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tv   U.N. Amb. Nikki Haley Sen. Chuck Schumer VP Mike Pence at AIPAC...  CSPAN  March 6, 2018 1:32am-2:39am EST

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c-span, where history unfolds daily. 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c. it around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. afternoon, nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., chuck schumer, and vice president mike pence, address the american israel public affairs committee policy conference. this is just over an our. [applause]
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ambassador haley: thank you. [applause] ambassador haley: thank you. so
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you guys are amazing. thank you so much. it is so good to see so many friends. when i come to aipac, i am with friends. [applause] at the unitedey: nations, we sometimes don't have many friends. [laughter] ambassador haley: i remember last year when we had to vote about america's opposition to the castro dictatorship in cuba. they vote went against us. to -- to two. the only two no votes were the united states and israel. [applause] say,sador haley: i always quality is more than quantity.
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election,ter the 2016 president-elect donald trump talk to me about serving in his administration. we had good discussions about a variety of issues. long story short, his team called me later and said he would like me to serve as ambassador to the united nations. [applause] ambassador haley: i said, i'm a governor, i don't know anything about united nations. we went back and forth on a few things. the clincher was when i told the president, i will not be a wall flower. i have to be able to say what i think. [applause] ambassador haley: without any hesitation, president trump said, that's exactly why i want you to do this.
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[applause] ambassador haley: president trump has been true to his word, and i think i have, too. [applause] some of youaley: might have seen that the top palestinian negotiator recently had some advice for me. [laughter] ambassador haley: he told me to shut up. will always be respectful, but i will never shut up. [applause] ambassador haley: when i spoke
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here last year, i had only been on the job a couple months. now i know a lot more than i knew a year ago. as i have learned more about how the u.n. operates, something else has become clear. it is important to know as much as possible about every country. but that is not the most important part. the most important thing is to not be afraid stick with principles, even when they go against entrenched customs. [applause] some of thoseey: outdated customs have gone unquestioned for years. long before i got to the u.n., i knew a few things that has served me well. one of those principles is that standing up for your friends is critical. [applause]
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ambassador haley: at my first day on the job, i chose to reach out to ambassadors from four countries. i called the british and french ambassadors because they are our closest allies on the security council. i called the ambassador from the ukraine they wanted to assure him america would not waiver in standing up against russian aggression. [applause] my fourth cally: on that first day was to the israeli ambassador. [applause] ambassador haley: just about a month before i arrived, the united states allowed resolution 3224 to pass. it was a shameful day for america. [applause] refused to stand up for our
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friends when it was singled out for terrible mistreatment. on my first day, i assured the israeli ambassador that on my watch, that would never happen again. [applause] ambassador haley: i'm proud to say it has not happened again. ambassador haley: i love you too. standing up for your friends is very important in the united nations. another one of the principles i took into the job was that i had absolutely no patience for bullying. [applause] when i grewaley:
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up, we were the only indian family in a small southern town parents, my brother and sister and i were always grateful for the support that surrounded us. that did not mean every day was great. my parents were immigrants. my father wore a turban. sari.her wore a sorry -- when i was governor, i did something about it. i started an anti-bullying program. for me, it was just so fundamental. you don't pick on someone just because they look different than you. you don't pick on someone just because they think different than you, or because you can. [applause] ambassador haley: this idea has always been with me since i was a child.
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i did not think it would come to play in the united nations. it turns out, bullying is a common practice in the united nations. [laughter] ambassador haley: in the real world, israel is a strong country with a vibrant economy and a first-class military. on the battlefield,. israel does not get bullied. the irradiance and syrians can vouch for that. [applause] but the u.n.ley: is a different story. at the u.n., israel does get bullied. it gets bullied because the countries that don't like israel are used to being able to get away with it. just like when i was that little girl in south carolina, that does not sit well with me. [applause] ambassador haley: one of the u.n. agencies with the worst track record of israel bias is
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unesco. among many other ridiculous things, unesco has the outrageous distinction of attempting to change ancient history. one ofrecently declared judaism's holiest sites, the tomb of the patriarch, a palestinian heritage site in need of protection from israel. that was enough. 10 months into this administration, the united states withdrew from unesco. [applause] ambassador haley: there are lots of other things we do, big and small, week after week, to fight back against the un's israel
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bullying. every month at the security council we have a session devoted to the middle east. --ry month this comes on becomes an israel bashing session. this has gone on for decades. this was news to me when i arrived. it was actually shocking. i came out of the first session and publicly said, if we want to talk about security in the middle east, we should talk about iran or syria. hamas. isis the famine in yemen. there are 10 major problems facing the middle east and israel doesn't have anything to do with any of them. [applause] just abouthaley: every month since then, i have spoken about something other than israel. i can say we have solved the problem.
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i can say other countries have followed our lead. [applause] ambassador haley: what used to be a monthly bashing session now has more balance. we are never going to put up with bullying. [applause] there is oneley: more principle i knew before i arrived. americans, i knew what the capital of israel was. [applause]
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ambassador haley: to be more clear, i new jerusalem wise, is, and will always be the capital of israel. [applause] ambassador haley: i love you, too. was was not something that created by the location of an embassy. this was not something created by an american decision. america did not make jerusalem israel's capital. [applause] what presidenty: trump did, to his great credit, was recognize the reality that american presidents had denied for too long. [applause]
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ambassador haley: jerusalem is the capital of israel. that's a fact. president trump had the courage to recognize that fact when others would not. [applause] sometime inaley: the future, the day will come when the whole world recognizes that fact. [applause] in thedor haley: meantime, i hope to be there and join our great ambassador david freeman. [applause] on the dayhaley: when we open our brand-new american embassy in jerusalem. [applause]
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ambassador haley: our embassy decision caused a stir at the united nations. [laughter] ambassador haley: in the security council, almost exactly one year after the united states shamefully abstained would be council attacked israel with resolution 2334, i had the honor of casting my first american veto. [applause] ambassador haley: when i was governor i used my veto power dozens of times. at the u.n., i never got to use it. it felt pretty good. [applause] weeksador haley: the next
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the jerusalem issue was brought before the general assembly. we lost that. too many people's the prize, 65 countries refused to go against us. un'se history of mistreatment of israel, that's a record. [applause] ambassador haley: we are not forgetting that the. -- vote. [applause] ambassador haley: like i said at that time, we were taking names. [applause] ambassador haley: last week i took a trip to guatemala and honduras. [applause] ambassador haley: i thank them both for voting with us. [applause]
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god bless haley: guatemala. they joined as in moving their embassy to jerusalem. [applause] ambassador haley: president trump and i are pushing to draw closer relationship between u.s. foreign aid and how countries vote at the u.n.. [applause] votesador haley: u.n. should never be the only factor in our foreign aid system. we have many interests that go beyond the u.n.. they should be one of the factors. we are determined to start making that connection. [applause] some peoplealey:
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accused us of favoritism towards israel. first of all, there is nothing wrong with favoritism toward an ally. [applause] that's whataley: being an ally is all about. this is not about favoritism. whether it is the embassy decision or unesco, or what we are doing with -- don't even get me started on that one. [applause] ambassador haley: our approach on israel is tied together by one major idea. the idea that run through all of it is the simple concept that israel must be treated like any other country. [applause] ambassador haley: we will continue to demand that israel
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not be treated like some sort of provisional entity. that onlybe the case one country in the world doesn't get to choose its capital city. [applause] ambassador haley: it cannot be the case that the un's human rights council has a standing agenda item for only one country. [applause] ambassador haley: it cannot be the case that only one set of refugees throughout the world is counted in a way that causes the number to grow forever. [applause] ambassador haley: it cannot be in an organization with 193 countries the united nations spends half its time attacking only one country. we will not accept it anymore.
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[applause] ambassador haley: that demand is a demand for peace. the un's bias against israel has long undermined peace by encouraging an illusion that israel will go away. israel is not going away. [applause] ambassador haley: when the world recognizes that, peace becomes possible. [applause] it becomeshaley: possible because all sides will be killing with reality, not fantasy. when we deal with reality,
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reasonable compromises can prevail over absolutist demands. for theu so much support you have continued to show. [applause] ambassador haley: there is nothing better than americans who use the power of their forces for good causes. that is what aipac is all about. god bless you. [applause] ♪
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announcer: please welcome chuck schumer. ♪ >> hello everybody. .t is great to be here tonight i want to thank all of you for being here. , myt leadership of aipac friends, ambassador haley, vice president pence, and all of you. i always start off with a story. this is dedicated to my father, who is 94. my father struggled his whole life. he had a small exterminating business. he paced the floor because he hated going to work. when he retired, my brother, the
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financially successful schumer, but them a house in florida. every winter they drive from brooklyn to florida. my father never played golf. he took up golf. as they got older, they ran out of things to do. his legs went bad. their friends were passing on. those of you from florida no that florida atlantic university -- hello florida. way down there in itself part of the convention center. anyway, florida atlantic university lets every senior citizen and roll in any course for free. my dad and mom would roll up to florida atlantic university every thursday at 4:00 p.m. because they enrolled in a course called humor. ite comedian who never made in the catskills would get up and tell jokes for 45 minutes.
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a different comedian each week. my dad never went to college, he said, g, college is easy, i should have gone. [laughter] every week they would call me back with my favorite joke. here is one of the favorites. mrs. goldfarb is brought before the judge. the judge rolls her eyes -- rolled his eyes and says, mrs. goldfarb, you are back. what did you steal this time? i still can of peaches from the supermarket down the road. the judge is exasperated. he says, i know you are a kleptomaniac, i know this is an illness, you could easily afford a can of peaches. , this is theke 17th time you have been brought before me for shoplifting this year and it's only march. i have got to sentence you to time in jail. how many peaches were in can? there were four peaches.
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i'm going to sentence you for one night for every page. your honor, may it please the court, he says, i'm her husband. she also stole a can of peas. [laughter] sen. schumer: when you retire you can go to delray beach, and roll in the school of humor, and call the kids back home with your favorite joke. seriously. tonight i want to address the cause that brings us together. the cause of israel. security, prosperity, and prospects for peace. these issues are all related. let me begin by addressing the issue of peace. many wonder, why don't we still have peace in the middle east? a majority of israelis want peace like i do and most of you do. there should be two states, a jewish state and palestinian state. [applause]
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sen. schumer: there are some who , but we all know what happened in -- israel got rid of settlements. israeli soldiers dragged the sellers out in three weeks later the palestinians through the rockets. [applause] sen. schumer: some say it is the borders. israel wants different borders. they forget. 2000, the negotiations in barack was making huge territorial possessions that most israelis did not like. it was arafat rejected the settlement. it's not the borders. [applause] sen. schumer: it is certainly not because we have moved the embassy to where it should belong in jerusalem. not that either.
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[applause] sen. schumer: let me tell you view why we don't have peace. because the fact of the matter is that too many palestinians and too many arabs do not want any jewish state in the middle east. simple. the europeans treated the jews badly, and they gave them our land as compensation. we say it is our land. they don't believe in the torah. that's the reason there is not peace. they invent other reasons but they do not believe in a jewish state. that is why we in america must stand strong with israel through thick and thin. that is the reason -- how many call shibboleth?
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too many people don't understand that in america. one of theddress great problems that israel faces in the future. not immediately, but the future. i will be having lunch with the prime minister tomorrow. i intend to talk to about this. the fact of the matter is that too many of our younger generation don't share the devotion to israel that our generation has. that's a problem. we have to deal with it. it is certainly not true in aipac. we have thousands of students here who go home and spread the word of israel. students, stand up. we want to applaud you. [applause]
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sen. schumer: god bless you. we all know the problem. americans, too many younger americans don't know the history. as a result, they tend to say, both guys are to blame. younger americans did not going up knowing -- grow up knowing israel was attacked time after time. they think israel has always been strong. they do not realize that if israel were week, our enemies would immediately seek destruction. our member being in high school, brooklyn, new york, 1967. i carried a transistor radio to my ear. you young people will not know what that is. i would not let it go from my ear. --was during the 67 your 1967 war.
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i was worried israel would be pushed into the scene. savere praying, please israel. the younger generation never experienced this. they have not lived through a time when israel's existence was balanced on the edge of a knife. fortunately, these days have passed. israel faces challenges that no other nation must base. while putin enables assad's while aes in syria, humanitarian crisis unfolds in yemen, while human rights abuses happen every day to so many in iran, somehow, israel receives the blame for a chaotic middle east. the most celebrates incremental progress by israel's neighbors and ignores the generous cooperation between israel and fellow nations, including our former enemies. moral -- draws a force
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full small moral equivalence between israel's actions to defend itself in the actions of -- who use children as human shields in their evil campaign to push israel into the scene. young -- the unfairness springs from a well of bias that is always existed. generation younger knew more about this unfairness. i believe it would affect them powerfully. there are things we can do immediately that will rectify the situation. first we must pass and highlight the taylor force act, which will bring an and to american dollars that's rightly benefit a palestinian authority until it ceases making payments to the families of terrorists. [applause] sen. schumer: stops calling them
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martyrs, giving them parades. my friends, this is not just about the palestinian authority. believe this palestinian authority is moderate and really want peace. the taylor force act will confront the world -- will force the world to confront the dark truth that the palestinian authority everyday actively aid in the best terrorism -- aids and at that's terrorism. we will show the world with this palestinian authority is actually doing. while israel justifiably defend its borders, the pa celebrates and compensates terrorists. second, we must continue to stand firm against the
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profoundly biased campaign to delegitimize the state of israel through boycotts, divestment, and sanctions. [applause] sen. schumer: while iran publicly execute citizens, turkey jails journalists, scores of arab nations punish homosexuality with imprisonment israelture, why single out a loan for condemnation? when there is such a double standard, when the world treats everybody one way and the jewish state another way, there is only one word for it. anti-semitism. let us call at the bds movement for what it is. [applause] sen. schumer: let us
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delegitimize the delegitimize her's at letting the world know when there is a double standard. they are actively participating movement.-semitic [applause] sen. schumer: finally, my friends, finally, we must highlight the danger israel faces from a newly resurgent iran. now so academic criteria. -- active in syria. and its proxies are gaining a foothold in syria, near israel's northern borders. last summer, congress, democrats and republicans together, granted the administration new authority to counter iran's maligned activity. now it must use it, not only to russiaa ron, but to push to repel proxies in syria.
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we can never be complacent about any threat near israel's borders. iran is a threat right now. [applause] sen. schumer: we must do these things and more to ensure israel's security and educate the younger generations about the true nature of the situation in the middle east. because of israel is too important to you and to me. as a boy, i grew up hearing stories about my inat-grandmother in the town -- in 1941, the nazis invaded her part. they told my great-grandmother together whole family on the front porch of their house, from elderly people to little babies. there were more than 17 of them.
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they said you all have to leave. migrant mother said no. -- my grandmother said no. the nazis machine-gunned every single one of them. my friends could never imagine that one day there would be a country for jews. the idea seemed like an absurdity in that world. to thed been scattered winds, foreigners in their own country, derided by their neighbors. we were scapegoats. second-class citizens throughout our history. just imagine. if you could go back and tell the jews that one day there would be a jewish state of israel. tell thef you could russian jew chased from town to town by angry mobs and burning torches that one day we would have a state he could seek
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refuge and live like anybody else. imagine if you could whisper to the polish jew who they came for one day and loaded on a train, separated from his family, forced to labor day after day -- smoke rising under a silent scott. imagine if you could tell him one night that someday soon there would be israel. after two millennia of wondering the desert, the jewish people would return home, where we could raise families in piece, if only we could tell them. israel never forget what and its freedom means to be jewish people and what the friendship of the united states means in securing that freedom. as long as hashem breathes arens my lungs, i will forget.
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together we will fight to protect the jewish people and the jewish state of israel. [applause] ♪ >> in every district of america, we see benefits of the u.s. israel relationship. we see that atmosphere of innovation and cooperation. >> i see a lot of economic benefiting. establishing, all of
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which add to better life for israelis and americans, but also the entire world. israel is becoming a superpower. water, we have innovative technology. that partnership and that space is going to be more and more. >> so many of the advances happening there -- we continue not to maintain that bond, but to grow it. >> israel has gone from a shortage of water now to managing the world's best drip your edition and crop management. -- your edition and crop andgement -- irrigation crop management. >> the technologies and ideas from israel here, it's also important for israel's economic development for self-sufficiency.
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look atyou like -- israel, you say, how do they succeed? they make the world better. >> i believe we can solve any problem as long as we do it together. >> part of what makes this work people,free movement of free movement of ideas. put it all together and we have to imagine. please welcome the aipac president. ♪
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>> our next guest has a deep and personal relationship with israel. he has a longsay relationship with aipac as well. decades, and throughout his career in public service, vice president mike pence -- [applause] demonstrated a profound love for the jewish state. he has proudly supported efforts , tonhance israel's security counter the threats from iran and terrorist groups near israel's borders and to ensure
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that america's special bond with endures.and doors -- ine president pence stood isael's nasa -- knesset delivered and historic address to the people of israel and to the world. [applause] here is what he said. unlikely was israel's birth. has been herkely survival. confounding and against the odds has been her thriving. israel is anf
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inspiration to the world. america isstates of proud to stand with israel and her people as allies and cherished friends. [applause] mr. vice president, on behalf of aipac and its leadership, let me say thank you. [applause] thank you and thank president trump. [applause] for working to keep israel safe. jerusalem asnizing
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israel's capital city. [applause] vice pres. pence: ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming back to the aipac policy conference the vice president of the united states, mike pence. [applause] ♪
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vice pres. pence: thank you. ambassador david friedman. [applause] members of the united states ministers,sraeli members of the knesset, distinguished guests who have come from near and far, it is great to be back at aipac, the largest and most influential the of israel inriends the united states of america. [applause] vice pres. pence: tonight, i bring greetings from a friend.
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a great friend of the state of the most pro-life president, the most pro-life -- pro-israel president in american fromry, i bring greetings president donald trump. [applause] vice pres. pence: thanks to the president's leadership, the alliance between america and israel has never been stronger. friendship between our peoples has never been deeper. i stand before you today on his behalf to convey a simple message. america stands with israel. today, tomorrow, and always. [applause]
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vice pres. pence: during his visit to jerusalem, president trump to clear the bond between our peoples are woven together in the hearts of both nations. and so it is. we stand with israel because that is what the american people have always done. the people of the united states have always had a special admiration for the people of the book. we stand with israel because her causes our cause. her values are our values. her fight is our fight. we stand with israel because we believe in right over wrong and good over evil, and liberty over tyranny. when i said before you left march, i told you that president trump would keep the promises he made to all of you and to our most cherished ally. and so he has.
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[applause] vice pres. pence: president trump promised to ensure israel would have the resources and tools to defend itself by itself. today, american support for the security of the state of israel is greater than ever before. the president promised to take the fight to radical islamic terrorists on our terms, on their soil. thanks to the courage of our armed forces, isis is on the run. their caliphate has crumbled and we will not relent until we
2:21 am
drive this menace from the face of the earth. [applause] vice pres. pence: he promised to stand up to the leading state sponsor of terrorists. president trump announced last year the united states of america will no longer certified the disastrous iran nuclear deal. [applause] vice pres. pence: president trump promised to stand up for the state of israel against anti-semitism on the world stage. with ambassador nikki haley on the job, the days of israel bashing at the united nations are over. [applause]
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vice pres. pence: while every president for the past two decades promised to recognize the capital of israel, president trump did more than promise. he delivered. [applause] vice pres. pence: it was my great honor in -- in january of this year to be the first vice president of the united states to address the knesset in jerusalem, the capital of the state of israel. [applause] vice pres. pence: as the president said, by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital, we finally acknowledged the obvious. the state of israel has called
2:23 am
jerusalem the state -- the scene of government since its rebirth 70 years ago. the united states was proud to be the first to recognize the state of israel in 1948. just as harry truman made history, president trump will make history again. thanks to the strong efforts of ambassador friedman, in may of this year, we will open the american embassy. in jerusalem. [no audio] -- [applause] vice pres. pence: president trump made his decision as he said in the best interest of the united states. he also made it clear we believe this is in the best interest of peace. by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital, the united states has chosen fact over
2:24 am
fiction. fact is the only true foundation for lasting peace. under president trump -- [applause] trump, thedent united states remains committed to achieving lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. in announcing his decision, the president called on all parties to maintain the status quo of jerusalem's holy sites and made taking any were not position on final status issues for thefic boundaries resolution of contested borders. the united states of america will support a two state solution. [applause] vice pres. pence: as we gather here, jared kushner and our ambassador are hard at work crafting are the ministry's vision for peace. while any peace will undoubtedly require compromise, no this.
2:25 am
the united states of america will never compromise the safety and security of the jewish state of israel. [applause] vice pres. pence: we know that peace is possible. hasory records that israel make difficult decisions to achieve peace with its neighbors. over the last few months, i have had the privilege to travel to egypt and jordan, two nations with which israel has enjoyed peace. america's friends about the courage of their presidents who supported an and to conflict with israel. president trump convened an unprecedented gathering of leaders from more than 50 nations in the arab american
2:26 am
summit. the winds of change are blowing across the middle east. enemies are becoming partners. old foes are finding new ground for cooperation. coming together in common cause to meet history's great tests and conquer extremism and vanquish the forces of terrorism. we will meet that test together. [applause] vice pres. pence: radical islamic terrorism knows no borders. targeting america, israel, nations across the middle east and the wider world. it respects no creed, stealing the lives of jews, christians, and especially muslims. radical islamic terrorism understands the reality of the than brute force.
2:27 am
together with our allies, we will bring the full force of our might to defeat enemy in our time. [applause] as i said, wece: have made great progress. theave liberated nearly all territory once held by isis and defeated them on the battlefield time and again. as the enemy retreats, we must be vigilant. we must be vigilant to prevent others from taking its place. let me assure you tonight, we will not allow the to be devices to become a victory for a ran -- iran. [applause] iran hopes toce: re-create the ancient persian empire under the modern dictatorship of the ayatollahs. their regime seeks to carve out insolence through a rack, creating a pathway for its
2:28 am
ideologies. last year iran spent more than $4 billion to achieve its ends. at this hour, it aids and abets terrorists groups to sit on israel's doorstep and fire rockets. iranianast month, the menace has been laid bare for all to see. the drone that reached israel's borders with a brazen act of aggression. israel's swift and strong response send a warning to iran across the region, that dangerous provocations will not go unchecked by israel, america, or our allies. [applause] dangeres. pence: the posed by iran extends much further than the support of terrorism. as we all know, that regime continues to develop advanced ballistic missiles that can threaten every square inch of
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israeli soil. and the lives of all their citizens. deal didtrous nuclear not prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. it merely delayed the day. president trump has called on the congress and our european allies to enact lasting irans ambitions. the president waived sanctions to give our lawmakers and allies time to act. make no mistake. this is their last chance. unless the iran nuclear deal is fixed, the united states of america will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal immediately. [applause]
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vice pres. pence: whatever the outcome of those discussions today, i have a solemn promise to israel and the broader world. the united states of america acquireer allow iran to a nuclear weapon. [applause] 470 years, isce: 70 years, -- for israel has never -- i say with confidence the jewish state and the jewish people will continue to inspire for years to come. with israel's rebirth, how more
2:31 am
prosperity. for how confounding and against all odds has been her thriving. the jewish people of turned the desert into a garden. scarcity into plenty. sickness and to help. they have turned hope into a future of prosperity. the tiny people were in a tiny land, with no natural resources, no rushing rivers are verdant valleys, despite never knowing a day of troop piece has an two generations become one of the world's most vibrant and successful nations. it is a marvel to the world. today, israel is a world leader in science and technology. that could not have happened help.t america's now america's great and long investment is paying real evidence to our people -- dividends to our people and to
2:32 am
the world at large. israel may be one of the smallest countries in the world but it has one of the biggest footprints. itss to its scientists, innovations can be found in hospitals and grocery stores. disk drives, smartphones, and so much more. 70 years, israel has transformed itself. producing astounding technological advancements in nearly all fields of human endeavors. israel is like a tree. it has grown deep roots in the soil of its forefathers, reaching ever closer to the heavens. it gives shade and sustenance to in it. seek comfort it is a living testament to the power of freedom and the power of faith. because the story of israel is the story of faith.
2:33 am
the jewish people held fast to a ,romise through all the ages written so long ago that even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens from their, from their we will gather you and bring you back to the land from which your fathers descended. 2000-your exile, the longest of any people anywhere, through conquests and expulsions, it inquisitive issue and sent programs, the jewish people held on to this ancient promise and they held onto it to the longest and darkest of nights. as sevenroclaimed times sealed. at night the transformed the small faces of children into smoke under a silent sky. at night they consumed the faith
2:34 am
of so many. faith of soes the many still. to this day, we grieve the loss of 6 million martyrs and the holocaust. to this day, we marvel that the faith andrews audience of the sacred and broken people once just three years after walking to the valley of the shadow of death rose up to reclaim the jewish future and rebuild a jewish state. [applause] vice pres. pence: in this 70th anniversary year of israel's rebirth, i say again along with jewish people everywhere, thanks to the lord our god who is kept us alive and sustained us and brought us to this day. foreignaking hebrew
2:35 am
language] [applause] vice pres. pence: the miracle of israel is an inspiration to the world and the united states of america is proud to stand with israel as allies and cherished friends. so tonight, i close in faith. faith in the good people of israel and america and in the immutable bond of friendship
2:36 am
between us. faith in the alliance between our nations nurtured by president trump and leaders throughout the congress in both parties. alliance isured our stronger now than ever before. , that he wouldd get forge a brighter future where each can set under their own fine and figtree and none shall make them afraid in the promised land. [applause] vice pres. pence: with the unwavering support of all of you and all who call these two great nations home, with the leadership of president donald , i saynd with god's help with confidence the best days for israel and the united states of america are yet to come. god bless you.
2:37 am
god bless israel. states bless the united of america. ♪ announcer: is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues his visit to stay with an apparent set the aipac conference. also, senator mitch mcconnell. live coverage begins at a :00 a.m. eastern on c-span2. eight :00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 19 to me nine, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public
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policy events in washington, d.c., and around the country. c-span is brought to by your cable or satellite provider. next, a look at the legislative week ahead in congress and at the white house. from washington journal, this is one hour. >> monday morning on the washington journal a chance to discuss the weekend and washington. we are joined by political editor at the national journal and a political reporter from bloomberg. debated in the senate is the issue of new gun-control legislation. why will it not be on the floor after so much discussion over the past 15 days or so? guest: republican leaders wanted to do a small package and maybe have some amendment votes where their gunls could get


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