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tv   Washington Journal 12012017  CSPAN  December 1, 2017 6:59am-9:01am EST

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deadlines and appropriation that might. if they want to get to a solution, they ought to come to the table. i'm not going to go to the could of, would of, should have. thanks everybody. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [inaudible conversations] >> coming up, washington journal , lived with your phone calls. returns to work on manufacturing legislation. at 10:00, work on the republican text when continues in the senate with votes on a democratic motion scheduled for 11:00 p.m. we will have live coverage on c-span two. our firstill spend
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hour on the investigations into sexual harassment on capitol hill and the second hour on british prime minister theresa may's animation of president ♪rump's -- on this friday, december 1, all lies on the senate as gop leaders scramble to win over enough colleagues to vote for tax reform legislation. 11:00xt vote will come at with a final vote later this afternoon. but first, gop leaders and the aite house need to convince few of their own senators to vote yes. we want to get your thoughts on tax reform legislation this morning. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . democrats, call (202) 748-8000. independents, call (202) 748-8002. you can go to twitter as well at
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@cspanwj or start dialing in, this push for tax reform on capitol hill. the senate expected to take a final vote today. but first, they need to secure more yes votes. the banner page on drudge report -- tax hike to pass tax cut. the final vote was delayed yesterday. these deficit concerns. it played out on the senate afternoon,rday late when democrats pushed for -- many times yesterday, for the bill to be sent back to committee. during one of those votes, we led by senator bob corker, republican from tennessee, get into what looked like a heated exchange with leadership over the deficit. according to the "washington sent" senate leadership
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lawmakers home after this and began to search for a new way to offset the cost of the legislation. they are looking to win the support of several senators, including mr. corker, who led a small group of colleagues intimating that the bill not drive up the nation's debt. that vote was held open for a little over an hour while they all discussed what will happen next. ,ccording to the express chimes the gop scrambles for deficit most. -- votes. one of those senators also concerned is senator jeff flake of arizona. with the headlines leaders trying to sway flake as gop package gains support. republicans did pick up senator john mccain from arizona yesterday. he said he would vote for this gop tax plan.
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what is your thoughts on it? this is how it played out, according to politico. multiple gop senators leaving the chamber after dramatic late afternoon votes said a key proposal for deficit hawks -- a trigger to raise tax rates if sufficient economic growth did not materialize -- would not pass procedural muster and would need to find something else to satisfy the block of deficit hawks hold out. it doesn't look like the trigger is going to work. senate majority they are just going to automatically put tax increases in. period. that's why you sought that our page from the drudge, tax hikes for tax cuts. --
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host: cornyn suggested that figure may need to go higher. we will see how that plays out. in the meantime, your thoughts on this. let's hear from ed, a republican. caller: i feel like we need these tax cuts. i know for myself, i need it for my pursuit of happiness. there's a building that i've been saving all my life to build a building to help people in my area. met tax cut will help achieve my goal of building that building. host: ok. sheila in georgia, democrat. what are your thoughts about the tax reform? caller: good morning, greta. bill, i've been watching it.
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and i'm 67 years old. medicaid, ande, social security. and from what i can see, they intend to cut all of that. host: where did you learn that, sheila? i haven't heard that they plan to cut social security. that's not part of the plan for this tax reform legislation. caller: i don't know where i heard it. host: you've been watching the you tuned in yesterday design the senate floor, you probably saw heated exchange between senator sherrod brown, democrat of ohio and senator dan alaska -- dan sullivan, republican of alaska. listen to what the two of them had to say. [video clip]
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tax system in place and when i hear my colleagues disingenuously say the democrats, because they don't like our tax plan, that means they are for the taxes the way it is. we'll like that in states like ine -- we don't like that states like mine and eastern oregon, where companies shut orn production in lima springfield and moved to beijing and get a tax break for doing that. we want to close that loophole that this bill explodes that loophole. if a plant shuts down and barbara town or shuts down in , the company under this bill would pay a rate of 20% on the profits. if it shuts down and moves to asia, he can build a new factory get a tax reduction for the cost of moving and pay u.s. tax rate of zero. why wouldn't they move?
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>> the issue on economic growth, we are talking about growth, growth, growth. i have not, in three years -- three years -- heard my colleagues on the other side of the aisle say that economic growth of 1.5% for almost 10 years is good for the country, good for workers in ohio. >> i take back my time. >> the senator from ohio has the floor. >> this is the question. do you believe that the new , gdp growth, 1.5% for the entire future? is that what you believe? course -- of course i don't believe that the new normal. it's the same game you play before.
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if you are not for our tax plan, you are not for tax reform. nobody believes that. of course we don't think 1.5% is the new normal. time, 20ow the last years ago, when we focus on the middle-class and cut taxes for the middle class during the clinton years are the economy exploded. 22 million private sector jobs. but a dozen years ago, president bush did to tax cuts for the wealthy of the view that trickles down everybody will do better. eight years of president bush, no net job growth. host: that's the debate occurring on the senate floor yesterday. the joint committee on taxation issued a report saying to republicans that that legislation they are considering would not pay for themselves. the tax cuts would not pay for themselves by generating enough revenue through economic growth to offset the tax cuts. as republicans have claimed. instead would add $1 trillion to budget deficits over the next 10
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years. that did not sit well with senator bob corker and others. he had already been on the fence over deficit concerns. he insisted senate leadership find a way to mitigate the cost of the bill. that's from "new york times," on their front page. thisdent trump tweeted about the bill. republican senators are working hard to pass the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country in the bill is getting better and better. this is a once in a generation chance. obstructionist dems trying to block because they think it is too good and will not "four. credit for. home sales and business investment showing rising optimism. the economy headed into the final stretch of 2017, powered by one of the sturdiest periods indexesh, driving stock
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to new heights. the dow jones jumped 331 points. host: middleton in owner, west virginia. democrat. what do you think about this? caller: good morning. personally, i don't think it's going to change that much because i'm 70 years old and i'm not worrying about too much on windows vista get back -- on what i am supposed to get back. i want a fixed income, i don't have a house payment or nothing like that. it's going to be good for me. ,ut you know, we call in
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republicans, democrats, an independents, and everybody has their opinion on what's going to be. it falls on deaf ears. you can watch people in congress , they were even talk to each other. the talk over each other. if republicans want to do this, they are going to do it, regardless. they want to say the democrats won't work with them. they don't want to work with the democrats, because they know they can pass it without them. host: right now, it's not clear that they can. they don't have all their republican colleagues with them, yet. caller: they will. they are just like anything else. if one goes over the rocky cliffs, they are all going to fall behind, just like a bunch of cattle. host: would you say that about democrats, too? caller: yes, i would. host: alabama, tim on the
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democrat line. caller: my comment about the tax plan is -- it's going to wind up affecting the social security payments that we get. i'm 67 years old. they havey in which it trickle-down, and they say this tax plan will pay for years,-- in for five when it doesn't pay for itself, and they are going to come back two isrt two, and part use of security might help pay down the deficit that didn't they down in this plan, number one. host: where did you read that? it's -- i didn't read it anywhere. host: you are just thinking that's the strategy. caller: i heard on one of the tv
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shows, i think it was cnn, about explained that the trickle-down doesn't work. to -- plan two will takes all security. people loselion insurance and you can't claim interest on your house or student loan, now universal --urity which is affected by you have your social security, which is affected by it. host: robert in indiana, republican. caller: the democrats say they want to work with republicans, but look what pelosi and schumer did the other day. they wouldn't meet with the president. the democrats don't want
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anything but to spend money. we had it for eight years, we have immediate in the white house -- an idiot in the white house. wants to put trap down. we need to get together, but the democrats are not going to do anything but put trump down and republicans down. we want them to be in there to work for us. host: two you think that this tax cut bill will be good for the economy? caller: i really do. yes. it's growing, growing, growing right now. it's crazy. you can see the country has started to turn around. caller: i would like to say that the democrats have had eight years and messing up our economy. ,ow, with $20 trillion in debt
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no one is doing anything to do anything about it. debt,ed to rein in the and we can't rein in the debt, at 1% growth like we had with mr. obama has been all we had. 1%. now we are up around 3% as an average. tax money is made that way. the more you take in, the more you can make in taxes. if you cut the taxes and you make it all one playing field for everybody, maybe we will get a break. but we wouldn't have to pay anything. can't stop taxing us to death. california, massachusetts, we pay so much of our incomes in taxes. i don't understand how we survive and it's getting harder and harder. with these people pressing on us. host: you are others may be interested in the "wall street journal," story on tax cuts.
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companies raced influence lawmakers is one of the headlines. when the house passed its long-awaited tax overhaul in november, ge has potentially big problems. one part of the bill could cost the conglomerate more than $1 billion in new taxes if it becomes law. the measure would restrict the ability of ge to deduct the losses of some overseas units under new one-time tax on profits earned overseas. host: below that story in the "wall street journal," is this headline -- what the overhaul
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could mean for six different industries. when it comes to banking, financial firms pay among the highest effective tax rates of any major industry, making a possible drop, a 20% over rate highly profitable. host: host: ted from flushing, new
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york. an independent. obama's administration, the growth in his time, you should not forget that obama had seen the country totally wiped out and we know what happened. we should be fair in criticizing the past. but coming to the future, for me, i still do not believe that those corporations, when they
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lower their taxes, they are kind enough to invest in the united states. that's the bottom line. the idea that when the reach -- when the rich and the powerful will be kind for the average americans, we have seen that. i'm not against tax cutting blindly time not rushing this. we should take our time. maybe we should be talking to because as you try to elaborate, there are many people who are going to be hurt by these things. case, if this thing passes, the verdict will be on the people. if we don't see it, we're going to kick out all these guys and 2018 and we will back to square one to maybe say we have to dismantle this tax. we should not play a children's
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game. what this country needs is stability in politics, but don't see any stability or wisdom in our politics. i fear is that we will be a country of whoever wins power will dominate and when you lose power, you are going to avenge it. we should not criticize obama blindly. obama received a country totally destroyed. expect that gdp to rise with zero practicality. host: more of your thoughts coming up on this push for tax reform to rewrite the u.s. tax code throughout today's "washington journal." i wanted to share some other news from capital hill. nancy pelosi reversed herself from earlier in the week and had this to say about representative john conyers, 88 years old, dean of the house and the sexual assault allegations against him.
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[video clip] pelosi: these are serious, disappointing, and very credible. so sad. the brave women who came forward are hoping for justice. i pray for commerce and conyers and his family and wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. congressman conyers has served in our congress for more than five decades and shaped to some of the most consequential legislation in the last 10 the means however, consequences for everyone. ,he matter how great the legacy that's no license to harass or discriminate. in fact, it makes it even more disappointing. yesterday, house took the first step mandating sexual harassment and discrimination training and that resolution on the floor. the next step, very important
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for congress to pass, that's resolution in the house to mandate nondiscrimination and nonsexual harassment training. the senate have their own resolution. however, the next step is a bill that must pass the house and the senate, and that's the need to toohe need to -- the me act. it's being discussed now and maybe some additions will be made. we will all work together to lead the fight to end sexual-harassment and abuse, not only in congress, but in every workplace across the country. everywhere in our country. as for us capitol hill is concerned, we want to be sure that everyone who works here who might be a victim of this, whether it is staffed to staff, members of staff, member to member. understands, it's all over. it's a new day.
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and the courage of the women coming forward is something that difference, but also, the attitude in the country, which i think some of the springs from the election of donald trump as president. leaderhe democratic calling on congressman john .onyers to step down mr. conyers lawyer says he will not be stepping down. you also heard the leaders say they are looking at additional legislation to deal with sexual misconduct. there will be a hearing next week before the house of administration committee, go to to find out details of that. they will be taking up this issue of how sexual misconduct is reported in the house. joining us on the phone is elana schor with politico for more on this story. let's just begin with congressman conyers. stressospitalized due to
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, his office is saying, but not backing down. there is an ethics investigation into what happened. where does that stand? guest: it's important to remember that the house ethics committee has no rule for how long its investigations can take. the american people might see this issue is quite serious, however, the ethics committee is still working on serious ethics matters dating back to early 2015, almost two years ago. i do their work behind closed doors and their limits on how long they can take. to say where it is other than exists. host: what is the process for the ethics committee to start the investigation? i will show the viewers who sits on this committee. five republicans, five democrats. what prompts them to investigate a fellow member? host: -- guest: there's the
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office of congressional ethics, nominally independent arbiter of congressional behavior created after the last major wave of congressional scandals around 2006 and the oce investigates these matters and refers it to the ethics committee. if you go on the ethics committee's website, you will be able to see oce referrals past cases, but that's not the only way they can take something up. they can also take something out the majority of the committee recommends that. in that case, they hold on this on conyers. host: what can the ethics committee do? guest: in terms of -- host: in terms of consequences. guest: that's really tough to say. the ethics committee doesn't have the ability to force member to leave the house. ability tohave the
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require changes to the house rules or set a precedent that would create changes to the house rules. in order to century member, you have to take a vote -- censure a member, you have to take a vote. but it's impossible to say this early in the process. host: will they hold public hearings? guest: no, they will not. there's no rule preventing them from doing so, but this is the committee that the overwhelming majority of its work in secret. when they issue a report, typically, what do the reports say? how much information is given to the public about their investigations? guest: it totally varies depending on the case. in this case, we are in uncharted waters, because the core accuser in the center of the scandal went on tv earlier this week and talked about her story, contrary and nondisclosure agreements that she signed as a condition of taking the settlement.
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ordinarily i would say nondisclosure agreement might bar that, but one of the parties to the gradient -- to the agreement has broken it. it's anybody's guess what happens then. host: to the senate, where al franken has been accused by another woman, this is from the cincinnati enquirer yesterday, that senator franken grow pure told cnn yesterday the incident occurred in 2003 in kuwait on a uso tour when he was there. what is the status of an investigation into senator franken? guest: it was known as recently as yesterday that the senate ethics committee had opened its own investigation. that has been going on for a while. as we understand it. just because the senate ethics committee confirms it is doing something, doesn't mean it already hasn't started. see my earlier point about the ethics largely operating in secrecy.
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when it comes to their time limits and what they can recommend for senator franken, they are the same as the house. they are looking into it and the rest of us will just have to wait. the same number of republicans and democrats on their panel? guest: they are evenly divided three and three. the senate is slightly smaller. to show the viewers who sits on the committee, chaired by johnny isakson of georgia and the reagan democrat is chris coons. ,ou also have pat robbins jeanne shaheen event after and james roche provided no. -- of idaho. been reporting on sexual misconduct allegations on capitol hill. politico to the story saying it's the wild west of training and procedures and protocol for dealing with sexual harassment. can you explain? though it may seem that congress is one body when it comes to its internal policies,
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it's not. it's actually 535 different entities. any member of congress can be overruled for employee behavior, they get their own budget. what one member of congress pays their scheduler for their assistance, another can double as long as they stay within the cap of this budget. and they can sit their own harassment discrimination policies. we asked all 535 members about their policy, to chair -- to share some of it with us and does it include mandatory training. a big reason why it's important that congress can't stop here is that most offices already had training. when you hear these lawmakers say we are making a huge change and we are requiring training, that was already pretty much required in these offices. , what do youchor
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expect to happen? it talks about the tensions between democrats over the calls for conyers to step down, yet you have not heard that from leadership when it comes to senator franken. yeah, particularly members of the congressional black caucus as my colleague reported are aggravated by the appearance of a double standard when it comes to franken versus conyers. certainly, some of the behavior is improper and would get you fired in private sector jobs. i do believe you will see a growing number of democrats take the frank allegations were seriously now that the congressional black caucus has raised the issue. forwardhe women coming about senator franken ever worked for him. this is all before he was elected to the senate. through similar to the roy moore issue. he faces a likely senate ethics investigation, but it's a really
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unclear question whether he could truly be expelled because all this behavior happened before he got elected. conyers is facing this firestorm now because he did this in his office with an employee. host: politico report yesterday that joe crowley interview with one of your reporters did say that senator franken should resign as well, this is after the calls for commerce in conyers to step down. elana schor, were you watching for today on the story? -- what are you watching for today on the story? guest: i'm looking for the resignation of commerce in conyers, he has vowed not to leave, but this kind of pressures very difficult, for a man who is 80 years old. and the senate has been completely riveted and i believe if its schedule was more lax, you would see chuck schumer and dick durbin get more questions about franken and be forced to take more of a public position on him. host: elana schor, we will be
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watching your reporting. you can follow her on twitter. we appreciate your time. discussion about tax reform, elana schor said the senate has been debating this legislation and things got a little heated yesterday around late afternoon. when the parliamentarian ruled that an automatic trigger that some republicans want in this did not pass parliamentary muster, and that means that republican leadership is now scrambling to figure out what they're going to do to appease some senators like senator bob corker and jeff flake of arizona who are concerned about the deficit. they want an trigger that says if these tax cuts did not produce the economic growth that republicans say it would, if he did not do that, there would be a trigger to increase tax cuts.
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senator corker telling reporters yesterday that looks like they would have to vote for tax increases if these tax cuts do not produce economic growth that they want. brenda in manchester, washington, democrat. what do you think? caller: i think quite a bit and i will try to run through very quickly. needs to release his tax or firm. the only tax return we saw was 2005 and the amt is going to go away. also there throwing out scraps for the floor -- for the poor and feasting for the wealthy. everyone who is hurting what this tax cut and i understand that, it is not going to work in the long run. feasts they're giving those you don't need it. the aca, when they are saying
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the democrats are instructing, -- thes inauguration aca, they took 121 republican anddments into their bill it garnered absolutely no republican support after numerous hearing and months, so they then went to reconciliation to pass it and republicans jumped immediately to reconciliation. so don't say that they are instructing. and one other thing, i like the caller who commented let's not forget where we came from. the economy had tanked and -- under a republican president. two wars unfunded, medicare part b unfunded, obama but the wars back on the books, which should add to the deficit. the first time last time i voted a straight democratic ticket to
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try and stop what's happening now. i was always an independent and i always voted both and it said me to no end -- it saddened me to no end to not vote for republican. i also want to mention that i saw some reporting that -- i watch that yesterday with the senators gathering and the vote that took forever and they were holding it out. i saw some reporting that the deficit hawks were looking for agent -- from an tobacco how this dynamic scoring is supposed to work and they were wanting more go on and they say it's beautiful and this and that. they never provided the data. they never did a workout. i have lots of notes here, but i just want to say once again, the caller that said about obama, he is spot on.
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that's not forget what happened -- let's not forget what happened. i don't have more here, but i know you have limited time. host: we will get in some other voices. i will try to find the story you are referencing about the treasury department and tax reform. i thought i saw something in the paper on that as well. let's go to gym, and florida. a republican. in florida, a republican. i want to comment that this lady thought obama was so great for the economy. when you have a disastrous event caused by the community development program in which people were given mortgages they should have never had, he was given $10 trillion in deficit giving for $.5s
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trillion on the federal reserve account book. trillion in tax increases. and the man ended up in the last year of his administration with a negative quarter. anybody who says obama has the nation's economy on track doesn't know what they are talking about. there are two math problems of the democrats don't see to be able to solve. here's the first math problem. company a has income of $1 million and they have a tax rate of 40%. they have $600,000 after taxes. also has $1 million in income in their tax of 20% incomed they have a net of $800,000 after taxes. which company has more money to expand and to give raises to its employees and to expand further
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and provide more jobs? the other math problem the democrats don't seem to understand or solve is that family a has income of $50,000 and they have a tax credit, it's a family of four, $50,000. they have a tax credit of $12,000, they have $38,000 they are taxed on. family b also has income of $50,000, but they get a tax credit of $24,000. they are only taxed on $26,000. which family has more money to buy a new marketing -- air-conditioning system, paint their house, and do all kinds of things they needed to do for years? host: believe it there so i get in some other voices. surely in hot springs, arkansas.
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we're talking tax reform today. what do you think about republican efforts? caller: i've been holding a long time, my voice is not too bad. lot, and back a in 2008, i don't know if you can go back into your archives from 2008, but i wish you could. and show how they voted in december. and if they were fixing to go off on their vacation and they were supposed to raise social security and that's what i was interested in. him, and the first thing they voted on was to increase unemployment for six months, and the next thing they voted on was to increase social security. .nd they all voted no not all of them, but most of them. and the last thing that they did before going off to vacation was
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to vote to increase their own pay. and they all voted, there was one vote against it. and they probably didn't know what they were voting for. i wish you could show that. host: our viewers can look at it for themselves, if you go to we have the video library right there on the website and you can search their, by the year, by the month, and by the topic if you go to the website. the previous caller mentioned a treasury department analysis. here's "the hill," article on that. the treasury department inspector general is investigating whether secretary leten mnuchin six -- politics inform his analysis. the inspector general is looking into whether he is refusing to release the treasury department's analysis of the tax plan that passed the senate budget committee in its will to 11 vote on wednesday because the
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agency's reports contracts claims made by both the secretary and republicans in congress. it's a top priority. the move comes after his massachusetts senator glowed with warnick used steve mnuchin of using taxpayer funds to conduct analysis that the government was now refusing to let see the light of day. another issue that congress has to work on is negotiations to keep the government running. deadline a december 8 and the headline in "usa today ," congress is rambling once again to avoid a shutdown. insistedaker paul ryan thursday that lawmakers would pass a short-term resolution to keep the government running at current spending levels past december 8. a closer look at what congress is doing to avoid a government shutdown on the issues that could derail those negotiations, one of them is immigration and what to do about the children who were brought here into the
7:42 am
united states by their parents. should they be able to stay? the so-called dreamers. health care is another issue that is part of negotiations and what to do about the affordable care act and premiums. that's happening also on capitol hill. we sat down and talked to the top democrat on the house armed about a committee possible government shutdown. here's what adam smith had to say. [video clip] smith: it is high. very high. we have made no progress in this debate. we continue to fire shots back and forth without addressing the real issue. the real issue is sort of two levels. one is the budget caps. certainly the budget caps are problematic. particular,stry in there are many who believe the defense needs more money than the $549 billion contemplated in the budget control act and there
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are many who believe that nondefense discretionary is captive to lower number. do you get an agreement between enough republicans and democrats to get 60 votes in the senate to exceed those budget cap numbers? debte are $20 trillion in and running up a deficit of $700 million a year. just getting rid of the budget caps doesn't change that math. maybe we survive a year or two, but what about five years from now or 10 years from now. if you want to focus on my committee's concerns, on the armed services committee's resurgence -- concerns, as a lot of angst about the fact that the current military is underfunded. in you do ave that massive tax cut, went to going to be like five or 10 years from now if we don't figure out a strategy for the overall budget that is sustainable, even if we survive this year, at some point, we're not going to have the resources necessary to
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maintain the national security we would like to. there's a lot of different answers to that. i can tell you that cutting taxes by a couple trillion dollars makes it worse, not better. host: you can see the entire interview with adam smith on "newsmakers," sunday. you can also hear it on c-span radio and "newsmakers," is available if you go to our website, mason, democrat. thanks for waiting. are you anxious to see tax reform? i have been taking a good long hard look at this, and i've got to say, this is the most irresponsible governing i've seen in a long time. three weeks ago, they went behind closed doors and met with their donors to come up with this tax cut plan. and that's what it is. it's a tax cut plan, not reform. when they came out of that
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closed-door meeting with this frankenstein bill, they didn't hold hearings with experts so they can vet out the pros and cons of what this will it will not do. they refused to take any amendments from democrats, and now, we having debate on the floor without a completed bill. they are still writing this tax on, & and that's when you impact every aspect of the u.s. economy and people personal financial stability, they need to take the time required. it's better to take the time and do it right then ram it through, which leads me to believe that the only reason they are ramming this through so quickly is so their donors are happy for next year's election cycle. which is a really sad place to be. also, the promises of this bill have not been proven to be true. every time we've seen a tax cut given to the rich and big business with no strings
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attached, they can do whatever they want with that. they don't have to increase wages, they don't have to bring jobs back. evend trump hasn't promised that if this passes at him and his family will bring their jobs that have overseas and companies overseas back home. host: look at the "washington post," this morning, corporations are flush with cash, why is congress tried to give them more? u.s. business shows little sign of meeting the tax cut that republicans are rushing to put into law.
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host: you can read more in the "washington post," david in denison, texas. a republican. caller: i called in and listen to for five callers and you read stories and i changed my mind 20 times. first, the aca got mentioned and look, i support the efforts of the republicans and what they are trying to do in congress right now. they've all mentioned it's not a perfect bill, but as far as business incentive concerns, i believe it's going to make a huge difference. wall street seems to agree on a nose of a big difference between wall street and main street, that's one of the reasons that,
7:48 am
unlike a lot of other conservatives, especially the ones on the financial shows, who chafe at the idea that the tax cuts aren't completely across the board, even for the highest earners, which theoretically, i agree with, but knowing what the democrats are going to do with an argument, because the more you pay in taxes when you get a 10% cut, that 10% cut is bigger, more money but not a bigger percentage. i think that trump and his folks were smart not cut the highest rate, to take the argument away from the democrats and make the bill less ideal, from that kind of a standpoint. it makes it more politically favorable. and that's ultimately what so much of this is about is how to get something done that's going to be some that will really achieve a purpose. it often said about the economy obama and bush. it's not about democrats and republicans, it's about the
7:49 am
political elites. it about globalism. you can't just take any one part of it and say if we had just done this different, then this would be different over here. the fact that the corporations will have an opportunity by making her tax rates competitive with the rest of the world, which is hugely important, doesn't necessarily mean that a company is going to pay people more. that's a given. but what will help cause them to pay people more to change her immigration laws. 70%erday they revealed that of the immigrants -- legal immigrants that come to the country in the last 10 years have come in as part of chain migration for family stuff, which increases the number of them that are going to be competing for low skilled jobs were just coming in at an older age that they are not competing for jobs at all. we need to make it so we are creating more of a labor crunch, so the companies have to pay more.
7:50 am
they will, it's a natural thing. host: we go to dave and farmers berg, indiana, independent. caller: good morning. host: your thoughts on tax reform? caller: yeah, i was just going to say that looking at this tax bill, as folks who worked for years on social security now are going to get higher taxes to give to the wealthy. taxes, but we pay do like two unfunded wars. the nation is like a corporation, you have to keep your house in order. i just don't understand it. most people don't care to pay more taxes, if it's across the board for everybody. host: as long as it's fair. as long as it's fair, you are for paying taxes?
7:51 am
that wei'm just saying have two unfunded wars and the cost of social security the last couple of decades, somewhere down the line, these debts of got to be paid. no one likes to pay taxes. deficite debt and the is what senator bob corker and senator jeff flake and others, a small group of republican senators are concerned about. that's what held up a final vote on this tax reform legislation in the senate yesterday. they will begin voting today around 11:00 and they a series of votes to do. final vote could come this afternoon. more of your calls coming up on tax reform. what do you think of all republicans are doing in the senate and the house? we will get to those calls in just a minute. we will go overseas and joining , athis morning is rick noack foreign affairs reporter for the washington post to talk about british foreign minister theresa may's rebuke of president trump.
7:52 am
, what did the prime ministers say yesterday, and what led to her making that statement? guest: well, the british prime ministers said it was not ok for president trump to reach we those three very controversial videos shared by the far right british first group. it led to a major desolation of a conflict between britain and the u.s. president -- major escalation of conflict between britain and the u.s. president. unacceptable for anyone to share those videos and that kind of material examined vibrant first. host: what kind of prime minister -- what kind of pressures of prime minister under by her colleagues to disinvited the president for a state visit? guest: there's quite a lot of
7:53 am
pressure, and you have to take a look at the british tabloid or newspaper this morning, which are quite clear in critical of president trump's behavior over the last two days or so. there have been repeated calls to cancel that state visit over the course of the last couple of months. incidents a number of that were criticized, especially when the labour party and the labor opposition party here in britain, but also increasingly by theresa may's own conservative party. yesterday, the parliamentary debate was quite critical of president trump as well, even members of parliament called him either racist or just mistaken in retreating those three videos. host: our viewers can watch that debate in the house of commons if you go to
7:54 am
the equivalent of their homeland security secretary taking questions in the house of ofmons about the impact these videos and the president retreating them. will the prime minister disinvited the president? guest: currently, it doesn't look like theresa may will .isinvited donald trump she did extend the invitation earlier this year and was immediately criticized, but she has stood by it since, and the chances of that visit happening are increasingly small. president trump himself said he only wants to come to the u.k. if people here will welcome him and he reportedly even asked theresa may to swing the mood in his favor in a country that plainly has not happened. was not the state visit mentioned in the queen's speech earlier this year and then downgraded to a working visit. even that is now unclear whether that working visit, which might've happened early january
7:55 am
2018 is still going ahead. tension -- what could be the fallout of it, policy wise? what are the united states and britain trying to cobble us right now? -- to accomplish right now? guest: britain and the u.s. are connected by this special relationship for about 100 years and it really does affect quite a lot of policy areas. most importantly trade, but also security and intelligence sharing. the intelligence sharing aspect as the homeportant secretary here emphasized yesterday. in a special relationship doesn't really depend on the president, she made clear. it will survive president trump's behavior. but those comments make it quite clear what leading members of the government here think of his retweets and comments in the past. host: for prime minister may,
7:56 am
what kind of political position is she in right now, and what impact did this have on her future? guest: teresa may have been weakened for months after the fallout of the election, where emerged as the party with the most votes, but she did lose the overall majority. she is very much weekend and not in a position to govern without the support of her party. and her party, clearly, is in favor of distancing itself from donald trump's behavior. the same time, it's also pursuing brexit, britain's decision to leave the european union and the very much depends on the united states in doing so, because if it leaves the eu, it does need the united states more so than ever before. and that's a balancing act that's very difficult. she cannot completely disgruntled altra, but she has to be quite careful about her
7:57 am
own supporters back home. host: rick noack, former and -- for affairs reporter for "washington post," thank you. mrs. may, theyed say right now, from mr. mayes leadership is on thin ice as she struggles to negotiate the exit from the european union. a crucial element is the creation of a bilateral free trade agreement with the u.s., which mr. trump printed would be big and exciting. host: you can't request balanced coverage --
7:58 am
and then another day promote fake news like britain first. we advise mr. trump terrain himself in for the sake of his own presidency, but by now, we know that's helpless. go ahead. country, believe in my but with the tax bill, i hope it's going to be good orchids going to be bad. this of people looking at in blindsided. bush did his tax cuts, he did it in good faith trying to money andnies get help the companies, but they put the money in their pocket. we went into recession because the companies didn't act right.
7:59 am
in, heesident obama came was doing the same thing with restrictions they have to give it back to workers in the companies. they will give it to the stockholders. on the policy we are doing good s policy.obama' i want to put things in perspective. if you do good, you did good. if you went back, he went back. host: ok. an independent in texas, what do you think? caller: are you talking to me? host: yes. caller: i'm sorry, i heard noise. by editor inicle chief online.
8:00 am
he is a prominent tax advisor for the superrich. he says he is appalled by the bill. he is also a card-carrying republican. i cannot pronounce his last name. withd-carrying republican that aspects of mounting to a giveaway to the superrich. host: why, because of what? caller: it is not elaborate too much. there is more to the article. plan would add to the federal deficit -- i am reading from the article. house republican complained for years. host: it is an article on the washington post. it would fall under the plan from 39.6% to 38.5%.
8:01 am
the richest americans would benefit. a provision in the tax code since 1969 to help prevent the wealthy from taking advantage of too many tax breaks and loopholes. it would have saved president trump millions on his taxes in 2005. the wealthy can you give to their contribution to charities. officialcongress' score keepers say it percent of millionaires would pay less in taxes under this plan. claudia in tallahassee, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. we have it all backwards. bush -- when the republicans were in, they had these tax cuts and regulation -- and the regulation -- and de
8:02 am
regulation. we know it destroyed the economy. when obama came in and brought us back from the brink of disaster with diligent work, funding to help companies defaulting and falling apart. once he does it, the economy gets righteous again. the republicans want to cut ands on the wealthy deregulate industries needing deregulation. this man from fort lauderdale who gave anb. with $1 million would pay 40%. whohave another millionaire had $1 million who pay 200%. deductions -- i am talking about the 40% -- he is going to pay less than 40%.
8:03 am
he is going to try to do everything he can to make his business possible. the business owner will take the deductions. he is not going to be paying 20%. he is going to be paying less than 20%. this is what we are living with. the republicans are telling us this is good. no, these people are going to boats,to buy bigger airplanes, gold, fixtures, etc.. host: on twitter, some viewers have posted their comments. we need a fair and inclusive tax code, which starts from the bottom to the top. the sizing i am rich only. -- emphasizing i am rich only. another -- tax cuts are always
8:04 am
good. spending cuts are always good. the people will not permit it. churches endorse candidates while keeping their taxes exempt. adrian, a republican. good morning. you're on the air. caller: my question is why you guys are going to increase the tax code. take the people through welfare. a lot of people have taken welfare. they are abusing the welfare. the government is helping them to give them money and all that. tax the way it is. do not let them get tax
8:05 am
increases. ok.: sam, independent, what do you think? caller: yesterday, someone called and said reagan never raise taxes. he says everyone knows, it is common sense. a few months ago, reagan raised taxes. i opposed then. i -- i opposed them then. i googled it. confirmingticles reagan raised taxes during his second term. why?
8:06 am
did not work. the economy started to suffer. he ordered the taxes to be raised so the party could get more money to spend on the military. you cannot run a government on wishes. you have to have cash. and assume call things, like reagan would never raise taxes. the country is miss positioned -- is misinformed. increases the deficit, which republicans are saying it will do, it is not the way to go. republicans, for years, have
8:07 am
been claiming they want to produce the deficit. that, i agree with. money out of my pocket and your pocket and give it to them so they do not have to follow any more money. host: sam, that was the big yesterday. -- was the debate yesterday. that will be the debate today. follow on c-span two. mitch mcconnell said the next vote will take place around 11:00 a.m. this morning. a final vote -- they want to do today. we will see what happens with the republican senators. cancel are concerned about the -- a handful are concerned about the deficit. susan collins is concerned with other issues in this legislation, dealing with health care. she has gotten some assurances, she said, from leadership in the
8:08 am
white house this will be fixed. openingblicans included oil and gas drilling in the ny anwar area. the it was passed out of the committee and senate side. they included it in the tax bill on wednesday. the headline is tax overhaul arctic drilling, problems result. most of the focus has been on taxes, but a portion of the tax reconciliation bill needs to be revised. the chairwoman of the committee, lisa murkowski, says the fixes are being worked out. it to be taking place
8:09 am
on the senate for as well. raymond, an independent. good morning. share your thought with us -- thoughts with us. caller: yes. i noticed when the republican tax bill passed the house, two of the republicans who voted against it were there is a and dana rohrabacher of -- were daniel is so -- isso and dana rohrabacher. lost to california, these two guys are going to be in trouble. the next time their collection -- there elections, around. it may be the bright side. we can get rid of these guys who i think are terrible. host: he is referring to be state and local tax deduction by is in theg it, which senate and house version, higher taxe states would lose out.
8:10 am
it is something susan collins is concerned about in this legislation. more of your thoughts, coming up on the tax reform bill. keep calling in this morning. there is a lot of ink in the papers this morning. let me go through it quickly with you. rex tillerson and his future at shaminge department -- rex tillerson by making plans to replace him. to the report, it is on the front of the new york times. rise.a chief could you have the front page of the washington post with two stories about it this morning. officials ousting tillerson is in works. pompeod put loyalists -- -- ichabod pompeo -- it could
8:11 am
put pompeo. made the front page of -- this is a piece written. it made the front of the financial times. a state of uncertainty -- tillerson under pressure as trump lines up pompeo. in the wall street journal -- talks of tillerson. it said more senior aides likely to leave as well. the washington times has the story this morning -- tillerson likely to reposition, officials say. yesterday.roke rex tillerson was at the white house when the president was ofting with the crown prince brainong -- conference a -- with a crown prince. here whenson will be
8:12 am
they spoke person was asked, this is what she had to say. [video clip] rex tillersonying is on his way out. stayong does he expect to in his role? >> is what i can tell you. you saw the white house statement earlier today. the white house statement confirmed there will be no personal changes. tillerson served at the pleasure of the president. he enjoys this job. he has a lot of work to do. we started out this morning together. he had a series of meetings in addition to his regularly scheduled meetings with washington officials. the secretary and i spoke at that time. we talked about irma. -- about burna.
8:13 am
-- about burma. .e had a successful meeting i will to you at what came out of the bilateral meeting. he came out of the scheduled meeting with the president and a crown prince. he headed back to a meeting. the topic of it is syria. the reason i am telling about these comings and goings of the asretary is he remains -- i have been told -- to be committed to this job. this is a job he enjoys. he is continuing with his meetings. he is continuing with his calls. he is spoken -- not with only for mr. gabriel -- but with the human secretary-general earlier today -- with the u.n. secretary-general earlier today. host: that was the state department folks woman answering
8:14 am
a question about the news rex tillerson would be replaced at the state department. the washington examiner is reporting the white house intentionally released information yesterday. president trump was considering replacing rex tillerson an attempt to embarrass and humiliate the top diplomat. the papers are full of stories about this. "the new york times has a picture -- in your times -- the picture.times has a replace.t would iv war article -- an veteran with war veterans with a picture of tom cotton, a republican of arkansas.
8:15 am
we are talking about tax reform here this morning. in baltimore, an independent, hello. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: doing well, what do you think? you're on the air. caller: wonderful. i think there are a few layers. host: i'm sorry, we lost the caller. alan in brooklyn. hello. caller: thank you. thomas jefferson had a letter 1789james madison in featured in a biography of jefferson. he raised a topic seldom discussed -- whether anyone generation has the right to as ae its debt burdens nation on unborn generations or thisery generation has -- proposal, on this tax which never became a floor
8:16 am
debate in the republican controlled congress. it made it acceptable to raise the debt one $5 trillion. if they go beyond it, -- d $1.5 trillion. if they go beyond it -- they are raising it $20 trillion. to me, it is contrary to the principles in this letter by jefferson. he is saying, we cannot take back the debt we have already within the lifetime of living americans. every penny of the debt -- for a good portion of it -- are going to be paid off by the people who do not enjoy the expenditures. if we honor the man at the theerson memorial and all high schools and universities named after him, we should honor
8:17 am
his ideas. we do not have the right to place additional burdens on them. instead of talking about cutting taxes, we have to talk about raising state taxes on existing wealth, until we get to the point where our debt is low enough to be paid off within the next 20 years -- within the lifetime of living adult voters. host: ok. martha in michigan, republican. caller: hello. i am on board with the tax reform package. it is a great idea. it will stimulate the economy. because it was stimulate the economy, the debt will go down. it is the only way to do it unless we cut spending. i have one issue. i heard it discussed on facebook repeatedly by people i know. i cannot find it anywhere. there is going to be adjustments for the charitable tax elections for ordinary people like me. i do not know how to find it.
8:18 am
i do not know if it is true. i think it is -- it is devastating for charities if it is true. it is my only concern with the tax reform package. host: what would be the adjustment? the washington post says it remains in place. caller: that is not what is out there on facebook. i am deeply involved with a big charity. they are posting crazy they are going to have deductions cut we make to any charity. i have been trying to find it. i am glad to hear it. might one concern -- it was my one concern. host: it is what the washington post says. our producer can do some searching to find what you are reading. caller: i could not find it. i am just telling you, it is chatter. read the bill.
8:19 am
if you go to our website, we have the senate and house version. the senate is expected to vote today. they will have to compromise with house republicans on the final measure, a conference bill to be voted again. there is more to come. and in washington, independent. hello. caller: hello. host: we are listening, mary. -- why we question is do not hear anything about the interest deduction for expensive homes? host: for mortgage interest deduction? caller: the mortgage deduction -- is it going to be allowed on this reform? host: we will have to see.
8:20 am
senators -- in their bill -- allow the deduction to remain in place. in the house bill, they put a cap on it. they cap how much you can deduct -- they capped how much you can deduct. not current mortgages. it would be for future mortgages. michael in florida, a democrat. hello. caller: hello. just a comment -- it is clear the republican party today has begun morally and ethically bankrupt. how they the matter of are proceeding with this legislation. no studies, shutting out the democrats, forcing it through, not taking all of the considerations and possible consequences, and it shows -- was nothing.lives
8:21 am
pures nothing but bollocks. it is stunning, but not a surprise. that is all i have to say. host: ok, ok michael -- ok. ok, michael. industry still hates it. they revolted when the gop tax was released. the amount of mortgage debt taxes can deduct on. a chair of homebuilder says the plan abandons middle income tax payers. releasedproposal thursday, senate republicans she is total eligible debt by $100,000 to $1 million. an analysis of the plans on zillow shows why. but tax plans nullified the --
8:22 am
both tax plans nullified -- for state and local income and sales taxes. while the house bill would allow up to 10,000 to be deducted, the senate plan allows no property tax deduction at all. these -- this result is fewer homeowners would benefit from itemizing and claiming a mortgage deduction. linda in tennessee, independent. hello. caller: hello. good morning. when obama took and spent $10 million -- $10 trillion, you hear no one saying anything. no wonder the democrats are going over to the republicans. thank you. host: the front page of the washington times has this
8:23 am
headline -- illegal immigrant acquitted in kate steinle's death. they found him guilty of lesser gun charges in a case helping increase a debate. zarate admitted to killing kate steinle. he called the shooting a shocking accident. this made the front page of as well. five times deported, illegal alien found not guilty in murder of kate steinle. the president also tweeting about it this morning. backiller came back and over the obama protected border. this information was not used in court. his exoneration is a travesty of justice. build the wall.
8:24 am
-pelosi democrats are still weak on crime. it will pay in the 2018 and 2020 elections. let's hear from susan, a democrat. hello. caller: hello. i would like to talk about the tax bill. that lady was right about the contributions -- the terrible contributions. if you cannot itemize, you cannot deduct. the standard deduction, it will keep a lot of people from itemizing. host: i see what you are saying. caller: the other thing is -- studentl harms student, load interest, graduate students because of their stipends. it harms elderly because of the medical deduction taken away. the exemptions -- the personal consumption going away -- $4000
8:25 am
supposedly offset by a child tax cut. child tax-- the credit. the child would have to be 70. what if your child is older -- be 17. what if the child is older? it is all gone. my taxable income is going to go up by $11,000. i do not make that much money. host: ok. caller: it is ridiculous. host: here is from cnbc -- boost your charitable giving these are encased juppe tax bill becomes law. it would double the standard deduction and eliminate others. giving two years worth of donations would eliminate -- would give you a tax break.
8:26 am
it lets you avoid paying taxes on large capital gains. that is the point i think susan was making. if you increase the standard deduction, people will not be incentivize to give to charities because they will not be itemizing. paul in arizona, a republican. hello caller:. caller:hello -- hello. caller: hello. i am thankful the republicans are finally able to get something going on the taxes. this is going to make a big difference in people's paychecks. it will go a long way to growing the economy and bringing the debt down. host: ok. we are learning from the .com, am -- thehill senator is ready to go after the a -- after a deal he amde. -- he made. aboutl read it as we talk
8:27 am
it with you. the senate is to vote on it today. two into c-span2 to see if they can get enough of the republican colleagues to vote on this. the front page on national papers on what happened last night in the senate. senate republicans hit a significant stumbling block thursday in their effort to overhaul the tax code, forcing them to contemplate walking back there plan -- their plan. many congressional republicans of donald trump set the 20% corporate rate without an expiration date as a fixed toll on their tax policy. it grow every decision as they put it together. problems, cascade of including a nonpartisan analysis hill would not pay
8:28 am
for itself. instead, it would at $1 trillion in deficit over a decade. republicans were speeding toward a final vote. they plan to vote as early as -- lawmakersscot favoring the board cuts. a final tax vote could come as early as today. one possible outcome -- the tax rate would start at 20% and would rise in stairstep increments in years. it which would be sizes of the tax-cut by $350 billion over one decade, making it three quarters of its previous side. the washington all says essentially dampening the economic growth, the republican say they are trying to great. that in the water journal this morning. really, a democrat. good morning. what is your message? what is your message on washington about tax reform? i am calling to address
8:29 am
republican callers. why would you go to a meeting in the first place if you just got dissed? response hear some tax-cut treats nonprofits. deductions -- congregations to the agent in acts. it seems like there is no internal consistency in terms of which are maintained and which are removed. thank you. host: jim in michigan, a republican. hello. caller: hello. you werering how
8:30 am
talking about how people would not give charitable donations because you cannot deduct them. host: no, she is worried because the increase in the standard deduction, then people are less incentivized to give to charities because they will not be doing the visual reductions on their taxes. individual deductions on their taxes. caller: should it not be charitable if you can deduct it or not? if the democrats are charitable, they should give their money without worrying if it is deductible. host: lynn, a democrat in arizona. hello. caller: hello. my concern is what you just brought up. what is going to happen -- people itemizing because of the standard deduction are not going to be able to itemize.
8:31 am
peopleoing to prevent from taking advantage. their tax rate will be higher. in theory, it's on like a tax cut. if you are paying taxes on a higher amount because you are not able to take certain deductions, you will be paying more. as far as general contributions -- the gentleman is correct. of course, we should be charitable. in reality, a lot of people give because they are trying to get that tax break. terrible --act especially at the higher income levels. it is not a partisan thing. it is not republican and democrat. this tax bill will affect everybody, good and bad, we will find out. thank you. charlotte,ck in south carolina, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a truck supporter, but i am disappointed with the republicans.
8:32 am
it is clear, from my vantage point, this is a gift to the corporations -- international corporations. if they want to talk tax cuts, let's talk about cutting the taxes, income taxes -- cutting fica taxes, income taxes. the economy will get ramped up by giving money to the people. it is saying employers will give which increases -- no, they are not. they will give the profit to the stockholders. forn, i am all capitalism, but i want a fair distribution. look at the debt. if we have interest rates rising, we have to finance the debt. this mobile a hole in it. -- this will blow a hole in it. i do not seek restraint in the
8:33 am
members of congress. trump -- is one of the well for the next election cycle -- this forot going to bode well the next election cycle. they need to slow down and get more input from the american people. i am not voting for this. host: it looks like ron johnson could be a yes vote on this. this is from a twitter user -- ron johnson was touting a tax deal. he was on a program and announced this. it is safe to assume he is a yes now. that is from this morning. the president of the american commitment, formerly with the american prosperity tweeting it out. "the hill is reporting a senator -- "the hill" is reporting a senator is to vote. steve daines said he will vote for the senate tax bill after
8:34 am
relief.a deal for tax it could be similar to what senator johnson was talking about. with 68% in montana, it is needed. earlier in the week, he came out against -- earlier in the week, steve daines cannot against the bill. he said it did not help businesses enough. tend -- thesses senate bill initially included a 70.4 percent deduction -- a 17 .4% deduction. york, independent. hello. caller: hello. thank you for having me. i think we are -- we are going
8:35 am
about it in the wrong way. he will realize -- they will realize they waste more money then spending on benefits for us. it has been going on for years. it is not going to stop until they run out of money. the best way is to cut off the money and make them live within their means. were of your calls, coming up. we want to hear from you ahead of this final book that could happen today. what is your message to washington? republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. we have seen folks on social media putting phone numbers were senators online for folks to call them and let them know their position. this is your chance to call on ."ashington journal let them know directly if you want them to vote for or against it. this is the washington times
8:36 am
with a picture. the 95th lighting of the christmas tree near the white house. the first lady flip the switch after president trump led the crowd. here are president trump's remarks. [video clip] president trump: in 1870's, president you will see us grant -- president grant made it a federal holiday. i feel like we are doing it again. that is what is happening. from the earliest days of our nation, americans have known christmas as a time for prayer andworship, for gratitude goodwell, for peace and renewal. goodwill, for-- peace and renewal. the long and i are thrilled -- thrilled -- i are for christians, this is a holy
8:37 am
season. birth ofration of the our lord and savior, jesus christ. the christmas story begins 2000 years ago with a mother, father, their baby son, and the most extreme a gift that all -- the gift of god's love for all of humanity. whatever our beliefs, we know the birth of jesus christ in the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. there is hardly an aspect of our lives today that his life has music, culture, law, and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person everywhere in the world. ath and every year, christmas time, we recognize the real spirit of christmas is not what we have, it is about who we
8:38 am
is a childne of us of god. joy is the true source of this time of the year. host: president trump at the 95th annual christmas tree lighting in washington. reform.alking about tax the senate is expect it to vote today. the final passage on the legislation. good morning. caller: good morning. there.ed trump i wish you would have not had that on. this is no tax cut for the middle class. the middle-class is going to get killed by this. after this passes, you note the are going to go after medicare, medicaid. i would like to call out john mccain. i watched a clip of him on meet the press. he voted against the bush
8:39 am
tax cuts because he thought it was too much to the top 1%, 25%. this bill, i have seen anywhere from 50% to 60% goes to the top 1%, to 2%. host: i think what you are implying is the news yesterday, john mccain said he would vote for the tax reform. caller: yes, what changed his mind? he got 25% was too much. -- he thought 25% was too much. it is host: we will see what jeff flake does. he and bob corker and if you other republicans were talking about -- and a few other republican's were talking about it on the senate floor as they held up -- few other republicans
8:40 am
were talking about it on the senate floor as they held up the floor -- as they help up -- as they held up -- what they were going to do to address the deficit. bob corker wanted an automatic trigger to increase taxes if this legislation did not produce the economic growth republicans think it will do. parliamentarian -- the it.iamentarian denied it looks like they will have to include tax increases in order to vote for a tax cut. that was the banner on the direct reports' website. we wills or tax cuts -- see how it plays out when the senate dabbles in -- senate
8:41 am
gavels in. you can watch it on c-span two. if you cannot watch it, you can listen to it on the app. priscilla, a republican. hello. caller: hello. i appreciate the tax-cut. i think -- the tax-cut overall. they should look at the individual tax returns. i have been repairing my return forever. now, the will cut out the personal exception. for myself, i will have to pay tax on the $8,000 personal exemption. i itemized. my itemized deduction comes to schedule thousand dollars. if that was it and i get the personal exemptions -- which i do -- a thousand dollars, which $8000, which puts --
8:42 am
8000going to be hit with $ because they are saying you can do a standard deduction of $24,000. i am still going to be hit if they take away the result exemptions. they need to think twice about the personal exemptions. host: thank you for sharing. the senators get ready to vote today when they gavel back into session. they will vote at 11:00 a.m. we're expecting a final vote this afternoon. two into the debate. -- tune into the debate. thomas, what is your message? caller: when you are dealing with someone like jim jones -- they are trying to pass it. you have $32 trillion in offshore accounts.
8:43 am
the only way to bring the money back it is to legalize it. they are going to bring it back in anyways. we have 7 million documents stating offshore accounts. we you please do a show about -- will you please do a show about it? host: ann, democrat. what do you think? know if peoplet realize this -- but if this goes through, it will trigger something called pay go. it will automatically deduct $25 million for medicare next year alone. it will wind up in the next 10 years gutting medicare. automaticmething within the bill. it is not something that can happen later on. it incentivize is jobs -- incentivizes jobs to go overseas. i believe it will pay them to go overseas. this is opposite of everything the republicans have been promising -- by america and keep
8:44 am
jobs here. it does exactly the opposite -- buy america and keep jobs here. it does exactly the opposite. as people have said, it is a transfer from the lower and middle class to the wealthy. host: terry, independent. hello. you have to turn on the tv and talk to your phone. i will move on. scott in georgia, democrat. caller: hello. not one day goes by listening to people call in. when theying out change the constitution. i always thought it started in congress, in the senate and house. these people calling in blame obama. first off, we are $20 trillion in debt right now and we will add $1 trillion, based on the
8:45 am
analysis yesterday on top of the $20 trillion we have now. it no way the interest rates will not rise. if these people think people get a tax cut, you are pulling yourself. -- you are fooling yourself. it kills me the republicans controlling congress -- control congress. they are the ones who are doing the spending. host: white is a medicare and medicaid paid will go away -- why do you say medicare and medicaid will go away? caller: we are still it hundred to $900 billion short -- we are $800l it hundred -- still to $900 billion short. income -- if you do not have the income coming in, you will have to raise the retirement age.
8:46 am
it is going to go away. 65 for medicare, it will be raised. i am telling you, it will happen. it is the same people on disability with the trump stickers on the back of the car who are getting paid. the money will go away, which is fine with me. i believe in fiscal possibility. these people who call in every day and blame obama for raising the deficit. i do not believe that is where the spending bill starts. it starts in the house and senate, which is under republican control. connecticut. hello. caller: i am here to side with the caller criticizing john mccain for saying he is going to vote yes. he voted no for the repeal of the aca a few months ago.
8:47 am
essentially, the mandate will is a skinnyis repeal. host: he said one reason he is voting is this will went through regular order. they market up in the committees and held debates, opposed to the debates he voted against. susan collins also voted against it. yesterday sheters is against the individual mandate, but this is different, voting to get rid of the individual mandate versus the repeal of the health-care law. thanks. host: we will go to any, a republican -- we will go to eddie, a republican.
8:48 am
caller: it is not matter what happens to the $2 trillion. on theird expand present environment. lower tax rates help -- they can hire other people. thank you. host: more of your thoughts coming up here. let us know what you think about republican efforts to push for it on tax reform. the can happen today. final passage in the senate. then, the house and senate will work out the differences before they pass it again and send something to the president to sign. the president this morning, tweeting they are making the bill better. we will see how the votes player on the floor. c-span2 or the radio app to follow.
8:49 am
ons is the house leader's john conyers. was in they pelosi house saying he should resign early in the week. she would not go there. whoowing her, paul ryan -- earlier said it was right for him to step down from his leadership post on the judiciary committee, but it was up to him on whether or not he would resign. he was asked about it yesterday. her is what he had to say. [video clip] >> marion brown, i heard what you said this morning. should have to go through something like that, let alone in congress. yes, i think he should resign. he should immediately. i was just briefed on the allegations. your second question was on tax
8:50 am
reform. i am not a guy in the guarantee business. i can only control this side of the capitol. host: that was the speaker of the house saying they can -- sankey is confident they can get it done. confident they can get it done. bob corker, justly, and others were concern about the deficit. ron johnson and steve daines were concern about small businesses. it looks like there was a deal may for johnson and daines. because voting yes every provision for small businesses. yesstory is ron johnson's vote has been confirmed. it looks like he will be voting. there is a story -- johnson will
8:51 am
vote for the bill. we will see what will happen with the other republican senators yesterday who expressed concern. gina in alabama, a republican. hello. caller: hello. the tax comment on plan. i am it disabled veteran from the war. i do not pay taxes, so it will not affect me. thank you calling in about social security. social security needs -- they keep calling in about social security. social security needs to be fixed. they are setting up the rich with the big tax cut. they are capped at $200,000 when pay for social security and medicare. all they have to do is raise the cap.
8:52 am
let 55-year-olds contribute more 401(k)s.ira's and it is not rocket size to fix these problems -- it is not rocket science to fix these problems. it is a lack of will. host: in louisiana, an independent. caller: i thought it was just democrats today. i want to talk about the tax rates anyways. i am glad to see everybody is doing better than me. i have never been a millionaire. i need the extra tax credit for the children, for my husband, and for me.
8:53 am
of $24,000.count to me, it will help us. we are living paycheck to paycheck. host: ok. paul in minnesota, a republican. hello, what are your concerns? they dropy do everything 5% straight across the board and leave it like that and see what happens? host: ok. raymond in michigan, democrat. good morning. your message to washington on tax reform? msnbc ands, i saw on said about theer .ax bill going over they will tax our social security. it is where it comes from.
8:54 am
i would like to make a statement this thing with offering get an john conyers -- with al franken and john conyers -- they want them to quit -- no. the head of the country should quit. do not go there with it. host: this is a headline about joe barton who is not running for reelection. the decision came after a new photo and receive text messages surface. he is not running for reelection. he announced thursday he would tht seek an term18th -- an 18 term.
8:55 am
a new photo of joe barton was media, on social causing them to reevaluate if he would run again. exchangedessages were . a third woman came forward saying she had an affair with him. some local republicans were pressuring him to retire, occluding to the houston chronicle -- retire, according to the houston chronicle. an independent. what are your thoughts? caller: this tax giveaway to the rich is a repayment from trump to his buddies -- his wall street buddies and so forth. it has nothing to do with middle income families. why are we doing this now? the worstt out of financial situation since the great depression.
8:56 am
all of a sudden, we need to have a tax reform? no, we need to get on our feet. what is this on the attacks on the blue states? states is falling further and further behind. they are making it harder and harder for kids to go to school. if they go to school and work their way through school, if they are employed by the school, they want to take away that money or make them pay taxes on that money. they want to go on tax on the student loan debt. what is going on? this is a crazy world. i do not see how anybody, anybody can go along with this. this is ridiculous. host: danny, a democrat. hello. caller: i echo the sentiment of the last caller. i am wondering why it is so
8:57 am
important we have to change our tax plan right now. there are so many other things we can go to. why is this such a big deal? it seems that they are trying to pass the plan and fix the plant at the same time. you do not know what is in the plan because they are changing it every day. i am not sure what the plan is. host:. the reconcile the differences between the house and the senate version. we have a few minutes left in this conversation before the house gavels in. a number of colors have referenced medicare -- a number of callers have referenced medicare. perhaps it is a store you have seen on aarp's website. the measure would increase the federal debt, they say, leading
8:58 am
to mandatory reductions and safety net programs. if you read the tax bill, you will not find a clause saying it cuts medicare spending. the effect will be a flash. the tax measure would prompt the pay-as-you-go law. it was designed to keep the deficit in check. measureess passes any not offsetting revenues. 1.5 trillion.$ the government would have to lop off safety net programs are exempt from the law, which went into effect in 2010. medicare and other programs such as federal student loans,
8:59 am
agriculture subsidies, and custom were control are not exempt. perhaps it is the article you have seen from the aarp. beth, hello. caller: good morning. is -- oneted to say thing you keep. about is republican -- the republican agenda. how many republicans know what the propaganda is? the trump -- the trump agenda is? the trump agenda is about taking care of the bridge. if they want -- the rich. if they want to take charge, why. they find an infrastructure anwhy don't they fund infrastructure bill? to leave it there.
9:00 am
sorry for the abrupt end. the house is coming in early today for their legislative session. we will bring you there now for our live gavel to gavel coverage. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. lfing god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. as we face a new day, help us to discover power of resting in you. send your spirit down upon the members of the people's house. grant them wisdom, insight, and vision that the work they do will be for the betterment of our nation and help them to identify and bring to pass policies that will redown to the benefit


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