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tv   White House Arrival Ceremony for President of France  CSPAN  April 25, 2018 2:49am-3:37am EDT

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personalize the information you get from us. just go to and sign up for the email. program guide is an imo with the mostly updated primetime schedule, upcoming live coverage. word for word gives you the most interesting daily video highlight with no commentary. the book tv news later -- newsletter is an inside look at upcoming authors and books festival's, and the american history tv weekly newsletter gives you the upcoming programming exploring our nation's past. andt the sign up today. president trump and first lady melania trump welcomed french president emmanuel macron and mrs. macron to the white house early tuesday during an arrival ceremony. the two leaders spoke about the relationship between the two countries and some of the common challenges they faced.
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[drill commands] ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. trump. ]hail to the chief ♪
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[drum roll]
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♪ ♪ [drill commands]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of the french republic, followed by the national anthem of the united states.
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]anthem ♪ national
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united states national anthem ♪]
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[drill commands]
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♪ [military band playing]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states.
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president trump: president m acron, mrs. macron, welcome to the united states.p president macron: [speaking french] president trump: we were honored to have been hosted less year. the wonderful friendship that has built up as a testament to the friendship that binds our two nations. it is fitting that we are holding our first official state visit with america's oldest ally, the leader of france. [speakingmacron: french]
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president trump: this morning we'll send our prayers to the wish formerly as we president george h.w. bush a speedy recovery. we also want to express our deepest sympathies to the canadian people following the tragedy in toronto that claimed so many innocent lives. our hearts are with the grieving families in canada. french]king
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president trump: your visit, mr. president comes at a critical times with our allies. along with our friends, written and friends, -- britain and france, took action aginst the use of chemical weapons in syria. we want to thank you, mr. president for your steadfast action. it was absolutely incredible. thank you. [translation in french]
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president trump: the long friendship between the united states and friends began 241 years ago this month when a 19-year-old frenchman named lafayette set sail to join america's fight for independence and won the friendship of george washington and help secure the aid of the french for the american cause. decades later, president andrew the memory of lafayette will be second only to that of washington in the hearts of the american people. >> [translation in french]
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president trump: the beautiful friendship between the united states and france has changed the course of history. exactly 100 years ago this spring americans fought side-by-side with the gallant french in world war i. a generation later, in the second world war, hundreds of thousands of young americans and free french sacrifice together to save civilization in its hour of greatest need. >> [translation in french]
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president trump: 60,000 american servicemembers rest for eternity the need the peaceful fields and hilss of the french countryside and int he -- and in the soil of the american countryside, the countrymen lie. worlds an example to the , for more than two centuries. >> [translation in french]
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president trump: our tow great -- our two great republic are linked together by culture and destiny. we recognize in the image of god, every human soul. this legacy has given us who we are, and given us what we hold dear, the blessings of freedom, science,ns of art and the love of family and community and the defense of home and country. >> [translation in french]
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president trump: this range is calling, this sacred heritage is what lured the sacred frenchman to risk death. americans spured the to storm the class omaha beach, it is what drove the farmers of massachusetts to stand at concorde bridge and the citizens of paris to man the barricades and just weeks ago we added a new name to this chronicle of , named colonel lieutenant
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beltran. a great man. >> [translation in french] president trump: and through that immortal deed, a son of france, he reminded the world the true measure of our strength. >> [translation in french]
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president trump: president macron, people of france, people of america, now is the time for strength. so, let us be strong. let us be united. past andnor our face our future with confidence and pride and let the united states and france stand forever in solidarity for the noble cause of liberty and peace. thank you very much. [laughter] -- [applause] >> [translation in french] >> ladies and gentlemen, the
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president of the french republic. president macron: [speaking french[ french]king translator: president trump, dear melania, dear bridget, madames and monsieurs, thank you for your warm welcome and welcoming france for this first
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state of your presidency, which shows the true bond of our two countries. translator: [translation in french] translator: first, please allow me to join your condolences addressed to the french people, to the canadian people, and to give our deepest sympathies to president bush and his family. it is a sad moment as well.
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and it is in these sad attacks that we stand together. -- nslation in french] translator: [speaking french] -- president macron: [speaking french] translator: two centuries ago it was lafayette who was welcomed here to the united states, 30 years after the war of independence. at the time, he spent almost 14 months among you. unfortunately, my stay will be
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shorter, but it is of special importance to me, and to all my citizens who have had powerful influence for your people, mr. president. president macron: [speaking french] indeed,or: in america, we acknowledge democracy itself to inspire the functioning of our institutions and to acknowledge the place of free individuals. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: dear, mr. president, america will present endless possibilities for my country. it brings about hope that overcome tragedies. countryhares with your an ideal of freedom and peace. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: in the centuries, in history, we, with common struggles, we together, have forged the western world. and worked towards immortality. president macron: [speaking french] translator: through all revolutions from the very beginning, yesterday you took me to mount vernon, at the residency of the first president of the united states, george
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washington, which i would like to pay tribute to. and the bastille prison, which was given to him, as a symbol of this unbreakable bond. president macron: [speaking french] year, as wethis commemorate the continuing of the end of world war i, we wish knook.r you, the displayed.s. soldiers
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courage and devotion. president macron: [speaking french] translator: i am pleased that this tree, will be in the soil the sacrifice and common states where the united and france have led together.
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president macron: [speaking french] translator: these views inherited and shared by our two countries shall continue to build together side-by-side our modern history. we forged the western world, which remains unchallenged today. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: it is together that the united states and france will defeat terrorism. france and america are both confronted with it in various forms, on our respective soils, in lebanon, or in africa. we will accomplish the defeat of the devastation, whether it is in north korea or iran. president macron: [speaking french] translator: it is together that we shall build a new form of prosperity for all peoples, which means innovation, free and fair trade, and the protection of our middle classes. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: it is together that we will be able to act respectively. i'm not just referring to climate, but also to the oceans, to biodiversity and also to the solution. on this issue we do not always agree as to the solution, but in here, that is always the case within families. and that is for the sake of our children. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: it is together that we can resist the rise of nationalism that divides the world. it is together that we will build a new, strong rationalism built around democracy in the face of ill winds. president macron: [speaking french] president macron: -- translator: for our culture and identity has been to work for all countries, one aspiring to universality. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: our friendship has constantly grown more solid, despite the challenges we have yet to overcome. stand today, we encouraging him people to find the fortitude which has guided us during the most difficult of times. with that, france and europe and the united states have an appointment with history. president macron: [speaking french] we have but one duty, mr. president, dear friend, to be at that appointment. president macron: [speaking french]
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translator: so, thank you, mr. president, and thanks to the first lady for your invitation and giving us this opportunity to work together towards that goal and for giving us an opportunity to express once again our friendship. president macron: [speaking french] long live the united states. long live france. thank you. [applause]
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[colorguard] ♪
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[cheers and applause]
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>> french president emmanuel macron continues his visit with a joint meeting of congress and live coverage begins here on c-span. he will also meet with students
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at george washington university. you can watch that tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span-2. a reminder, you can follow these programs on, and the free c-span radio app. next, a senate panel looks at ways to improve the immigration system, which has faced an increased backlog of cases. witness at this senate judiciary subcommittee on immigration talked about ways to reduce the case backlog, while upholding due process. five. [inaudible conversations]


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