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tv   President Trump Addresses the Nevada Republican Party  CSPAN  June 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:44pm EDT

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that d.h.s. does. and that's why congress triggered the rule on an actual proceeding, when the government was ready to go forward when , there were charges identified and when there was a time and place of the proceeding president trump addresses the republican convention in las vegas. bushr first lady laura discusses the importance of conservation. policy advisor to mitt romney talks about the cost of paul -- climate change. remark earlier's today at the republican party state convention in las vegas. this is about 40 minutes. [applause] ♪
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>> thank you. thank you everybody. i want ot thank michael. i looked at his numbers, they're looking awfully good and i get a
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lot of that to michael. he has been a wonderful leader to this great state that we love. i want to congratulate the senator on his victory. he will do a tremendous job. he will be a continuation of a great senator. he has been with us all the way. a little shaky at the beginning but that was one a lot of people running. once we got in there, he has been rocksolid and he cut your taxes and nobody fought harder to cut taxes. your great attorney general is here. he is running again.
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if you think of the names, it is always good to sort of, if you can think of something like that. he is going to win this race so easily. where is adam? where is adam? come on, come on up. the -- a man that really we are so fantastic. he has been a supporter of mine for a long time. he is a very intense individual, like the bloodlines from this family. boy, that father was good. he was tough.
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there is only one difference. danny is even tougher. [applause] come on up. he is a great team player. he is a really great team player. dean and myself appreciate what he did and he will go in and win in the third congressional district. he will be there for a long time. i want to obviously welcome all of our republican party delegates. he have been here and working and striving and look what happened. you really are the heart and soul of the party. this is a state that will be
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with us and has always been with us and we love the people. i am here a lot. we have a great development down the road but now i don't think about that anymore. i don't think about it. i just wanted to go because i don't think anybody has come close to doing this. he read the fake news, it is fake. they don't talk about it. i read a story recently about things that we do and they say we did not or it is just horrible. i want to say some of the things because they don't believe any administration has come even close to doing what we have done in the first 500 days. i won't even mention north korea in that.
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that was a great -- we have a good chemistry together. kim jong in, we have a great chairman ken, we have a great chemistry. we are well on our way. we signed an agreement that said we will begin the immediate denuclearization. ok. we already got back the hostages and i thought, obama got back hostages. he paid to get them back. they did not say that. they said but obama got them back, but a little differently, in green. in cash. how do you do that as president? when i was campaigning, people become to me with tears in their eyes and say would it be possible to get back the remains of our father, of family members
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that died in the korean war. i said i don't exactly have a great relationship over there. >> [laughter] >> this was the before the election. i said, i will tell you what, i will try. as we negotiated different points in singapore, i asked german can if it would be possible to do that. it was the last thing i asked. i said to you mind -- i said do you mind, would i be able to get the remains back from so many years ago and he said i will do that and you probably read, they have already done 200 people. thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you, that is so nice. just recently i got a call from the prime minister of japan. japan is so thankful, there are no rockets flying over japan. they were flying right over japan. they were not so happy. the japanese are great warriors. that was not a good thing and they are so happy that they were having rockets and testing rockets, they have not had a rocket for tests in seven months, a longtime now, used to be every week would have another nuclear test rocket test.
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they blown up their nuclear site, they have gotten rid of the process of getting rid of the engine site for ballistic missiles. we are developing a special kind of a situation where hopefully in the future -- because, you look at it from many standpoint, north korea has tremendous potential. chairman kim sees that and a lot a tremendous things are going to happen. we were really helped by south korea. we were tremendously helped by japan. we were really helped by china. now we have to work on our trade because it has been very tough on our country. our presidents did nothing about it and we probably lost $500 billion in trade to china. think of it.
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we have started a process and i think that will work out because we have a very good relationship. i think it will work out. we are working on a nafta deal and nafta has been a disaster. mexico makes over $100 billion per year. you see these numbers. $100 billion. not trillion, not million, not trillion, but think of it, $100 billion per year on trade in mexico. have a tax of that tax of 17%. a lot of car companies went very and they sent them back over the border and virtually no tax and we lost a tremendous amount. now they make a big percentage of our cars. it is not fair so we are renegotiating nafta and i think when it's finished, it will be a fair deal, it has got to be fair, we can't do this.
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canada charges us 275% arab on dairy products. -- 275% tariff on dairy products. you probably read the prime minister is a nice guy but we can't have it. 275 percent, we can't have it because that is a barrier. they tell the farmers up in wisconsin and all of the different places we don't want your product. 275 is like having a. of which they do you have barriers so we are working on canada, mexico, the european union. we are working on china. everybody now is coming back. we put steel tariffs on, u.s. steel is building six plants or
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expanding. a steel company today announced a $500 million plan and that is the first plant built in many years. that is a long time. the steel industry started and we need steel in this country. we need steel including for national defense. we have to have steel. a lot of things are happening. trade stuff is coming along, just starting, but it will happen because we are the piggy bank that everybody likes to rob from, and unfortunately and we have great allies, great friends, we protect them for a very small cost. we protect them for a tiny fraction of what it would cost, which is unfair but we want get into that. we are having a meeting in july and we will talk about it. our country is taken advantage of and we are settling up and
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we're all going to be friends but we have to do these things. with the european union, we are losing the $151 billion. they don't want our farm products. they tax our cars and don't want -- have a barrier. we taken mercedes by the millions and it is not fair. we charge them almost nothing. it is not fair. when they charge of us, we have to say i am sorry but we have to tax or cars. we make the greatest products and they don't want them. that is ok. but you have to pay. you can't come in and do that. we can't lose hundred billion dollars. the trade deals are coming
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along. they are talking. when they have the tariff, they did not talk to bush. they did not talk to obama. they said we won't talk to you about trade. they said ok, great. let's leave it for trump. let's leave north korea for trump, let's leave trade for trump. let's leave immigration for trump. we will leave it for trump. they left us a lot but i am having a good time. thank you. on immigration, we have to be strong. this is the same site that obama had. the same site. same thing. they said, look at this. look at president trump. look at this picture. it was 2014, it was president obama.
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our people are actually doing a good job handling a difficult situation. this should have been solved years ago. we are working very hard. we need more republicans because the democrats are obstructionists. they don't want to vote. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. >>[booing] >> our issue is strong borders, no crime. their issue is open borders. that is what will happen if you listen to them. we are being very tough at the border.
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until recently, we had a 17 year low coming through. we want people to come in through merit. we want a merit-based system so they can help us. we have tremendous numbers of companies. we have a 3.8 unemployment number which nobody thought was possible. we have a 3.8 -- we need people to come in but they have to be people that love this country and can really help us to make america great again, which is what we are doing. since election day, we have created -- this is hard to believe because nobody -- the news back there -- if i would've said this during the campaign, have created 3.4 million new jobs since election day. if i would have said that during the campaign prior to the election, they would have said you have to be kidding.
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unemployed claims are at a 44 year low. unemployment for african americans is the lowest level in history. remember i used to say, what do you have to lose? they always went -- african americans voted for democrats. i am reading tremendous crime, bad education, bad this, bad that. i am reading 10 different points. income levels, homeownership, everything, and i said, vote for me. what do you have to lose?
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we did very well. those numbers went up. up enough so we won the election. we have the african american unemployment lowest in the history of the country. hispanic -- any hispanics in the audience? hispanic unemployment the lowest in the history of the country. women, unemployment, the lowest in 21 years and shortly it will be the lowest in history. the lowest in 21 years. that is down to 3.6%. nobody would believe the numbers. over 3 million people recently got off food stamps because we are doing so well. that's a big number. after years of stagnation and going down, people were making more money relatively speaking
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20 years ago than they were making two years ago and after years of stagnation, wages are rising again. jobs are looking for people. small business optimism has reached an all-time high. the highest it has ever been recorded. we have signed the biggest tax cut and reform in the history of our country. that was where dean and -- i will tell you, dean really helped. he was fighting hard. you are fighting hard. that was not easy. i have to tell you, his opponent wants to raise taxes. she wants to raise taxes. think of it. it is ridiculous.
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should we mention her name or not? >> [shouting] >> i have a great nickname for her but i will not say it. >> [shouting] >> we should not do it. wacky jackie. >> [applause] >> you don't want her as your senator. you don't want her as your senator. that name did not come from me. that is a name that people have known because people that know her caller wacky jackie. she wants to raise taxes and i think somebody said she is in nevada now campaigning with pocahontas. she is campaigning with elizabeth warren. they wanted me to apologize. >> no.
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him >> i did apologize to pocahontas. wacky jackie is campaigning with pocahontas. do you believe this? in your state. they don't know how to say nevada. they don't how to say it. she called it nevada. when you see that, that is not the senator you want. your senator has to deal with your president and her president loves the state but i am not increasing taxes. you have a democratic party, really a democrat -- i don't like the word democratic because it is not a democratic. you notice however one cause of the democratic. it is not democratic, it is called the democrat party.
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it does not flow as easily. it sounds nicer, the democratic party but we are talking about people that want tax increases. they want open borders. they have to have open borders. they want people coming in. we take them out of this country by the thousands. they are flowing. we take them out by the thousands and we have the toughest border you can have considering the laws are the worst in the country. our immigration laws are a laughingstock. we are only people people walk in and put a foot in. please, would you like to register? other countries say get out of here. they have to do that. we say they want to hire now 5000 more judges so that a person puts their toe on the land and we have to go to trial.
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this is crazy what we are doing. i don't want charges, i want border patrol, i want ice. we do not want judges. the problem is that i have said it, we have great people in the house, republicans. we get the tax bill. we get one vote from democrats, the terms of the senate and in terms of the house, they get a vote and we cut taxes massively and these companies that are all moving back now, chrysler is coming back, so many companies are coming back, that's why we need jobs that we need jobs because we have all the companies. we have so much happening they are coming to ohio, they are coming to pennsylvania, all over. it is incredible to see what is going on. we have to do it in the right way.
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we have to have strong borders. you cannot ever allow -- for instance, if i got appeared today and said, we want everybody to come, we want to take care of everybody -- >> no. >> that me tell you what would happen if i said that. they will put it on where they won't do and trump said we want everybody to come. these are the most dishonest people. they are among the most dishonest people on earth. but if we did that, everybody come -- if we did that, you would have -- you are right. the word is overrun. we would have millions pouring through our country. with all of the problems that would cause. with crime and schools. you have millions -- all i have to do is say yes, got to take
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care of everybody, do what you want to do. if they see any weakness, they will, by the millions. we have to have strong borders. we are going to have the wall. we have already started it. you know we have started it. we are going no fourth or second portion heard it is brutal dealing with the democrats. they want to do nothing. sometimes you probably go home and say, why do i like it? it, we areink about dealing with a group of people that do not want to approve anything. as an example, if i
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gave them everything they wanted, they would say, do not approve it. they think immigration is being weak on the border which is therefore, allowing tremendous crime to come into our country. they think that is a good issue for them. think that is a good issue. i may be wrong. i think we got elected largely because we are strong on the border. so we signed a tax bill and the tax bill, the cut was great. we got rid of the obamacare disasters individual mandate where you pay a fortune for the privilege of not getting health insurance. this is one of the great disasters.
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the individual mandate is gone. as anybody realize that? you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not paying any event no health care. with our great labor secretary, cooperative and associated health care. millions of people in his room are going to be buying it. it'll be low cost, phenomenal, much better than obamacare. obamacare is now going up every time we see an increase. obamacare is on its last legs. obamacare was done until early in the morning. a man walked in, he said, thumbs down. those not good.
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was going to do that. he campaigned on repeal and replace. he campaigned for years, repeal and replace. nobody talked to him. to.dy needed it was a done deal. then, he walked in, thumbs down. we have essentially gutted it anyway and we now have really good stuff coming. if you see your numbers go up, it is the democrats fault. by the way, immigration, it is a democrats fault. i am telling you, if we gave up -- think theyf want, they would say, they do not want it. it is pure obstruction. resist is their word. -- word what our world is? ours is approved, get it
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done. -- their word is resist. they think that it will help them get into office. when it comes to having week borders and crying. and it comes to bed health care. they have affordable health care. that is what the story is. got rid of the individual mandate. obamacare, you are going to look at it, it is almost now, a thing of the past. little early a morning surprised by one of our own. one of the biggest things we ,ave done is a record number of we really knocked out regulations that -- had a number that no one can really believe. we have taken out more
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regulations than any president in any one of their terms. we have approved the keystone and the to go to access to find. dakota access to find. -- pipeline. of call.emoved the war -- coal. we have removed ourselves from the paris climate accord. that was a beauty. that would have cost us more money than anyone would have ever believed. are accountable now if you do a bad job. we fire you. passed the a, we va choice.
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it takes so long, they end up terminal. now, they go see a doctor and we pay for the doctor. these are our great veterans. they have been trying to get accountability for 40 years. vaey have been trying to get choice from the beginning. much about the veterans administration in terms of choice, i said, why do they not use choice? i went to the group and they said, we have been tried to get that for 35 years. we got it now. they have been trying for 35 years. record $700 billion. billion to bring our military to the highest level as ever been. we need it.
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[applause] confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new administration and we will set the all-time record with judges including our great new supreme court justice neil gorsuch. we withdrew from the horrible and that isan deal going to turn out to be very good. that was a great embarrassment. we move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. [applause] >> we are renegotiating all of those trade deals that i'm talking about. we are working with china. we are working with all of those countries. all of that will work out 100% boeing cannot be taken advantage of any longer as a country.
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we are not doing it. [applause] we are getting rid of sanctuary cities, unsafe places. your secondcting amendment. have to protect it. [applause] 95% of american manufacturers in the history of the chart, they have been doing this for 28 years, in history, it is the , they love what is going on. they approval we are doing. it is the highest approval rating that this country has ever had by the people that create jobs mainly, the
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manufacturers. 100 utility companies have lowered their prices because of our business tax cuts and the savings to america and americans are going to be over $3 billion. think about that. for smalls and businesses can't we have eliminated the estate tax. farm,n leave your business, to the people you love and they will not have to go borrowing money so they can pay the estate. we have so many other things we have done and so many other things we are doing. we are very proud of it. he could not have done it without you.
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nobody had any idea what would be able to do so much so soon. all of those things have been done. most of it has been done. things are going to happen over the coming months that will really shock you feared for some many years, we felt so badly. our jobs have been taken. our companies have been taken. we will sell back cars right into america. we will not pay tax. those days are gone. those days are gone. they are gone. so, i just want to, this is a very special group, and i know so many of you because we campaigned together. i just want to thank everyone.
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you have been my friends. you have been loyal. you're been strong. goodt to say to adam, luck. he is a tough cookie. you will get it done. he knows how to get things done. say, to dean, he has done so well that i cannot imagine anything bad happening but you always have to fight hard and have to be a little careful. you never know. jackie do let wacky it. is aber a vote for her vote for nancy losey and chuck schumer. just remember, a vote for her is a vote for taxes going way up. they are going to give you also is a false promises, the taxes are going way up.
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shoot say, forget about the crumbs. $3000 more. three weeks ago, she was talking about raising everybody's taxes. think so. somehow, that does not play very well. it is really a vote for crime. it is a vote to get rid of police officers. in long island, we have towns where they have a lot of ms 13. the thing they respect is toughness. they do not respect if you are the number one student. are so tough, they are much tougher than the ms 13 people.
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these guys go in with a paddy a man andthey put take him out and we get them the hell out of our country and in some cases, we put them in jail. they are killing people. they do not kill them with guns. they kill them with knives. they cut them into little pieces because it is much more painful. they are taking beautiful young women off the street. daughters killed violently by ms 13. cut up. cut up. not shot up. cut up because it is more painful. i call them animals and people say that is a terrible thing to say. nancy pelosi said, that is a terrible thing to say. she was defending ms 13.
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a vote for jackie is a vote for nancy pelosi, and as a vote for schumer, and it is a vote for all of the problems that they bring. i do not think you want that. you have an outstanding man in dean. himve been on both sides of and he is tough. we want him on our side. i am just telling you, i am leaving now. they got me making like for speeches. do you believe this? i said where do you want me to go? making a you are speech there and their and their. be back a lot. it is an incredible state with incredible friends. one of the most successful businessman in the country.
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we are going to be fighting for danny, adam, and dean. i just want to thank you for your incredible support. you have been there from the day that i have announced that i was going to be president thank you very much nevada. thank you. nevada, we love you, thank you. [applause]
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