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tv   Rev. Billy Graham Funeral  CSPAN  March 3, 2018 1:04am-2:57am EST

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of race. justice are good marshall known as the "great defender" stuck abstained. an attorney and member of the u.s. commission on civil rights will join us. at 9:00ve on monday eastern on c-span and each case,kground on order your copy of the landmark cases companion book. 995 --vailable for $48.95 less shipping and handling. you can also go to the washington constitution center's interact if constitution. >> next, the funeral service for the late reverend billy graham which was held outside the billy graham library in charlotte, north carolina. president trump, first lady
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melania trump, vice president pence and hit the second first lady were among those in attendance. reverend graham died last week at the age of 99. this is just under two hours. ♪
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my heart can sing when i pause to remember a heartache here is but a stepping stone along a trail that's winding always upward, this troubled world is not my final home. but until then my heart will go on singing,
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until then with joy i'll carry on until the day my eyes behold the city, until the day god calls me home the things of earth will dim and lose their value if we recall they're borrowed for a while; and things of earth that cause the heart to tremble, remembered there will only bring a smile. but until then my heart will go on singing, until then with joy i'll carry on until the day my eyes behold the city, until the day god calls me home (3) this weary world with all its toil and struggle may take its toll of misery and strife; the soul of man is like a waiting falcon; when it's released, it's destined for the skies.
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but until then my heart will go on singing, until then with joy i'll carry on until the day my eyes behold the city, until the day god calls me home thank you and you may be seated. good afternoon and welcome to charlotte, north carolina on the grounds of the billy graham's library. this is a service of thanksgiving and celebration of william franklin graham junior. a preacher of the gospel of our lord jesus christ. for more than eight decades, mr. graham preached the good news of the gospel, in it he spoke the very words of jesus, instead of
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thank you and you may be seated. good afternoon and welcome to charlotte, north carolina on the grounds of the billy graham's library. this is a service of thanksgiving and celebration of william franklin graham junior. a preacher of the gospel of our lord jesus christ. for more than eight decades, mr. graham preached the good news of the gospel, in it he spoke the very words of jesus, instead of himself, i am the resurrection and the life. he who believes in me though he were dead shall live in whosoever live it and believe it in me shall never die. i know that my redeemer lives in.
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does this body be destroyed yet shall i see god i will see for myself and my eyes will bald not as a stranger -- behold not as a stranger. the lord has given and the lord has taken away, blessed the vine name of the lord. the service continues as dr. don wilson will read scripture and lead us in prayer. dr. wilson. 00:25:58 dr. wilson mr. graham had a deep conviction of the bible. he loved the bible. it is how he governed how he lived and how he died. he believes the bible teaches us the truth about god and cries to jesus. one of the passages he requested that i read at his funeral service is most eloquently the life and testimony our beloved
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mr. graham. from ephesians chapter two and verse 4-9. god being rich in mercy because of his great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead made us alive together with him.t in raised us up with might ages to come, you show us the passing riches of his grace in kindness, in and through the lord jesus christ. you have been saved through faith and that is the gift of god, not as a result of works,
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so that no one may boast. would you join me as we are together. our god and our father, we live high in the name of jesus christ. recognizing that you alone are lord, you created us and your purpose for us would be that for through the love of christ in jesus, then list the name of the lord jesus christ our lord and savior we give you our praise in glory. -- your purpose we are the love of god in christ jesus, we would man bynciled to a holy god. mostraham would one us desperately today to think of another than lifting high the name of the lord jesus christ. we give you all praise and all
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glory. as we celebrate the life of your servant, we pray that you would bless us today and speak to us in our hearts and we would rise determined to live lives that would be will pleasing just as mr. graham did. we pray these things in the wonderful name of the world -- the lord jesus christ, amen. >> as we continue this wonderful celebration, let me ask you to join in as we sing to him. i will ask that we stand as we continue to rejoice in our savior's love.
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>> you don't know how funny it makes me feel to sit here and look at the house. it my husband and i had an argument about which room is month, but thank you all for being here. you are here because
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you are here because you love him. but you don't love him like i do. you haven't loved him as long as i have. the president said, you have good genes. but he didn't know that my name was jean! [laughter] my brother billy my sister catherine, my brother melvin and grew up here in this house we learned hard work, we learned to pray, to read the scriptures. my other brother and sister have gone on, and i was reminded when , ofard that my brother died the sound that the acquires used to thing -- the song that the
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.hoirs used to sing heaven come down and fill my heart with glory. on february 21, heaven came down. and it took my mother from me. one day, heaven will come down and take me. and i know what he would want me to say today. again.en is coming and we would like to take you also. i am the eldest, i tell people that i don't want to be called the oldest or the eldest anymore of the family, i want to be called the one that daddy loved the longest. [laughter] i read too many articles and
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seeing things on television, the cards that so many have written. there are so many adjectives about daddy and they are also wonderful. i wanted to read something and share about the little girl that was born many, many years ago on a faraway country. i don't think she ever heard of charlotte, north carolina. but she was born many years ago. her parents had taught her to pray even at that early age. for the man that god would prepare for her. so there was a little boy here in charlotte milking cows every morning and afternoon and he had idea that there was a little girl praying for him in china. mother many years after that wrote, she was about 13 when she poem.this little
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i would like to share it with you, maybe maybe of you have heard it. it is worth it to hear it again. at 13-year-old girl remembered -- dear god, i prayed all unafraid as we are inclined to do. i do not need a handsome man but oh god, let him be like you. i do not need one big and strong tall, nor need he be a genius or wealthy, lord at all. high, dear head be god. eye be clear.e his shoulders straight. oh god, let his face have
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character and a ruggedness of soul. let his whole life show, dear god, a singleness of goal. and when he comes, as he will come, with those quiet as a glow , i will understand that he is the man that i prayed for long-ago. and the lord answered every single one of those prayers for mother, and many more. ,nd of course, that little girl my sisters and my brothers and i --l her mama, and my little and the little boy was daddy. and we are grateful that god has brought them back together again for eternity. >> when i was a girl growing up , mother led us in devotions
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every day, she read the bible and prayed. when dad was home he led family devotions, he read the bible, but he would not just read it. he would stop and make a comment or ask a question. my mother taught me to love reading my bible every day. and my daddy taught me that i was able to think about what i was reading. so about 10 years or 11 years ago when my mother went to heaven, my daddy started asking me to read him the bible. was veryit intimidating, then it became such a joy. there were times and i would sit in front of my dad, he was hard of hearing, so i would sit in front of him. he would ask me to give him a full 60 minute message. hishe would never take attention away from my face. once in a while he would interrupt me and ask a question, but he loved to hear. as he got weaker we went through 60 minutes but the pattern was the same. whoever was in the house was
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gather around him, people would gather around and i would read scripture area and but before i did, i would explain to him what had chosen that particular passage of scripture. i don't need them, these are all kleenex. [laughter] well, i may need them later. we would gather around and i went explain why i had chosen that passage then i would read that to him and him and end by saying daddy, i love you. i wanted to do that this time. when we are gathered around daddy. i want to read a passage but i like to explain why i have chosen it. i believe from heaven's perspective that my father's death is as significant as his
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life. and his life is very significant. i think when he died, that was something very strategic from heaven's point of view. i know that before the foundations of the world 2018 -- february, 21st, was the day that god chose to take my father home. why? i looked up what was significant about that day, and found out that that is the day when jews focus on scripture readings which focus on the death of moses. moses was a great spiritual leader. he brought millions of people out of bondage from slavery and got them to the edge of the promised land and brought them to heaven. my father also is a great liberator. he brought millions of people sin, andondage to brought them to the promised land.
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then he was called home. could it be that he brought joshua, you know what the new testament name for joshua is, it's jesus. acrossve, this is a shot the bow from heaven. i believe that god is saying, wake-up church, wake up world. jesus is coming. jesus is coming. gospel is, when the preached in the whole world, in churches, ministries, jesus said that when the gospel is preached in the whole world, then the end will come. i would like to read to you first thessalonians chapter four, beginning with verse 13. i will read it the way my mama taught me. i will make it personal. and i will read it the way that me, i will make a comment here and there. first thessalonians chapter four
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falling asleep as the biblical term for when god's children die. you open them in the face of jesus, i don't want you to be ignorant concerning those who have fallen asleep. last you sorrow as others who have no hope. if you believe that jesus died for your sin and i do, god will bring with him those who are asleep and jesus. this is god's word, it's not fantasy, this by the word of the letter we who are alive in the coming of the lord can see those -- will by no means precede those who are asleep. for the lot himself, joshua, yet yeshua jesus, with the voice of an archangel that's my daddy, , that my mother, that is my husband area at you and i shall
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shall be caught up with them together in the clouds and we will always be with the lord. therefore, comfort one another with this word. this is the comfort, this is not all there is, the best is yet to come. i would like to make a pledge to my daddy. daddy, in front of all these witnesses, i will preach the word. i will do the work of an evangelist, i will share the my racend i will run and live my life so that five minutes before i see jesus, i will have no regrets. to exhaust my life and glorify the name of jesus christ. i love you, daddy. [applause] >> i have followed her all my life. [applause] [laughter]
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>> i want to thank each and everyone of you for being here from the veryose back here in the tent to the very front row. we are blessed and honored that you are here. thank you. i have learned this week as never before that everybody has a billy graham story. even this week, president trump told us about his billy graham story. but as a little boy, his father took him to yankee stadium to hear my father preach. and i said, that is a big deal. little did they know that their paths would cross many years later. i have my own story, i have told it many times. tobears repeating, because me, it speaks to the essence of who my father was and is.
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after 21 years, my marriage ended in divorce. i was devastated, i floundered. i did a lot wrong. the rug was pulled out from under me. my family thought it would be a good idea for me to move away. to get a fresh start somewhere else. so, i decided to live near my older sister and her family. near a good church. churchtor of that introduced me to a handsome widower and we began to date fast and furiously. him, buten didn't like i thought well, they were almost grown. they could not tell me what to do, i knew what was best for my life. me fromr called seattle, my father called me from tokyo. they said honey, why don't you slow down? why don't you wait so we can get to know this man? it has never been single parents, they had never been divorced. what did they know? so, being stubborn and sinful, i
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and willful, i marry this man on new year's eve. within 24 hours, i knew i made a terrible mistake. after five weeks, i fled. i was afraid of him. what was i going to do? i wanted to talk to my mother and father. it was a tuesday drive. -- it was a two day drive. questions swirled in my mind. what was i going to say to daddy? what was i going to say to mother? what was i going to say to my children? i had been such a failure. what would they say to me? we are tired of fooling with you. we told you not to do it! you have embarrassed us area let me tell you, you women will understand, you don't want to embarrass your father, you really do not want to embarrass billy graham. [laughter] >> live on the side of a mountain.
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as i wound myself up the mountain, i rounded the last bend and my father's driveway and he was there waiting for me. as i got out of the car, he wrapped his arms around me and said, welcome home. there was no shame. there was no blame, no condemnation, just unconditional love. and you know, my father was not god. but he showed me what god was like that day. when we come to god with our sins, our brokenness, our failure, our pain and our hurt, god says, welcome home. that invitation is open to you. thank you. god bless you. [applause]
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>> and i followed her, my whole life. [laughter] >> i was told we have three minutes to try to sum up the life of my father, billy graham. i will take less then three minutes because my siblings took a little more. [laughter] i just want you to know, my , he wasas fast faithful, he was available, and he was teachable. i want each one of you to remember that, faithful, available, teachable. may we all be that way. and thank each one of you for coming, and giving us this honor and to my father. thank you. [applause]
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. piano music. >> powers, above all kings. above all nature and all created things. above all wisdom, and all the of man, you were here before the world began. ♪ kingdoms, above all thrones, above all of the wonder all have known♪ the world has ever known♪ treasureswells and treasures of the
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arts, there is no way to measure what you are worth♪ crucified and laid behind a stone♪ he lived to die, rejected and along. like a rose, trampled on the ground. ♪ fall and died for me above all♪ stone♪ed, laid behind a you lived to die rejected and alone♪ like a rose trampled on the ground♪ and thought ofll
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me, above all♪ ♪ , trampled on the andnd, you took the fall thought of me above all above all ? ? >> we are here to celebrate and honor the life of billy graham. when we talk about billy graham
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in the middle east, we describe him like this. we say he is a faithful man. he is faithful for the word of god. he has never preached his own opinion or his ideas or philosophy, but he preached the word of god. as we say about him, he is a courageous man. he has never ran away from the word, repentance. he spoke exactly like our lord jesus spoke. our lord said the time is fulfilled. is at hand.of god he said, repent and believe. in the middle east, we do not say that he is only a great evangelist, but that he is a great teacher. he used the best message of teaching.
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he taught by example. he never used a computer or facebook or a blackboard, but he taught by example. paul wrote to the pharisees, he said, be in contact with the believers. v an example for the believers in context and love and faith and purity. it is exactly what he taught us. he lived a holy life when he spoke about holiness. when he spoke about the prayer or baldness, he was a humble -- or of humbleness, he was a humble man. his greatness was in his humility. i was in amsterdam in 1971 and mrs. graham said, have you made an appointment with dr. graham? i said, no. i am a little man and he is a great man. i was afraid to go and see him or make an appointment.
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but she took me to the prayer room and she opened the room so slowly. and here, i saw a giant on his face before god, praying and crying before he went to preach the gospel. he was repentant completely. one time, he said to me, do you want to be successful in your ministry? i said, of course. he said, sammy, people all want to talk about themselves. they love it. they want to talk about themselves. do not talk about yourself. talk about jesus. lift him up. when we list him up -- lift him , we do not preach ourselves, we preach christ as the lord and ourselves as slaves for you, for the sake of christ.
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he was a great man, and he was really a humble man. in the great effect middle east for all believers. mr. graham, rest in peace. you have a wonderful family, wonderful children and grandchildren, and i'm sure they will take the life of the gospel to all the world. inrican people, i thank you the name of jesus for standing behind this great man, to fulfill the mission given to him by god. i pray that god will bless america forgiven the world such a great man like billy graham. glory to our lord and savior, jesus christ. [applause]
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>> least a graham, on behalf of the millions of the christians around the world, those of you have heard you reclaim the gospel's message, i joined them to say thank you. thank you to bring salvation to our part of the world. as the news of your home going, hundreds of letters and phone calls came to me, to bring condolences to your family and friends. indeed, you have impacted millions of lives including kings, presidents, vice presidents and common people around the world. the former prime minister of the republic of korea had this to say -- the crowd attracted was unprecedented in our history. that theynced radiated an intensity that
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amounted to the holy spirit. that he changed the lives of each and every participant. that message of the scripture into all those who heard the sound of his voice. the fruit of righteousness is the tree of life. you have done that all your life, and all the world. on a personal note, you impacted my life far greater than anyone can imagine. my wife wished she was 12 euros -- when my wife was 12 years old, she went to the crusade in grand rapids, michigan. after your preaching, she gave her heart to christ and dedicated herself to become a missionary and has kept that decision until now. my family went every night to the crusades and at the final meeting, those in estimated 1.1 million people who attended.
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all of us children dedicated their lives to serve the lot. -- serve the lord. after your crusade, more than 20,000 members. before, it was 200. the rapid growth of the mega-church movement in korea has started. we have more churches and missionaries than any other country in our region because you came to preach the word to our people. last time i saw you, your eyesight and hearing was not good. my daughter said daddy, your favorite feature is here. kidding. you are
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i said dr. graham, i am here to thank you area you said, let's have one more crusade in korea. [laughter] to conclude my remarks, you and mrs. graham have been such an inspiration and encouragement and your family, a wonderful friend in the ministry. your journey has ended on this earth, but may the lord give you perfect rest in the presence of our heavenly father. you have fought a good fight and you finished the course. you have kept the faith. henceforth, there is in front of you a crown of righteousness. god bless you all, thank you. [applause] [piano playing] >> they called him jesus. he came to love♪
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♪ my savior lives♪ and because he lives, i can say lives, oh,ecause he here is god♪ because i know he holds the future. ♪
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and life is worth living just because he lives. ♪ and then one day, i will crawl across that river♪ i will fight life's final war with pain. ♪ >> and then as death gives way to victory♪ >> i will see the lights of know he lives♪ because he lives, i can face tomorrow.
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because he lives, all fear is gone. because i know the holds the future. and life is worth the living, just because he lives. ♪ [applause] >> shall we pray? almighty god, our heavenly
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father, we have come together here and joined with millions of your people around the world to praise you and to worship you. open the gates of heaven, o god and or your holy spirit among us . we oh, god, to thank you for a life that has been so precious. and will always be very precious to all of us. for jesus christ, you shed the blood on the cross. you raised him up on the third day, that he might be our savior. god, had followed him
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your servant, billy graham to be the champion of the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ. time, we knews the it was you, who brought compass to the foot of the cross. because this is what your servant would say, oh god. at thisnot me, rejoice time. as we gather together, the seed your servant has planted will multiply. that the whole world may hear -- gospel. that we as sinners oh, god, should repent before the cross. we thank you for the gospel of god.
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lord, we prayme, for the children of dr. graham. four and, rose, franklin and a --annette an gigi. we pray for the ministries they are involved in. and well asfranklin they continue to fulfill the proclaiming the gospel of jesus christ to the nations of the world. god, be they oh, dawn of a new era in the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ. pray fort this time we
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a fresh anointing of one by servant, franklin graham. as he comes oh, god, to share from his heart. as he comes oh, god, to share from your word, the message, lord. the message your servant has lived his life for. lord, prepare, at this moment, we may respond to your love and forgiveness. we pray in jesus' name, amen. >> mr.
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>> mr. president, first lady, vice president, karen, to my family, government leaders, notable guests, my father's friends, pastors, leaders, and the wonder. --ers who stood behind him and the wonderful supporters who stood behind him all these years . and to my father's incredible staff, we have come here today to honor a man of god. the library tells us about the journey of faith my father traveled his entire life.
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my father preached on heaven, told millions how to find heaven , he wrote a book on heaven. and today, he is in heaven. his journey is complete. you may wonder how i best remember my father. i cannot remember my father without remembering my mother. she loved my father. he loved her. he adored her she was his . soulmate in life. when she passed away 11 years ago this coming june, it was a dig hole in his heart -- it was a big hole in his heart. he missed my mother. he had a big picture of her on the foot of his bed on the wall and he would lie in bed and look at that picture of my mother.
2:03 am
sometimes i would come in there to see him and he would say, franklin, i missed your mother more today than ever in my life. the last few years of her life, she was sick in bed and would lie on her's area my father would come in and he would sit aside her. and the two of them would just look at each other eye to eye, four hours. if i sat in the room, i felt a little uncomfortable, like i was intruding. [laughter] >> he loved her and she loved him. my mother was a part of my father's life at every turn. when i think about my father, i can still hear his voice. a word of encouragement and sometimes, a word of caution.
2:04 am
there were quite a few of those. [laughter] i can recall him laughing. he loved his grandchildren, great grandchildren -- all of his family. i remember that we would take walks together along the mountain trails above his home there in montreat. the billy graham the world saw on television -- the billy graham the world saw in the big stadiums, was the same billy graham we saw at home. there were not two milligrams -- -- there were not two billy grahams. his uncompromising testimony of god's great love, all of us children came to see the world and our father in heaven, through my father's eyes.
2:05 am
i think the most compelling vision i have ingrained in my memory, is my father the preacher, standing behind this pulpit. in stadiums around the country and around the world, his voice booming. proclaiming the gospel of the lord, jesus christ. he has often said that some day, you will read that billy graham is dead. he said, don't you believe one word of it. he said, i will be more alive than i am now, i will have just changed addresses, that is all. every sunday i was home, i visited my father. he loved to walk when he could.
2:06 am
i would share the things we were doing and he would ask questions he would ask questions. we will talk about the bible. he liked to talk about politics, sports -- the last few years, he became quiet. he said very little at all. i believe his mind was on heaven. he often said i never am afraid to die because i know the joy of heaven waiting. if he could speak to you today, he would ask, will you be making this journey to heaven someday? my father's greatest longing has been granted. he is in the presence of god. there are a few things my father would want me to share with you. i will take just a moment. my father would want you to know he believed the bible to be the infallible word of god. he did not understand it all, all.e sure believed it
2:07 am
the bible was his sole authority. when he preached, he always to took it to the pulpit with him. for most of his messages, he would hold the bible and his -- in his hands and he would quote scripture after scripture. the sermons were filled with scripture. when he would quote the scripture, he would always say, the bible says -- why? because it was his authority. my father believed in heaven. he also believed in hell. authority. my father believed in heaven. he also believed in hell. you see, jesus preached on hell. hell is reserved for the wicked, for those who refused to repent of their sins and acknowledge god's son jesus as their lord and savior. the bible says that god doesn't want anyone to perish, but all should come to repentance. this motivated my father to
2:08 am
preach the gospel with urgency. he wanted to warn men and women of the consequences of their sins. that one day we would all have to stand before god to give him an account of our lives, that there was a judgment coming. the bible tells us that man has been operated from god by sin and sin is the disease of the human soul, the human heart, and it has infected the entire human race. the bible tells us we have all sinned, and we have all come short of god's standards, his glory. and the penalty of sin is death. not just physical death, but spiritual death for eternity. the best news ever declared is that god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who soever believe in him
2:09 am
shall not perish but have everlasting life. this verse was probably in every message my father ever preached because it demonstrates the love of god. it gives hope to the lost world. when one reads the papers or listens to the news we wonder what hope is there? but 2000 years ago god broke the darkness of sin and sent his son down to heaven to identify with us to bring us the light of salvation, the man christ jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost. the bible says by grace that you have been saved. through faith and it's not of yourselves, it's the gift of god, not of works. lest anyone should boast and jesus said i'm the way, the truth and the light. no man comes to the father but by me. millions today are searching for the way. where do i go?
2:10 am
what do i do? jesus said follow me. he said i'm the way. just a few days ago my father followed jesus all the way to heaven. most of his life was spent travelling the world but the last week he embarked on a journey he had been looking forward to all of hi life, the journey from earth to heaven. how about you? if this were your funeral, would you be in heaven? are you sure? jesus still calls us to follow him today. jesus said i'm the truth, and then he asks today what is truth? with all the lies and false information, what is the truth? jesus said i am the truth and all truth is found in him.
2:11 am
he said i'm the light, most people spend their wages improving and try to have a more comfortable life. if we follow him and trust him, and believe him to be true, he will give us not a better life, he doesn't promise that, he doesn't promise us a more comfortable life, but he does promise us eternal life. jesus tells us that no one comes to the father except through him, the world with all of its political correctness would want you to believe that there are many roads to god. just not true. how could jesus make these claims? how could he say that he is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the father but by him? you see, jesus was god in the flesh. because he is the only one in history to take our sins and to pay the debt of sin, and my father would want me to share this with you today that god sent his son, his only son from
2:12 am
heaven to this earth to take our sins and he took our sins to the cross and he died in our place, he shed his blood for each and every one of you. -pgod poured out the sins of , mankind on his son. the sins past, present, future. he shed his blod for our sins, he was buried for our sins and on the third day god raised his son to life. jesus is not dead, he is alive and here today. you trust in him? he'll come into each and every heart that invites him and repent of our sins and by faith believe on the lord jesus christ, the bible says we will be saved. are you saved, are you forgiven? are you trusting jesus as your savior? are you following him as your
2:13 am
lord? if you are not sure, there will be no better time than right now at billy graham's funeral to settle this once and for eternity. simply by faith, simply by believing, that if you were just to pray a simple prayer like this, just say in your heart, say this in your heart, god, i am a sinner, i'm sorry for my sins, forgive me. i believe that jesus christ is your son. and i want to trust him as my savior. and i want to follow him as my lord. will you just pray a simple prayer like that, god will forgive your sins and you can have that hope of eternal life. my last visit with my father sunday, february 18th. and on the 21st of february he was escorted by god's angels to the throne of god and only
2:14 am
imagine what it was like for my father to step into heaven, that there was the lord jesus christ to say well done, good and faithful servant. there was the throne of god, can my mother, his mother, father, friends, clapping, cheering, bells ringing, trumpets blowing. not because it was billy graham, it was just another child of god has come home. another child of god. daddy, i won't see you on this earth again but i will see you again, i'll see you maybe soon. but not yt. to god be the glory. [applause]
2:15 am
>> thank you, franklin, the last words are all what we should leave with today, "to god be the glory, great things he hath done, great rejoicing through jesus his son." stand together as we sing this wonderful hymn for the benediction. everyone sing. join and lift your voice, let everyone be heard. ♪ to god be the glory, great things he hath done ♪ ♪ so loved he the world that he gave us his son ♪ ♪ who yielded his life on redemes for win ♪ ♪ and opened the life-gate that all may go in ♪ ♪ praise the lord, praise the
2:16 am
lord ♪ ♪ let the earth hear his voice ♪ praise the lord, praise the lord ♪ ♪ let the people rejoice ♪ oh come to the faher, through jesus the son ♪ ♪ and give him the glory, great things he hath done ♪ ♪ oh, perfect redemption, the purchase of blood ♪ ♪ to every believer the promise of god ♪ ♪ the vilest offender who truly believes ♪ ♪ that moment from jesus a pardon receives ♪ ♪ praise the lord, praise the lord ♪ ♪ let the earth hear his voice ♪ praise the lord, praise the
2:17 am
lord ♪ ♪ let the people rejoice ♪ oh, come to the father, through jesus the son ♪ ♪ and give him the glory, great things he hath done ♪ ♪ great things he hath taught us, great things he hath done ♪ ♪ and great our rejoicing through jesus the son ♪ ♪ but purer and higher, and greater will be ♪ ♪ our wonder, our transport when jesus we see ♪ ♪ praise the lord, praise the lord ♪ ♪ let the earth hear his voice ♪ praise the lord, praise the lord ♪ ♪ let the people rejoice
2:18 am
♪ oh, come to the father, through jesus the son ♪ ♪ and give him the glory, great things he hath done ♪ >> let the church say amen. amen. >> let us say it one more time for the father. >> amen. >> and the holy ghost. >> amen. >> i had the privilege of praying as dr. graham dedicated the highway out there. so i have a privilege now, and my great honor, to give this benediction to this great service. hasn't it been a great service? let's give god the praise.
2:19 am
celebration, celebration. [applause] >> and now may the grace of god, the sweet communion of his holy spirit, may it rest, rule and abide with us henceforth and forevermore, and the church said, amen. now i'm going to ask you to do one ting for me. they asked me to do this last night and i told them i would get it right. so, help me, please. because i won't get to do this again. please remain standing until all, until you are told to do the nxt thing. god bless you.
2:20 am
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>> praise the lord. [background chatter]
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grateful to have you here.
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>> you need to hear my story. as a boy growing up in canada, i saw the film. . came home cooked on billy
2:45 am
my generation was into elvis, and i was into daily. i always thought i made the better choice. god had a surprise for me that i could not have possibly dreamed. many years later, i had the opportunity to be with billy graham at my study. when i expressed to him how much he meant to me, he said "that is too bad. nobody should ever follow me. i am such an unworthy servant of christ. nobody should follow me. many years later, we saw her father and he was already in a wheelchair. here is the big lesson, in the wheelchair he was content with christ. no more cameras or staff. no crowd to preach to. billy graham's identity was in jesus christ and not the fame
2:46 am
that god gave him all these years. and i never dreamed as a little boy on the farm, that i would ever get to halt billy graham's oldest daughter. [laughter] every time you come you get a big hug. [laughter] thank you for coming. [background chatter]
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>> his humility was disarming. we went to see him when he was in a wheelchair, and here is the bottom line. [background chatter]
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>> on sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv, a visit to the citizen' pottawatomie nation cultural heritage center. , a history including the force for numeral -- removal of people from native lands. we really highlight what we refer to as a trail of death. it happened the same year as the trail of tears. we left our homeland within a few days of each other. this is a particularly heart-wrenching and gutwrenching
2:56 am
removal. were ones who had refused to negotiate with the federal government. treatycalled in a council into an lakes -- in what is today to an lakes, indiana. our ancestors had to walk 650 miles from our learned dutch northern -- land in northern indiana to kansas. >> watch this at saturday at noon :00 -- at noon eastern on saturday. working with our cable affiliates as we explore america. >> the traders --


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