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tv   Sen. Amy Klobuchar at AIPAC Conference  CSPAN  March 5, 2018 11:45pm-12:02am EST

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testifies on national security threats. at theklobuchar spoke conference. the israel public affairs committee. she is interviewed by claire shipman. this is 10 minutes. claire shipman. host: we will hear from congressional leaders from both sides of the on hot button issues facing america and the middle east and our next guest
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is such a leader. an analysis ranked her first among 100 senators in cosponsoring bills that were enacted into law's in the last congress and she is a champion of the u.s.-israel alliance. klobuchar.ome amy thank you. here in thise discussion with you and some of our friends. >> exact way. .- exactly so many of our friends. you have been a supporter of the relationship. talk about why the issue is important to you. >> a lot of it has to do with home. we have some great minnesota
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people here and we are excited about that and it also has to do with israel's position in the inld, a beacon of democracy a really tough, if not incomparably tough neighborhood. i talk to people at home and they see it that way. if they are not jewish, they see the importance of the friendship and, if they are, they have had four jewish senators out of minnesota and we have a powerful community, despite our scandinavian reputation and four of the five members from the gold medal curling team were from our tape. i would like to bring that up. this community has me so interested in this.
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it brought me to israel when i was in the senate. i was the district attorney and remembered going to meet a family whose house, a rocket show had gone through their home and their daughter was doing their homework at the kitchen table. if not for the alert system, she would have been dead. hearing that story reminded me of the work i did as a prosecutor and we would be in these high crime neighborhoods and people would be terrified every day of what would happen next and no country should have to live like that. and then, to go full around. visit to israel with senator lindsey graham, senator gillibrand, and senator -- me that there were a
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lot of relatives in minnesota and when i got back to the state, i said i met with the israeli prime minister of minnesota. that was amusing and he said it to me as i was sitting next to the senator from new york. >> that is nice. you know, given the partisan toironment, how hard it is find issues on which democrats and republicans can work together. is it possible that this issue can remain a bipartisan issue in congress? and it dependsan on the jewish community in america because i believe that you can find common ground while still standing your ground and the has been a hallmark of all i have done in congress and we have seen this in congress with support for israel, whether it
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sling, dome, and david the iran sanctions, or the memorandum of understanding with the $38 billion put into security. at the same time, things have become polarized and the way i would suggest, and your leaders know this better than anyone, trying to to everything in stopping people from injecting partisanship into this relationship and push back. if you are a republican, reach out. if you are a democrat, would reach out. getting involved in seizing on whether it is , these are reform
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issues that the jewish community has been uniquely active on and they are appealing to young people. what happen with the holocaust community, so may do not know that history. then, the last thing i would say about this is finding friends that you did not know before. travelinglot of time with john mccain. he says to say hello, by the way. with senator mccain and graham, we spend the last new year's eve and we were in the baltics and john mccain has always stood up he would always say
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the club which are is the only democrat and she would go first. went tonted this and he lindsey graham and gave him a pistol. thought about what i would get and he gave me a couple of daggers. >> nice. no discrimination. >> john mccain has been through everything, but still sees the importance of not just going with party, but reaching out and thinking about country. what we have to think about we talk about this relationship. >> thank you. i imagine him to be a great traveling buddy.
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as you know, the administration has maintained full funding to israel, but looks for cuts in international affairs spending. how do you think congress deals , howa request for security do you -- thatthoroughly believe congress is going to stand up and fully fund the commitment to aid to israel. is the foreigng aid in general and i appreciated the jewish community standing up at some of the bleakest time in israel and part of it is that no jewisht are in the
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community can make the case for refugees, since israel is a haven for refugees. second, as we look at how and we have many people who would like , first as foreign aid national security and secretary mattis said, the more you cut the state department budget, the more bullets you have to buy. there is a connection between foreign policy and aid. he and i decide to make a point the by doing an event at refugee committee about keeping foreign aid strong and those arguments on a bipartisan basis are important and the last is economic. bush got this in africa. bill clinton got this. is important to make
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those arguments about security and economics. >> interesting. good to hear about that. we have about a minute and, on the issue of security, as you a journey intont israel and set off a series of actions that led to the downing of an f-16 and the destruction of substantial parts of the syrian air system. there is a growing threats on the border. how can the u.s. and israel confront the threat in syria and ensure that israel gets the support it needs? >> this is a wake-up call for washington that we must stand tall and we must be firm on this. has been building up the military presence in syria and lebanon and we are talk about the northern border.
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the first is what i was talking about, the importance of aid and keeping it's wrong for israel and the second is being firm on the sanctions against iran and enforcing them and enforcing that agreement. this is everything from the primary to the secondary to make sure we go after doing companies and other terrorist groups and making this a major priority in our foreign policy or it will get worse and worse. the last thing i would say is the importance of taking on's anti-semitism. we will have troubles getting allies. the 100 senators joined together to push back against the iti-semitism at the u.n. and
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also means securing ourselves internationally and at home. and thehave seen state,as on homes in my that means a culture of reaching making sure that people stand tall for israel. i would remind you of the importance of reaching out in this crazy political culture. this is the advertisement that went viral. it was not a vikings advertisement. video of an interfaith event where a popular rabbi imam and football to an he catches it and runs it in for a touchdown. way and out in a good
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standing at our ground for israel and finding common ground where we can. that is what i thank you for doing and thank you for having me. >> a lot of great information. let's give her another round of applause. thank you for your time this morning. >> the israel prime minister continues his washington visits with an appearance at the conference. mitch mcconnell will also be speaking. >> washington journal is love every day with policy issues
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that impact you. discusses the gun debate in congress. the wealth of the member of congress. tom reed will discuss the trump administration trade policy. be sure to watch washington journal for the special series on america in turmoil. we look back to that turbulent time that includes the vietnam war. >> the u.s. house returns for and -- ing speeches
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the conference continues with remarks. bill.nate takes up a >> all persons having business before the honorable, the supreme court of the united states, are admonished to draw near and give their attention. "landmark cases," c-span's special history series, prugsoduced in partnership with
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the national constitution center, exploring the human stories and constitutional dramas behind 12 historic supreme court decisions. mr. chief justice and may it please the court -- quite often, in many of our most famous decisions, are ones that the court took that were quite unpopular. count the vote, count the vote. let's go through a few cases that illustrate very dramatically and visually what it means to live in a society of differentpeople. who help stick together because they believe in a rule of law. >> good evening, and welcome to c-span's "landmark cases," tonight we're going to learn about a case that you may not have heard about. it's the civil rights cases of 1883, consolidation of five cases brought to the supreme court to help define the 14th amendment. tonight we're going to learnabout reconstruction america and the court during thatperiod and the decision they made in this case that affected the lives of african-americans for the next 60, 70 years. lots of history tonight, and we welcome your participation. let me introduce you to our two guests at the table to help us understand this important case. daniel holly walker is the dean of howard university's law school here in washington, d.c., she has federal court experience, at one time she clerked for carl stuart, chief justice of the fifth circuit


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