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tv   House GOP Lawmakers Call for Special Counsel  CSPAN  May 23, 2018 2:42am-3:32am EDT

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journal" wednesday morning. here is a rundown of live events wednesday. the house meet at 10:00 a.m.. they continue work on the defense programs built. the senate works on nominations. on c-span3, secretary of state the firsttifies for time at secretary beginning at 9:00 a.m.. --se democrats hear from about gun violence. a group of house conservatives held a news conference to discuss a resolution calling on jeff sessions to appoint a second special counsel. the group wants an investigation into possible justice department and fbi misconduct as well as investigations into hillary clinton during the presidential campaign.
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>> good morning and thank you for coming out. we will be outlining fisa abuse, how and why the hillary clinton email probe ended, how and why the treasure -- the trump --
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russia probe began. it also calls for the appointment of the second special counsel to investigate gross misconduct with the understanding the justice department cannot investigate itself. the ranks of the doj and fbi are filled with patriotic americans who take their jobs seriously, perform their jobs objectively with respect for the rule of law. these are historic agencies that require transparency and accountability regarding the misconduct that took place. it is important for these public tovants and agencies continue their work moving forward stronger than ever. as the resolution states, the concerns of the american people are serious and the issues requiring unbiased independent investigation are broad. in the past few days we learned both appear to have planted at least one person into donald trump's presidential campaign to surveilled the
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campaign. this action reminds us of how much -- of how necessary this resolution is as well as the appointment of the second special counsel. we will discuss misconduct related to how and why the hillary clinton email probe ended. we will get details related to the fisa abuse. we will discuss misconduct with how the donald trump russia probe began. with regard to second -- secretary clinton, regulations were violated with her use of a private mail server. official communications were transmitted on an unsecured server that contained classified information. other emails were retroactively deemed classified. james comey has identified 65 of these emails were classified as secret and 22 were classified as top-secret. there is evidence the use of this private server was meant to avoid compliance with the
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freedom of information act and done to obstruct justice by not having to turn over incriminating emails in case of a subpoena. very sensitive emails subject to congressional subpoenas were destroyed through the use of software and the destruction of hardware before they could be obtained by investigators. meetingtember 2015 between loretta lynch and director comey, the attorney to referirected coming to the clinton email scandal as a matter, watering down the severity and aligning the justice department rhetoric with the clinton campaign. chief of staff to hillary clinton was offered immunity in exchange for access to her laptop that contained many of the questionably mills. transcript obtained by the senate judiciary committee,
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tractor coming was prepared to exonerate clinton as early as april or may when he began to draft a statement announcing the end of his investigation before 17 key witnesses, including secretary clinton and several of her closest aides were interviewed. he contradicted these transcripts when he stated before the house judiciary september 20 28 -- 2016 he decided not to pursue charges after she was interviewed by the fbi. in the final draft of his statement, he lied peter straub to replace grossly negligent, which is punishable, with extremely careless, which is not. gross negligence can be punished with present time or fines. there is also the june 27 meeting with ag lynch and former president clinton in the tarmac.
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after that, hillary clinton was exonerated. director comey violated doj rules and exonerated hillary clinton in a public statement to the media. one day later on july 6, the announcement followed from ag lynch the doj investigation into then presidential candidate clinton would be closed with no charges. in september 2016, the fbi during examination of the laptop of anthony weiner as part of an unrelated investigation into him sending sexually was it messages discovered previously unexamined classified emails belonging to his spouse. 2016ok until october 28 of for director coming to announce via a letter to the shares of the relevant congressional committees that he was reopening the investigation into hillary clinton, an additional egregious display -- the light -- egregious delay.
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dr. jill mccabe was running for state senate at the time. receivedr 26, had $675,000 in donations from the virginia democratic party and the leadership pac control by terry mcauliffe. an investigation conducted by the doj inspector general noted director comey required debbie director mccabe remove himself from a conference call regarding conference calls to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. further investigation into mccabe deputy director and other officials sought to delay the release of these illicit emails for politically motivated purposes is worth it. warranted.
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the doj failed to investigate concerns around secretary of state clinton and the clinton foundation's connection to uranium one, which received approval to purchase uranium mines in 2010. throughout hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state, a moneytion made over to and dollars in contributions to the clinton foundation which were not publicly disclosed in violation of an agreement secretary clinton had with the obama white house. when russian state interests were working to acquire a majority state in uranium one, bill clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech in moscow by a russian investing bank. a confidential informant to work with the fbi to uncover bribery and other corruption related to the uranium one matter was threatened with reprisal by the justice department when he tried to come forward. the senate judiciary committee launched a probe in december
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2017 to investigate the uranium one matter, including whether agencies such as the department of state new the fbi was looking into corruption before the deal was approved. an investigation conducted by inspectorgeneral -- general noticed an investigation was shutdown in 2016 on pressure was asserted on the fbi by officials within the obama justice department. shutting down its investigation into clinton foundation impropriety was connected to high-ranking officials within the doj and fbi including director comey and deputy director mccabe. the same report found the deputy director mccain after consenting mccabe,ical presser -- after political pressure, -- the
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false narrative he was opposed to the closure in an attempt to salvage his reputation following revelations of questionable money donated to his wife's virginia state senate campaign. with regards to fisa abuse, the fbi and doj used politically biased, unverified sources to obtain warrants issued by the to eight in the surveillance of u.s. citizens including carter page. rrants granted sweeping power to collectible information , which results in surveillance of communications from the past, present, and future, including those of u.s. citizens not targeted in the authorized warrant. -- doj doj's initials officials submitted a dossier to the fisa court, billy to acknowledge christopher steele
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was hired by fusion gps, which was hired by the clinton campaign, and that the source was unreliable and was going to be terminated as a source. the fisa court was not informed christopher steele was actually -- actively opposed to the nomination of donald trump, that he was cited in sources the fbi used to corroborate his dossier, and that fusion gps had been anti-trump --ious the vetting process for all fisa warrants to ensure all facts are accurate and verified to support probable cause for a war and were not followed. former director comey admitted in sworn testimony on june 8, 2017 that material contained in the steele dossier was known to be salacious and unverified. since fisa weren't applications are rarely turned down, almost never subject to appeal,
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presented in close court, where the government is not challenged by any defense, it is imperative the government take extra care to validate the information before they take the extraordinary step of waiving rights of u.s. citizens without his or her knowledge or the opportunity to present a defense. the government has a responsibility not only to provide the best evidence in support of this case, but the best evidence against its case. the deeply flawed fisa warrants utilizing political intelligence were approved by the fbi and doj officials before being submitted to the fisa court. it was further not disclosed to the court that the wife of bruce for worked for fusion gps and that christopher steele directly transmitted the dossier through bruce orr for submission to the fisa court.
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with regards to the trump russia probe. to this day that has not been evidence that donald trump colluded with russians to win the 2016 election. there is no evidence president trump committed any crime to win the election. the initial fbi probe into the was launched in july 2016 based on questionable intelligence and biased motivations. as we have learned in recent days, doj, fbi or both appeared to have planted at least one person into donald trump's presidential campaign to infiltrate and surveilled campaign. text messages between fbi agents and fbi counsel during a period of august 16th 2016 to may 17, 2017 contain serious evidence of political bias, improbable -- improper handling of the investigation. the texts contain evidence of bias, including lisa page stating, trump should go ---
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himself. those text messages were not stored within the fbi archive system. an oversight blamed on a technical glitch. even after these messages were recovered by the bureau's ig, many questions remain regarding impropriety and bias. james comey prepared a series of memoranda containing classified information, including notes on his conversations with president trump. he admitted in sworn testimony on june 8, 2017 he had leaked this content to a personal friend and encourage that friend to share that material with the press in order to trigger a special counsel investigation. the investigation committed by the senate judiciary committee revealed the personal friend of director comey was daniel richmond of columbia law school. director comey provided him with four of the seven memoranda. his actions are in violation of nondisclosure agreement he signed as a condition of his appointment in the violation of
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protocols of fbi which are based on the provisions of the privacy act of 1974. march 2018, former fbi director mccabe was fired by jeff sessions. he noted mccabe lacked candor on multiple occasions and had partaken in unauthorized disclosure to the news media, in --other violations according to airport. -- a report. personnel have been fired, demoted, or resigned, including director comey, deputy director mccabe, chief of staff to the director, the fbi general counsel, fbi agent struck, fbi special agent kamel, doj officials andnior the assistant attorney general.
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the doj has failed to comply with document request by congress. providing members of congress with heavily redacted members of some documents demand and offering members limited viewing of these documents is in adequate as a response to repeated requests of -- after months of delay. as i prepare to interviews my colleagues, i would like to point out that while many in the media have been trying to bring down the president without evidence, that president trump colluded with russia, there is a ton of evidence of real misconduct that those same people have been attempting to completely sweep under the rug. i believe in equal scales of justice, that no one is above the law. that includes anyone regardless of last name and people at the highest levels of the doj and fbi, especially when misconduct is committed while trying to take down elected officials and candidates. no official at the justice department can allow their own
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bias to overwhelm their objectivity and responsible performance of their duties. a second special counsel must be appointed. transparency is demanded from these historic agencies. we are confident these agencies will be able to move forward stronger than they were. i would like to introduce congressman mark meadows. rep. meadows: thank you so much for the resolution, the leadership it takes. to be clear, the intent of the cosigners of this resolution, to make a request of our leadership to bring this resolution to the house floor to be voted on to point a point -- ap second special counsel. it is also the position of many in this group that the attorney general jeff sessions should re-look at his decision to not
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appoint a second special counsel. the only thing that we have from mr. huber to evidence his work so far is an accumulation of frequent flyer miles. there has been no report, no investigation to speak of. i can tell you it is deeply troubling, when we talk about transparency, that we are not getting transparency from the fbi and the department of justice. that transparency that many times goes without saying. rod rosenstein and the department of justice, on a number of occasions, when they could tell the truth, remained silent. when director comey was out on his book tour, talking about the fact that he had a friend that he shared the memo with. rod rosenstein knew it was not a friend, but indeed a special government employee. when director comey was talking
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about the fact that he only shared it with one friend, ron -- rod rosenstein knew he actually shared it with more than that, and yet the deputy attorney general remained silent. and when a number of us brought up the fact that there were reductions of material facts back in january, rod rosenstein again was silent. now perhaps he is not silent when it comes to spinning his narrative. even today we continue to see leaks come out of the department of justice and fbi spinning a narrative that quite frankly is not supported by the facts. so it is time we get to the facts. it is time we appoint a second special counsel. i think the leadership of all of those who have cosponsored -- it is time for transparency, and it is time to allow the american people to know the truth. >> fbi james comey has been
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fired, fbi director of -- deputy director andrew mccabe has been fired, deputy director of counter intelligence has been reassigned. fbi counsel lisa page demoted and reassigned. what did all these fired, demoted, and reassigned people do in the obama administration? they ran the clinton investigation and they are the ones who launched an investigation into president trump's campaign. and when they launched this investigation what did they do? , they took this dossier, dressed it up, took it to a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on a citizen. when they took it to the court, they did not tell them important facts, like who paid for the documents. dnc and not tell the the clinton campaign paid for it, did not tell them the guy who wrote the document had been fired by the fbi. yet they took it to a secret court to get a warrant to spy on a fellow american citizen loosely associated with the
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trump campaign. now we learn they possibly paid informants to spy on the trump campaign? when you and i go to court, we have to give the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. they did not do that when they brought the dossier to court. now we learn that possibly they paid informants to spy on the trump campaign. and never forget this fact in , all those text messages, we have the one on september 2, 2016, where they say "potus," president obama "potus wants to know everything we are doing." the operative word being "everything." that is a pretty darn big category. we are supposed to believe the department of justice can handle this. don't worry, we can handle this, trust us, we will be just fine. really? think about this question. can rod rosenstein oversee an obstruction of justice investigation into the firing of james comey when he wrote the
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memo recommending the firing of james comey? we have been pushing for 10 months for this. and i want to applaud congressman zelman for bringing floor. the chairman meadows is exactly right. this should be brought to the floor. we should tell the doj we are sick and tired of the runaround. if this fact pattern doesn't warrant a second special counsel, somebody tell me what does. this is exactly what is needed. i appreciate the gentleman's leadership. i want this on the floor as quick as it can possibly get. we can tell the american people that we will do everything it takes to get the answers to the questions that they have. the i.g. is supposedly looking -- >> the i.g. is supposedly looking into a lot of this stuff. while there is an important role g, and i don't think
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their work is mutually .g. is not the i equipped with the tools to be able to get set of facts, because he does not have subpoena power, cannot bring people from outside the agency, and certainly doesn't have any tools to hold people accountable for violations of law. i am eagerly awaiting the i.g. report about the hillary case, and maybe someday there will be an i.g. report that will be beneficial, but it is not sufficient in order to get accountability. some people say, hey, these special counsels are unruly, it is not a good idea. understand, there is a different between ken starr in the 1980's when you had an independent counsel, which i think is unconstitutional. justice scalia did. that was operating outside of the true supervision of the executive branch. robert mueller is a doj employee basically. he is not an independent. he is not supposed to be. he is a special counsel
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supposedly supervised by rod rosenstein. the reason this investigation has become unruly is because rosenstein never identified a crime to be investigated at the outset, and he has not done anything to keep mueller on target. i think basically mueller tells rosenstein what to do. what we are asking for, i don't want them involved in extraneous stuff. answer the core questions and move on or hold people accountable. that is the way this should be done, and if you had someone who was supervising that, and was serious about keeping the trains on time, you can do this in a way that can be done much more expeditiously than some of these have previously. thanks. >> thank you. i too am so grateful for bringing this resolution. we need a vote on it quickly. that has to be on the floor.
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now back when mueller was appointed, there was nobody any more outraged than i was. i knew of the damage he had done to the fbi. he had purged the fbi of thousands of years of experience, purged fbi training materials so they could not recognize radical islam. this was falling into the category of what mueller was good at, and that is covering his own rear end. also in this case covering that of rod rosenstein. rosenstein was a u.s. attorney. mueller was fbi director. wiseman was working on the case as well to investigate russia's illegal effort to get control of u.s. uranium. they soft-peddled that.
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they forced their informant to sign a nondisclosure agreement. they had to keep things quiet so the council on foreign relations on investment in the united states would vote to be able to allow the sale of uranium that would ultimately end up in the hands of russia. if mueller and rosenstein let the public know about russia's illegal efforts, there is no way they could have approved that sale. then of course the clinton foundation wouldn't have gotten with so4 million, along much other money that changed hands. these guys were disqualified. if they had any decency, they would have recused themselves from a, appointing a special counsel, b, be a special counsel. this was just robert mueller, who was shortly before that was begging to get the job as director of the fbi. he had no business doing this. i think eric holder, although he misrepresented facts before the
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judiciary committee, he was not misrepresenting facts to see an end. some weeks back when he said, i have known robert mueller for 20 years, he is not going to stop until he gets trump on some something --uch on and that is the trouble. we need a special prosecutor to investigate the special prosecutor, to investigate rosenstein. rosenstein is a guy that did the memo saying let's fire comey. he had no reason being in this, but there is a reason. if mueller had any interest in making sure that the public know this was unjust, he would go out of his way to hire people not connected to the clintons and democratic party, that way people would know this is a just and fair action. no, but since it was not just
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and fair, they needed people that would cover themselves, and cover robert miller, , andstein, and wiseman that is what has happened. it was june of last year. i told president trump, no one needs firing more than robert mueller, but you can't be the one to fire him, because we have some weak-kneed republicans who will come after you. you can appointed special point a -- ap special counsel. like any good idea, it takes a while to catch on. now it is apparent to some of the people i have great respect for behind me. i hope we will get a vote and force this to a head. thank you. >> i'm just wondering, what is the standard for the appointment of a special counsel at the doj? au have rosenstein appoint
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to investigate, the president based on a slow boil suspicion of carter page, a papadopoulos memo written by someone who has been demoted and reassigned, and a dossier bought by the clinton campaign and curated by russians? at one point you have rosenstein sitting next to mueller, pitching mueller as a replacement for james comey, and not 24 hours later, you have rosenstein selecting mueller to be the special counsel. here the factual basis seems to be a lot stronger. mr. zeldin showed great leadership. he laid that out. speaker ryan has always said to all of us, he wants a house with a bottom-up process that is organic and its activities. its activities. 10 months ago members of the judiciary committee called the 42nd special counsel.
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chairman bob goodlatte at the judiciary committee, chairman trey gowdy also called for a second special counsel. mr. zeldin was joined by the majority leader, the majority whip steve scalise. we have done what has been asked of us as a membership. we have uncovered the true facts. we have persuaded leadership at the committee level and at the conference level. we need speaker ryan to put this resolution on the floor so that the full house of representatives can answer the question about the legitimacy and need of a second special counsel to investigate what i perceive to be serious crimes and impropriety in the fbi and department of justice. >> i am from georgia's 10th district. i would like to thank lee zeldin for his leadership and everyone on this stage for keeping this issue at the forefront.
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let me just kind of bring this down to why this matters to the american people. we have heard a lot of specifics, but what does this matter specifically to the american people? truth, justice, and transparency are not partisan issues or concepts, they are the backbone of american government. when we begin to allow people to ignore the rule of law, or to set a standard of their own to abide by, then it becomes our responsibility to shine light on that, and in this case to conduct an impartial investigation. there can be no question at this point, as it appears so evident that the fbi and doj, at the bottom line, wanted hillary clinton to not be indicted and they did not want donald trump to be president of the united states. this ought to be a grave concern to every citizen in this country.
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points that were made, what we thouations of law. we are still waiting. it is important we restore the integrity of the fbi and department of justice so we have equal justice under law, so the american citizens know what we are going to be doing is looking at everything equally, and not just picking winners and losers along political lines. this seems to me that if the tables were turned, this would be another modern-day watergate. right now i think we really need to look into this. i think a second counsel is our only option at this point. i applaud my colleagues, echo their sentiments. this is something we really have to do if we are going to stand up for the citizens of this nation. i just want to say thank you to lee and to everyone here for standing strong on this issue and for all of you for hopefully recording this so the american people know we will stand for equal justice under law. thank you. >> i am from arizona's fourth. and you wonder why this matters.
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fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. how many things have we had to oversightovernment from fast and furious to -- we have the power and purview to oversee this application. benjamin franklin was asked what kind of government did you give us. a republic, if you can keep it. the fundamental aspect of our republic is to hold everybody equally accountable to the rule of law. when you look at the things mr. zeldin orchestrated, this was an orchestrated campaign against a duly elected government. that is why there is nothing short of treason for those that actually participated in that fisa. the american people deserve the truth, and need the they need to know that everyone
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is held to the same standard of law. >> good morning, from arizona's fifth district. i'm thankful to lee zeldin for bringing this forward. and my colleagues behind me, who have spoken and i am reminded of what a former arizona congressman said, everything has been said, it just hasn't been said by everybody yet. so i am going to take a minute to tell you my little view of this. what has been said is dynamite. it is the scandal of our time. the scandal perhaps of our lifetime. there are two key components here that need to be really explored and outlined more. number one, and congressman jordan mentioned, and that is reference to the former administration where the president was to be informed of all things going on. we need to know really what that meant. we need to know how high this scandal went. that is imperative.
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number two, the apparent motivation for all this misconduct, going right back to the clinton scandal right on into the current scandal, is political in nature. that is antithetical to what the founding of this country, the fabric of this nation today should be and was. those two things are things we need to continue to investigate. we need a special counsel to go forward and investigate everything we have iterated in this resolution, but moreover, we need to get to the bottom of what the previous president knew with regard to this misconduct. we also need to know why this abuse of power was performed for political purposes. so we can hope to create a much more fair process and get to the real truth of the matter.
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i too encourage our leadership to bring this to the floor. the american people deserve the truth. and not only that, it is imperative i believe for the future and survival of our republic. thank you. >> i would like to thank all of my colleagues that are here, the chairs and committee members of the house intelligence committee, judiciary committee, the house, and senate for their hard work to cover all these facts. i would be happy to answer any questions anyone has. >> can talk about your discussions with house leadership, and why this is not coming up with a vote? >> we have not even introduced it yet. we will introduce it in the coming hours. we would encourage our colleagues interested in this issue to sign on. we will be engaging with all of
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our colleagues, regardless of whether they sign on to discuss this issue with them. we certainly would like to see a vote on the house floor. the resolution will be introduced in the coming hours. >> have you discussed this with house leadership? >> there have been a number of conversations with house leadership in terms of where we documents, but also the need for a second special counsel. we have members of leadership that have called for it, chairman of committee that have done so. they are fully aware. at this point, it is a drastic step, but quite frankly these are drastic facts that continue to bubble to the surface. it is time we get a response. i don't know that they will be surprised by any of the demands of this request. the resolution is something mr. zeldin has taken the lead on. we plan to have further conversations on that. >> congressman meadows, can you
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give us an update where things stand with this meeting worked on at the white house, where you are supposedly going to get some cash be able to view some -- you viewoing to be able to some of these documents? rep. meadows: the president had a meeting with doj and fbi officials yesterday. i applaud him for his spirit of transparency. i can tell you in my conversations with the president, he has been concerned about one thing, and that is transparency with the american people. that meeting yesterday gives us great hope that the documents will be able to be reviewed by the appropriate intel committee members, not broadly by congress. >> both democrats and republicans, or just republicans? rep. meadows: certainly i think you would have ranking members as well. if they wanted to view those documents. i think there would be more interest on our side, because the allegation of wrongdoing certainly would be supported more by our side than the democrat colleagues.
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at this point my understanding is in the coming day, indeed this week, that chairman nunes and chairman gowdy will be able to view those documents. we have been here before, we have had a lot of rhetoric, but quite frankly we have had very little action. i am not optimistic that will happen, but i can tell you at this point that is what we are hopeful for. >> is this another meeting to records -- seele ing versus actually getting access to the records. will democrats refuse to attend? rep. meadows: i can tell you another meeting without evidence and without seeing the documents is worthless. there are two subpoenas that are outstanding that have not been complied with. from oversight and judiciary, we have a subpoena that is there.
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this president has turned over 1.2 million documents to the ueller, and yet mille our doj and fbi in a seven-month period has delivered less than 19,000 documents out of a possible 1.2 million documents, most of those duplicative. it is time that we get to see the documents, so just having a briefing is not what we are talking about. we actually need to see the documents. we believe we have a clear understanding of what is there. >> i have a follow-up question for congressman meadows, whoever wants to take it. putting media reports to one side, what does the evidence show about the number of informants used to target the trump campaign? rep. meadows: i think at this particular point that would be in a classified setting. i am not privy to that. as you know, we have had a
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number of documents we have reviewed in a non-classified setting where you can make the argument that there was more than one, but that is certainly not something i would be privy to and can speak with authority on. >> i have a follow-up question. go ahead. gates,meadows, and mr. you guys talked to president trump often. has he asked for this? has trump asked for this? >> has he spoken with him? >> listen, this initiative is driven by mr. zeldin and members of the house, and for us to suggest that the president has requested a second special counsel, that is not the case. not in any conversations i have had with him. i do not comment on any conversations i have had, but i can say on that one, he has not requested it. >> have you spoken with him about the idea of a second
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counsel in general? >> as author of this resolution, i have not had any conversations with the president. in regards to the call for a second special counsel, this is 100% the product of talking to my colleagues signing on to the resolution, 100%. a clarification question for congressman zeldin. does evidence show bruce was given information by his wife or from fusion gps, and that that information was used to renew or obtain fisa orders? >> bruce is in direct communication with christopher christopher steele. there is no doubt that the connection and conflict was real and one that resulted in information we passed through bruce through the justice department to the fisa court as an intermediary. >> just really quickly.
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i am happy to throw this to whoever. i have spoken to other more moderate members of your caucus, one of whom used the word crazy to describe all of you and this effort, can you respond to that? >> do you want to give us a name? [laughter] >> in what context? this resolution specifically? >> this effort, yes, this pursuit. >> that a separate and equal branch of government wants the toormation it is entitled to conduct their duty of oversight for the american people? if that is crazy you have to take that up with the guys who wrote the constitution because that is what we are supposed to do. just give us the information that we are entitled to see so we can get answers to the questions to that -- that the american people have and that all of you in the press have. that is exactly what we are supposed to do. because we have been so frustrated this is the effort we have to do to get to the bottom of this. >> there is no one who has read more of these documents personally than i have.
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i would challenge any of my colleagues, if they want to be informed on the probable cause and the real reason for us requesting that, they can come and we can spend weeks reading over the documents that i have read over the last seven months and i can assure you there is a there, there. >> i would just add that what seems crazy is, when you have the former attorney general meeting with the former president, the husband of the target of an investigation on a tarmac, then immediately exonerating hillary clinton. what seems crazy to me is that bruce ore is serving as an intermediary for christopher steele. it seems crazy that james come y would be writing an exoneration for hillary clinton. what seems crazy to me is you would go to a fisa court and be
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presenting this dossier and not be telling the fisa judges that the information is unverified, that it was paid for by hillary clinton, and the democratic national committee, and providing all of the other information that was important fisa judges to know what the evidence was. as far as what's crazy about this is that everything in this resolution is accurate. that is crazy. i would take one last question -- two less questions. >> as it relates to some of these document requests that continue to be made, on a part of the justice department to turn those over, not because of the classified nation of the best nature -- nature of the requests but material involved, and also because there is an ongoing investigation so there is concern about sharing with the subject investigation materials relevant to their investigation.
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should the white house ensure that officials are walled off from any of that are shared and that members of the congress are not sharing any of the sensitive documents that might be helpful to the president and his legal team before they prepare for the meeting with the special counsel? >> part of our skepticism of them filtering the information they provide congress, we have caught them redacting information. there was not redacting of a ny information because of a national security concern or anything but because it was , personally embarrassing to them that there are talking about their relationship with a judge. the department of justice has lost their credibility to itself filter based on their own conduct. a second special counsel solves that -- back against that concern. if a second special counsel is appointed you have independent eyes that can collect the evidence, make a review and bring an action action forward. you could in essence divorce those concerns from a process that had more integrity. we think that he has laid out that correct process.
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>> i would just add that, all the concerns about not providing information for national security concerns, then you provide the information and see that there is nothing at risk happens time and time again. the facts are that after you end up reading the documents, the real reason is that it would cause embarrassment to people who did the wrong thing. last question. you made it clear you are purchasing this information .ecause of the american people was this effort encouraged at all? you have a conversation with the president about this? they said the same.
3:30 am
100% of my conversations, my interactions with anyone has been working directly with my colleagues who are signing on to this resolution. i have not spoken to be president in any way, shape or form, as to the purpose of this resolution. >> thank you very much, everyone. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] a.m., the house continues work on a build it lays out pentagon policy in the coming year. pompeory of state mike
3:31 am
testifies for the first time as secretary at a house foreign affairs committee hearing. coverage begins at 9 a.m.. hear from students about gun violence at 2 p.m. on the house democrats guns violence task force. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies, and today we bring you unfiltered and public congress, policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is provided to you by cable or satellite provider. announcer: steve mnuchin and kautter testified about
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various iris needs and gave an update on the new tax law -- needs and gave an update on the new tax law to prepare for filing season. this is just under two hours.


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