a peace process and their full
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involvement and participation in the government. there is a place for them in the government if they are ready to come, renouncing terrorism, renouncing violence, and being committed to a stable and prosperous afghanistan. >> have you spoken with the pakistanis since the speech on india? are you trying to reassure them about what india's involvement is here? tillerson: i've not spoken to anyone in the pakistani leadership since the speech i gave on india and that is certainly something we will be talking about during the visit tomorrow. our view of the relationship with india is one of strategic importance, not just for this specific region, but in the context of that speech, it was about a free and open indo-pacific region. it is a broader relationship. we do believe india has a very important positive role that
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india can play in the process to achieve a peaceful, stable afghanistan, as well. they already are providing important economic activity, creating jobs, which is important for the future of afghanistan. we want to encourage that, as well. we think that can be a very positive influence while creating the right environment for the future in afghanistan. >> guys, thanks so much. secretary tillerson: the taliban office is still open. the political commission. >> c-span bus is traveling across the country on our 50 capitols tour. we recently stopped in frankfort, kentucky. we asked folks what the most important issue is in their state. one of the most important
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issues is pensions. important to all of the workers and their families. we have a kentucky public pension coalition which includes firefighters, police officers, state workers, and various other members that have joined us and our partnering with us. it is very important and our coalition is trying to fight and make sure that the legislators and do the right thing and finding funding source for our pension. >> one of the biggest issues is the drug problem. kentucky, the drug problem is rampant. that is definitely one of the biggest issues. >> i work for the commonwealth of kentucky. the most pressing issue right now in the commonwealth is the pl


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