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tv   President Trump Delivers U.S. Naval Academy Commencement Address  CSPAN  May 25, 2018 10:04am-1:07pm EDT

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stands adjourned until 1:30 p.m. on tuesday, may 29, >> ladies and gentlemen, we invite all of our guests to remain standing for the national anthem. >> [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, see, by the dawn's
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early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming. whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, for the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. and the rockets red glare, the air gave proofin through the night that our flag was still there. star-spangledt banner yet wave. land of the free, and
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brave ♪ of the [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the class of 2018 ask that we pause for a moment of silence to recognize one member of the class who is not with us today. jimmy gimenez who sadly passed away before this auspicious day. please join out in a moment of silence as we remember him and honor his family.
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-- please join us in a moment of silence as we remember him and honor his family. ladies and gentlemen, according to your custom, i invite all who wish to join with me, let us pray. eternal father, rejoicing in the unbonded blessing cuba still on us all, we turn tea with confidence. the skills,ks for commitment, and spirit of generosity with which you and dow the minimum women who freely -- in which you endow the men and women who freely -- all the courage, wisdom, and strength they need and crisis and in calm. in the storms of life make them steadfast. in face of obstacles, unstoppable. in combat, invincible. and in success, humble and
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grateful. bless their families and those who have supported them in life's journey. reward all who have helped them to grow by good example and counsel. lord, guide those to be commissioned to be leaders of integrity, honor, and consummate ability on land and sea, and in the air. where ever they be instruments of freedom, justice, and peace. finally, lord, bless the united states of america. keep her safe. grant peace among all nations and amidst all factions. but until that great day of healing and universal harmony, keep our marine corps and navy strong, sharp, and skilled,
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feared by their foes, loved by their friends, and forever treasured in the hearts of their countrymen. in your most holy name we pray, amen. >> amen. [applause] >> please be seated. the 62ndd gentlemen, superintendent of the united states naval academy, walter e. carter jr. [applause] president, undersecretary walters, congressman whitman, senator wicker, all the members of congress here today, ambassador bolton, and a 30
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ambassadors from our friends and ,llies from all over the world family, friends, faculty, and staff, and most importantly, the men and women of the united states naval academy class of 2018! [cheers and applause] what a glorious day. welcome each and every one of you. the stadium is packed and maybe marine corps memorial. some 30,000 are here today. as we think about today, i want to give a special welcome to the class of 1968, the class of 1960 theesents the 50 years -- class of 1960 represents the 50 years of advising and inspiring the class of 2018. the class of 1968 joined our
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navy at a tough time, leading us through the vietnam war, the cold war, desert storm and beyond and produced two chief naval operations, joint chiefs of staff, as secretary of the navy, senator, astronauts, and an administrator of nasa, and represent the best of our academy alumni known as the long blue line. they represent the academy of reaching the highest levels of responsibility and command citizenship in government. let's welcome the class of 1968 back.
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as we look around this full stadium, we are packed with moms, dads, brothers, sisters, ones,, nephews, loved those who are here, and those who are not here. this is your special day, too. the love and support you have given to them to get to this day is a celebration for you. for you moms and dads who were of -- it the completion said simply, thank you. thank you for trusting our naval academy and taking care of your sons and daughters. today is the culmination of that 47 month effort. and your love and support, as i told you, four years ago, was you becoming a part of the navy
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-- the naval academy family. well today, you will still be a part of that naval academy family, but you are joining a bigger family, the family of the marine corps team. welcome aboard, moms and dads. we are proud to have you here with us today. [applause] to the class of 2018, this is a bittersweet day for me. i have seen you from the very beginning. i have been your superintendent for all four years. i cannot tell you, i have never been more proud to be a naval officer then to see you finish here at the united states naval academy. you started out in summer, 1191 that 6.5 monther grueling period, only nine of you quit. in 173till a record years -- it is still a record in
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the 173 year history of the naval academy to have quit. [applause] and today, you are graduating. well over 80% of your original class, one of the highest graduation rates in naval academy history. through your time here, your three-year time, you -- we have developed you morally, mentally, and physically. you have passed every test. we have instilled in you the ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty. but today, today, you are about to take the oath of commission. and today is the day of transition and transformation. because your navy, your marine corps, and your nation are going to ask you to become men and women of action. and simply put, that means we
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need you to lead, fight, and win. lead, fight, win. yes, you cannot plot that because that is what they are going to do. [applause] you will take care of your sailors and marines, you will learn your professional arms, and you will fight and win in preserving the peacen and being victorious in high-intensity combat when directed by higher authority. if we a day like today, are looking for inspiration, that fighters. you will have, we don't have to look any further than someone who has been on the yard or on campus the entire 47 months. paulnd -- captain john crypt belowes in a the academy.
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he famously said, i wish to have no connection with any ship that will not fail fast, for i intend to go into harm's way. and he turned that intention into words of action. less than a year later on september 20 third, 7079 -- on board a ship, he was leading a small group of flotilla ships in the north sea where he intercepted 40 british ships led by an escort uss therapists commanded by richard peterson, and was the greatest come from behind victories in maritime history. john paul jones proved victorious, proving our competentmaybe was
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and capable. in his fighting spirit, where he famously said, at their hour of doom, i have not get tight begun , is the very definition of who you are, class of 2018. you have learned that while you are here. you don't give up the ship. and you will fight to the end and lead, fight, win. as i leave you -- [applause] my final thoughts for you today is some lesser-known words of john paul jones that happened 241 years ago in the streets of providence, rhode island and boston, massachusetts as he was recruiting sailors to go to see with him.m -- to sea these words are relevant today
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as they were 241 years ago. me, the come sale with stature of our homeland is no more than a measure of ourselves. our job is to keep her free. torture is to keep the freedom -- the torch of freedom burning for all. for this solemn purpose, we call on the young, the brave, the strong, and the free. heed my call. sail withe sea, come me. sail on. lead, fight, win. ladies and gentlemen, make god bless the brave, the strong, the free men and women of the united states naval academy class of 2018. [cheers and applause]
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may god bless our navy-marine corps team who are watching so we can enjoy the freedoms we enjoy here today. god bless them, and god bless our united states of america. thank. go navy! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] and now, it is my pleasure to introduce a naval academy graduate from 1983, the honorable economists -- the honorable thomas b. mosley. [applause]
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>> mr. president, members of distinguished guests, faculty, and staff of this national treasure of an institution. parents, families, and friends of the great class of 2018, thank you for being here to honor and celebrate this tremendous accomplishment. formore importantly, putting your faith, hope, and prayers behind these young navy and marine corps officers. soon they will depart from this place to assume positions of massive responsibility defending our nation, and contributing their intellect, passion, and skill to sustaining the most powerful and lethal maritime
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force the world has ever known and hopefully will ever know. , thank you for raising such outstanding citizens, and sponsor families from annapolis in this area. thanks for picking up where those parents left off and opening your homes in providing comfort and support to this class over the last four years. [applause] to the awesome class of 2018, congratulations, and relax. the hard part is mostly over. for today, anyway. no more panic attacks when you hear the 10 minute calls. no more worrying about the quality of your talk at restriction musters. no more sitting at your desks in class letter a uniforms -- in
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class a uniforms, no more final for any ofcan cheer these, by the way. moret least for you, no parade practices, or pretend drills. [cheers and applause] marinesvery sorry, more -- i am very sorry, marines. the joy of marching in parade you have come to love and academy will continue for you for many more years, but i guarantee that your future parades will have a level of precision that you probably did not experience here. [laughter] class of 2018, you will soon discover that life away from the academy will be very, very different. just imagine, you now can learn what is actually like to sleep
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under your covers rather than on top of them. [laughter] [applause] you can also have an opportunity to expand on the passionate love of the ballet and opera that you developed during the distinguished artist series. and most important, you will finally have the time and independence to prepare some of your favorite meals from king hall in your own homes. just think, culinary expressions like mystery meatballs, meatloaf and wraps don't have to be in fonda memories. contact theyou supply officer for more information, but no more death threats about kale wraps. but on to more serious matters because that is what this day is about, it was 35 years ago on this very day, may 25, that i
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was sitting where you are. and i walked across this very stage and receive my diploma .rom the secretary of the navy it was a time in history, not unlike the one we're in today. andr years of neglect insufficient defense budgets, our navy was just beginning to receive the huge shot in the arm that it required to face down the growing soviet threat. inspirednal resolve and embodied by president reagan at that time, at the time of my commissioning, rebuild our military, and most importantly, our navy, so that the soviet union had no choice but to retreat and eventually collapse pathshe annals of its own . [applause] in its wake can the liberation of millions of people and nation
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to suffered under communist oppression behind the iron curtain. ,ne of those nations was hungry place or my own father escaped in the late 1940's to flee soviet-imposed tyranny. i recall this point in history to you today, not because it is personal for me, but because of its relevance for you. just as i was fortunate to serve under president reagan, you should recognize how fortunate you are to be serving today under a commander in chief who believes the president reagan believed -- that our national security -- [cheers and applause] that our national security should be guided by the clearest
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, should be guided and clears the principles. that principle is peace through strength. [cheers and applause] this is not a political tagline. it is a geopolitical truth. it is particularly true for our nation such as a united states with our broad, global interest and important friendships all around the world. after fundamental desire to see our people, and the people of the world, prosper under the guiding lights of individual liberties and human dignity. pursuit of such lofty aspirations invites aggression and it always will. today,are commissioned be grateful that the american people, through their elected representatives in washington from the president of the
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congress, recognizes that, and have command of the resources to giving you what you need to deter our adversaries, or to dominate or defeat them if necessary. i can assure you, not every nation in the world stands up for its principles in this way, nor do they invest the resources to make it so. classmatest as my and i never saw the demise of the soviet union coming in 1983, you may be surprised at the good that can come to the world through what you will be doing every single day as officers in the armed forces of the united states. fullyy not recognize this in the routine of your daily jobs, but as long as you lead and inspire a strong navy and marine corps team, one that is prepared for any adversary, i guarantee you that some significant and world-altering good will, of it over time. in fact, i am certain that as
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you look back on your own careers, no matter what direction they take, 35 years from now, just as i am doing nostalgically today, you will find that some symbol of oppression, not unlike the now extinct soviet red star, will be relegated to the dustbin of history because of what you did to sustain the strength of the united states navy and marine corps. it will happen because as we have learned through history, tyranny and oppression cannot survive for long against a powerful, military force, one anchored by a people and an officer corps of high moral character. officers officers -- officers peace for all citizens of the world. that is who you are, and the world you're entering today as officers in the united states
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military is going to be a much better place for it. in closing, let me say that although this is a truly great day in your lives, it is unlikely to be one of your greatest days in uniform. rather, you will find those greatest days in the moment where you see the people you have led, trained, educated, meant toward, tutored, commanded -- mentored, tutored, commanded, -- reprimanded at times you are given tremendous responsibility to respect and protect those placed under your command. the american people interest you with their sons and daughters. and they place their security and the security of our nation in your hands. loved bypect to be everyone for this. even though it may happen on occasion. respondedry mattis
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saying -- your job is to protect the nation. so, i commend to you the following advice to make this important in what you will find an often difficult job more easier on yourself. that advice is this -- don't ever worry about being loved for what you do. rather, love the country you are asked to defend. love the constitution you are about to pledge your lives to protect and defend. and most importantly, love the people you have been privileged to lead. make sure they eat before you do. care about their families as much as you do your own. -- be presentyour in their successes, and nurture their careers more than you pursue your own advancement. pointtheir lives to the
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that you will always consider their safety and security in every decision you make. and you will do this best by making sure they know how to fight and how to win. it is only through this level less -- it is only through this leadership that you will help to meet the demands they face in the century. it will prove tremendous satisfaction to you during your time of service. it will foster truly great moments that will make the elation, you're feeling today, seem almost trivial. this is the kind of satisfaction, the kind of job servicesion that only in the united states armed forces can provide. so prepare yourself to experiences over, and over, and over and to treasure it every single time. of 2018,of the class you are about to embark on the
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journey of your lives. your service is noble. your service is just. your service will make this country in the world a better place. advancee thank you in for your leadership and the sacrifices each of you will make to keep us safe and free. and today, be assured that we love you. [applause] so i am going to see if this works. class of 2018, go navy! thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, class of 2018, it is my great privilege to introduce our
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commander-in-chief, the 45th president of the united states, the honorable donald j. trump's. [applause] . [applause] pres. trump: thank you. thank you. [applause] pres. trump: hello, midshipmen, hello. [applause] [laughter] to therump: let me say entire brigade, please be at ease, enjoy yourself because we are all here to celebrate the amazing class of 2018.
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amazing job. thank you. [applause] pres. trump: really something. admiral carter, thank you for that wonderful introduction and for your leadership, an incredible job you have done at this academy. and thank you captain chadwick for your dedication and service. thank you to undersecretary modley, admiral richardson, general walton, for joining us today. thanks also to senator wicker, congressman whitman, and congressman malaita. i want to recognize the entire brigade for a tremendous year. this has been a spectacular year for you. i have heard all about your achievements. and a very special recognition
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for the midshipmen class, you are -- no more. [applause] to all of the distinguished faculty and staff, to the local sponsor families, and most important, to the parents and grandparents and family members who have helped our graduates reached this joyous hour, today is your incredible achievement also. they would have never made it without you, do know this. -- you know this. i want to thank the midshipmen and your families, and thank you. america thank you more than anybody. you have done a spectacular job. thank you very much. [applause] finally to the men and women about to be
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in the navy and marine corps, let me say on behalf of the entire nation, we could not be more proud of the united states naval academy class of 2018. thank you. great job. [applause] pres. trump: congratulations to you all. you makes ago, each of the most important decision of your lives. you chose the path of hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. you chose the life of honor, courage, and commitment. you chose to serve the nation and defend our great american flag. you chose the navy, blue and gold, from the first moments of induction day, through a
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grueling six weeks of summer, you endured and you persevered. and then the rest of the brigade real testand the began. you developed morley, mentally, and physically. you poured yourself into military tactics, navigation, ethics, and engineering. and when hard work was not enough, like generations before you, you gathered your pennies and sought favor from the all powerful -- [laughter] [applause] pres. trump: all-powerful. a little bit different. their worked hard for
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reservedand the fleet -- in keeping with tradition, i declare that all midshipmen on restriction for minor offenses, you are hereby absolved. [applause] pres. trump: that sounds like a lot of people. [laughter] pres. trump: the admiral will define exactly what that means, admiral,ble -- so please go easy. there is a great group of people here, admiral. i am told this class led navy athletics to the highest win percentage in your 172 year
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history. think about that. [applause] that includes the army and navy for the fourth straight year, a remarkable achievement in sports and athletics. remarkable. and because you care about every contest against army, for the record, this year, navy beat .rmy 19 times and i will not mention, i , who wants with a football game. i will not mention it. i refuse to say. but that is a great achievement. and let me take a guess, you are still not tired of winning. when he is such a great -- winning is such a great feeling,
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isn't it? winning is such a great feeling. [applause] pres. trump: nothing like winning, you got to win. in every endeavor, the class of 2018 has shown its medal and prove its might. you have earned your place in the ancient league of sailors and shipmates, captains and commanders, warriors and marines. and you crave adventure, hello, folks, back there. you chase discovery, and you never flinch in the eye of a raging storm. america is in your heart. the ocean is in your soul. though saltwater -- the salt water runs through your veins, and you live your life according to the final law of the navy. the word impossible does not
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exist because navy never quits. [applause] you don't give up. you don't give in. you don't back down. and you never surrender. go, were ever used serve, were ever your mission have one, you only word in mind, and that his victory. is that is why you are here. victory. a very important word. you are now leaders in the most powerful and righteous force on the face of the planet. the united states military. and we are respected again, i can tell you that. we are respected again. [applause]
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pres. trump: a lot of things have happened. we are respected again. for the last four years, you have walked the same paths as many's greatest legends, the giants of midway and coral sea and manila bay. here in annapolis, the glorious past is all around you, and so are the stories of your great heroes. one such hero who appears in the ises of your old yearbooks bruce voorhees. well-known all over. bruce hailed from nevada and was a member of the naval academy class of 1929. beneath his picture in the 1929 lucky bag, bruce's classmates wrote that he spent most of his
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time teaching the city slickers from the east the correct pronunciation of nevada. and i had to learn that, too, to win the state. great place. studying e as an unnecessaryvil -- unnecessary he left a trail of broken hearts extended the full length of both coasts and radiating from miles around. in other words, he was just like you in many ways. just like you. not a lot of difference. just over a decade after his commander, lieutenant
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voorhees found himself at war. 75 years ago this summer, he was in the south pacific commanding bomber squadron 102 during the battle of the solomon islands. that was a rough battle. his only brother had been killed and the bataan death march. on july 6, bruce volunteered for admission to destroy a crucial enemy base. it was a rough time. it was a rough, tough situation. he knew full well that he would likely never return. he knew he was going to die. but he also knew his daring action could prevent a surprise attack on large-scale american forces. so, his plane took off alone on
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a 700 mile flight. bruce flew through the darkness to his target, a tiny speck on the vast open sea. he braved unrelenting anti-aircraft fire like nobody had ever seen at that time. to a trail of enemy planes single-handedly destroy this large enemy base, including multiple fortifications, and a critical communications link. at this final act of valor, bruce was caught in the blast of one of his own bonds and perished -- own bombs and laguneed in a remote ;a very far from here. his life was lost, but his legacy will live forever.
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many of you have seen his old room, commemorating his congressional medal of honor, our highest honor. some here today will trace his earn yournsacola to wings. you may even make it all the way out to the legendary combat training school known as top gun in bruce's beloved hometown in nevada. there, you will have the honor to take flight from the voorhees field, and remember a hero who fought for his country, and died for his homeland, and saved so many lives with his bravery. each of you inherits the legacy of the heroes who came before
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you. down fromtory passed officer to officer in generation to generation. make your ownll mark on the navy, the marine corps, the military, and a history of our great nation. today --seize today and you will shape tomorrow. a few moments, you will be commissioned into the mightiest fighting forces of the air, the land, and the sea. together, you will blast off which we are just now finishing, the largest aircraft carrier in the world. launch off summary of which we have -- launch off submarines of
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which we have in construction and ward off evil. you will bring comfort to our friends and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. among our graduates today, will 134 submariners. 256 surface warfare officers. [applause] pres. trump: 70 restricted line officers. ordinancelosive disposal officers. [applause] 236 united states marines. [applause] pres. trump: and 35 very tough,
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very well conditioned navy seals. [applause] pres. trump: together, you are the tip of the spear, the edge of the blade, and the front of the shield defending and protecting our great country. you know, there is no mission pilots can't handle. there is no hill our marines can't take. and there is no stronghold the seals can't reach. can'tis no sea the navy brave. and there is no storm the american sailor can't conquer. because you know that together, there is nothing americans can't do. absolutely nothing. [applause]
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pres. trump: in recent years and even decades, too many people have forgotten that truth. they have forgotten that our consonant, and a triumph -- tamed a consonant and in over the worstevils overry -- and triumphed the worst evils in history. in recent years, the problem grew worse, a growing number of -- a growing number used their platforms to denigrate america's incredible heritage, channel -- challenge america by eakeneignty, and w
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america's pride. we know the truth, will speak the truth, and defend that truth. america is the greatest fighting force for peace, justice, and freedom in the history of the world. [applause] pres. trump: and in case you have not noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately. [applause] pres. trump: a lot. we are not going to apologize for america. we are going to stand up for america. no more apologies. for ouroing to stand up citizens. we are going to stand up for our values. and we are going to stand up for our men and women in uniform.
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[applause] pres. trump: because we know that a nation must have pride in its history to have confidence in its future. we are the nation that build the highways, the railroads, the empire state building in one year, the golden gate bridge, and we are the nation that built the panama canal. d the mountains, explore the oceans, and settled the vast frontier. we won two world wars, defeated communism and fascism, and put a man on the face of the moon. we cured disease.
10:53 am
pioneered science. and produced timeless works of art that inspire the human soul. awayn distant islands far battlefields, above the skies , the entire the sea world has borne witness to the unstoppable strength, skill, and courage of the united states navy and the american marines. [applause] pres. trump: each of you entered service at a truly exciting time for our country. for we are witnessing the great reawakening of the american spirit and of american might. we have rediscovered our identity. we gained our stride.
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and we are proud again. prosperity is booming at home. our economy is the strongest it has ever been. has regained the respect that we used to have long ago abroad. yes, they are respecting us again. yes, america is back. [applause] pres. trump: we have begun the great rebuilding of the united states military. we have ended the disastrous defense sequester. no money for the military. those days are over. [applause]
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pres. trump: and we have just secured, you have read all about largest-everllion amount of money to support our great war fighters. [applause] and i might add that next year, the $700 million, i am liking the sound of many, but billion is better -- the $700 tolion goes to 716 -- goes $716 billion, and we are going to be stronger than ever before. we will have the strongest military that we have ever had, and it won't even be close. and when do we needed more than
10:56 am
now -- and when did we need it more than now? [applause] pres. trump: that means new ships. you like that. we have now the lowest number of ships we have had since world war i. we are going to get to 355 beautiful ships. [applause] pres. trump: 355. that is almost a couple of hundred more ships. so you will be around for a long time. we are not running out of equipment. we're not running out of ships. and that has been approved. and we are honored by it. you are going to have new equipment, and well-deserved pay raises. we just got to a big pay raise
10:57 am
for the first time in 10 years. [cheers and applause] big payump: we got to a increase, first time in over 10 years. i fought for you. that was the hardest one to get. but you never had a chance of losing. i represented you well. i represented you well. in this week, we passed a new landmark legislation to give more choice and better care to our great veterans. we are going to take care of our veterans. we are doing a great job with it . [applause] are taking care, finally, after decades, we are taking care of our veterans. we passed v.a. accountability. everybody said he could not be done. if you don't do a good job, you cannot get fired. now, you don't do a good job and take care of our veterans, they will look you in the eye and say, jim, you're fired!
10:58 am
you're out! get him out of here. they all said you could not get it. they tried to get it for 35 years. we will say, get him out of here , he doesn't take care of our vets. next year, we are committing even more to our defenses, and we are committing even more to our veterans. because we know that the best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war. and hopefully, we never have to new,ll of this beautiful, powerful equipment. but you know, you are less likely to have to use it if you haven't. -- to use it if you have it. and nobody knows how to work it like you. [applause] pres. trump: and if a fight must
10:59 am
come, there is no other winning,ve, victory, beautiful words, but that is what it is all about. we are reestablishing the second fleet in the atlantic -- bigger, better, stronger than it has ever been before. we are rebuilding our defense industrial base to forge american art, aluminum, and steel, which by the way, we put tariffs on when it comes in from other countries, ok? we are taking in a lot of money now. they are paying that become a beautiful tariff and he goes into building new ships. we have been taken advantage of by the world. that is not going to be happening anymore. you see what is going on. so, we are building a modern fleet command by the greatest -- manned by the greatest sailors
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anywhere in the world. we're sharpening the fighting edge from marine infantry squads to combat ships to deliver maximum, lethal, the enemy has to know we have that. we are recommitting to this fundamental truth. we are a maritime nation. [applause] and being a maritime nation, we are surrounded by sea. we must always dominate that sea. we will always dominate the oceans. we are showing what we can achieve when natural american confidence is backed by unrivaled american power and unquestioned american resolve.
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also, there is another word that's never used, and i will use it today. it's called talent. we have talent and a lot of other people don't, and a lot of owe countries don't. we have great talyens and i have seen it. -- talent and i have seen it. we are swheeg is possible when america -- showing what is possible when america starts acting like its sailors and marines, our nation cannot be strong without the heroes whose hearts stir the words -- don't give up the ship. famous phrase. [applause] pres. trump: we even use it in business. things are going bad, you say don't give up the ship. keep fighting, don't give up the ship. but it's really, you guys started it. our country cannot prevail thout those who rally to the famous cry, you know it well,
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damn the torpedoes. ull speed ahead. damn the torpedoes. full speed ahead. you hail from every background and you come from every walk of life. but each of you is formed by the same defining choice, to answer the call. you all share the same heart, the same blood, and swear by the same motto. not for self but country. it's a great motto. with us today are living symbols of that long and unbroken chain of american patriots, members of the naval academy, class of 1968. that's great. stand up, please. please.
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[applause] pres. trump: exactly 50 years ago, they were in your shoes. they embarked into service and they made america very proud. to everyone in the class of 1968, we thank you and we salute you. like those who came before them, today's graduates will serve america through times of triumph and some hours of peril. there will be hours of peril. , u will face new challenges even challenges that you can't envision, but you'll find new solutions that nobody can even imagine. among your ranks is the next ester nimitz, the next grace
11:04 am
harper, the next john lejeune, future generations will talk about you. they will tell your stories, speak of your courage, and someone many years from now will be standing right here in my position, paying tribute to your great service. it will happen. because you already know the keys to success. you know that as long as we are proud of who we are and what we are fighting for, we will not fail. we cannot fail. e will always succeed, always. [applause] pres. trump: as long as we are
11:05 am
united with the same mission, the same purpose, the same patriotic heart, we will win, because we are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. [applause] pres. trump: together we struggle, together we stride. together we pray, and together we triumph as citizens, as patriots, as americans. we stand on the shoulders of heroes who gave their sweat, their blood, their tears, and their very lives for this great country of ours. this is our heritage. this is our home. and this is our pledge. we are all in for america, like never before. we are all in for our great country.
11:06 am
[applause] pres. trump: so to the naval , i emy of the class of 2018 say a number of things. number one, i say that i was given an option. i could make this commencement address, which is a great honor for me, and immediately leave and wave goodbye or i could stay and shake hands with just the p 100, or i could stay for 1,100and shake hands with and something. what should i do? hat should i do? i will stay. i will stay.
11:07 am
[applause] i will stay. but to the class of 2018, i do say strive for excellence. live for adventure. think big, dream bigger. push further, sail faster, fly higher, and never, ever stop reaching for greatness. never stop reaching for the stars. ou know you're up to the task. you're among the finest people anywhere in the world. the smartest, the strongest. you know you will make us proud. we know that glory will be yours because you are winners. you are warriors.
11:08 am
you are fighters. you are champions, and you will lead us only to victory. good luck. may god be with you. god bless america. and anchors away. [applause] pres. trump: thank you. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the academic dean and provost of the united states naval academy, dr. andrew t. phillips. [applause]
11:09 am
>> successfully completing the requirements and demands of a naval academy education is no small task. from my day to today, it's a steady dose of challenge ranging from academic to athletic, to leadership and character development. i have no doubt that each of you has been challenged, perhaps in ways that you never thought you would or to levels that you never thought you could achieve. but you did. we congratulate each of you for doing so. to the families and friends of these soon to be naval academy graduates, the soon-to-be ensigns and second lieutenants and to the faculty and staff today, i would like to thank you and congratulate you as well. the rare graduate is the one who never needed the support of family and friends and faculty mentors. these graduates, like the tens of thousands before them, have depended on your support and
11:10 am
encouragement. you were there for them when they needed it most. i know you were proud of their success and we are most grateful to you for your role in that success. candidates, please rise. admiral carter. on behalf of the faculty of the united states naval academy, i present these candidates for the baccalaureate degree and recommend that this degree be conferred upon them. >> class of 2018, as you have successfully completed your course of study at the united states naval academy and have been recommended by the academic board as superintendent of the united states naval academy and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the congress of the united states, i confer upon each of you the baccalaureate degree with all rights and
11:11 am
privileges thereunto pertaining. congratulations. [applause] >> please be seated. the assistant commandant of the marine corps, united states marine corps, will administer the oath of office to those being commissioned to the united states marine corps. i present 236 midshipmen of the graduating class to be commissioned in the united states marine corps. [applause] >> how do you like our blue blouses so far? the success of the marine corps is determined by the quality of
11:12 am
the women and men that wear the anchor. that quality is the bedrock on which we make our marines. win our nation's battles and return quality to our society. today we are here to commission 236 second lieutenants for service as officers of marines. your accomplishments and your willingness to serve our great nation speak to the quality of your character as the excellence of this great institution that shaped you and the communities and families that supported you. this is an exciting time for the navy and marine corps team. marines, as you affirm your oath, we pass the torch to you. it is now your time to lead and shape the marines of today and of tomorrow. you will be busy.
11:13 am
you will have fun. that's an order. you are dedicated to the marines and as you prepare for the missions that you will execute together as a team in every place, our nation and our marines are ready for you to lead them. graduates to be commissioned to the united states marine corps, rise. >> raise your right hand. having been appointed as the second lieutenant in the united states marine corps to rank as such from the 25th of may, 2018, do you hereby accept such appointment and do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states, against all enemies, foreign and domestic,
11:14 am
that you will bear truth and allegiance to the same, that you will take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about to enter, so help you god? >> i do! >> congratulations, marines! [applause] >> all right, lieutenants, sit own.
11:15 am
>> the chief of naval operations, admiral richardson, will administer the oath of office to those being commissioned in the united states navy. admiral richardson, i present 784 midshipmen of the class for commission in the united states navy. [applause] >> thank you, captain. class of 2018, you are about to take an oath. congratulations to all the second lieutenants who just took that oath. this oath will bind you. it serves as a seal, a seal with all those who have gone before you for our 242-year history. it also seals you to your destiny that the president spoke so eloquently about. you will be tested.
11:16 am
you will be tested during your career. but your preparation here and the strength that you gained from the words of this oath, the legacy that you inherit from those who have gone before you, you will face that test and you will make us proud. graduates, to be commissioned in he united states navy, rise. raise your right hand. signify your adherence to this oath by saying "i do." having been appointed ensign in the united states navy to rank from 25 may 2018, do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the
11:17 am
constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about to enter, so help you god? >> i do! >> ensigns, welcome to the fleet. [applause] >> you make us amazingly proud,
11:18 am
he class of 2018, seats. >> ladies and gentlemen, today we will graduate 1,042 men and women who have met the many challenges of four years at the naval academy. in addition to those you just saw commissioned into the navy and the marine corps, the class of 2018 also includes 11 graduates from 10 nations around the world. at this time, we invite national graduating midshipmen to stand when their name is called along with members of their national delegation who are in attendance today. these graduates, whose national flags are flying above the memorial arches at the north end of the stadium, will return to their countries and serve with
11:19 am
distinction in their armed forces or enter other government service. rom the kingdom of cambodia, seray monsul ong. from the republic of cameroon. from the republic of cameroon, landry m. tomba. gugajiani. , pata yun the republic of korea, be ra. from the united mexican states, diana vasquez. from montenegro. from the federal republic of nigeria, timothy abuneke.
11:20 am
from the republic of senegal, malik bah. from taiwan. and from the united arab emirates, ibrahim, altaneje. thank you. seats. today's graduates join the more than 84,000 men and women who have graduated from the naval academy since its founding in 1845. as part of our graduation ceremony today, members of the naval academy class that preceded this year's graduates by 50 years will honor this continuing chain of naval academy graduates by presenting engraved ensign and second lieutenant uniform devices to the class of 2018. several members of the class of 1968 are listed in your program
11:21 am
and are here today to participate in this special recognition of naval academy graduates' contributions across the decades. please join me in recognizing and applauding these distinguished graduates. [applause] finally, before we begin introductions of individual graduates, i should remind you of an important naval academy tradition. parents and friends are invited to stand when that graduate's name is called. in that way we can recognize your contribution to the achievement of these fine young men and women. the president will present diplomas to those individuals graduating with distinction. those members of the class of 2018 graduating with istinction, please rise.
11:22 am
ensign christopher canstillo, first in the class. gregory e. hire. athan r. bermel. michael d. walker.
11:23 am
john j. gainer jr. carter b. burn. avid j. litka iii. enjamin r. dunphy. samuel m. haber. william r. stom. urt m. zepeda. rachel l. fortner. jennifer r. hedgecock. eli w. wood.
11:24 am
imothy r. naske. cory j. wilding. grant p. zaro. achary g. scurpan. megan n. heggerty. . joseph brooks iii. ustin j.h. park. icholas n. bacalins kirks. coleman e. truitt.
11:25 am
homas f. gynan jr. arter b. prescott. revor k. carn. coleman e. angstrom. nicholas p. stovall kurtz. jacob r. mayo. achary a. lewis. homas l. savage. nicholas a. costa. arah t. jenkins.
11:26 am
olly r. kustler. ndrew j. thomas. ohn p. kornak. icholas j. doneke. ohn p. morrison. aleb t. robertson. thomas w. serrant. ennett a. marston. armando a. rivera.
11:27 am
ndrew j.j. sumeda. william b. allred. dakota j. allen. grant d. thornton. atthew a. baugh. olan t. brandon. parker t. novakobic. benjamin w. jackson. ole m. oliver.
11:28 am
mma m. cheshire. aron s. wickard. william d. domter. ustin h. shoker. michael b. terrio. pencer j. irjavek. robert c. cyberg ii. john g. treza.
11:29 am
cott t. simon. matthew i. goodpastor. thomas e. stone. brianna m. kauffman. ndrew j. sekora. michael c. mckinney. enjamin c. barsam. ichael j. kelly. stephanie l. murphy.
11:30 am
ernando r. mele henriquez. theodore r. johnson. enjamin r. anderson. britney f dowling.r. peter w oda. sarah lpm -- -- connor. matthew p vogel.
11:31 am
christian d montgomery. connor.
11:32 am
zachary hudgins. zachary shoals. zachary shoals. matthew. erin a. colton. dylan r.dylan r. panel. maranda l. steven. steven. samuel valley.
11:33 am
maliea l. bush.l key smith. margaret. john. noah becker. kyle.
11:34 am
>> the president of the united states, the chief of naval operations,, lots of the marine corps, the superintendents and the, donned will now present diplomas to members of the graduating class individually by company. odd number companies will deceive diplomas from the left and even numbered from the right. >> from the first company, alexandra. >> from the second company anderson junior.
11:35 am
matthew matthew baker. >> olivia. >> jared. the second. >> andrew k chang. >> jacob l. >> maxwell teri. >> matthew b crider. >> alyssa k chang. >> julie -- >> andrew c crown. >> marine may domingo.
11:36 am
.> daniel >> daniel dwyer. john. >> natalie l. >> devon. >> hugh m. >> alexandra. >> michelle s. a.kevin >> charlene. a. garcia. >> jeremy>> michael b kennedy.
11:37 am
>> michael j. >> marcel -- >> >> colin. >> samuel. >> devon d harris. > chad. >> quinn harrison. >>.. catherine mccarthy. >> matthew haag. >> thomas moore. >> andrew m julius.
11:38 am
>> daniel d. >> elizabeth g cam. m.trenton >> scott t myers. >> nathan s. >> megan l donna.
11:39 am
>> adam>> adam are. >> from the third company. andrew j. >> evan j. >> alexander j ashley. >> aid in j switzer. >> danielle.third >> trinity taylor.
11:40 am
e.john a.francesca >> britney berg. >> caitlin m burning. >> jonathan. are.del gill are.
11:41 am
>> jason k. >> andrew j. >> daniel w. daniel w. >> christine. >> mike mcclellan. >> -- mccullough.
11:42 am
>> brandon t. >> and miller. >> kylie j. >> gerard meer ville. >> luke. monahan the fourth. >> joshua. >> joseph mullins. >> a leah r gordon. >> john pollock. >> joshua a hanna. >> john r richards.
11:43 am
>> eliza harris. >> jordan richardson. >> ricardo j hoover. >> connery. >> ryan savitz. >>randy sosa. >> kenneth w. >> john w spencer. lindsay. s
11:44 am
>> carly and sullivan. >> noah linville. >> abby else -- abby taylor. nicole thatcher. >> matthew w mckee. >> michelle l. >> connor. >> john. >> stephen. >> adam montgomery.
11:45 am
>> from the fifth company. >> mcgill perez.h >> austin armand. daniella. >> omar. >> riley. >> betty bowers. frederick. >> joseph. >> stephen l specular. >> wyatt j byrne. >> oh ryan. >> david w junior.
11:46 am
>> gabriel collison. >> from the sixth company >> todd junior. >> veronica. >> carl p lynn. augusta.
11:47 am
.> jared >> gabriel. >> kenneth the second. >> mitchell. >> thomas. >> lewis. >> robert h griffin. mark. >> grundy. >> kim. >> phyllis.
11:48 am
>> thomas lambert. >> jason g harvey. >> elizabeth l lee. >> connor are. >> nicholas. >> quist -- christopher johnson. ian macleod. >> robert h k the second. >> james g madigan. >> james w. >> jeff. >> christopher m martinez. >> shall be chemical.
11:49 am
-- shelby. patrick the third. >> jonathan mcdaniel meyer. >> amanda m murray. roy.ristopher >> jan. >> william the third. >> derek. >> janet parker. >> anna. >> james k. zachary.
11:50 am
>> aaron. >> sarah. one. >> francesca. >> alyssa. >> john. >> from the seventh company. justin p. >> corey. >> on a k. >> donald a.
11:51 am
>> stephen the second. >> >> carter wilson sent. >> set. >> nathan h george. >> stephen gregory. >> daniel. >> peter. >> rachel. >> jordan jones. randian.
11:52 am
>> rachel. >> joshua. >> jessica. >> charles. >> joshua b. >> blair a. >> catherine. >> carl. >> richard. >> taylor. alexander.
11:53 am
>>.. >> lauren. >> murray said. >> louis hernandez junior. >> john harold. >> nathan. >> victoria. >> john robinson. >> wyatt jenning.
11:54 am
>> christine. >> ryan. >> nina. >> joshua. logan. >> joseph w. >> aid in. >> matthew. >> kevin. >> stevenson. >> kathleen mills. >> michael.
11:55 am
>> brandon o'donoghue. >> j payments. >> allison. zachary. >> jessica. >> david porter. >> from the ninth company. natalia. >> natalie l. >> andrew j. >> tire -- tyler w. >> joseph. >> jennifer j.
11:56 am
>> kevin. >> from the company, randy of a gotti. >> giovanni. isabel. >> peter hogan. >> lou collie. >> john. >> aaron johnson.
11:57 am
patrick. >> david jones. clarke.r c >> kc kramer. >> chandler w. >> benjamin j. a.hose >> and fisher. >> matthew a majors. >> connor j. >> ryan mariano. >> mac a.
11:58 am
>> molly maca leader. >> mitchell goal. >> gregory p. >> core j. >> camara. >> zachary p more. j.david >> eric m morehead. megan. >> mclean h. >> danielle k mcintyre.
11:59 am
>> corey m morgan. >> zachary w. w.joseph >> hose a junior. a.michaela john e oliver. jamie. >> william h. >> from the 11th company. bryant.
12:00 pm
>> michael j. >> lynette. >> julia a collins. are.tthew darby. >> carson b. davis.a m >> christine m walker. a.eric >> matthew m weaver. michael. .> from the 12th company
12:01 pm
jones.eth m >> mary augustine. >> mary>> ryan be kenyan. >> malik. >> alex e. bailey.r p >> austin c crews. field.andra j >> mckenzie. >> noah w.
12:02 pm
>> robert. >> patrick. >> julian martinez. >> john gregory. >> ethan g. patrick e. >> austin l. >> patrick j cohen. >> abigail. >> dylan. >> ellen. >> ian m davis. >> kendrick.
12:03 pm
>> angela b. elizabeth. >> jeffrey. >> emily peterson. >> hannah m. >> sean h. >> austin. >> ashley m shank. d.christopher >> anthony schmidt. >> matthew s johnson. >> samuel kumar. >> nathan h. >> mitchell k smart would.
12:04 pm
>> andre louis. >> andre. >> ryan be man feels. the third. >> tucker w. page. >> from the 13th company. alexander donald. >> olea. >> sarah g riley. >> aid in a.
12:05 pm
richardson. >> jonathan mario. >> ellen w roger. elliott w spears. >> carter a. >> andrew b gomez. >> graham. >> howard. >> adrian k wang. >> carolyn m.
12:06 pm
>> daniel k. whitfield. >> joseph oscar. >> lucas john. >> christopher kinley. >> from the 14th company. -- bernstein. >> look at s. >> layer. >> benjamin r mcgrath. >> demetrius junior. >> reginald j miles.
12:07 pm
dorothy murray. >> sterling. >> mild john oakley. jacob. >> michael o'hara. >> kendra. liberty. l.alexander >> joseph d. t.dakota
12:08 pm
>> ryan m. >> daniel k. >> craig. >> cameron a jones. >> daniel the fourth. zoe. wesley stewart. >> christina louis. >> nicholas d. >> samantha m martinez. >> kristi w.
12:09 pm
>> samuel j mccarthy. >> jessica k. a.elijah >> raymond. >> kevin moyne. >> catherine. >> charles patterson. austin. -- >> samantha. -- megan e
12:10 pm
>> joshua brown. >> jacob. >> mary campbell. >> joshua. >> kayla. >> joseph. >> kenneth the second. >> zachary are. >> amelia m. >> matthew f. >> logan.
12:11 pm
company, colin p ball. randall. austin r. hannah. may. kellyanne. samuel butler. john c canyon. sean. jeannie, jennifer.
12:12 pm
billy j kimball. michael. joseph lee. benjamin j. good. g cody j mcwilliams. ashley harris. dylan o'connor. christopher c hill. mckenzie a. a holiday. how more. virginia.
12:13 pm
audrey. mckenna are powers. r.othy dennis j riley. luke j miller. eduardo. philip moore. lauren m. william c olson. scott cerrado. caitlin m o'reilly. matthew m.
12:14 pm nicholas j. rosie. w whitaker. kristen. company.he 17th brown the fourth. >> garin -- >> michael r. >> abby jones. >> stephen b. >> timothy. >> spencer d. >> matthew j.
12:15 pm
>> jenna r. kelly am. >> luke dalton. company,he 18th jasmine a baker. >> fernanda a dell or is. the second. >> emmanuel j. >> andrew l berman. patrick. >> elizabeth cameron. >> charles a garcia junior. >> zachary davis. >> jason eduardo gonzalez.
12:16 pm
>> gerald e. >> benny the fifth. x rodney j. >> bryson g kappler. >> peter b hanley. >> lee. >> courtland. >> matthew are mazer. >> eric. >> james h morgan. >> catherine lynn hugh. ostrowski.e
12:17 pm
>> ryan iris in. >> megan e. >> jane lemieux go. >> luke. >> katie j m. >> ryan s. >> daniel j. >> hannah a. >> william m sweitzer. >> timothy c smith. >> michael b thomas.
12:18 pm
parker w wade. >> britney v martin. j stevens junior. >> yasmin. >> eric summer. m.catherine >> cameron young. thomas.a >> tyler j zimmerman. >> haley r unger. >> from the 19th company. josie j ackerman.
12:19 pm
>> thomas j junior. >> walsh. >> patrick g. >> from the 20th company. timothy. >> hp conway. >> olson. >> gabriella. >> catherine l. >> shannon cornyn. >> emily a. >> stephen r gutierrez. what's michael a coleman. -- >> michael a coleman. >> thomas. >> on the spindle.
12:20 pm
j.benjamin >> coryell. mateen ivanoff. >> kylie donner. >> benjamin johnson. >> rachel e laputa. >> tyler l. >> josie >>. a >> kelly j tyler. >> connor. >> kenneth junior.
12:21 pm
>> alexi mend olea. >> matthew t lorimer. >> mary grace monahan. >> joshua j martin. braden. >> andrew moss. >> nicholas g. desiree. >> khoury j. >> robert the third. paul h spalding. >> noah m stewart.
12:22 pm
>> jessica jade. >> joshua a. >> with tia. jorg see you at. as >> jacob c. >> jonathan m smith. >> madison. >> zachary ar. >> taylor s wade. >> bethel white. >> dalton e wolf. m.stewart >> louise.
12:23 pm
company.he 21st sam. company,he 22nd catherine s adams. >> joseph m. >> colin b brady. the second. >> britney s. trace around. >> timothy g cobble junior. >> martha s burns. e.desiree >> megan. haley a.
12:24 pm
>> drew a daniel. >> benjamin hey. j >> xavier hightower. norse w fox. >> matthew j hunt. >> madison. >> jennifer. >> arthur. zachary am. >> paul s jackson. >> joshua d. >> bradley clouse keep. e.james
12:25 pm
>> olivia kruger. >> robert la guardia. >> justin d. lambert.t e >> lauren a. >> erin b lee. matteo p. >> melissa martin. >> caitlin a mclachlan. the third. olson >> alexandra m miller. >> may owens. s michael
12:26 pm
>> robert. >> noah. >> nicholas. >> adam brussel. >> jimmy r. >> jason. g.emily >> margaret. be.arren >> timothy j smith. >> erin. >> swofford. >> rob gould. >> isaac william wright. j.harrison
12:27 pm
>> daniel j. young.ander a company.he 23rd julie. thank you. >> daniel. >> connor b brooke. >> alyssa e dawson. >> joseph a kruger. a.charles daniel. >> emilio s.
12:28 pm
>> benjamin a carpenter. >> patrick. the fourth. >> dylan a grayson. >> hannah c collins. >> william m johnson. sean dubuque cooper. >> andrew e kane. >> abigail noel. >> amanda p. >> taylor p dunham. >> joseph j cam. -- kim.m louis a klein.
12:29 pm
>> said then. >> landry m. the second. haley c. >> jane lee. >> caleb. >> john linenger. click aubrey jones. >> david a. duca.n amy >> daniel lloyd. >> john pima gillick.
12:30 pm
>> noah lavera. >> j smith moon. >> path or d mcmahon. >> connor. -- >> matthew j. parsons. >> drew t. parks. e. phillips. brian pinch >> ronald l. quaid iii >> elizabeth w. pittman.
12:31 pm
nicholas p ramsey >> paris j. >> alexander w. >> jacob r. >> austin b rogers stephens. >> camille e. -- icholas >> suzanne l. e.lauren watson.rd >> david s. wyman.ander d. >> mary kathleen.
12:32 pm
the 25th company. d. beauchamp. >> nolan s. >> daniel m. davis. >> william k. waltz. >> edward paul deckard. >> joshua t. >> austin taylor dumas. you and -- ewan. >> nicholas p. >> from the 26th company. jamaal e. daniels. >> dylan j. fisher. -- milesd. davenport
12:33 pm
d. davenport. >> joseph fleming. >>deon carter davis. >> jordan t. a. dudley. >> kenneth r. >> elizabeth m. >> anna m. >> blake warren. matthew scott coffman. >> austin d. >> gabriel john lackey. j.
12:34 pm
>> matthew a. ledger. >> michelle a. katz. edward >> finn j. ludwig. >> victoria j. >> travis marshall. m.ryan miller. e. >> charles m lindner. n. nathan -- devon nathan. >> caitlin s. >> c. norton. >> harrison reeves mathis.
12:35 pm
>> david alejandro. mcclinton. >> patrick s. wright. >> emma a. >> jacob thomas ruby. >> derek s. > zachary j. jesse e. sharp. >> mary catherine nelson. >> sean --
12:36 pm
>> adam d. >> kimberly carlene smith. >> nicholas a. -- ared >> jared j. plummer. >> from the 27th company. avarado. cole j. al athaniel belch. -- tori aoria paris ary.ay -- victoria m >> ingrid c. barnum.
12:37 pm
e. victory rene >> gage a. butler. >> andre e. rodriguez. >> harold. >> james a. >> erin elizabeth evans. >> james timberlake. >> zachary michael. y. brian r. cob paige furlong. >> nathan q. egorian. y gr
12:38 pm
>> taylor j. >> andrew mark jones. >> from the 28th company. nathaniel r. malik. >> car -- tyler m. >> leeann margarita. >> jason chen. >> michael m. meehan. >> ashanti s. austin s. davis.
12:39 pm
>> alan michael orr. >> charles c. jacob woodrow. c.a. pearson. jordan m. pittman. >> stephen e. >> matthew kenneth. >> alexandra k. lamarr.ew >> emily k.
12:40 pm
daniel c. ruth. el >> c. lavon. >> austin c. long. patrick c. long. >> matthew k. >> matthew e. >> alexander t. >> from the 29th company. >> sam a.
12:41 pm
>> savanna m bates. >> theodore -- george pang. >> carson g. jacqueline playmaker -- pluma ker. preacher. >> tyler j.d. davidson. randall.. >> j.jd. >> stephen m. roberts. >> stephen r.
12:42 pm
russell.c. >> erin m. fletcher. sentio. dro de stewart. andrew t. grossman. >> dylan struthers. >> evelyn m. janssen. >> brandon d. jones. >> christopher austin wood.
12:43 pm
from the 30th company. brown.a. >> benjamin w. caldwell.. >> princeton -- >> david philip. r. mcclellan. >> sarah e. childress. >> robert l. monroe. >> connor a. >> michael a. >> derek c. crowley.
12:44 pm
>> thomas j. moynahan. >> timothy c. bolton. >> theodore v. cassandra -- >> christopher l. nathan m. jabari. parks.son m.a. >> parker j. >> connor m. harris. >> gary w. a. hinkley. ramirez.
12:45 pm
>> dylan ray jensen. a.elizabeth >>john h. reid a. templin. >> lacey g. kelly. m. windham. >> thomas j. lacey. martin. jessica m. martinez.
12:46 pm
colin craig matham. rhett robert. grant m. robertson. walker e. tyler j. donald g. and
12:47 pm
zoyner. [applause]
12:48 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the class of 2018. [applause] >> good afternoon president trump, undersecretary -- vice admiral carter, captain chadwick, and distinguished guests. friends and family. i would also like to welcome the class of 1968, the brigade of midshipmen, and the united states naval academy class of 2018. [applause] before i begin, president trump, would you join me at the podium?
12:49 pm
it is not a jacket, calm down. mr. president, from one president to another. and on to half of the class of 2018, i would like to present you with a gift. president trump: thank you very much. [applause] >> this is a stein that bears recognizes one -- symbolizes the history of the u.s. naval academy and the classes who have come in the classes to comment the second crestis the class of 2018 , representing the bond we share with each other now and forever. the spiritepresents of celebration, the sweet relief when our troops remain home, but
12:50 pm
it stands empty because there is work to be done and we are not home yet. i hope when you see this it reminds you the class of 2018 is theing watch and ensuring safety of our nation. president trump: thank you, president. >> thank you, president. [applause] now i would like to take a moment to recognize our three honorary graduates from the class of 2018, all of whom were voted on by our class. first, vice admiral ted carter. [applause] vice admiral carter has followed our exploits since before some of us have arrived.
12:51 pm
as superintendent, we can thank him for building us -- bringing us wi-fi and building a new parking garage. after graduation if you find him in downtown annapolis, i hear drinks are on him. [laughter] ext is captain don hughes. [applause] captain hughes has been with our class for the last four years as our supply officer. he kept us well fed and our morale high. he knows how to keep millennials happy with chick-fil-a gift cards and an endless supply of avocado toast. last but not least, gunnery sergeant kelvin carrington. [applause]
12:52 pm
gunnery sergeant carrington is the third company senior enlisted leader and an exemplary marine. he has been called the mayor of bank ross and motivated our class marine select using positive pressure with a purchase -- purpose. now to the great class of 1968 come our link of the chain. thank you for your ongoing support to the class of 2018. you have been serving our class for four years. you have been serving our nation .or over 50 the class of 1968 is inspirational. he graduated -- you graduated at the height of the vietnam war and in may of that year, you saw with mencorpion sink on board. you graduated an incredible number of flag officers.
12:53 pm
we cannot thank you enough and we will not be able to truly appreciate the support you have given us until we one day sponsor the soon-to-be great class of 2068. [applause] now to the class of 2018. we made it. i am constantly humbled and amazed by the caliber of our classmates who come from every state in the union and from 10 foreign countries. among sra rhodes scholar, -- among us are a rhodes scholar, truman scholar, and others. our athletes beat army with 13 -- wins and on average, the brigade won half of the intramural games. our compliments would not have
12:54 pm
been possible without love and support from our friends and family who helped each of us along the way. thank you to all of you whether you are here today or watching from afar for your love and support. i want to thank my parents, peter and melissa, and my brother, timothy, for your encouragement, advice, and all those terrible selfies. i would not be here without you. [applause] of 2018, we have learned a stay atng our 4-year the river resort known as bank ross hall. some of us came here by way of naps, naval academy preparatory school. great.s class was pretty unitedss of 2014 has 2 states naval academy class presidents. isaac phillips, who you will see
12:55 pm
in a few minutes, was in our naps class and is now the class of 2019 naps president. good job, isaac. our first year at the naval be year, wee learned maybe too much about fate -- failure. after most of you graduated the top of your first-year classes, that may have been the first realmost of us experienced failure. many of us fell short somewhere. through teamwork and stubbornness, we persevered. year,cond year, youngster we finally got a lesson in freedom. , but weno longer plebes still could not wear regular clothing or leave the yard on friday. forgottent like middle children.
12:56 pm
finally, we are allowed to use more stairwells and started majors classes and, i don't remember, it is a forgotten year, sorry. ha, yeah. our second-class year, we learned about responsibility. many of us got our first leadership assignment and thened to endure consequences of our decisions, whether to not shine our shoes or being late to class. commitmentgned our to serve as officers in the navy and marine corps, it was the year we were held to that higher standard. i was 14 it enough to go to enough to-- fortunate go to china second semester and i would like to say -- [speaking chinese] i digress. this year has been marked by excitement and anticipation.
12:57 pm
we completed capstone projects and learned all about the fresh duration of parking on the yard. how ironic finding a seventh wing parking space only to never move your car again for fear you will never get the spot again. i wouldou are in -- like to take this time to remind everybody not to park in their spots. [laughter] we were finally at the top, finally had a say in how the prograde worked -- brigade worked and finally able to leave campus on weekdays. first year, we also learned about loss. nez asnot know jimmy jime well as many others did, but i know he always made it a point to make other people's days better. he was always quick with a smile and a joke. our class will remember jimmy
12:58 pm
and his life as one dedicated to those around him. today, his cover will be ceremoniously thrown by his friends and our class meet, charlene. [applause] we will carry the lessons we have learned over the last four years with us into the fleet and beyond. before we go, i headed -- i have advice for the midshipmen we leave behind. number one, don't burn bridges. from ever your classmates will stay with you not just throughout your time in the academy, but throughout the rest of your life. in -- two, do not park parking. don't do it. you will get fried. number three, once was a fluke,
12:59 pm
twice was because we were generous. this year, beat army. [applause] army and let's get after it, '18! [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, as we come to the end of today's ceremony, please rise for the singing of navy blue and gold. ♪
1:00 pm
♪ [applause] >> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the class of 2019, midshipmen isaac phillips. [applause] >> the classes of 2019, 2020,
1:01 pm
and 2021 please rise. i propose three cheers for those who are about to leave us. hip hip. >> hooray! seats.ank you, take your [applause] >> class of 2018, please rise. [cheers and applause] >> i propose three cheers for those we are about to leave behind. hip hip! >> hooray! >> hip hip! >> hooray! >> hip hip! >> hooray! ♪
1:02 pm
[cheers and applause] the stands aren requested to refrain from entering onto the stadium floor until the official party and guests have had their chance to depart. ♪ [inaudible] [inaudible]
1:03 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: just before he left washington for the naval academy commencement in annapolis, maryland, the president spoke with reporters about the canceled summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un.
1:04 pm
>> is the summit still on? president trump: we will see what happens. we are talking to them now. it was a very nice statement they put out. we will see what happens. we will see what happens. it could even be the 12th. they very much want to do it. we would like to do it. we will see what happens. i don't know anything about it. everybody plays games, you know that. you know that better than anybody. i don't know, i am not familiar with the tape. it is really too bad. it is really too bad. he is doing great, right there. he is looking at us, right
1:05 pm
there. announcer: he will have more from president trump this evening on c-span. we will bring his commencement speech from the ceremony that just wrapped up at the naval academy. we will have that tonight starting at 10:35 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> bismarck's great skill as a grant strategist -- grand strategist was he knew the advantages of shock and awe and this is now a unified germany the 1860's.-- in he instigated wars with austria and eventually france. having done that and having achieved his objective comedy
1:06 pm
unification of germany -- objective, the unification of germany, he stopped and became a consolidator rather than an instigator. his next 30 years in power as a chancellor were trying to build alliances and -- with all of germany's neighbors so they would get used to the idea of a unified germany. it was that distinction between shock and awe and knowing when to stop and do something else. >> yale university professor john lewis gaddis and his book on grant strategy on -- grand strategy. sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. up next, a conversation from the brookings institution on u.s. stabilization and reconstruction efforts in afghanistan. we will hear from special inspector general for


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