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tv   Weekly Standard - Bin Laden Files  CSPAN  July 3, 2018 10:02am-11:01am EDT

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bitcoin but if it does no work -- but if it does work out, i could give you the historical path like it could happen. >> white people are justified. white fears of black people are not. announcer: kirk cameron, attorney general jeff sessions, and cory gardner speaking at this year's western conservative summit in colorado. thee are hammering criminals and violent groups, especially ms 13, that vicious gang is one of the most violent and inhumane groups in the world. , chill, rape, and control. -- kill, rape, and control. announcer: next, the osama bin laden files and the u.s. approach to counterterrorism
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during the obama and trump administration's with the weekly standard's editor in chief, stephen hayes. this gentleman is one of the guys whose intellect i find genuinely intimidating.
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to say he is an expert in counterterrorism does not begin to cover what he is. he has trained members of the fbi. he has analyzed hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. without his work, the government would never have released the men -- bin laden documents without the work thomas has done. he is a brilliant writer. i do not mean to embarrass you. i think america owes you a tremendous debt. [applause] joscelynlcome thomas and stephen hayes. >> i am going to start by breaking to rules -- two rules, the first is we are going to start by talking about ourselves and the second rule i am going to break his i am going to read something to you. doesn't that sound riveting?
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i think it is fun to talk about how tom and i got to know one another because it is a great story. i was hard at work back in the days before and shortly after the iraq war, i was doing a lot of reporting. saddam hussein's support of jihadist terrorism. saddam was supporting them despite with the mainstream media said then. i would write these articles and occasionally get any mail from account, from a hotmail which he still has though it has been hacked a few times by terrorists and maybe by the seek -- cia. i would get the females and emails would be like, read your article. i think you are right about the stuff. have you looked at this?
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i would look at whatever the tip behold, it and advanced the argument. i would do reporting and right another story and it would appear in the magazine and i would get another email. that is interesting what you wrote. have you looked at this? this went on. i had gotten to know who tom was. he was a trained economist. heads working on doing big economist stuff and finally i said to him, after he sent me the 10th or 15th tip, why don't you write some of this for us? not much of a writer. he day. -- did. he started writing more and more
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and the next thing i know, we are waiting -- writing pieces together and collaborating on anything to do with national security and in particular jihadist terror. wondering, why are you cohosting articles on jihadist terrorism on stephen hayes? what is this about? he quickly became -- i learned a lesson -- iephen: tom is smarter than am. he works a lot harder than i do. i put my name on it. we have been doing this a long time and tom started to get a claim. he is writing things elsewhere writing -- generally
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regarded as one of the top nation's security experts certainly in jihadist terrorism. briefed the fbi, nypd folks. he has briefed by presidents, secretaries of state, and i do not think i was violating any covenants if i disclose what mike pompeo told me about tom. he said tom is the smartest analyst on these issues of anybody i have come across. he said that at the time he was running the cia. he said i am not denigrating the people who work here. we have brilliant people working but tom is the best. i tell you that so you have some idea of what you are getting and maybe a second before i break room number two. youcond on how and why
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moved from being an economist into this field. i wrote an9/11, algorithm that downloaded every article a reference to terrorism you could find. i get it every morning at 4:00 in the morning. i read everything available publicly. stephen's articles came up. i thought they were much smarter than the average article. he was able to put details together other writers were not able to do. deposit were other writers could not. limbe -- he was out on a saying iraq was providing support al qaeda. the first article he mentioned was an article i wrote because the head of the cia in 2002, he
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wrote a book anonymously called our enemy's eyes. in that book, he had page after page explaining how saddam hussein had colluded with al qaeda. 2004, in the lead up to it, he became publicly known and started claiming stephen hayes and bill kristol would say a rock was looking -- working with al qaeda. in addition to my nerdy endeavors, that guy ticked me off. he had made the case himself. i wrote an article called now you do not tell us. -- stephen -- meet the press.
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-- was one of the most honest journalists in washington and we miss him. he took my article and on-air, impeached michael sawyer. that a single other journalist pointed out to him 19 months ago, you were saying the opposite of what you are saying now. he is the only one who would do it. steve is not giving him enough credit. he is the only major journalist in washington who will take on the system, the bureaucracy. that is a big thing because you have people invested and protecting bureaucratic turf over the expense of what the american people should know. that is what journalism is about. steve is the one that deserves the hand or any of these other issues that often time journalists do not want to fight. stephen: we better stop this. we are getting in the weeds.
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i am going to redo the beginning of a piece that tom and i wrote together a couple years back to set the scene of what we are talking about with these bin laden documents. some of us -- you have been with us before here. this will be a timely update and happy update in many ways. of may 2, 2011, military and intelligence professors landed inside the walls of a compound in pakistan. the team's mission had two primary objectives: capture or kill osama bin laden and gather intelligence. headset to bin laden's compassed the first, the quick work of the exportation team contest the second. it was quite a haul. there were dvds, audio, video
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tapes, reams of handwritten material and magazines. officialintelligence described it as the largest collection of materials ever. the united states had gotten its ands on al qaeda's playbook the team led by the cia got the first look at the cash. they performed a hasty scrub. a smallest river of the document collection looking for --. the team produced more than 400 separate reports based on information in the documents. just a small sliver. it is keyword searches. what happened next is stunning. nothing. the announcement of the materials, the document
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exploitation came to an abrupt stop. according to senior u.s. intelligence officials, they sat untouched for months, perhaps as long as a year. that is the beginning of this project that has turned into something of an obsession for me and tom. we -- our view from the beginning in talking to intelligence officials, military leaders was that this contained information that our war fighters should have access to. scrub, the ciat had what was called executive authority over the document collection. only the cia had access. the creation of the director of national intelligence was supposed to contribute to broader sharing so other parts of the intelligence community could perform analyses of the materials. thehought it important
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intelligence agency get their hands on this since they were the ones supplying the information to the people on the battlefield. the dia was blocked. they were not given access and the cia said you do not get it. they did not give an explanation. there was a long bureaucratic turf battle and i will not bore you. the details are anything but boring but we do not have enough time. pushedg forward, we extensively to get these documents released. -- a provision requiring them to be released was included in an authorization act and that required the director of national intelligence released documents to the public. ni was reluctant to do
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this. tom is going to give you an idea why. they put up 40 documents here and 50 documents here and some of them included interesting material. some were silly things. the entire time, the argument from obama was there is nothing to see. nobody is interested. it does not tell us anything. a qaeda is decimated. we do not have to worry. the more we talk to our sources, the more we understood how wrong that was. when you hear people say there was no scandal, in the obama administration, first i could list 10 others. this is the biggest in my estimation. they hit this body of -- kid this body of documentation--hid this body of documentation.
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we took the fight to al qaeda and they withheld this from lawmakers. they withheld it parts of the intelligence community and the american people. they did this at a time when the u.s. was engaged in a debate about these issues. there are documents, some of which have been released, some of which we do not have relating to the relationship between al qaeda and iran. regimeport the iranian to al qaeda despite their theological differences. those documents would have been helpful to see in the debate about the ironic deal. regime up toranian ? what does it tell us about how they treat us? these are the issues we delve into and this is what we pushed
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as hard as we did to get these documents released and i will turn it over to tom to go from there. this will be a compelling presentation as to what it was we ought to have known earlier and how big a scandal this is. we are going to play a few clips first of the obama administration officials characterizing the files and because we worked to get the files released, we have the files. i can see what they were citing and how they were miss citing the files and how they were theircizing to justify ideological -- ideology. if the decade after 9/11 was the height of its decline, i believe this decade will be the one that sees its demise. tom: this is the national
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security advisor to president obama. this is 2012. aikido this clip because it eyed up-- aikido--i k this clip because it starts. barack obama gets on the campaign trail and says he brought a responsible and to the iraq war. he says he is going to do the same in afghanistan. not true. if you are looking at iran , that can complicate your political arguments. the first clip was john brennan explaining. this is before the rise of isis. is saying in the next decade, it is over. do not worry. stephen: jihadist terror is
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done. tom: we are 1.5 years away. let's play the second clip. pay attention because there are multiple lies. with itsistani forces, most skilled commanders lost quickly, al qaeda has had trouble. this is one of the many conclusions we have been able to draw from documents some of which will be published online for the first time this week. for example, bin laden worried leaderse rise of lower who are not as experienced and this would lead to the repeated mistakes. al qaeda leaders struggle to communicate with subordinates. under intense pressure, they have fewer places to train and groom the next generation. they are struggling to attract new recruits.
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morale is low with intelligence indicating members are giving up and returning home. no doubt aware this is a fight they will never win. al qaeda is losing and bin laden knew it at the time of his death. he confessed to disaster after disaster. andrged his latest to flee go places away from aircraft photography and bombardment. for all these reasons -- tom: a few things. this is where we detected they were playing lyrical games -- political games. people i were talking to were analyzing the files said brennan -- what brennan was saying was selective at best. talking about how a credit is struggling and obama is taking them out. do not worry.
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bin ladenths before is killed, he received a memo talking about their leadership status and what they were doing to replace leaders being killed. time sent him the a memo saying not only do we have these old generation guys who were still around, we also have a new generation we have been grooming and we have done this. we have talent coming up. this was written a few months before bin laden was killed in the early morning hours of may 2, 2011. some of the guys listed in this document are in the game to this day. they are still senior a qaeda leaders. they took steps to prevent the total decapitation. they groomed new guys and obama never wanted to tell you. the never wanted to say they
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have taken steps to counteract what we are doing. one, brennan claims bin laden was struggling to communicate with affiliates. they are struggling. that is flat-out false. one of the things we are working ofis a week by week timeline all the correspondence bin laden was happy. he was a frequent penpal to terrorists around the globe, everywhere from west africa to southeast asia. he was getting detailed memos like this one that summarizes communication for people around the globe. the exact opposite of what brennan said. why would he say that bin laden was not communicating with parties around the globe? if you look at the obama administration, they wanted to say it was over. if these groups are connected to al qaeda to lead going forward
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and this thing is spreading across the globe but it really is part of al qaeda structure, that means your narrative about the 9/11 was being over falls flat. one of the phrases is what obama did is a played disconnect the dots. when you had intelligence that connected bin laden to others around the globe, they downplayed that. let's play the next clip. this is from barack obama and this is stunning. our actions are effective. do not take my word for it. in the intelligence gathered at bin laden's compound, he wrote we could lose the reserves to enemy airstrikes. we cannot fight airstrikes with explosives.
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other communications confirm this as well. am: obama sites to lines from 17 page letter bin laden wrote. he takes it out of context and ignores all the parts that contradict what he was saying. right here there are lines that are highlighted. if you read the preceding paragraphs, they contradict the point he was trying to make. when he says this, we could lose the reserves. we cannot fight airstrikes with explosives. bin laden said we were not the reserves on the front lines and allow you to bomb them to death. we are to keep reserves out of the front lines to make sure you cannot kill them. was bin laden actually says this is the worldwide community tomuslims bin laden intended
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speak for. bin laden must keep some of its forces on reserve. we do not want to send reserves to the front lines especially where the enemy uses airstrikes to attack forces. the reserves will not be effective and complex because they are not on the front lines. it is then the two lines obama picks up on saying we -- look how effective we are. what is amazing about this letter that obama cited in this may 2013 this was a speech. this is one of his three or four top presidential addresses on the 9/11 worse. this speech will be one of the three or four speeches to go down as a seminal obama speech. to give you an example of how badly he politicizes, this is
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the next page of the same file as he talks about how they can-- hem al qaeda say. he says preparation and deployment will need time. he goes on to explain the two battlefield they are going to buy the americans on in iraq and afghanistan. what was the point of obama? speech? we are out. we have brought a responsible and to the war. the president of the united saying those of the battlefields we are fighting on. the reasons they are fighting there is this is our best chance to create caliphate. john brennan, who you saw in the first clip, called the jihadist dream of television and absurd
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delusion. --an absurd delusion. if they had been listening to the enemy, maybe they would have stopped. divisiveness was groomed and built from its early stages by al qaeda. let's see the last clip. how many of al qaeda are in afghanistan? >> i did see the estimate is actually relatively small. at most we are looking at 50-100, maybe less. the main location of al qaeda is in tribal areas of pakistan. tom: let me tell you about this. this is the cia director for obama at the time. the footage is from 2010. 50-100 alere are only
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qaeda in afghanistan. one of the files that came out of bin laden's compound includes a status update written a days before he got on tv and said that. the u.s. government did have this file months later in may 2011 and it never changed that erroneous assessment. what's the director said there stands for six years. qaeda's assessment? eightthor writes different provinces that al qaeda is fighting. we have strong military activity
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in afghanistan, many special operations are being hit hard. he explains one al qaeda italian has 70 fighters. -- battalion has 70 fighters. battalion hadeda more than the estimates the director is giving on tv. he explains they are working with various taliban figures and that is the key point and other interesting things. ,et's go through real quick there were assumptions the obama folks made about the world which were disproven in the bin laden files. one of which is going to type into regiments -- current events. meme acrossis washington that said that is it.
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the political process has been opened up. the jihadists do not have a play. do not worry about al qaeda. not only did al qaeda spread, but it led to the rise of more beryl jihadist threat -- virulent jihadist threat in isis. qaeda.s built on al what did iran say? tellingplay the cia rises. bin laden wrote what we are witnessing these days of consecutive revolutions is a great and glorious event and is most probable according to reality and history that will encompass the majority of the islamic world. we are going to take advantage of this for our own ideology and organization. there are different vehicles. here is another letter he gets from one of his top again.
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he also -- this is week before bin laden is killed. let's set the scene. the obama administration officials through the benghazi attacks, what are they telling the american public? it is all over. al qaeda is not spreading. bute there are offshoots their local threats. here is the letter the mod and received expanding the jihadist threat. the things -- this is written in april 2011. if this file had been analyzed, the people would have understood what was coming in the months to come. what he says is take libya as an example. the last thing we have heard is they started to arrange their affairs. there has been a jihadist , throughce under way
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libya, especially benghazi. they are receiving indications from al qaeda operatives, including benghazi. i am going to give you two other ones and i'm going to wrap this up. i will do this quickly and five minutes. -- in five minutes. thisen: you will all of one. tom: under hillary clinton, the idea for the state department was we are going to negotiate that willaliban and pave the way for us to withdraw from afghanistan. they are not going to allow al qaeda state tax from afghan soil -- stage attacks from afghan soil. and the afghan war.
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the afghan war. they found a guy. clinton and her people nicknamed him arod because he was going to be there most viable player for delivering the -- valuable layer for delivering the peace deal. look at her memoir, which i had to dissect. it is laborious reading. there were details which confirmed what you would expect. was this guy? funding -- this guy's funding? here is a file from bin laden's compound in which he is listed as the main fundraiser for them. he delivers the most funds of anybody for bin laden's
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followers months before the state department embraces this guy. most of the other files in this , and i want you to think about this. diplomats are supposed to be professionals and advance american interests. who is the awful talking to? he is giving them intel. he had previously been fundraising for them. , therehe clinton years was this fortress debate over whether nigeria should be designated terrorist organization. they kidnapped girls. they are psychotic. the debate hinged on this idea they may be a local group but they are not tied to al qaeda so we do not want to lump them in
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with al qaeda and global -- them and built them a bigger threat than they were. heade bin laden files, the had artie written to osama bin laden -- already written to osama bin laden. saying the authorization they are going to give money and weapons to this man in training. this is in 2009 before this debate is occurring of whether or not this leader is part of al qaeda or not. this was not a terrorist organization right away because of this assumption it did not have any ties to al qaeda. filesile, smoking gun should have told everybody it was not true. the one wee, this is have the most fun with.
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one of the things we documented over and over is despite the obama and iraq are at odds, they have deals. referenced a file that was written talking about the generation of leadership. guess where the number one guy is today in yesterday? in iran. some of the files that were forced out -- when the administration -- he did not want to release all these files. one of the files that came out was a file from osama bin laden guessing down his top leader in iraq. it threatens the iranians. bin laden says what are you doing?
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you cannot threaten the iranians. we expected you would consult with us on these matters for as you are aware, iran is our main artery for funds and medications. the main artery for the al qaeda organization according to bin laden himself is on iranian soil. i will give you this one last file they came out. myself hadike research ocd so he had everything compiled so he could keep track and one thing he would get his personnel files. it listed his top consultant taters. most of them were in afghanistan. listumber one guy on the because he is the most important a man.
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he is based in sides iran. stuff energyype of has been put in washington to explain away to say it does not exist. we are in the wrong for pointing out facts from bin laden's compound. these are not based on their hands sources. these are from the horses mouth as he is running this enterprise. i do not know if you have anything else to add. because to do with isis one of the misconceptions is isis is a brand organization that popped out of nowhere. what you see in the bin laden files is we have processed dozens of files involving reports from iraq. bin laden and leadership from pakistan was managing their
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islamic state of iraq which was the predecessor to isis. eventually, a power struggle develops in the jihadi world and imagine osama bin laden is the mafia and one of the captain says i want to be the don. they say we are going to take the groundwork al qaeda built and go our own way and do our own thing. if the u.s. government had properly assessed these files, they would have understood the amount of resources al qaeda had put into iraq. they would have understood it had the ability to bounce back after we withdrew. maybe they would have not predicted the rise of isis, but i will give one audio recording said even if we lose the islamic state of a rock, we will be able for generations to come.
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[applause] stephen: we have got lots of questions, which is good. we will try to go through them quickly. let me give a current state of play on the iran documents. -- the modern documents. these documents were finally released. the trump administration released these documents in january -- tom: november 1, 2017. stephen: tom knows these things. 2017, the obama administration -- these documents have not been released
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-- the obama administration put out a press release that included a couple dozen additional bin laden files. the press release declared all of the files had been released. that was it. hundreds of thousands of files had not been released. released 282 out of the hundreds of thousands of files. came with theease only thing to see in the files is that the two are at its and they hit each other. nothing about the main artery of the al qaeda organization being in iran. they did not want to say that. document might be in my two decades plus of covering these issues the single
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most misleading document i have ever seen in all of this. one by after another. the documents suggest i run and al qaeda -- bin laden says this is the main artery. this is what we do in that document says they do not like each other. they won a mess with each other. -- will not mess with each other. what is stunning to me is we are seeing the same thing and the broader public in the academic community we saw in the intelligence community before. not a lot of people are taking the time. himself who has taught arabic is going through these documents one after another with the help of our friends. tom: we are the dogs that caught the car. stephen: let's jump to questions. did the obama administration officials offer protection of sources and methods as a reason
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to withhold the bin laden documents? if so, was it valid? tom: they would flow this. -- float this. sources were they were bin laden's files. there are no methods to protect because we procure this in that well-publicized manner and our side was citing the files. up to a point -- so a period of the year, al qaeda was transparent about what was in bin laden's files then the obama administration. sayladen's successor would in these files you guys have recovered, he would say this is what it says and why are you referring to this? they were giving us to tell on this. worryly thing you could
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about where there were specific things to do with agents they had uncovered were personalities who may be compromised in a handful of files. there may be a case in southern iran where they uncovered. overall, their argument does not hold water. stephen: what was interesting in my experience in talking to these people, including net price who was later the spokesperson for the director of national intelligence, they would sometimes make contradictory arguments in a space of days. when we were pursuing a document we thought was useful and should be seen by the public, we would get that argument. this is way too valuable to just let this out, to let people see it. it has got this information. we have to withhold it because
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you cannot be allowed to see that. i would call and talk to the same person and he would say there is nothing in the file. what do you think you are going to find? they would make those arguments within days, which suggests -- tom: i will give you one more dirty detail. administration put this controversial laptop ban where you could not put it on your seats. we found the files recently of the original report to bin laden. this was an al qaeda threat where they say we have perfected our laptop bomb. it is in the files. the laptop ban became controversial and his people thought it was motivated by something other than intelligence. bin laden himself had overseen explosives that
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could be smuggled onto the civilian aircraft. organizations in the u.s. government can be trusted to provide the people current intelligence agencies? let me answer that. -- add to that. is there a deep state? tom: i think there is. bureaucratic interests protect themselves. there is a deep state mechanism that says we have to protect the bureaucracy and if you protect the bureaucracy, that means you may be taking liberties with the truth and not care. motivator important for a lot of people. the second one is on policy grounds, without getting into cap battles, there are people in
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the intelligence committee -- community who think they should tell us what we should think and i am sorry. it is your right to vote on the elected representatives who are going to represent the policies, not to an unelected bureaucrat sitting somewhere in washington. [applause] the internal institutional biases or artwork. and a lot of what we are talking about, you have intelligence analysts who for years have made assessments, provided assessments. this is what we think we know. they would update these. this is like the answer sheet to the test. you can check your work. they did not want to check their work. the intelligence committee -- community had said for years
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,here was no way the shiites iranian mullahs would cooperate with al qaeda. they would never cooperate and we have this documentation that suggests they were essential to one another. the same is true with the taliban and al qaeda. committeentelligence trying to say on the one hand, we can work with the taliban, including taliban leadership. we can separate them from al toda, work with the taliban establish governing structure in afghanistan and we get these documents and you cannot separate them at all. is on the mind of al qaeda. president obama and john brennan far forward begun where the
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intelligence assessments were al qaeda was gone but that does not mean there weren't intelligence assessments like the one tom mentioned. 52 al qaeda fighters in all of afghanistan, that was the standard for the u.s. intelligence community for six years and it was totally false. the documents showed it was false. we later found training camp tom had identified. tom: that is the punchline. the 50-100 thing. they do not correct it for six years. we were disproving that from sources, including when these files came out. they had this file and other files to correct that assessment and did not. because andhey did
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most people do not know this. the u.s. military discovered the largest al qaeda training camp in afghanistan's history, 30 square miles. it was a town. they were turning out fighters everyday. at a time when the u.s. government were telling us al qaeda is decimated and a shadow of its former self, al qaeda had its largest training camp in history. if they had corrected their assessment years earlier when they had primary source data at their fingertips, and they would not do it. stephen: a lot of why we are fighting jihadists the way we fight them today is a result of not taking advantage, not learning about our enemy. the enemy is telling us here it is and they chose not to learn. let me jump in. if mike pompeo is such a fan of
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yours tom, why are you not working for the cia? tom: imagine working for a workplace where a lot of the people you are going in already hate you because you have been critiquing them for years. come on. once you get a security clearance, they can tell me what i can say and cannot say. i can do what i need out for public and i like it. what i need to do -- 80% of what i need to do -- ib irony have anyway already have anyway. i was grieving another senior official and he told me the assessments he was receiving from the top analysts at the officer of national intelligence, it was like those analysts were de facto taliban
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apologists. when i mustered brief facts to show him al qaeda was -- the taliban was embedded with al qaeda, this is something he was not hearing at all. meanwhile, one of the guys filesned in the bin laden is now the number two of the taliban overall. the warlord of the entire organization has been an al qaeda's pocket for years. stephen: lightning round. we have heard talk about isis being defeated. languagead pence if that sounds like the language barack obama used to describe al qaeda. do you have thoughts? tom: i told him not to use that language. the big mistake i am worried about is president trump is
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dying to say crisis is defeated. he wants to say do not worry. we collect data on what isis is doing. they have started to mimic some of the same terrible sayings the obama administration had. they started to use phrases like on the run. saying doen clear in not go down this route. the american people need a clear assessment. that does not make -- mean you cannot take credit for where there are victories. but do not oversell the picture. stephen: that is pretty good for lightning. about- how do you feel waterboarding in light of all this? tom: i revised my system because
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of what was said about waterboarding was inaccurate. some of the ways the cia explained waterboarding was it is no different than what the navy servicemen go through. that is not true. when you read the detailed descriptions, it was more severe than what our navy servicemen go through. seizures.nt into that is not the typical experience. there are people obsessed with this issue. the waterboarding was used on three al qaeda terrorists, all who have american blood on their hands. if they had been bombed to death, nobody would have claimed. we did get intelligence out of them. their methods were conjurer still. -- controversial. it is better than killing them and not getting intelligence at
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all. stephen: gina haspel opposed the release of the documents. i like her but disagree with her. i disagree with her on interrogation. i think it should be part of the toolbox. the united states should retain the ability to use enhanced interrogation techniques to extract information in the case circumstancesnt and it worries me see not only said we should not have done this but that she went further and said the cia should not be in the interrogation business at all. somebody has got to do it. now it is people on the battlefield who do not have experience. we ship them to dubious allies and you are taking information whondhand word is the fbi,
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is interrogating these people for different reasons, for law enforcement. we do not have a serious interrogation program in the u.s. government now and we need one because we are going to get hit again. last question. for tom. what are the consequences for those who lied to us? tom: there are none unless there is more accountability from the american people. i do not think there will be any accountability because it is a swamp in washington. they are drastically outnumbered and if you buy the narrative that obama was pitching, which people did, no matter how many files we draw at them, they are not going to care. there are mainstream journalists in big publications who know we are telling the truth because they saw it and they know these
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thousand are important and will never be above the full story at the washington post or any of these places. stephen: thank you very much, tom. i appreciate it. announcer: on c-span, this week eastern, -- 8:00 p.m. the weekly standard posts conversation on the millennial generation. >> what is happening is that in campuses and high schools and not reading certain books because they might get triggered and that is worth citing but the people making these decisions are baby boomers, not millennials. announcer: goldman sachs share lloyd blankfein. worththey say this is what is worth, why couldn't you have a consensus currency? it is not for me. i do not know bitcoin.
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goldman sachs has no bitcoin. but if it does work out, i can give you the historical path by that could happen. announcer: racism in america. white fears of black people are not. announcer: kirk cameron, jeff sessions, and senator cory gardner, speaking at this year's conservative summit in colorado. >> criminals in violent groups, especially in them is 13, is one of the most violent groups in the world. kill, rape, and control. announcer: this week, in primetime and on the free c-span radio app. >> the u.s. house about the gavel and for the first of two
11:00 am
brief pro forma sessions this week with flags at half staff for the newspaper workers killed by gunmen in annapolis, maryland. work in theve house as members are on a period. a communication from the speaker. e clerk: the speaker's rooms ishington d.c., july 3, 2018, hereby appoint john rutherford to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, the reverend erin keys, col hill


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