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tv   Joe Biden Campaigns for House Candidate Conor Lamb in PA  CSPAN  March 11, 2018 2:08pm-2:44pm EDT

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opinions variety of and a variety of cartoonists. mr. bloch is just a great example of one of the artists we collected. artifactsmerican today at 6 p.m. eastern on c-span three. >> on tuesday former vice president joe biden campaigned in the pittsburgh area for democratic u.s. house candidate connor -- this was held by former republican congressman -- who resigned in october following revelations of an extra matter just extramarital affair.
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[applause] >> i'm soaking this in here for a second. it is such a great thing for me to introduce you to vice president joe biden. i see so many friends in the room, summoning people who have been with me the last six months. it has been an unbelievable journey. i could not ask for better friends than those in the room
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right now. thank you. our next guest was previously known as pennsylvania's third senator. he earned that title. he earned it through many years of good work on behalf of our state. he is deeply appreciated here. vice president biden has set a standard for public service that is matched by very few people in american history. his leadership in foreign affairs.
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he has had 30 years of public service through his entire career. embodiment ofng robert kennedy's belief that politics was an honorable profession. and vice president biden had never -- [laughter] [applause] he's never forgotten where or who he comes from. there is no one i can think of who better understands in his bones the struggles that working people face.
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appreciationtter -- he understands who built this country and also has lived up the values and principles that make us a beacon of hope in the world today. [applause] you all know this. we live in a time when everybody is so divided. i couldn't be happier to be on stage. -- on stage with a leader everybody likes. everybody likes him. [applause] it is my great honor and privilege to introduce a true friend was brought us all together here tonight. the 47 vice president of the united states, joe biden. [laughter] [applause]
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>> my name is joe biden, and i'm from scranton pennsylvania. and i work for conor lamb. it's great to be back. i spent a lot of time here throughout my career. i campaign for a lot of people. and i campaigned for president obama here in pennsylvania. [applause] you have always come through for us. you know, there is a concerted -- a conservative columnists
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named david brooks who said that society is organized in three ways. on religion, tribe, or ideals. a unique thing about america is that america has been an idea. it is an idea. it is our ideals that have allowed us to be the country that we are. the reason why the rest of the world repairs us is not the example of our power but the power of our example. it has allowed us to lead the world in the post-world war ii era. it has been made up of women and men of character, character matters. [applause] character is destiny. the man i am campaigning for today, the highest compliment i
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can give him or anyone else, this remind me of my son will biden. he does. in the following sense. everything i know about connor and people involved in his campaign, it has always been about the other guy for connor. not just about him. it has been about the other guy. the other person. about what it means, about decency and fairness. that was my son beau. he was an army veteran, i guy who won the bronze star, a guy who was the attorney general. a guy who everyone trusted. what used to be the case, connor is going to bring it back.
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i hope the republicans are running that have the same value. that is the word is their bond. they mean what they say. they do what they say. you can count on them. really true. he had no respect for the -- he had overwhelming respect the marines as well. the fact of the matter is, it is about, as you know, you leave no one behind. not a joke. no one is left behind. everybody, everybody, everybody is entitled to be treated with dignity. everybody. [applause]
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i do not know all of you personally but i know you. i know this state. i know this region. i know what it is made above. i know the values that underpin all of what you believe in. family, community. not leaving anybody behind. and so many people have been left behind. let me ask you something. do you think you've seen enough you know before this is over republicans might have been able to pay for their entire tax cut. it's amazing. 10 million dollars in negative ads and why are they so afraid
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of you? think about it. by the biggest special interest in america. i don't know his record. i'm not coming at his character or his integrity. here's the deal. i'm sure everyone thinks about -- if you think they are spending all this money against this man, against becoming a congressman. because they're fearful and he is going to hurt the middle class? do you think they give a n about that?
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do you think they may be -- tong money to build buy congressman that works for them, maybe? [applause] it is something that connor has withstood. one of the biggest barrages of negative advertising in modern congressional campaigns. the idea that this is a special election. it is really kind of amazing. it is amazing. the other reason this man is still standing is because of you. i have made a commitment when i decided not to run for president. i was going to do all in my power, in addition to working to eradicate cancer and deal with the other issues i deal with at the university of pennsylvania, i was going to do all i could to change the congress.
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to return the congress to democratic control. [applause] no, no, i not looking for applause right now. i have been in an awful lot of state and local races across the country. take a look at what is happening. take a look. people are realizing the bill of goods they have been sold. people are angry. people are disturbed that what their children are hearing on television from their leaders is not fit to be stated. elected officials. elected officials. i am being deadly earnest now. they are desperately looking for democrats and republicans who remember that there is this invisible moral fabric that holds of our society. it is about decency. about giving no room or solace to hate.
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it is about being willing to be able to disagree but work together. the grassroots energy in all of these campaigns, look at all of the special elections for house races in virginia, for in the peninsula in michigan. in florida, new hampshire. alabama. by the way -- [applause] doug works for me when i tried to get the nomination. this is a serious guy. foremost.t and you realize there is no place to hide. if you want to get involved in public life, you can build a wall big enough to keep out pollution. wall -- can't build a
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you cannot build a wall big enough to keep up pollution. [laughter] i could go on. you are engaged. that is why, connor. he was talking about you guys. the energy you have given you -- given him. the energy you are generating here in the district. there is no stopping this campaign. you all are one -- proving one of the oldest rules and politics. passion and commitment rule in politics. it generates grassroots support. it will beat egg money every time. [applause] -- it will beat egg money every time. -- it will beat big money every time. [applause] if you are going to come to southwestern pennsylvania, and try to steal a congressional
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seat, you better bring more than just money. you better be in for the -- you are going to be in for the fight of your life. i'm going to tell you something else. if there is going to be a fight out there, i am betting on that guy and woman working construction or in a steel mill. i am not betting on the fact cap writing a big check. -- fat cat writing a big check. [applause] that old marine shouted out, semper fi. that means -- i believe that applies to you and connor. this is a man that understands the public service is about service to others. it is about the other guy. that notion of service is the rent we pay for living. it is what conor lamb learned. it is a lesson you never forget once you learn it. it is a lesson you always try to
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learn by. this is a son of southwestern pennsylvania who believes in hard work, who believes in labor. he's not afraid to say the word union. we also talk about what i said in a previous engagement. kid,i was a 29-year-old everybody would say wets the secret, you must have had some secret when nixon won over 60% of the vote. there's only one secret if you run for public office and how i judge people. do you know what worth losing
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there are things that are so basic. no matter what the offices he better not have the office compromise on it. my dad used to have a saying, that moving in scranton in the 50's, you think out have climbed out of a cold mine with a there's a coal mine with a lunch -- i am very proud of being from scranton. i learned all i learned at my grandfather's kitchen table in my dad starting your table about the things that are of value. the fact of the matter is that my dad had no work when cole died. there was no work in the 50's when gastric over. he was a white worker but we moved to delaware.
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i was raised when there was a recession. someone around the dinner table lost a job. you got it back but you lost a job. my dad had an expression you would use after he moved. he would say, joey, your job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it is about your dignity. it is about respect. it is about your place in the community. he said, it is about being to look -- being able to look your child in the eye and saying, honey, it is going to be ok and mean it. believe it. middle class where i come from is not just a number. it is a value set. it is a value set. it is about being able to be in a position where you can own a house and not just rent it. to be able to send your kid to a park and know that they're going to come home safety -- safely. to send them to a high school that if they want to go on beyond high school, they are able to do it and you will be able to afford it. it is about being able to take care of your parents and hope your children never have to take care of you.
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that is what it is about. it is about possibilities. i spend more time with the leader of china than any other world leader. we are in a city and i was having a private dinner with him. i had 25 hours of private dinners with him, according to the state department. me and and -- we each had an interpreter. at me and says, can you define america firm? i said yes, i can. possibilities. i was raised, you were raised within that with the notion that an america anything is possible.
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i can be raised in a split house with 2800 feet that we hundred square feet -- 2800 square feet. i could go on to be anything i wanted to be. that is what i was taught. that is what i believed. think of how many people have lost that hope. think of how many people look at their kids today because of the way they have been treated and wonder whether or not anything is possible. but it is. this guy gets it. this guy gets it. by the way, speaking of your parents, the tax cut -- this multi-trillion dollar tax cut, the deficit it created, it is going to the super wealthy. it has to be paid for. you know how they're going to pay for. for real. exactly right. paul ryan has said it straight out. the only way they can make up
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for us -- to keep us from going bankrupt's lower the amount of social security being paid and lower the amount of medicare people get. not a joke. that is what this is about. that is what this campaign is about. this guy will throw himself in front of a train before he allows that to happen. [applause] by the way, i'm sometimes told i am to grandeur about this. money to you something. 70% of all the people in nursing homes today are women. they are middle class women. they and their families fought like hell their whole life. in order to be able to qualify to get into the nursing home, they had to sell everything they had. the only reason they can stay is because of medicare.
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you cut medicare, you are talking about literally throwing tens of thousands of elderly women out on the street. not a joke. this is not kids play. this is not about -- this is specific. connor is -- has been fighting the opioid epidemic. it is alive and well here in -- here and in other parts of the country. how can he or his successors do that without medicare? who do you think pays for the ability to get that help? it is medicare. why are they so cavalier about being able to cut the things that affect, not poor folks, middle-class people. those women in nursing homes lived a middle-class lives. they lived in decent neighborhoods. they raised decent families.
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this is not about taking care of people who never took care of themselves. they would have you believe that. look at how they talk about education. but that he is running against was proud of wanting to cut $680 million from education funding in the state. had he won, the class size would be considerably bigger. the quality of education would have dropped. anybody think, any of you with young children, do you think any child has any chance in the year 2030 without a full-blown decent education that extends beyond 12 years? the whole world is changing.
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the digital revolution, moore's law. artificial intelligence. out, if you graduate from one of those great universities with a phd in astrophysics, unless you go back to school on a regular basis in 10 years things will be obsolete. he fights for retraining and job training. these guys saying no, we can't afford it. gentlemen, this is about basic decency. about basic fairness. and the thing i like about this guy, i watched him. i watched how he walks by. i watched how he walks by the police officers. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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i'm trying to be restrained here. because where i come from, if you keep standing for more than 50 minutes you lose all their votes. let me wind to visit that making two more points that i think are important. northeast pennsylvania, southwestern pennsylvania, they suffer from the same kind of neglect that has occurred for a long time. pittsburgh has been able to rebuild itself and magnificent ways and many many ways.
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the suburbs, the experts, the smaller towns, they have gotten -- gun hit hard. -- gotten hit hard. you can't do it without having affordable health care. what they don't get, it's more about than their health. it's about peace of mind. my dad used to go to sleep at night between jobs, thinking, what in gods name happens if i have a heart attack, have no insurance.
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some people, maybe a little older, maybe a little younger , whatising households happens if i get breast cancer, how are we going to be of to make it yet go how are we going to do it if i get prostate cancer and -- what if it is about peace of mind in your personal dignity more than anything else. being able to afford a young child the opportunity to go to college, it's not just a mind is a terrible thing to waste, it is much more than that. what he understands is the impact it has on the family.
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i wanted to go to a particular school, a private school. aid.gave me grant and as ithat wasn't enough worked in the diner waiting on my fellow students. my father was a proud man and i -- he one to have my son would not let his kid weight on rich kids. i said, dad, it is not like that. the thing about having at that in an automobile industry is i get a new car for the prom. i was still in my uniform. i pulled it in and pulled in the spot. ran into the woman who ran the show room. i said where's dison? she said he's outgoing into the shop. well-dressed bash a real gentleman. and heand back and forth.
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i said what the matter? joey, i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry. this was before cell phones. i thought something had happened to what my two brothers were my sister. he said, i went to the bank today to row the money to help you get to school. they won't send me the money. gd ashamed. what is the most helpless thing you can have as apparent? look at your kid with an opportunity and know there's not a dam thing you can do to help. this is all within our wheelhouse. we could do this standing on her head. saying i wase by the worst man in congress for most of my time
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there. i said i have never taken on -- i have never own a stock or a bond and have never been involved in a business. i wanted my independence. when i file my financial disclosure as vice president, you can google come as my wife and teacher would say, go back to 2009. front page of the washington says it was probable that no man had assumed the position of vice president with as few assets as joe biden. no good. when i left the united states senate, you do not have to list the equities of your house. what happened is they list my financial disclosure shows i were between 55 and $155,000.
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way, that's changed now that i'm out of office. only because i wrote a book. point, i never knew there was a thing called stepped-up basis. plus are 1,000,000,000,300 in the system. up of them is called step aces. if you go out and buy a stock, by $1 million of the stock and you go to sell it, you are going to pay capital gains, which is less than normal taxes on the million dollars you make. if you get hit by truck, it gets left to your son or daughter, they don't pay eight -- pay a cent.
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it's not income for which taxes are already paid. i can send every single solitary person to america -- in america to community college for free, whose qualified. going from six to 9 million people in community college. growing economy. for $6 billion a year. i said there's the big spending democrat again. all i could illuminate one unfair tax cut, which costs 17 billion a year. in collegeverybody for free, cutting the cost of college in half, increase productivity and reduce the deficit by another $11 billion. aftern't we do it yet go me tell you what we don't do it. the guys who are spending the
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money to defeat us. that's why we don't do it. we are so well positioned. we have a man with real character. we have a guy who is really proud of, the nation would be proud of. and we have a guy who understands, i have been doing this my whole career. when i got elected as a 29-year-old kid, i got referred to as the young idealist, the optimist. some of the press is here, they have known this about me. -- theys talk about always talk about, biden, the white house optimist. i'm more optimistic about america's chances in the world today than i have ever been in my whole career. let me tell you why. we have the most productive workers in the world.
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position where we have more great research universities because of a guy named dwight eisenhower than all the rest of the world combined. from google to every fundamental change in the way we live our has come outiness of a research university. we have the most agile venture capitalists in the world. we are better positioned, we are energy independent. we will be the largest producer of energy in the world. ability to move in a direction where we could have 40% of all of our energy being produced by renewable energy. [applause] but we have to stand up.
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we have to lift our heads up. remember who we are. we are the united states of america. [applause] there is not a single thing we can't do. there is nothing we cannot do. he understands it. this is a guy who is going to help lead us to a future your kids are going to love. get out there and work. help him win. thank you. [applause] thank you all very much. we will come down and say hi.


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