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tv   House GOP Leaders on Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  January 17, 2018 10:43am-11:01am EST

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until the treasury department says that management issues have been dealt at the world bank. and 17-year-old program to expand trade with africa. the government needs to pass a government spending bill to prevent the government shutting down friday night when the current measures expires. we will have live coverage of the house when they return here at noon on c-span. at 11:30 eastern we plan to show you a conference with joe crowley, linda sanchez. they'll be talking about democratic priority. we'll have that live at 11:30 or when it starts on c-span. and house republicans talked about the week's agenda and the new short-term spending plan they proposed last night.
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mrs. mcmorris rodgers: good morning, everyone. because of the tax cuts and jobs act we continue to hear more good news across the country. americans are optimistic, they're confident they are going to see better higher paying jobs. families across the country are seeing their energy bills come down as utility companies are cutting rates. and in february, an estimated 90% of americans will see their take-home pay increase. as i travel around eastern washington and hear about families, especially those living paycheck to paycheck, this is making a big difference and making a bill dealing in minnesota's second district where congressman jason lewis is from. he just toured a home depot and was talking with some of the employees at home depot about the impact of tax reform on them and they were excited about increased paychecks. they were excited about being able to pay and save for their mortgages, college tuition. it's really making an impact to
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them in their pocketbooks. despite the out-of-touch rhetoric that we're hearing from the defenders of the status quo, this isn't armageddon. it is a crumb and -- it isn't a crumb and it isn't pathetic. it's relief for hardworking men and women this country has been seeing. the tax cuts and jobs act was really an opportunity for the democrats to join us in delivering bigger paychecks to the american people. as they struggled to explain why they didn't support this overhaul, long overdue overhaul of a broken tax code, our focus continues to be on a better future for all americans and families. this week we'll also consider the born alive abortion survivors protection act. this is about kids, babies that are born alive. historically received bipartisan support. and i'm excited to help welcome families that have traveled from eastern washington for the 5th annual march for life.
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we're also considering funding of a six-year authorization of chip and ensuring our men and women on the front lines at this very moment have the resources they need as the terror threats continue. these are really our most basic and fundamental responsibilities that we have serving in the house and i call upon the democrats to stop the obstruction, stop the games and join us in getting it done. with that i'll turn it over to congressman lewis. mr. lewis: thank you, cathy. welcome. i am congressman jason lewis, minnesota two. it is wonderful to be here to talk about the single most important thing happening right now in america. but enough about the minnesota vikings and the playoff game on sunday. let's talk a little bit about tax reform. you know, we have history on our side. you look at the 1920's and 1960's and 1980's, every time we get this rising tide when we
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increase productivity in the private sector. yesterday i was at the home depot in minnesota two and was talking to the manager and talking about how wonderful it will be for home depot. you know the people that were excited? the associates of home depot because they engage in stock holders. their 401-k's are going up. they will get more share of ownership in this opportunity society. that's what we've done with this tax bill. that's why the folks at home depot were excited. that's will d.t.n., another company in minnesota two, has just -- they published something called the progressive farmer. i am trying to get them to change it to the conservative farmer but that's a long haul. they just gave $1,000 bonus to 700 employees right there in minnesota two. we have seen a million -- $1 billion, i should say, in bonuses to a million people. all of which we were told before we passed the tax cuts
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and jobs act that couldn't happen, it wasn't -- we went to the jimmy carter days. we reached the pinnacle of growth. we are not growing at 1.6%. we are growing at 3.3% and growing at 4%. that's what this is about, getting median wages back up where they should be. $1,000 bonus is not a crumb and in minnesota two the average family will get a tax relief cut of $3,800. what is that, 3 1/2 crumbs? i don't think so. that's a vacation. that's retirement. that's a college education. you know what, the minority leader just said was plain offensive. this is working. and you know later this week, we are going to continue the job. we are not going to shut the government down. we are going to keep it open. we will re-authorize chip and we are going to repeal a medical device tax that's hurting minnesota big time. then we will send it over to the senate and the senate will have to decide -- the senate democrats will decide whether they will shut the government down. i don't think they will. they certainly shouldn't. i thank this team behind me for
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remaining firm on this. to come in as a freshman on the budget committee and help get this resolution out and help pass the greatest tax reform in three decades, that's a good first term and i am proud to be here and proud to do it. thank you. mr. mccarthy: thank you, jason. good luck with the vikings. unbelievable game, was it not? every day we come turn on the news and what do we find? more employees are getting bonuses. said more than two million. there's one part as you see these more than $1 billion put out. there's something more that's happening. the times that we find just as baltimore gas and electric lowering their rates, passing on the tax benefits to all their customers. then what did we find last week? not only were bonuses going out but raises so people were getting more. the minimum wage was getting raised in smeen companies. but maternity leave now is
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longer for thousands of americans. that's much different than a crumb or armageddon. that is the beginning of america's comeback. i know we have challenges before us this week. fund the military. it is at a deadline. the children's health insurance program, chip, two times we have voted to move that off this floor. but both items the democrats have not only said no, they whipped their members to hold them back. we have states that are being challenged for their children's health. this is not a time to play politics. i know a lot of things have been said in the process. i am committed to solving our problem when it comes to daca, border security, and chain migration. throughout this weekend i talked to all the players. i talked to cornyn. i talked to durbin.
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i even talked to schumer and i talked to steny hoyer. hour staff have been continuing to meet. today the principals will get together. we want to be able to solve this problem. but the deadline this week is about the military and about the children. i hope when we go to the floor to have the vote to continue to have government funded that i don't look across and see what i saw in the times before. watch the democratic leader on some believe that were crumbs to the american public actually holding her members back. even those who want to vote for it but would not release them to vote for it until republicans had passed it. i would like to see us work together to solve america's problem. speaker ryan: i, too, want to wish jason good luck. if they were successful i will have to find new jokes about the vikes -- vikings.
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in respect. look, after hearing the good news in recent weeks there's one thing that's undeniable and that's tax reform is boosting america's economic confidence. company after company has been announcing we are having increased bonuses, increased wages all because of tax reform. i was at my son's basketball game sunday and u.a.w. worker from a chrysler camp in belvidere said this will give me $400 in my paycheck. i thought this was for the rich. i guess it's for me now. it's just the beginning. at the heart of this law is really a lower tax burden for american families who are going to start seeing this relief very, very soon. last week the treasury that it announced has adjusted the amount the i.r.s. takes out of people's paychecks to account for this new law. it's estimated 90% of wage earners in america that it has will experience an increase home in
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their take-home pay starting in february. let me say that. 90% of america's workers will see increased take-home pay as a result of the tax law starting in february. this is incredible. the typical family of four earning the median income of $73,000 will see a tax cut of $2,059. that's more money to pay down the mortgage, save for a rainy day fund or take your kids on vacation. this is real relief for americans who more show they are living paycheck to paycheck. look, where i come from and jason comes from, it's pretty cold right now. your energy costs are very high. what we're seeing is all these utility companies are now saying they're passing through the tax savings onto the ratepayers. if you're low income, living paycheck to paycheck, if you're having a hard time just heating your house, this is real relief
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that's real tangible. so we're seeing evidence that the tax bill is working in so many ways. lower energy bills, bigger paychecks, more jobs, more bonuses, maternity leave. this is exactly why we did this so we can improve people's lives. one more point and kevin mentioned this. according to the pentagon just the pentagon just last year, we lost more american military members who died in training accidents than we did in combat last year. and we have combat across the globe. these deaths may have been preventable and it all points back to the detearation of our readiness and our -- deterioration of our readiness and our resources. navy sailors are putting in 100-hour workweeks and less half of their aircraft are capable of flying. the number of fatal accidents are those -- or those losing in the loss of aircraft for the marines have doubled in the
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last decade. we have to reverse this trend. we have to stop putting these lives at risk and we have to fix our national security and that's why it's just -- it's baffling to me that democrats would be willing to block funding for our military over unrelated issues. i used to think the democrats thought the schip bill was bipartisan, that children's health insurance was is bipartisan bill. this was written by democrats and republicans. we passed the extension twice this year. we will be bringing it to the floor again this week because real deadlines are occurring this friday. and the real deadlines that occur this friday are our men and women in uniform and children's health insurance in many states that will run out of money and so that is why it is unconscionable to me that they will block funding four our military or cut -- for our military or cut off children's health insurance and tying them to unrelated issues. questions. reporter: could you just give us a general timeline how you
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see immigration debate playing out? obviously it will be done this week before the spending deadline. do you see march as the deadline? speaker ryan: i think it is the deadline we are operating on, march 5. these are talks that crurg in earnest. we want -- that are occurring in earnest. we want to fix daca in a balanced way so we don't have the same problem down the road. that's just pure common sense. that means a daca solution that involves the security measures that makes sure we don't have another daca problem down the road. that's purely common sense. the majority of americans see it that way and so it's perfectly reasonable that we address this in a more comprehensive way. now what kevin just described to you is the fact our leaders are meeting to discuss these things. good faith negotiations are under way, and to push that aside in try and jeopardize funding for tchings like schip and our military -- for things like schip and our military makes never sense.
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do you not have questions? i always look for you. all right. all right. reporter: mr. speaker, yesterday as steve bannon agered both republicans and democrats alike on the house intelligence committee after the white house invoked executive privilege said he should not answer questions during the transition during his time at the white house. is it appropriate invoke executive order -- speaker ryan: i am not familiar what happened yesterday. there has always been a tension on executive privilege between the legislative branch and the executive branch. his goes back to every administration. obama did, bush did, clinton did. that is a tension that happened. reporter: should bannon -- speaker ryan: i don't know the specifics on it. i really don't. casey. reporter: do you have enough republican votes to keep the government open this week? can you look at a dreamer in the eye and promise them they will put a stand-alone bill to
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help them regardless -- speaker ryan: look, we have been very clear. we want to see a daca solution but a daca solution has got to be a balanced solution, a solution that also not just treats the symptom is but the root cause what the problem is in the first place. look, i feel that it makes no sense for democrats to try and bring us to a shutdown, to try and cut off chip funding for the states that are running out of money like minnesota and washington and kentucky and other states. so i think cool heads hopefully will prevail on this thing. we haven't whipped it yet. andy. reporter: do you agree with scott walker that last night's results in the special election in wisconsin were a wake-up call to republicans? is it evidence that a potential wave election will happen in february? speaker ryan: it's in western wisconsin. typically we held this seat and we lost the seat last night. yeah, we should pay attention. >> last question. reporter: last month leadership
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said you just needed a few more weeks to negotiate a cap deal and daca deal. are you confident all you need this time -- speaker ryan: i think the cap deal is very close and the democrats are holding out on the caps deal because of these daca negotiations. the fact we are earnest in negotiating in good faith with our four leaders on daca speaks to the fact we want to see a solution, that we want to get this thing fixed and it's got to be a balanced bill. we will not bring a daca bill that the president doesn't support. what point would it be if we don't have it signed into law by the president? so this has to be a balanced. this isn't a one-way street. it's got to be balanced. it's got to be bipartisan and the president has to support this for this to occur and the president is being completely rational in that you want to fix daca but also address the root cause problems so we don't have daca problem in the future. i also think that the caps deal is in our interest. i think it should be done and can be done but for people to
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hold up funding for our military over these unrelated issues and for deadlines that don't even exist this friday, that makes no sense to me. the federal government has many responsibilities. ut its first, foremost primary responsibility is to provide for the common defense and when you see a situation where more men and women in our military are dying in training accidents than they are in combat, it's a serious situation. . to block funding for our military with a friday deadline over unrelated issues makes no sense to me. it's wrong. >> do you have a solid feel where the president stands on hese negotiations? >> you'll be hearing about the federal government face as possible shutdown this coming friday night. members of congress will decide on a short-term package of funds to keep the government working into the middle of next


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