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tv   New York State of the State  CSPAN  January 3, 2018 1:19pm-3:11pm EST

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there are many immigrants living in this country who they hire as well. i don't know if they only hire immigrants, but they do hire immigrants. in terms of why democrats haven't gone after him for that point, number one, i think there have been charges of hypocrisy along those lines but i also think democrats don't necessarily think it is a bad thing for employers to be hiring people of all types of people who live in the country. so i don't think they are interested in attacking the use of immigrant labor. host: we are talking through a couple of different pieces of legislation that are moving through congress. one that we haven't is the legislation aimed at h1b visas. guest: it deals with high skilled immigrants who are coming to this country for jobs usually in technology. of major a couple
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different uses of the program. one of them is controversial, outsourcing. -- [applause] thank you and please be seated. welcome the to president of colgate rochester -- divinity school, who will deliver a blessing, and rabbi angela who will deliver our invocation. >> shall we pray. god, we acknowledge you
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as the sovereign lord of all creation from everlasting to everlasting and from sea to shining sea. you are our god. hear aboutoday to conditions in our empire state. we come from crowded cities and snow-covered fields. we come from places of great wealth and places of painful poverty. we come bearing the faces of every nation and every culture of the world. we are in this place, the descendents of the mayflower, whothe offspring of those survived slave ships and auction blocks. we are millionaires and migrant workers. ,e are farmers, entrepreneurs educators, public servants, first responders. but we are here because we love new york.
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we come at a time when our nation is badly divided on matters of politics and policies , personalities and partisan practices. god, make us more than democrats, republicans, independents. make us americans. and new yorkers. we are deeply committed to the strength of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens. hope in our hearts to hear what .ur governor has to say today may he present this assembly with great visions of a state where opportunities and prosperity are available to all who invest their highest hopes .nd best efforts they speak to us of jobs and justice. the economy and the environment.
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infrastructure and intellectual property rights. let all those who served in government be informed by the words of the biblical king david. "he that realists over me -- he th over me, may he be just with fear of god." , every countyil legislator, every school board, judicial office, citizens commission and committee. and today, for governor andrew cuomo. tears.our silent thou who has brought us thus far along the way, thou who has by lightght lead us into the , keep us forever in the past -- in the path.
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lest our feet stray from the -- drunkom where god with the wind of the world, we forget the. shadows beneath thy hand, may week forever stand true to our god. true to our native land. amen. [applause] >> may the one who blessed our founding fathers and foremothers bless our governor and this legislative body entrusted with the sacred task of leading this great state of new york. i was born in south korea. i was raised in tacoma, washington. but new york is the home that i
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chose, because new york is a gateway to america for millions of immigrants, including my family. because in new york, the american dream can still come true. because in new york, we know what is right and we never take no for an answer. yorker proud to be a new . we cannot forget it has been courageous and visionary elected leaders in partnership with engaged citizens who have helped to make the values of this great state the law of the land. i witnessed this firsthand this communitymy faith felt outraged by the fact that new york was one of only host: states that still treated 16 and 17-year-olds as adults in our criminal justice system. i have a 17-year-old and he is still a kid.
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we invited governor cuomo into our sanctuary, filled with 1000 people of different faiths and moral conscience, to raise the age of criminal responsibility. and the governor knew what was right, and the congregation that was gathered would not take no for an answer. we were all guided by a politics that has made new york great. a politics of compassion, a politics of second chances. a politics of equal opportunities, of realizing the potential of every human being. -- you, ourelected elected officials, responded. not just in raising the age of criminal responsibility, but providing free tuition to in-state universities for the middle class, raising the minimum wage, providing paid family leave, a defense fund for
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immigrants, detecting our environment. our is what can happen if elected leaders respond to the greatest calling of your work. may god strengthen the resolve of our governor and this legislative body to resist the politics of partisanship and polarization and strengthen us as citizens of new york, not to give into the fashion of cynicism, meanness, or despair. governing has been and continue to be a sacred tool for crucial change in the common good. so may god inspire you, our leaders, to rise to that highest calling. to fight the injustices that persist and kurt us all. to create opportunities for every new yorker and remind us that the truest leadership is compassionate and for the betterment of all citizens.
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may it be so, amen. [applause] thank >> you both. i would ask that everyone please rise as we welcome the color guard and the -- acquired from albany high school. from albany high school. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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see, by thecan you dawn's early light? ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ over the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ glare,he rockets' red the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪
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♪ oh, say does that wave -angled banner yet -♪ free ♪the land of the home of the ♪ ♪ brave [applause]
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>> please be seated. official event, please join me in recognizing the other legislative leaders in attendance. the majority leader of the new york state assembly, joseph .arelli [applause] is the majority leader present? >> organized and prepared to receive the state of the state address. >> i also recognize the deputy majority leader, john defrancisco. [applause] , is hemajority leader present? >> also present and ready to receive the state of the state. >> i would like to acknowledge
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our distinguished guests. please hold your applause until the end. we have the former governor of the state of new york, david paterson. [applause] >> i will grant you that one. the former comptroller and chair of the zone of trustees, carl mccall. congressman jerry adler, congressman sean patrick , mayors andce may local leaders from towns and cities across the state, including our big-city mayors from east to west. buffalo mayor, brian brown. the syracuse mayor, ben walsh. kathy sheehan, mike spano. we are joined by our county executives, from my hometown all the way to suffolk.
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latimer.ns, george [applause] i would also like to recognize -- congratulations on your reelection. [applause] there was a cold inauguration, but i will let it slide. i would like them to stand and be recognized. applause >> i would like to welcome -- the men and women who also keep us safe, led by police commissioners and superintendents here today, including commissioner james o monahan, and john
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village. andrintendent george beach self look county sheriff -- please stand and be recognized. i would like to recognize some of the youngest new yorkers in the room. please welcome more than 300 public school students from grades six to 12 have joined us from every region of the state. please stand and recognize -- [cheers and applause] i would also like to recognize a few members of the cuomo family who have joined us. , laurawelcome sandra lee kennedy cuomo, michaela kennedy
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, matilda cuomo, first lady. [applause] >> thank you for joining us. i'm a little clumsy today because i've cut too many ribbons, and i've also skip the page where we recognize the county executives and borough president. from my home county in theory to suffolk county, laura kern has
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joined us today and -- latimer. now the moment you've all been waiting for. the 2018 state of the state address. toase give a warm welcome the governor of the state of new york, andrew cuomo. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you all very much. thank you very much. welcome to albany. happy new year to all, and may it be a new -- a great one for all of us. first to the reverend and the
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rabbi, i thought they were extraordinary in their blessings and invocation. let's give them a round of applause. [applause] i would like to acknowledge my partners in progress, here with me on the stage. kathy -- let's thank her for a wonderful job. new york state consultant thomas ericoli, attorney general schneiderman, senate majority leader john flanagan, the speaker -- andrea stewart .ousins, brian paul we have with us our court of appeals, judges, and their great chief judge janet -- let's give them a round of applause.
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unhappy, that they are the judges. by protocol, they don't applaud for anything. i didn't realize that the first couple years but i now get it. let's give them another round of applause for not applauding for anything. [applause] 2017iends, looking back to , it was a tough year by any measure. also, new yorkers rose to the occasion. we had frightening incidents of terrorism in new york city, as mayor bill de blasio well knows. police ande the best first responders in the country. some of them are here today, and let's give them a round of applause. let's see you stand, please. [cheers and applause]
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gov. cuomo: thank you, thank you. anti-semitic threats that were made to our jewish community centers across the state. them.ate stood with we were supportive, but the operators were heroic. they refused to yield to intimidation, and they are here with us today. let them know we stand in solidarity with our jewish brothers and sisters across the state and we applaud their heroism. please stand. [applause] gov. cuomo: mother nature has tested us, it seems, time and and
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we saw flooding on lake ontario like we had never seen before. we saw flooding along the st. lawrence river, the mohawk valley. stones in rochester and frigid temperatures all across the state. our state employees were there for us. we have some of them here today. the department of transportation, the department of general services, railway authority, and our first responders. let's give them a round of applause and thank them for the great work they do. [applause] gov. cuomo: they are forecasting another possible snowstorm on
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thursday on long island, which will once again see the county executives out there. , all of thee you glamour of the inauguration will be gone at the first snowstorm. my advice, gloves and boots. gloves and boots. let's give the new county executive a round of applause. but my friends, mother nature saved her worst fury not for new .ork, but for puerto rico i am proud of the help that new yorkers offered the people of puerto rico. it was -- [applause] bipartisan, all across the state of new york. we asked for donations.
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the outpouring was incredible. tons of materials were donated from new yorkers. we asked for volunteers and they came in every possible way. we had the national guard there, the neware workers, york state nurses association, the greater new york hospital association. we had utility workers from all across the state. i went down on one visit -- 500 utility workers. any from new york than from other place, literally getting the power back. [applause] power the new york authority that did a great job, unicef did a great job. they all came together. but we want the people of puerto rico who are still suffering today -- 60% still without power
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know -- we want them to that new york will stand by them every step along this journey. we are their friends, brothers and sisters. uno, uno, somos uno, somos we will be there for puerto rico. today marks the eighth time i've gotten the opportunity to discuss the state of the state. serving as your governor has been the privilege of my life, especially as i've had the good fortune to serve with legislators who have the political will and talent to tackle the great issues. -- the history books will show that thanks to the actions of the officials assembled here today, our state has made unprecedented progress. our economy is stronger and we are once again the nation's beacon for social progress.
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as governor al smith used to say, let's look at the record. the record says crime is down , a cleaner environment, a fairer criminal justice system, more high school graduates attending colleges. we have conserved more land than ever before, enacted a more progressive tax code, launched the most ambitious building program in the country. stark investments in education, health care, and economic development. upstate new york is no longer treated as the forgotten stepchild of albany as it was for so many years. [applause] and my friends, state government is back. it is reengaged as a vibrant partner of congress in every region of the state of new york.
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and they got ahead of me -- we ended the drought in buffalo returning to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. go, bills. go, bills. [applause] we are honored -- achieved historic fiscal discipline. ,or the first time in 50 years thanks to the assembly in the timely,we passed seven responsible budgets. think about that. discipline, we did more with less, and it is working. every new yorkers tax rate is lower today than when i took office. the highest credit rating in 40 years. 4.7%,oyment is down to
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and it is down in every single region of the state of new york. [applause] because, my friends, the greatest success is shared. today, new york has 8.1 million private sector jobs, the highest number that has existed in the history of the state of new york . [applause] in fact, our record is better. listen, you will be pleased and proud to know we have created more jobs than any administration in 75 years. look at this chart from the federal bureau of labor statistics. we created one million new jobs in six plus years. since governor dewey was elected in 1942, no state administration
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has created more jobs for a higher -- or a higher percentage of jobs, or created jobs faster. congratulations, that is your record and it is truly a record to be proud of. [applause] now you will notice on the chart that governor mario cuomo's numbers are reacted. there is no constitutional or legal or regulatory reason that .ould justify that redaction however, i did it for a couple reasons. first, because my mother is here. and if i ever compared myself to my father and said i had a better set of numbers, i could never go home again. you don't know my mother, it
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would be no meatballs for andrew. god for bid chris became the famous son -- the favorite son. even i don't think she will go that far. second reason i did not do it is because if i compared myself to my father, you would see him send a lightning bolt through the ceiling to strike me dead .here i am also, i didn't include his , in my opinion, there is no comparison of any governor to governor mario matthew cuomo. [applause] besides all these fiscal accomplishments and more jobs than ever before, we've accomplished something else. we have indicated the promise of progressive government, because
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it requires citizen confidence and management competence. progressive leaders must be dreamers and doers, the visionaries and achievers. we followed fdr's aggressive philosophy. real change for real people in .eal time my father's philosophy -- he called himself a pragmatic progressive. restoring confidence in -- by delivering practical accomplishments. people need food, housing, education, just this. they don't need theoretical aggressive politics. -- theoretical progressive politics. they need actual politics that makes a difference in their lives because they are suffering today and they need life to be made better for them. [applause] and that, my friends, is what we
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have done. marriage equality, paid family leave, paid minimum wage -- gun safety, climate coalition. no other state has done what we have done. we are once again the nations vanguard for social progress, and you should feel good and proud of that accomplishment. [applause] and my friends, you should feel confident in our ability to govern, and to do what many people believe cannot be done. because you have done it over and over again. and we have been told over and over, we can't do it. it is too hard. but we did it. we will need that confidence, because 2018 may be the toughest year new york has faced in modern political history.
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the job you will have to do may be the job that is the hardest job done by any legislative body to sit in modern political history. we have unprecedented challenges ahead on every level. with these challenges at this stark and requires bold action. we are facing a three front war. we have the old challenges of discrimination and sexism that have plagued society for years and have recently been exposed for their prevalence and barrel lengths -- and virulence. society has rightly expressed its outrage. government must seize this moment to attack these social diseases that have long been institutionalized and and and them once and for all. women and minorities still faced abuse and prejudice.
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we must acknowledge it, stamp it out, and do so here and now. [applause] second, we face new challenges threatening our safety and quality of life. terrorism, climate change, environmental threats. the growing opioid epidemic. a scourge that has claimed 3000 lives just last year. , we have federal and economic challenges never experienced before. they threaten the essence of our economy. short-term, we have a $4 billion deficit and $2 billion in cuts in federal aid. even more challenging long-term, our federal government has hurt our state's economic position both nationally and internationally, by taxing our taxes.nd local
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they made us less competitive. and they are helping other states at our expense. they are continuing their evolvingpolitics and it into an even more divisive government. just think about it. while we in this state, together, have been working for economic and social progress, our federal government is working to roll back so much of what we have done. they are trying to roll back new york's position as an economic leader, to roll back a woman's right to choose, to roll back environmental protection, health care for the poor, access to writes,loans, lgbtq organize, ourto historic tax cuts we've done over these past seven years.
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to roll back an immigrant-child opportunity to be an american. we cannot and must not let those things happen in the great state of new york. [cheers and applause] gov. cuomo: thank you. by us start our agenda addressing the first challenge. the old, ugly persistent problems of sexism, racism, and homelessness. the most important element of our social progress agenda is the quality, guaranteed by the constitution. our country is finally taking a long look in the mirror in how we treat women, and we are
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disgusted with what we see. and we should be. our challenge is to turn societies revulsion into reform. to seize the day, to learn, grow, change. that is what we did with gun violence after sandy hook. what we did with sexual assault on college campuses. the exposure of the abuse of women in this society, new york should lead the weight once again, and we will. proposing thaty no taxpayer funds should be used to pay for any public official's sexual harassment or misconduct, here. misconduct, period.
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let the individual pay. i propose that no state or local government enter into a secret nondisclosure agreement. we can protect -- [applause] gov. cuomo: we can protect a privacy,identity and but the taxpayers have a right to know that that agreement exists and their funds were used to pay for that agreement. i propose that any company that does business with the state disclose the number of sexual harassment adjudications they have had and the number of nondisclosure agreements they have executed. ask/applause -- [applause] i propose that the state of new york pension funds only be invested in companies that the controller determines has adequate female and minority representation in management or
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on the board of directors to constant take -- to constitute good corporate leadership. companyly, i believe a cannot have good management by definition, if it is effectively excluding women and minorities. [applause] gov. cuomo: i propose the legislator enact the country -- the contraceptive care act, and then roe v. wade. i proposed the legislature pass a government wide independent and anonymous whistleblower process so victims are free to communicate complaints without fear of retaliation. [applause] and i propose that we really
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seize the opportunity. enact a strict new uniform code of sexual harassment policy, binding on all state employees in all branches and all authorities and agencies, and on local governments. and set a new national standard of respect for women, and we set the bar high. let new york stand and say we are not the state of denial. we at college the long-standing bias and abuse against women, and new york says it stops now. we will set the standard for other governments and industries to follow, and that is the new york way. [applause] the truth is, racism
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and discrimination still exist. i sued the ku klux klan for televised racist assaults. men with hoods spewing venom. today it is more insidious. discrimination is normalized through our society and government. we must ensure the people of our state that our democratic foundation, which is our justice .ystem, is in fact just i spoke to this in my father's eulogy and promised him we would improve the failings in our justice system, and we will. , butve made many reforms we have many more to do. let us be honest. the truth is our lady justice is still not colorblind, and her scales are still not balanced. our bail system is biased against the poor. too many jails are cruel and
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inhumane, and our court system is too slow. that is the painful truth. [applause] our jails: to begin, are filled with people who should not be incarcerated. punishment is supposed to be imposed when one is found guilty . incredibly, 75% of people in the new york city jail have not been convicted of any crime. [applause] the blunt ugly reality is that too often, if you can make bail, you are set free. if you are too poor to make bail, you are punished. we must reform our bail system so that a person is only held if a judge finds either a significant flight risk or a
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real threat to public safety. be held in should preventive detention whether they are rich or poor, black or white. if not, they should be released recognizance whether they are rich or poor, black or white. that is only fair. [applause] gov. cuomo: race and wealth should not be factors in our justice system. we need discovery reform and speedy trial reform. we need to move cases faster. we have people sitting in jails for years waiting to be heard. trials must operate from 9:00 to 5:00. no more half days. a judge's performance must be a central criteria in advancement. judicial vacancies must be
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filled on a timely basis. the backlog must be clear and we must address it in this year's budget. it takes too long to try a case now. [applause] gov. cuomo: to compound this injustice, people are held in facilities and under conditions condemn as human rights violations if they were occurring in another country. our tolerance for this ongoing injustice is repugnant. such jails in our state have long records of violations that continue for years. we have been too complacent about the suffering of the powerless and the voiceless. that is the truth. a gentleman named khalif browder, and african-american, spent three years in rikers waiting for his day in court to be heard on his charge for allegedly stealing a backpack. to be heardwaiting
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for the charge of stealing a backpack. he was 16 years old. his abuse while jailed was a khalif ultimately determined taking his own life was the only way to stop his continuing pain. brother, isf's here with us today. i would ask him to stand. [applause] --. cuomo: akeem [applause]
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gov. cuomo: akeem, i want you to know that your brother did not die in vain. sometimes the lord works in strange ways. but he opened our eyes to b urgenthe urgent need for real reform. the state correction law authorizes the state to regulate local jails. we must act with a new urgency to safeguard the rights of all new yorkers, new yorkers who have been too long neglected. it is a statewide problem. we will address it. and you have my word on that. i'm directing the state corrections commission to develop legally binding corrective action plans for closure orders on jails that are out of compliance because enough is enough.
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endure not continue to this abuse. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you for being here. as martin luther king jr. too long delayed justice denied."rk that is not justice in new york. give akeem a round of applause. [applause] gov. cuomo: nationwide, minority and women owned businesses -- our program is a model for the nation. and local governments have not been a progressive. no local government in the state has even approached our nwbe
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performance. et's extend the goals through local governments and make them a reality and bring economic justice to all. [applause] gov. cuomo: our minority youth voucher program provides private employment and training subsidies. it works. unemployment among our young minority men and women has decreased to 70%. -- to 17 present. to 17%.ecreased they are earning their own way. buy youy you lunch -- lunch while you are there. [laughter] --. cuomo: that is extended
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let us extend it to make hope a reality for all. [applause] homelessness is on the rise in our cities and worse than ever before. it pains me personally to acknowledge this reality. i begin my public work at 26 running a not-for-profit to help homeless families. it became the largest in the nation. in 1992, i headed the mayor's homeless commission. we completed president bill clinton's plan to solve homelessness. we always believed this was a momentary problem. that it was just an anomaly. that this cannot go on. in many places in the country and in new york, there was much progress.
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now, the problem has come back with a vengeance. the homeless numbers are at record highs. looking forward, with the federal government threatening to cut money for homeless programs, it will get worse. our most difficult issue is homeless people on the streets. the ultimate need is a affordable housing and supportive housing and our budget has commitment in these areas. it's also an issue about philosophy and expectations. thatve grown to accepting i'm old enough to remember that at one time, there were no homeless people on the streets. it doesn't have to be that way. ust does that tell you about as a society that we passed men and women lying on the street speed we pass nee light poles? it is abnormal and it is wrong. while we aggressively protect an
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individual's civil liberties, we believe in helping people in need. leaving a sick person to fend for themselves is not progressive, charitable or ethical or legal. [applause] gov. cuomo: we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. it's our obligation as a caring people and compassionate society to reach out and provide whatever social services or address whatever needs the individual presents. that is our job. new york state will ensure that every local government is effectively outreaching to homeless people or they will not receive state funding, period. i'm also directing the mta and the port authority and cbt a to do the same.
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we must do more and we must do better. yes, we have outreach programs that currently exist. the numbers are going up, which means the job we are doing is not good enough. some jurisdictions it's a cases -- say cases are preventing them. if that is their excuse, they should tell us what law stops them from helping sick homeless people and we will change the law this session. [applause] let's end this sadness is vital failure and show our children this is not who we are as a society. this is not how we treat our fellow human beings. we are better than this and smarter than this and stronger than this and we are more compassionate than this. let's end this nightmare once and for all and let's do it this year.
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[applause] with all we have to do as a government, it's more important than ever that we have public trust. i know the legislature feels we have done much on ethics reform and they are right. i know they feel that whatever do enough in never this political atmosphere and they may be right. we must do more anyway. ethics reform is to ban outside income and remove any possibility of conflict and let legislators say i work for the public, period. and there are no possible conflicts presented. [applause] gov. cuomo: step two is to focus on the new problems. rising terrorism, in my mental change, the opioid crisis --
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the opioidal change, crisis and the distortion of our elections by big donors and social media advertising. we start with protecting the environment and recognizing the ground threats to our drinking water. the growing concentration of chemicals and pollution in some areas is literally poisoning the water. in upstate new york, in the beautiful lakes of upstate new york, we now have a toxic algae that is spreading and literally endangering the drinking water. in long island, there's something they called the plume, and discharge from the old factory that carries 30 years of industrial stain and contaminants and it's literally moving to the south shore of long island where it will poison thousands of homes.
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we must attack these growing health threats now. because we will not poison our children. we've been talking about them for years. no more procrastination. let's resolve these issues and let's do it this year. [applause] we call an end to any investment in fossil fuel related activities in the pension fund. the future of the environment, the future of the economy and future of our children is all in clean technology and we should put our money where our mouth is. thank you for your great work. [applause] last year, we announced one of the largest offshore wind projects in the nation. this year, i'm proud to announce
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that we will be putting out two rfp's for every 800 megawatts. power when power to 400,000 york state households with clean energy. that is a great and clean step forward. we are excited about it. i hope you are, too. [applause] gov. cuomo: the hudson river is one of our greatest and most unique waterways in the nation. for years, ge polluted waterways with pce's. there's been progress in cleaning it up at the job is not done. the report says the cleanup is complete. we will sue the federal government to stop it because we untilot end our efforts our future generations can fully enjoy the beautiful river. [applause]
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gov. cuomo: nationwide, we are witnessing a shocking phenomenon. we are dying younger. last year, life expectancy for americans decline for the second year in a row. the first time that has happened in 50 years. the reason? a staggering 21% increase in drug overdoses. for americans under 50 years old, drug overdoses, mostly opioid related, are the leading cause of death. we must face it head-on. we are committed to a comprehensive solution with more treatment. we also want to advance a new approach this year. the ultimate follow the supply chain strategy. big corporations may own washington, but they don't own new york. [applause] gov. cuomo: the opioid crisis was manufactured, literally and
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figuratively. unscrupulous distributors developed a poor hundred billion dollar industry selling opioids -- $400 billion industry selling opioids and they were conveniently blind to the consequences of their actions. they pump these bills into pills into society and created addictions. like the tobacco industry, they killed thousands and did it without warning. we will make them pay for their illegal and reprehensible conduct. we will sue them and stop the spread of opioids. to many lives have been lost. -- too many lives have been lost. the time for action is now before we lose another single life. [applause] a case before washington in the supreme court seeks to effectively and public
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labor unions. we will await the decision but we must do all in our power to protect collective-bargaining, right to organize and preserve workers rights. [applause] gov. cuomo: we believe labor unions built the middle class. we are proud that new york state is the highest percentage of union workers in the country today. let us all pledge that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our union brothers and sisters in this fight and we will not give up and we will protect union workers in the state of new york. we stand in solidarity and we will not lose. [applause]
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gov. cuomo: thank you. [applause] gov. cuomo: at this time, a citizen alienation and outrage -- the best thing we can do is let people know their voices are heard. they matter and they should vote. we should make voting easier, not harder. with same-day registration, absentee ballots and early voting. [applause] gov. cuomo: we should increase -- open up the electoral process with public financing. not our current public financing system. it has private loopholes. i mean a true public financing system in which the exception does not swallow the role. that's what we need to do to
2:19 pm
regain the trust of our citizens in this state and across this nation. social media has revolutionized our elections. while we respect the freedom of the internet, it cannot subvert the law. foreign countries like russia and big anonymous donors cannot jeopardize our democracy. disclose whomust or what pays for political advertising because sunlight is still the best disinfectant. [applause] disclosure must apply to social media of same way it applies to a newspaper ad or tv ad or radio ad. anything else is a scam and the perversion of the law and an affront to democracy. let's stop this abuse. while washington talks about it ithers, let the new
2:20 pm
york leave this effort to meet this challenge and let's do it this session. [applause] gov. cuomo: terrorism is morphing in unpredictable ways. the internet now provides easy access to isis instruction manuals and lone wolves are a new threat. , it's getting worse not better. the internet companies must search their hearts and minds to determine their obligation to public safety when they know who is visiting terrorist sites and they know who is learning to kill americans, that is their issue. tothe meantime, our issue is better protect ourselves. the state owns many of the places of potential vulnerability.
2:21 pm
are bridges and tunnels and buses and airports and transit hubs like penn station and grand central. our transportation system must be better protected and we must do it now. we have had warnings the past incidents shook everyone to the bone. we don't need to understand anymore. we will do just that. in this year's budget, you will see more and better trained police and more state-of-the-art surveillance equipment because government's number one job is to protect its people and we will do exactly that. [applause] gov. cuomo: penn station is especially hold a vulnerable.
2:22 pm
more people go through penn station every year than go through kennedy, la guardia and new york airports combined. volume, thee architecture and configuration of penn is substandard. i call it the seven levels of catacombs. they don't like it when i say that, but it's true. [laughter] gov. cuomo: i direct the port authority to work on a redevelopment plan with the neighboring private building owners so we can restructure and rebuild penn station. they are cooperative and they understand our needs and they support our goal. we are now constructing a new penn station right across the street. operational, that will give us the flexibility to
2:23 pm
move operations from the old penn the new farley. we will be court meeting with amtrak and federal government and sai city officials to complete this comprehensive redevelopment that will improve the operation, aesthetics and security systems in penn. the threat of terrorism israel. -- is real. i take it very seriously as one of my primers possibilities as governor of this state. there's no time for bureaucracy or delay. the state has the power of eminent domain for just such a purpose. we must make pen better and safer. we must coordinate with all of our partners. we must do it now. there's no time for politics, no time for delay. we must fix penn now and we
2:24 pm
will. [applause] gov. cuomo: there's been a great success in our downstate tunnels. it's more secure. lle new electronic to structures are designed with state-of-the-art devices. they have license plate readers. police are on site and are electronically notified in three seconds of a violation or a suspicious plate from the license plate reader. it is in place and it works very well. today, we call on the port authority to do the same and install cashless pulling on their crossings, the george washington bridge, holland and lincoln tunnel, let's have the same cleaner environment, faster
2:25 pm
commute and more security on those port authority pass-throughs. [applause] let the world know that they may consider new york a premier target, but it's also the best protected state on the globe. that is a fact. [applause] we must improve the new york city subway system. we have failed to maintain and engineering marvel that was a gift from our forefathers. are 100-year-old system needs an overhaul. we have 40-year-old subway cars and 80-year-old tunnels. hurricane sandy accelerated the decline because salt water and electric currents are a corrosive cocktail. is no mystery -- we have to fix the system. we know how to fix the system.
2:26 pm
it's a question of funding. we need short-term funding this year to do emergency repairs and install the new technology for a long-term solution. we also need long-term funding that is fair to all and also addresses the goal in traffic and population problems. we present a report that will have several options for the legislature to consider. we will have new technology installed which will offer a variety of alternatives defining an exclusive zone in manhattan where additional charges could be paid. these are difficult choices. but, difficult choices do not get easier by ignoring them. they only get harder. in the meantime, cheap political slogans are just that, cheap
2:27 pm
political slogans. it's not a real policy or policy discussion and that's what we need. santa claus did not visit the state capital this year. [laughter] gov. cuomo: i was watching. [laughter] gov. cuomo: funding must be provided in a very tight budget and funding must be provided this session because the riders have suffered for too long. politics has gone on for too long. ridersot leave our stranded anymore, period. [applause] challenge: our third is in many ways the greatest. economic and challenges we face short-term and long-term compounded by the federal assault on new york. this is literally going to define the future of this state.
2:28 pm
president ford may have metaphorically told new york to drop dead in 1975, but this federal government is the most hostile towards new york in history. arrow aimed at new york's economic art. we start the year with a $400 billion deficit and a $2 billion cut from the federal government in health care. even worse, the federal tax bill reshapes the nation's economy. their plan is trickle down on steroids. it didn't work in the 1980's and it won't work now. the rich will get richer. if the federal government really wanted to help workers, which is what they said all along, they wanted to help the middle class, if that's what they wanted to do, the law they passed would have mandated that the
2:29 pm
corporations tax cut windfall goes to pay workers higher wages and create jobs. [applause] that is what they would have done. when you write a law, you write a law to do what you want it to do. they didn't include any of that in their tax bill. and the omission speaks volumes. this tax cut handed rich corporations a blank check. now, even federal republican senators are criticizing this. this will increase income inequality and the pain and frustration and anger of our middle class and poor. at the same time, washington has launched an all out attack on new york's economic future by
2:30 pm
limiting local taxes. raisesfectively middle-class and working families'property tax to 20% all across the state. it raises the state income tax 2011 25% all across the state -- 20-25% all across the state. new york is already the number one donor state in the nation. we pay $48 billion more to washington then we get back. no state contributes more to the federal government and gets back less than new york state. on top of that injustice, washington's tax plan uses new york and california as piggy banks to finance tax cuts for republican states. new york will pay an additional $14 billion on top of the $48
2:31 pm
billion that we currently pay. , robbingthe old ad peter to pay paul? they changed it. they are robbing the blue states to pay the rent states. it is an economic civil war. make no mistake -- they are aiming to hurt us. this could cause people to leave the state of new york. it could reduce our ability to attract business. we must take dramatic action to save ourselves and preserve our state's economy. we have a three-point plan to address the federal assault. first, we believe it is illegal and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional. [applause]
2:32 pm
gov. cuomo: thank you. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you. we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional. the first federal double taxation in history. violative of states rights and the principle of equal protection. lets thank the attorney general and give him a round of applause for his good work in representing us. [applause] second, we believe that the resistance and start our own repeal and replace effort. we begin today and we will not isp until economic justice
2:33 pm
restored for every state and every taxpayer in the state of new york. fight, not yet begun to my friends. [applause] gov. cuomo: third, as washington has shot an arrow aimed at new york state's economic heart, the best plan is to get out of the way before it hits. we are exploring the feasibility of a major shift. different states have different tack structures. -- tax structures. some use a gross receipts tax. some use a severance tax. we are developing a plan to restructure our tax code to reduce reliance on our current income tax system and adopt a statewide payroll tax system.
2:34 pm
payroll taxes are legal. the federal government currently has a federal payroll tax system. we are creating additional so thatle organizations contributions to those charitable organizations would be tax-deductible. we are also addressing the wall street giveaway called the carried interest loophole, which is another device to give away revenue to people who don't need it. we are working with our legislative partners and local government partners. we are discussing this restructuring. you will hear more about it in our budget presentation. it is complicated. it is difficult. but, it is clear that we must protect new york taxpayers from this assault. it is clear -- [applause]
2:35 pm
and it is clear that we must not allow big corporations to enjoy a windfall at the expense of our middle class and working families. [applause] gov. cuomo: it is not going to be easy. it is going to be complicated. together,ieve working we will get it done because working together, we must get it faitho represent in good the people of our great state and i look forward to making it a reality with all of us together. life is options. on this one, it is simple. we have no choice. if we do not fix this problem, it is a question of the state of new york's economic viability long-term. it is a question of our competitiveness long-term. and preserving the strength of new york state and new york
2:36 pm
state's economy at a time when we have a federal government that is giving other states a structural competitive advantage against us. we are not going to let that happen. we are new york state. we have faced challenges, internationally, domestically, and the threat from this federal government is not going to derail the great state of new york. that, i will promise you. [applause] important as we face this next year, which is going to be a tough year, it's important that you remember that we are up to the challenge. we forget all the good work that we have done. we forget all of the times that we've been told, "no, you
2:37 pm
can't." we showed that we can. we are going to do the same thing this year. in the meantime, we need to do a fiscal plan for this year in this budget. the best way forward is to continue the same path we have been on. our philosophy rests on two pillars -- economic growth and social progress. we must maintain those new york priorities. we must continue our historic investment in public education and expand pre-k and afterschool sciences. everything we do is for their future. [applause] we must address education funding inequities and dedicate more of our state school aid to more districts. [applause] year, we should
2:38 pm
and take it a step further make sure the local education districts that we are giving the grants to our distributing the distributing the aid schools,poor er because that is the point. trickle-down economics doesn't work. nor does trickle-down education funding. educational district must give funding to their poorer schools. that is only right and only fair. [applause] gov. cuomo: we must continue our investment in health care and preserve the medicaid program and chip program and health insurance for poor children because health care is not just for the rich, it is a human right. we are going to protect it and we are going to preserve it and
2:39 pm
we are going to keep our health care industry in new york strong and vibrant and the economic engine of public service that it is. [applause] gov. cuomo: we have been, we are the nation's leader in building infrastructure. the infrastructure is growing our economy. we are ahead of every other state in the nation in terms of infrastructure development. we must increase our vantage this year and double down on our investment. we also must continue our groundbreaking social progress to advance equality and opportunity for all because we are all immigrants and we are all equal under the eyes of god and the laws of new york. we can and must achieve all of
2:40 pm
these goals and we will. are economicy, focus is going to remain on helping the working men and women by continuing our middle class recovery act. we start by giving them immediate relief, not with words or slogans, but with action. and cutting taxes for the middle class. to 5.5 -- my friends, this will be the lowest since-class tax rate 1947. [applause] gov. cuomo: that is so long ago that even i wasn't alive then. [laughter] gov. cuomo: while the federal government is making college affordable -- less affordable, we must expand our program that
2:41 pm
helps children of the middle class and tells every child in new york their dreams can be realized and their future can be brighter. if they get into college, they will not be denied because they cannot afford it because they are children of new york, rich or poor. we will pay their tuition. [applause] in the same spirit, we must include our your new immigrants and we will pass the dream act this year -- our young new immigrants and we will pass the dream act this year. [applause] gov. cuomo: we must continue to attack the highest tax burden in the state. not a state tax, but the cause of local governments. ourlocal property tax -- local property tax. fdr prophesies that the growing
2:42 pm
local property tax would be a major economic problem for the state. and it is. property taxes nearly three times what the state income tax is. it's always been an obstacle to growth. today, with the federal assault provision, it is an economic cancer. taxes have been raised 5%. -- 25%. it will be an unbearable financial burden for many. look at the response already. last week, we announced an emergency executive order allowing people to be paid their property taxes. thousands of new yorkers stood in line for hours in frigid prepay next to year's property taxes so they can get the deduction.
2:43 pm
all across the state, that is the level of fear, that people would go to that extent. that is what we are dealing with. we must increase the efforts by local government to reduce costs. i know it is politically difficult. i know in every town and every village, everyone has their own rights and obligations. know it's a matter of economic survival. we know it can be done. last year, for the first time, we told county executives you bring those local governments together and put them in one room and talk to each other and come up with a plan to save funding. you know what? they did it. they stepped up. 34 counties omitted plans that will lead to more than $200 million in savings. but, we must do more. property taxes are now toxic to our economy and stability.
2:44 pm
that is going to be at the top of our agenda for this year. working with local governments, working with county executives, finding ways to get those property taxes down so that federal increase does not derail the progress of the state of new york. we must continue to attract and crete new jobs of tomorrow. we must do it today. every president has told us the same thing, it's about improving our infrastructure. the new york difference is we don't promise it, we do it. good government is about action. [applause] gov. cuomo: we must continue to exercise our new york muscle and imagination. the new york spirit that build the tallest building and longest bridges that the fight gravity and pessimism and the naysayers, we proven we can do it and do it well. now, we must do more of it.
2:45 pm
we must accelerate the modernization of our airport. we must accelerate our air train to laguardia. every city in the world has a train to the plane. we must address our transportation deserts and explore whether redhook is enough transportation alternatives or if they should study the possibility of a new subway line to stimulate the community development the way we did on the west side of manhattan. we should pursue a tunnel from long island to westchester, connecticut. dot has determined it is feasible. it would be under water and invisible. it would reduce traffic on the impossibly congested long island expressway. it would offer potential significant private investment. we will accelerate the long
2:46 pm
island railroad modernization. it is long overdue but is critical to the economy. in 2018, as part of our $6.6 billion transformation plan, we will finish the double track on monthse and finish it 16 ahead of schedule and we will then -- [applause] thencuomo: and we will resume construction of the third track along the mainline, which riders.40% of the lir we are rebuilding 39 stations. altogether, 100 projects which will transform the long island railroad and transform the quality of life on long island, finally, thanks to you. [applause] we also had really
2:47 pm
good news several weeks ago when it was announced that the new york islanders are moving back home to long island. [applause] and they are going to build a $1 billion hockey stadium at belmont racetrack. that's how much they believe in long island. [applause] gov. cuomo: we have with us the owners of the islanders, scott and john. would you please stand? let's give them a round of applause for believing in new york. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you. and nikolai.calvin
2:48 pm
let's give them a round of applause. thank you for being here. [applause] gov. cuomo: welcome back to long island. in new economy is growing up state. we cannot allow the federal tax plan to derail our progress there. the regional economic develop and counsel has done a great job with 6300 development projects underway. every region has seen a drop in unemployment and underemployment. this year, we will start by continuing the programs and theg cashless tolling to new york state thruway system because we should make it faster and cleaner, the way it is working so well in downstate new york. [applause] we have new projects -- it willchester transform the genesee waterfront to a destination center.
2:49 pm
in the southern tier, our development of the hemp industry will begin by developing a new hemp processing facility. will build awe route 81 tunnel so we can look at both options. inland proceed on the because they have been talking for too long and doing too little and we will make a reality. we also have great news in syracuse. i want to congratulate syracuse and central new york today. we are proud to announce that the aaa new york chiefs will metsbe the aaa new york playing in syracuse. [applause]
2:50 pm
gov. cuomo: they are here with us today. jeff.ts owner, please stand up. [applause] gov. cuomo: richard brown, managing partner of sterling equity. [applause] gov. cuomo: mets general manager, sandy alderson. callaway, the mets manager. bronx's owner, the dj rivera and the mets outfielder, brandon. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you, guys. welcome to central new york. congratulations, county executive mahoney. that is great news. the i love new york campaign has revealed the secret that we cap for too long.
2:51 pm
the secret is the history and beauty of our state. since 2011, our $200 million tourism investment has seen tourism spending increase $18 billion. that is an investment, my friends. [applause] we should continue. new modernization investments in bel air to make them first rate ski resorts. we are proposing a new history trail leading to the hudson valley. expediting the new exit center in syracuse which will be the largest exposition center in the northeast to continue to attract tourism. it's about jobs, jobs, jobs. tourism it means jobs for upstate new york, so let's do it. that's where we need the jobs. [applause] while our federal
2:52 pm
government is deconstructing parks, we believe they are a national treasure. we will increase our commission to our state parks. $63 million investment in upstate parks. parkll build a new state in brooklyn, new york. [applause] 407 acres on jamaica bay. it will be the largest park in new york city. [applause] gov. cuomo: we have the hudson river park in new york city, which is on the manhattan west side. it was started by my father and the mayor. it was supposed to be finished in 2003. it was derailed by ongoing disputes. we have settled the disputes and now have a full completion plan
2:53 pm
that completes the park from battery park city to 50 nin9th street. we should complete the vision and manhattan's west side. let's do it this year. [applause] gov. cuomo: now, ladies and gentlemen, i am a realist. i know that this is an ambitious agenda. i know it is probably the most challenging agenda i have ever put forth. but, these are challenging times. and we have to rise to the challenge for the very survival of our state. the $4 billion deficit, economic challenges, social wrongs and the federal assault, all at once. the small minded and naysayers will forecast gloom and doom. negativity is the dominant
2:54 pm
feeling in today's political environment. but, this is new york. that is not the new york way. the new york ways to make the seemingly impossible possible. we willwe can do it, only get excited to show you that we can. we have done it time and time again and we have the track record to prove it. i wanted to remember and appreciate what you have done. when you are looking at these challenges this year saying i don't know if we can get it done, remember what we are doing. remember what we have overcome. you have done and you have accomplished more than any administration in modern history. just think about it. we are building new airports at laguardia, jfk, rochester, syracuse, stuart, new train
2:55 pm
stations connecting niagara falls, rochester, moynahan train hall at penn, the exposition center at the state fair, in new convention center, the albany convention center, cashless pulling all across the state, the woodbury transit hub, the university of buffalo medical school, the buffalo children's hospital, a new utica hospital, in new bridge, a national comedy center in jamestown, four new upstate tourism resorts, state of the art from the ground up, tesla, panasonic plans in buffalo, a legoland theme park in the hudson valley, the rochester data consortium, we are revitalizing jones beach,
2:56 pm
updating belair, expanding the southern tier, expanding gm in western new york, expanding welsh island, attracting companies to utica, a defense company to syracuse, the north titanium plant to plattsburgh, and new health care system in brooklyn called vital brooklyn and we are building the new io m u.n. cuomo bridge. [applause] so, don't tell me we can't do it, because we can. there's nothing we put our mind to that we haven't accomplished. it's not just about the projects we have built.
2:57 pm
that is great. that is great for the economy. but, in some ways, what is even more special to me is the lives we have changed. the civil rights that we have created. the dignity that we have given people. we have some of them here today. i would ask them to stand and they were acknowledged. those we helped when we said love doesn't discriminate and we passed marriage equality for all new yorkers. [applause] gov. cuomo: those we helped when we said we believe people deserve a fair wage for a fair
2:58 pm
days work and you shouldn't have to choose between paying rent and paying for food and we passed the minimum wage. stand up. [applause] gov. cuomo: those we helped when we said live your life in dignity and we passed paid family leave. stand up. [applause] gov. cuomo: those we helped when we passed raise the agent gave them a second chance. stand up. [applause] gov. cuomo: those we protected when we passed enough is enough and stop sexual assault. stand up. [applause] gov. cuomo: those we helped when we passed the excelsior scholarship program, stand up. [applause] gov. cuomo: those we helped when
2:59 pm
we passed the first special prosecutor in the nation against ies.ce violence and minorit stand up. [applause] let's thank them all for being here today. give them a big round of applause. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you. we thank our legislators. are members of the senate, our members of the assembly. [applause] gov. cuomo: let me tell you why.
3:00 pm
[laughter] gov. cuomo: we think our legislators -- thank our legislators because they understand that political extremism leads to polarization, paralysis and gridlock. in gridlock, everyone loses. they understand that government is about doing good things for people in moving the state forward. they've had the professionalism to remember that we may be democrats or republicans, but we are new yorkers first and that's how we act. we find common ground and move forward. senate assembly, stand up. thank you for everything you've done. for all the laws you past, thank thankr passing on time, you for $15, and thank you for the life you've changed.
3:01 pm
[applause] so in closing, two weeks ago, turned 60 years old. [applause] there is no good news about turning 60 years old. [laughter] they say, well, 60 is the new 50. 50 thanks, too. [laughter] there is nothing to forward to. feeling thing you can say now is it is better than the alternative. most days, it is. but you turn 60, and life gets a little simpler and a little clearer. you're living in the world we are living in now, that is frightening at times. it is challenging at times.
3:02 pm
think about what what is thers and best thing we can do to help each other. i will tell you the god's honest truth. i am not afraid about the economics and the federal assault in the $4 billion and the $6 billion. that is hard. but we know how to do that. we will do that. we have done it before. my greatest fear is the division spreading among our people. anti-semitism,re more racial attacks, more religious tensions than in decades all across the state. i understand the emotions peer the country is searching its way period,a challenging
3:03 pm
mother nature's constant bombardment, the constant pace of change in society, sewing zaidi is a fever pitch and you feel it up your neck. now there is a negative synergy, a sense that we are out of and that breeds a fear and that fear breeds anger, and that anger breeds a division, and the division makes us smaller and weaker. divisions are a cancer to our body politic. our federal government is furthering divisions. by dividing pyramid's winners versus losers and rich versus middle-class versus poor, versus black versus white. documented versus on documented.
3:04 pm
it is always pitting one group against the other. it is always conflict. it is always easier -- either or an much harm has been done. as the greatest republican president, abraham lincoln said, a has to fight against itself cannot stand. [applause] our obligation as leaders is not just to say what we are against but also what we support. leaders is notas just to criticize, but to offer an alternative and we do. new york follows a different path. new york elites there is no future through division, but only through unity. york way is to believe diversity is not a liability. it is the exact opposite. .iversity is our greatest asset
3:05 pm
we celebrate it the new york way , tolerance is expected from all and inclusion is our operating sensible and forging community is our ultimate goal. from 190n new yorkers countries, all immigrants and all newcomers, and in search of opportunity. , extended byere the great lady who stays in our heart, for john flanigan's families, from the family from the bahamas, the family from italy, the family from russia, invited for one family, the family of new york, gay and straight, white, black, brown, all working together and focusing on what unites us rather than what divides us and then building on that
3:06 pm
commonality. this is not a new principle. it is not a democratic or republican idea, nor is it even uniquely new york. it is proven over 240 years. founding nation's premise and the enduring process . it is our founding fathers essential wisdom summed up in just three words. , out of many,m one. to the american idea that in 1782, they stitched the words on the great seal of the united states. are onal and those words the flag hung at the oval office every day since. right behind president trump's
3:07 pm
desk. to find a way forward, to find a way forward, the president only needs to turn around. [applause] gov. cuomo: thank you. thank you. that, my friends, is the true formula for what makes america great. a simple yet profound idl -- idea that made america the greatest country on the globe. laboratory fore that. it worked in 1782 and it works today.
3:08 pm
, let us show what new york is at its best. let us show the nation the new york lesson that it times of trouble and anxiety, the premise that made america a great still guides us, that we do not seek to raise ourselves by pulling another down but rather believe by -- we succeed by raising each other up. that is the new york way, true north. boucher north is to follow the credo on our great seal of new york. angels,ear our better always aspire to unify, and always point up. excelsior. thank you and god bless you. [applause]
3:09 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our program. thank you for joining us. and incredibly inspiring presentation. onward to 2018. thank you very much. minutes atp in a few 3:15 eastern here, white house press secretary sarah sanders will be briefing reporters. you can see that live when it starts. >> sunday on c-span's q&a --
3:10 pm
>> i propose action instead of words, now before it is too late, for the sake of a better world. i say again and again that i propose it for our own american self-interest. >> henry hank meyer with his book, the man in the middle of the american century. >> he finds himself in opposition when fdr is elected and the democrats in the early 1930's and majority in the senate, he is -- in opposition for the next dozen years. done,ns to get anything which meant resisting franklin roosevelt, there needed to be a coalition. he needed to reach across the aisle. >> these


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