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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  March 18, 2018 9:00pm-9:40pm EDT

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about the recent decision to ban the far right group "britain first." time toe minister took eulogize stephen hawking, who recently died. >> questions for the prime minister! >> thank you mr. speaker. i'm sure members of the crawford house wish to join me in heartfelt condolences to family and friends have professor stephen hawking, who died earlier today. professor hawking's contributions to science of speak for themselves. persistence,nd with his brilliance and humor, and spurred -- inspired people throughout the world. ting muslim members. sure the whole house will join me in condemning this unacceptable behavior.
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which is no place in our society. society. i can tell the house an investigation is underway in steps are being taken to bring the perpetrators to justice. mr. speaker, i will be making a statement following pmqs updating the house. this morning i had meetings witd uties in this house, i shall have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i want to thank the primary super green to meet with me to discuss the words of the cross party youth violence commission picky filings is complex and needs long-term solutions. but some things can be done right now such as legislation to ensure sharp instruments in shops are locked away or stored behind counters, ensuring no one can steal them and use them. will she do this? >> the honorable lady has raised a very important issue and as
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she said this is a couplets problem and we need to ensure we have long-term solutions for it. the home secretary secretary wy be publishing a new serious violence strategy which will put an intervention early with young people. it's important we have tough legislation on lies but we also need to work in partnership with retailers. we have recently consulted a new mission including restrictions on lies sold online and then march 2016 we reached a voluntary agreement with major retailers about how knives were displayed and the training given to sales staff to support actions. the baby is right to raise this is an area of concern. >> thank you, mr. speaker. on the subject of northern ireland, does the prime minister stand by the commitments made in the joint report of december, and will she confirm that we will accept nothing that will undermine the integrity of the united kingdom? >> can i confirm to my honorable
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friend that we stand with all the commitments we made in december? we have been clear our third option is to deliver these to our new partnership with the eu with specific solutions to address the unique circumstances in northern island if needed. and the work will include that on the final so-called backdrop which will would form part of e withdrawal agreement. that cannot be the text the commission has proposed as i said that is unacceptable but we stand ready to work with the commission and i wish government to ensure all the commitments are northern ireland made in the joint report are included in the withdrawal agreement. >> jeremy corbyn. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i along with the prime minister absolutely condemn the vile messages and threatening packages that been sent to muslim members of this house. and also the rise in islamophobia and the abusive messages have been sent to muslim families all over this country has to be utterly condemned by all of us as we
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condemn anybody that attempts to divide our country by racism or by extremism any form. i think we just have to stand united with any a community ths under threat at any time. mr. speaker, i am sure the whole house will join me in supporting what the prime minister just said about stephen hawking. one of the most acclaimed scientist of this generation. held to understand about the world and universe. he was also concerned about peace and survivable of the world but also a passionate campaigner for the national health service. and he said i have received excellent medical attention in britain. i believe in universal healthcare and i'm not afraid to say so. mr. speaker, if we believe in universal healthcare, how can it be possible that someone lives and works in this country, pays their taxes but is been denied access to nhs for life-saving cancer treatment? can the prime minister explain?
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>> first of all, join with the right honorable gentleman fencing it is absolutely no place in our society for hate crime racism, whatever form it takes. we should stand united against such behavior and such activities. and can i say to the right honorable gentleman that we do ensure, and i'm pleased that we have a good record on the cancer prevention were making, , we see more people surviving cancer in this country as a result of changes that have been, development that a company that child service than ever before. of course we continue to work to ensure that the situation we are putting, that the treatments were making available are the best treatment that we can. i'm not aware of the particular case that the right honorable gentleman made with -- has raised with me but we do want to ensure that all those who are entitled to our, who are entitled to service with the
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treatment through the national health service are able to achieve it. there are of course questions repartee to drugs that are made available to individuals for treatment. which of course we continue to look at. >> mr. speaker, i would indeed be rising to the prime minister about the case i'm concerned about. a man who has lived this country for 44 years, worked and paid his taxes and obviously is an older gentleman and is now being denied cancer treatment. i suspect he's not alone in this and i urge her to discuss this with the home office and others. mr. speaker, i received a letter from hillary this week that british pensioner and this goes to the point the prime minister just said, and she said, i'm now having to pay for my thyroid medication because this ecj needs to save money. i've worked all my life, paid national insurance and this is not fair. last march the health secretary said is absolutely essential that we get back to the 95%
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target for emergency weight. he said it should happen quote in the course of the next calendar year. well, the calendar year is out. can the prime minister explain why this is no longer possible? >> first of all of the individual case i look for to receiving the details from the right honorable gentleman. may i just take this opportunity of reminding him as a think he raised the case about georgina with me last october and has a ring to me about -- [shouting] >> her -- so as i i said i look forward to receiving the details of the case that he is just sent out here what we have done in relation to cancer treatment is ensure that are more diagnostic tax taken place, more people
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seen by an expert a more people starting treatment. that's what i say we have seen and a proven in the cancer treatment that is available to people in this country, and in relation to emergency i please say with more doctors working in accident and emergency. we put more money in, the chancellor announces last year to ensure accident and emergency departments are able to buy the treatment that is right for the patient before then. because for some people actually don't need to be in an accident and submit to hospital. they need to be seen at gp. we are working with the nhs to ensure the treatment the patient received is the treatment that is right for them. >> mr. speaker, my understanding is georgine this case was resolved before the prime minister was in office. following my raising it here -- [shouting] well, it proves that come at something else, mr. speaker, approves the power of parliament.
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mr. speaker, weighting targets is not been met since 2015. nhs managers are saying they will not be met until 2019, and february was the worst ever month for accident and emergency performances. nhs provided directives and said, this is a first timer that to accept the nhs will not meet its key constitutional standard. if you want to provide quality care, we need the right long-term financial settlement. the nhs is clearly in crisis, why wasn't there any mention and yesterdays statement? >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman we did wait until yesterday to bring a statement to announce more money to the nhs but we announced in the budget last autumn. [shouting]
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as as a result of that the nhs s getting 2.5 billion pounds more in the forthcoming financial year 18-19 and more to fund the nurses pay settlement. >> jeremy corbyn. >> mr. speaker -- [shouting] under labour the 18 week target are not urgent operations were in place. the target has also been abandoned by the prime minister. when will that be reinstated? >> well, the right honorable gentleman talks about under labour come things that were being delivered. perhaps he might look to see what labour is doing in wales. [shouting] the latest annual of data, , the latest annual data shows, looking at 12 our -- 3.4% of patients, over 12 hours in wales compared to 1.3% in england. he wants to talk about meeting targets. he should talk to the labour
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government in wales. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, nhs england abandoned its a&e targets until april 2019. it's a bit rich for the prime minister to be scaremongering about wales while she is a banting the target in england. [shouting] mr. speaker, a recent -- >> order. lots of questions to get to them it must be heard. jeremy corbyn. >> a recent report states that nhs funding will fall by 4.3% in 2019. peoples lives are at stake. is the prime minister really saying a in the doctors are wrong? nhs managers are wrong? colleges are wrong? health unions are wrong wrecks and actually it's only -- [inaudible] >> yes, can i just point out to the right honorable gentleman he
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talked about scaremongering in wales. i was point out the facts about what has happened to the nhs in wales. [shouting] and that is why we do think, that's what we do see people in wales often try actually to get treatment in england rather than in wales. but can also say to the right honorable gentleman we're putting more money into national health service, we're putting more money into the national health service but what you need in order to be able to do that is to ensure you have a strong economy to provide the money for the national health service. what we know about the labour's policy, crash our economy, bankrupt britain. [shouting] >> jeremy corbyn. >> when people are dying because of overcrowding and long waits in our hospitals i think the prime minister should get a grip on it and ensure the nhs now has the money that it needs to deal with the patient demand. in a recent interview the health
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sector set of nhs staff, when they signed up to go into medicine, a new they would be pressurized moments. they also expected was a recognition and annual pay raise with that cuts in paid leave, proper funding for the national health service. and when there are 100,000 unfilled posts, clearly not enough staff around them to share the burden. we started with professor stephen hawking and he said just a few months ago, there is overwhelming evidence that nhs funding and the number of doctors and nurses are inadequate, and it's getting worse. she agree with professor hawking? >> once again i'm very happy to point out the fact to the right honorable gentleman. we have 14,900 more doctors working in the national health service. we have almost 13,900 more
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nurses working on our words. why did we put an emphasis on nurses working in our wards? because of what we saw under the labour government. and i just say to the right honorable gentleman this, that what we need to do to ensure that we can provide the funding for the nhs, and we are providing record levels of funding to the nhs, is to ensure that we take a balanced approach to our economy. that is an approach that deals with our debt, keeps taxes lower on working families and puts more money into our public services like hospitals and schools. labour's approach would increase the debt, less money for our schools and hospitals and it would mean higher taxes for ordinary working people because what we know about the labour party is it's always ordinary people who pay the price of labour. [shouting] >> hear, hear. >> last weeks launch on aspects
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of domestic violence will be widely welcome across the country. will the prime minister who has done so much on these issues confirmed today that the government intends to increase spending, bad privations and were necessary women's refugees so that those who have survived get the health and safety haven that they deserve? >> my honorable friend is raise a very important issue and this is an issue which i've not only obvious a given considerable attention to what my right honorable friend home secretary continues to follow that. it's a very important point. we are entirely committed to developing a sustainable funding model for refugees. i can guarantee funding for refugees will continue at the same level today because another difficult this support is to the public view at time of crisis. we will resend the funding for short-term housing overall including refugees for the long-term indefinitely.
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that means no refuge should worry about closing or have any doubt about our commitments to ensure that we provide a sustainable funding model for them. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i put myself of the marks of the prime minister and the leader of the labour party as farce hate crimes and, of course, our thoughts are with the family and friends of doctor stephen hawking. mr. speaker, for months the the administration seven with the uk government to table amendments. on monday these long-awaited amendments were published but without the agreement of the default government. can the prime minister tell the house why these amendments have been forced on the default administration? >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman in one sentence he says he's waiting for this amendment, and the reason we were taking time because we were talking with the scottish government and the
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welsh government and that we do publish, he complains we publish it. he really needs to get his story straight. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would encourage the prime minister to listen to the question because it was about agreements. [shouting] simply wasn't good enough. the prime minister famously claim the uk was made up of equal partners. what an irony. overseeing the devolution of the devolution settlement. in 1997 the tories were happy -- reestablishment of the scottish parliament. the clause have been caged. in 2018 they have insisted the medical destroying the settlements that the parliament -- [shouting] i call upon the prime minister once again can does this attack on devolution redouble your efforts -- [inaudible] and finding agreement? >> the right honorable
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gentleman, this is a given that is given more power to the scottish government and this is a government that will be given more power to the scottish government, significant extra powers will be devolved to the scottish and welsh publish as result of the decisions we are taking a rut exit it would give more power including a course the tax raising powers. it's a pity the scottish nationalists have chosen to use their tax raising powers to increase the taxes on people earning 26,000 pounds or more. >> mr. speaker, last week there was an apprenticeship there. there has been a 70% reduction in youth unemployment. we see increasing real wages. well my right honorable friend with my the house that is sustainable and performs that underpins our investment in our valuable public services? >> and i commend them for
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holding that apprenticeship. i think it's important we get people the opportunity for those apprenticeships apprenticeship but my friend is right. we can only find those public services if we have the strength in our economy, provide income for us to get to that. in the last few weeks we see manufacturing output. which has now grown to nine consecutive months, the first time since records began in 1968 we seen the best two quarters of productivity growth since the financial crisis and the lowest year-to-date -- since 2008 and, of course, employment a record high. that's what conservatives are doing come to living a strong economy, new jobs, help your finances and economy that really is that for the future. >> mr. speaker, last week workers came to parliament, typically 25 and 3030 years service. the moms and dads before them working for british engineering icon 259 years old.
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sat opposite where the 35 ulysse wealthy owners of melrose, determined to stage a hostile takeover of the company, break it up and sell at all. can ask the prime minister this, she told parliament should act in the national interest. the next ten ten days will dece the future. will she use the powers that she has to intervene, to block this hostile takeover in the british national interest? >> i would say to the honorable gentleman as he knows the business sector has been speaking to both of these companies on an impartial basis. we will always, we will always act in the uk national interest. actually this government, because of this government we seen the changes in the takeover code to provide greater transparency, give target firms more time to respond. there are a range of sinners where we can intervene but we will always ensure that we act in the national interest.
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>> 3157 medical students are going into general practice this year, which is excellent news, but we are still losing too many experienced gps in the mid-\50{l1}s{l0}\'50{l1}s{l0} due to the tax penalties on their old pension scheme. with the government look at a targeted time-limited exception of this dedicated group of clinicians who do so much for the health of us all? >> this is an important point because he will know experienced senior hospital doctors and gps have become a a member of the national service pension scheme benefit from one of the best available defined-benefit occupational pension schemes. we provide generous tax relief to allow people to build pension worth just over 1 million pounds tax-free, but the issue that he's raising is that gps are
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not penalized if they work after age 55 but many may have exhausted the general, generous allowance for tax relief that is available by that time. but i can say to my audible fan, he was listening -- the chancel of the exchequer was listening to the question you raise. >> in april this year represents -- [inaudible] in which more than 1000 peaceful protesters were murdered by soldiers under the command of the general. will the prime minister join me in commemorating the massacre -- [inaudible] to be remembered across the uk? >> the honorable gentleman has raised every specific issue and a specific point and be happy to look at the question is raise with me and respond to him in writing.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. my constituency is the birthplace of aviation. including the airbus zephyr. will she join in extending our best wishes to the zephyr team as look for to making a world record-breaking attempt of high altitude unmanned aviation? >> i'm very happy to join with my honorable friend in wishing all the very best to the zephyr team in the attempts they are making, but he's right that ths constituency plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry and i'm pleased as they were continue to work with that industry through the airspace growth partnership to ensure that we can further enhance the industry and wish the zephyr team well. >> the uk has the most growth in the g7. so why is the governments answer to this, to give handouts to some of the wealthiest bankers to fund an already lavish
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lifestyle? paid for by taking the crumbs off the table with those on universal credit whose children depend on free school meal? [shouting] >> first of all the gentleman might not have noticed that the wealthiest 1% of people in his country are now paying the biggest share of tax, 28%, than they ever did under a labour government. if he's referring to the bank lady can also say to him it was the conservative party to introduce the bank levy that is raise 18 million pounds and it is further to raise another 11 million pounds. it is the conservative government that is changes so we could do it in a better way so in future, in future we will be raising nearly 19 million pounds extra from the banks over the next five years. that's 3 billion pounds more
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money from the bank that spends on public services. >> great british food is produced by hard-working farming families. as we produce a new british agriculture policy does my right honorable friend agree with me that supporting food production in this country is a public good? >> i'm very happy to agree with my honorable friend, the important food production in this country. i'm also happy to commend the work of hard-working farmers of the country but also all those who work in a food production industry. we now have as my honorable friend will know his torque opportunist as we deliver a farming policy that is going to work for the whole of industry. >> just minutes ago facebook and us to be taking on several pages associate with the extremist group written first does the
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prime minister join in walk me that but the sheep not also except the needs to be a clear role provided by government to give guidance to social media companies on how they operate in our democracy? >> i certainly welcome that announcement by facebook and i am pleased to say my right honorable friend the home secretary has been working with these companies to ensure that they do do, they do act more clearly in taking care material that is of an extremist nature but i'm very pleased to welcome the announcement that facebook is we and help other companies will follow. >> may i congratulate the prime minister on how pioneering works is fighting modern-day slavery? however, has she been advised of a central -- [inaudible] isn't working with 65 prosecutions of traffickers abandoned lester because victims fear for their safety and no reformation order to compensate victims for the ordeals made against convicted traffickers?
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>> a very important issue. in fact, the meeting that i chaired recently, a a matter of two weeks ago i think it was, of the modern slavery task force that i brought together to bring people from across government but also law enforcement, from the judiciary, soy, from criminal justice more generally, and from others to look at how we are working with this. we were addressing exactly this issue of prosecutions and how we can ensure that prosecutions, more prosecutions go ahead and future and perpetrators are brought to justice. >> in 2017, 2120 children who were identified as being possible potential victims of the child slavery. i know the prime minister is personal commitment to tackling this issue but surely what that more data. with no idea how many of those children go missing. we have no idea how many are
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deported and we've no idea how many are re-trafficked. in this country in 2018, a modern democracy that is simply not good enough. can the prime minister tell us what she's going to do about that? >> the honorable gentleman has raised a very important issue and it has been a long concern for long time where children are identified as victims a slave, victims of human trafficking, and when sometimes we do see them, sadly, being in a position where they are then able to be taken out by traffickers and resubmitted to the horrible circumstances that that brings to them. we don't return come just on the point is making about assignment deportation to we don't return unaccompanied children who don't qualify for humanitarian protection unless we can confirm there a safe and adequate protection programs and arrangements in place in their own country. if we can't confirm such arrangement -- if we can -- we grant potential relief.
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we concern concerned our commio roll up and are dependent child trafficking across a country which will get support to those child victims to ensure that they are given those, the supporting ethanol fall back into the hands of traffickers. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. many towns and cities across the country -- has experiences of distressing cases as child exploitation. the authorities have now agreed to conduct an independent inquiry to find out what happened and to give victims answers. when my right honorable friend join me in congratulating to brave women, holly and -- for the work in bringing this about? will she agreed to do everything possible to ensure this inquiry starts without delay and leaves no stone unturned?
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>> i would say to my honorable friend i think we have all been shocked by the horrific case that we as seen, some of the most vulnerable in our country being preyed upon by ruthless criminals. sadly this is not the first report we've seen taking place across our country. i am very happy to join my honorable friend in congratulating holly and jolting for the work they've done. it is not easy but it is right they brought it to life and it can be taken. i'm pleased the authorities are now going to conduct an inquiry. it is as my honorable friend said important but it begins its work in order to get to the truth does as quickly as possible. and they do stem honorable friend will be meeting, the undersecretary for crimes safeguarding validity, to discuss this issue. >> shortly after the -- she said she wanted to put the government on the side of the force in society. she even stood in front of a crumbling sign the said she
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wanted to continue to work for everyone but with the recent report stating that 37% of children are said to live in poverty by 2022, what went wrong, prime minister? >> we have seen 200,000 fewer children living in absolute poverty in this country under this government. we continue to take action to ensure that we are helping families get a regular income by helping people find work. we are ensuring the paid in our society get that pay increase,, increasing the national living wage and ensuring that we help people with standard living by cutting the taxes for 31 million people. >> is my right honorable friend aware that the inspirational music man project in south and that works with people who have learning difficulties has now set a world record for tinkling
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the most number triangles ever? does my right honorable friend agree with me that that is yet another reason why south bend could be made -- [inaudible] and will she please organize a contest with her honorable friend so that south and becomes the first post brexit city? >> i are happy to congratulate the music man project in south and for the record they have achieved in tinkling triangles. i'm sure, i'm sure my right honorable friend has heard his bid for south in to become city. to say that of course will be a number of members of this house will be putting forward their own sounds for the accolade in due course. i knew he had on the cathedral. i didn't know he had to have tinkling triangles, mr. speaker. >> the prime minister will be aware this week the notorious
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rapist was released from high-security prison here one in my constituency gave evidence at the trial as a victim wants to know why he was not tested first in open prison conditions, and why the parole board is not required to publish the reasoning behind its release decisions, including evidence contrary? >> can i first of all, there is a case before court at the moment, as part of that case the parole board will be required to explain the reasons why they took the decision. but in terms of the overall issue of parole board decisions and transparency of that, when this decision became clear, my right honorable friend, the chancellor, called for work to be done which is being continued under the current justice secretary lord chancellor to look at this will question of parole board decisions which i am bound to see around them.
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[inaudible] the scale and excellence means the rely heavily on doctors overseas but is like the struggle to bring some of those doctors in because restrictions on the visa numbers. it's becoming a real problem. issue where this challenge and has she had the chance to address it? >> can't i tell my honorable friend i am aware of that particular issue. of course in the longer-term one of the things we're doing is to ensure that we can trade more doctors here -- train -- in the united kingdom but unaware of the issues raised and i will get to it. >> last year the prime minister acknowledged that are system is broken and promised to fix it. since then -- have been placed
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into special measures and another is worried it may have to close due to a lack of funding. what does the prime minister data providers who say physical far enough and they cannot afford to wait for the governments green payback? >> i i would say to the honorabe lady as she will know i have always said that there were some short-term measures and need to be taken to put pressure and social taken medium-term measures of longer-term. in the short term we provide more funding for local authorities to begin extra was announced by my right honorable friend the chancel of the exchequer wasting more money going into social care in the authority. in the medium term we need ensure the best practice is spread across the whole country and we also do as you refer to the green paper need to ensure that we can develop a long-term sustainable funding model or social care industry and i thought we continue to work on. >> mr. speaker, it established a
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matter of public record that rbs -- outstrip businesses to benefit their own bank or individual bankers. evidence before the high court indicates lloyd's may also be guilty of the same. with the prime minister consider the cause of the all party group said -- which is been endorsed by the chief executive for a full public inquiry in this disgraceful scandal? >> this is an issue that is a concern to many businesses which are the backbone of our economy to ensure we do learn the lessons from what happened at rbs. as you will know we have reported is a widespread inappropriate treatment of firms by rbs who has apologize and set about a a scheme for compensatn for victims. there is ongoing investigations which is confusing to be conducted into rbs, and they are also undertaking to set
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investigations. we will continue to work with the independent regulator in addition to ensure that small and medium-size businesses get the support they need. >> thank you, mr. speaker. just since christmas there than five high-profile gun crimes including one last thursday when in 19-year-old young man was shot in the head with -- on the back of a moped to the entrance of a cinema. the intent to kill with gun takes epidemic to a whole new level. this can't go on and i must stop. with the prime minister please meet with me and community leaders to put an end to this epidemic of gun crime? >> what i will city i'm elated i suggest she meets with the home secretary who would be publishing a strategy in relation to this issue with series of violence that takes place. we are all concerned about the
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use of mopeds has been known for muggings and that something my right honorable friend home secretary has only been looking at and working on with the police but on this issue shows raise, gun crime, sure my right honorable friend will be happy to meet her. >> peter bone. >> thank you, mr. speaker. following the question from the right honorable member, could i agree entirely what he said, the prime minister has done more than anyone in this house to end the terrible modern-day slavery but we have one problem, and that is the treatment of child victims. they are put in the correct local authorities and as the honorable member said they are then re-trafficked. can we look at having a a systm like we do for adults were safe homes are provided, not by local government, so we trafficking cannot occur? >> my honorable friend follows up the right honorable member on an important point about the child victims of trafficking. i would certainly look at the issue is raised.
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the independent child advocate that i referred to in my response to right honorable member was win-win which we feel we can get greater support to these child victims to ensure that we do not see them being lost to authorities and being re-trafficked but it is a scandal when a victim goes into the care of a local authority and someone is able to come along and remove them from that care and take them


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