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tv   President Attends Rally for SC Gov. Mc Master  CSPAN  June 26, 2018 5:53am-6:59am EDT

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south carolina monday to campaign on behalf of the state's governor, henry mcmaster who is being challenged in a primary runoff tuesday by greenville businessman, john moran. -- john warren. this rally in west columbia is just over one hour.
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pres. trump: hello, everyone. hi, everybody.
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it was a little rocky in the sky tonight. they said, sir, would you mind going back? would you mind if we do not stop? i said there is no way we could not stop. [applause] to do that forg a man named henry mcmaster. i would not have the courage to call henry. wasrate, i thought i coming, but i was only kidding, it is raining out bad. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [applause] one. air force it is great to be with you.
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this is a special state, i love this state, with so many incredible american patriots. begin, let's all take a moment to send our love to katie errington -- katie arrington, who was badly hurt in a terrible car accident. somebody was going the wrong way and katie, really badly hurt, along with a friend, and someone else killed in the other car. katie is a very special person. she was out there from the beginning. the good news is she is going to be 100%. [applause] katie, we are all pulling for you and praying for your swift recovery. she will be back very soon. campaigningthere against a guy i have never liked
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too much. [applause] never liked him much. i was not a fan. the tallahassee trail must be a beautiful place. thank all of our south carolina gop leaders in attendance. we have a man who has become a friend of mine. it is shocking. i will defeat him in south carolina. i said i do not think so. he has become a friend. he is a good man. lindsey graham. [applause]
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that is pretty good, i think. that is pretty good. he has been great. congressman joe wilson and tom price. south carolina attorney general, a very close personal wilson.ship, alan south carolina secretary of state mark hammond. and candidate for lieutenant governor, pamela ebbitt. pamela. very exciting.
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and finally, the person we are all here for today. a man who was with me from the beginning, there was no doubt about it. he was there from the beginning. we won the state of south carolina by a lot. and in therimari general election. run the whole east coast and we got south carolina and we got north carolina, we love north carolina, we got pennsylvania and we got florida. we started off that night -- donald trump has won the state of florida. go, whoa, they just lost florida. and you know what they said? do not worry about it.
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they said north carolina is our firewall. south carolina we have no chance, but north carolina -- so we won south carolina, thank you very much. and the firewall was not much of a firewall in north carolina. i want to thank the incredible people of south carolina and right from day one when i came down here, henry mcmasters, he said i like what you say, i agree. we need strong borders. we are talking about it now. [applause]
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so, he said we need strong borders, we have to stop crime, we want lower taxes, we love our our vets, andove we love our second amendment. other than that, i don't know what he said. [applause] i don't know what else he told me but that was enough, right? and he was this handsome guy with a wonderful wife, peggy. where is peggy? [applause] so henry was for me from the beginning. there was nobody else. it wasn't like -- some of these guys said i supported donald trump very early. yeah, after seven other people. after the defeat of nine people they were with me. and they never let you forget. but henry was there at the beginning.
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tough, fighter, he's he's strong, and he's a gentle man. [applause] the thing with henry because i got to know him. he was up early in the morning and left late at night. i said you really are a fighter. the beautiful thing with henry is you don't even know it. he doesn't in an elegant manner but he is a fighter. he has been here with us and henry, i would like to ask you just to come up. this has been an interesting voyage. i have never taken [applause] i have never taken a longer trip ever to south carolina. [applause] that's my man. thank you, mr. president. the south carolina love donald trump? [applause] we were at the airport waiting and watching these forces of
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nature and the lightning and the thunder and the storm and the rain. and then it cleared and air force one landed and the real force of nature got off the plane and stepped into south carolina. [applause] trump has kept every promise he has made. he's going to make america great again and we will help them do it right here in south carolina, thank you so much. [applause] president trump: thank you, henry. you know that if a horrible thing happened and we were not lucky enough to have henry win, you know they won't talk about
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that. they will say donald trump suffered a major, major defeat in the great state of south carolina. it was a humiliating defeat for donald trump so please, get your passes out tomorrow and vote -- asses out tomorrow and vote. [applause] you got a get out there and vote. and honestly, not for that reason, he is a great man, he is a wonderful person, he loves the people of south carolina. he loves the people of our country. you've got a good man or i would not be here, believe me, i would not be here. [applause] the last time i endorsed somebody come as you know, was katie. i was in singapore. there was this massive difference in time, who knows? i said let me ask you, we have a situation that's very
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interesting. i'm turning on the television and i see the race. i said what time is it right now in south carolina? almostid, sir, it's 4:00. i said i've got to endorse casey. many hours are left? they said like 3.5. i said maybe i should not do it because i will not have enough. what happened, i did. i said i don't care. i can't stand that guy. i don't care. i don't care. and i like her. she was another one right from the beginning. she did not talk about other people, right? we had like three hours, 3.5 hours or something. i'm just lifting off from singapore that's far away. a 22 hour flight, you think that's fun? that's not even fun in air force one. when are we landing? seven more hours, we are home is there. when they say you have seven hours left -- we had a great success in north korea.
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chairman kim, great, great. [applause] airre not looking up in the , any rockets up there? japan is very happy. they have not had a rocket shot over them in seven months. there has been no rocket tests or nuclear tests, no ballistic missiles. they have blown up their site. no coverage because fake news does not cover it. [boos] look at all those fake newsers back there, that's a lot of people. that's a lot of people. to see a lot of people? go outside, this is a gymnasium. i said henry, i don't work gymnasiums anymore. he said please, i'll be there. go outside and take look
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outside, you won't believe what's going on out there. you people understand real estate wealth. ll. i had numerous calls with prime minister abe, so happy for the people of japan, happy for the people of china, they are happy for the people especially of south korea and we are happy. you know what? we did something that was world is soonthe going to be an right now it is already, we have good chemistry but the world is going to be much safer place. and north korea will be a much better place. it was really something. it was really something. [applause] and they have agreed to denuclearization. they have agreed to know more testing, no more this. by the way, we got our hostages back. [applause] i got them back even before we left. we are getting the remains of
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our great heroes back. [applause] and when i first made the announcement that we are getting together, this was five or six months ago, it was in the oval office, i will never forget it, and these guys would say unbelievable. do you believe this? south korea, they came from , the olympics and it started with the olympics. when chairman kim said we want to go to the olympics, i said that's nice. that's a big difference from the dialogue we were having. they wanted to go to the olympics. and the olympics would have b massive and it was a massive success. president moon of south korea gives us the credit. nuked did not want to be in a stadium as they watched the opening ceremonies. they did not want to be watching the opening ceremonies at the
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same time looking up at the skies. how long will this last question mark they were not exactly selling tickets the minute that happened, he wanted to be part of the lung picks. the minute that happen, the lubitz became a great olympics. [applause] and we now have a good chemistry. we have a good chemistry and i think it's going to work out and it takes a long time. it's not easy, not easy. they have been doing this for many, many decades and not that easy. but they took down signs, anti-united states signs all over north korea, they are down. they took them down. [applause] anti-u.s. signs. and tight media signs all over the place. [applause] [boos]
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president trump: you are worse than i am. we just want honesty, little fairness. we want a little fairness, right? we don't get very much of it. , so wert of interesting make the deal and we signed a piece of paper and it was a beautiful piece of paper that , we willill de-nuke get the remains back and do all of these things. a lot of things, we will not test, we will abandon -- they have an engine site, these are not engines for your car, these are engines for ballistic missiles. they will rip that down. the first sentence, we will denuclearize -- ok. the press says donald trump has suffered a humiliating defeat because i agreed to meet. in otherto meet? words, because i agreed to meet,
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they could not think of anything else -- i will say this, at the beginning, they could not believe it was happening. two days later, they were saying, hillary clinton could've done that. i don't think so. [applause] i don't think so. did you ever see anybody so protected in your life? point after point after point and i did nothing and it just never ends. it never ends. no collusion, no nothing. you go -- after the election, i said ok, who cares? we've got to make america great again. [applause]
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she writes a book and does a tour -- how many reasons did you get for losing the election? every week was a different reason, right? for losingeverybody the election except for one person, herself. [applause] and you know the funny thing is -- ,indsay was just telling me every other republican would've lost. i won and when i won south carolina but to win up and down wisconsinoast, to win which has not been one in many years like 1972i think, that's a long time. to win michigan which has not been one in a long time. her, they say she is a bad candidate. honestly, she was a tough candidate. she was not a bad candidate. was aefused to say that i
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good candidate. they refused. sometimes young, have to to your own horn because nobody else will do it, certainly they will not do it. [applause] they are not going to do it so sometimes you have to do it. that's why when the polls are good, you remember during the campaign, when the polls were good, i would always talk but when they were not good i did not mention it but they were good a lot of times. georgetown steel just opened their plant yesterday. they are spending a lot of money after many years of being closed, georgetown steel in south carolina. here is a story that just came out. david lynch, the great filmmaker, david lynch he puts down a headline " trump could go down" this is a hollywood guy.
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plenty of them voted for me. 20 of them voted for me. david lynch could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history. there goes his career in hollywood. veteran filmmaker david lynch believes president donald trump could be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in american history because of the way he has shaken up the political establishment and because of what i've done. however, he now appears to alieve, because he was democrat or something, he actually voted for obama. ha-ha. it says he voted for bernie sanders. , however, heys appears to believe that trump may have been the right choice after all. [applause] he goes on to say that trump could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted this
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thing so much. no one has been able to counter this guy in an intelligent way. and by the way, they call him the elites. you know what you are? you are the super elites, i'm changing titles. [applause] i'm changing. no, everybody here makes money and works hard and pays taxes. you do a great job. you are smarter. you are better. you are more loyal. we have the greatest base in the history of politics. we do. [applause] they interviewed 10 women on one of the opposing networks, the enemy of the people i call them. women, they these were about 10 really great
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women. these are nonpolitical women that had trump here, chump there, wearing trump hats and badges. what can hers said do? you have heard me say this because this happens a lot, what can he do that you won't be with him question mark what will he do when you drop donald trump in one of these women stood out, perhaps the leader, perhaps not but she came forward and she said, there is absolutely nothing he can do. can you believe that question mark there is nothing he can do. and she said he has done a great job. we are working on it but there is david lynch, enjoy it because his career in hollywood is officially over. [applause] did you see jimmy fallon? [boos] hair he'srews up my going back and forth. he was so disappointed to find out it was real, he could not
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believe it. that's one of the great things i got. everybody used to say my hair is phony, it's not my hair. i'm wearing a herpes. anybody here wearing a herpes now? no? the one thing they never say that anymore because i have been caught in rainstorms and caught in wind that are 60 miles per hour. if it's not your hair, don't run for office, folks. don't run stop do not run for office because the gate would be would be up.g jimmy fallon apologizes. he apologized for humanizing me because now he's going to lose all of us. now he's going to lose all of us. if somebody would open a talk ,how at night -- the guy on cbs what a low life. honestly, are these people funny? i can laugh at myself.
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--nkly, if i couldn't there's no talent, they are not like talented people. johnny carson was talented. seriously. this guy on cbs has no talent. jimmy kimmel would meet me before the election. i'm telling you a true story, i don't think you can deny it. no talent but i go to his studio to do a shot, to do a thing and he would stand outside on the sidewalk waiting for me. here he comes, donald trump, he opens my door. i said does he do this for everybody? they say he does it for nobody. but he's waiting for me to her three times a day to show but now i wouldn't do his show. i do his show and he's standing out on hollywood whatever boulevard. and he's standing there opening up the door like going crazy,
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hello, i was not president. i was like a guy. right? a guy with potential. [applause] there, here he is ,oh, oh, sir, how are you? i always got higher ratings than other people so that was good. up andmy fallon calls me he's like a nice guy. a lostst, he looks like soul. he gets out there, hey, hey, hi. he's a nice guy. i agree to do his show. and because i was running at that time, he got from it is ratings, killed everybody. he should be thankful, not upset and angry. because apologize you've got somebody else that did not going the other shows.
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i go on the show and i agree, do whatever you want with my hair. and that was it. it two years later, he is now apologizing because he humanized me? he really hurt himself. i said, jimmy, you called me up after the show and you said thank you for the incredible, you called them monster ratings, they were very big. i said thank you, that's very nice but don't hurt yourself by apologizing. i said to him today on social media, i said jimmy, be a man. just relax. incredible. to these guys, cbs, nbc, i made a fortune for nbc on "the apprentice" and they treat me hardly. i think they are worse than cnn. they wanted to renew my contract. they wanted to renew my contract and they were doing everything.
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cap man can't comcast came to me with a whole bunch of people. he said please renew your contract. knew i was's when i going to run. it's a prime time show doing .ell, 14 seasons, did great arnold schwarzenegger took my place and it bombed in about two shows, it was over. it actually bombed in one show and it was so bad that they did not believe it so they let it go a little longer. [laughter] and the only one who knew was my wife. [applause] she's very smart. she said you know there is nobody that can take your place. you, darling, you can appreciate that, how smart
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is that question or i don't know she believes it but she said there is nobody that can take your place. he will not be successful. i said it's arnold schwarzenegger. he will not be successful, there is nobody, darling who can take your place. how smart is she? how smart? [applause] she has got a great style. the king and queen of jordan today and it was like a picture. i watched three of them. the queen, the king, and the first lady and i sat back and watched. i did not want to destroy that picture. i will tell you, she has done a tremendous job as first lady. [applause] and you know she had an operation a few weeks ago. a kidney operation and she's going to be great, she's fine. [applause] but they had all kinds of projections. they said she got a facelift.
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i would let you know. they could not hide that one for long. they said she left me and moved to virginia. , right,d she left me moved to new york question mark so she moves to virginia, she moved to new york, the only thing they would not say is what happened and that's ok. she is private and does not want to talk about things. really unfair stuff. you know what? we've never done better than we are doing now. we have never had a time like we have now. we have never had higher polls them have now. [applause] even who treat me horriblygallup , the polls are fake news also. callthey do is suppression. they put out these horrible polls and then they hope that everybody is going to say i like companies gotten a chance to win. suppression, it should be
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illegal, actually. you should check these pollsters, they knew. before thewith abc election. like a week before, we were down 12. if you are down 12, it's over. if the polls are real. i said they can't be real, and we just went to michigan and have 30,000 people. we just went to other places, excuse me, we went to south carolina but i did not come here that often because we were leading by a lot. [applause] youid if you don't mind, do mind if i don't come back here, i will go to places that are a little bit closer question mark nobody said don't worry about it will stop they said you stay out of here, mr. president, almost to be, mr. president. it really has been an incredible journey for all of us. we are the super elite. we are the super elite. [applause] are and we are going to call
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ourselves that. i said the other day as you saw my last speech in minnesota, a great place, unbelievable crowd. had 15ed 9000 and they or 20,000 people outside that could not get in. it was incredible just like you have a lot of people outside. if i ever come into an arena and it's got empty seats, i think that's the end. i don't know if i can take it. henry, what will i do if that happens? i don't think we will be able to -- it will not happen. remember what i said, we will start winning again. we are winning now. like we have never one before. like we have not one before. we are winning with our military. our military is now being built up like you wouldn't believe. we are winning with our military. we are winning on trade. we are winning on trade. we are defending our borders because if you don't have borders, you don't have a
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country. [applause] you don't have a country. [build that wall] it's happening, believe me. it's happening. it's not build that wall anymore, it's continue building that wall. because we are building it. we are building it, we are fixing it, miles and miles we've got $1.6 billion and we are fixing the wall and building a wall in san diego. thedy wants the wall of nobodyt's in it -- -- wants a wall until it's in their backyard. we are building the wall and fix spending a lot of money. and we are going for more and we will get it done. democrats want open borders and they don't mind crime. think of it. [boos] last week, they thought they
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have a great issue. credit, inow, i give don't know it's true or not but they say i have good political instincts. some people have said i've the greatest political instinct and 50 years, i don't think so. -- in 50 years, but i don't think so. when i heard them talking about the children -- first of all, they were using pictures taken in 2014 when barack obama was president. i was not president. [boos] and what i learned is one thing ,- our facilities are cleaner better cap, and better run, that's the one thing i learned. i saw them. and we have is to extremes i liked it. i said this is fine for us. the democrats want open borders, they want anybody they want including ms-13 pouring into the country. [boos]
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and the democrats don't like ice , the brave, tough people. they are much tougher than ms 13. patl,on't like more they don't like your police, then a like anybody. protectcrats want to illegals coming into this cotr some of whom are not good. some of whom cause lots of problems in the worst possible way. they want to protect illegals coming into the country much more so than they want to protect you and that's not where were coming from, ok? [applause] do find it today. the democrats want open borders and they don't mind crime. we want very tight, very strict sawers and, by the way, you a 70 year low. with all the complaining i'm doing, we have done a very good job. taken -- we've got to
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get that wall built all the way across him they don't want it, it's like a symbol. at good it's the party of maxine waters, do you believe her? [boos] no, this has become the party of maxine waters and nancy pelosi, that's who it is. [boos] they don't mind crime, they want open borders and we want really tough borders and we want people to come in. we want people to come in through the legal process. what about the thousands of people -- [laughter] [applause] what about the thousands of people that have gone through this process that are waiting online to come into our country and we are going to let these people pour in and we have no idea who they are. ago,came to me three days sir, would like you to sign this order, what is it? we need 5000 judges on the border. i said judges, what other
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country has judges? how many do we have now? they did not know so we have thousands of judges and now we are going to have 5000. i have done a good job with judges, judge gorsuch, supreme court judge and we have many judges. we will set the record, i believe for the most judges which is a very important thing. a very important thing, we are putting great talented people who see the constitution the way it is written. they don't make up the constitution. [applause] up, sir, we need 5000 the judges, i said 5000. we put a judge on, like on the bench. it takes us weeks to vet, it takes us a long time to get the are doing 5000 -- i said, where are you going to find 5000 people to be judges? how many do we have now? i don't know the number, they
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don't even know the number even though they are in trite. nobody knows. have thousands of judges already. if a person comes into our country, steps one foot, they take tir name, they bring them to court, they release them, they going to the country, you never see them again. it is the craziest thing. [boos] want tooday, i don't judges. i want ice and border patrol agents. [applause] that's all. [applause] and we wants to tell people i'm sorry, you are coming into the country illegally, we don't want to in the country. it's over. you know, i heard a number today that is hard to believe, we have 700,000 people waiting to go on trial. this isn't trump. this is a disaster for bush, although we very much appreciated laura bush's lovely letter. it was a disaster for bush, a disaster for obama, in fact, the head of his homeland was on over
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the weekend and honestly, he was very honest. he said it was a tough thing, it was a tough time for them. what are going to straighten it out. i got the job. trade deals were bad, how bad were trade deals? north korea, they thought they were going to war. you go to war with north korea, you are going to lose anywhere from 30 million to 50 million people. there is a city with 28 million people, 28 million. lose who war and you knows. millions of people. i am not even talking about nuclear, they have thousands of cannons aimed right at seoul. and i said i am telling you before i got to this office, there was a really good chance that we were going to war with north korea. we could have lost millions and millions of people. hand with north
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korea because that should have been done years ago. i got a bad hand with all of these horrible trade deals, nafta is a disaster. mexico is going to make over $100 billion on the united states this year. canada, you know canada. nice guy. , justin, i say justin, what is your problem? [laughter] canada, o canada. i love their national anthem. i like ours better, however. [applause] love, i we had a wonderful understanding the story. we hugged, we kissed, everybody was happy. i made some changes in this ridiculous thing that everybody made me sign which was ridiculous. happy.dy was the prime minister says president trump was right, everybody was in love. a took the picture with merkel but if they showed a picture like two minutes later, i had a big smile, she had a big smile. we were friendly. one, heto air force
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doesn't understand that air force one has 22 televisions. [applause] i come on, they have televisions in areas that no place has televisions. unlimited budget. i get onto the plane and i see justin to know, the prime minister of canada saying that canada will not be bullied by the united states and i say what are we doing here? ae fact is that canada has 275 million -- 275% tariff on dairy products. a little thing called dairy product. [boos] their lumber is a disaster. why are we not using our own lumber? we are actually allowed to take lumber from our fields and take lumber from under our environmental system. in the old days you could not do that, we had to go to other countries. lumber is a disaster, energy is a disaster. we thoughtn saying world war i together, we fought world war ii together. that's true. we love canada.
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canada is a starting almost 300% tariffs and many other things. it is all working out great, all working out great. i said look, if you want to do that, we are going to put a tariff on your cars. cars are the biggest. european union, we lost $151 billion last year with the european union. sounds nice, many of us originally came from somewhere in the european union. i had those coparents, european union. wonderful, our country lost one or $51 billion. the scent of the worse 80's, they sent everything. we tax them practically nothing. ifcan't ascend our cars and we do, they charge many, many times the tax that we stupidly don't charge. we arethem, here is what going to do. we are going to charge a terror on steel until such time as you straighten out your act and you let us have -- [applause]
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farmers intot our the european union's, it is very hard. we have farmers that want to sell. this is why, with these people, the european union has what they call trade barriers. the european union doesn't allow go trade.s to and if they do, it is very expensive. when you are paying a 275% tax and now i am understanding it is higher, but that is essentially a trade barrier. you can't trade. we can't pay that kind of tax. i want the barriers taken down, i want our farmers to be able to trade. i want to sell cars to them just like they sell cars here and it is all going to work out, it is all going to work out. remember this, it is all going to work out. because we are the piggy bank that they like to take from. [applause]
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whether it is military protection, look at nato. nato, we are spending 90% of nato. it is all wonderful and we like to help out, but it helps them. they are in europe, it helps them more than it helps us, we are very far away. we have this incredible -- germany is paying 1% of a much smaller gdp. we are paying close to 4% of a much larger gdp. now, that doesn't work, folks. doesn't work. i think we should pay the same as germany, i just think we should pay the same as germany. [applause] work all of this, but the fact is that we were given somewhat of a bad hand. we came in to all of these problems but i love it, i am loving what we are doing. you people are loving what we are doing. [applause] i will tell you one thing, peter
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navarro does like tariffs, he probably like them more than i do. raise your hand, peter. , they allll calling want to make deals. before i did this, they were not calling the obama administration, but the obama administration and the bush administration did not care, it wasn't their thing. our country trade, lost 870 million -- $817 billion , eight hundred 17. we lost $817 billion. who the hell can do that? [laughter] we don't have to be perfect, we don't even have to get down to zero, but we can't lose 800 sorton because -- you feel of stupid, don't you? don't you feel stupid? the biggest was china. china made anywhere depending on the way you count from $375
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billion, we built china. and i really like president xi but we built china and they did help us on the border with north korea. they might not be helping anymore and that would be too bad. butve been as nice as i can we have to get some balance and it does not have to be perfect but there has to be some fairness. i am a believer in free trade but i am really believer in fair trade. [cheering] this is ridiculous. and i said to a man in china, how did it get so bad? we picked up since i got elected, we pick up tremendous worth. nine toup anywhere from seven trillion dollars for almost twice the size of china's economy. nobody knows that. [cheering] [applause]
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how did it get so bad? what happened is we would put on a tax on cars. you sell a car into china from the united states, they charge you a 25% tax. if china sells a car into the united states, we charge them 2.5%. 2.5% versus 25%, somehow i am looking at this rich guy, that does not work too well. do you agree? i bet you are a very successful guy. i can see the eyes. big success. that doesn't work well, doesn't? and we have many cases like that. many cases. we are going to straighten it out and they all want to negotiate because they have to negotiate. they have to negotiate. it has to happen. that's not a threat. it is like the iran deal was so bad. we paid $150 billion to sign a horrible agreement. cash to$1.8 billion in
6:41 am
pick up four hostages. [boos] they are the wealthiest hostages in the world. i the highest net worth of any hostage in history. , nothing toing north korea. and he did a very smart thing because it was good will. we did it before i even left. and a lot of good things are happening. it is all going to work out. it is going to work out because we have a big advantage. the bank andare they are taking money from us hand over fist and at some point that has got to stop. it has got to stop. we can lower your taxes which we did. we gave you the greatest tax cut in the history of our country. [applause] [cheering] right. we have some incredible things happening with health care, we
6:42 am
got a very badly hurt, we had all of the votes and then one gentleman early in the morning, .:00 in the morning, he went he campaigned on repeal and replace. we had all the boats and he, perhaps he was grandstanding, who knows what he was doing. no, no. everybody said what the hell happened? he has been campaigning for eight years to repeal and replace. and he did not do that. in now, what we have done the tax cut is we have gotten rid of the individual mandate. [cheering] we have gotten rid of it. way, i have these stupid teleprompters, you don't mind that i haven't used them all night, do you? [cheering] every once in a while i look at it, so boring. back, bigger, better. you have heard that before. [cheering]
6:43 am
i keep looking and i just see things that are true, but they are not quite as exciting. well, we areso lifting millions and millions of americans from welfare to work. from dependence to independence and from poverty to prosperity. [cheering] we are putting new american steel in business and breathing new hope into error beautiful community. it is true. the forgotten men and women of our country are forgotten no more. they are still trying to figure out who the hell were all of these people who came in two years ago, who are they? who are they? yeah. all of them. [cheering] they are trying to find, how do we get to the forgotten men and women. i said i think you lost them for a long time.
6:44 am
because just like this producer from hollywood said, we are doing a real job. i don't believe -- now it is 511 days. i don't believe any administration, and you are with us, we are partners in this. when we came out, we are partners, this is not me, this is a whole group of people. i don't believe and i don't even think it is close, that any president has done what we have done in 500 days. [cheering] [applause] not only the judges, not only the biggest tax cuts, not only nwar, war -- and war -- that nobody could get oil and gas, nobody could get approved. ronald reagan could not, nobody could. i did not even want it until i heard everybody else wanted, it
6:45 am
is a freebie as part of the tax cuts. tax cut and reform. we want cuts, please give me the word cut. you have heard that. i want the word cut. anyut regulations more than president in history, whether it is four years, eight years, 16 years. [applause] more cutting to do and by the way, we want regulations. we want crystal clean water. we want to beautiful, clean air. we want it more than anybody and our air and our water now is better than it has ever been and we are going to keep it that way. very important. [applause] as long as we are proud of who we are, and we are very proud of who we are. and what we are fighting for, we, as a country, will never, ever fail. we never fail. [applause]
6:46 am
we have 3.4 million new jobs since election day. said during the campaign that i was going to --ate 3.4 million new jobs you have no idea what we are going through. countries are trying to hold back their companies that used to be our companies from leaving and moving back to the united states. we have companies, chrysler, so many companies coming back into the united states, they want to be where the action is. not only because of the tax cuts but for a lot of other reasons including a, those regulation cuts. but we have more jobs, we have higher set the manufacturers of the united states voted. they said this is the single most optimism that manufacturers in this country have ever had.
6:47 am
small business owners, the same thing. it is the most optimistic that they have ever been. they have never been this optimistic. [applause] and i will tell you something. i would like to take credit for this, but i can't because it is henry. carolina is doing unbelievable business. companies are pouring in. [applause] new jobs are way up. your numbers are through the roof. you are a real leader all over the country. they are looking at south carolina. your governor is a man named henry mcmaster. you are doing unbelievable things. [cheering] i did not once does say that, henry. i did not want to say that, i wanted to take the credit for myself. [laughter] but i figured it south carolina would understand. we are standing on the shoulders of true american patriots who
6:48 am
put down the railroads, build up the highways, and dug out the sink holes to the panama canal and lost many lives doing it. mosquitoes -- they crossed oceans, they scaled mountains, they built the most incredible nation the world has ever seen. but our nation was gong badly in the wrong direction for a long time. we have $7 trillion invested in the middle east. what do we have? what do we have other than death and destruction? what do we have? a decision that was to go in. what a decision. i believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country and the way we got out was horrible if you look at iraq. was horrible. out truly one of the worst decisions ever made. $7 trillion and thousands of lives.
6:49 am
county lives on both sides. millions of lives in my opinion. millions. you don't hear that, millions of lives. our ancestors won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, and put a man on the face of the moon and by the way, nasa is now open for business. [cheering] [applause] and i put a great man, a wonderful human being and a great leader, just a friend. mike pence, vice president in charge. and i had a meeting with mike and a lot of the people running nasa. and i said, listen. you got rich guys for whatever reason, they love rockets. [laughter] we don't have to put up so much money, let them put up the money. and you have these guys sending
6:50 am
rockets all over the place. we will get the credit. lot, butarge them a let's do it that way, that is a lot better. so we are also doing our thing. but we have all these rich guys, i don't know what it is. they love rockets. [laughter] i said thi great, you can't send rockets up done the street. local walmart, the local store. we have these incredible big sites that are meant exactly for this. with all of this infrastructure, much of it has not been used in a long time. and we are back in business but i said to them, and i think the business people -- let the rich guys pay for it. we got the real estate. let them put their rockets up. you saw elon the other day, i never saw anything like it. i have been watching rockets my whole life. what i saw was incredible. when the engines came back down.
6:51 am
down.gines came back the third one is missing someplace but that is ok. [laughter] i said, that was incredible. but you have all of these rich guys who have millions of dollars and they want to spend money on rockets, i think it is great. i told my people, let them do it. because if they reach the moon with their money, we are going to take all the credit. ok? forget about it. [applause] nobody is going to remember their name but they are going to remember our name. let them do it. going, weis momentum need more republicans in washington. mcmastered gov. henry as the continuation in south carolina. very important. [applause] come here. help, we areyour going to continue to win.
6:52 am
the remember the campaign? henry, do you remember? i came to south carolina, i said we are going to win so much in you people are going to get so tired of winning. [laughter] you are going to say governor mcmaster, please, we can't stand winning anymore. governor mcmaster, go to washington, talked to the president, we can't win anymore. we are going to win. remember, i said we are going to win. we are going to win this state. by the way, henry. army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard, air force, right? force? and what are we going to do? is. -- space force. [applause] people love that. we talk about rockets but henry, defense is now largely based on the satellite and everything else in space and the problem is
6:53 am
that when you have the air force, i don't think they are going to -- they want to those planes flying, i do think they are going to be focusing on space like they should so we are going to create a space force and it is going to be great. and we need it militarily also. so, this week, it is so important to go out and vote for country, vote for family, vote for values, values. vote for victory and vote for henry. he is a great, great gentleman. [applause] he is a great gentleman. together, wegroup, will make america wealthy again. [applause] we will make america strong again. [cheering] safe again, america henry. [applause] and we will make america great again.
6:54 am
thank you, south carolina. thank you. thank you. [applause] ♪
6:55 am
6:56 am
announcer: this past week with the help of gci, the c-span bus traveled to juneau and alaska. as part of the 50 capitals tour, the buzz continues the trip across alaska to our next stop
6:57 am
in fairbanks. has been especially the iowa for alaskans but most of all, it is the only way to get delegation hard at work in washington. decided to carry c-span for a number of reasons especially for our interest on education. the lesson plans and handouts the family teachable videos, the c-span program offers so many resources to teachers and value in today's classrooms. >> thank you for being part of this, bringing your awesome bus to fairbank, that was incredible. i heard stories who brought the bus up. and on the way coming to alaska, it was a nice trip from what i heard. and i understand, i have driven it a few times myself and it is an awesome trip and we are so here and your bus came you are using it as a tool to bring fairbank nationwide. >> c-span is much older than
6:58 am
e. that is a joke, by the way. [laughter] you can laugh. when i appreciate about c-span is that it is not partisan. you are watching the sparring, the delegations talk and forth. it is extremely informative and very educational. one of the best things on the so iand i am a tech geek hope they take me with them on their tour because i would spend hours on that bus. but if you go and look at the video screens they are interactive. people can learn and kids can learn about government. government does not have to be a bad word. announcer: be sure to join us july 20 first and 22nd when we feature our visit to alaska. c-span,aska weakened on, or listen with the free c-span radio app. live tuesday on the c-span
6:59 am
network, 10 on c-span, the house returns for work on the 2019 spending bill. the-span two, they take up farm bill at 10 a.m. and on --pan3 at 9:30, alan phaser -- testifies about prescription drug affordability. at 2:30, a hearing on protecting u.s. elections from force and her parents. -- from foreign interference. thursday, the house judiciary dojittee held a hearing on actions surrounding the 2016 election. deputy attorney general robert rosenstein and christopher wray testify that the findings contained in the justice department's inspector general report. watch live on c-span three,, or listen on the three c-span radio app.


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