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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Ryan on on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 20, 2018 3:27pm-3:46pm EST

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they served in the military in the army, they died in vietnam. only one came home. i had eight brothers that served in vietnam, and only one came home. host: thanks for being part of the conversation this afternoon. and about half an hour, a little bit more than that, the u.s. house coming in at 4:00 eastern. there will be debate and a vote on a same day rule setting the table, if you will, for the house to take up a continuing resolution any time between now a sameday, january 29, day rule. the house came in earlier at noon eastern and the one and only speaker at that early session was the speaker, paul ryan.
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speaker ryan: one party of this house is delivering the holding our government hostage. this did not have to happen, but it is important for people to understand why it is happening. thursday -- mr. speaker, the house is not in order. quick neighbors, please remove your conversations from the house floor. ryan: mr. speaker, let me understand why this happened. thursday, this house responsibly passed a bill to give the government open and to extend the children's health insurance program, which covers newly 9 million children from low income families. no games. no strings attached. a straightforward bill. we did our job. but senate democrats simply refused to do theirs. last night, they used the
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filibuster to block our bill and to shut down this government, but why? what exactly in this bill was it that the senate democrats opposed? why would they do such a thing? what do they find so object-able? what do they disagree with? what is so objectional that they would hold the government hostage? was it funding for our military? was at the children's health insurance program? is it funding for the veterans administration? funding for our national parks? what is it? the answer is they have no problems with any of it. and yet, they are blocking this legislation anyway. that's right. senate democrats shut down the government over a bill that they have no issues with. they opposed a bill they do not even oppose.
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we do some crazy things in washington, but this is utter madness. here is the simple truth -- senate democrats refuse to fund the government unless we agree to their demands on something entirely unrelated. they want a deal on immigration, and then they will think about reopening the government. it is a shakedown strategy that senate democrats have been talked into by their base. they like to go on and on about -- i'd like to go on and on about how cynical i think this ploy is, and i do, but let me read you something senator schumer himself said in 2013, the last time we found ourselves in this position with a government shutdown. here is what in 2013 during a government shutdown senator schumer said.
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how strongly one feels about an issue, you should not hold millions of people hostage. that's what the other side is doing. that is what is wrong and we cannot give in to that." let me repeat that first line -- "no matter how strongly one feels about an issue, you should not hold millions of people hostage." he was right. you should not. but that is exactly what he and his party are doing right now. here is something else that senator schumer said in 2013. "i believe in immigration reform. what if i persuaded my caucus to say i'm going to shut down the government, i'm going to not pay our bills unless i get my way?" "politics of idiocy" -- his words, not mine. here's one more quote from
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senator schumer and 2013 -- in 2013 during that government shutdown. "we believe strongly in immigration reform. we could say we are shutting down the government until you pass immigration reform. it would be governmental chaos." sadly, he had that right as well . ,r. speaker, as we speak furlough notices are going out to federal workers across the country. half of the defense department's civilian workforce has been furloughed. training for reserves has got to stop. guardsmen have to be sent home. a number of states are going to run out of money for children's health insurance, and all of this -- all of this -- is completely unnecessary. believete democrats none of it is too high a price to pay for appeasing their political base.
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there is no reason for this shutdown. and we continue to be willing to work together in good ways on immigration, but that deadline is weeks away. there is no good reason for senate democrats to keep willfully forcing a shutdown on this country. i want to take a moment and address the men and women who work here in the capital and who work around the country in this government, if you are in the military or in the reserves or you are in law enforcement or medical researchers or people working at our national parks. which ever you do, wherever you are, whatever it is you are doing for the taxpayers -- thank you for your service. thank you for your sacrifices that you and your families make. we could not be more grateful. you should not have to go through this uncertainty. you deserve so much better than
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this needless shutdown. we hope that it will end very soon. senate democrats shut down this government and now senate democrats need to open this government backed up. stop holding our troops and children's health insurance hostage. end this reckless shutdown. heads prevail. open this government backup. i yield. >> house speaker paul ryan at about noon eastern today. the house will return in 25 minutes at 4:00 p.m. eastern. live coverage here on c-span as they take of a same day rule allowing them to give it a legislation, in particular the continuing resolution on the same day as introduced any day between today and monday,
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january 29. we will have live coverage of the house here on c-span, as we mentioned. the senate is in session over on c-span two. as we wait for the house to come in, we will get back to your thoughts and input, your calls on the government shutdown, now 15.5 hours into it. here in washington, natalya on the line. she is a federal employee. thanks for waiting. go ahead. >> i have been a federal employee for over 30 years here in washington, d.c. i have to say i am a democrat. i do not support truck for various reasons.
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however, in this case, i believe the democrats are at fault. federal government funding has nothing to do with daca. they should not be holding us hostage over this issue. i do not feel yet another resolution -- this should have been passed long before the fiscal year. every other month, it seems federal employees, not just the military, are on pins and needles worrying about the shutdown. democrats need to end this now. deal with daca separately. what kind of work do you do for the federal government? caller: actually, i am in human resources, so we are responsible for sending out the furlough letters. host: you will have to come in and do that if furlough letters
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have to go out monday morning, right? caller: we have already given up some information. down for are to come four hours to complete the shutdown. we have identified essential and nonessential employees. when was the last time federal employees got a pay raise? we have actually been preparing for this for quite some time. month, itry other seems like we are on the verge of a shutdown because they cannot pass the budget. host: the last time you or the federal government in general, employees of the federal government had a pay raise, when was that? actually, we just
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received one beginning the january payday, but prior to who, i believe it was obama put the cost of living increase on hold. input,ppreciate your particularly on the furlough information. good luck. we will go to kayla and cut jacket, rhode island, democrat line. make iti just want to clear that i am a young democrat, currently in college, and i don't know if i agree with the shutdown, but i think on ifs some confusion it's republicans' fault or democrats' fault. i feel like there is a lot of the blame game going on and we really need to be focused on fixing the problem, not who to blame for the problem, but democrats are mainly focused on more domestic fin -- more domestic spending, not just daca, but more funding for the chip program, more funding for veterans assistance programs, and these real,
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issues that they want to negotiate on have, like, no gears on the republican side. nobody wants to listen, and i feel like that is why we are out of hope here. it is deeply disappointing to me as an american to sit here and have to go through government shutdowns, but i think there is a reason. i think they are kind of justified in doing this because of how little support and how like, paid attention to they are being on these little tiny issues of domestic spending. i really do not understand why republicans are being so on remedial things. again, the inflammatory language used by both sides also is really disappointing. host: thanks for that. she talked about the chip reauthorization, the children's health insurance program as part of the proposed extension of the
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spending, the continuing resolution. would have authorized the chip program for six years and delayed the limitation of some .ffordable care act taxes we have crews not far from capitol hill. very popular tourist destination. obviously, the air and space museum. maybe we will wait until we get a stable shot and show that to you as we can. there you go. some of the folks visiting the air and space museum just down from capitol hill. .e go live now to carol we understand the air and space museum and the smithsonian are open at least for the weekend. carol is in miami on the democrat line. caller: good afternoon and thank you for taking my call. i have then watching your station since yesterday
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afternoon. i have been hearing all the colors. i would like to remind not only our house but our citizens income tax was collected for one reason and one reason only, and that was to fund the military. we are going to be funding every little social program we want to bring in. people need help. that is fine. but the house passed a bill giving democrats everything they wanted except for a daca. daca was not to be included in this bill. stop daca now, fine. we can stop it now. move on with the budget. daca was done illegally by overreach of president obama, one of his many, as well as the
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non-affordable care act. none of his actions were done legally. none of them went to the house of representatives. we have a government for a reason. it's time to stop this he did/she said/-- he did/they . make room for the new young blood with new ideas that want to come in and govern this country. host: let's hear from liz next, she is a federal employee in texas. go ahead. >> i am a democrat, and i do support what democrats are doing. i do believe daca is very important to our country. we need to get these children and young adults to have a stable home, which is in the
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united states. republicans have had a long time to work on this also, and they have refused. the president -- that hurts me to say -- is a terrible person, and that goes along with the house of representatives and the senators that are republicans. they lie. they keep lying, and they are hurting our government. there is an end to this if they would just come to the table and be receptive. both parties need to be receptive, but as i see, and i keep changing the channels and hearing the republicans, it is just like, "no, we are not going to do that. we are not going to do that. the time has come. it has been a year and you have not done anything. march is a long way away, and it's not. march will be here. it has been a year. you have done nothing. all you do is support donald
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trump and his lies and you live. we need to get away from being liars because the whole world is looking at us and thinking what is going on with the united states? host: tell us what you do for the federal cap. caller: i work with returns. host: with tax returns? caller: yes. host: appreciate you calling in this afternoon. ahead.llers also ahead in 15 minutes, the u.s. house will be dabbling in on a same day rule allowing them to take up a resolution the same day it is introduced any time between now and next monday, january 29. the majority leader in the senate tweeted this about the state of affairs. i'm sorry, we will show that to you in just a moment.
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let's show you the comments of senator chuck schumer as he held a news conference at about 2:00 this afternoon. schumer: ok, good afternoon, everybody. it is 1:00. all right, so, after midnight last night, after a lot of effort on the democratic side to negotiate a final deal for the american people, republicans in congress plunged headfirst into the trunk shut down -- trunk -- trump shut down. how did we get here? why is it that republicans and president trump are unwilling to do the job they were elected to do and reach an agreement to fund the military, critical programs for the middle class, address daca, fund children's health, and take care of disaster aid? over the last several months, democrats have over backwards to negotiate


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