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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Ted Lieu on Immigration  CSPAN  June 22, 2018 5:23pm-5:34pm EDT

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school. >> be sure to join us july 21 and 22 when we feature our visit to alaska. >> the house next week takes up the defense department spending bill. leo shane with "military times" what are the main priorities versus the president's request? >> it is pretty close to the president's request. and looking at the at the same level of military end strength. and same level for the military pay raise. and generally the same level of funding. little bit lower than what the administration asked for. we have gotten a note from milk mulvaney and wants to see those accounts fully restored.
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but it is pretty close. the two places that we have see the administration, this bill would purchase two extra lit ral ships with the administration we spent money offer and j-star program and another $00 million. minor things in the larger scope and in line. host: reading some of your porting, military, the headline. here's what the appropriators want. you quote the chair of the appropriations subcommittee, last year, we took the first big step to he rebuilding the military. what are the improved improvements? >> she is talking about this
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idea of rebuilding the military from trump and the republicans. we are talking about healthy increases, another $16 billion and continued end strength and more soldiers and more sailors and airmen in this and seeing more investment in the accounts that started to get thinner. this goes to the issue of sequestration and budget caps nd the department has been restrained and so, we are going to see a big boost in purchases nd in things like the f-35 and combat vehicles. lawmakers are hoping they will get another deal around those spending caps. host: the lines have been drawn in terms of the provisions in the bill but there are 100
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amendments that have been filed in the rules committee and two days for floor debate. what are the issues you are focused on? >> the biggest debate on the house floor is immigration. quite a few amendments are money being used for national guard restrictions and money that may migrantsted to housing on bases and jag officers. so we'll have to see whether or not those amendments are ruled in order and how much this immigration debate spills over into defense appropriations. there are a couple of democrats who are pushing for ways to undo the new restrictions on transgender individuals joining
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the military and there is a turkey and -35's to turkey's latest actions in the region. so thrb more attempts to restrict. was shut out. how about on the defense spending bill. how do democrats feel about it? do they get a say? >> in the appropriations subcommittee, there was not as much consternation. there was back and forth and there were a handful of measures. and there were measures in the markup of this. but it hasn't been as polarizing as it has been in years past. and lawmakers have agreed on the top line defense spending.
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it was part of the two-year. there is a lot of back and forth, how much money will go to defense and nondefense programs. that year is sort of settled. a lot of those debates have been muted. host: where is the senate in the process? >> little bit behind but still trying to move their appropriations bill along and starting to move over there. and a vote early next week on the construction bill which incorporates this military spending, too. the goal of lawmakers is to move these more quickly. typically this is taken late in the year and in this year's case, even into the next caller dar year. lawmakers think they can get it
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done. and we'll see if they can it done. .> you can follow his reporting [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> c-span history unfolds daily. 1979 c-span was created by america's television companies. and we continue to bring you unfillered coverage of the congress, white house and supreme court and events in washington, d.c., and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your satellite provider. >> this week on "newsmaker" chuck grassley and talked about whether former director james comey should be forced to testify. here's a preview of the sunday
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interview here on c-span. >> department of justice inspector general report hearing before your committee expressed some displeasure that james comey did not show up and he had time not for congress. are you going to subpoena him committee? k to the >> i will want to subpoena him. you have to have both senator feinstein and i agree to it. and i can't tell you if she will agree to it. >> and loretta lynch as well? >> yes. >> when do you think a decision will be made on that? >> if senator feinstein tells me yesterday that they'll do it, we'll do it. >> is that for andrew mccabe, he
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requested immunity? senator grassley: feinstein and my agreeing to it and i want to do that and we are in some negotiations with her on that point but goes to the justice department to make sure it doesn't interfere with their potential prosecution. another step that is not so regular is i think we need -- and we are working through his lawyers on this, to have a conversation of what he can contribute to our oversight because if he can't contribute anything substantial, there is no point in going through it. >> provided that conversation is in a positive outcome --? >> yes. >> you see the entire interview this coming sunday morning at 10:00 eastern and again at 6:00 p.m. here on c-span and hear it
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n c-span radio and watch it on >> this weekend on american history tv, c-span 3, live coverage from the civil war institute annual summer conference starting on saturday orning -- designee of the
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minority leader. mr. lieu: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent to address the house, revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, you are so recognized or 60 minutes.
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mr. lieu: i am congressman ted lieu of california. if the statue of liberty could cry, she would be crying today. as i stands here there are 2,300 babies and kids ripped away from their parents by our government and are in detention facilities across america. america was a country founded by people fleeing from persecution. we are a land of immigrants. president ronald reagan called us that shining city upon the hill. unfortunately donald trump and homeland security secretary nielsen have per vetted that grand -- perverted that grand legacy and have engaged in the functional equivalent of kidnapping. you can believe in no god or any god at all and conclude that ripping kids away from their parents similar moral. i believe in jesus christ. every single thing in the gospels and what christ taught goes against the policy of family separation. imagine being a


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