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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 11142017  CSPAN  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:24pm EST

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turned an $5.65 trillion surplus into $10.63 trillion debt. there is nothing in this -- so the argument these kinds of tax cuts for the upper -- for the upper income people and for corporations generate greater economic growth, generate more tax revenues has been tried twice. not to mention in kansas recently. it doesn't work. there's nothing in this bill to argue that this tax scam will have a different impact on the economy than reagan's or bush's. in fact, this scam is so skewed toward the rich and corporations it could actually be worse. . it would eliminate the alternative minimum tax. in 2005, the only year for which we have at least a summary page of donald trump's tax returns, in that year donald trump paid $38 million in taxes. of that $31 million was the alternative minimum tax. the republicans want to eliminate the only tax that we actually know that donald trump
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has ever paid. his taxes would have been $5 million, not $38 million, if it weren't for the alternative minimum tax. of course he wants to eliminate it. republicans who repeal the estate tax, despite the fact that that, the estate tax is paid by only the wealthiest 5,000 states in the country -- estates in the country every year. wealthy americans would also see immediate personal benefits from cuts to corporate taxes. this bill immediately and permanently cuts the corporate tax rate to 20% from 35%. it also cuts rates for pass-through corporations from 39% to 25%. once again, republicans claim this will help small businesses. but it simply isn't true. these pass-through corporations are extremely wealthy partnerships and private companies. if you need a good example, i have a great one. just outside my district. it's called the trump organization. which is organized as a pass-through corporation.
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now, they tell us that middle income businessmen will profit by this. but middle income businessmen are not paying more than 25% to start with. this will only benefit the rich. again. while billionaires and corporations will enjoy all these benefits, the republican bill hands working families tick time bombs -- ticking time bombs. unlike the corporate tax changes which are permanent and indexed to inflation, every benefit in the republican tax scam for the middle class sunsets after five years or is indexed to a slower rate of inflation. speaker ryan brags about a family earning $59,000 a year getting a $1,500 break in their tax burden next year. even in his example, by 2023 that family is right back where they started and by 2027 they will be paying $500 more than they were this year. this bill wipes out nearly every
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deduction and credit that helps working families make ends meet. the deduction of state and local income taxes, which hundreds of thousands of middle income new yorkers rely on each year. when the income tax was first enacted to finance the civil war , and when it was reimposed to finance world war i, we've had is ins -- it since then, we've always had a deduction for state and local taxes. why? because you shouldn't be taxed on a tax. you shouldn't be taxed doubly. it's unfair. but now we will be. the medical expense deduction, which families use to pay for everything from fertility treatments to nursing home care, this deduction says if you're a iddle income family and your out-of-pocket expenses beyond your insurance, if you have insurance, beyond your medicare, if you're a senior citizen, total more than 10% of your total gross income, you can deduct your medical expenses to the extent that it exceeds 10% of your total gross income. so it's got to be large.
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if your income is $75,000 a year , you can only deduct the medical expenses that exceed $7,500. not the first $7,500. this will be gone too. now, if you've got parents in nursing homes, you depend on this. if you've got a child with cerebral palsy, god forbid, if you have a kid with cancer, you depend on this. but it's going to be gone. the student loan interest deduction will be gone. so people go to school, they go to college, they come out with these terrible huge debts, they have to repay the student loans. at least they can deduct the interest on the student loans. not anymore. the adoption tax credit. child care spending accounts. even deductions for teachers who buy school supplies for their classrooms. all gone. and why? to pay for tax breaks for billionaires and corporations.
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it's been pointed out, under this scam corporations keep these deductions for their income. they keep the state and local tax deduction. but individuals don't. how can republicans claim this bill helps the average american when families are denied the deductions that corporations get to keep? if this bill is so blatantly harmful to working families, why am are my republican colleagues so crazy about it? -- why are my republican colleagues so crazy about it? does it create jobs and give the economy a boost? no. as i said we've tried that twice efore with disastrous results. kansas, brownbackistan as it was called after governor brown ried that. getting out from a four-day school weeks. under this plan, republicans with tax companies -- would tax companies less when they produce goods overseas than when they produce them here in the u.s.
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it's a giant incentive to large corporations to send jobs overseas. and if you ever doupted -- doubted the republicans who are doing this at the bidding of corporate don't, just last week chairman brady -- donors, chairman brady tweet multinational corporations opposed and gave those corporations back $100 billion in revenue. no such changes were made for working families. now, we know, we know from experience, that a few years from now the republicans will use the $1.7 trillion deficit to scam -- this scam creates to say, oh, my god, look at this massive deficit. we have to make terrible cuts to social security, to medicare, to education, to infrastructure. not that we want to. we love medicare, we love social security. but we've got to savage them in order to pay for these terrible deficits which we created. that's what they're building in now. that's what this tax bill is designed to produce. the republicans are scamming america, they're offering a facade of lower taxes that most
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americans will never see. in exchange for massive and permanent tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations and guaranteed cuts down the road. in fact, some of them right away, to social security, medicaid, medicare, education, infrastructure. i do not accept that deal. the american people shouldn't have to either. we can find bipartisan common ground that allows us to support working families, create jobs and see every american pay their fair share. american corporations, huge corporations have $2.4 trillion stashed abroad which they don't pay taxes on until they bring it home. we don't have to allow that. we can make them pay taxes on it right away, whether they bring the money home or not. why should we encourage them to keep the money abroad, to create jobs abroad, by tell them they don't pay taxes if the money is abroad? and the republican bill just makes that worse. this republican tax scam is not a fair plan, it's not a plan to increase the economy, it's not a plan for economic growth.
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it's not a plan for fairness for the middle class. let me just say one other then. a number of years ago -- me say another thing. a number of years ago we were told by the republican leaders that the economic growth from this bill will produce huge gains for the average family. never mind the tax cut that the average family will or won't get. because of the economic growth from this tax plan, wages will go up and the average person will get $,500 or $2,000, depending who you're listening to in extra wages. well, a number of years ago we were told the same thing about a bankruptcy bill. this bankruptcy bill that the big banks pushed and all the republicans pushed, we were told that if we pass this bill, the banks will save so much money from certain dead beats that the average american would save $400 a year in lower interest rates. i offered be a amendment to say, fine, mandate that the interest rates be lowered.
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and of course the republicans voted that down. well, we passed that bill. we passed that bill 12 years ago. you have seen the interest rates go down? the interest rates are still sky-high. the banks raked in the money hand over foot. the lobbyists did very well. the republicans collected the campaign contributions. the american people did not benefit. same thing here. there will be no increase in economic growth as a result of this bill. there will be no increase in the -- in benefits. there will simply be a huge sucking sound as the money is taken from the middle class and low-income people and given to the super rich. this bill is disgusting. it ought to be rejected. i yield back. mr. garamendi: mr. nadler, thank you so much. bringing your view from new york. you're quite correct about what happened during the great crisis in 2008-2009. the american public probably to the tune of about $1 trillion bailed out wall street.
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and here we go again. major support for the american corporations who are hiding trillions of dollars overseas. let me just give you one other example. there's a lot of talk around here from our republican friends that somehow if we reduce the corporate tax rate, we will see jobs being generated and some $4,000 a year of new money in the pockets of american workers. really? you think so? let me give you an example of one of america's great corporations, at&t. i think we all know at&t. we probably have them on our smartphone. n the last decade at&t was capable, using various tax loopholes and deducks, to lower its effective corporate tax rate, not to 20%, but to 8%. so over that period of time, while they were reducing their effective tax rate, that's their real tax rate, from whatever it
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was to 8% during that decade, they -- did they create new jobs? no. what they did was to lay off 80,000 workers. 80,000 works. and at the same time guess what? the c.e.o., he raked in $124 million. so what's going on here? the american corporations back in the 1970's and 1960's invested more than 50%, almost 60% of their after-tax profits in expanding their business. investments in plant and equipment and wages and hiring people. today it's less than 10% is spent on expanding their business. instead they are pumping up their stock prices with buybacks and with dividends. so what's going down? tell me that this is going to somehow create jobs. and by the way, you didn't quite pick this one up, so let me add to the weight of this terrible
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bill. they use what is called territorial tax system. terrific. corporations will not be taxed for their profits globally, but rather they will only be taxed for their profits within the united states. so it's even a further incentive to offshore your jobs to the lowest tax place in the world, bahamas. used to be ireland. but the e.u. zded that ireland was cheating the -- decided that ireland was cheating the rest of the european countries, put a stop to that. so now they're off and apple, great california company, abandoned ireland and is now i think located in the jersey islands off the coast of great britain. scheme scam, the american public is going to be the beneficiary? no. is going to be the victim. is going to be the victim of this great transfer of wealth. mr. nadler, you had one more point to make. then i'd like to go to my
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colleague, also from new york, and what we still call the east-west show. mr. nadler: thank you. do i have one more point to make and you reminded me of it. in 2004 when we had the repatriation, we told the big corporations they could bring all the offshore money home and pay only a fractional tax on it, they were going to create jobs and so forth and what happened, they didn't create jobs. they had buybacks, they enriched their executives, they didn't create jobs. the fundamental problem today is not that corporations -- the fundamental problem with this analysis is not that corporations don't have enough money to invest. and therefore if we give them lower taxes they'll have more money to invest. they have plenty of money to invest. they don't see the investment opportunities. and that's a different problem. there's plenty of money to invest. they are rolling in cash. there's not a dearth of investment cash. if give them more cash, they'll pay their c.e.o.'s higher,
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they'll put more money into stock buybacks. the shareholders may benefit. but they won't hire more workers. the economy won't benefit. and we will be taking money away from the middle class and lower people -- lower-income people, and we'll be taking money away from the government, local governments, that have to spend the money on schools and housing and health and roads and bridges and so forth to build up this country. mr. garamendi: it's what i'd like to call -- thank you, mr. nadler. appreciate your precipitation in this. i'd like now to turn doctor participation in this. i'd like to turn now to mr. tonko. mr. tonko: thank you for leading us in this special order. it is so important that the public understand what's happening here with this issue. the first response ought to be, here we go again. trickle-down has not worked in the past. the far past, the recent past. it's not going to work again.
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so, when does trickle-down become trickle-up? well, the name of this -- to suggest that this is a tax pulling a s really trick on the public. this is about a tax cut and a tax cut for corporations, a tax cut for the wealthiest amongst us. the trickle down theory becomes trickle up because you're take and raising the taxes to some 36 million families. those that would be classified as middle class families, those who work day in and day out and don't even earn a minimum wage. but they're working. and the poorest amongst us, the lowest bracket, fwets an increase nits rates.
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how is this fair? how is this economic or social justice? both measurements prove that it's false. it's not economically sound. it's not socially just. what we're doing here is playing a game with the economy. and we're putting the economy, the american economy, at great risk. we have seen major efforts made since january of 2009 to grow the economy and now we have this scam, this trickery, to go and do a trickle up. take from the working families, deny their purchasing power, weaken their purchasing power and give it to corporations, give it to the upper income strata in this country. that is the formula for disaster. and we're going to pay wickedly for this effort.
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we have always heard about deficit situations. when president clinton was in office. when president obama was in office. the republicans would talk about a deficit situation. there seems to be no consider about deficit here. a deaf ear to the deficit. growing, were rowing, to spend. borrowing to spend. borrowing $1.5 trillion, which probably amasses to $1.1 trillion to $2.3 trillion with the cost of borrowing, and using that borrowing to spend on the wealthiest amongst us. be they families, individuals, or corporations. how does that make economic sense? how does that help the economy? when we look at this situation, we're going to impact your average family in any of our districts, those who are working
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to maintain a household, to perhaps put aside some savings for improvements of that household or to assist their children in their pursuits of a career. be it apprenticeship programs or college programs, we are going to hurt these families. students will realize lair -- realize that their tuition deduction se limb nated. we will realize, students will realize, former students, will realize their loan interest deduction will be eliminated. families who, and i heard a lot about this representative garamendi, when i was home over the last two weekends. we have always deducted exorbitant medical expenses when we did our taxes. we prepared that for our accountant because we had exorbitant medical fees. medical expenditures. be they for families walking through life with alzheimer's or fighting cancer or who have
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chronic illnesses. they deserve to have that deduction. i'm told on average it's $9,000. it affects 73% of people who make that deduction are earning less than $75,000. this is a brutal response to america's working families. it's a harshness tossed against this economy that has finally started to churn over the last several years. now we step up and want to wreck all of that. we have all sorts of efforts that deny various professionals. teachers, for one. that will not be able to deduct for classroom expenses. where they will out of their own pocket provide for greater resources for the children who are their classes that they teach. they're facilitating this discovery, self-discovery with these children.
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they are digging into their pocket tots make that experience all the more real, all the more magical, all the more important. and here we're going to deny teachers. to deduct those expenses. but we won't do that for the businesses that want to reach into their own pockets and spend. we look at this situation and we understand who gets a fair shake in this deal. in this dance. and it is regrettable. and now the talk of a senate version bringing in the individual mandate? dollars that are made available for families to realize health care coverage and we're going to penalize them and use that to help pay for this borrowing? this is a disaster. and america needs to see this with its eyes wide open. and to call your individual representatives and ask them to tell you how you're going to
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benefit from this package. somebody today once told me it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for tax reform. tax reform. is there reform? there are the same old loophole well, grow more loopholes. and they're getting a tax break in addition. what are we doing to our economy here? this is a terrible bill. when it comes to the salt deduction, the state and local tax deduction, you will destroy states by requiring double taxation on the investments they make in their own programs in their state. that will severely impact upon people in my home state of new york. and i think it's a disaster that this house, majority, the entire majority would allow this bill to come to the floor. before you tell me how you're going to vote on this bill, tell me how you tried to stop it from coming to the floor because it
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hurts so many americans. 36 million families will be impacted. they will see a tax increase. that's not my words, it's not representative garamendi's words, it's coming from the tax policy center. people are -- putting this one under the microscope and they're detailing what's in here and what's not in here. and this is a scam. it's bringing down an economy. it's taking it in the wrong direction. it gives tax breaks to corporations that want to grow their prosperity offshore. and making it more productive for them to take jobs overseas. how can we tolerate this? no wonder they're trying to rush the bill now. get it done in a day or two. before america finds out what's in it. this is the tax disaster. not a tax reform. it's a tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of working families and those who work below minimum wage in this
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country. people who make it their goal to be self-sufficient and now this is how they're rewarded. >> would my colleague yield. mr. tonko: absolutely, i yield to the gentleman. >> i thank mr. garamendi for bringing this measure. i just want to tell you in seven minutes, i along with other members of the rules committee will be meeting on what is described as an emergency meeting. that emergency is what you all have been describing. we were originally scheduled to meet at rules on tomorrow and now in an effort to jam this measure through, we are meeting in an emergency capacity. what the american public needs to know is the substance of what you two gentlemen and others have been talking about, but please know this. every member deserves the right
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to contribute to these bills when they are -- when they affect all our constituents and will lead to millions of americans paying more in taxes. mr. hastings: you all will hand they will substance but i thought i would add that in with my thanks to you, mr. garamendi. it is just atrocious what's going on and not just democrats or republicans, but many persons who set their representative -- sent their representatives here are not going to have their representatives be heard. mr. garamendi: if the gentleman would yield, as an esteemed member of the rule committees, there's an emergency meeting to push this bill to the floor without any public hearings. is that correct? mr. hastings: no hearings whatsoever. yet the speaker stood up and said we are following regular order. we are not following regular order at all.
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mr. garamendi: my recollection in the 1986 reagan tax reform, it took two years of public hearings all around the country and some 30 hearings in the house ways and means committee, probably a similar number on the senate side, before the bill came to the floor. there were many, many amendments that were offered within the rule. mr. hastings: in addition to hearing from experts and from affected entities around the country and now we're doing it in two weeks. i have to go to the rule committees but i thank you all for what you're doing. mr. garamendi: i appreciate the work you do, trying to protect the american public from this hasty thing, mr. hastings, thank you very much. mr. tonko: representative garamendi, if i could, i would love to point out, i would encourage middle class america to raise its voice. raise your voice because when we look at the repeal of the individual mandate that's being
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suggested here, you're going to rip away health care for some 13 million americans. and that, alongside the 36 million families in this country that are going to see a tax increase. before that hits home, stand up and speak out. and if you're not going to get a tax increase, if you might get crumbs off the table, remember, if you weren't at the table and this was den in veiled secrecy if you're not at the table you're probably on the menu. so here you're going to have these families, 36 million that will get a tax increase but if you're going to get maybe a crumb off the table, that's sunset. and the other -- that sunsets. and the other benefits will go forever. so this is a monumental change in a tax cut policy. it's not reform. it's cuts for the wealthy and corporations at the expense of working families and finally, i would just make mention that there would be an immediate $25
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billion cut in medicare. the efforts that were made under the previous, under the last administration, to bring forth stability, to medicare, to make certain it had a longer life out there, are now going to be wiped away. and that is a very important -- that is very important program to americans. very important program. and so we cannot afford to have this go through in veiled secrecy, on a rush, in the next dior two, without america knowing what's on the table. mr. garamendi: mr. tonko, thank you so very -- thank you so very, very much. we're going to be yielding this floor to our republican colleagues, all of whom when i see them beginning to assemble, all of them who just three weeks ago were deficit hawks. i'm going to point this out and leave'9" here for my colleagues who will be talking about why we ought to increase the deficit. the current structural deficit
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is about $500 billion. we're going to add just this year $115 billion on top of that. you can see that. but over the next decade that present structural deficit will grow to nearly $1 trillion a year and we will add to it another cup -- another couple hundred billion dollars. so the deficit hawks have a choice. they can live with the deficit, forget were deficit hawks, and just increase the deficit with this 1% tax bill, h.r. 1, or they can do what i call the texas two-step. keep in mind the chairman of the ways and means committee is a texan. the texan two-step is first you seriously cut the revenues. with this tax bill that this -- that is not a reform but rather a tpwhail actually 50% of the -- of the $1,500
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billion goes to the corporations in the top 1% o. forget about the deficit or do the texas two-step. cut the revenues and then cut the programs. what are the programs? you mentioned medicare. already in the budget that passed this house with mr. ryan as speaker was a $500 billion 700uction to medicare and a $ billion or $00 billion reduction to medicaid. 60% of which go to the elderly in nursing homes. that's what they have in mind. secondly, they'll talk about a trillion dollar infrastructure. no way. the money is gone. there will be no infrastructure program no roads new york trains new york buses. no levees. no repair. mr. tonko: and mr. garamendi, i would point out, tinkering with the public utility bonds, that public utility financing that will be devastated by this bill,
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adds to the further woes for building our investments in infrastructure of all kinds. mr. garamendi: and you might add education to that. so what do you do? student loans, of which $1.4 trillion and nearly $1 trillion of that is owned by the federal government. these students are paying interest to the federal government and to add to that we're going to deny them the ability to deduct the student interest -- the loan interest that they're paying. this is just really hypocritical and it is very, very harmful to the economy. we want to do job training. forget it this emoney is gone. the texas two-step will deny us the money we need for education. reduce the revenues. and then cut the programs to attempt to bring back under criminal the deficit. it did not look -- it did not work, it will not work, what it means is the american economy that is recovering, is recovering, is going to be given a wallop on the side of its head
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and we're going to see some real serious problems as we attempt to build a foundation for future economic growth. the money will not be there. and i suspect at that -- that that emergency meeting of the rule committees is to specifically deal with the problem announced by the congressional budget office three hours ago that said this tax bill will create an -- tpwhifes sequestration law, it's a law, will create an automatic $25 billion reduction in medicaid, excuse me, medicare immediately and another $111 billion reduction in programs not to be determined by the representativings of the people of the united states -- representatives of the people of the united states but rather by mick mulvaney, the head of the office of management and budget who is known to be really weird in his budget proposal. he will make $111 billion
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reduction all on his own if this tax bill tasses as it is written today. this is serious business, americans. this is about your future. this is about your ability to have a decent job in america, a decent infrastructure, decent education system and medical services. what about the children's health program which is not yet in place. . it is unbelievable that without one public hearing, the republicans are determined to trillion tax cut of which 50% of the benefit goes to the top 1% and america's corporations who are given yet another reason to offshore their jobs with what is called territorial pricing. this is where we are, folks. wrap it up, if you will. mr. tonko: i would just say, let's do this with our eyes wide
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open. trickle-down isn't going to happen. tax reform, this is not tax reform. and certainly tax cuts, where you aid the upper income strata and corporations at the expense of an increase of taxes to the middle class is what this is about. it's pathetic. it's devastating. it's disastrous. and it ought to be denied. mr. garamendi: exactly right. finally as we turn this floor over to our republican colleagues, i really am interested in hearing why, and i see one of my colleagues from our area, why in the central valuey of california, where anywhere from 110,000 to 150,000 families who pay taxes are going to lose their state and local tax deduction, they will lose somewhere between $7,000 and $12,000 of deductions. and that amounts to an increase in taxes anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000. i want to hear them explain why that is good tax policy.
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we'll see what they have to say. they'll be on the floor in a few moments. with that, mr. speaker, we yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair would remind members to direct all remarks to the chair and to formally yield and reclaim time when under recognition. under the speaker's announced policy of january 3, 2017, the gentleman from colorado, mr. lamborn, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. mr. lamborn: thank you, mr. speaker. before i begin, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous materials on the topic of my special order. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. lamborn: it's a great honor for me to come to the house floor tonight to celebrate national bible week. this is an opportunity for the next hour to celebrate the tremendous influence of the bible on the freedoms we enjoy today in america. we are truly blessed to live in a nation where we are free to worship and read the holy scriptures without fear of persecution. there are many places throughout the world, unfortunately, where such freedoms do not exist.
6:35 pm
americans have the right under our wonderful system of government to respect and study the bible, or any other system of belief if they so choose. or even no belief at all. that is the beauty of the american way and i believe it is founded and goes back to the bible. in 1941 president franklin delano roosevelt declade -- declared the week of thanksgiving to be national bible week. every u.s. president since has followed this tradition by declaring this time of year to be national bible week. the national bible association and the u.s. conference of bishops have designated the specific days of november 12 and 18 this year as national bible week. this is the week set aside to recognize the bible as a foundational building block of western civilization, the judeo-christian heritage, and the legacy that motivated and shaped the founding of the united states. in this hour, we will hear from members of congress from various faith traditions and denominations speak about what the bible means to them and what
6:36 pm
it means to the country. we are here in keeping with tradition to recognize national bible week. i'm just going to speak for a couple moments about my own personal experience and turn it over to some members who want to share some thoughts that i think listening. th when i was a freshman at the university of kansas four decades ago, someone asked me if i knew what the bible was about. i said, yes, i knew what it was all about. i realized my answer was actually pretty presump white house because i'd never actually read any of it. mr. speaker, i wonder if this might be true for others who might be listening tonight. the only honest thing i could do at that point was to read the bible for myself. i started by reading the gospel of john in the new testament. when i read it, i discovered that i hadn't known at all what the bible was about. in this that gospel, jesus says, i am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but through me. and i ended up discovering a
6:37 pm
personal relationship with jesus christ who became my lord and savior. mr. speaker, this is what i know from personal experience. it is better to read the bible for one's self and not just to take someone else's word for what it -- for what is in it. for me it made all the difference in the world. my life has been totally different since then as a result. as king david says in the saums, the unfolding of your words gives light, it gives understanding to the simple. as we celebrate national bible week, we remember the importance of faith in both our private and public lives. we recognize the bible's powerful message of hope. we cherish the wisdom of the bible and we thank god for providing this holy book that has truly been in the words of scripture a lampen to our feet and a light unto our path. at this point i would like to recognize for five minutes the gentlelady from missouri, mrs. hartzler.
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mrs. hartzler: thank you very much. i have a riddle for everyone. what is the most dangerous book ever published? what is the most powerful book ever written? what is the most cited book by presidents and our nation's founders? and what is the most prized possession that i own? my bible. it's a controversial book. many people have it on their shelf at home or it garths dust on some end table and -- gathers dust on some end table and people think it's a pretty innocuous book. but more people have lost their lives over this book than any other book ever written. many rulers have ordered the gathering and burning of all bibles in the country and even today in chris like north korea, to seffings a bible -- possession of a bible results in death. or a sentence to a labor camp. why? well, because it is more than a historic book.
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although it is. and it's more than a collection of wise advice and spell-bounding stories, which it is. it has the audacity to claim something radical and awe-inspiring at the same time. it claims to be the word of god. now, as a result it changes lives. the bible reveals a plan. it starts right out with these words -- in the beginning god made. and that changes everything. that sets the stage saying, we are not here by chance. that there's a loving god who has a design and we're a part of it. it makes a difference if we have a plan. it reveals that plan. it also gives us a purpose. part of the psalms says, we are fearfully and wonderfully made
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by a love god. we're not here by chance -- loving god. we're not here by chance. and it goes on to say, for i know, and this is god speaking, for i know the plans i have for you, says the lord. plans for good and not for evil. to give you a future and a hope. that's exciting. the bible also gives us power. gives us power to overcome evil and hardship and trials of life. by revealing how god sent his son, jesus, to introduce us to god and make a way for us to have a personal relationship with the living god who made us and loves us. it's incredible. and the bible also gives us peace and hope as a result. not just for today, but for the future. i start each day reading from my bible and i am so thankful for it. it has made a difference in my life. and i want to invite anyone who
6:41 pm
has never read it to read it. and to discover god's plan and purpose for your life, which will give you power and peace. so let this most radical book ever written touch and bless your life. i yield back. mr. lamborn: i thank my colleague from missouri for her wise words. and thought-provoking words of and i would now like to yield -- word. and i would now like to yield -- words. and i would now like to yield to mrs. noem. mrs. noem: thank you. i rise today to celebrate the national bible week. as i reflected on what i would share with everyone tonight, i couldn't get away from my background and my family heritage of being raised by christian parents that were raised by christian grandparents, that worked hard and believed that the instruction book for life was
6:42 pm
the word of god. brian and i have chosen to raise our children in much that same way. in fact, when i was telling my family, we have a group text that we text in all the time with my kid and my husband and i was telling them that it was national bible week. he said to them, do you kids remember what the junior bible quiz answer is? for the very first question in the junior bible quiz book is what is the bible? and my middle daughter, kennedy, who is 20 years old, immediately texted back and she said, the bible is the inspired word of god and is his revelation to all people of himself and his plan for salvation. i said, good job, keners. you see, because we -- kenners. you see, because we, my grandparents grew up going to church and became very frustrated that it was religious. that it wasn't a personal relationship with the lord. in fact, so much so that they decided that they would plant their own church. it's the church that i go to today. that our entire family still goes to today. but for a year they held bible
6:43 pm
studies in homes seeking god's will for their lives and what it meant to have a personal relationship with him and to spread it to that you are community. they were very poor but they knew that everything in their life and their success and their family's hope and future relied on the lord's will and them being obedient to it. i grew up as a young girl coming downstairs in the middle neist for a drink of water to -- middle of the night for a drink of water finding my dad on his knees reading bible in the middle of the living room. he had a bad back, he worked hard, he was always in pain. and whenever he had a difficult time on the farnl or couldn't sleep because of the pain that was in his body, the first thing he would do would be reading his bible. and oftentimes we didn't realize how much time he really did spend worshiping god and reading his words to find comfort and release through some of the difficult times that he had gone through. i remember being 13 years old and being very insecure. in fact, my mom said she worried about me. she wondered if i was going to be a young girl that would grow up proud. i didn't have many friends.
6:44 pm
i didn't think i was attractive. i didn't think i had any gifts. and she sat me down at the kitchen table and she read to me scriptures out of bible that told me how god saw me. that god saw me above and not beneath. that he saw swub who had plans for me -- someone who had plans for me from the time i was in the womb. and bought it. i completely changed my attitude and my perspective of myself that day. because of god's word that was spoken over me by my mother. so we as a family from the time i was little went to church sunday mornings, we went sunday nights we went wednesday evening . we knew if the doors were open at church, we were to be there and we were to be meditating on god's words in our lives. that's how brian and i have chosen to raise our kids as well. we put them in junior bible quiz because we wanted god's word hidden in their heart and i'm thankful that today they still have god's word hidden in their heart. mr. speaker, jesus tells us in matthew 7 that anyone who listens to my teaching and fols
6:45 pm
it is wise. like a person who builds a house on solid rock. though the rain comes and the flood waters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won't collapse because it was built on rock. how often does it feel like we are stuck in that storm? as if the flood waters are rising around us and around people of faith, as though the winds are beating on our door. it's during these times that we must lean on our foundation. the bible. our instruction book. it's in that bible that god reveals how he would like to use us as instruments of faith, as defenders of freedom, that show christ's love and compassion to our community, nation and world. allowing him to guide us through his word is the surest way to navigate any storm. so many times in this chamber people fight to change one another's mind. i'm convinced what we ought to be doing is seeking god to change their hearts. ghiring hearts toward him. that takes trust, it takes
6:46 pm
faith, but that's what we're directed to do it's written in proverbs, trust in the lord with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight. i pray that we're being servants for god's good that we allow him to light our path. we humble ourselves enough to build our house on his firm, biblical foundation. in this day, whatever we do we do to the glory of god. i yield back. >> i thank the gentlelady for her heart felt remarks. many early settlers came to the united states with the idea to follow the bible and their own acts of conscience. mr. lamborn: one of the first items was the publishing of an american bible. the war with the british cut off bibles.
6:47 pm
so in 1782, congress approved the first english language bible to be printed in america. at this point i would like to recognize the gentleman from louisiana, mr. johnson, for four minutes. mr. johnson: thank you. mr. speaker, i'm grate to feel my friend and colleague, congressman doug lamb born, for ordering this special order series in recognition of the 6th anniversary of national bible week. i'm delighted to stand with other members to share our perspectives on why the bible is so important to us and our country. as we approach the thanksgiving holiday there's no better time to present these reflections. in the short-term time i have tonight i want to share the preface to the text i have in my collection. what i'm holding is a copy of the new testament bible study course approved by and published for the public schools of dallas, texas in september of 1946. preface was written by henry van
6:48 pm
dyke, it's a wonderful summary of what the bible means to us and the world. let me read you the summary here. born in the east and clothed in that foreign imagery, the bible walks the ways of the world with familiar feet and enters land after land to find its own everywhere. it's learned to speak in hundreds of languages to the heart os men. it come into the palace to tell the monarch he's a servant of the most high and into the cottage to assure the peasant he's a son of god. children listen to its stories with wonder and delight and wise men ponder them as parables of life. it has words for time of per ill, a word of light for the hour of darkness. its oracles are repeated in the assembly of the people and its counsel is whispered in the ear of the lonely. the wicked and proud tremble at its warnings but to the wounded and penitent it has a mother's voice. the wounded have been made glad by it.
6:49 pm
it's woven itself into our dearest dreams so that love, friendship, sympathy, devotion, memory, and hope put on the beautiful garments of its treasured speech, breathing of frankincense and myrrh. no man is poor or tesslalt who has this for his own. when the pilgrim comes to the valley he's not afraid to enter. he takes the rod and staff of scripture in his hand , he stodse friend and comrade, good-bye, we'll meet again and comforted by that support he goes toward the lonely pass as one who walks through the darkness into lightism love those words and the words inscribed above your head there where it says in the marble, in god we trust thravepls reason for that. the founders understood that this is our faundation -- foundation. george washington said in his fare well address, of all the dispositions and habits that lead to power religion. john adams said our constitution
6:50 pm
is made only for a moral and religious people. it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. i close with the gourds of the gipper. if we ever forget we are one nation under god we'll be one nation gone under. i'm grateful for bible week and for my colleagues here i'm happy to yield back. thank you again. mr. lamborn: thank you. i thank the gentleman from louisiana for his wonderful thoughts. he quoted some of the president's -- some of the presidents in our great country's history. i have two more quotes along that same line. you mentioned ronald reagan, the gipper, in his own national bible week declaration he wrote when he was in office, quote, when i took the oath of office i requested the bible with opened to seblingd chronicles 14 which reads if the people who call my name shall seek my face and turn from their wicked ways i will hear from heaven and will
6:51 pm
forgive their sin and heal their land. this passage, the president said, expresses my hope for the future of this nation and the world. and one last quote along this line, president abraham lincoln said, i have to say it is the best gift god has given to man. all the good the savior had given to the world was given through this book. but for it we could not know right from wrong. all things most desirable for men's welfare here and hereafter are to be found portrayed in it. at this point i would like to recognize the gentleman from michigan for four minute,000,000 good friend representative walberg. mr. walberg: i thank my good friend and colleague from colorado. mr. speaker, i appreciate so much tonight the opportunity speak here in this special order so we can talk about the principles of charity from the scriptures. we could talk about the principles of science.
6:52 pm
we could talk on principles of education. we could even talk about the principles of taxation. and be very up to date as we deal with that here but tonight as we discuss the issues of the bible in this national bible week, i want to go back to my earliest days in my childhood home and i thank god i had a mother and father that would speak to me about god's word and from god's word and impart god's word in my life. even when i didn't want it or didn't understand it. i remember from my earliest days ing taught to memorize psalm 119-11. treasured ord have i in hi heart, why that i might not sin against you. as a young man, thoughts of sin in some cases were enticing but i'm glad that i had the opportunity to put scriptures in my life because ultimately, during the course of time, it truly did change my life. it brought me to the book of
6:53 pm
romans, where romans, third chapter, verse 23, it says, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god. with that verse 10, my mother would say, tim, this book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book. i found the truth of both of those statements. what i found there in romans 3:23, that we've all sinned, i identified with that. but it didn't end there. i went over a few pages to romans 5:8 where it said, but god demonstrated his own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, christ died for us. those are words of scripture, the bible impacted my life. as a young man i ultimately had to say is that true? and i'm so thankful i admitted the truth and came to romans again verse -- chapter 10,
6:54 pm
verses 13, where it says, for who is over will call on the name of -- for whosoever will call on the name of the lord will be save. my friend from colorado indicated how that changed his life and it change midlife as well. admitting i needed a savior. some might reject that, that's ok. but most who seek the truth of the bible are not disappointed. it truly changes lives and admittedly i'm not perfect and my colleagues could identify with that, but i am forgiven. i'm forgiven. every day i have a purpose beyond myself to live in a way that makes a difference because of not who i am, but who this book and my savior made me be. so armed with this, mr. speaker , in second timothy, my namesake, second timothy, chapter 2, verse 11, it says, it
6:55 pm
says to me specifically, study to show thyself approved undo god a workman that doesn't need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. at the end of each day, mr. speaker, because of this passage, i ask first of all, is god pleased? secondly, has the work been done well? and thirdly, has the word, the truth, been used well in my life? if i can answer in the affirmative each of those based upon this book, the bible, i know for whatever reason my god has been served well and i've den the work well. thank you for leading this time tonight talking about something so significant as the bible. i pray that it imparts wisdom to all we do here. i yield back. mr. lamborn: thank you for those profound words and heart felt words you have just shared with
6:56 pm
us. at this point, mr. speaker, i'd like to recognize for four minutes the gentleman from texas, mr. con no way. - mr. con noway. mr. conway: this year we celebrated the -- r. kohn nohway: we -- mr. conaway: we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the constitution. they said the articles of confederation were not governing the country properly. so they sent some really, really smart men to tweak the articles of confederation. james madison and others had a different idea they locked the doors, went into closed session, and came up with a constitution we have lived with for 200 years. benjamin franklin emerged from that experience and was asked by
6:57 pm
a woman, what have you given us, a monarchy or a republic? he said, a republic if you can keep it. it never ends, it's not a one and done circumstance. so the question is how do we keep a republic? mr. speaker only a free, self-governing people could keep a republic and as previously quoted by my colleague from louisiana, john adams wrote that only a moral and religious people can self-govern. mr. speaker, as i look at our nation today i'm deeply concerned that we're losing that moral high ground to be able to maintain the moral authority to self-govern. we each say the pledge of allegiance often. there's a line in the pledge that says one nation under god, with no comma. think about that juxtaposition. one nation under god. what does god see when he sees our nation today? what does he see in america that can please him? he sees a nation that's come to accept the killing of 57 million babies in the last 44 years hsm he's -- he's seen a nation whose
6:58 pm
family units are breaking up and the impact it has on the moral guidance of children. he's seen a coarsening of society, language that's unsuitable, a filthiness and commonness that offends him. mr. speaker you and others listening to me has a list of things god cannot bless. how do we turn that around? how do we reclaim the moral high ground? that's an individual job. i don't think any of us would argue we can legislate this work because this is the work of each and every person's hearts. i think you reclaim the moral high ground by living a moral code. i live the judeo christian model, jesus christ is my personal savior. i try to live his tenets every single day, some days i'm better than others. each of those days i'm a sinner saved by grace. the grace of god is provided, the story of that is provided in the bible we celebrate tonight. each one of us have to live a code that in fact can create that moral and religious people.
6:59 pm
each of nuss this body take an oath every two years. those of us fortunate enough to get re-elected, to defend and protect the constitution against threats foreign and domestic. we have good men and women putting their lives between us and some really bad guys as a result of that oath of office. i'm going to ask each of my colleagues here tonight to think about what they're willing to put on the line to protect and defend the constitution, to help create that moral fiber, to reclaim that moral high ground that will in fact allow us to continue self-governance and by extension protecting this republic. that used to be the easiest thing to do, but the voices against us, the voices of intolerance are growing louder and louder every single day. it will come at a risk to stand up for biblical truths on which the country is founded and which sustained her for some 230 years. are you and i willing to take those risks, to take the risk of being ostracized, being ridiculed, being made fun of because we stand up for the truth all of us know to help
7:00 pm
sustain this country? i hope we are because we've got young men and women in wrune form who put their lives on the line and i'm going to ask you to put your reputation, my reputation on the line to help create and maintain this republic. as benjamin franklin sid, it is a republic, madam if you can keep it. strong words for a strong-hearted people that must reclaim the moral high ground that god continues to bless. mr. speaker, i ask that god bless each one of us. may god continue to bless texas and god bless the united states of america. i yield back. mr. lamborn: i thank the gentleman from texas for his words and focusing our attention on the u.s. constitution and some other great things as well. i'd like to now recognize the gentleman from kansas who has within a special election and is one of our most recently elected members, one of our newest members of congress that i look forward to seeing him doing good things here for a long time to come. representative estes.
7:01 pm
mr. estes: thank you, mr. speaker. i appreciate you holding this special order tonight. representing my fellow kansans for the last six months has been a humbling experience. i'm often reminded of jesus' words, anyone who wants to be first must be very last and servant of all this verse touches on why coach of us should be here not for our own gain but in service to others. throughout our country tonight, people are in bible study classes. we all are attempting to seek, how do we humble ourselves before the lord? when i consider our founding fathers' vision for the republic, i think they set in motion with a servant heart. the founders made clear that religious liberty was to be cherished so they enshrined it in our constitution from the time of the puritans crossing the atlanta nick search of freedom to practice their faith, to today, millions of americans have take then bible as their cornerstone of their faith. our presidents have chosen to
7:02 pm
take the oath of office on their bible. president lincoln chose the bible to be open to matthew 7:1, judge not that ye be not judged. president reagan chose second chronicle 7:14, if my people called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face. with the bible as their guiding compass, these leaders chose to serve their fellow americans with humility and strength. as we hn nor national bible week, i hope that individuals across this country, regardless of their faith background, will take a moment to reflect on the gift of religious liberty and consider their role to serve others around them. the future of our great nation rests on the servant hearts of their people. thank you, i yield back the remainder of my time. mr. lamborn: i mr. lamborn: thank you. as mr. lamalfa comes to the podium, i'm going to mention something about fulfilled prophecy. this is one of the reasons why
7:03 pm
we can believe in and trust the bible. you know, people come here to congress with all different kinds of backgrounds, including pastors. and this diversity of background add as valuable thread of experience and thought that helps us all -- adds a valuable thread of experience and thought that helps us all. the reason so many people respect the bible is that so many prophecies for telling future events have come true exactly as foretold. in the old testament there were many predictions given to prove that in a speaker were divinely inspired, those things that he predicted would come true. it would validate the words of that prophet. the book of daniel, for instance, contains scores of detailed prophecies that were literally fulfilled. skeptics have fallen back to the position that, well, daniel must have been written after the fact and is therefore not being honest. in fact, the book of daniel is und in its entirety in the
7:04 pm
greeks and dead sea scrols. both of which we know -- scrolls. both of which we know predated the events that were prophecied. so that means that the critics of the dating of the book of daniel are the ones who are not being honest. so the rise and fall of empires, the capture and destruction of cities, the destiny of kings all were prophecied in minute detail. and archeology and history have literally confirmed hundreds of such prophecies as having come true. at this point i would like to listen to the gentleman from california, representative lamalfa. mr. lamalfa: thank you to my colleague from colorado. mr. lamborn. for leading this special order tonight. on this national week of the bible, november 12 through 18. last night several of us had the privilege to do a preview of the national museum of the bible. very impressive it was. i would urge everybody watching tonight and what hears about it
7:05 pm
to tour that when you get the chance here in washington, d.c. one of the things that struck me very early on in that tour was a banner hanging inside the museum that said the law of the lord is perfect, refreshing to the soul, the decree of the lord is trustworthy, giving wisdom to the simple. psalm 19:8. that also applies to the bible itself. the infallible word of god. jesus himself used scripture that was written before him, jesus never belittled the scripture. as some modern critics do. or set it aside. or did he criticize it, although he criticized those who misused it. or contradicted it. although he rejected many interpretations of it. when we hear the son of god's quote -- son of god quote the scripture, we need no further testimony. he believed every word of
7:06 pm
scripture. all the prophecies concerning himself were fulfilled. as my colleague, mr. lamborn, said. time and time and time again. the timelines prove what the ord of god prophecied. matthew 19: 4 and 5 was one of those. that jesus spoke of. documented in new testament accounts by those that were there with jesus at the time. e know moses wrote the pentatuke. jonah wrote jonah. daniel wrote daniel. jesus attested to that. he believed the old testament was spoken by god himself. written by the holy spirit's inspiration, even though the pen was held by men and that's an important point. for those that ask, how account bible be real since it was written -- how account bible be real since it was written down by men? because the committed task of all writing of the word of god, though they were men, were
7:07 pm
guided by the infallible holy spirit. that is a faith we have and hold. it does take some faith, yes. just as it takes faith to get on that airliner and fly back east each week for me. that the airliner will hold. but the faith in the bible is much stronger. it's never been proven wrong. all the prophecies that were made that have occurred already have been proven true. the founders thought it was a key element in the founding of this nation. obviously. right in this room behind me at the -- above the speaker's dias is the endescription in god we trust. facing right at me right now is the only forward-facing image in here of moses looking over this ouse of representatives.
7:08 pm
lastly, i would leave with this, is that as you watch the machinations of congress, of the members of congress, i think one of the most important guidelines proverbshave i find in . so that we uphold the honor not only of this institution, but our families, but those that walk with god. that walk with jesus. in proverbs you see, let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. keep straight the paths of your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. do not turn to the right or the left, keep your feet from evil. that's what the bible inspired. -- inspires. as i read it on the plane coming back and forth, read it at home or at the bedside, this is what true faith is all about.
7:09 pm
proven time and time again. so i urge everybody to not just have the bible at your home, a statistic says every home has 2.2 bibles on average. it isn't that there aren't enough bibles. it's that people don't crack it open often enough. mr. lamborn, thank you. and yield back. mr. lamborn: i thank my friend from california, douglas lee lamalfa, for his sincere words. when national bible week was started in 1941, even though that's only been 76 years, the bible itself has been celebrated by americans since the beginning of our country. in fact, before we were a country. and our presidents have been very vocal in their ac knockment of the bible and the -- acknowledgment of the bible and the d.n.a. of who we are as americans. several have been quoted. listen to what civil war hero and president ulysses grant gave as advice to sunday
7:10 pm
schoolchildren. quote, hold fast to the bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties. write its precepts in your hearts and practice them in your lives. to the flins of this book, we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization. and to this we must look as our guide in the future. and then he finished with this quote from the bible. righteousness exalt eth the nation but sin is a reproach to any people. at this point i would like to acknowledge for four minutes the gentleman from georgia, mr. rick allen. mr. allen: mr. speaker, i rise with great privilege to celebrate today, national bible week. as stated, it has been 76 years since president franklin roosevelt declared this national bike week. and congressman lamborn, i thank you for recognizing the importance of honoring god's word here tonight. just 16 short years ago i
7:11 pm
learned the most valuable lesson of my life. i realized i had to change my priorities. part of that change twoose put god first -- was to put god first. a big part of that commitment was the reading and studying of his word through prayer and meditation. easy to say, but difficult to do. but i had come to a point in my life where i made a covenant with god on my knees. which reminds me of god's instructions to joshua. this book of law shall not depart from your lips, but you shall meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have true success. i learned to gradually believe all the wonderful promises god made through his word. and he credited to me as
7:12 pm
righteousness. just as did he our spiritual father, abraham, in genesis. i learned it was not my will be done, but his will be done. i learn what had jesus christ had done for me. and the entire world. and how he leads me in all my endeavors and has called know places i never imagined i would go. one of those is right here. years ago i -- years ago i could never have imagined myself here tonight speaking on this floor in the united states house of representatives, representing the great people of georgia's 12th district. but here i am by the grace of god. in this endeavor i meditate often, do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, consider others more important than yourself. each of you should look not only
7:13 pm
to your own interest, but look to the interests of others. at a time when many americans are increasingly divided, i often remind myself of those around me, to have faith in him and to remember our judeo-christian values our nation was founded on. the bible's influence on our founding documents can still be seen here today and was mentioned tonight. again, when the constitution of -- constitutional convention, when they reached an impasse, ben franklin asked clergymen to come in and pray and read the scriptures and they united around the greatest constitutional document created in the history of man kind. americans are looking to congress to come together to find solutions for rising health care costs, a simpler, fairer tax code. and let's get our good folks back to work again. it is time to put the american people's interests above political will. the division in this nation is
7:14 pm
real. they are evident right here in this body. how could our behavior ever show the world to believe that god sent his son to save the world? this is when we should look to god's provision, the truth can always be found through faith in him. jesus summed it up when he prayed for us in john 17: 21. that all of them may be one, father, just as you are in me and i am in you. may they also be us in so that the world may believe that you sent me. my inspiration is found in saums 51 -- psalms. create in me a pure heart, o god, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. do not cast me from your presence or take your holy spirit from me. restore to me the joy of your valuevation -- salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me. as we enter the christmas season, one of the most important seasons of the year, we all must remember to keep his
7:15 pm
word close and let it lead us in all that we do. i am grateful that we have a president that actually will wish us merry christmas, as we all celebrate the birth of the savior of the world. god bless and i yield back. mr. lamborn: i thank the gentleman from georgia for those thought-provoking and well-intended words. et me mention the issue of archeology. this is one of the reasons we can't have trust in what the bible says is true. giving discoveries trust worth worthyness to the bible. time and time again, we have localities blical
7:16 pm
actually existed in time and space. claims that were made up were debunked but discoveries more times than we say. may be stated that no archeological has ever contradicted a biblical reference, unquote. i would like to yield four minutes or as much time as he uld like to consume, mr. rouser. use rouse i appreciate you republic.nstitutional biblical values were the basis of our republic and this country . uld be destroyed
7:17 pm
ohn adams wrote democracy will degenerate to an and arc ki and hat is right in their own eyes and every one of thezz would mold itself into a system of subordination and the virtues and the powers of wealth, eauty, witt and science the ca appreciateous will and will of one or a very few and in a simpler language, that means tyranny. wrote in keville he "democracy in america" it was
7:18 pm
he first thing that struck me. he believe that was indispense i believe for the preservation of liberty. mr. speaker, he was correct in this assessment and this brings favorite f my own passages in the bible and chapter three 16 to chapter four, versus five. and i find this passage to be more receive lant to our times with each and every passing day, it reads, all scripture is inspired by god and profitable for teaching. for rebuke, for correction, for training and righteousness so that the man of god may be
7:19 pm
adequate and equipped for every good work. godlemnly charge you in the to judge the living and the god and by his kingdom preach the word, be ready in season and out with on, rebuke, exhort great pasheens and instruction. for the time will come where they will not have their indoctrine and will articulate teachers of their own desires and turn away their desires and turn aside the myth, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of the evangelist and fulfill your ministry. mr. speaker, i yield back.
7:20 pm
mr. lamborn: i thank the gentleman for his words. it is great that we have been hearing today from representatives from all over the united states, from north carolina on the atlantic coast in georgia to california, in the pacific coast, from michigan and to texas and we have been hearing america speak tonight. i think that's very special. now there are some who would prefer to gloss over the vital role that the bible has had over r unique foundation of our government, but biblical principles were not acted upon. but listen to what president truman said during his address o the torpe's counsel.
7:21 pm
the nation's law was given to moses on the mount. the comes from the teachings and t. matthew from isaiah and st. paul. i don't think we emphasize. if we don't have the proper background we will end up with a government that does not believe in rights for anybody except the state. so, mr. speaker, it has been an honor and pleasure to commemorate national bible week. we heard from colleagues from all over the united states. i'm greatful to these colleagues to honor the word of god and i'm grateful for national bible week and our encouragement. the prophet isaiah said the
7:22 pm
flowers fall but the word of our od endures forever, end quote. civilizations have risen and fallen. generations have come and gone here today on november 14, 017, we are still celebrating the enduring word of god. we celebrate national bible week. thank you, mr. speaker and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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