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tv   Palestinian President Address to U.N. Security Council  CSPAN  February 20, 2018 10:10am-1:09pm EST

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>> i should like on behalf of the members of the security ofncil to profess my sorrow the pass of his excellency from the united nations. .y deepest sympathy
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today marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of ambassador of the russian federation. i invite the members of the to silence. [no dialogue]
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>> thank you. the situation of the middle east , including the palestinian question. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with 37 of the councils, i invite the representatives of israel to participate. it is decided. i propose that the council toites the president -- participate in accordance with the procedure and previous -- in this regard. there being no objection, it is decided.
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on behalf of the council, i welcome his excellency and i request the protocol officer to escort him to his seat at the counsel table. table.l -- i invite the special coordinator for the middle east and personal representative to participate.
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it is so decided. the security council will now agenda.s cooperation -- i wish you to welcome the secretary-general and give him of the floor to make introductory remarks. >> the president of the security excellency mahmoud abbas, welcome to you and your delegation. excellency, ladies and gentlemen. i have returned from a visit to kuwait. -- the community will be subjected theeople, the report is competence and the government of the people of iraq.
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the president has played an important -- in this successful meeting. this context and the scores for a need of a political solution to the israeli can't -- context is too long. supporting the parties and their efforts to it -- achieve a two-faced solution. leaving side-by-side in peace with secure and recognized borders. final stateis issues on the bases of relevance in the united states resolutions, international law, and agreements. there is no plan b. after decades of support, the global consensus for a two-faced solution could be --
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-- it istial -- of both israelis and politicians -- palestinians. -- are also of international concern. millions of refugees are at stake. been -- the international community to step out. the time for dialogue, for reconciliation, reason. concertedor effective action by all parties. it is more important than ever. if the president allows me to --e the floor to mr.
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thank you. you -- the general for his remarks. president, your secretary-general, we meet this month as regional tensions are taking a federalist turn. syria is increasing, endangering regional stability as well as undermining efforts for a political solution. fromte the positive news iraq, much of the middle east continues to be in the grips of an ongoing human strategy of immense proportion. , a centurys backdrop of hostilities, including 50 years of continued military andation, israelis palestinians are no closer to
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peace. many have lost hope. the enemies of peace are growing more confident by the day. they say every failure as a win for the forces of radicalization. they believe the political odds are turning in their favor. they are emboldened. hindering peace, thereof those who push back from the ground, who remote moves walking the path way back to the negotiating table. none of this will bring us closer to resolving the conflict. none of it will respond to the available rights of the palestinian people to stay put for the israeli longing for freedom. mr. president, last month he international communities discussed key priorities to advance the goals of peace at the meeting. at the meeting, i was encouraged
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by messages reaffirming support andthe two state solution the need to resume meaningful over status issues, including the steps of jerusalem. efforts in gaza, water,ng support for electricity, and economic recovery. my message to all is clear. reaffirm the sustainable peace required in a two state solution, one can't -- that can only be achieved in negotiated process. israeli and and palestinians together can determine a resolution. to makemust continue concrete steps on the ground, including ending israeli settlement expansion. consistent with the transition
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to palestinian authority as called for in the 2016 report. the palestinian authority must continue to advance institution building and service delivery to the palestinian people and work towards bringing gaza back under its control. any futurecal that peace proposal focus on the two state solution and all status issues. a failure to do so could have dangerous repercussions. mr. president, maintaining support for palestine refugees is fundamental to the peace and stability in the region. i reiterate my concern over states funding, despite to over accelerate their funding commitments. the emergency appeals launched in january seek to raise 800 million u.s. dollars.
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ofmeet the essential needs 1.5 million people. i encourage the states to find new funding. process and the gulf between the two sides widens, -- killedalestinians were and one israeli civilian was killed by palestinian and the west bank. three of the palestinians killed with security forces, one a 16-year-old was shot near his mother. he was the fourth child killed since the beginning of the year. i emphasize the use of force must be calibrated. it should only be as does a last resort. i urge israeli security forces
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to exercise maximum restraint to avoid casualties. to rejectn all sides violence, condemned terror, and work to reduce tensions. dangerousso witnessed security incidents in and around gaza. the 17th of february, four israeli soldiers were injured. israeli followed by while palestinian militants, causing damage to a house. two palestinian teens were killed by israeli security forces, while attempting to approach. during the course of the last month, three rockets were fired towards israel with two israeli strikes all without injury. i encourage the international community to join the united nations and calling on militants in gaza to refrain from
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locations -- such vocations. it only risks the lives of palestinians and israelis and increase the life. i note the need to resolve the missing of israeli soldiers being held in gaza. two incidents highlight the risk and the need for coordination. these of the discovery of 12 roadside bombs on the 26th of january. to struggle the use of explosives into gaza. i note the trial of the 17 euro palestinian girl started on the 13th of february behind closed -- closed doors. in my last briefing, --
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away are going to break for a brief session. -- the house will be in order. the communication from the speaker. washington, d.c., february 20, 2018. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend michael wilker, lutheran church of the reformation, washington, d.c. the chaplain: during this first week in the christian season of lent, let us begin this day turning to god and our eighbors to confess our sin.
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holy and merciful god, we confess to you and to one another and before the whole company of heaven that we have sinned by our fault, by our own fault, by our own most grieve yuss fault in thought, word, and deed. by what we have done and by what we have left undone. we have not loved you with our whole heart and mind and strength. we have not forgiven and freed others as we have been forgiven and freed. restore us, o god, and let your anger depart from us. accomplish in us the work of your salvation. have mercy on us, almighty god,
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forgive us all our sins, strengthen in all goodness, and keep us in eternal life. men. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 4-a of house resolution 736, the journal of the last day's proceedings is approved. the chair will lead the house in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication, messages. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, sir, pursuant to the permission granted in clause 2-h of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk
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received the following message from the secretary of the senate on february 16, 2018, at 12:19 p.m. that the senate passed senate 946. that the senate passed with an amendment, h.r. 1725, h.r. 3122, h.r. 4533. appointment, national council on disabilities. signed sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 4-b of house resolution 736, the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. on friday, february 23, 2018. announcer: the chair today, barbara comstock, about an hour later than scheduled. , and members will be back for legislative work monday. we take you back to the un
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security council meeting. >> the price will be paid by generally -- generations of ordinary people a worrying as theyon occurred -- identified. israelithereafter, aircraft's targeted the syrian air base. one israeli was hit, which prompted what was described as 12 military objections. in this highly volatile area. -- disputed maritime areas. the united nations continues to call on the site, avoid
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security, risks and explore with the support of the united nations. thearations continue for upcoming conferences to support the security sector in the economy on the 15th of march. while the situation was quiet in , south off operation the blue, construction began in non-reservation areas on the seventh of february with no incident report. mr. president, returning to the israeli and -- israeli-palestinian conflict, we in the international community, must continue advocating a substantial -- substantial changes related to the west bank, including demolition and
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the areas of c. -- area c. support.ull our support to honor remains vital. i hope that we will be able to look beyond the closed to diplomatsooms and politicians to see there are israeli and palestinian -- working tirelessly to promote change. groups,d women's religious and community leaders have a critical role to play. we rarely discuss their role. we do not see -- speak often enough about the challenges they face. they must be supported. mr. president, we have spoken of the need for leadership on both sides to reach a compromise , negotiations that would allow
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israelis and palestinians to separate and be masters of their own fate. these negotiations would not be negotiations between equals, for one side is under military occupation. its leadership is committed to a peaceful solution. i urge in closing, the international community, must give up on palestinian leadership. opportunity's closing, and if we do not see this quickly, the israeli-palestinian conflict will be engulfed in the whirlwind of religious radicalization. thank you. i give the excellency to the state of palestine. you.ank
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president of the security , secretary-general of the united nations, excellency of the security council. may the peace be upon you. palestine's -- took place. 6 million refugees continue to suffer from the cruelty and -- they continue to wonder the world after the loss of their people and stabilize in their homelands. they are part of the 13 million palestinians whose country has yet to be recognized as a member state of the united nations. the numerous resolutions reaffirming the right to self
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determination. despite the resolutions reaffirming the right to state on the national level. -- thatcy's, we are the live in the land of palestine 5000 years ago. and continue remain there to this day. people. great people builtan their own cities and homeland and may contributions to humanity and the united nations. hospitals, libraries, newspapers, producing houses,
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banksic organizations, with wide regional and international influence. all of this exists before and in 1917. excavation -- gave to by which those who had no right. bears this responsibility for the catastrophic consequences inflicted on the palestinian people as result of the stipulation. then, and only our people remain under cooperation, they continue their journey -- country with the establishment of the national authority. arenational institution
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recognized by international organizations for their merit and worth. transparency, and women and youth, an environment of tolerance. we continue to unite our people and land and insure for -- ensure one authority. determined to convene parliamentary and presidential election. president, our conviction is recruited and our position clear regarding -- of any kind. do we call for the dismantlement of nuclear
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weapons, we're opposed to conventional, which have caused violent description -- destruction around the world. falsee been committed to -- fostering peace. the building of schools, hospitals, as the cultural form and technological -- as opposed to establishing weapon sections, and searching -- we wish for our andle to live in freedom dignity -- and destruction. price of one check can build a hospital that can protect people from all conventional and nonconventional weapons.
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we want our people to live in freedom, far from war and destruction and far from terrorism and extremism, which are being relentlessly combated in all areas of the globe. have become we security agreements around the world. 83 states around the world. , theding the united states russian federation, and other european countries as well. our goal from these agreements is one and only fighting .errorism ladies and gentlemen, why are we here today? after a long journey, and tremendous effort to create a political -- negotiations, which as we are to peace,
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aware, we participated in the dream conference in 1991, and signed in 1993. andere alone with israelis the norwegians. these overall records affirmed and preaching a solution for all issues since 1999. unfortunately, this has not become a reality. -- whyld wonder why have has this yet to be achieved? topersisted in our efforts reach peace. we engaged in dialogue at cap david. we participated, we engaged in
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dialogue with the former israeli ,rime minister for eight months eight months. minister --prime theprime minister in presence of hillary clinton and george mitchell. we accepted putin. evadedregrettably participating in such a meeting. we engaged with former secretary of state john kerry, but the israeli governments called the failure of all these efforts. how can it be said we have rejected negotiations? we have never refused any invitation to participate in any negotiations. do not say we rejected negotiations. we believe negotiations are the
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only path towards peace. how can we rejected negotiations. -- reject negotiations? we have neither given up, nor have we lost hope. we have come to the united nations, believing in the purposes and principles of the charters of the united nations. acquisition --he by force, and affirms -- article -- nobody has held israel accountable when it is -- occupied our territories in 1948. the charter offends the right of people. allontinue to engage with
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agencies in our quest to end occupation of our land and people. in spite of all of that, the united nations has failed to implement its relevant resolutions until this very day. andhis possible, ladies gentlemen? is it logical that despite adoption of 705 general assembly resolutions, from 1948 until this very day, and 86 security council resolutions, in our to 334,rom 200 -- 242 none of them have in implement implemented. where are these resolutions? 86 resolutions, with no result whatsoever. is this logical that israel violated the obligation to implement resolutions, 181 and 194?
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-- ittwo resolutions were was a condition for israel to be accepted at the united nations and -- wrote a letter. he said he was ready. commitment, -- was accepted at the united nations. these two resolutions have yet to be implemented. 181 and 194. israel is acting as a state above the law. it has transport -- transformed occupation from a temporary situation into a situation of settlements and colonization. inhas occupied territories 1967. it was supposed to be temporary. it has become permanent. it denies all the areas that it ,anted, including jerusalem
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that -- considers an occupied territory. how can this happen? israel shut the door on the two state solution on the basis of the 1967. we march as we have done in the past, that our problem is not with the followers of judaism. no. is a -- religion, as christianity and islam. our problem is only with the occupiers and those denying our independence and freedom. disregarding religion. met with the, we president of the united states, mr. donald trump, four times in 2017. we have expressed our absolute -- to reach a peace agreement.
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we repeatedly reaffirmed our addition in accordance with international law, and the two state solution on the basis of the 1967 borders. this administration has not clarified its position. is it a two state solution, or one state solution? then, and a dangerous unprecedented manner, this administration, undertook and unlawful decision which was dejected by the international community to remove the issue of jerusalem off the table you -- table. without any reason. it decided to recognize the city of israel's capital and to transfer its -- to jerusalem. ignoring that east jerusalem is part of the palestinian territory.
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it is occupied since 1967 and our capital, which we wish to be open for all faithful -- all the faithful of the religions. especially islam, christianity, and judaism. it is also strange that the united states still lists the palestine liberation organization on a third. it -- our mission in washington, under the people of russian decision since 1987. all of these internationals, bilateral's, relations between us and the united nations, , we discoverits
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that the conference believes we are terrorists. -- the congress believes we are terrorists. having -- providing assistance? how? how do you help terrorists? recently, it has decided to punish the palestine refugees highway other production of its contributions, in spite of the fact it supported agency establishments and endorsed the initiative that caused for -- calls for a just solution for refugees in accordance with resolution 194. these united states have contradicted itself. ownontradicted its commitment and violated international law with its
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decision regarding jerusalem. can calln alone international -- call an to solve the -- is essentialstion, to install a multi--- multilateral -- imitating from an international conference -- and resolutions. a multilateral international mechanism. president, faced with policies and practices of international law and its noncompliance, and non-implementation of agreements counsel,ur essential the highest palminteri body, decided several weeks ago to
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review the relationship with israel. considering we have become an authority without authority. and the occupation has become one without cause. we are working. we are working for the occupation. we say israel must uphold its obligations as an occupying power. we do not oppose seeing israel shoulder its responsibility, because the situation is unbearable and unacceptable. in spite of this, it concerns me our commitment to maintain our institutions and achievement, which we have realized on the ground in palestine as well as the international, thanks to
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your assistance, we are determined to remain committed to the political, diplomatic, and legal path far from any -- the political negotiations and dialogue. rejected -- which we have never rejected. never rejected. we will continue to extend our hand to make peace and exert efforts to bring an end to the israeli occupation based on the two state solution on the 1967 borders and international legitimacy at. -- legitimacy in order to achieve our --. we will continue to oppose any attempts regardless by whom to impose solutions that contradicts this. any solution that contradicts
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this legitimacy will be rejected. we have been granted the status of nonmember by the general assembly. on that basis, we have become a 105 international treaties and organizations. we have been recognized by 138 states, all of this has strengthened the status of the state of palestine, which continues to strive for recognition by the rest of the state in the world. states ofh, member the council, that have not recognize the state of palestine , even while knowing the recognition of the state of palestine is not a sub -- substitute for negotiation. not -- does not go against negotiation.
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it promotes negotiation. who have yetembers to recognize the state of palestine to do so. intensifyure, we will our efforts to achieve admission to full membership in the united nations and to guarantee international protection, we will come to the council. we will come and call for international inspection to our people. longer --.on is no you have to listen to the briefing of the special coordinator. we hope for you to support our efforts to ensure the right of 13 million palestinians, who you're in for an independent homeland, just like all peoples of the world you're for their state to take its rightful place
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in the international community. 13 million palestinians. you say that is not true. we are 13 million palestinians, where -- whether we live in high palestine or in other foreign countries. counselhere before your ladies and gentlemen, in the midst of the deadlock of the peace process, due to the u.s.'s decision regarding jerusalem, israeli's ongoing illegal activity, and its violation of the resolutions of the council editor's desk -- disrespect of the signed agreement. which, resolution 23, 34. because of the palestinian's side desire to
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.ontinue working positively we have courage to say yes and to say no. international the . we are here to build a culture of peace, to reject violence, to save the possible of the two-state. to restore hope to our people and the people -- peoples of the region and to find a way out of this crisis we are in. , foris a strategic choice the coming generations in our region, therefore i will tell
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first we call for the meeting of an international peace conference by mid-2018. relevance to end resolutions with pot international participation, and including the concerns and regional and international state lives foremost among them, the permanent members of the , as well asunsel the framework for the -- resolution-- as 1850. we call for the convening of an international peace conference. the conference that was attended -- for the outcomes of this one,rence, should be
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excepting the state of palestine as a full member of the united nations. do you not think we should deserve -- that we deserve to be a full member? why not? , the securityem council to achieve that. we will come to you, taking into account general assembly 29 november7, 19 of 2012. which is supported our non-observer membership, or excuse me. our observer membership. and aaron teeing international of 1967.n on the lines -- and guaranteeing international protection on the lines of 1967. to efforts, jerusalem
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border security, refugees, and prisoners, are to be resolved through an agreement by both parties. conduct those negotiations on the basis of international law and resolutions and implement what is to be agreed upon and with guarantees towards this implementation. negotiations are to be defined by framework. when it ends, the ingredients must be lamented. the is the only way to -- agreements must be implemented. all parties must refrain from unilateral actions. particularly those that would prejudge the outcome of a final ofution, as in article 31
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1993. the accords stipulate that all accords must refrain from unilateral actions, and any settlement, foremost must be the sensation of settlement in the territory occupied since 1967, anduding jerusalem, suspension of the decision housingg jerusalem and transfer of the embassy to jerusalem. this thwarts negotiations. in compliance with the relevant security council resolution, including in particular, 476, 478, and --
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at the same time, the state of palestine would refrain from further joining organizations as we have previously committed are self -- emitted ourselves to. namely, organizations out of 500 organizations and treaties. we have committed and continue to be committed, although unfortunately, the administration did not fulfill its commitments. third, the implementation of the arab initiatives as adopted. as adopted. from a to z. not from the to a. from zng to it -- not to a. the palestinian question must be solved. initiative, by the
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and all arabs and muslims have -- which have adopted the , and when the initiative is cemented, when the state of palestine is recognized in light of the borders of, ande problem ends, all arabs and muslims will become ready to nice this state of israel. all arabs and muslims. 57 arab and muslim countries. this was stipulated in the reaffirm the-- we term of reference for any upcoming negotiations. they are as follows. respect for international law. we are a state. but, we are not recognized as a state. affirm, respect for
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international law and the relevant resolutions. and all of these resolutions much's be respected -- must be respected. resolutions two 400 42, 340 eight, resolution 23, 34. and the -- the resolution of the principle of the two states. the state of palestine with jerusalem as its capital living side-by-side with israel in peace and security. and rejection of partial solution and a state of provisional borders. let's be clear here, let's be serious. acceptance of
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minimal land slots in equal value and ratio with the agreement between the two parties. east jerusalem jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine and an open city for the three monotheistic religions. ensuring the security of the two states, without undermining the independence and sovereignty of either of them. sovereignty. sovereignty is key. it cannot be preserved by occupation. or by violence. .e are ready to find solutions adjust and agreed solution for the refugees on the basis of resolution 194.
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and pending a just solution, continuation of the commencement and support of -- 6 million refugees, who will take care of them? toyou stop your assistance these 6 million refugees, who are educated, if you and your assistance, they become terrorists or refugees in europe. it is either that or you continue your support until the crisis ends. mr. president, we are ready to undertake the longest journey to the farthest place in the world in order to acquire our rights. but we are not ready to move one finger if anyone wants us to forsake these rights. ready to undertake the
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longest journey, i am ready to undertake the longest journey, even though i hate to walk and everybody knows that. agreementesent any reached with israel to a general referendum among our people respecting democracy and reinforcing legitimacy. democratic.e are a so we have our general revelation -- referendum. mr. president, we have knocked on your door today. you, who comprise the highest with theonal a-day maintenance of international peace and security. you are the highest international body. forave presented our vision peace. hopefully, it will be received with wisdom and justice.
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we are ready to begin negotiations immediately. in order to achieve the freedom and independence of our people. just like all other nations. and to achieve peace and security for all of our region and the world, so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of this piece following the enormous sacrifices by our that dearest to them. security comes, ladies and gentlemen, is the highest entity through which the people seek sanctuary and protection. after this council, we rest our issue to the almighty. .he almighty until judgment day. until justice for our people, then to where should we go? we called upon you, we beg upon
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the that we beg you to help us. help us. commit an actnot out -- goes against our beliefs and your beliefs. i do so much. [applause] -- thank you so much. [applause] >> i thank his excellency. the president -- usxpected him to stay with and have a dialogue,
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unfortunately he is once again running away. look what just happened in this room. he came in, put his demands on the table, and he left and he is expecting you to deliver the results. he is not willing to work that way. the only way to work forward is direct negotiations between israel and the palestinians. president, it is unfortunate that we are meeting here today. for the past seven and a half has refused to meet, even once, with prime minister netanyahu. he has refused to negotiate peace. he, during that same time, has made seven trips here to the united nations.
11:08 am
-- just 12 again, , he has chosen to fly 12 hours to avoid the possibility of peace. clear, withmade it your words and actions, that you are no longer part of the solution, you are the problem. what have you done to better the lives -- the life of a single person? the palestinians need leadership that will invest in education, not glorify violence. they need leadership that will build hospitals. not pay terrorists. they need leadership that will negotiate with israel, speak to
11:09 am
us and do not run away from dialogue. you just addressed the members of the security council, and spoke of your commitment to peace. this is what you often do when speaking to international phones. but when you address your people in arabic, you convey a very different message. ago, he called the national movement of the jewish project a colonialist that has no connection to judaism". in the same shameful speech he had the audacity to accuse juice of-- to accuse jews
11:10 am
supporting anti-semitism in order to promote zionism. this is not the first time he has used such hateful language. in 2016, as part of his attempt to delegitimize the connection between the jewish people and the land of israel, he said " juice had no right to the temple mount and other holy sites. desecrated them with their filthy feet. " welcome every drop of blood spilled in jerusalem." you inspire a culture of hate within palestinian society. you name schools in honor of terrorists. you encourage your children to
11:11 am
hate by teaching in school that jews are descendents of apes. terroristsn praises who killed -- and you remained silent. terroriststo condemn who killed the father of six as he was riding home to see his children. your -- does not and with rhetoric. you have made it official palestinian policy to sponsor terrorism. 345 millionspent dollars paying terrorists. that is 50% of total foreign aid. 50% of your money. this is money that you could
11:12 am
have spent building 40 hospitals . this is money you could have used to build 172 schools. every year. you travel around the world seeking international intervention in an attempt to avoid the hard choices necessary for peace. possibleto every phone, but you don't want to actually negotiate with israel. unfortunatet, it is , but this regulus -- this reckless behavior is nothing new. it is a problem, yet continued in the spirit of 70 years of missed opportunities by palestinian leadership. recently celebrated 70 years in the adoption of general assembly resolution 181. for the jewish people it represented international
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recognition of our homeland. we accepted the resolution immediately. it was not perfect. it did not provide us with all that we deserved. but it gave us hope for a better future. november, as israel celebrated this milestone, the palestinians marked this anniversary with grief and mourning. just as they did 70 years ago when they chose to reject it. 1947,that moment, in israelis fought valiantly into many wars against attempts to destroy our country. brave leaders emerged in egypt and in jordan, leaders who were willing to negotiate, compromise, and ultimately sign
11:14 am
peace agreements with israel. but the palestinian leadership continued to choose conflict over coexistence. 2000, themit in premised are presented the palestinians with an unprecedented offer. what was his reaction? to side with --, claim it was a trap, and reject the proposal. back in 2000. elected 2 --,s the world hoped he would follow in the courageous footsteps of king hussein. and forge a bit of future for palestinians. he led his people down. since the day he took office, peace plan after peace plan has been accepted by israel and
11:15 am
rejected by -- have met withs him time and time again. three different leaders, three different american presidents, but every time there is an inch toward progress he runs away. 2007, the prime minister offered the most jennifer deal -- the most generous deal since 181. a direct link to the gaza strip. he also included a plan to replace the old city of , under international control. his response was simple, and unequivocal no. two years later, the prime minister did something
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unprecedented. in an attempt to reach out negotiations. he initiated a 10 months freeze on jewish construction. this was a precondition that no israeli prime minister had ever agreed to. soon enough, the 10 months past and -- was nowhere to be found. he never came to the table. 2013, john kerry opened another attempt at negotiations. prime minister netanyahu was again --talk, once responded by breaking his commitment. he chose unilateral action, joining international conventions. then he sought peace with hamas. the terrorist organization.
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without even demanding that they renounce violence. speak, the current u.s. administration is once again working very hard to make progress toward peace. forhowever, is looking hard an excuse. this time, he claims it was an american announcement about jerusalem that program -- that drove him to reject negotiations. by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. let me be clear, for thousands of years jerusalem has been the heart and soul of our. jerusalem has been our capital since the days of king david. jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of the state of israel forever.
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insist on israeli sovereignty over a united jerusalem. even fair-minded observers will agree that under any possible agreement, jerusalem will be recognized internationally as our capital. years, overese passive rejectionism, one thing is very clear. when we extend a hand, he extends a fist. terrorists of hamas extend a hand does he embrace them with open arms and without preconditions. insisted on a basic human gesture of demanding the return of israeli civilians.
11:19 am
-- that hamas is savagely holding. s are anident, israeli optimistic people. we fought a bloody war with egypt while waiting for a leader to courageously visit jerusalem. it took decades of talks with jordan until the time was right intoing hussein to enter what he rightly called a piece of the brave -- a peace of the brave. three times per day, juice in israel turned in to jerusalem and pray for peace. we ask the following forgot. .-from god everywhere.
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goodness and blessing. grace, loving kindness and mercy to us and all israel and all of the world. we have no doubt that the day will come when the palestinian people will also be blessed with leadership that shares these noble aspirations. this will be a leadership that condemns violence and ends the shameful practice of paying salaries to terrorists. it will be a leadership that educates its people to tolerance instead of anti-semitism. it will be a leadership that recognizes that israel is, and always will be, the national homeland of the jewish people. dayel eagerly awaits the when this palestinian leadership will emerge and bring the hope for a better future for its
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people and our region. thank you. [applause] >> i thank the representative of israel and i would like to now give the floor to those councilmembers who wish to make statements. i give the floor to the united states. >> thank you. and thank you for being with us today. we are meeting today in a forum that is very familiar to all of us. this session on the middle east has been taking place each month for many, many years. its focus has been almost entirely on issues facing israelis and palestinians. we have heard many of the same arguments and ideas over and over again. we have already heard them again
11:22 am
this morning. it is as if saying the same things repeatedly, without actually doing the hard work and making the necessary cover misys will achieve anything. -- compromises will achieve anything. colleagues who have participated in those broader discussions. one reason we did that is our well-founded belief that the united nations spends an altogether disproportionate amount of time on israeli- palestinian issues. it is not that those issues are unimportant, they are certainly very important. the u.n. has proven itself to be a grossly biased organization when it comes to israel. as such, the un's this proportionate focus has made the problem more difficult to solve. by elevating the tensions and grievances between the two parties.
11:23 am
another reason we have attempted to shift the discussion is that the vast scope of challenges facing the region dwarfs the israeli-palestinian conflict. as we meet here today, the middle east is plagued by many, truly horrendous problems. in yemen, there is one of the worst humanitarian disasters on earth with millions of people facing starvation. meanwhile, militia groups fire a rainy and rockets into neighboring countries. in syria, chemical weapons to guess its own people. this war has taken the lives of over half a million syrians. millions more have been pushed into neighboring jordan, jerry -- turkey, and lebanon. causing hardship in those countries. in lebanon, terrorists exert ever more control, illegally building up a stockpile of offensive weapons inviting a
11:24 am
dangerous escalation that could devastate regional security. isis is engaged in an inhumane level of cruelty in much of the region. they have been dealt severe setbacks. they are not completely destroyed. they still pose serious threats. egypt faces repeated terrorist attacks. of course there is the regime in iran that initiates and encourages most of the troubles i just outlined. these immense security and humanitarian challenges throughout the region should occupy more of our attention, rather than having us sit here month after month and use the most democratic country in the middle east as a scapegoat for the region's problems. but here we go again. i do not mean to suggest that there is no suffering and israeli-palestinian conflict. both sides have suffered greatly.
11:25 am
so many innocent israelis have been killed or injured by suicide bombings, stabbings, other sickening terrorist attacks. israel has been forced to live under constant security threats like virtually no other country in the world. it should not have to live that way. yet, israel has overcome that, it is a thriving country. worldtributes much to the in the name of technology, science, and the arts. people whoalestinian were suffering more. the palestinians in gaza live under hamas oppression. it a governing authority as hamas provides so little in the way of what one would normally think as government services. the people of gaza live in truly awful conditions. while there hamas rulers but the reefer -- their resources into rockets.
11:26 am
the palestinians in the west bank also suffer greatly. too many have died. too much potential has been lost in this conflict. byare joined today palestinian authority. i am sorry he declined to stay in the chamber to hear the remarks of others. even though he has left the room, i will address the balance of my remarks to him. when the new american administration came into the office last january, we did so against the fresh deck drop the passage of security council resolution 2334. in the waning days of the previous american administration, the united states made a serious error in allowing the resolution to pass. was wrong on34 many levels. i will not get into the substance now. substance, perhaps
11:27 am
its biggest flaw was that it encouraged the false notion that israel can be pushed into a deal that undermines its vital interests. damaging the prospects for peace by increasing mistrust between the israelis and the palestinians. in the last year, the united states has worked to repair the damage. at the u.n., i have opposed the biased against israel. i, oroes not mean that our administration, is against the palestinian people. just the opposite is true. we recognize the suffering of the palestinian people, as i have recognized here today. i sit here today offering the outstretched hand of the united states to the palestinian people. in the cause of peace. we are fully prepared to look to our future of prosperity and coexistence. we welcome you as the leader of
11:28 am
the palestinian people here today. i will decline the advice i was recently given by your top up.tiator, i will not shut rather, i will respectfully speak some hard truth. the palestinian leadership has a choice to make between two different paths. of absolutistath demand, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence. the path has led, and will continue to lead to nothing but hardship for the palestinian people. or, there is the path of negotiation. that path tohown be successful for egypt and jordan, including the transfer of territory. that path remains open to the palestinian leadership. if only it is courageous enough to take it. the united states knows the power -- the palestinian leadership was very unhappy in the decision to move our embassy
11:29 am
to jerusalem. you don't have to like that decision, you don't have to praise it. you don't even have to accept it. but know this, that decision will not change. once again, you must choose between two paths. to deny us the united states, reject the u.s. role in peace talks, and pursue punitive measures against israel in international forums like the u.n.. i sure you that path will get the palestinian people exactly nowhere. or, you can choose to put aside and move forward with us toward a negotiating compromise that holds great potential for improving the lives of the palestinian people. putting forward old talking points and entrenched, undeveloped concepts achieves nothing. that approach has been a tried
11:30 am
-- has been tried many times and has always failed. after so many decades, we welcome new thinking. month, thened last united states stands ready to work with the palestinian leadership. our negotiators are sitting right behind me. ready to talk. we will not chase after you. the choice is yours. i thank the united states and i give the floor to the russian federation o. , first of all i would like to express gratitude to you and to the colleagues on the council. and also to everyone in this chamber, thank them for honoring the memory of the permanent representative to the u.n., who
11:31 am
left us in exactly one year ago. thank you for that. we would like to express our condolences in the wake of the passing of our friend and colleague, the permanent representative who passed yesterday. we were happy to see and greet the president of the palestinians. we think that participation of veryalestinian leader is important for us to understand the current situation in the middle east. we like to thank also for the informative presentation on the middle east sentiment. the long-suffering region of the middle east is torn by the conflicts in syria and let yemen and libya. each of them, in itself, is a
11:32 am
very severe one. it would be a mistake to think that the palestinian issue is something that is now in the background. it would be an even greater mistake to intentionally try to push it into the background. today as themains center of the chronic instability of the middle east. the situation there, recently, has become more acute. in the absence of fully fledged local negotiations between the palestinians and israelis, the decisions on jerusalem, not just but they emotions, also increase desperation. bank, and in gaza, we support -- the harsh
11:33 am
statements made by the palestinian leadership. all of us, on -- all of this only confirms how sensitive and important the issue of jerusalem is. the growing rate of israeli and -- lements this is a kind of policy that should stop your. -- critical importance is the palestinian refugees in the middle east. we cannot allow a situation where palestinians find himself in a situation where they have nothing to lose. this would feed radicalism and situation in the palestinian territories. is contributing regularly to the budget of the agency. that then, let me say
11:34 am
existing status quo is not something that is reliable, lasting. it is only through a two-state way of settlement, which presupposes a peaceful and secure -- will enable us to overcome crisis. in the given situation, we will continue our efforts aiming at preserving the middle east settlement. the architecture. and the depressed state it finds itself in. we think what is needed now is to renew direct negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis on the agreed international basis. including resolutions and the arab peace initiative. we are convinced that the middle east court retains its unique mediation format. there is no doubt of a quartet
11:35 am
together with the legal arab states can play a role in unfreezing the dialogue. the work done by the court had -- remains topical. and relevant. incrementing the recommendations will lead to greater trust between the parties. the reports state what needs to be done. and violence on both sides and other factors. it also talks about the imperative of making sure that the palestinians have true national unity. a political platform of the palestine liberation organization. enhanced working together with the arab states and all participants who can contribute shoot -- contribute to the efforts. egyptianon of our
11:36 am
partners for palestinian unity remains very relevant. new developments surroundings thelict requires international community to think how are we going to accompany this process. it creates direct negotiations between palestine and ensure -- and israel. the creek -- the direct dialogue is a constant that we have in the middle east equation. outeed to focus on working the formula which is acceptable to both sides. we stand ready to discuss the parameters. we had a verywn, busy agenda at the highest level. including the visits by the king president.nd the -- to provide the russian platforms for the meetings
11:37 am
between the palestinians and israeli leaders without preconditions. we expect that this proposal will be reacted to, possibly on both sides. attaining israeli palestinian settlement, as well as settling other issues, is something that requires the pooling of our efforts. party, for the guilty groundless accusations, and insulting rhetoric is something that should forever be left in the past. instead of that, we need to work through dialogue channels within which we need to discuss the most acute problems. what we have on the agenda is something that we proposed a long time ago. memberst and security for the entire region of the middle east. thank you. i now give the floor to the representative of -- >> mr. president.
11:38 am
i would like to first of all thank the special representative. thank them for the edifying statements. theked also welcome presence of the president and forcourageous commitment peace and negotiations. the israeli palestinian conflict is not just another crisis. it is the conflict which is the oldest in the region, it is the goes far beyond the borders of israel and palestine. this is a kind of conflict for central immobilizing nature has always provided an argument for recruiting into terrorist groups
11:39 am
which are active in the region and beyond. put five years after the the ono accord, the piece is not the ground, nor is it in the discourse or the people's minds. oslo, new generation of palestinians and israelis who grew up and witnessed the hope reseed. in this concept -- in this context one could be tempted to transform the conflict, which is political, into a religious conflict. one,ere is a religious there is no concession possible. let's also understand the full status quo on the ground. it comes to deterioration, which is linked to the israeli occupation. it is characterized by violence, which is being used and
11:40 am
encouraged by several movements. this situation can deteriorate at any point. and regional consequences beyond control. this is particularly acute in gaza. this will be my first point. this is because of the events recently. the recent events against humanitarian crisis in gaza increased the crisis of new conflict in the wake of the conflicts we already had. in order to avoid the violence, who will be victimized, we call upon everyone to exercise restraint. we would like to recall that we will never compromise the security of israel. and reiterate our confirmation of attacks perpetrated on israeli territory. the it explosive, random firing the digging of
11:41 am
offense of tunnels. the kinds that have just been destroyed by the top -- the palestinian forces. beyond the de-escalation which is required, it was not possible to have a solution from gaza without the return of palestinian authority within the framework endorsed by the plo. we need to -- should allow the palestinian authorities to fully exercise its authorities in the gaza strip. including in the area of security. this process has to translate itself into improvement for the people in gaza. it also has to be accompanied by the lifting of the blockade with credible security guarantees for israel. we stand ready to accompany these efforts. we also should not disassociate the situation in gaza from the
11:42 am
general palestinian situation. gaza is an integral part of palestinian territories, it will not be possible to have palestinian state or a peace agreement with them without gaza. a palestinian unity is art and parcel to peace in middle east. my second point, the conflict as a whole. the conflict is the oldest in the middle east. but it is also the only conflict whose solution is shared. this solution is based on the principle of two states living with ae and security safe and recognized border. the border is along the lines of -- with a mutually agreed jerusalem is the future capital and agreed,tates realistic, and fair solution for the refugees. any negotiations has to be based on internationally agreed parameters.
11:43 am
these parameters are not optimal, they create a framework for negotiation. we know very well that -- are linked. none of the two people will realize its national aspirations at the expense of the other. mr. president, we are at a crossroads. a critical state where each of the parameters are fragile. line, the settlement and colonization of palestinian newitory is creating reality on the ground. implementing a problem which is income edible -- which is incompatible with the two states. not careful this solution will disappear like a mirage in the desert. -- 1800 housingent of
11:44 am
units has already been made. the provisional -- is clear. we condemn the settlement in any form. it is illegal in international law. this is recalled in resolution [applause] [inaudible] 2234. it undermines the trust of the parties. determined byy be -- ther the future agreement city is to be the capital of the two states. in the absence of such an agreement we recognize no , andeignty over jerusalem therefore approve no announcement outside of the international consensus. resolution 478. we regret the adoption of
11:45 am
israeli law on jerusalem, which will make it much more difficult to share jerusalem within the frame of the future peace agreement. lastly, the situation in the refugee camps. this is a time bomb. gaza and the holy region. until we have a realistic and fair solution for a refugee, , our servicese will remain indispensable. this is a humanitarian imperative. assistance and food supplies. it is a human development issue. when it comes to education through the network of --. it is also an apparent have -- in imperative for security. the situation in lebanon being security -- being concerning here. weaker they become, the more theorist groups can use
11:46 am
palestinian refugee camps as ground for recruitment. in the name of humanitarian issues, but also being realistic , we call upon the united states not to renounce on the historic role they have been playing. donorsnally, all of the should make a new effort to promote the unique tool for regional -- and stabilization. mr. president, i record the main parameters which are based on resolution is very counsel. my last point is this, how can we contribute towards the -- totion of negotiations find a way of resuming negotiations with a view to final status agreement? we would like to see the
11:47 am
american proposal to be within the framework of what is agreed by the international community. this was recorded when he met with the prime minister netanyahu. have -- we intend to remain in close contact with the parties and contribute toward working for the preservation of the possibility of two states. on the methodology, we have -- we will come -- we welcome the president from hamas. to studying the development of the ways of international company meant for the peace process. we have been thinking about this for a long time. whichas the motivation resulted in paris conference of 2017. more than 70 countries renewed their agreement on the permit --
11:48 am
parameters for peace. the israelis and palestinians had to create, through negotiations, a lasting solution. such a development is not a the role played by the united states. their commitment to support the peace process is indispensable. it will enable us to better the actors who can play constructive roles with the market. in order to lead successful negotiations. among them, regional actors will by basingtial roles themselves on the arab peace initiative. fullrospect for regionalization for israel. in the wake of a priest agreement -- in the wake of a peace agreement. mr. president, i would like to
11:49 am
say that there is no viable solution to a state solution. a single state would provide to citizenship regimes in the same country. this would create a situation which is an unequal and could lead to disastrous consequences. this situation will create two kinds of -- they will have to abandon their hopes of statehood, for the israelis this will mean the and of their national democratic project. it is perhaps an emergency today. it is to provide a political prospect for the israelis and palestinians. by working to restore the hope for two states. and the possibility for two negotiations. ,t is a friend of israeli france will plane that will play a full role together with international partners. thank you. i thank france.
11:50 am
>> thank you very much. i want to thank the special court in nature -- special coordinator. i want to say that we fully support the work of -- and his team. and the work that you are doing everyday to search for peace in the middle east. see thelso pleased to president in the council today and hear his message. mr. president, for many years we have spoken about the middle east peace forces as being at a crossroads. this statement has never been more accurate than it is today. at every crossroads there is a choice to be made. time there arein a number of choices we see being made. accelerated expansion, harmful israeli led measures, research advance.
11:51 am
degrading humanitarian situation. a threat to the specific state of jerusalem as it is embodied in security council resolution 4 78. at the same time, our destination is as clear as ever. two states, israel and palestine, living side-by-side in peace and security. to ther to contribute solution we must acknowledge the fundamental root course of this conflict. that is the occupation. to be able to reach sustainable peace, humanitarian actions are needed. the full engagement will not -- if the illegal occupation of palestine does not end. as we walk on the steps ahead this perspective must be kept in mind. sweden remains fully committed to the two state solution based on international law. -- lawect for international and resolutions remains at the
11:52 am
core of the peace process. it is more important than ever that we base our decisions and actions on international law. his counsel is centered to upholding the rules, indeed, the debate tomorrow will focus on the significance of this system and the respect for the u.n. charter. two states living side-by-side , this isand security also the policy of the european union. there is no alternative. that is why no action should be taken. such issues can only be taken off the table as part of negotiations between the parties . that includes jerusalem and refugees. the council has a duty to uphold resolutions on the special status of jerusalem. we are pleased to see the president in the council today. sweden recognized palestine in 2014. and fully supports palestinian state -- state building.
11:53 am
-- as our continued efforts to strengthen inclusive and democratic institutions and processes and palestine. -- peace process needs to be inclusive in order to advance. representation and participation in the peace process is a prerequisite for the peace process. -- hope for a better future. the private sector also has a rolled play. in both palestine and israel, civil society plays a crucial role in advancing peace. this is why sweden engages with civil society, in particular women's groups and youth in both countries. the speakers have stated that a significant reduction of funding is deeply worrisome. it must be urgently and
11:54 am
sustainably resolved. failing to resolve the funding situation will have serious consequences in the region. for this reason, sweden has already made half a payment of $59 million for 2018, we urge others to step up their funding by making their payments as early as possible. furthermore, sweden, jordan, egypt have decided to cohost a conference in the spring. mr. president, we are indeed at a crossroads. our final destination is getting further away by the day. spacelitical and physical for a two state solution is drastically's thinking -- drastically shrinking. the members of this council will determine where we end up. this council also has a responsibility to act. including by supporting the party to whom -- difficult choices need to be made.
11:55 am
what is needed now is political leadership and courage to make the bold choices to pick the right pass -- the right path. only this way can we reach a complete destination. thank you. >> i think the representative of sweden. thank you. first and foremost, my delegation would like to thank and expressed that we feel honored by the president of the state of palestine. we would like to ensure that our deepest respect and admiration is conveyed to the president of palestine. we would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the president this morning of the secretary-general of the special envoys of the peace process of the middle east. and also pay to be to the presidency for --
11:56 am
arrived at today's with some trepidation. through expressionist and settlement policies. that violate international law and irrelevant resolutions of the general assembly and this, the security council. we believe it is essential and important to recall that although there are two parties to the conflict, they do not enjoy unequal footing. one of these parties, israel, is the occupying power. palestine is an occupied people. there is an historic and undeniable on equality at play. one of the parties has used force to occupy the territory of the other. one of the parties -- which
11:57 am
according to the advisory opinion equates to a violation of international law. -- illegalparties settlements. forcibly --arties civilians. confiscates the land, demolishes houses, and transports settlements to the illegally constructed -- blockadingparties is gaza with devastating humanitarian consequences. access to basic services. one of the parties is response before the existence of 5 million palestinian refugees. -- party unleashed parties has a military campaign against the palestinian people. one of the parties has
11:58 am
communicated -- has violated human rights and is alleged to have committed war crimes. theof the parties is behind forced displacement of palestinian civilians. the parties is violating international obligations and systematically violates the revolution -- resolution of -- by way of example, the aforementioned -- up to 16 hours per day. there is also a severe shortage of water, medicines, basic supplies. the fuel reserves are fast running out. -- which would increase the likelihood of a cholera outbreak. the situation is alarming. all the more so at the time that the united nations released --
11:59 am
nra which provides humanitarian assistance to more than a million people in gaza. it is caught in a financial crisis which compromises the agency's capacity. whichld like to spend -- is nothing short then a move to politicize the dignity and human security of roughly 5 million political refugees. we would like to pay tribute to the -- joined by other states which will address this important topic. for some 50 years the israeli have heaped great suffering upon the palestinian people. in january of 2018, israeli authorities demolished, or confiscated some 32 palestinian properties in the west bank. it is approximately the same
12:00 pm
number of -- of 2017. as a result of this, some 37 people were displaced and another -- were impacted. we cannot talk about a status quote in the occupied palestinian territories and rather, we should be talking about an ongoing continuous increase of this occupation in this occupation continues to spread and render every day more difficult or life for palestinian civilians. we believe those that suffer most from these policies are the most vulnerable in society. women, older persons, and children. we want to express our concern for the more than 300 children that have been detained in recent months by security forces. like to bring attention to the case of the young girl who has become a symbol of
12:01 pm
palestinian resistance. her story is not just that of a young girl but also the story of millions of others who suffered in the same way over the years of occupation. she has been a direct witness to the violence and discrimination suffered by her people day in, day out. she has seen her mother arrested, other members of her family. she has felt fear and despair, as have other youth and children her age and younger. this is not a future or present that any parent would want for their children. state already to the convention on the right, is the only country in the world which tries children in military court. we want to express our solidarity with the family and we hope that she will be swiftly released. , as a pacifist country, we believe the only solution is a fair and lasting
12:02 pm
peace in the conflict between israel and palestine is through dialogue and negotiation with clear expressions of political willingness and determinations by both parties to achieve a two state solution. based on this, we underscore our full commitment to multilateralism and reiterate our support and backing for any international effort back in i sure in a peaceful solution to the conflict, such as the madrid principles, the arab peace initiative, and others which enshrines a fair and lasting peace and would allow both peoples to live in newly recognized and safe borders. we are convinced the only long-term solution to this conflict is the two state solution which will finally see the full statehood of a free, sovereign, an independent palestinian state living within the pre-1960 international borders with eastern jerusalem as the capital in line with the resolution. we once again condemn in the
12:03 pm
strongest possible terms the decision by the government of the united states to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. this decision is a flagrant violation of numerous decisions of the security council. united to was achieved to undermine the dialogue between the parties and will move us further away from any peaceful solution. it is the time for multilateralism, time for the security council to take its historic responsibility as conferred upon it by the charge of the united nations. once again, we believe the security council has become an occupied territory, a colonized territory. mandela who was on the united states terrorist list
12:04 pm
since 2007 and said, we know well that our freedom will be incomplete without the freedom of the palestinians. thank you very much. >> [translator] i think the representative of bolivia and i give the floor to the representative from kazakhstan. thank you. mr. president, our delegation is appreciative of the presence of president mahmoud abbas in the chamber and his excellency's statement before the members of the security council. we thank also the un's secretary-general for his remarks and special coordinator for the latest update. states, cows extend shares concerns regarding the two state solution. the underfunding deficit and the need for the international community to leave their middle
12:05 pm
east peace process. cows extend's position on the middle east peace process remains unchanged. tocountry look like them maintain in accordance to the previously reached international agreement. my delegation endorses therefore the state of the secretary-general antonio guterres that the declaration of the final status of jerusalem must be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties. it should be achieved on the basis of the relevant security council and general assembly resolutions. and at the same time, the legitimate concerns for both palestinian and israel side should be taken into account. we support negotiations resulting in two-state solutions and stand for their resumption, especially in bilateral format and without recognitions. should be theoal
12:06 pm
restoration and promotion of the peace process in accordance with relevant security council resolution, principles, exchange for peace formula, and a roadmap for error peace initiative. 's supports the right of the palestinian people for a free and sovereign independent state within its international borders, existed before 1967. with the capital in east jerusalem inco assistance. at the same time, we have emphasized the right of israel to security we propose a trust and utilizing the building measures with a three fourths approach with promotional security, the regional approach, and more enhanced coordinated the united nations in the wider region.
12:07 pm
the difficult humanitarian situation of gaza, which contributes to instability and frustration, can lead to the resumption of conflict and an increase of terrorist activities. in this regard, we urge the officials of israel and palestine to help resolve the humanitarian crisis in the gaza strip. an economics dimension with support from international communities. thekhstan's supports expression. a significant reduction of its regular budget has already of 5.3ed in excess million palestinian refugees who have suffered the longest crisis. expressestan also
12:08 pm
concern about the growth of israeli settlements in the territories. although all these resolutions have been important to bring about decisions on settlement activities and prevent violence against civilians. we also call upon the leaders of israel and palestine to take concrete steps to preserve the possibility of peace between the two states and strengthen the prospects for peace based on the rights of palestinians to statehood. kazakhstan welcomes the u.s. diplomatic efforts in reviewing the case process. u.s. president trump helped in recent days. we call on the middle east to revive their work on the palestine-is really track in the context of u.s. efforts.
12:09 pm
we also work on the russian federation and egypt efforts to ensure inter-palestinian consolidation and urge all palestinian parties and movements to integrate into one national political structure. cows extend believes it is necessary in the very near future to begin negotiations on each existing problem. reaching an agreement on pending issues and giving them final status. only such approach would lead to the adoption of the basic treaty. thank you. >> [translator] i think the representative of kazakhstan. representative from the united kingdom. >> thank you. i would like to welcome president abbas, thank him for his address to the council. i welcome his stated commitment to nonviolence and engaging
12:10 pm
constructively toward a two state solution. united kingdom remains committed to a student to solution which ends the israeli-palestinian conflict and we support all in any efforts to that end. our long-standing goal is a negotiated peace settlement that leads to a safe and secure israel, living alongside a bible and sovereign palestinian state, with secure and recognized borders and with jerusalem as a share capital of states. u.s. leadership on this issue is adispensable to achieving solution that meets the aspirations of both parties and look forward to the announcement of peace proposals when the u.s. administration judges them to be ready. u.s. efforts are significant opportunities to deliver peace and should be supported and encouraged by all. we stand ready to provide political and practical support to help achieve a viable agreement. we encourage the parties to make a public commitment to her nude peace negotiations on the basis
12:11 pm
of a two state solution. in order to move forward, it's important that they reaffirm their commitment to all previous automatic agreements which have taken us closer to peace. these agreements remain an important basis for a new talks. we welcome the palestinian authorities continued recognition of the state of israel and the parties continuing security corporation. pieceesident, if a processes to succeed, in news to be conducted in an atmosphere of violence. too many people continue to undermine efforts to achieve peace. we condemn the detonation of an improvised explosive device along the gaza border with israel on saturday, wounding four israeli soldiers. we also condemn the recent terrorist attack in the west bank settlement. there is never a excuse for terror. our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victim, as we are with all those
12:12 pm
who have been affected by violence. every israeli and palestinian has the right to live in peace and security. there is also a right to dignity, and we condemn kidnappings as well as ask would prevent families from being able to properly grieve for their loved ones. we will continue to press all sides to refrain from engaging in or encouraging incitement, hateful action, or language. this only serves to stir up prejudice and takes us further from the goal of achieving peace. in that regard, it is unacceptable for anyone to deny the legitimacy of the connection of either the jewish or palestinian people to the land. inflammatory and on help for rhetoric on both sides corrodes mutual respect and undermines prospects for peace. we call on both parties to act with restraint and to show bold leadership. only when both parties reject violence and work together to
12:13 pm
and stability, can piece of a chance to flourish. we are concerned by the israeli government's recent decision to establish a settlement deep in the west bank, the second in 12 months. these plans have also raised the possibility of the retroactive legalization of the illegal outpost. there have been read your threats from israel to demolish structures in the occupied west bank. we call on israel to immediately reverse its policy of settlement expansion and demolitions. they undermine the physical viability of the two state solution, and they call into question israel's own commitment to peace. mr. president, the lack of palestinian unity continues to be an impediment to achieving peace. we therefore support reconciliation efforts which lead to the full return of a palestinian authority to gaza.
12:14 pm
our special coordinator informed us last week, conditions in the gaza strip are dire. further deterioration of the humanitarian situation would not only continue to put lives at risk but would represent a threat to stability in the region. it is essential that all parties work urgently to improve the situation, and we call for an easing of access controls so people and goods into and out of gaza. the united kingdom remains a committed supporter of the united nations relief and works agency. it must be able to continue its vital work to improve the lives of palestinian refugees and to help maintain stability across the region. it needs appropriate funding to do so. mr. president, all united nations member states have a role to play in nurturing peace and rejecting violence. we are therefore concerned by incursions across israel's
12:15 pm
border with syria earlier this month. our commitment to israel's security is unwavering and we support israel's right to defend itself. mr. president, the united kingdom's position on an israeli-palestinian peace agreement have not changed. it should be based on the lines as they stood june 4, 1967, with equal land swaps to reflect the national security and religious interest of the jewish and palestinian peoples. jerusalem should be the share capital of the israeli and .alestinian state and it's status must be determined through a final status agreement. fair, agreed, and realistic settlement for refugees is needed that is demographically compatible with the principle of two states for two peoples. to conclude, like all in this council, the united kingdom strongly supports peace.
12:16 pm
we want to see renewed peace negotiations supported by the international community which lead to a safe and secure israel , the homeland for the jewish living alongside a viable and sovereign palestinian state, the homeland for the palestinian people. let us all work together to lay the groundwork for peace. thank you. >> [translator] i thank you. i now give the floor to equatorial guinea. >> [translator] i would like to thank you for having convened this meeting which gives us a welcome opportunity to hear the report from the special coordinator for peace process in the middle east on the situation in the middle east, including the palestinian president. to himgratulations go
12:17 pm
for the excellent work that he is carrying out in the middle east. for thisest for peace region of the world. extend a cordial look him to his excellency, the president of the state of palestine, mahmoud abbas, and we thank him for his presence. we also appreciate the presence of the secretary-general. president, the republic of has beenl guinea following closely and with optimism this situation in iraq. to the contrary, we are concerned by recent developments in yemen and syria and would like to express our deep rooted alarm in light of the recent events in the conflict between israel and palestine. i would like to take the opportunity to properly state equatorial guinea's.
12:18 pm
four of piece in the entire middle east region and in particular to stabilization and stability and peace between israel and palestine. deplores theinea most recent violent escalation between the palestinians and , and escalation of violence and tension that we have just heard detailed in the presentation of the report. we appeal to all parties to moderate and rein in their behavior and to refrain from any act that may further inflame what is already a complex situation. the government of the republic of equatorial guinea has , avided over his excellency firm proponent of a negotiated solution to any problem that may arise. however messy or complex it may be. we do not move from this position of principal with
12:19 pm
regard to this particular conflict we are discussing today. allthat reason, we invite those parties involved in this conflict give their all toward seeking stabilization and normalization of the situation and toward relieving the suffering of the people. the government of the republic of equatorial guinea backs the two state solution, to be negotiated directly between the israelis and palestinians, or within the framework of a multilateral mechanism. it is possible the two state solution will entail painful concessions for both parties. the core of dialogue is that of the ability and need to make hard choices when necessary. must be frameds and guided by the resolutions of the security council and the arab peace initiative. jerusalematus of should be negotiated at these
12:20 pm
resolutions between the parties. considers thenea historic claims of the palestinians are just and fair, and in so stated, we echo the various declarations to that effect by the african union and also echo the resolutions of the general assembly and security council of the united nations. that said, the right of israel to live in peace and security must also be duly taken into account. the parties must refrain from taking unilateral actions that may hinder dialogue. president, we would like today to express our deep rooted alarm in light of the critical humanitarian situation that is currently being suffered by gaza , as highlighted in the report. thetorial guinea believes solution to the serious humanitarian crisis in gaza should be a top priority for the international community with a view to improving the situation
12:21 pm
of the civilian population. i would like to take the opportunity therefore to thank qatar and united arab emirates for the financial aid they have pledged to alleviate this crisis . but said it is not enough to resolve every pressing issue. there are health concerns, provision of self drinking water, and uninterrupted supply of power. without the services, it is difficult to provide medical care and pursue a semblance of a normal life. for these reasons, we make a call for ongoing inter-palestinian dialogue so a solution can be found to the differences between the palestinian side which we believe would bode well for a definitive and fair solution to the conflict overall and to the situation in gaza in particular. we conclude by paying tribute to unrra for the work it is caring outcome despite the dirt and resources to them. continued appeal to
12:22 pm
financial aid to be provided to this agency, unrra, whose humanitarian work is both noble and laudable. thank you very much, mr. president. >> [translator] thank you, i give the floor to poland. >> i would like to thank the secretary for his state. we appreciate very much the comprehensive briefing by the special coordinator. we are also pleased to welcome president of food of us -- mahmoud abbas today. the initiative of stabilization and strengthening peace and security in the middle east. unfortunately, since the last briefing, there has not been any significant positive move toward achieving peace. helpe contrary, we cannot
12:23 pm
but notice that the situation has begun to deteriorate. mr. president, we note with concern and increase in incidents along the israeli border with the gaza strip, not only rockets fired from the streets, but israeli military measures. as the growing tensions over the israel border. right toize israel's defend itself and ensure security of its citizens. at the same time, we urge all parties to exercise restraint in order to avoid fresh hostilities. articulately, -- particularly worrying is the humanitarian crisis along the gaza strip. lifesaving health, water, and sanitation services. mayent shortages of fuel soon after great the situation further.
12:24 pm
depriving the inhabitants of gaza of hope and real tospective may be very easy inflame the rhetoric which would result in violence, extremism, and radicalization, particularly among the youth. we are deeply concerned about the deteriorating financial situation of unrra. the effects of reducing support can bring serious security and humanitarian consequences not only in palestinian territories but also in neighboring countries hosting palestinian refugees. the agency already faces great in upholding its mandate to preserve its key services, like education and health care. the international community as a whole cannot disclaim its obligation toward palestinian
12:25 pm
refugees. we should take any possible efforts in order to ensure the smooth continuation of the agency work on a solid financial basis. yearss part, poland four -- for years supported palestinian refugees through contributions to the agency. in response to the current needs, poland will contribute to the unrra general batch in the first quarter of the year. the stablee to add humanitarian situation in the middle east is a key priority for poland. for this reason, in recent years, we have significantly increased our support directed to the most affected people in syria, it's neighboring countries, and the west bank by bilateral and multilateral assistance, including the polish
12:26 pm
contribution under the economic resilience initiative last year. mr. president, in more general terms, let me underline the security council must maintain onecommitment to resolving of the longest standing conflicts on our agenda. we should continue to seek and attend to the israeli-palestinian conflict by reviving the priest process. returning to meaningful bilateral negotiations based on the relevant united nations resolutions and international law. path toward aly two state solution and resolving all final status issues. poland supports a two state solution and national aspirations of both armies of the conflict would be met
12:27 pm
including palestinian rights to self-determination and independence, as well as israeli rights to ensure its security and normalization of relations with other states. euallowing the long-standing position, we would like to reiterate our position on jerusalem. we strongly believe aspirations of both parties for jerusalem must be fulfilled in a way to resolve the status of jerusalem must be found through negotiations. we appeal to israel and the palestinians to refrain from unilateral steps that could prejudge the outcome of final status negotiations and expect them to demonstrate their commitment to peace through actions and policies. we condemn all acts of terrorism and incitement to violence. in our opinion, this constitutes
12:28 pm
a significant reactivation of the peace process. we continue to watch developments on intra-palestinian reconciliation closely and we call on all councilmember to support this process in accordance with principles. we believe in outcome can be reached by the international community which could be an important step for the unity of the future palestine state, and may in the long term lead to a sustainable peace agreement. an important element of such solutions is the involvement of countries of the region. we should understand the relevance of the error peace initiative of 2002 as a comprehensive framework for the resolution of the arab-israeli conflict, those contribute to regional peace and security. thank you, mr. president.
12:29 pm
>> [translator] i think the representative of poland. i now give the floor to china. >> [translator] mr. president, i want to thank the secretary-general for his presence at the meeting. we commend the special coordinator for his informative briefing. thanks the president of palestine for attending and thanks for the remarks. the question of palestine is the most protected regional hotspot since world war ii. it lies at the height of the middle east issue, fundamental to achieving peace in the region. only by establishing a genuine state of palestine can israel .njoy lasting security only a comprehensive settlement to the question of palestine can win about a fundamental elevation of the situation in the middle east.
12:30 pm
the current situation between palestine and israel remains tenuous complete with the dire situation in gaza about which china is gravely concerned. all parties should implement resolution 2334, seizing all settlement activities in this occupied territory and act to prevent further violence against civilians. all parties should remain calm and exercise restraint, move toward each other, helping to foster the necessary conditions for resumption of talks. we believe a two state solution represents the right way forward toward resolving the question of palestine. the international community should uphold relevant u.n. resolutions for peace and arab peace initiatives, jointly exploring ways and means to promote peace so as to achieve
12:31 pm
an early comprehensive, just, and durable solution to the question of palestine. the international community needs to back up the palestinian-israeli peace talks. influence onould the middle east and should play a constructive role. china remains committed to facilitating the middle east .eace process with support it supports an independent palestinian state under the 19 six to seven borders with east jerusalem as its capital. in july of last year, the chinese president put forward a oint proposal on this question calling for new momentum on the basis of the two state solution, adherence to the philosophy of shared comprehensive, cooperative, and
12:32 pm
sustainable security, greater coordination of international efforts to maximize unity for -- holisticn host approach to peace. we are in full swing to implement the proposal. december last year, china successfully hosted a symposium of palestinian and israeli pro-peace initiatives and will continue to push for a political settlement to the question in a constructive fashion. mr. president, the question of jerusalem is complex and delicate. all parties should respect historic relevancy and uphold justice in implementing international justice and drive for its peaceful existence. to reach asolutions solution that accommodates all parties interests.
12:33 pm
palestine and israel should respect each other's right to live and avoid any action that may aggregate -- aggravate current situations. the international community needs to continue providing humanitarian assistance to people in refugees which can help in cute critical security over the past six decades of our more. unrra has played an instant a small -- indispensable role in the humanitarian crisis in the pocket. territory. we call on all parties to step and to those unrra countries hosting refugees as to improve the humanitarian condition of the palestinian refugees. thank you, mr. president. >> [translator] i think china. i give the floor to the representative from cote d'ivoire. >> [translator] thank you, mr. president.
12:34 pm
countryident, my welcomes the holding of this meeting on the situation in the middle east, including the palestinian question. we also would like to thank the secretary-general of the united nations and the special coordinator for the middle east process. of the comments and the presentation on the topic. we also welcome the presence in this chamber for this debate of the chairman of the palestinian authority, his excellency, rhoda foss. representative of the state of israel to the united nations. mr. president, 25 years after , we hope acords peaceful settlement to the palestinian conflict has
12:35 pm
dwindled and the compromised solution of a two state living side by side in peace and security seems increasingly to reseed, absence a political process have contributed to the serious the duration of the humanitarian situation for the palestinian communities in the west bank. ,iven this alarming situation my delegation is worried about a new flareup of violence in a , which would put even further away the prospects over peaceful settlement for the israeli-palestinian crisis. , therefore,e to after the clashes that took place recently which resulted in the death of two palestinians and the wounding of a soldier, we would like to call on the israeli and palestinian parties
12:36 pm
to display maximum restraint. delegationnt, my continues believing that peace between the palestinians and israelis remain possible despite the impasse we find ourselves currently. ,y country remains convinced although there is no alternative invitee, that is why we the parties to the conflict to a constructive dialogue in order to overcome the obstacles. , we call on the and to do renounce their own oath to renounce unilateral initiatives which could jeopardize the prospects of having a political and peaceful settlement of the crisis. would like to use this opportunity in order to reaffirm our positions of
12:37 pm
principle in favor of a two state solution. it is the only viable option which could enable the palestinians and israelis to live and coexist in peace and security. cote d'ivoire also supports the position according to which the final status of the city of jerusalem, something that needs to be negotiated within the framework of an agreed solution between the two parties and is provided for in the relevant resolutions of the united nations. mr. president, the consequences of the israeli-palestinian are catastrophic for the people living in the gaza strip. they are hit by an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. they are experiencing a very high level of unemployment, people going as high as 47% and shortages of water and
12:38 pm
electricity. delegation calls for the resumption of negotiations between israel and the palestinian authorities. ofencourage on the basis strength and corporation the palestinian parties to continue dialogue in order to ensure an effective return of the palestinian authority to gaza which would provide for a better handling of the current humanitarian issues. thank you. >> [translator] i think the representative of cote d'ivoire. i give the floor to the representative of peru. >> [translator] president, we welcome the convening of this meeting and would like to welcome the presence with us this morning the secretary-general. we would also like to express our gratitude for the detailed report. we particularly welcome the presence with us this morning of president ofbbas,
12:39 pm
the state of palestine and other high-ranking authorities. the is following deep-rooted concerns in palestine, the unwillingness to budge from interest positions, lack of dollars between the parties and never-ending stream of violent acts and episodes have seen the peace process come to a grinding halt and leaves us faced with an unstable and unsustainable status quote. in light of the aforementioned, we point to the importance and urgency of forging a basic framework on common ground that works to reverse the current negative trends on the ground and paves the way for the resumption of direct negotiations between the parties. with a view to preserving and attaining the only viable solution to the current untenable state of affairs on the table to which two states living within the safety and security along the borders. against the backdrop, is worth recalling the oslo agreement which furnishes the requisite
12:40 pm
parameters for a resolution, which continues to be played. we think it is crucial that in a political, religious, and social spears, actions and words seeking to seek hr respect. the leaders of both sides are responsible for setting the tone to the demonstration of moderation and commitment to peace and respect of international law and the charge of the united nations. this lead me to recall the obligation and duties of this security council. in particular, it is urgent and present to put it into part is his which have been on the rise over the last year, practices of settlement, demolition of homes, and infections taking place in the occupied palestinian territories. all of this is in line with resolution 2334. should be punished
12:41 pm
who violate human rights and international humanitarian law or terrorist acts and all and any attack on civilians. tangible and irrefutable steps must be taken. for example, information must be forthcoming on the plight of israeli soldiers or detained israeli soldiers. we are of the view that a return of the remains of the fallen to their relatives would be a powerful gesture and one that should be taken. same time, we believe it is essential that the right to legitimate defense be wielded by the israeli authority legally, proportionately come in a properly calibrated manner. the human rights of the palestinian citizens, including minors, cannot be trampled upon. in a similar vein, we also reject it is crucial to hate speech, to reject anti-semitism, and reject discrimination in all of its forms. in any society, ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity is should be appreciated as an asset, never
12:42 pm
seen as a threat. with concern the ongoing deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the gaza strip described by the secretary-general, as one of the most romantic humanitarian situations i have personally seen in the many years i have been working in the united nations. we believe it is urgent to meet the basic needs of the people in gaza. of people andn breeding grounds of radicalization. we must promote peace, humanitarian assistance with development plans that offer hope and opportunity. we take this opportunity to reiterate our appreciation for unrra and its work, the work to support the agency. have thes me to extraordinary meeting of the conference that took place in and ils on january 31 also hailed the stated willingness by many countries to use their good offices and
12:43 pm
contributing to a leaving the situation on the ground. >> [translator] i think the representative of peru. i give the floor to the representative of the netherlands. >> mr. president, let me welcome the presence of mahmoud abbas in the council. let me thank you for the detailed briefing and efforts for peace. mr. president, the facts on the ground speak for themselves and leave little room for optimism. we face a growing humanitarian and economic crisis in gaza and we see a lack of possibilities for palestinian development in the west bank. i will touch on three points in that context. the two state solution and the need for tangible steps, secondly, the need for commitment and international support and third, the situation in gaza. mr. president, my first point. this two-tiered solution. it is worth recalling the oslo
12:44 pm
accords signed by president abbas, who has always advocated for a peaceful role toward palestinian states. the oslo accords held the promise of two states within five years from the signing in 1993. but we are now in the 25th year since oslo and the obstacles to peace have grown. oslo was not just a document, it was a vision. we are still firmly convinced that only the two state solution based on the borders of 1967 will lead to sustainable peace. we recalled that a rising solution to the conflict must be on the basis of the relevant council resolutions, the madrid principles including one for peace, the roadmap, the agreements previously reached by the parties, and eric's initiative with the state of israel and an independent, democratic, continuous,
12:45 pm
sovereign, and viable state of palestine living side-by-side in peace and security and mutual recognition. the netherlands believes the clear parameters defined the basis for negotiations including on jerusalem. these parameters are key elements for a successful outcome. king of the netherlands calls on both sides to translate the stated desire for peace into tangible steps. steps that build trust and contribute to the preservation of the possibility of the two state solution in line with council resolution 2334. this requires a fundamental change in the developments on the ground which continued to undermine the prospect of a two state solution. the king of the netherlands reiterated strong operation to the settlement policy and a stick in the context. these include continuous demolitions, plans leading to force transfer of communities in
12:46 pm
the west bank, the announcement to legalize the outpost into a settlement, and legislative amount to nothing less than annexations. such actions and proposals are calls for serious concern. the king of the netherlands positions has not changed. settlements are illegal in international law. they undermine the viability of the two state solution and undermine the prospect for a lasting peace. at the same time, the continued violence including firing rockets, as well as incitement, needs to stop. the king of the netherlands is deeply concerned by the escalation of violence in and around gaza. rocket attacks by militants from gaza are unacceptable and need to stop. the leadership on both sides must work to prevent escalation. mr. president, this brings me to my second point, the need to commitment and international
12:47 pm
support. the current lack of confidence between parties but also it in negotiations creates a dangerous vacuums because both israeli and palestinian populations to lose hope. negotiations are not start with trust, they start with courage. a political commitment to reach out, build bridges and create trust, taking people along, step-by-step. international community can certainly help providing a political horizon for the two state solution in line with relevant council resolutions. the international community can support the parties to find a path back to the negotiation to this end, cooperation between the partners as well as regional players and with both parties is crucial. we fully support the initiative is for the two state solution taken by the representative of
12:48 pm
the eu, working together with both parties, other members of the quartet, and regional partners. the kingdom of the netherlands will continue to play a constructive role building on our good relations with both sides. mr. president, this brings me to my third point, gaza. as others have said, the crisis in gaza has grown rapidly i. unemployment is rising and the economy is a virtual standstill. gaza faces a lack of energy supply which faces all aspects of life, including the provision of water and treatment of sewage. almost none of the groundwater is no longer fit for human consumption. raw sewage flows into the sea, polluting the water which is needed for desalination. the people in gaza suffer from insufficient access to advocate health care. in the words of the secretary-general, gaza will become unlivable by 2020.
12:49 pm
but for many, it is hardly livable this very day. a growing number of people there is dependent on humanitarian aid and unrra, as we know, is the largest provider of this aid, with a critical financial ability undermining its to provide services to the people in gaza. we are concerned that this negative or cast will lead to growing despair in gaza. it will add to the unpredictability of the situation and to an increased risk of instability in the other areas of operation of unrra. it is our collective responsibility to assure unrra can execute its mandates as given by the un's general assembly. the kingdom of the netherlands calls on all stakeholders to put the needs of the people of the population of the work front in future decisions regarding gaza. the positive measures suggest the committee in brussels can lead to a significant improvement of living conditions.
12:50 pm
this includes expansion of possibilities for trade and support for essential services, like water and energy. therefore, we call upon all parties to live up to the commitments made. palestinianhe authority to proceed on a challenging path of inter-palestinian reconciliation . we support the efforts to restore unity between the west bank and gaza and return of the palestinian authority to gaza as a single, legitimate governing body. the weekend showed the need for political solution in gaza. in conclusion, there was little cause for optimism, however, in the middle east, optimism is not so much a choice as it is a necessity. this conflict can be solved. this conflict must be solved. we should all work diligently and in concert to advance a two state solution. the parties themselves, the region, and the international
12:51 pm
community at large. thank you very much, mr. president. >> [translator] i think the representative of the netherlands. i now give the floor to the .epresentative >> i would like to thank the special court for his useful and comprehensive briefing on the latest developments concerning the middle east and palestine. we have always benefited from his briefings. we were pleased and honored to have had his excellency present mahmoud abbas with us this morning and we thank him for having been here and for sharing with us is thoughts and vision on the very critical issue at hand. appreciate the ambassador for having been here and for sharing with us the israeli perspective. we are very much concerned, mr.
12:52 pm
president, with the lack of progress in the israeli-palestinian peace process. the latest developments have once again brought the israeli palestinians is that to the floor, underscore the urgency of renewed commitment to the peace process without any further delay. , therelso our conviction transparented for readiness on the parts of all of those with a capacity to make a difference, to help the two parties move toward mutual accommodation. , it issident, of course a difficult humanitarian situation in gaza. now funding for critical facilities have left many palestinians without water or sanitation services. there is need for the mobilization of international
12:53 pm
support to avert a humanitarian disaster. all those who responded to the call must be commended but there is still a shortfall in funding. more needs to be done to assure palestinians have access to life-saving basic services. it is our earnest hope that humanitarian needs would be protected from temptation and politicization. what could be looked at together with this is the need to enable the palestinian authority, exercise full control over gaza based on the cairo agreement. we believe this issue will not only improve the economic and humanitarian situation but also unity,er palestinian which will hopefully provide impetus for the peace process, which remains dormant. although the signing of the
12:54 pm
cairo agreement was very much welcome, not much progress has been made in terms of its implementation. that is coupled with the excessive restrictions which continue to exacerbate the humanitarian situation. note theonnection, we trilateral meetings hailed recently between the special coordinator, the palestinian prime minister, and the israeli court nader, and discussion heads among others on facilitating critical to military and solution and revitalizing the economy in gaza. the palestinian dispute has always been unambiguous, as well as very transparent. as much as we support the rights of israel to exist in peace and security, we also support the inalienable rights of the palestinian people to self-determination and the right of palestine to exist as a free
12:55 pm
and independent state. this is also the position of the african union, whose decision we have a responsibility to respect . accordingly, you'll you up yet fully supports the goal of two states living side by side in peace and security, as the only viable option to resolving the israeli-palestinian dispute. we believe this is not only in the best interest of israel and palestine but will also significantly advance peace and security in the middle east region. however, it seems to us, self evident that lately there have been moves made and actions taken which may contribute to aking progress toward resolution of outstanding issues on the basis of the two-state formula. these are not only increasing frustration and this trust but also undermining the very
12:56 pm
viability of the two state solution. removing this long-standing circumstance is imperative to create the necessary conditions for progress and negotiations between the two parties to achieve the comprehensive, just, and lasting solution on the basis of mutual trust and spirit of compromise. this is what the situation calls for. also, in the best interest of the two parties as well as the international community as a whole. there is no plan b to the two state solution. the secretary-general has repeated the same today. that cannot be contested. that is why we supported the call for the intensification and acceleration of international and regional efforts aimed at
12:57 pm
achieving a comprehensive, lasting, and just solution. in this regard, we welcome the holding of the extraordinary session of the international , which meetsestine in brussels last month, bringing together israelis and the palestinians, as well as all other relevant partners for the first time in a while to discuss measures to speed up efforts that can underpin a negotiated two state solution. indeed, the resumption of negotiations requires the full support of all partners and all should play their part for any meaningful progress to be achieved. in this context, it is incumbent upon this council to discharge efforts for support between the israelis and the israelis for peace in the broader middle
12:58 pm
east region. no doubt come at the end of the day, the responsibility for making progress toward lasting peace and mutual accommodation falls on the two parties. thank you, mr. president. >> [translator] i think the representative of ethiopia. i will now make a statement in my capacity. at the outset, i would like to welcome the participation of his excellency, the secretary-general of the united nations antonio guterres, and thank you for participating in this historic meeting, on a crucial issue that has occupied the international community for the past five decades, during which we have witnessed ongoing violations of international humanitarian law with the continued israeli occupation of occupied area and. this occupation has been condemned and announced insecurity runcible resolutions i call for its ending. i also think the special coordinator for the middle east peace process for his valuable briefing. we are honored by the
12:59 pm
participation of his excellency, president mahmoud abbas, president of the state of palestine, in today's meeting, while my country provides over the security council for this month. this is a valuable opportunity that allowed everyone to listen directly to the owner of this just cause, and what the international community must do to honor its commitment in the principles and purposes of the united nations charter to guarantee the rights of people to self-determination. holding this nonpermanent membership in the security council at the beginning of this year, the status has pledged to make every possible effort to asport the palestinian cause the most important cause for arabs and muslims everywhere. and as one of the pillars of kuwait's foreign policy. because we remain firm in our commitment to shoulder the
1:00 pm
and meet the aspirations of the palestinian people towards establishing an independent state with east jerusalem by implementing security council resolutions. israel as the occupying power continues to put obstacles and stand in the way that successful past towards a lasting and comprehensive peace in the middle east to base on our common responsibility to mustain security, we in accordance with article 25 of the u.n. charter. how can we overlook the fact that this occupation continues to ignore the united nations and relevance revolutions -- resolutions of international legitimacy. bes occupation continues to a violation of international law which is the arbitrator of international relations.
1:01 pm
the peace process in the middle east has witnessed many have resulted in many u.n. solutions, however, failure to commit exacerbated the humanitarian crisis the palestinian people and increase tensions in the region. this is have an impact on international security and stability and we have witnessed the emergence of other crisis in the region such as extremism and terrorism. these cannot be addressed without addressing the root causes. we have all witnessed the repercussions of the recent decision on jerusalem which is hindering our efforts and jeopardizing that the peace process and affecting the balance negotiation. on the united states because we are confident that they play an important role in process to work with the international community
1:02 pm
to compel israel to implement resolutions of international legitimacy and end its occupation of all arab and islamic territories. the roadmap and the arab peace initiative adopted by all arab countries in the beirut summit of 2002 to a peaceful resolution that establishes the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital. i would not be exaggerating if i ensureolitical will to the full implementation of the security resolution will help to achieve that goal. it is a historic resolution that affirms the most important legal principles links to the palestinian question. israel, the occupying power, must honor its commitments and
1:03 pm
responsibilities -- legal responsibility by virtue of the geneva for convention of 1949. the security council also to change theres demographic composition, the character, and the status of the occupied palestinian territories occupied since 1967 including east jerusalem. the security council in itolution 2334 also condemns as a latent violation of international law as it is a major obstacle to lasting peace. thatution 2334 also stated any changes along the lines will not be recognized by the security council including changes to the legal and
1:04 pm
historic status of jerusalem. more than a year has passed since this historic resolution and it still has not been implemented. even worse, when the provisions of the resolution was violated and occupied palestinian and blatant violation of resolution 2334 which led to the landcipation of owners among palestinian families, the state of kuwait strongly condemned the legal and illegitimate israeli possible -- i would including also like to address the situation in the gaza strip. we are following with great concern given its dangerous consequences of 2 million -- on
1:05 pm
2 million palestinians and restricting the availability of basic health services. this blockade is unjust and we condemn again the practices of that represents a great violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. imposed on gaza is an example of such a violation. i reaffirm that kuwait will spare no effort. mechanismsational are expanding its membership to include arab countries. we also support all legal and peaceful steps taken by palestine to strengthen its sovereignty. the palestinian people expect from the united nations and the security council in particular to honor its commitment to
1:06 pm
maintain international peace and security. we stand by the palestinian people in defending their just cause and legitimate rights including their historic and constant rights to jerusalem as guaranteed by the resolutions of whichational legitimacy reaffirmed that east jerusalem is the capital of the state of palestine. we encourage all countries to identify jerusalem as its capital. on all of you to participate in the area of formal meeting with a group of forers in security council the implementation of the 50olution 2334 following years is the israeli occupation of the palestinian territory. names on themore list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned.
1:07 pm
>> tonight on c-span, we will the some of the first of summit from new orleans looking at campaign finance, the electoral college, and redistricting. actress jennifer garner took part. okay, if there is a wall and supernnabis pac's, then it i as a political donors grow big money at a super pac, my personal politician does not get to decide how it is spent, right? [laughter] >> that is technically correct except the people who do decide how to spend it are usually in
1:08 pm
this scenario, the former campaign manager of the candidate or close friends of of myndidate, and one favorite examples was the parents of the candidate. they are running the super pac. [laughter] they also can share common vendors and so they can use the same consultants. it is useful to see it as the other pocket on the candidate's coat. >> ok, but if a candidate tells the super pac exactly what to do with the money -- [laughter] is that legal? >> ah, that would be illegal. however, first they would have to get caught and then the sec would have to have a majority vote on whether to investigate it. the fec has basically deadlocked on all of this and the last couple of years. >> more jennifer lawrence's
1:09 pm
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