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tv   Viewer Calls on Justice Kennedy Retirement  CSPAN  July 1, 2018 3:04pm-3:25pm EDT

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just got a communication that kennedy is retiring, what do you think of that? and in fact, i didn't believe it. so i said are you telling me something that you're supposing, or did it actually happen? he says i got a letter that says that. >> has the white house reached out to you since then? pickdea when they will them not -- they plan to announce a nominee? >> no. i have had no conversation with the white house on this. >> what about with the democrats? >> no, you're the first ones i have had conversation with. thank you all. >> thank you. afternoon.m sunday in the news, you have seen justice anthony kennedy retiring at the end of the month. it is now your turn.
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you see the numbers on your screen. let's get right to it. mike in cleveland. you are on c-span. what do you think about justice anthony kennedy retiring and what do you want to see next? are you there? let's move on and see if we can get beverly in gainesville, texas. hold on. beverly, are you there? welcome to c-span? . >> thank you. i want to give my opinion on the new justice. someonewe need to get that will be reversing roe v. wade. according to the bible, that is murder. want to murder these babies. remark we want to make.
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host: our line for democrats in baltimore, what is on your mind? yes.r: host: we will move along. tom in california on the line for democrats. what do you think? caller: i think they should not confirm anybody else and should not have a double standard p or candy should not retire up in you knows what trump will do and he is allowing it to happen. they say they are doing what is best for the country. it not good for our country. to me justice kennedy will retire as he said he would, what should happen next? caller: they should do what obama did, you know, we are up toward another election here peerless decide what will happen
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in here. all right. let's go to louisiana on the line for independence. you have seen the news. what is your opinion? >> i'm curious whether or not this will be speedy with the appointment because i am aware of act that during obama's mcconnellrs, senator be ableat he would not to appoint another nominee for the supreme court. i'm just current -- curious as to the republican reaction and whether or not this would be a speedy process for them. we will see how it goes about. anotherif there is point, which there will be, --ocrats, there will be
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host: you are referring to the nomination of president obama and merrick garland, who did not receive a hearing in the senate. , hi there, on c-span. what do you want to see happen? >> he is a good man. think there should be a from the law laid down and
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--ored years ago , do you think that was a good idea or a bad idea on the part of the senate? caller: i think that was a great idea. don't, theyou president in the office would hardly ever have a chance. of his own. again, the constitution.
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there that is the case, are to be a 100 to one vote anyway. host: the justice anthony kennedy was on the ninth circuit of appeals before he was nominated to the supreme court. our line for democrats in massachusetts. richard, you are on c-span. caller: how're you doing? i wish him well in my -- in his retirement. president trump was not properly voted in. general,lican party in they seem to post on facebook and a lot of other places,
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christian pastry it -- patriot. marking that abortion is against god. i don't agree with abortion, i am democratic, i believe in the choice because we are not governed by god. you can be muslim, christian, catholic, george, i am part christian -- george and catholic, i'm american. i served five years in the military and honorably discharged. i do not feel christianity or any other religion: you have freedom of religion, that is not to interfere with the government. in god we trust could be in allah we trust, in jesus christ we trust, it could be in buddha we trust. it is the same thing in most
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religions. host: was your take on the retirement of justice kennedy do'd collects -- caller: the loss to the republic, we don't even understand. like illegal ingestion, where do that even come from? one was that written into law? i'm not understanding it and i'm seeing a lot of people getting charged with it. host: of what? a controlled
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substance like marijuana, you know, alcohol, anything like that. cann't understand how you take these fluids without a search warrant even. host: thank you for the call. a quick note on chuck todd, meet the press. lindsey graham was asked what sort of justice he would prefer to replace justice kennedy. senator graham said, not crazy, solid like a john roberts type. he said he is not picked. president trump ran the idea of who he would pick, and he gave the list. people on the list are highly qualified. let me ask this part of the question. brian from georgia, what sort of justice would you like to see replace justice kennedy on the court. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i think it was about time for justice kennedy to retire. i don't know why all the democrats are crying that they blocked one of obama's picks. his first two years when he was president. they are crying he did not get a third pick? that is a bunch of baloney. he got his first two election your picks. dams -- dems are never trumpeters and he can never do right. thank you. our linerida on democrats. go ahead. caller: good afternoon. first of all, i would like to say this is the first president of the united states, that i really have tremendous difficulty, not so much even approval of what he does, but in
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presentation of what our president is supposed to do for us as a country. as a woman, i feel very conflicted about the fact that roe v. wade is at the top of the list, there again, it is a matter of gray-haired men sitting around roundtable, telling young women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. unhappy at this juncture where we have to sit what president trump will come up with as another highly regarded judicial post.
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john calling on our line for independents. what do you think question mark caller: -- think? caller: richard earlier said he was a veteran which i doubt, because he does not know the constitution. elected president p or i'm a veteran. you should take democrats off your screen. they were taken over by dem -- by progressives and socialists. somebody that knows the law and doesn't go by their ideology like the people obama put in there. i am anr thing is independent and i supported ted elected, i will support the president of the united states, as a veteran.
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i do not care what richard wants to do. the bottom line, socialists, i don't want 60 more bait -- million -- six many more babies dying and to them. -- under them. bunch of little spiders p or you have a great day. thank you. host: sander on our line for republicans. hi, what do you think about the pending retirement. caller: the man has a right to retire. it is not a presidential election year. so no one should be complaining about that. it is not a presidential
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election year. i would truly feel like president trump is trying to do his best for the country as a whole. he doesn't have to ask about what they think about roe v. wade. he is just going out of 25 people, he is looking at the best one will get the position. hopefully, the person will abide by the constitution. i just want to add, to everyone upset about our borders, america, we all love anybody coming here. but they need to come here that want to obey our laws. host: all right. thank you p or we will stick to the subject of the retirement of justice kennedy and the next justice p or we will wrap it up with linda on the line for democrats. you get the last word in this round but i have a feeling we will talk more about the supreme
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court. your thoughts? like kennedyt feel are to have waited until after the election to retire. think --n't [indiscernible] respect -- all right. thank you. i remind you when you call in to make sure you turn down your television set. that should do it for this round. more chances to jump in tomorrow morning. facebook and on twitter. let's show you some senators on the talk shows this morning discussing the timeline for getting another justice confirmed. in 2016, republicans took the position that you shouldn't vote on a nominee in an election year. it was a just because
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presidential election. you have senator hatch saying you shouldn't do it in a politically or. we have roger saying the election will determine the type of senate they will have, so we should wait until after the election year. we will strongly make the case and take -- nominee. i strongly disagreed with the decision to not proceed with the obama -- isident thought that was wrong and said so publicly. averageook at the amount of time with the nominee sent to us and when there is a vote on the nominee, it is 67 days. that will bring us into september and that would allow the nominee to be confirmed before the supreme court
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reconvenes in early october. i do not think it is a reasonable goal. put forth fred before presidential election. reaching the deadline of getting someone on the court so the court will be at. october in the october convening. you think they should be waiting until after the election or before? >> i am sure the president is in a hurry because he already said he will make a decision by july 9. say, that advise and consent role, i would sit down with a moderate and say what kind of justice to we need in the united states with this process for basic rights. i think we will skip that.
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>> after the election or not? >> i would love that. i want to make sure we have enough time and the issues are discussed in that we have our rights heard. think mitch mcconnell is someone who is cynical and will do what he needs to do. i want to talk to my colleagues areing their votes, which very consequential. michalski, my next door neighbor, i would say to her you said this would not be done during a major election back marek garland, that this would be political football. let's listen to that. we are talking about someone who on the supreme court could end roe v. wade, could help to over -- overturned much of legislation that protects the right to choose but health care. of the justice system are now, i would say to my colleagues who have shown bravery, and showed me
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incredible bravery in my first couple of years in the senate, to, don't just trust what someone says to you and trying to get your vote, what will happen on the supreme court. >> you may have heard a couple of those calls, president -- nominees that president trump is considering as a replacement. on her website at, go there by clicking on the link. there is a page dedicated to the supreme court that has biographies of all the sitting justices and recent appearances on the networks and oral arguments from several cases heard the court. it is all there for you at court. >> justice anthony kennedy's retirement brings sickness can change to the supreme court. follow this story on c-span from president trump automate -- nominating a replacement, senate
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confirmation hearings, all on c-span,, or listen on the free radio app. >> supreme court justice john roberts spoke at anthony -- anthony kennedy's retirement in west virginia and he talked about collegiality among justices and the idea of having cameras in the courtroom. this is 40 minutes. [applause]


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