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tv   Kellie Mejdrich  CSPAN  December 9, 2017 11:22am-11:30am EST

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danger of guns by overruling states that fear that we don't want weapons on the new york city subway or chicago metro or other places with great concentration of people. we are going to say the states with the least restricted, maybe most rural, may be most sensible and impose those restrictions on the other states. it is wrong and death sentence for many americans. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized. mr. goodlatte: for the purpose of closing arguments, i yield to the gentleman from arizona, mr. schweikert. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from arizona is recognized. mr. schweikert: this is one of those -- we all have subjects that we find fascinating and for 25 years i kept files of abstracts on this because i actually participating in
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writing arizona's 1993 concealed carry law. i wish this was an honest conversation about the data because we all want our communities and families to be safer. i believe i can show you the statistical abstract data, states like arizona, adjusted for population, the violent use of firearms is almost one half of what it was before the adoption of our concealed carry law. concealed carry response i will for that? of course not. some of it is mental health, some of it is law enforcement, some of it is incarceration. it's complicated. but if you look at these data abstracts of crime statistics in the united states with the misuse of firearms, turns out that states that have adopted concealed carry compared to states that have gone other directions, states have gotten safer and there is some on brilliant articles when you compare florida and illinois, big populated, complex states,
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florida has gotten dramatically safer. illinois has not. this, if you really love our families and love our communities, this needs to be an intellectually sound discussion of what factors make us >> kelly majors joins us. what key issues are on congresses must do list? there are always a number of add-ons the try to join that vehicle. our things we're looking at may be temporary funding for the children's health insurance program, maybe a permanent
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reauthorization, funding for a private health care for veterans is very important. lawmakers are looking at anything from 2 billion dollars to $4 billion in mandatory funds to add on to that. thecrats are pushing for state of so-called dreamers who are given temporary work permits , for illegal immigrants who were brought here as children. there is a smattering of things that could end up on the year and a spending bill that could extend government funding past december 22, which is the current expiration date of government funding now that lawmakers gave two more weeks in a move at the end -- on friday. >> the headline on one of your pieces says congress clears cr, averts the shutdown for now. just before that passed on thursday, the leadership in congress met with president
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trump, what came out of that meeting? >> that was a hard reset for republicans and democrats. aneek earlier there had been organized meeting between the white house and the big four, that is house minority leader nancy pelosi, house speaker paul ryan, chuck schumer in the theye and mitch mcconnell, were supposed to have a meeting earlier but president trump tweeted out that he did not see a deal with democrats of a few hours before the meeting. democrats canceled their appearance. this recent meeting getting everybody to sit down together in the oval office was a step forward. there was talk about whether there were democrat or republican offers, we need to austere there are discretionary spending caps in place for the fiscal 2018 spending your.
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that is being funded on a stopgap basis. that are splitps between defense and nondefense spending democrats and republicans agree are too low. there is disagreement whether defense and nondefense deserves equal spending or whether one takes priority over the other. the push is to increase the defense without equal increases and other defense -- another nondefense discretionary spending. >> we will see something next week we have not seen in a while. the conference meeting. 29 members of the house and senate meeting on a tax plan key issues are the they need to overcome to get it on president trump's desk before christmas? >> this is a big priority for the republican conference. they have not been able to notch a lot of legislative wins.
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getting this tax package through is a must pass for them. there are a lot of issues to iron out. the senate bill includes a repeal of the individual mandate, which would reduce the number of people on the health-care exchanges. there is also the issue of the state and local tax deductions. this is a big issue for republicans who are in high tax districts such as parts of california, new york, even tennessee. there are areas where republicans might be having difficulties with their constituents if this deduction was taken away. another thing to look for would be how some of the more moderate members vote.
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that will be an opportunity for the gop conference to show how they can govern and if they cannot get that together that will have serious political consequences. >> kelly major is a reporter for cq roll call. thanks for the updates. >> thanks a lot. today, president trump is in jackson mississippi for the opening ceremony of the mississippi civil rights museum and the museum of mississippi history. he just tweeted, and headed to the great state of mississippi at the invitation of their governor phil bryant. looking forward to seeing the new civil rights museum. he will tour the museum and give live remarks about one hour from now. we will bring you live coverage. earlier this


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