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tv   President Attends Shamrock Bowl Ceremony  CSPAN  March 17, 2018 3:45pm-4:07pm EDT

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america, october 1967. live america in turmoil, onday at 8:30 a.m. eastern c-span's washington journal, and on american history tv on c-span3. on this st. patrick's day, president trump sent out this week read it chose the white house in the background with the ed green for the occasion. vice president pence visited savannah, georgia, for st. patrick's day festivities, joined by his wife and his mother. fathers that his wife's came here from ireland in 1923. karvate minister leo varad presented president trump with a bowl of shamrocks.
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tooknnual presentation place in the east room of the white house. this is 15 minutes. [crowd noise] ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. trump, accompanied by the prime minister of ireland, the vice president of the united ence.s, and mrs. p [applause] thank you, very much. i recognize so many of my friends. this is definitely an irish group, no doubt about it. i will tell you, we have become fast friends over a short oe period of time.
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on behalf of you, thanks for much, and vice president pence, a great group of people. also, to all my friends in the audience, some of them came all the way up from the beautiful island of manhattan. [laughter] they wanted to see -- and you are going to see him on saturday, again, when he is going to be part of the big parade, very big parade. [applause] i also want to extend my welcome to the director of northern ireland's bureau in washington, norman houston. where is norman? where is norman? hello, norman. he has been a friend done a great friend to the united states in his 11 years here. he spent 11 years. but he will like this your the best. this year thee
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best. so manynderful government people in business leaders, civic leaders from ireland. it is my honor to receive this famous bowl of shamrocks. that is really nice. that is nice. thank you, very much. [laughter] sainting to legend, patrick, the patron saint of ireland, used the shamrock to teach the mystery of the holy trinity 1500 years ago. that's a long time. now, many centuries later the shamrock has become a symbol of something else, as well, the long and beautiful relationship between the american and irish peoples. it's a great story, and the story of the irish is one of the -- -- one of the proud and faithful people full of great
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and resolved. that is the irish. it is a story that is closely woven into our own. bonds are traced back generations and all the way to our nation's founding. at least eight of the declaration of independence were of irish heritage. and throughout our history, the united states has been enriched by the vibrant culture and injuring contributions of the truly great irish people, people that we love. [applause] americans of irish descent, and i contain that mike is of irish escent. too., wow.
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i knew i liked them for a reason. irish pour their hearts into blazing trails and creating our nation. they served in every war fighting for independence and to preserve our union, and they gave their hard-earned pennies to build the legendary, this i know very well, st. patrick's cathedral in new york. such a beautiful place. , reallynd so monumental it is, and it's a true monument to enduring faith and the enduring faith of the irish. did walt disney, which i not know, to have scott fitzgerald, which i did know, countless americans who helped shape our history and culture have roots that traced back to the emerald isle. have many of our predecessors in the oval office,
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from andrew jackson to ronald reagan. today, more than 30 million americans, over 10% of this country, think of it, trace their ancestry back to ireland. 30 million americans. that's why you have so many politicians. even if they didn't like you, they would say that. too many. but they do love the irish. than anything else, the irish stand for strength and and they never, give up, right? that's the trait, they never, ever give up. [applause] and the united states of america, and i say this having so many friends from ireland, has truly been blessed with the lack of the irish to have you with us. the week, as we celebrate life of the apostle of ireland, we thank you for bringing us a bit of greenery and natural beauty from your country.
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returnforward to your next year. in fact, we will see you for about seven more years, i think. [laughter] about seven. that is sort of an interesting concept, right? that's what it is going to be. but i do look forward to your return, i look forward to you being here anytime you want, and that includes you folks. this is a very, very special very of people at a very, special place, ireland. thank you all very much, for being here. and god bless you. [applause] prime minister varadkar: thank president,, mr. first lady, vice president,
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distinguished guests, everyone. on behalf of the irish government i thank you for taking the opportunity to celebrate our national day. for irish people and those of irish descent all over the world, no matter where they happen to be, this is a time when we collectively celebrate who we are as a people. and nowhere is our day, st. patrick's day, celebrated more enthusiastically than here in the united states. [laughter] [applause] there are of course, 35 million americans to claim irish ancestry. so when you come from a country of 5 million, 35 million is a pretty big party. [laughter] saturday, i will be in your hometown, mr. president, new york. i will have the honor of walking down fifth avenue in the world-famous st. patrick's day parade. [applause]
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think events like this, the white house reception, parades around the country on saturday, remind us of the ties that bind our two countries together. they are ties that are rooted in our shared history. and as you said, mr. president, and the proclamation for irish-american heritage month, -- the tenacious irish spirit paired with american self-reliance help this country become great. that's a contribution we are very proud of. [applause] portraits of your first president, george washington, look down on us in the east room. when president washington called ireland a friend of my country in my country's most friendless sun, his prayer was for the of freedom to shine its benign
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benevolence on the emerald isle and bring it peace. for george washington, we were strangers mustered around your flag. we supported the cause of american freedom from the very start and we shed our blood to help make it a reality. the united way, states helped build modern ireland, one that is prosperous and at peace, self-confidence in our place in the world, no longer an island on the edge of europe, but an island at the center of the world. in my own office i keep and i treasure a small collection of speeches and letters by one of your greatest presidents, president lincoln. there is a crisis or controversy and there is no obvious solution to it, i find wisdom in the words of that first great republican president. resident lincoln believed as he said, when we talk we are only repeating what we are already knowing. but if we listen we may learn something new. president trump and i had a good meeting earlier today and by
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talking and listening we both learned things that will help our countries move forward together. president lincoln was memorialized in verse for all time by the poet walt whitman. writing about ireland, described it as an island of wondrous beauty and our people as people who weathered the storm to cross the atlantic. ande were men and women children who found refuge in safe harbor in the united states. they chose the new world to escape oppression, hunger and poverty, and endured the dangerous crossing of the atlantic ocean. new republicin a where they were given the opportunity to create a new future for themselves and their families. they were a lot to follow their dreams and those dreams became american. so the story of the irish in america is very much as american as it is irish. isay the irish diaspora found in every state, every
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city, every rural neighborhood in this country. they have prospered in politics, the business, the arts and in the service of hello americans. today, including members of my own family from new jersey. and of course many irish as you know serve in the white house today, as well. so am i want to thank you mr. president for the excellent meeting we had this morning in the oval office. we had a worthwhile exchange of views on issues like trade and security and migration, and i know the irish people who have made their lives here, including those undocumented and living in the shadows, love this country rarely -- love this country dearly. they have the same dream as the men and women who inspired washington and fought alongside lincoln. and they want to contribute to the great life of this country and continue to play their part. want to show you mr. president that the errors government will continue to work with you and your administration to find solutions to these
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important issues, and we are ready to do a deal. as and today connects bridge between this country and the european union. more than ever, we can be a strong and effective partner for america. our economic relationship is increasingly a two way street. irish firms now employ 100,000 people across 50 states. entity took office mr. president, 59 hours companies have made new investments in this country, so are bringing jobs come and good jobs, to america. [applause] and every single week we trade about $2 billion in goods and services back and forth across the atlantic. to moreant that to grow trade, more jobs, more investments going both ways in a balanced way. it is my very great pleasure to
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present this year's shamrock bowl to you. happy st. patrick's day, to you all. [applause] president trump: thank you, very much.
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>> washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up sunday morning, former discussesctor russia's role in the poisoning of a double agent. 1968, americas and turmoil. about the clinical developments and the vietnam war. join the discussion. on newsmakers, kentucky aboutssman talks
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congressional efforts to ride an omnibus spending bill, the 2019 budget, daca, and gun legislation. we are saturday potentially going to have tens of thousands, perhaps more kids and parents and allies coming to washington to march for new gun laws. do you see any appetite among democrats to force any action on that as part of this bill? what do you tell biscuits coming to washington about the democratic result to force action? were done everything we know how to do in terms of taking over the floor of the house in the summer of 2016. trying to shut the place down. in order just to get a vote. it has been very frustrating. we've tried to start petitions and all of the things that are available to us.
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nothing has worked yet. i don't think that the spending bill is an appropriate place for that. point -- the reason daca became such an important issue was because we have deadlines. that is not true of gun violence legislation. we're going to keep pushing for this and the caucus talks about it every week. i will unveil something this next week. i will start wearing a button with an f on it which represents my rating from the nra. will understand that we are proud of having those ratings. we think that is a badge of honor. i hope i can get a lot of my colleagues to wear them as well. and ivery exasperating think that these young people
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are going to make a difference. they will make a difference because not only are they passionate and brilliant and articulate, but they're not partisan. they've succeeded in taking this debate out of the partisan environment. that ultimately will make a big difference. >> watch our entire newsmakers interview with congressman john sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. -- spoke with reporters after the hearing. this is about two hours and 15 minutes. committee members examined the need for consumer protections and that oversight. this is two hours and 10 minutes. >> without objection the chair is authorized to declare a


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