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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer and Sen. Mc Connell Post Cloture Vote  CSPAN  January 20, 2018 1:38pm-2:21pm EST

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impacted by this action. votinge going to keep on , and the government may be heading into shutdown, but the senate is not shutting down. we are hoping to talk. and resolve this. i don't think a makes the us to should look very responsible. the american people should expect better from us. then this. >> mr. president, very sadly, we are on the precipice of government shutdown. the majority leader only just allow us to vote on a continuing resolution that he knew lacked the votes long before this hour. it's not just democrats who oppose this cr, several republicans did as well.
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, weof today, mr. president have endeavored to reach agreement with president trump and the republicans that would have not only spared government shutdown, but cemented an agreement on spending caps, including those for military, , disaster care issues relief, and immigration issues. president trump reached out to me today, this morning. to invite me to the white house to talk all of these issues over. and i accepted. we had a lengthy and substantive discussion. during the meeting, in exchange for strong daca projections, i reluctantly put the border wall on the table for discussion. enough towas not entice the president to finish the deal. many democrats don't want to go that far on the border. many republicans don't either.
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but we were willing to compromise with the president to get an agreement. room, its only like the president was open to accept it. , is afternoon, in my heart thought we might have a deal tonight. that was how far we've come. that's how positive our discussion felt. we had a good meeting. but what has transpired since that meeting in the oval office is indicative of the entire tumultuous and chaotic process republicans have engaged in in the negotiations thus far. trumphough president seems to like an outline of the deal in the room, he did not press his party in congress to accept it. speaker ryan and leader mcconnell, without the commitment of the president, would not agree to accept
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anything either. what happened to the president trump who asked us to come up with a deal and promised he would take heat for it? what happened to that president? he backed off at the first sign of pressure. deal onhe outline of a caps and the element of a deal on health care. we have the outline of a deal on immigration, the toughest issue. it was real, it was an honest-to-goodness breakthrough. we could have passed a short-term extension of funding so that we could cross the season. the eyes -- cross the i's and bet the done with it. for looked to the president guidance and you provided none and that prevailed again today, unfortunately. the same chaos, the same
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disarray, the same division and siderd on the republican that has been in the background of these negotiations for months, unfortunately, appears endemic. it is standing in the way of bipartisan solutions to all of the issues now before us. every american knows the republican party controls the white house, the senate, the house. it's their job to keep the government open. it's their job to work with us on a way to move things forward. but they didn't reach out to us once on this cr. no discussion, no debate. nothing at all. it was produced without an ounce of democratic input and dropped on our laps. and meanwhile, they can't even get on the same page as a party.
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that controlled every branch of the legislative process and it's their responsibility to govern, and here, they have failed. several republicans voted against the cr, as well as democrats. the same reason we voted against it. one of the most serious consequences of having continuing resolutions after continuing resolution is the damage it does to our military, as the pentagon spokesman said last night, another cr would be wasteful and destructive to our military. said thatecretary because of cr's, the navy has put $4 billion in the trashcan a record lighter fluid on it and burned it. that's the navy secretary, because of what you have done. this is no way to conduct the nation's business. republicans know it, democrats know it.
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,he american people know it that this party is not capable of governing. so where we go from here? i believe many of my republican colleagues feel sincerely that they want to get a deal. i know their hearts are in the right place. i know they lament the fact that we now accept brinkmanship where bipartisanship used to be. alwayspast, there was discussions of these issues. you needed both parties to were together another that happened here today. problem is this leadershipublican can't get to yes, because president trump refuses to. mr. president, president trump,
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if you are listening, i'm urging yes for an take answer. the way things went today, the way you turn from a bipartisan deal, it's almost as if you were rooting for a shutdown. and now we will have one. and the blame should crash entirely on president trump shoulders. this will be called the trump shutdown. this will be called the trump shutdown, because there is no one, no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. from two away bipartisan deals, including one today in which i even put the border wall on the table. take for president trump to say yes and learn how to execute the rudiments of
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government? tomorrow marks a year to the day the president trump took the oath of office on the capitol steps. but trumpely, shutdown would be a perfect encapsulation of the chaos he has unleashed on our government. instead of bringing us all together, he has pulled us apart. instead of governing from the middle, he is outsourced his presidency to the extremes. up to the living great dealmaker he marketed himself to be, he has been the single driving force in scuttling bipartisan deals in congress, and now at this late hour, his behavior is on the verge of grinding our government to a halt, a trump shutdown. will continue to strive for a bipartisan
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agreement on all of the outstanding issues. i know there are many women of goodwill on the other side of the aisle who are just as upset as i am with the direction we are headed in. i plead with them to see reason and prevail upon their leaders, and most of all, the president, to give us the space to work together. theet us do the job american people sent us here to do. decides heent trump is finally ready to lead his party to a deal, democrats will be ready, willing, and eager to clinch a. .- clinch it there is a path forward and we can reach a quickly. mr. president the four leaders should immediately sit down and finish this deal, so the entire government can get back to work on monday. i yield the floor.
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>> i commend the five democrats who voted not to shut the government down. the new senator from alabama during his campaign said it was important to fund the sg of the us to program before ran out of money. listens to the seven democratic governors he said this is an emergency and we need help. so there were five courageous democrats on the other side who stood up to this ridiculous argument, and it made sense, down theo shut government over and illegal immigration issue with the vast majority of this body would like to do something about anyways. i want to particularly commend
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the five democrats who have the courage to stand up to this ridiculous strategy that put in anwhole party incredible predicaments. the white house is indicated, the president is not going to talk about the issue at all while the government shutdown. clear andit quite said when democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders, we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform. strategy hascular eliminated the possibility of getting a signature on the thing that they should the government down over. me thisody explain to strategy? i'm perplexed. i was in first in my class, but i wasn't last either. how does this get them what they're looking for?
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well, we continue to talk, because when all the games stop, the issues are still there. every single one of them are still there. the american people expect us to act like adults. and solve the problems. i will be offering an amendment to change the date to february the eighth. at some point, we will be voting , thebruary the eighth senior senator from south carolina, the democratic leader , itve been talking about
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begins to move a little closer to where our friends on the other side so they wanted to be. the reasonable. of time it takes into the count the state of the union, party and the amount of time it takes to watch a bill. you can reach an agreement and snap your fingers and everything falls into place and you're ready to go. and then right into ready to and get ready to pass as negotiated settlement that we have been working on for months, february the eighth is a very reasonable time. i hear the sentiment for the on both sides and i hope so on both point -- at some point, we can
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vote on that option. i last the senate to have the vote tonight. i move, mr. president, to table the motion to refer. senate speeches from last night before the government shutdown. the government has been shut down since midnight last night with the continuing resolution failing to move forward in the u.s. senate. you can follow senate coverage on c-span two. an update on the house, there's jeff flake, the arizona senator speaking on the senate floor now. an update on the house for you, the house is coming in this afternoon at 4:00 eastern and they will take up what is called the same day rule allowing them to take up legislation on the same day it is introduced. at 4:00 eastern, live coverage here on c-span. we're going to open up the phone lines again to hear your reaction and your thoughts on the government shutdown.
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democrats, call 202-748-8920. republican, call 202-748-8921. independents and others call , 202-748-8922. federal employees, call 202-748-8923. we would love to hear your experience. on twitter, we are at c-span. covering the federal government both here in dcn across the country's federal news radio, wf is the radio station in the nation's capital and jason miller is the executive editor with federal news radio, joining us on the phone. how many government employees, federal government employees are there in total and how many are affected by the shutdown? guest: roughly 1.8 million , everyoneployees thinks of washington, d.c. is the center, but 80% work outside
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of d.c. how many will be affected by the shutdown is hard to say. in 2013, the last time we had a government shutdown, a was 850,000 what they call non-exempted or nonessential federal employees. this time around, it's going to be hard to say because omb is saying they are giving agencies more leeway to use what they call multiyear funding or know your funding, which means funding that does not expire when the appropriations for 2017 laughs. how he will be affected? hard to say. host: what are you hearing the guidance from federal agencies -- what are they selling their employees who have to come in on monday or today or tomorrow, for that matter? guest: the office of management and budget just released a memo this morning saying to begin the
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process what i call an orderly istdown, what that means that it's work that doesn't need to be done, it can't become -- it can't be done because of the funding, they have to close that workout. it doesn't mean programs get turned off, but the websites are lapsed to say there's a of appropriation and this will be picked up again when we have funding. kind of communicate to your citizens and the people who your customers are just saying we are not going to move forward with this project, this issue until we get appropriations. that's going to happen on monday. federal employees generally speaking report to work on monday if the shutdown continues through the weekend into monday. omb says it takes about three to four hours to do an early shutdown and federal employees will get paid for that work. after those three to four hours, they will be shut down. and those deemed nonessential employees or nonexempt employees will be on furlough and not be
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paid until congress and the white house makes them whole. radiothe federal news website, federal news is a good site for federal employees and others following that. the headline as we look at your website, the government shuts down the senate fails to pass spending bill. what about people who are on furlough? do they get back they once the government comes back into session? traditionally gone the last shutdown from 1995 in 2013, commerce has passed a bill in the white house has signed it. to make those employees whole again. has been bills introduced in the senate and the house to give federal employees back pay once the funding is fixed and the cr is passed. but as of right now, they would not get paid, without causing hasm, we've seen history
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shown time and time again that they do get paid eventually. but it is still a lot of hardship on peoples who do live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to save when they are not getting paid. it could take three weeks or a month or longer until they get that back pay. it's a big hardship and let thought about -- list -- let's not forget about contractors who will not get paid a fair for load. ed, on j millerwf twitter. what kind of stories are you signing your staff to look at? guest: what happens on monday, that story will be posted shortly and then the impact on the defense department as well. there's a lot of questions around what happens to defense department and how they move forward. the last time in 2013, about half of all defense civilian employees, nonuniformed members of the dod were for load. that's a lot of people doing acquisition work, buying the
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stuff that dod needs to use. a lot of people doing maintenance. important work that won't get done. and the other thing we are following closely is what happens to those agencies that have multiyear funding and how long can they stay open? environment protection agency and the department of energy's have said come to work, we have enough money to stay open for a week. what happens in two weeks or three weeks? when will they run out of money? host: executive editor with federal news radio, jason miller. thank you for joining us. guest: my pleasure. host: we opened up phone lines, particularly the line for federal employees 202-748-8923. ,we want to get your reaction to the shutdown. they number one. here is dean in san bernardino, california on the democrats line. caller: hello. host: go ahead, you are on the
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air. caller: i have a question, to everybody who was supposed to take care of years ago, it has to do with the men and women fighting for the country when they tried to shut the government down last time. come essentials -- the men and women fighting for this country, they have to do their job, regardless or not if they get paid or not. how come congress gets paid whether or not they get a paycheck, and the men and women fighting for this country do not get a paycheck? it was the best we passed a long time ago to change this. discography to paycheck in order to do their job? -- does congress need a paycheck in order to do their job? of membersple mentioned introducing legislations of congress would not get paid during the shutdown . we did not get an answer for
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that, we can see what else we can find out as we go to diamondhead, mississippi to hear from kathleen on the republican line. caller: i am listening to dean and he makes a lot of sense. regarding theg fact that yeah, congress gets its paycheck. we are looking at all of them in washington on c-span, all nice and comfy, and i am thinking of the soldiers in the field risking her lives, even in afghanistan and all of those places. maybe, even at this .1 of them point a bullet and not -- andof them taking a bullet not getting any paycheck for it. i was a civilian employee on my life. i rely on social security. i am hoping that continues, because if it does not, i am in trouble. what about all of us on social security? how are we going to be affected by this?
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at thosereally po'd democrats for holding the country hostage over the fact that they want to get those illegal immigrants in here so that they can start patting the next time to get the senate and the house back. that is all it is. it is trying to get these people in so they can get them registered to vote so they can make them as stupid as all the other people that support these democrats and they don't realize how. host: on your question about social security, we will soon find out about how that might be impacted by the sit-down -- shutdown, but on the points you have made about members of congress being paid, here is you love, --resswoman mia you talk congresswoman mia love, and her tweet saying "today, capitol police are working thanks to the
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schumer shutdown. thank you for your service." brad on the independent line. first, i'm a christian, a veteran, and an african-american. in that order. elieve that you need to get the moat out of your eye before you can pull it out of your brother's eye. you have a response ability to take care of your own children. can i go to one of those -- senator'ses houses and walk into their house and say hey, i want you to take care of me. you cannot support your illegal behavior, you cannot reward illegal behavior. frankly, i believe that we should sue the democratic party
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for rewarding illegal behavior. it doesn't matter how compassionate you are, and we all want to help people, but you have to do it a legal way. if i go to the grocery store, i have to stand in line and wait my turn. i go to the bank, i stand in line and wait my turn. shutting downre the united states government for people that they are not responsible for, because they give a false sense of compassion. brad in california. just an update for you, the white house has told us there will be a briefing coming up here in about a little over five minutes, at 2:10 p.m. eastern, just announced from the white house. we will take you there live when it goes underway on c-span. the house was originally coming into session at 3:00, it is now
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at 4:00 eastern. there will be a debate and vote on the same day rule, allowing legislation to be considered on the same day it is introduced. we will continue taking your on thend comments government shutdown. a federal employee in florida, thomas, hello. thanks for waiting, go ahead. caller: this is tom. i have beens old, working for the government since 2008. i was a contractor who became a gs employee. i work on the air force base. i have been overseas in qatar, kuwait. the last four years, i have been over there several times. what the democrats are doing to the american people is totally disgusting. taking money away from federal employees that are working. i am one of those people who lives from paycheck to paycheck, so i cannot afford to save
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money. even though i am working for the government, i cannot make much money. a girlfriend has been working and i have been working since i was 16 years old, paying into social security and my taxes, and now we can't get health. she has been out of a job over six months and cannot get health care. they want to charge or $650 a month for health care and a $7,000 deductible, and we are -- where are we supposed to get that money from? she is not working. that is unacceptable. that is an acceptable in our society. these people need our help and we cannot get it. we are born and raised here and american citizens, and they are giving these money to illegal immigrants who come over here -- it is just not fair. ast: tom in florida, talking little bit about his overseas and military contracting experience. an earlier contractor had -- caller had asked about this, a
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tweet indicating the attack in afghanistan. a group of gunmen have launched an attack on the intercontinental hotel. part of the hotel and the kitchen are on fire. we are taking your calls until 2:10 eastern, when the white house briefing gets underway. theing your reaction to government shutdown. melvin, jackson, tennessee, democrat line. caller: how are you doing? host: i'm fine. caller: i have been listening to what is going on, and it seems as if they do not want to cover these people anyway. from what i understand, nobody really wants to help the daca people because they do not want them here. to me, i do not agree with that. herenot believe they came illegally. maybe their parents, but people have been saying that we do not want to blame kids.
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i have been thinking, that people were going to try and come up with a solution. but it seems like no, they are going to blame the kids. it seems like we have a president now that is really playing games. it seems like he does not want to work this deal out. and mr. chuck schumer saying that if he was in good faith with the president, it seems like they had a good meeting, and as soon as he gets back and thinking he has something going, all of a sudden there is nothing there. melvin, tennessee. all kinds of off the floor meetings and briefings going on while the white house briefing will start in a couple of minutes. this tweet from senior correspondent -- a senior correspondent for the hale. and josh gottheimer -- solverssan problem caucus, led by representatives
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tom reed and josh gottheimer meeting at 2:00 p.m. to discuss how to reopen the government." in silver spring, maryland, jeanette, a federal employee. what do you do for the government? in silverwork at noaa springs, and i have been a fed since august. i am a single mother, a latina, and a puerto rican, and i support the closure because i believe the dreamers have a right to be here. i am surprised that so many people are disparaging that. they had no choice, they were brought here as children, they are paying their taxes, they are upright citizens. why do you want to kick them out? i do not understand. i don't get it. host: betty is next in birmingham, alabama, democrat line. yes, good afternoon. i am calling because first of all, all of these people calling in wanting to fault the democrats -- let me say this. we are dealing
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with a pathological liar who is the president of the united states. and we are dealing with these no spine republican men that are in congress. these people do not want to help these people. thatvery offended, c-span, you are not talking about how donald trump called african nations and haitians s-holes. off, they just cut [inaudible] this is about racism in america. they do not want hispanics in america, they do not want african-americans. we are dealing with a racist and a pathological liar, and as soon as people can admit that they will stop scapegoating people. donald trump got as in this. i am sick and tired of this. white people with good consciences and morals, decency, wake up in america.
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we are sick of donald trump and the racism that is going on in this country. host: the house and senate are in session today, so most of congress is open, but the library of congress is a branch of congress. i think we have this shot -- this is the front door of the library of congress. it is right across the street, a very popular tourist destination as well. you can see the notice there on the door of the library of congress. in the event of a temporary shutdown of the federal 20,rnment beginning january all library of congress buildings will be closed to the public and researchers. all public event will be canceled. staff will not have access to official email, telephone messages, or social media accounts during this time. we will take you to the white house, reporters filling in there. we will have that live once it begins. meanwhile, we continue with your phone calls. ohio, republican line. the way ahead.
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caller: good afternoon. i have a few things to say. you have a lot of angry callers and i think everyone is missing the point. i was adopted into the united states of america in 1974. from lebanon. the first thing my parents did for me is understand our government and study to take the test. they made sure that i became a united states citizen to protect the future if they were not here for me. that is number one. number two, i think the government really needs to take a good hard look at how much it costs someone to become a united states citizen, which i think if people took the time and really looked into it, all it is is paperwork. why does it cost people so much
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money that they cannot afford to become citizens? number 3 -- i have no problem ish the daca, but everyone getting off track that oh, all these people are going to be thrown out of this country. littlenot talking about children. we are talking about 20, 30, and 40-year-olds. they can get in line to become citizens. the government needs to start thinking about doing that for those kids to protect the daca kids. i do not see what is wrong in going out way, but -- that way, but there has to be a point in everyone's life -- we have to start taking care of our own citizens that are struggling, that cannot get help from our own government, that cannot get jobs because there are maybe -- they are maybe physically unable to because of accidents. they cannot even go on unemployment or they cannot go on disability.
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the fight to get on disability is -- host: thanks for that, we will stay in ohio and your from doug, independent, marion. doug, marion, ohio, go ahead. caller: yeah. -- is this time? host: go ahead, you are on the air. end,r: someone towards the they said everyone is blaming the democrats for the house -- for the government shutting down? is thing that makes me angry therepublicans in republican president, the republican house, republican bill andt this tax rammed it through asap. they did not have one democratic vote whatsoever, and now all of
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a sudden they are shutting the government down and are trying to blame the democrats for the government being shut down. why didn't they blame themselves, because they had enough people to keep the .overnment open i am on social security, my family is on social security, and our payments stopping or what? i do not see any harm in them little kids who were born in the united states stay in the united states. they are trying to shift them across the pond and i do not feel like that is fair. your callsof momentarily. we also expect to take you to the white house briefly for their update. we expect it will be sarah sanders, but that should be coming up shortly. we will have live coverage once it gets underway.
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while we wait, i will show you a brief conversation after the house came in for an update on where things stand legislatively in the house and senate with kelly made rick. joining us by phone from capitol hill is the appropriations and budget reporter for cq roll call. what is the latest? the house is in now. what does congress have to do? where do they have to get you to come to an agreement? republicans first move following this is to make sure rules are in place for the chamber to quickly move legislation to the floor to keep government open. it has we saw in a gop conference meeting this morning, call, housere this republicans are not offering anything other than what is already on the table and are looking to senate democrats choose reich a deal -- to strike a deal and look it over. and there are already signs this will be a delicate negotiation.
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house majority leader kevin mccarthy said following this meeting, if the senate sends to february 8, which is something that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell put a procedure in place for late last night, the house should take that. but the chief deputy patrick henry of north carolina said anything shorter and there is no support. on top of that, we have house minority leader nancy pelosi saying at a press conference earlier this morning that she is not going to go along with the considering ats february 8, because she wants a broader deal on immigration. and to top all of that off, the white house legislative affairs director showed up at the gop conference meeting this morning to say that the immigration compromise that was also being hashed out last night in the senate is not good enough. so we are really at an impasse right now that appears to be a
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little bit longer than lawmakers expected. a lot of us expected they might wrap things up today, to get the shutdown over with in time for monday, but now it looks like tempers are flaring on all sides here. host: you talked about negotiations. specifically, who are the members negotiating any sort of short-term deal? talked about february 8, so who are they and where are they? >> this is happening on the top levels of leadership right now. that is the senate minority leader chuck schumer from new york, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky, pelosi, as i said, the house minority leader, and house speaker paul ryan. as we heard, paul ryan just gave a very impassioned speech on the floor, saying this is up to senate democrats to solve, but again, because there is this central argument between republicans and democrats about including immigration in the spending negotiation needed to
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keep the government open, we see a lot of clear division about whether immigration will be part of the conversation. so it is unclear how leaders are going to even get to the table if they cannot agree what is on the table. so that is where we are at right now. we will get more information from leadership when we have a vote on the rule for consideration. the authority in the house so they can consider legislation during the shutdown. host: you are talking about the negotiations going on in terms of the wheels in motion in the house. what is next on the house floor? a comeback at 3:00. we understand that a vote will be there. what will they vote on in that 3:00 hour? guest: this legislation is colloquially known as martial law, but essentially what it does is a same-day authority rule, which allows the house --
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usually, when the rules committee, the speakers committee that prepares the guidelines for floor consideration of legislation, typically, you cannot report a rule from that committee and considerate on the floor the same day. but given the urgency on both the divisions on how to come to a compromise, they can to make sure go right from the rules committee to the floor as quickly as possible once a deal is reached. that is the first thing we will be looking for in the house. also to think about is the fact that the houses supposed to be -- house is supposed to be in a next week.rk period so there might be a piece of legislation about lawmakers taking the guidelines about what they are doing. the work period is here, not in their districts. host: and the senate is coming into session now. it is in a -- is it a waiting
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game in the senate this afternoon? guest: i think there are a lot of discussions about all of these issues -- immigration, the budget deal. tot: we wanted to take you the white house like press briefing. >> this morning, the president has spoken to peter mcconnell, speaker ryan -- leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, speaker mccarthy -- leader mccarthy. he also spoke with secretary .attis, who gave him an update about 90,000 national guardsmen and 20,000 army reservists have had their training canceled because of the government shutdown and additional costs they have had to incur, picking up their own pay and travel costs. thetand here, ready to sign bill that the house passed last night, anxious


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