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tv   Newsmakers Rep. Jim Jordan  CSPAN  June 10, 2018 10:00am-10:34am EDT

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thank you for joining. ahead, -- ofe week the ap and washington post. along with the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction. thanks for being with us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] . >> next week, live coverage from the u.s.-north korea summit between president donald rump and north korean leader
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kim jong-un. watch live on c-span and or listen using the free c-span radio app. >> our newsmakers guest this week is ohio congressman jim jordan. throughout his six terms in the house of representatives has been a leader of conservative members and we have lots to talk about with him this week. let me introduce the two reporters who will be asking questions, christina peterson returns to newsmakers, crongsal reporter for "the wall street journal" and scott long who covers for the hill. congressman, we're all interested in what the going forward is from where we're talking on immigration. what do you see happening the next couple days? >> what the american people elected us to do and we promised them we'd do which is build the border wall and stop the crazy lottery system and deal with sanction chewary
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cities and we can address the daca situation. but when we address that daca population, those individuals, we have to do it in a way consistent with the rule of law that doesn't give those individuals a different, a unique, a special pass to citizenship, they have to get in line like everybody else and they can't jump the line or have a different path. that to us is just fundamental. that's the kind of legislation we're pushing for. that kind of legislation mirrors closely the bill that chairman goodlatte, chairman of the judiciary committee has introduced and we've spoused for a long time. christina: we are days, potentially hours away from the district petition reaching 218 signatures. if that happens, what does it mean for speaker rye and the broader house republican conference? congressman: unfortunately the likely outcome will be a bill a handful of republicans support with the democrats and was not
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the outcome that was the mandate of the 2016 election. what it means for the inside baseball game here in washington, i'm not focused on that. what i'm focused on and say it all the time and say it because i believe it, what i'm focused on doing is what we told the people we're going to do and what they elect us to do. that outcome will likely be something contrary to the mandate of the election and what i'm concerned about and why we're trying to stop it and get a good bill we can get 218 republicans to support and the president is supportive of and consistent with what the people sent us here to do. christina: is there anything majority leader pelosi or whip could have done to prevent that outcome? representative jordan: i don't think there was the effort to whip or get support for chairman goodlatte's legislation and wasn't the same kind of effort we saw on tax reform. there wasn't the same kind of ffort that we saw on the first
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obamacare repeal legislation that the leadership introduced though we were opposed to that and made that bill better. i'd like to see that same ntensity, that same effort from our leadership on this bill which was an issue that was big as tax cuts were so i'd like to see the same intensity. that's the frustration from all sides, where was the intensity to get a resolution to a critical issue, an issue that helped make president trump the nominee for the republican party and certainly helped him become president of the united states. where was that same intensity? we didn't see it and that was the frustration from moderates in the republican party and conservatives. scott: mr. jordan, it sounds like from some of these negotiations that freedom caucus members are open to some sort of eventual task to citizenship for these daca kids, these dreamers, is that accurate based on what we're hearing? representative jordan: we're not in favor of a special path.
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what we're in favor of is doing the border security, all the things i listed the election is about and we're supportive of the same thing the president is supportive of, making sure once we do the border security and all the immigration reform we need to do, secure our southern border, make our immigration system work better, then we're in favor of allowing the daca population to stay here and they do not get a unique path to citizenship but get in the back of the line and they can pursue citizenship like anyone else who came here legally. christina: speaker ryan talked about drafting the four pillars the president has discussed. do you think you can get 218 republican votes to pass that kind of a bill? representative jordan: christina, the short answer is we'll see. that's why we're having the meetings and negotiations and why i had the two-hour conference yesterday. i think that remains to be seen. so we're going to try. the closer it is to the -- remember, chairman goodlatte's legislation is much closer to the weight of the conference
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where the republican members in the house of representatives are than any of the other legislation being talked about. that's where the people are. that's where the conference is. i just think there needs to be a more intense effort on whipping and getting support for that bill. the closer we can get to that, the better chance we have of getting 218. if we stray too far from chairman goodlatte's legislation, i don't know we can get to 18 but we'll continue to try. scott: mr. jordan, i'd like to take a step back and talk about, you've expressed some interest in being open for running for speaker of the house given speaker ryan will be retiring the enof the year. you received a lot of encouragement from outside groups like the club for growth and the tea party patriots. is there any news you would like to make an announcement on this program today? representative jordan: look, scott, ie been very clear, if and when there's a race for speaker, i plan on being a part of that discussion.
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but more important than who the speaker is next year is what we do this year. we better get immigration policy right if we pass a piece of legislation in the house of representatives. we better reform welfare and we need to make the tax cuts permanent and get to the bottom of what the f.b.i. did in this whole clinton investigation and then as they move into the trump-russian investigation and all the wrongdoing that took place in the top level of the f.b.i. and justice department. we need to focus on those things and when we do that, the speaker will take care of itself but let's do what the american people sent us here to do. i've been encouraged, frankly, in many ways, amazed at the support we've received, about every major conservative organization has endorsed a number of mr. hannity's endorsements and ben shapiro has talked about it and we've been encouraged by that but that's for down the road. right now we need to do what we told the people we would do and head into the midterm elections and keep the majority. scott: a lot of the same folks also said in the event the republicans lose the house of
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representatives this november that you would make a great minority leader just because you sort of have a reputation for being a pit bull, a political pit bull, attack dog, you know, somebody who could be a good opposition leader. representative jordan: i always have a smile on my face. pit bull, attack dog? to make sure we keep the majority, we need to focus on those things we talked about. and the simplest way to do that is stay focused on what the american people elected us to o. in this business it never hurts to keep your word or promise and if we do that we'll be in he majority. christina: we talked about the act that didn't include
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previous conditions? . . representative jordan: i have concern about the cost of health care and why we should have repealed obamacare and replaced it with a model that empowers people to have a greater access to savings accots and one that would bring down the price of insurance for the people in the individual and small group marketplace, that's what i'm in favor of. what i know has happened is obamacare has been a disaster and we should never forget all the lies and all the misstatements said by the previous administration, even the president then of the united states when he talked about if you like your plan can you keep it or if you like your doctor, you can keep it and premiums will go down and decline $2,500. he said the website was secure and would work and they told us these co-ops would be wonderful. all the false statements made about obamacare, the thing is a disaster. this is one of the big things i wish we would have been able to get done last year, actually repeal obamacare and replace it with a model to bring down the cost of insurance and empower patients and health care is
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what we have to focus on. and the justice department's decision i think is understanding how bad obamacare legislation actually is for the american people. christina: carrying the component of pre-existing conditions is widely popular with the american public and the republican congress tried and it passed in the house but it has not become the law of the land to repeal the a.c.a. are you comfortable with just going after this component of the law? representative jordan: i'm comfortable with the bill we ultimately supported in the house and sent to the senate. what i'm uncomfortable with is the fact six republican senators voted against the very legislation just two years ago they supported. they couldn't vote for it when it counted. i don't know how they can go back home and face their constituents after doing that. that's what i uncomfortable with. let's get refocused on repealing obamacare and replacing it with a model that does what you describe and does what the american people sent us here to do. that's what i'm trying to focus on. scott: there's been other news this morning, seems like
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there's always five news stories every new day. but president trump this morning tweeted that he believes russia eshoo be brought back into the g-7 group, is that something you support? support? representative jordan: i leash that folks to the people at the white house and treasury department and what they think is appropriate with how the g-7, g-8, however it should work, so i'll lea it up to them. what i do know is since president trump has taken office, taxes have been cut and the economy is growing, unemployment is at its lowest it's been in 20 years. goes itch is on the supreme ourt and the -- gore century -- gorsich is on the streak, the hostages have come home and is an amazing year and a half. if you listened to the mainstream press you wouldn't know that but by anyone's recognition we worked on so
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many fronts and it goes to the president of the united states and the good work he's doing. christina: people worry that the president's trade policies could undermine things. how comfortable are you with the tariffs he's proposed and how would it affect your district? representative jordan: i have concerns. i'm for going after what the biggest problem is which is china and i think the president shares that concern. i think even larry kudlow in the white house shares that concern. we want trade agreements in the best interest of the united states and that are fair but we understand there are lots of great country and certainly in the fourth district of ohio that are there because we can market goods around the planet. we can market and sell our grea and certainly in the fourth district of ohio goods in all kind of markets. that's a good thing. i do get a little nervous about the tariffs becausee in th fourth district of ohio, one of the biggest manufacturing districts in the country, we have a lot of steel and aluminum users who take those products and make other things. so i get a little nervous about
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that. but look, this will work out. i'm confident that in the end we're going to get a better nafta agreement and better trade policy but also policy that allows business owners in the fourth district of ohio and around the country to sell their products in all kinds of markets. christina: do you think congress should take legislative steps concerning pports that.s and mr. corker would you? representative jordan: we need to let them do their negotiations. wages are going up, the economy is growing at a faster rate than it did at any time over the previous 10 years. so things are moving in a pretty good direction. when i talk with families and business owners in the fourth district of ohio, they're pretty darn pleased with how things are moving in the economy. christina: halfway point. scott: what about the farm bill? congress nfident that
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will tackle the farm bill and say you don't take action on immigration, will you be able to pursue the farm bill? you need the immigration bill passed to move forward with the farm bill? we prefer a good immigration bill passed and if that can't happen we would prefer a vote on legislation that -- the goodlatte legislation itself before we vote on the farm bill. we've been clear about that. i think a farm bill will pass, particularly the one we have in the house which actually begins to reform our foot stamp program and begins to start the welfare reform this country needs. but we've been very clear, the immigration issue needs to be dealt with in some manner before the farm bill should pass. christina: if the goodlatte bill were to receive a vote and it failed, would that satisfy you guys? i mean, obviously that's not the outdo you want but would you be able to then turn to the farm bill and support it?
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representative jordan: potentially but also depends on whe the discharge petition process is at as well. scott: you said earlier this week it was frustrating to hear speaker ryan defend the f.b.i., their decision to use a confidential source, something president trump has referred to as a spy to infiltrate the trump campaign in terms of the russia investigation. given the speaker's comments this week, do you still have confidence in the speaker, that he is the right leader for your conference ahead of the midterm election? representative jordan: here's what i know about that situation specifically. they didn't view any of the documents. they got a briefing from the very same people who have been caught hiding information from congress. and there's no nice way to say this. we have caught them redacting information that should not
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have been redacted. specific example, they redacted in the page -- the text messages, they redacted the fact that peter was friends with one of the judges and happened to be one of the federal court juds mr contreras who heard mike flynn's case and recused himself after flynn pled guilty. kind of interesting. why would they redact that? there's not an ongoing investigation, for goodness sakes, he pled guilty. why redact that? because it was embarrassing to the f.b.i. they tried to hide the fact andy mckay spent $70,000 of your tax money buying a table at the f.b.i. when you catch them redacting things and they haven't complied with subpoenas sent by congress and most importantly, when they took the dossier to the fisa court and didn't tell the court who important facts, who paid for it, democrat national committee, and the fact the guy who wrote it, christopher steal, was fired by
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the f.b.i. because he was leaking information. a cardinal rule, when you work with the f.b.i. you don't tell the press you're working with the f.b.i. and information you're collecting for the f.b.i. and he did that and yet they used his work oduct to secure a warrant to spy on a fellow american citizen. that's the backdrop and the context and now they come to a briefing and the f.b.i. says trust us. you can trust us. we're not going to show you the documents, you can take our briefing and we'll tell you what took place and they say oh, everything's fine. i'm just not buying it. i don't think the american people buy it. so for the speaker of the house and the chairman of the oversight committee to say everything's fine with this spy, no other word to call it, when you have someone in another country working with the f.b.i. to talk with folks in and around the trump campaign, that's a spy. so everything was kosher with that because the f.b.i. told us so, the same f.b.i. that did all those things i talked about. come on. the american people aren't buying that and neither am i. scott: are you confident the speaker should remain speaker? apparently one of your
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colleagues, matt gates from florida, said there are discussions in the capital right now about whether somebody else should be leading your conference heading into the midterm elections. representative jordan: scott, i'm where i said i was and i'm frustrated about that particular thing but the speaker said he's going to stay. that's fine. but i think -- i just think what he said about this doesn't make sense to me and is not consistent with the history. remember this, too, five of the top people at the f.b.i. have been fired or demoted. when have you ever seen a federal agency where that took place? comey has been fired. andy mccabe, deputy director, fired, lied three times under oath according to inspector general horowitz and face as criminal referral. jim baker, chief counsel demoted. lisa paige, demoted. peter struck, deputy head of counterintelligence, demoted and reassigned. when have you seen that? i've never seen that in the federal agency. don't worry, we can investigate ourselves and give you a briefing and you can trust us.
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really? this is why there needs to be a second special council. i don't like them but this is why we called for it last summer and still calling for it. mr. zelleden is working hard with his conclusion we introduced two weeks ago and why we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. christina: obviously the administration is frustrated with leaks and they've seized a reporter's telephone information to look through that data. is that something you feel is appropriate? representative jordan: i'm actually working with congressman raskin for a shield offer for you guys in the press on sources and all. i think we've already introduced legislation but jamie came to me and asked me to be a sponsor. when it comes to protecting your first amendment liberties and fourth amendment rights and rights to a free press and free speech and the right to practice your faith you want to and the second amendment rights
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we joy and the right to privacy under the fourth amendment, i'm as strong as we get so i'm very nervous about the government doing what you just described like i was nervous and upset about the government, particularly the i.r.s. when they targeted people about their political beliefs and like i'm fired up with what the f.b.i. did in this trump-russian investigation. and frankly, we'll get the report next week and what it looks like the department of justice did in the clinton investigation. host: five minutes left. scott: just to follow up on that, obviously you serve on the oversight committee and have an oversight subcommittee gavel. does the oversight committee plan to look into the d.o.j. regarding some of its tactics in accessing reporter's emails and phone records? representative jordan: we may. as you probably know, guys, we've had a series of hearings on first amendment, encroachments on first amendment rights, particularly on college campuses and had a hearing a year ago and was a lot of fun and had ben shapiro and adam corolla who was
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hilarious, by the way, and one a few weeks ago with great witnesses as well, some professors who had been targeted on campuses and just this whole idea about free speech zones and it gets almost laughable when you think about, i asked one of the professors, asked a question, i said how close can a safe place be to a free speech zone, can they be the same area? it gets ridiculous. those are the shenanigans going on in our campuses so we should be concerned about protecting the constitution and fundamental rights we enjoy under the bill of rights and under that great document, the united states constitution. christina: i have a hard hitting fashion question for you. you're well known in the capitol for not wearing your jacket. case in point today, your jacket in fact has us own twitter account. representative jordan: i heard. christina: how did this become your signature fashion look? representative jordan: i'm not
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even sure and i hear about this twitter account. i've never looked at it but my staff tells me it exists and sometimes they'll read me some of the things said there which they are kind of funny sometimes. i don't know why. the only time i wear the jacket is when i have to. i wear it on the house floor because you have to and wear it around the president. whenever i'm in the white house i wear it there and feel like you should do that. but you're always -- mostly i guess because i'm in committee, sometimes i get fired up at these witnesses i think are not being square with me and my colleagues and more importantly, the american people. so you can't really get fired up and get into it if you've got some jacket slowing you down. i got used to it in committee and now i do it all the time. host: from jackets to more serious subjects, this past week the medicare trustees updated their projections for the medicare trust fund saying now three years earlier it would be depleted, 2026. we had two former trustees on our network this week and they said they cannot get congress' attention nor the administration's attention on this and by the time they do it
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will be a much, much more serious problem even than it is today. thanis is area under your purview in the congress with your committee assignments, what's your reaction to this? representative jordan: it's scary and we talked long and hard we have to change our entitlement programs and do it in a way that protects current people and recipients of that but unless a way that keeps the promise this country has made with its citizens that social security and medicare will thereby for younger generations as well. but in order to do that, they're going to have to change. and we can start early, i learned a long time ago, you want to address a problem, the earlier you get after it, the easier it is to solve and the longer you wait the more drastic measures you have to take. as you point out, susan, we're getting close to be some dragsic measures and should avoid that if we can and start addressing it now. speaker ryan a few years ago put forth plans we supported and still think have a lot of merit. we just haven't been able to garner the support in the congress to move in that
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direction. i supported those efforts and continue to do because they were done in a way that protects people at or near retirement age, those in retirement right now. but changes it for younger americans. understand that.americans so we should begin to do that and address the debt problem we have. jeepers, we have a $20 trillion debt right now and this is the thing we'll have to do and the sooner the better. susan: how do you see it happening in this town? representative jordan: we may have to wait until the next election but at some point i think we'll have to have the courage to step forward and do it. we had a chance to make a start on dealing with the spending problem just a few weeks ago instead of passing this big omnibus spending bill and i understand it's on the discretionary side of the budget. about instead of doing what this town does which is increase spending for everything, we had a chance to do what we do for the military and hold the line on nondefense discretionary spending and the reason we had a chance to win and we're poised to win was because a few months ago chuck
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schumer passed -- shut down the government and we passed a three week spending bill and mr. schumer at the time said more important than funding the troops and government is amnesty and we shut down the government on a friday and over the weekend the american people said you're crazy. so he comes back in on monday and says shazam, i'm opening the government back up. that was the backdrop and the context. move them a month and a half to where we dealt with the omnibus spending bill and instead of increasing defense like we said we would do and holding the line on defense and beginning to save money for the taxpayers and beginning to deal with this debt problem we have, instead of the debate we passed omnibus and continued the spending, continuing this pattern created under president obama and harry reid, you get a dollar for defense, they hold up the defense bill until they get a dollar increase in nondefense as well. we had a chance to win it and engage in that debate. i think we forfeited our opportunity to do the right thing which is unfortunate but that's the kind of thing,
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that's the place where we have to start if we want to address the big long term spending issues we have. susan: looking ahead to a big week, the 12th is the way with the discharge petition deadline and the president meeting in this historic summit in north korea. thanks so much for being here to set the stage for all that with us on "newsmakers." representative jordan: you bet. thank you. susan: let's go back to immigration and the discharge petition. both of you are following the mechanics of this. what should our viewers who are not following it so closely, what do they need to know about this process and how it works and what the outcome might be, christina, you want to start? christina: sure. there are different pockets of negotiations happening right now and one of the big questions is whether lawmakers will be able to agree on what happens with the so-called dreamers, these were the people in the daca program and who might be eligible for it and whether lawmakers can agree on some kind of path to citizenship. and when congressman jordan was talking about no special
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pathway to citizenship, that's kind of the crux of the debate there. so it sort of unclear if they'll be able to agree on some process that kevintives will say is not a special pathway. even if they do agree, that doesn't mean they'll be able to pass a bill. those gollingses -- those negotiations are happening and meanwhile, centrist republicans and democrats are trying to get 218 signatures to advance this discharge petition. there are all sorts of crazy, complicated procedural rules around the discharge petition but the bottom line is it they get enough signatures by tuesday, they can consider it this month and it can trigger a series of four votes on different immigration proposals including conservative ones and democratic ones. it's kind of unclear if any of this will result in a law getting passed. i would say most people think that's unlikely. but a few months ahead of the midterms, people need to take votes that they think are in their political interests and obviously this is the fate of
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the dreamers that occupied congress for quite some time. susan: the congress alluded to it but the fate of the farm bill is important and he states for the election year, because of guess worker programs. can you help us understand that. scott: i'll try. basically the house freedom caucus mr. jordan is a leader of, took down the farm bill a couple weeks ago basically because they wanted to address the immigration bill first. they were promised by leadership that there would be a vote on the conserve pitch goodlatte-mccall immigration bill that really focused not just on the daca children but more border security and trump's border wall. so when they did not get their vote on the goodlatte-mccall bill they decided well, we're going to hold up something everybody in the conference, in the republican conference wants and thinks is good which is the farm bill. it's priority for the speaker as he's on his way out the door in congress. obviously very important to a number of folks around the
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country who have farms in their districts, a number of constituencies. and so that's sort of the big priority of the year as we look forward to the midterm elections and right now, you know, jordan said he wants to move forward on a farm bill but if you notice, he said let's do immigration first. they're sticking to their guns and want to tackle immigration first and then turn to the farm bill. christina: he still seemed to qualify that. it's not whatever happens with immigration, great, then we'll go to the farm bill. there was hedging there that makes me think they'll keep their leverage on the farm bill if the immigration debate doesn't play out in the way conservatives want to see happen. susan: we have a minute left. how restive is the republican congress now and how strong is outgoing speaker ryan's hold on power? scott: if you listen to mr. jordan, he did not suggest
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speaker ryan should leave in the middle of this term and did not seem to want to force him out as the freedom caucus did to ryan's predecessor, john boehner, three years ago. it's interesting because clearly they're putting pressure on the speaker to take certain actions but nobody is calling for his head. but if you listen, the whispers around the capital more and more are that there is sort of this growing frustration with the speaker whether that amounts to him departing ahead of schedule before january remains to be seen but certainly around the capital, there are whispers happening. christina: he said clearly he was frustrated several times on a couple different issues. the question is, what does that frustration materialize into and they'll have three weeks in washington in july and same in september for the house, so is there really enough time on the calendar to mount a big rebellion and is there appetite for that? i'm not sure there it.
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susan: that's it for our time. thanks very much, christina pierson and scott for coming back with your questions for mr. jordan. appreciate your time this week. scott: thank you. christina: thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp.2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> tonight, ross doutha tsks. >> he thinks the church needs to change in various ways, particularly i think around issues related to the sexual revolution, marriage, divorce and so on where prior popes basically said these are changes the church can't make. so there have been these sort of fraught places in his pontificate where he's clashed with theologians and bishops
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and how far he can push the church to change and whether they can change without undercutting their traditions or breaking faith with the new testament, the gospels of jesus christ. >> "q&a" tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> president trump arrived in singapore earlier today ahead of tuesday's meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. he was greeted by the singapore delegation before departing by motorcade. north korean leader kim jong-un is in singapore and met with the country's prime minister who president trump is set to meet with tomorrow.
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>> next week, live coverage from the u.s.-north korean summit between president donald trump and north korean leader
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kim jong-un. and then washington journal for analysis and comments. watch live on c-span and or listen using the free c-span radio app. >> on tuesday a senate hearing was held regarding the sexual abuse of dozens of olympic gymnasts under the care of former team doctor larry nassar. former u.s.a. gymnastics president steve penny subpoenaed to appear invoked his fifth amendment rights during the hearing. this is nearly three hours. >> good afternoon. i call this hearing to order. earlier this year the subcommittee launched an investigation to examine cultural and systemic problems regarding abuse in the olympic movement. this subcommittee which exercises jurisdiction over the u.s. olympic comtt


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