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tv   Tax Reform Enrollment Ceremony  CSPAN  December 22, 2017 1:05am-1:24am EST

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or not. >> saturday night, samantha discussing america's role in the world. she will be joined by former defamation league national director, abraham foxman. best of the power reflects on her time in the obama administration. you can see this event saturday at 10:25 p.m. eastern here on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> house and senate republicans held in enrollment ceremony discussing the tax reform bill. speaker paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, finance committee chair orrin hatch, and house ways and means committee chair kevin brady. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> good morning. what a good morning this is. a fantastic day, christmas coming early for the american people. the house and the senate working together, putting aside all different is with one clear of active, making sure the american people are heard. making sure that small businesses have an opportunity to grow. we have seen a tremendous victory through this process and it is because of committed leaders behind me and trusted with the confidence of their voters to bring orth a tremendous victory. i am thank we are led in the
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senate by leader mcconnell who has done a fabulous job of bringing 52 cats, all working in different directions, together for one or this -- together for one purpose, to serve the american people. [applause]
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sen. mcconnell: thank you. this is a happy day indeed for the middle -- for the american people. we have used the examples of eagle parents making $41,000 a year getting a 73% reduction in their taxes, but it's not just on the individual side. i am pleased to see america's corporations ending up almost immediately and saying employees are going to benefit from this great tax cut. at&t gave a christmas bonus to employees. echoing after that, other corporations saying that glee what people like -- saying and bakley what people like speaker ryan has been saying for a long time. it is a great christmas season. we are happy to be here. with that, the leader of the ways and means committee, kevin brady. [applause] rep. brady: thank you again for your leadership and bigger ryan -- speaker ryan's as well. this highlights for many of us are time in congress, maybe even our adult lives. one of the main reasons so many of us ran for congress was to do exactly this, improve america's broken tax code. we all want to make it simpler,
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flatter, rewarding hard work. that is exactly what we accomplished in this bill. this is an incredible day for the american people. we never would have gotten here but for the leadership of ryan, chairman hatch, and others, but i do want to take a moment and tell you as proud as i am of this bill, i am equally proud of the house house ways and means committee. they worked long evenings and holidays to deliver this tax reform plan. i would be remiss as well if i didn't thank our team led by david stewart and barbara -- our tax counsel who did remarkable work. [applause]
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>> i cannot wait to see what springs up as we deliver more jobs, and your paychecks are the american people. thank you. i am proud to introduce the chairman of energy in the senate, senator -- >> i had to calm behind my colleague who has been with us on the am more -- amwar fight for 37 years now. i was able to be the architect of title ii and and proud to do so, i think it is only fair to recognize the congressman of your hair up --
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your house congressman don young. as tax reform has been long awaited, so has been opening the 1002 area, an area of extraordinary resource that can be accessed with a minimal footprint, something that alaskan have been fighting or, or 38 years. you don't give up on something when the cause is right, when you know you have so much to contribute. two colleagues that have stood with us as the alaska delegation, with those who have good with alaska, with those who have stood for american energy production, today is indeed a bright day. we thank you for your continued support. alaska will make you proud. thank you. [applause] >> this is a bright day for the united states, because america
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is rejecting the economics of and be and embracing -- economics of envy and appraising the economics of opportunity. i think america is longing for brightness in public life. if you think about the impact of this vote, it has an impact on every american. and that means you're having an impact on the low. the word -- impact on the globe. the world longs for the united states to be a strong power. in order for that true the united states has to be a strong military power and in order for that to be true the united states has to be a strong economic power. this is much bigger than an economic picture. it is casting a vision for what our future looks like and we are
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choosing brightness and opportunity. [applause] >> this is an exciting day for america and almost every single person in it that works. i had a person say, we are not want to know if this tax helped us a not for another year, until april 15 of the following year. i said no, companies will get the new withholding tables by the first of february.
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and so, the first check that come out in february -- will have to pay their taxes. they will see a benefit in february. i have been overjoyed with calls from small businesses and international businesses and i've already heard from companies moving their business back to the united states and build a couple more manufacturing plant here. one of them was talking about 1000 more in alloys, but i have heard from small businesses, too. one said this is going to be the biggest investment ever made. we are going to put $15 million into new plants. i think we will hear a lot of examples of that. every new plant needs new employees to do it. that increases competition among workers and therefore raises wagers. we will see more jobs in the united states, which is exactly what we set out to do in this bill. i'm glad we were able to get to the final stage and do it. [applause]
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>> i have told this story a couple of times before, but a while back i was rose for shopping about -- grocery shopping about 11:00 at night, but a mom came up to me and asked when is it going to get better. my electricity has gone on, my health care has gone up, when is it going to get better. in my home state the average household income is $54,000 per year and they pay double the national amount in energy costs because of where we are located. they have about a $830 tax liability. now they will get about a $730 refund. for that family, that is life-changing. that is a weekend they can spend with their kids, take a couple of days off, put some money in their savings account. as i came as a house ways and
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means committee member, i came as a farmer, as a rancher, but most importantly as a mom who wanted to ease some of those families get relief. this is a wonderful day for us. not only did we meet family needs, but we also gave tools to farmers and ranchers across the country. all things that are going to payoff and held strong amylase and a strong future for this -- strong families and a strong future for this country. the bottom line is people work hard for their money, it is about time that the people in washington, d.c. respect that. thank you, chairman brady, for your work on this bill. what impressed me so much is
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that chairman brady allowed us to be legislators. since i have come to washington, d.c. one of the things that frustrated me most was you see very little of the legislative process, but this german let us negotiate -- this chairman let us negotiate, craft policy, and i love that he allowed us to truly be a part of this bill. now i want to introduce the man who gave such an inspirational speech yesterday at the white house. chairman hatch will speak next. [applause] sen. hatch: what a privilege it is for me to stand here with these wonderful leaders in the house and the senate. i am so proud of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. the chairman of the house ways and means committee and the other members, and the people on
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the finance committee, this was a landmark day and i can say that if we can keep going, we will get this country going like it has never been going before. i am grateful to be standing here with these rate leaders. -- these great leaders. i am grateful for the once they have had around the country. this is the greatest country in the world, are non--- bar none. we don't want to slip and it won't. as long as we have a congress like this are every member really cares and they care for the right reasons. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> so many of us have been working on this issue for a long time and as a warmer chairman of the house ways and means committee, i have to tell you how so many men and women here have not for this moment.
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i want to echo what kevin brady said. i want to thank all of the staff for their hard work. i want to thank george from our staff who came to help us and summoning other people to make possible. we come to these jobs to try to improve the lives of the people we represent. in this bill more than so many other things we have tried to do does that and so we are very thankful and very helpful. we can see on the horizon a great potential are our people and for our economy. we know this is the greatest country on earth and we know that merrick a has better days -- we know that america has better days ahead. this bill passed that potential. i just looked at the state of
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wisconsin, the average family of four will get an average of a $2000 tax cut. we are heartened that hours after the bill passed we are seeing companies across the country giving bonuses to their employees. one company $50 billion in investment and capital improvements because of this tax bill. we are encouraged that this is going to give the american economy adult it needs to give people the opportunity they deserve. we are so excited about this chance and opportunity and we are so thankful to the men and women of the country sent here to work on their behalf and we are able to actually deliver this generational defining reform in this moment.
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at this time i want to ask the senate pro tem, senator hatch, to join me in signing this legislation. [applause] [camera shutters clicking] [applause] [camera shutters clicking] [applause]
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>> thank you, everyone. >> one day after the house passed a corrected tax-free warm
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>> there will be technical corrections to the bill in the new year. mcconnell's response was remain intact. that was in response to the suggestion a fix-it bill will be needed in the future. senator mitch mcconnell sits down with mike allen. it is 30 minutes. and now it is o welcome to the stage senator mitch mcconnell. thank you for coming. thank


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