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tv   C-SPAN Radios Washington Today on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 21, 2018 2:41am-3:46am EST

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was created as a public service by america's cable television services, and is brought to you today by your cable or somewhat provider. >> now, a simulcast of "washington today," on day one of the government shutdown. this is just over one hour. ♪ >> the lunch that seemed so promising was quickly overtaken by hard right forces in the administration, even though we bent over backwards to meet the president's demands. negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. it is next to impossible. chuck schumer on a day of finger-pointing and name-calling. welcome to a saturday addition of "washington today" here on
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c-span radio. who will make the next move? the white house and congressional leaders say they want a solution, but house republicans say they will not negotiate on immigration policy. that has been a key sticking point for democrats. the house and senate will continue weekend sessions. the president remaining at the white house, and parts of the federal government is shut down. joining us is alex bolton, from "the hill." who are you talking to and what are you hearing? to senatorstalking of both parties who are having meetings on the side away from the leadership to try and figure out whether they can present a proposal that would have a strong majority in the senate to reopen the government. there was a meeting a little while ago convened by senator susan collins in her office. ofwas attended by a number senators on both sides of the
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aisle. joe manchin, the democratic aderate from west virginia, state from one by 32 points, he faces a top election this year. he voted against the shutdown. he voted for the four-week continuing resolution. he is talking to his colleagues. what he told reporters earlier is he thinks there are 18 senators on board with a plan that would reopen the government. i can't hear what he is saying right now, but he is probably talking about that. the democrats i talked to earlier today say they may be willing to reopen the government without a deal on immigration reform, without a deal on the dreamers, the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, which trump rescinded in october. but they would need other concessions. specifically, they want money for community health centers, an agreement on the spending caps
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so the defense and nondefense programs would be raised. they also want more disaster relief money, in particular for tuerto rico, which was hi by the hurricane last year, and wildfire damage in california and colorado. host: if you watched c-span last night, the body language last night with senator graham holding court and discussions with dianne feinstein. you mentioned senator manchin today. the key players presumably will be the senate leaders. are chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell talking? is paul ryan talking to the white house? are these individuals trying to hammer out a long-term deal? guest: there was a pivotal meeting at the white house just afternoon between chuck schumer and president trump, as you know. at that meeting, trump told schumer, work it out with mcconnell and ryan. as of a couple hours ago, those
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discussions had not yet begun in any seriousness. i spoke to the senate democratic whip dick durbin and he has been in the middle of this debate. he is the sponsor of the dream act to protect illegal immigrants who team to the country at a young age deportation -- from deportation. ,e were talking midafternoon there had not yet been discussions between paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, and chuck schumer. i think they are letting the dust settled, and they are trying to see how their members are reacting to the shutdown. that is one of the reasons why these leadership talks have not begun in earnest yet, because i think leaders on both sides of the aisle wants to know what their leaders are willing to do. as we discussed a while ago, some democrats are saying, we don't need a deal on daca. if we get disaster relief, the
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children health insurance program extension, that may be enough. the problem is, that is something that divides the caucus. i spoke to durban, he says -- i spoke to durbin. he says any deal that leaves the dreamers out would be inaccurate. he is trying to figure out what his caucus cap except, and they are divided. host: we are talking with alex bolton of "the hill" newspaper. the headline, the fight turns ugly. nationalratic committee has launched a digital effort against five republicans shut down theotes government. of course, both senators cruise -- they'reare
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placing the blame on democrats and the senate leader. guest: i think both sides feel they have advantage here. lingcrats point to pol that came out earlier in the week. what was interesting about this survey is it looked at the senate battleground states and found that in those states -- and these other states that will decide those senate majority in 2018 and beyond -- a plurality of voters, and this includes a heavy sampling of trump voters, say they would view the republicans as more to blame for the shutdown. something like 40 something percent to 30 something percent. --shows their strong support there is strong support for protecting these dreamers from deportation.
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81%. the democrats were pointing to that poll earlier in the week. there was also an abc news /washington post poll that showed only 28% would blame democrats. that is a pretty big advantage there. i still think mitch mcconnell and the republicans are feeling confident. nationally at this point in the game, republicans may get the blame in the polls. when it comes down to the campaigns in september and october when democrats like john chester is running for reelection and claire mccaskill missouri,ri -- in they are going to be running -- at least in the case of chester and nelson -- they are going to be running ad saying these guyss
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voted against military families to help illegal immigrants. that was the message mitch mcconnell was developed -- delivering on the floor. that is a preview of what the attack ads will look like on the floor. host: the senate gaveling out past midnight and back today at noon, beginning with leader remarks. let's begin with mitch mcconnell on the senate floor. >> the american people cannot why the senior senator from new york is advising his party to keep the government shuddered -- shuttered until he gets exactly what he wants on the issue of illegal immigration. which has not even become urgent until march. matters areher indeed urgent, they need to be dealt with right now. this particular issue is not
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urgent until march. i hope senate democrats are starting to realize all this. i hope they are starting to realize their constituents, the president, the house, and a majority of the senate are on one side of this. on the other side. all alone, the democratic leader, who invented this unfortunate hostage situation and let his party into this position. is to end the full assurance -- and the foolishness, herding millions of americans who have done absolutely nothing to deserve millions ofing americans who have done absolutely nothing to deserve this. it's pretty clear here.
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,et's reopen the government let's resume the bipartisan discussion on funding our troops, daca, and government spending, and all the other priorities that all of us can work together to resolve. host: mitch mcconnell and we are talking to alex bolton of "the hill." your is chuck schumer. >> the most important point is this. the republicans control the white house, the senate, the house. that is why america and the world are calling this shut down the trump shut down. it is the president and congressional republicans' resp onsibility to govern. it is their responsibility to keep the doors open and the lights on around here. but the republican leadership cannot get a to mulch was
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resident on board with anything, and they don't offer up any compromises on their own. poisoning this congress, and it all springs from president trump. --has turned blowing up sorry, he has turned going up a partisan agreements into an art isan -- blowing up bipart agreements into an art form. twice, president trump walked away from bipartisan deals to solve all the issues before us. a week ago last tuesday, president trump appeal to congress on national television to come up with a deal and he said he would sign it. he said he would take the heat for it. but when a bipartisan group of senators brought him that up in ase, he blew it volcanic meeting at the white house.
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the same script played out with myself and the president yesterday. the president called me in the morning and asked that i come to the white house, and of course i accepted. we had an extensive and serious negotiation about every single outstanding issue. we came close to a tentative agreement on the budget after i lffered the pentagon's ful budget request on the thorniest issue of immigration. the president said many times he would take a deal that included daca in exchange for the wall. i put that deal on the table in the oval office, a sincere effort, a compromise. i put the wall on the table and exchange for strong daca protections. it was a generous offer, and i believe president trump was inclined to accept it and was willing to do a very short-term cr.
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he suggested tuesday night, in order to get the deal finalized. hours later, i got a phone call telling me this is not good enough. host: chuck schumer outlining where things stood today. where do these leaders negotiate? where do they go moving forward? guest: it is a very tough question to answer. based on my conversation with democrats today, i think there is still a feeling that it is going to come down to a conversation between schumer and -- thathat laconic mcconnell doesn't have a bested -- a vested interest in immigration. one person i spoke to says they don't believe mcconnell wants to lift a finger to help these immigrants, these dreamers. see wheree democrats
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they have the leverage is with trump because they have something where they can deliver something trump wants, which is the wall. that was his top campaign priority. he has not gotten it yet. ,nd i think that the democrats they see it as a fairly easy confession. it could potentially cost less. what the president really wants is to declare victory on the wall. that seems like an obvious trade. get protection for dreamers, and maybe there is some dressing on the side. i think that is why they see trump as the key to getting a deal, not so much mcconnell. but trump at the meeting yesterday said, talk about it with mcconnell and ryan, and i think that is what is very frustrating for schumer. he said i don't know who to talk to. i talk to the congressional leaders, they say talk to the president. firsthe was set to be the
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u.s. president to attend the world economic forum in switzerland and nearly 20 years, but the government shutdown may scramble those plans. according to mick mulvaney, the travel plans remain in limbo. air force one was set to depart on wednesday. if congress does not strike a deal, we are told he will stay in washington. whiteg us is the deputy house -- the white house deputy press secretary. 'let me begin by asking you day. the president's what has he been doing behind closed doors? the president has been extremely active this morning. he has spoken with several cabinet members, general mattis, secretary of hhs. all the pieces that have been affected by the schumer shutdown.
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thater it be the military is going will fully unfunded -- that is going woefully unfunded. they still have to protect our people, but they do it without pay. the 8.9 million children who rely on the chip program for health insurance, they too are unfunded. the president has been focused on trying to get a deal to protect the american people, the military families, and those children. host: is there a sense a deal could be struck in the next day or two, or does the white house envision this shutdown continuing into next week? caller: we hope so. obviously the president has been running the show from the beginning. key has been very clear about what he wants -- he has been
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very clear about what he wants. the problem is that is not on the table right now. so we couldn a cr negotiate on longer terms. . but he has been very clear . there is no conversation about daca as it relates to the budget. senator schumer, nancy pelosi call republicans arsonists. they called us terrorists for threatening to shut down the government by putting in a non-budget item into the budget back in 2013. the republicans went to the bat for obamacare. there was a huge difference between this shutdown and that one. republicans were standing up for principles they believed in, they did not like something in the bill. democrats say they want the chip program.
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they say they want the provisions that have been laid out in this bill, funding the military, keeping obamacare taxes at bay for a little bit longer. they want everything in the bill, but they are not voting for it. sois so odd, and it is damaging to the american people and quite frankly to this country. host: we are talking with hogan gidley, the deputy press secretary. let me get your reaction to pat leahy. he said, if we cannot take the word of the president when we know he is one tweet from changing his mind, why should we trust him? there seems to be a lack of trust. how do you get beyond that? caller: >> 55 minutes, open-door meeting, the entire world saw. in that meeting, the president was very clear about what he
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wanted in the national security package, and he said he wanted border security, the wall, migration, end the visa lottery system, and a lasting solution for daca. he is willing to come to the table in a bipartisan, by cable amel manner and get something done for the american people first and immigrants second. he has had that conversation multiple times. you have all heard it. he has been forthright and truthful, and i listened to senator schumer's comments you are playing before i came on, and they're funnier than the second time. he came to the table and told the president he fully funded the law. the president, understandably so, is excited, let's hear the conversation, let's hear the legislation, what's the proposal? when he shows up, instead of $18 million, it was 1.6 billion, less than 1/10 of what is needed
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to protect this nation. that's based on a study from dhs. that is not something we want, it is something dhs says this country needs. so the only people being untruthful here are democrats, and i will give you one more example, and that is -- there is one simple fact that democrats cannot shake that clearly puts this shutdown in their corner, math. we had 51 votes in the senate. we have to have nine democrats that are willing to switch party -- that are willing to put the american people above party, and right now democrats are playing politics with american lives. >> hogan gidley, i will turn to alex gidley, who is here with us following the story. he has a quick question. guest: thanks for taking my question. something chuck schumer said in
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a press conference earlier today is that at the meeting at the white house on friday, he basically told the president that he was willing to deal on the wall and he asked the president what number would be acceptable for securing the southwest border, how much money he wanted to see appropriated. the president gave a number and schumer said he would be willing to entertain it and discuss it with his caucus. i know the president suggested $18 billion a while ago, but what is the minimum -- you said $1.6 billion is way too low. what is a more appropriate number? caller: $18 billion. studies show that is what dhs needs. and let's be honest, senator schumer did not say he would fund it. what he said was he would pass a provision for it, and you and i both know in washington, d.c. passing a provision is worthless. that means nothing . the bottom line, and this is
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what is so difficult to grasp for most americans, because i saw some poll numbers out in axes last week -- in axios last week. the democrats want to focus on hundreds of thousands of people who were here unlawfully. the president has chosen to focus on hundreds of millions of american citizens who deserve safety, who deserve paychecks, and who deserve children to have health care. for whatever reason, the democrats say they agree with all those principles, but they won't vote on it. you guys have been here for a while, it has to be very strange to you will. guest: one other question i had, sticking to negotiators about this immigration deal trying to be worked out, they say that funding for the wall isn't so much the authority as the surrounding border authority's in other words, giving border patrol agents access to
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roads so they can police the territory. on you give us any insight what sorts of border authorities the president wants in addition to the wall? caller: well, he outlined a plan. plan,k it was an 18-page back in september -- excuse me, seven pages back in september. he brought it down to three pages. he has outlined pretty clearly what he wants. dhs and their study shows exactly what we needed in order to secure the border, and absolutely, it includes a wall, but it also includes technology. it also includes border agents, various means and methods that they need and want, more border patrol agents along the southern border. and look, again, you guys know democrats,y, supported a wall in a package in
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2006 to the tune of 54 votes to nothing. they also supported a funding package that was $40 billion for border security that included a wall. two things have changed since that time. the situation around immigration is much, much worse. it's much more dangerous. people have been pouring across the border for decades, 9.3 million folks in this country in the last 10 years. and the second thing is donald trump is in the white house. isst: do you think this motivated, their opposition -- you point out they supported border security in the past. do you think they are motivated by personal animus against the president? caller: i don't want to get into
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their head, but i will say this -- i think it is motivated by two things. number one, you just said, i believe it is a personal animus to the president, but also i think it is purely political. ar the first time in decades, republican has come to the table with democrats, said we want to work with you on daca. remember, democrats had the house, the senate, and the white house, they didn't touch immigration. they could have done whatever they wanted to, they didn't touch it. they shut down the government instead 2013, fast-forward to today, they're clearly using it as a political ploy. if they are for everything we currently have in the cr, they supported lock stock and barrel, therefused to vote on it, only thing you can draw from that is that they want the issue. with what want to sit the president -- they don't want
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to fix what the president has said he wants to fix. the democrats say he wants to six, 100% true. he doesn't want it tied to the budget. just like senator schumer, just like nancy pelosi said years ago, don't tie non-budgetary issues to the budget. host: one last point, it has been a busy afternoon, but democrats claimed this was created by the president by rescinding the executive order put in place by barack obama. in a day of finger-pointing, they are pointing fingers at the president of the united states. caller: how is that different than any other day? that is their job, to point fingers. i'll tell you what will be most democratsg, we have advocating for higher taxes, open borders, lower wages, pay
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decreases for the american forle, and advocating hundreds of thousands of people who were in the country unlawfully. forn't wait to see their ad the 2018 campaign. i don't know how many people in mainstream america beaver those issues. host: thanks for being with us. hoping deadly as the deputy press secretary joining us from the white house on, an extremely busy saturday. thank you for spending time with us on c-span. caller: thank you so much. have a great night. host: so what exactly does a government shutdown mean, this from "the washington post" trying to break it down. most federal departments and agencies are partly closed, but airports in federal prisons remain open. in terms of which federal workers are furloughed, it will very. during the last government 95% of federal3, employees at the department of housing and urban development, the education department, and the epa were let go, compared to 13% at homeland security and
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only 4% at veterans affairs. the male will still be delivered, social security will not be affected, and for the military there won't be any gap in pay unless they shutdown extends beyond february 1. do you think it will continue that long? guest: i think it will go beyond the weekend. ball, butve a crystal judging by the tenor of the discussions on capitol hill today, as i mentioned earlier, there really aren't any substantive talks right now between the leaders. i think they are trying to feel where their parties are, where their conferences and caucuses are, before they try to strike a deal. thatext step is a vote senate republican leader mitch mcconnell wants to have, instead of the four-week continuing resolution stopgap measure, which failed in the senate late friday, he is going to propose something that only goes until february 8. i think there are some democrats
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who are nervous about the political fallout of this shutdown, and as hogan mentioned, they could be a tough political issue for some of these people. there might be some temptation to vote for it, but i think schumer is going to keep his party in line. he's going to try to use that as leverage and tried to force republicans to the table. it is almost -- i see it like a poker game. sometimes when your hand isn't so strong, the best way is to bluff your way through it. that is the position schumer is in. i don't think he has the strongest hand, quite frankly, but as long as he makes a show of force, he can still win a victory. that is why i don't think it will get resolved anytime soon, but there could always fre be a breakthrough. host: the house and senate both in session today, dick durbin leading the fight for the democrats on daca. here is what he had to say. >> when i was over in the house,
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spending most of my time in the senate, they didn't wait on us. they led, they did what they thought was right. and now we are in a situation where we are facing this shutdown, something that i didn't comment to congress to deal with, never hoped i would be part of, and we ought to cure this and solve this as quickly as possible, and we can. there are several problems we have. let's face it. mr. president, at this point, is impossible to negotiate with. it's impossible. on january 9, i sat next to this president and hurt his suggestion. he referred to me by my first name, i was flattered, i guess, because it was only the first time we had ever spoken. and we talked about this issue involving immigration. it was a good meeting. it was a surprising meeting, because it was televised. the american people got to see it. for 55 minutes, we were there,
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with the president leading discussion. and he was very clear in what he said. i recall what he said. "you send me a bill and i will sign it," he said, "i will sign it. i will take the heat." he went on to say, "why is this taking so much time? you want a room here in the white house to sit down and write this thing? let's get it done." he was looking for bipartisanship, looking for a sense of urgency, and he was willing to accept the verdict of congress on this. within 48 hours, senator lindsey graham and i produced exactly what he asked for, and you totally rejected it. thursday,uary 11, president trump was a heck of a lot different than january 9, tuesday president trump. after four months of working on a bipartisan measure, he rejected out of hand. we can't wait for an approval stamp from the white house to do our work here. we shouldn't anymore.
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i heard your leader, senator mcconnell, say we need to know what president trump wants to do on this, please. we can't wait long enough for that to happen, and we should continue the situation, waiting on something that is not likely to ever occur. durbin.nator dick you can sense the frustration in his voice, and and senate republicans voices. guest: yeah. say we just heard durbin is something chuck schumer addressed this morning. in negotiating with the president, it is like negotiating with jell-o, it is hard to pin him down. the frustration is not just with democrats. i think some republicans as well, like lindsey graham and jeff flake, who are involved in the immigration talks, the president zigs and zags, one place one day, one place the next day. he is very unscripted, and that is not just a problem for republican messaging, it is also a problem for negotiating.
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often influenced by the last person he talks to. that tuesday meeting at the white house that durbin referenced seemed like a productive meeting. the president said "i will sign whatever you guys bring me," and initially, he sounded positive about this bipartisan deal that durbin and lindsey graham and jeff flake and a few others put together. it essentially was the dream act that has been floating around for a while, providing legal status to 800,000 immigrants who came to the country at a young age, and the president initially was positive about it. he had a phone conversation with durbin in the others, but in the meantime, he had spoken to john kelly's chief of staff, stephen miller, of former sessions aide who has always been on the opposite side of the immigration debate.
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the president's mind had been changed. then he came out very much against the bill, said it was horrible on border security, said it was weak on immigration reform and enforcement provisions. it just kind of left the negotiators at a loss. that is what he's talking about. host: we welcome our c-span television audience, and for those listening on c-span radio, a saturday edition of "washington today." we are getting an assessment of where things stand on day one of the government shutdown. we will hear in a moment from senator chuck schumer. the news conference that followed his statement on the senate floor, he was asked a number of questions, including where this is all heading. let's listen. >> can you talk a little bit about the endgame? do you think democrats have the stomach to shut down a week, two weeks, two months? anti-you think republicans, if you hold out long enough, will say, ok, deal?
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>> there are various customizes being bandied about with far more seriousness today than yesterday. i'm always willing to listen to compromise to get this done. but at this point, we feel very, very strongly about the issues, not just dreamers, but opioids, pensions, not funding the military on a cr basis, and we feel the american people are on our side. , thank you everybody. host: nellis senator chuck schumer earlier today on capitol hill. you were there, right? guest: yes i was,. host: the conversation -- schumer feels several questions from reporters asking about his relationship with the president, who was in charge of the white house. one question that stuck out in my mind is who's in charge? is if the president or his
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advisors who are hard line on these immigration questions? he begged off, he didn't want to speculate on who's really in charge. look, in response to that last question from ted barrett of cnn, he asks, what's the endgame? schumer didn't provide a whole lot of guidance, so that was one of the big question marks still hanging in the air after that conference. what is the endgame? how did democrats get out of this situation? similar to the republicans in 2013, they are the ones that defeated the measure. they need to come up with some sort of solution to get us past this. i think that is why they are feeling the political pressure. i just saw a report by nbc news citing an anonymous democrat saying, "i don't know we really know what the endgame is." i think there might be some jitteriness amongst democrats, and that is what mcconnell is
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counting on. that is what i don't think he's interested in negotiating. bring this new funding measure to the floor, a three-week cr, he will give the same speeches he did on friday night, putting pressure on these 10 democrats running for reelection in 2018 in states that trump won, and he will see if they vote it down again, and if they do, maybe he will negotiate. that is why think the shutdown goes on longer. host: mark short in mick mulvaney held a briefing at the white house. we will hear from them in a moment. in terms of what impact this is having -- it is the one your anniversary of president trump's swearing-in, he was supposed to be in florida, he is here at the white house in washington. the government shutdown is already in effect. it did not have any immediate impact on tourist sites, because of the weekend timing. the smithsonian museum, the national zoo, and monuments will remain open through sunday, at
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the national archives of pennsylvania avenue and the statue of liberty in new york city, both have been closed. there are some visible signs in terms of the government shutdown. from the white house, here is the omb director, mick mulvaney, on what is next. >> i'm wondering how concerned you are that if you look at social media, twitter, hashtags, trump shutdown seems to be far surpassing democrat shutdown. how concerned are you that the onus of this seems to be on the president? >> i think it is still the schumer shutdown. it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? >> you left the meeting yesterday with the president thinking he had arrived at a broad outline of the deal, and something happened in the president changed his mind. senator schumer he relented under pressure. what is your account of that meeting? i know you weren't in the room but -- >> i was met meeting. i talked to the chief about it
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this morning, and i will give you an example of mr. schumer's mischaracterization. one of the things that he told the president was, i will give you all the money you want for your wall, and the president said, that's great, i need $20 billion. billion,no, only $1.6 that is all you asked for in the 2018 budget. $1.6 billion request in the 2018 budget that we would like to see in the 2018 appropriations bill. that is not all the money for the wall, nor was it ever intended to be all the money for the wall. but chuck schumer had the gall to look at the president and said i am giving you everything you asked for. that is the type of negotiation mr. schumer has been engaged in, and you have to ask yourself, at what point is this even become profitable to work with someone like that? mr. schumer will have to up his game, be more honest with the president of the united states, if we will see progress on that
3:21 am
front. >> how long will the shutdown last? >> you have to ask congress. democrats in the senate could end the shutdown today. we -- there are different things on the horizon that are coming up. friday would be one goalpost, but we will manage this day by day. mentioned, some agencies are sitting on quite a bit of finds that could go quite a bit longer. some have none in would be impacted immediately. there is no individual answer. host: mick mulvaney, the director of the omb. you can hear what he had to say. your thoughts? guest: well, he claimed that schumer insisted that the funding for the wall b $1.6 billion. that was something his office responded to immediately. host: almost immediately.
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guest: they had the rapid response. the press guy said mulvaney was not in the meeting, and that is inaccurate. he is hotly disputing the meeting that schumer is only going to want $.6 billion. schumer would not give a number in his press conference today. he was asked, what are you willing to do? what did you put on the table? he said, i asked the president for a number, the president gave me a number, i said it is on the table. but what does that mean? it is not much of a concession. i think that is why there is some hope amongst rank-and-file thecrats that once democratic leadership is willing to give trump the format he wants for the wall, what is that amount, then they can spring a deal. $18 billion for the wall is not seen as insurmountable for democratic staff -- excuse me amongst democratic senators.
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at the meeting yesterday, it was a meeting that started off on the phone, a conversation that was going pretty well. initially on the phone, mark mulvaney, i think they were on that conference call first, according to reports yesterday. suggested, why don't you come down to 1600 pennsylvania avenue so we can talk about it face-to-face? that led to high hopes that there would be a breakthrough, but then when schumer returned to the hill, he was pretty measured. he said,, we talked about all the major outstanding issues, and there are a good number of disagreements, although we made some progress. it wasn't that optimistic a message. what he said in his press conference earlier today, trump will agree to things, will sound positive, will say let's get things moving, and then he will change his mind, and there will
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be a phone call hours later moving the goalposts. that is what schumer said this morning when he was talking to reporters. he said, look, i felt it was a productive meeting at the white house yesterday, we had some disagreements but i felt we knew what we needed to do, i thought we were moving in the right direction, then he said the president move the goalposts. he said at the white house they were talking about doing a continuing resolution until tuesday just to give congress a few more days to work something out. trump called him back later in the afternoon and said, so i hear we will have a three-week deal? schumer was taken aback. he said, three-week deal? we were talking about a three-week cr, a few days. schumer called nancy pelosi, she hadn't agreed to that. schumer's example by telling, that he thought the president agreed to a three or four day extension to roll out something, and the president came back and said, ok, three
3:25 am
weeks? that is one thing that made schumer pretty frustrated. that is why he made the comments today, and the other thing schumer said is that they seem to have the outlines of the deal, or moving in the right direction after that meeting early friday afternoon, that they got a call back later in the day saying, in addition we need this, this, this, and this. the president had layered on additional demands to what they had discussed earlier, and he feels that is something that is being influenced by what he said generically as the heart rate. s getting pushback from members of his own party who are really trying to increase the number of concessions from democrats, and that is why the talks are stalled. host: and who would have thought that on c-span2 at friday at
3:26 am
midnight would be must-see television, but it was intriguing and fascinating. you saw a lot of movement on the senate floor. i know you have to get back to capitol hill, but let me get your reaction to the two house leaders. we begin with paul ryan on the house for this morning. >> furlough notices are going out to federal workers across the country. half of the defense department's civilian workforce has been furloughed. training for reserves has got to stop. guardsmen have to be sent home. a number of states are going to run out of money for children's health insurance, and all of this, all of this is completely unnecessary. but senate democrats believe none of it is too high a price to pay for appeasing their political base. there is no reason for this shutdown. we have been and we continue to be willing to work together in good faith on immigration, but that deadline is weeks away.
3:27 am
fore is no good reason senate democrats to keep willfully forcing the shutdown on this country. and i to take a moment want to address the men and women who work here in the capital, and who work around the country in this government, whether you are in the military or in the reserves or you're law enforcement or medical researchers or people working internationally. whatever you do, wherever you you for your service. thank you for your sacrifices that you and your families make. we could not be more grateful. you should not have to go through this uncertainty. you deserve so much better than this needless shutdown. we hope that it will end very soon. my colleagues, senate democrats, shut down this government, and
3:28 am
now senate democrats need to open this government back up. stop holding our troops and children's health insurance hostage. end this reckless shutdown that is inflicting needless uncertainty on our country. let common sense and cooler heads prevail. come to your senses. do the right thing. openness government backup. high-yield. host: house speaker paul ryan earlier today on the house floor. this was a week in which the house was scheduled to be off, except there were a number of compels scheduled, presumably they have been scrubbed. guest: i think they might have to be. whatever passes -- that's a good question. i don't know what will happen with the house. they were supposed to be on recess this week. that is part of the reason why paul ryan is so mad, it messes up the house schedule in a major way. it is clear that house funding measure that came to the floor
3:29 am
yesterday on friday is dead. whatever the senate does, the house is going to have to vote on it. it is possible they could do it by some sort of unanimous consent, or do it without a vote, but for something of this magnitude, it is hard to imagine. the house guys will have to come back in. they were alerted yesterday that they could be called to the floor at any time, that they would be given an hour's notice, to stay at the ready. so yeah, i think they will have to be canceled next week, or you will be missing a key vote that no one wants to miss. host: alex golden, his work available online at thank you for being with us, trying to make sense of a busy day. guest: x for having me. host: here in washington, new york, and los angeles, thousands of women and their allies take to the streets, valley to show up at the polls in november. the president tweeting the following, "beautiful weather all over the country, a perfect
3:30 am
day for all whether to march, get out there, and celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 speaking hereose on the mall, wasserman schultz colman of and steve santa fe. >> it is so incredibly important that we continue to send the message the women and the men who are aligned with us, to dona we will not give in. we will stand up and fight for
3:31 am
the dreamers. toeration from generation make sure we can have a quality and equity. thank you for standing with us. it is my pleasure to introduce my great colleague from the state of washington. >> hello. i am from seattle, washington and proud to be the first indian-american woman in the u.s. house of representatives. strongts are standing for our values and principles. we're going to fight for dreamers and kids who need health insurance. whate going to fight for every working american deserves in this country and women are
3:32 am
going to lead the way. from the great state of n.nnessee, steve cohe , i am from memphis, stateue star in a red where thousands of women that in a march rally for women's rights. i am proud to stand here as one one of the sponsors who f motion to impeach donald j. trump. he has violated the emoluments clause, disrupted justice and in an authoritarian manner has stoo
3:33 am
d up in a way the judiciary and stomphas never seen to on them. see the years, we will in nine duration of the next president of the united states. one who believes in freedom and democracy. atrew: this headline washington as congress points fingers over the shutdown with regards to what happens next. here is mark short with a cnn'son for cnn -- from jim acosta. >> how does this white house feel to have a shut down one
3:34 am
year after the president was sworn in. >> it is sad that the democrats have chosen to shut down government. there are many democrat activists who look at all the administration has complex -- have accomplished and say they want something to push back. they look at what has happened with $7 trillion added to the stock market. new supreme court justice. they are related. you look at the accomplishments of the last year and the react ion is because we cannot beat
3:35 am
shut down the government. >> directing on the house floor is former house speaker nancy pelosi. an fresident trump earned for leadership. president trump and congressional republican's of withon with -- obsession passing a tax scam to help the wealthiest and corporations and our country has blinded them to their duty to help the american people. the republicans were so negligent that they could not get together to keep government as an. passcould get together to getx bill but they cannot
3:36 am to pass president trump said about president obama at the time of the gop 2013 shutdown, the problem starts at the top and has to be solved from the top. the president have got to lead. president trump now as president tweets, our country needs a good shutdown. your wish has come true for your one year anniversary because of all-around incompetence come in efficiency and prioritizing --, inefficiency and prioritizing the rest ofent over
3:37 am
the country. there is no good government shutdown. the republicans are weakening our communities and depriving the military of the certainty they need to keep our nation safe. the shutdown hurts the economy. the facts are there. >> house democrats leader nancy pelosi on the floor. headline from the washington post is legislators pointing fingers. >> we are not expecting resolution tonight but we do 20 senators 19 or to keep talking about a possible breakthrough that might extend
3:38 am
government funding by february 8. how much money the government will spend, the daca situation, to disastering relief and chip. >> politically for the democrats this cannot last that long. >> i have a feeling we will see this at least into monday. if he goes past that, it will look bad for them. before the shutdown, it looks like most people would blame but now the hashtag
3:39 am
shutdown is trending around the world. >> the president was supposed to be at mar-a-lago 48 $100,000 a a $100,000 a ticket dinner for his reelection funds. instead meeto and with them over video. that mitchs thought mcconnell might head over to the white house. speaker ryan says he was talking to the white house as well. the democrats have not heard from the president today even
3:40 am
though they were urging him to a point where he would negotiate. >> i'll know if you have been watching what is happening in the house, the passions in the house, congress and mike kelly speaking and other democrats getting quite angry. what is the mood? are tempers fraying? >> all the action is in the senate where they figure out whether or not they can get it back to the house. the audience is out there gething, no better way to attention than yellen scream at your opponent. >> the temprs and == tempers and passions frayed.
3:41 am
where it steams in the senate, the house can be more cantankerous. be here onfe will cbs face the nation. what do you think the obvious will look like on the sunday morning programs? >> they have an interview with givepeaker, which may them an idea of where they are headed. mick mulvaney will make an appearance. those programs, we hatl get a better sense of w senators will do to come up with a solution. that will happen later tonight or maybe monday or tuesday.
3:42 am
it to up here wants stretch into next week but given the political heat, that might happen. >> what a difference a year makes. thank you for spending time with us on the sixth and they were -- c-span network. finally on this day in history, one year ago today, donald trump 45thsworn in as our president. he delivered his inaugural address on the west front of the u.s. capitol. >> for many of our citizens, a different reality exists, mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities and
3:43 am
an education system flush with c leaves ourch students deprived of all knowledge and the crim and the gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops rig ht here and right now. announcer: one year ago today, donald trump was sworn in as our 45th president. we are back tomorrow with c-span's washington journal and will get your reaction on day two of the government shutdown. and we will feature with sarah westwood, who covers the white house for the washington examiner. we are coast-to-coast on sirius
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-- on streamed only web the web. announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy that affects you. up, we talk about the latest debate on funding the government and we take a look back one year later at the women's march with your phone calls, facebook, and tweets. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal this morning at 8:00 eastern. announcer: but the house and senate will be back in session today to figure out how to fund the current shutdown. watch the house live at 2:00 p.m. eastern live on c-span.
3:45 am
on saturday, white house budget director mick mulvaney and mark short held a news conference to talk about how the administration is managing the shutdown. this is about 20 minutes. >> good afternoon. this morning the president has spoken to leader mcconnell and speaker ryan and we also received updates about the salary not going to our border agents. mattise with secretary he gave an update about 90,000 army national


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