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tv   Former GA Governor Senator Zell Miller Memorial Service  CSPAN  March 27, 2018 11:56pm-1:47am EDT

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jimmy carter, bill clinton, and george a funeraloke at service for former georgia governor and u.s. senator zell miller. he died last week at the age of 86. his funeral was held at the peachtree road united methodist church in atlanta. ♪ music]n ♪
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>> jesus said "i am the resurrection and the life, those who believe in me even though they die, yet shall they live.
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and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. i am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and last. i died, and behold i am alive for evermore. because i live, you will live also." we have gathered in his holy place this morning to praise god, to witness to our faith as we celebrate the life of zell brian miller. there's an old saying, "if you know who you are, you will know what to do." without question, zell miller knew who he was.a man of faith and a man great hope, of great compassion for others. he knew who he was and he knew what to do, and what he did is live and extraordinary life. reverend harp and i have stood with families on occasions such as this many, many times before,
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but today is different. ,n some ways, more difficult because zell millers just don't come along every day. when he was governor, he and ms. shirley often worshiped here at road.ree one sunday, reverend harp had invited a great friend of mine to preach in this church. he told him when he leaned over and whispered when they got into zell is here today." he asked, where is he? he said, up front and a little to the left. my friend sam said, "i know that, but where is he sitting?" [laughter] today, zell miller is upfront and in the center. we have come together from many
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different perspectives and lives and spectrums to honor a man who has lived a life of public service and given us hope. we are honored to have some who knew him best in this life to come and help us celebrate. his grandson brian miller will be speaking. he is the ceo of the miller carrying, and he is along his grandfather's legacy. we are delighted to have former presidents. president george w. bush, president bill clinton, president jimmy carter. we are also delighted to have his former student, his pastor, and longtime friend, dr. don harp. they will be speaking in helping us to remember this life well lived. pabloreported that
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cassels once had a young cellist favor him and ask for feedback from the master. he listened to the young cellist , and when he finished, the critique was spoken in simple eloquence. you hit all the right notes, but you didn't play the music. zell miller not only hit all the right notes, but he also played the music. a lot of the music he loved would be sung and heard in this place today. so i invite you to follow along in your bulletin. note the songs we are invited to sing. they are family favorites that testify to the faith of the miller family. we all will miss him. thanks toy, we give god for this life that is well lived. ,e come together in grief acknowledging our human loss, and we pray god grants us grace
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so that we may find comfort, in sorrow we find help, and in death we may find resurrection. hymn is number 62. all creatures of our god and king, we invite you to stand as ymn 62. him -- h ♪ [organ music] ♪
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>> you may be seated. let us join our hearts together
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in the spirit of prayer. gracious god our heavenly father, we come this morning with hearts full of gratitude. we are grateful for your love for us, for the grace that is authored to us -- offered to us through jesus christ, and for the presence of the holy spirit in this place. we read in the scriptures that if we go to the top of a high mountain, we will find that you are already there. ofwe descend into the depths the deepest valley on earth, the scriptures tell us you will find that you are already there as well. that helps us to understand that you are here with us in this place and in this time, and we are grateful. we come here today not only to miller,he loss of zell but also to give thanks to you for his life among us.
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we are gathered here today not only to mourn over how different our lives will be without him, but to give thanks to you for helpful life was -- how full life was when he was with us. we have gathered here today not only to consider the shortness and uncertainty of life on earth, but to give thanks to you for the gifts of life, and family, and friendships. lord, we ask that you would comfort us this day and that you would pour out your holy spirit upon the miller family. undergird them with your loving arms. draw us all closer to you and to each other. loveme together to share and wonderful memories with each other. lord, we make this prayer in the name of christ, our lord, the one who taught us to say these words when we pray together. our father, who art in heaven,
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how will it be thy name. thanking them come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into jim, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. amen. ♪
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♪ >> good morning. , ibehalf of of our family
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want to thank all of you for joining us here today. over the past few days, we have mourned together the loss of one of georgia's finest public servants. our family has mourned the loss of our patriarch and beloved pa wpaw. i knew zell miller as his grandson, but our relationship went deeper than the normal bounds of that familial relationship. he was a mentor to me both personally and professionally. wisdom andre knowledge from zell miller than any other person i encountered in life. lot has been said these past few days about the legacy in public service he leaves behind. no doubt we will hear more about this legacy in the days, months, and even years ahead. i want to focus on
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the individual. i want to share the source of his great public and personal legacy. zell was a teacher at heart. that title meant more to him than any other he obtained throughout his career. in his home or your home, in the state capital or in washington dc, zell was a constant learner and gifted teacher. our family and those who were closest to him were blessed to graduate from zell miller university. [laughter] wantconfident he would not this moment to pass without the opportunity to remind and instill in others what he valued as life's greatest lessons. please allow me to share a
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few lessons from my favorite , and what i believe he would want in his final lecture on life. zell once said, "dare greatly,-- reject the rejection, and never, never give up." , "when iy, zell wrote became governor, it was loyalty me from getting a big head and making mistakes. i always knew where i came from and where i was going back to." to the north georgia mountains, we have a saying. if you ever see a turtle on a fence post, you know one thing -- join with me -- it didn't yet
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there by itself.someone put it there . respect. "consistent respect for ourselves and others will go a long way towards solving the many problems of society." on courage. "no human attribute is more or more sadly lacking in today's climate of expediency and self gratification than courage." was a prolific writer. he constantly put pen to paper. when he realized something he learned or thought that could .enefit others some of that writing became laws that still benefit us today. some of the writing became essays in books for us to study.
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some of the writing became letters many of you have received that is just what you needed to hear. on his 70th birthday, february 24, 2002, zell wrote a personal letter to our family. i've got mine right here. he entitled "some lessons learned by 70." it was 14 lessons zell had learned by 70 that he wanted his family to know. each one is just as important today as it was then, and i want to share them with you this morning. number one. fail whileafraid to going after something you really want." you will always learn from it. never give up. persistence will overcome everything else, i guarantee it.
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two. if you listen more than you talk , you will not only learn more, but people will think you are smarter, not dumber than you really are. [laughter] number three. for every action, there is a consequence, always. it can be a good consequence or a bad one, but it will come just as sure as the night follows the day. four. words "i'mtly the ," and "ithank you love you." five. being on time will be noted and will impress people. being late is a very rude thing
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to do. it says to other people, my time is more important than your time. a person who is always late is a selfish person, mark it down. number six. mentally tough will help you more in life than being physically tough. number seven. whiners are terrible people to be around. [laughter] don't be one. i often ask myself from time to time, and my whining too much? blaming others for your own misfortune is the same thing and just as bad. number eight. notice and appreciate what makes your heart leap up. if nothing does, examine your
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life, because something is missing. number nine. search for your niche. this may come early in life. there is something out there that you can do better that no one else can. you have a knack and a talent. find it, it's there. other peoplethat have a knack and a talent for something that you don't. 10, from time to time, make yourself do something you don't really want to do. it will make you stronger. 11.
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smoking will soar in your life. best shorten your life. [laughter] i have seen too many loved ones die because of it. 12. important.home are one should know where he came from and who suffered or sacrificed to get us where we are. having a sense of family and going a sense of place is to be increasingly hard in this modern, fast-moving, ever-changing world, but if you do, it will bring you comfort and stability. 13. those who teach lessons are not smart or know everything, they have just lived a long time. 14, keep a good sense of humor and laugh at yourself more than
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you do others. written onks can be the lessons zell miller taught us. for me personally, some of the most important are these. every person has a gift or talent that when put to use can make this world a better place. when you find yours, help others -- theirs.s the fruits of labor, only to those who labor for the fruit. marry your best friend. beyou are lucky, she will your toughest critic. , take what you want,
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saith the lord. take it and pray for it. this is, by far, the creed and philosophy in which zell miller lived his life. he was an adult before he found out that verse was not in the bible, but it was in the gospel according to saint birdie. [laughter] in high school, and even when i was a student at young harry's college, -- young harris college, my grandparents would attend the united methodist church with me together, and afterwards we would have lunch, usually at the dining hall at the college. that was our thing. that was our special time together. chance for me to learn from my favorite teacher.
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graduated, my grandparents gave me a bible. in it, zell wrote, "some of the happiest moments of our lives have been when you set between memorial pew at sharp united methodist church." i keep this bible in the desk of my office to remind me of some of the happiest moments of my life as well. to be a goode how man, a citizen, a son, and a husband. zell taught us how to lead and
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be a good friend. but most of all, he taught us how to live and be in service to others. may you rest in peace, my teacher, my pop off, until we meet again. ♪
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>> shirley, murphy, and matt, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, governors, ,ormer governors, congressman laura sends her best and i am
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honored that you invited me here to celebrate the life of zell miller. a great american. i was thinking about how many governors of georgia or anywhere visit him.residents he is really one-of-a-kind. earlyt met cell in the 1990's. we were both governors from southern states. we came from different backgrounds but we hit it off because we had some things in common. we shared a belief in the importance of public education. we had a willingness to work across the political aisle and we loved baseball. fact, he was once known as zip zell for his speed on the base paths.
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thankfully, god made him a shaky hitter so he could find his calling in the big leagues of politics. he became one of the great governors in the history of georgia and is a principal member of the united states senate. he was a man of honor and a faithful friend. in 2004, he stood up to speak for me. now it is my honor to speak for him. zell was born 86 years ago to his mother burkey and his father grady. a dean at a local college and a state senator. tragically, zell's father died just 17 days after he was born. you can just imagine their heavenly reunion. saying, i have a story for you.
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the story starts with burkey, zell's mother. she built a house with rocks that she pulled from a nearby creek and work tire to support her children. zell said his mother didn't just do the best she could, she did the best anyone could. as the often remembers, she would point to the road that led out of their town and said you know what so great about this place? you can get anywhere in the world from here. road to- zell took that the united states marine corps. he said the experience made him into the man he became. he learned a lot. one of the things he learned was to be punctured all. as his staff will tell you, he was never late.
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that includes a meeting at harris college in the summer of .953 when he asked his future wife to square. -- mary and 46 years. -- they were married for the next 46 years. he's a country music fan and he loved the rodeo. his favorite restaurant was waffle house. he also quoted shakespeare. listens to mozart. attended the atlanta opera and a text you don't top and blue jeans. his mother told him that art was human race.e of the they developed a large collection of art and music.
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cell follow his father into politics. a decision i know a little something about. he was elected mayor and four times as lieutenant governor. in 1990 the people of georgia made him the governor. nobody was better prepared for the job. , guest told the new governor i've been waiting out there for 45 minutes. zell said, i've and waiting for 16 years. governor miller did a lot of great things for the people of georgia and the people took note. when he finished his second term , his approval rating stood at 85%. that is not typical for a politician leaving audit -- leaving office.
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they'll return to teaching -- zell returned to teaching. but then he served out the rest of a senator's term in washington. i was elected a few months later in what was not exactly a land line. done and wantngs to find democrats i could work with. i found zell. we worked hard on education reform and tax relief. he was never an ideologue. put it, you won't find average americans on the left or right, you'll find them at kmart. after the horrors of september 11, 2001, we became a nation at war. there was never a doubt where the marine from georgia mountain stood. zell was a steadfast supporter of troops and protected our homeland.
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in 2004 he announced he would support my reelection. he said he would speak at the convention in new york if i thought it would help. .arn right it would help inl became the first person american history to deliver the keynote addresses and both parties conventions. gardented madison square asking how american armed forces could be expected to defend our nation with spitballs. he also reminded the country about when the wealthy, a republican -- about a republican nominee who supported franklin
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roosevelt's policies. if he had to choose between a gravestone that said here lies the man is supported the president and here lies the man who supported freedom, he would choose the latter. after the election, many politicians would have asked for something big in return for their support. not zell. he did eventually tell me he would like to serve on the american battle monuments commission. a government agency charged with maintaining military gravesites. they'll put it, an old man looking after cemeteries. .hat was typical of zell he put service above self. he never forgot where he came from or where he was headed. as he said in his senate farewell, everywhere i've ever
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been really was on my way back home. thank you for sharing zell with us. his life is a testament to all that is good and all that is possible in this country we love. there will never be anyone like zell miller and he leaves an example that we need more of our political leaders to follow. he lived out the marine corps creed semper fidelis, always faithful. faithful to country, family, and his faith. now the boy from the little rock house has reached the top of the mountain and we know he is home. god bless you. [applause] ♪
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>> amen. >> i don't think anyone could
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improve on what brian had to say. it was a wonderful speech. i was in new york until 4:30. as theoing to come governor that i was invited as a president so i'm very glad to be here. [laughter] been a friend of zell --ler's often on [laughter] 455 years. --were in the georgia senate when i was in the georgia senate, zell had served a term before i did so he was an expert on state government. in thevery helpful to me sinners that were there to serve
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with him. , as has been said already, and educator. his mother and father had both taught in zell was there for many years. i'm just finishing up my 36th year teaching at emory university so he and i have a lot in common. zell was very outspoken as you know. anyone else will mistake at two different dimensions, maybe if i had gotten to -- gotten him to speak at my second convention i would've gotten elected. [laughter] i never forget zell's speeches. he was an outspoken marine and he loved his country and he loved his state.
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more than any other governor that has ever served in united states of america, has done more for young people and education. [applause] with the hope scholarships that he was father of, we learned how to educate children from k-12 and now we have tens of thousands of young georgians because of the gifts of zell miller. president, zell and surely both joined in my campaign. zell went to texas with lieutenant governor harvey to
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campaign all over texas for me. i want to thank you surely for that wonderful contribution you did to my campaign. still, a lot in common zell and i. we started out my political career together. for the last few months, whenever we could, really sound found a way to sit together. i agree with what has been said already. wonderful most politicians we seen in georgia and a good friend of mine to him i am deeply indebted. god bless you and god bless zell miller's history and i'm sure
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his history will continue in georgia. [applause] ♪
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>> surely, members of the member of zell's larger political family and to all the former governors and first , there is senators probably no one who could speak year and feels more of a to zell miller than i do. -- and to shirley.
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and especially to the extraordinary kindness over decades she has extended to him me and hillary. everyone was just not quite caring they were. 1991, i was giving a speech here. i checked in with the governor and first lady of georgia and they asked me to stay the night. so i spent the night. we stayed up until 3:00 in the morning talking. maybe because i've talked to much or maybe because we were having a good time. after all those hours of
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, if you his advice was want to run for president you need to call james cargill and get good speeches. i took 50% of the advice. so began this long relationship. i never won a primary election until we got to georgia. everybody said, oh, clinton has to win big in georgia and he will never get there he will be toast. that is what i was warned i
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would be if i did not do well in georgia. 57% later, it worked out. yorks in my office in new and in very -- every office i have occupied since that time, a picture of an elderly lady living in rural georgia in front of a house that as far as i could tell had never had any paint on it. it was like my great grandparents house. it had one of my signs on it. i remember every stop i made in every bus trip and the whole deal. you in almost indentured servitude and for what you and sell
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have did for me and i'm emily. and to give me the chance to serve. you are entitled to discount i'm not only but light zell miller, i admired him and i got it when he was driving me and every other democrat crazy. there are a lot of people here in this audience who spent their lives trying to win elections. some, i hope, with more elections yet to win. age, iu get to be my think the most important thing is, how do use keep score -- how do you keep score?
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father john wesley scorekeeping, you have to help all the people you can in all the ways you can whenever you can. show up every day and make something happen. zell miller believed in government. he believed government should offer hope and opportunity. not a handout. he never left our party. believed that we owe people who disagree with us human decency, human and -- that theiresumption motives are just as good as ours , their objectives for the future are just as honorable as
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ours, too much of that is gone now. the first thing i want to say about my friend is, beyond what did, he keptt he score in what i think was the right way. public serviceo as an honorable endeavor. he thought every great country needed an effective government that offered hope and a hand up. he did not believe that people who disagreed with him were by definition bad people or the objects of destruction. particularly in times of great stress, we should find a way to see each other as people and
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reach across the lines that divide us. finally, he really was a good methodist in the way he kept score. mistake if iking a got this program and he would be talking to me in my dreams tonight. you forgot to tell them that there are 1.8 million people who got college educations in georgia because of the hope scholarship. [applause] thatorgot to tell them there are 1.6 million little kids who are in preschool --grams because of [applause] and you forgot to tell them, you rascal, that you had to give me credit when you announced your
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national caller should -- college scholarship program and say was modeled on the hope scholarship program. it was. we gave 10 million people eight nationally. goodness knows how many now. all because a guy came out of georgia, join the marine corps, never forgot where he came from and believed the government all to give hope and a hand up. that's what i want you all to think about when you think of zell miller. he was eloquent. he loved shakespeare. he kept score in the right way he did all the good -- right way.
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he did all the good he could. his adversaries were not his enemies. except briefly when he would get mad at you. i hope by saying that, i haven't somewhere paid his gifts of .indness to me hillary had a lot of fun survey with him in the senate and that's when he was jerking over and endorsing george. , our oldd me and said shend, this about zell, said don't you give up on him. you have too much at stake in your life. people take different turns. different things in
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different places under different circumstances. his enemies called him and zigzag is l. , but in all the ways that mattered, he was phenomenally consistent. people first, country and human dignity over short-term partisanship. and keep score right. a life in politics is about other people.
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it means a lot to me as a andy young that when firsto nine nations, the political figure to endorse john lewis, and he's still there and were about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of martin luther king junior's assassination and atlanta is represented in congress by someone who is part of the original team. he was part of that. he said he was always going home african american churches refer to funerals as home goings. so my friend, you are finally home.
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you fought the good fight and ust the faith and those of who were lucky enough to know -- and surely for any part for any part of the long lives you have lived together were richer for it. godspeed. [applause]
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>> please remain standing for the reading of the gospel. -- from john's gospel chapter 14. let not your hearts be troubled. if you believe in god, believe also in me. in my father's house are many mansions. if it were not so, i would've told you. the goal to prepare a place for you. if i don't prepare a place for you, i will receive you on to myself. and from jesus sermon on the mount, chapter five. you are the light of the world. neither do men light a candle and light under a bushel the put on a candlestick and give its light unto all that are in the house. let your light so shine before men that they may see your good
1:09 am
works and glorify your father which is in heaven. this is the word of the lord. please be seated. i'm versus the time. minutes,ve me a few .he accordance of light in this room, there's a marvelous window the catch light. here,arise under the sun, it says from the rising of the sun enjoyed setting, blessed be the name of the lord. , nothing really happens.
1:10 am
and that it says, and then there was light across the darkness. desk, i tend to prepare sermons. there's a beautiful day in december. it's a sunset. a picture of a small church in carrollton where my wife and i served. me of the day is over. the day is over and you look and the sun is gone and the day's history. up i'm going to pick this again in just a bit. on zellhas ended miller's physical presence in our lives. when it setssing on our friends in the east.
1:11 am
arisen in afe has new world. kids are smarter than we are. our children have a prayer book here every year. a few years ago, little boy diedd -- wrote my dog skip but praise god is going to rise again. we believe in the resurrection. that is why we are here. to affirm our belief in the resuection. this is not the end. a cardiologist writes a book called the catch in heaven. in that book he recalls a number of persons who had near-death and when experiences
1:12 am
they came or they could speak again, they always said they saw this great light. light is important. this light that we symbolized sunday after sunday reminds us that there is one who created life and you didn't just create us to live here but he created us for eternity. if you don't believe in heaven than let me ask you, have you ever read anything where they found the body of jesus? they found the bodies of disciples. but no one has ever found the body of jesus. we affirm and we believe in the resurrection of the dead. zelllebrate the life of miller.
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zell, the spring, would be my 60th year that we talked about baseball. 60 years. mentormy very first outside of my family. what a mentor. he was a man i was a boy. even when we both grew old, he was still the man i was the boy. honeymoon, i wanted to go to the grand ole opry and my wife wanted to go to gatlinburg. we compromised and went to gatlinburg. [laughter] , we couldod news was meet zell and shirley miller. on our honeymoon. she does this sometimes.
1:14 am
mentor, zellet my miller. surely cooked fish for those of us on the baseball team and we would catch them. i'm sorry we infringed on you but you made us feel welcome. you had that way of caring and loving us. but he was my baseball coach. some of the ninth inning, and two men on second and third and zell said walk this hitter who is the best hitter. he was a little measly guy. we through what we call drops. now they call them sinkers.
1:15 am
president bush knows what a drop is. himid we are going to fool with a fastball. he was just barely able to get it over the infield and two runs scored. when the dust settled, zell was going -- [laughter] third drop?hrow a i said i was trying to full him. he said that guy couldn't hit a drop with a tennis racket. you do that one more time and i will give you a place on the bench. out that nowxt guy we are down by one run. and our badys on boy handed me a bat.
1:16 am
i'd never swung a bat like this in my life. he said this one has a magic. the left-handed pitcher threw a fastball first. rounded first plate -- first base, i saw the ball at the top of the tree in centerfield. as the years have gone on, that tree got further away and taller. i redeemed myself but i remember the barb wire. thank goodness. he was sneaky and he was smart. he called my wife and said i'm doing in ad for reelection for governor.
1:17 am
i want you to come down and we are filming a video. there is nothing but us clapping and saying you a. i had been preaching against the lottery. preachers are supposed to be against gambling. out, it wasdeo came cell saying we have to have a lottery, i'm tired of the money going to florida. [laughter] [applause] in the front row was mary ellen and myself. he could be sneaky. he was also smart. it was a long trip to the west coast and his harvard grad sat down next to zell, had been flying for a bit.
1:18 am
knew how tozell play puzzle games and zell said what kind. he said, you ask me a question , sincei can't answer it i'm probably smarter than you are, if i can answer i will give an $200 and if i give you question you can answer you only have to give me 50. and you can go first. ok, what scott two legs walk in four legs flying? the man said, i don't know. they'll said, where's my $200? he gave him $200 m in the harvard guy said, what does have two legs walking and four legs
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flying. zell said, i don't know, here is your $50. [laughter] [applause] he was sneaky and he was smart. zell thought that children would think better if they listen to classical music. hundreds of thousands of kids were recipients of the lottery hope scholarship.
1:20 am
never have i been around a man , i 60 years, mentor, man hope you read jim galloway's article in yesterday's paper. zell and bill of .hipp the class of a person is if you can apologize and sam sorry. -- and say i'm sorry.
1:21 am
it was a great story of redemption. -- cell and -- zell and lunch. treated bill to he felt the barb wire. he walked to the car and bill was in very poor health. zell said, i'm sorry. last thing he said to bill, i love you. said, i didn't agree with everything you said or did but you are the best thing that happened to the state of georgia. [applause]
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there is a young woman here running for governor who was a recipient of the hope scholarship. she told me she lived in 17 different places. that's with hope scholarship is about. president bush said zell took and her to the window said comic to you think this boy can fill it up? if you get president bush back when he gets elected, we will fill it up. so welcome back.
1:23 am
president carter, you are an icon and a great statesman. zell and i went to montana last year. he's writing coach. he walked down the aisle and spoke to every person on the plane and shook their hand. there will never be another day like this. three of the great people. present governors, former governors who came to honor man heset on our baseball trips, would say, i want to be governor of georgia one day and i said yeah, and i'm going to be the pope. i said, coach, i just want to be
1:24 am
a country preacher. i grew up on a farm. i just want to be a country preacher. when i came to this church to be the pastor, zell and shirley was here and everybody and he said, welcome to your country church. here we go. infants, hope scholarship. , that light has gone out here. it has risen on a new sure. miller --ors sell governor zell miller, for the light you have shared and exhibited, this right here is for you. ♪
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>> in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen.
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>> amazing grace. we saying theas first, second, and third stanc s zas.
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>> here is a live look at the coverage for wednesday. justice department's look at the -- an national association ad's 1:30. a panel investigates how criminal -- test re using the consumer federation post the policy conference. >> washington journal is live every day with news and policy
1:45 am
issues. kimberlyff and rendered. stephen ellis looks at the spending bill. be sure to watch washington journal. join the discussion. night, the high school students from around the country were here for the senate youth program and we met with them at the mayflower hotel and they shared their thoughts about government and politics. >> i am passionate about doc a and it is not fair that lives hang in the balance because we cannot find a solution. this is a human rights issue. >> in important issue to me is
1:46 am
climate change. the notion that we are the only country not in the paris climate weords is a travesty and have not stayed on course with other countries. nation inthe richest the world and we have citizens going bankrupt trying to cover basic health care costs and that is an outrage and we should be ashamed. >> next, a look at consumers, corporations, and governments approaching surveillance and national security. we will hear from lawyers and officials and washington, d.c..


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